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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  April 23, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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it is 4:30. as you take a live look, still dark out there. once the sun comes up, get ready for a taste of summer day. >>wow. >> good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm eun yang. if you went to bed before the caps game ended, heads-up, they did not wrap up the series like we hoped. >> yeah. >> hamilton has the wide-open net to score. [ cheers ] game sevenooming on iednesday. >>ad so much to say about this game because there was a goal that ove scored that was called back. i was mad about and the momentum change. that's hoe wu lost. asthat w one of carolina's five goals. the hurricanes tied up the series aci is f a game
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seven wednesday. we'll have details on that game and the controversial call everyone will be tking about today coming up in a few minutes. still mad about it. sorry. >> first, though, to our forecast and a look athe commutenow. storm team 4 meteorologist cluck bell is back with us. he's going to fl us in on the weather been melissa mollet looks at traffic. chuck, what do you have? >> i got nothing but good news in the weather department for today. a nice, easy forecast to come back to from vacation. temperatures in the 40s to around 50 degrees. 49 now at dulles. 49 at gaithersburg. 47 in martinsburg. milder downtown, 56 now at international airport. and 57 by the bay. in annapolis, st. mary's city, 54 degrees. dry for now, most if not all can get away with thembrella for today. for the forecast, sun's up way before the kids have to go to the bus stops. 6:21, the lengthening days of springtime. high today, 82 degrees. that will be nice for sure. could only be a-plus weather for
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today. little better chance forla rain ter in the week. keel time it out coming good ing. this morning, look at a couple of dferent problems happening around town. first in virginia, 395 northbound at the exit to washington boulevard, have this closure on part of the exit because of a fatal crash investigation involving a torcycle here this morning. so part of this exit eight closureill be shut down for much of the morning. the ramp to exit 8a columbia pike is blocked. b is open, 8c is also open after the crash. in laurel, southbound 95, the ramp to westbound 198 have tractor-trailer now on its side. weekend 198 -- westbound19 8 after 95, right side is blocked by the crash response. guys? >> thank you. 4:32. breaking news in prince george's aunty. crewsre on the scene of a tw alarm fire. this is onne warin hyattsville. we're told that even
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firefighters had to evacuate thr building aftart of it llapsed. news4's justin finch is headed to the scene. we'll have a live report as soon as he arrives. 4:33. back to our top story,he deadly attacks in sri lanka. overnight, we learned 40 suspec had beenarrested. the death toll has also climbed again to 310 people. today was a national day of mourning in sri lanka. vigils and prayer services were held all over the country. i lanka's government is blaming local islamic terrorists for the bombings. they also believe the group had to have had foreign helo pull off such a soffitt indicated attack. the fbi sent a gro of agents to help the military investigate. four aricans are among those killed in the easter sunday bombings at churches and hotels. today you'll have a chance to pay your respects to the victims of the sri lanka terror attacks. t the book of condolences will be
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at the nebraska from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. today. the father of the fifth grader killed in sunday's bombings is shar notphotos of h send. kied ran was ling and studying in sri lanka and was to return next year. they released a statement saying in part, "kieran was passionate about learning. he loved his friends." counselors will be on hand to stalk with student and staff. we have team coverage of the sri lanka attacks in the nbc washinon minneapolis. learn about the -- nbc weight watchers app. s.arn more about the atta ♪ neighbors, friends, and community activists held a vigil and walked to the place where tyreek hudson was shot and killed. the deadly shooting happened one week ago at his own apartment build flooding glen burnie. n e 22 -- building in g burnie. the 22-year-old engineering
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student was gunned down by a neighbor as he left for work. hudson tried to get a protective order against the suspect, james rom bam. the president said there wasn't enough proof that rombach was a threat.on hu will be laid to rest on father. his mom's faith is keeping her strong as she prepares to bury her son. this next story includes video you may find disturbing. a man walking on a sidalk on easter sunday was killed when two cs collided near 16th and v streets in northeast washington. surveillance show shows the because of the nature of this, we're just showing part of the video. we're seeing this video as neighbors have been calling on the district to do something about wt they call a dangerous intersection. killed.ekh was his family told us he had dreams of becoming a mechanical engineer. this morning, more than two dozen people are waking up without a homhi after t deadly
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lsartment fire in centreville. forecast officia say one man was killed. t residentsell news4 it's likely more people could have been hurt or even killed if itere not for the warnings in let it fellow neighbors. it many residents spent yesterday trying to w salvagehat they could. no word on what may have caused the fire to start. 's4:36. here the other top stories -- a prostitution scandal has driven the mayor of front royal, virginia, out of office. hollis tharpe says he resigning on may 2nd. earlier he was indicted for soliciting a prostitute back in 2019. tharpe say the charges stem from a visit to a massage parlor and called them baseless. prince george's county police are investigating ash double ting. chopper 4 giving us a look at the police response last night. this was near 75th avenue and landover road in hyattsville at an apartment complex. no word o the names of the victims. defending the cup is getting
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harder and harder for the washington capitals. they failed to close out the series against the carolina hurricanes last night. now ty must win game seven. that is the only way that advance to the second round receive theplayoffs. been getting a lot of buzz this morning. this controversial no-goal call, look at that, that the caps thought they had tied the game in the third.period alex ovechkin knocked the loose puck into the net or thought so. >> so did we. the goal was waved off immediately. by rule, a player cannot push the goalie's pad to pushhe push into the net. dependinon the angle it looked like -- at least i thought he had the puck. the content between ove and the goalie was enough to have the goal waved off. the bad news is the canes forced a game secretary of. >> the good news is -- game seven. >> theood news is game seven is here atne capital o reason. hopefully the energy will get the team hyped up. pushhem over the time. >> that's one thing about having
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home-ice advantage bec se the home team has always won in this series. let's go. 4:38. change is coming to a busy d.c. route that promptises to speed up the -- promes to speed up the price of your commute and parking. restroom recordings, how a woman's quick action led to the arrest of the man sheound in the ladies room. we have a special story today. an art fwgallery that gives peoe with disabilities the space and platform to be entrepreneurs. >> it makes me happy because i'm on my bay tooming a ta supersr. >> reporter: today, ericka gonzalez will introduce us to "art enfables" and how you can play a part in sarportinthese tig st
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going to be pronamel repair. welcok at 4:41. first on news4, mayor muriel bowser is proposing to rename a major street in washington. >> it will affect how you get around on k street. the mayor wants to end the service roadsn both sides of k between 12th and st in northw most if not all of the meters would be limited, too. here's is what the stretch would look like. instead of a service road and picking there will be drop-off
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and pickup zones for taxes. buses will bewn given their o dedicated lanes down the center of k street. not everybody's happy about the proposal. >> frustrating to hear because it's already hard enough to get parking in this area. sometimes i rely on a little side road to get a good space. that will be difficult, the city has trouble witharking as is already. so not too surprised. >> the project will cost about $120 million and take about four years to complete. the d.c. council need to approve the plan. good morning, everyone. car washing forecast. sunshine today. next chance for rain is friday. i got my car washed by going outside and goi -- on it. blowing all the pollen off. tree pollen in the highra nge, allerg sufferers. be on thet lookou for that. and right now, first 4 and right now, first 4 trafc alert,ul mtiple problems
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back to breaking news in prince george's county. crews are on the scene of a two-alarm refi. >> rapesidents are waiting for
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answers from warner avenue. justin finch with t latest. good morning. >> reporter: good mornin that's right. this is an apartment complex not too far fm landover hills park, and behind us we are watching crews continue to put out hot spotsfit this re. take a look. you see we have engines here on the scene. three levels of charred units. and firefighters inside stamping t hot spots, as well as being on the roof. we do understand on the other side of this complex that this area here hasn collapsed i parts. of course, making the response here difficult. as we look here around the surrounding area, residents are gathering watching what's next as the smoke continues to rise. some looking at their homes and realizing they've lost their homes. others waiting to get back inside and see what their losses just might be at this trse. we do undend that the pio for prince george's county fire
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is making his way to the scene. once he arrives, we'll have more information for you. at this time they are continuing stamp out the hot spots here at the scene. again, the fire breing into the complex onenarner av. crews working to get the story and the hot spots under control. back inside t you. >> live from lightsville, thank you. back now at 4:46, firefighters in three states are honoring a u.s. marine and firefighter who was killed by a adside bomb in afghanistan. a police jets courted funeral procession -- escorted funeral prossuggestion traveled along the new jersey turnpike and across the george washington bridge to new york city. along the efway, firhters lined overpasses, saluted, and waved american flags to pay their spects. slutplan was a 15-year veteran
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of the fe department and volunteered at the kentland fierfire department in our area. activists camped outside the supreme court ahead of a critical hearing today. the justices wills help aurnlt on whether the trump administration can ask about citizenship on the census. >> news4's tracie potts with more. >> repor you can see lots of interest in this one. it is a high-profile case because a lot of money could be involved here. the census determines a lot of grants, federal grants that come to washington based on how many state.are in your 18 states are suing saying that the trump administration cannot add a citizenship question to the census that goes everyone to everyone's homes because it would affect representation in contress, and a lot of gra coming from washington. they argue it's unconstitutio l unconstitutional. the trump administration says the justice department wants this question tonforce civil
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rights. there was evidence in a lower court that it was the administration that forced the justice dertment to issue that uling that they had already decided to put the question on the census. now 's going to be up to the supreme court. the aclu saying it could result in anundercount of 6.5 million people because immigrants are reluctant tor and to deal with the censu at allat wit have question. . they'll hear arguments with the decision expected by late june. >> tracie potts on the hill. thank you. a former charles county school employee faces rape and sex offense charges. anthony williams was removed from his middle school in ntjanuary after a stude accused him of making inappropriate comments. amring the investigation, another student c forward saying she had inappropriate contact with williams. there could be more victims. the middle school's principal sent a letter home asking any child with information about
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williams' misconduct to come forward. a woman in loudoun county helped catch a man who was recording her in a bathroom stall. the woman snapped a picture on her way out of the bathroom. that picture ledy loudoun count sheriff's deputies to 31-year-old jesse scoby. the incident happened in the woman's restroo at a medical building in lansdowne last month. scoby turned himself in and is free on bond. if you have friends eormi fa in wisconsin, the winner of the on$768.4 milli powerball jackpot from last month, that person will have to come toward to claim the prize. the ticket was sold at a gas a suburb new berlin, of milwaukee. f the winner takes the cas option they'll be paid $477 million before taxes. >> wow. >> then they will get $10. >> i don't think i know a soul
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in wisconsin. >> that's all right. you don't need it. you don't need that. mo money, mo problems. >> that's right. i love that song, in fact. what -- >> what is going on? >> back from vacation, t'man. >> tharight. >> i'm all relaxed. i will say anything now. temperatures today will bey wa you back to you average. continuing to trend that started at the beginning of the month. in case you haven'teen around, oakland, like myself, it has remained warm and dry. haen with the thunderstorms and severe weather ces over the last ten days. temperatures for april nearly three weeks in, we're six degrees warmer than average. and on the dry side. wellelow average in rainfall. the complete opposite of last year when we had a chilly and a rainypril but more like the one before that. april, 2017, the warmest on by the end of the month we could be close to tying or being in a
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top five for warmth aprils on record here. rightow this morning, comfortable, cook, but not chilly. temperatures in the 40s to around 50 degrees in most of the ea. the commute bib -- commute will be uninterrupted by raindrops. sit on the patiohis evening .and eat storminess moving through the great lake is sending a cold front to ohio. that could bring anso ited rain chance probably not until after the sun goes down today, in the shenandoah valley. not going to rain around the city today or much of the i-95 corridor. future weather, showery weather today if you're traveling to ttsburgh or toward western maryland, toward morgantown, west virginia, a chance of showers there. that inches its way into the shenando shenandoah. dry by tomorrow morning. nice tomorrow, a little cooler,
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breezy at times. rain possibly again last thursday, rain expthted ughout the day on friday. maybe rum belts of for uer friday. this will not be severe weather. there's the ten-de forecast. verage is around 70. we'll number police territory for the next documen of days. and by next week, we could be looking at two or three 80-degree days in a re. do you like that. first 4 traffic alert, looking at different problems around town. first of all, 395 have a closure right now. cory smith is at the scene. we'll talk with him live coming up the exit to washington boulevd, there are three exits there. add exit 8. the ramp top exit 8 is shut down. 8b to washington boulevard, pentagon is openment and 8c is open, as well. other problem is in the laurlgr this mog. southbound 95, the ramp to westbound 198.
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have a tractor-trailer on its side. westbound198 after 95 because of the crash. the right islacked by response there. >> thank you. nationals fan may have missed bryce harper's home runs. one thing we don't miss, his temper. philly fs saw it as he was ejected for a game against the mett ns. he was unhappy about a call. ethic check this out -- he le a the dogo returned to the plane andgh and fagain. he's been ejected in many years, but phillies warrant used to it. is it wrong to say i kind of miss the temper? he just made itin resting. put it that way. once you're ejected, you can't come back. you want to pay me that kind
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of money, i'll sit quietly. still paying me. a tradition continued here in d.c. yesterday thousands turned out for the annual easter egg roll at the white house on the south lawn. twe did not see presidemp rolling any eggs. he and the first lady did talk to visitors. the issues included two new ustivities, mal eggs like muchkal chairs, and hop scch. rd yeste was the national zoo's family day. visitors got to meet scientists working to protect wildlife. the zo fsily day prahetition goes back it a timehen african-americans were not welcome at theis w white house anroll. sa soon the smithsonian will display neil armstrg's spacesuit as it celebrates the
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5-year o anniversaryf the lunar landing. a new exhibit will be complete tiday 2022. world on royal baby watch. we're awaiting the arrival of prince harry and meghan markle. their first baby, although they will wait to show the pictures. not in en, prince lou i was cambridge is stealing vote. take a look. prince lou turns 1. his mom, kate, the duchess of cambridge,nd took the caid shots at the family home. super cute. he looks like a royal n'by, does he? he looks royal because he looks like prince william or kate. >> or any other baby at that age. we're working with you to take back theower and making positive changes in your life. and new video from prince george's countiment look at the flames. a -- county. look at the flames.
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an apartment complexvily technologied by fire. we'll take you to th our hillshire farm craftsmen
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scene. >> reporter: good morning. the response here continuing at the verona apartment complex of warnavenue. this is just off route 50 in the landover vihills/hyattse area. we have engines here on scene. they are still doing the work of stamping o someot spots here at the complex. we are told on the other side you'll have a better look at the collapse they're also responding to in the areas of this building here. i was told a neighbor heard a popping sounds near his home, not too far away, close to 2:45. when his daughters looked out the window, they saw the entire end her erupting in flames. >> we have video here from earlier showing the initial scene here. e flames leaping from this building here again overnight. li hng residentsere just t secondso respond and avoid, rather, leave their homes as the fire worsened and crews arrive. as we


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