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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  April 28, 2019 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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we we are in the battle f the soul of this nation. >> i am a young vibrant man. >> some of t worst devastation that we have seen. >> the arizona cardinals select kyler murray. >> good morning and welcome to sunday "today" on this april 28th. i'm willie geist. this morning, our exclusive conversation with the rabbi jusf out o surgery after he was shot at his own synagogue outside san diego yesterday. the rabbi talks about his friend and congregant who was killed and what he saw and did when he came face to face literally with the gunman.
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a live report fro california and our interview with rabbi goldstein ahead. to seattle where a construction crane toppled and collapsed on to one of the busiest streets leaving four pele dead andeveral others injured. later, avengers endgame now made more than a billion dollars at the box office in just one weekend. shattering hollywood records by this hour. th morning, our sunday sit-down with academy award nominee jeremy renner who stars as hawkeye. let's beginith the tragic shooting at a synagogue outside san diego on the last day of passover. we will hear a firsthand account from the synagogue's brave rabbi in a moment. fit, let's get the latest from nbc's steve patterson on the scene in poway, california. good morning. >> reporter: as you mentioned, this shooting comes on the last day of passover, six month to the day, 11 people were shot and killed at a synagogue in pittsburgh. early say it is far too at this point for a motive.
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but the community members we spoke to here say they believe theotive is obvious. ♪ i shall not be afraid >> reporter: this moing, a community reeling after a deadly shooting at a san diego area synagogu >> two victims from gunshot wounds. >> reporter: a gunman opened fire during services celebrating e last day of passover, killing one person, ol60-year- lori gilbert kay and wounding three others. among them, rabbi goldstein and perez who is being hailed a hero for carrying childre to safety even after being shot himself. wdanny inside when the shots rang out. >> somebody was screaming, you know, hide yourself, shooting, sho shooting, shooting, you know, so we all laid on the floor and started crawling toward the exits. >> reporter: multiple law enforcement sources ideifying the suspect as 19-year-old john
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t. earnest, san diego resident, and college student, arrested while fleeing the scene. > as our officer was exiting the freeway, he saw the suspect in his vehicle, suspect pulled over, jumped out of his car with his hands up and waske immediaty into custody by the san diego police department. >> reporter: before the attack, police believed earnest published a hate-filled letter praising the pittsburgh and new zealand shootings and blaming jews, marsm and communism for his rage. in his writings, he also claimed responsibility for a local mosque a arson just month ago. president trump denouncing the shooting at a rally in ttack a n, calling the hate crime. >> we forcefully condemn the evil of anti-semitism and hate which must be defeated. >> reporter: the president also hailing an off duty border patrol agent working at the synagogue at a security guard and fired at the suspected shooter as he fled, striking his car. >> i especially want to
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recognize a certain off duty border patl agent who bravely returned fire and helped disrupt the attack and saved so many lives. >> reporter: investigators not yet commenting on a motive, but members of this community say they already know, this could only be hate. >> i'm heart broken for america. i'm heart broken for all of us because this hate has got to stop. i hope -- iope it will. >> reporter: the sheriff says that teenage suspect has no prior crimina history or connection to white supremacist group as they continue to dig into his background. meanwhile, those three people who we shot and wounded remain in stable condition this morning. willie? >> steve patterson, thank you very much. moments ag i spoke exclusively with rabbi goldstein, he called us from the hospit where he was just out of surgery. rabbi goldstein lost his right index finger when he was shot as
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he confronted the gunman. he's hoping thi t morning keep the index finger on his left hand. i started by asking the rabbi when he firstli read his synagogue was under attack. >> as soon as i walked into the banquet hall i heard a large bang, a large noise, and i did not know what that was. i thought something may have fell or the table fell. i turned around and i'm face to face with this murderer terrorist who was holding their rifle and looking straight at me and then as soon as he saw me, he started to shoot towards me and that's when i put my hands up. and my fingers got blown away. and thene continued on, he killed lori kay right there on the sp i turned around and i saw a group of children in the banquet hall, including m granddaughter, and i just ran, not even knowing that my finger
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ogs blown off and corralled all the kids ther and got them outside, got everyone out of the sanctuary to safety, and fortunately t are is off duty patrol officer during services who ce and in pursuit of this terrorist. >> my gosh. i can't imagine what that was like, so the soter came with a rifle, from reports we heard, and at point blank range shot at you, you got out of the wayo put hands up as you said and lost your finger. lori kay's name is not one we had heardyet. we knew a 60-year-old woman had been killed in the shooting. what more can you tell us about her, rabbi? >> she is a pioneering family member of our congregation. she is anac tivist. we -- i started this congregation 35 years ago from ground up, nothing there, anpt em lot. and i was a young 22-year-old,
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bent on c building agregation and making a difference for the community. lori was one who helpede secure the construction loan and she has been a steadfast member, supporter, philanthropist, just a kind soul. everyone in the community knew her. she was the type of person who theirst one to be everywhere. just two weeks ago our youngest daugrier got m in new york. she and her husband flew out to be at the wedding to dance with us at our wedding. and she is such a dear friend. i've known her for 33 years. and i'm just so heart broken by this senseless killing. the constitution of the united states guarantees freedom of religion for all faiths. and now we're so grateful to live here in this country that protects our rights to live openly and proudly as jews. one thing for sure, willie, i guarantee you, we will not be intimidated oreterred by this
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terror. terror will not win. as americans, we can't cower in th face of the senseless hate that is anti-semitism. beneath the surface of everyle terrib experience there lies an opportunity to grow in increasing goodness. i'm just fresh out of surgery. and muchht thoug is running through my mind. and i just think to myself, you know, this horrific event must raise alarm and concern for the safety of all places of worship and our government needs to contue to step up and help and secure our houses of worship. i pray for healing during this time of pain and grief. and i ask tha we all do something, something to add more light to combat this evilda ness that is out there. and that can be through acts of compassion and loving kindness. >> there are reports from congregants yesterday who said
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after you had been shot, after the shooter had been chased from the building, you continued your sermon. tell me about that. >> well, that -- i continue to not in the sanctuary but outside as we were sheltering andit wag in place for the authorities to arrive, i got up there and i just spoke from my heart, just giving everyone courage to know, you know, it was just 70 years ago during the holocaust we were gunned down like this. and i just want to let our fellow americans know, we're not going to let this happen here, note in san diego, not here in poway, not here in the united states of america. >> did he say anything to you? s he speaking as he fir those shots? >> not a word. not a word that i can remember. i cannot erase that face from my mind. i cannot t erasehe moment and it is going to be embedded forever. lost my index finger, it is a ar for the rest of my life, to
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both remind us of the how vulnerable we are, but also how brave we need to be. everyone needs to be a hero. we need to step up and do something in the face of terror. >> rabbi, i think a lot of people around the worldawill dr inspiration from that image of you having lost your finger and turning instinctively around to round up young children and your congregants to save their lives and you did just that. thank you so much. i know you're just out of surgery, for taking time to speak with us and tell your story and to send that message to the world thank you, rabbi goldstein. >> thank you, willie, for partnering. thank you. gogod bless. bless you. god bless america. thank you. >> again, rabbi goldstein sharing with us that the 60-year-old woman who was killed as she worshipped on the last day of passover is lori kay. our thoughts are fith herily this morning. now to seattle where a construction crane snapped and plunged on to the street below, leaving four people dead and others injured. nbc's molly hunter is on the
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scene with more. goodmorning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we're standing at an incredibly busy intersection. i want to show you behind you can see part of that yellow crane at the top of that building, that's a google bui building where it llapsed. a deadly construction accident in the heart of downtown seattle. >> we have one ambulatory on the corner with a police officer. everybody inside the vehicles and the ane are doa. >> reporter: when the crane snapped falling from the top of a six story buildingaturday ternoon. >> it became really, really strong wind, right around that time is when we heard the crash. >> reporter: the rigoming down across four lanes of traffic, killing four, including two crane operators. the construction site is manag he aulcan inc. who release statement saying our deepest sympathies to the families who lone loved and our hope is that those injured return to as soon as >> it sounded like a bunch of
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glass fell off a semitruck. >> reporter: witnesses describe the moment of impact. >> i heard this -- a sound like thunder. >> reporter: and seeing cars completely crushed by thecrane. >> the destruction is devastating. i can see at least four cars involved. one has a white seattle fire department tarp over the top of it. >> reporter: three injured patients were rushed to the hospital. >> two code green patients should be noted was a mom and a child. they're doing okay. >> reporter: and this morning, a city reckong with big questions. >> just a horrible tragedy. but it shows what a great city we can be to come together at times like this toive comfort to each other. my heart breaks for the familie that have lost someone today and for theke w who lost fellow workers. >> reporter: as investigators try to figure out what caused this horrific accident. seattle has topped the nation in tower crane t for third straight year in a row, largely due to the tech boom here. the construction site manager at atuilding says that its contractors and subcontractors
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are fully cperating with the investigation. >> molly hunter in seattle, thank you very much. now let's get a quick check your local weather. >> well, we're looking at those rain showers scooting throughre the aa right now. some heavy rain by the frederick coun area, getting ready to move to carol county. rain showers getting ready to push into d.c. they'll be on the eastern side of the beltway soon. we'll keep rain showers at leahe forirst part of the day, i think maybe this line could energize once the frontal system comes through. that could be actually some thunderstorms, especially east of i-95 as we go through the day today. again, plan for showers at least until about 2:00 or 3:00. straight ahead, the highs and lows of the week, including an entry in the selfie hall of fame as a pair of instagram friendly gorillas posed. a group of men joined a widow dining alone. harry smith i iowa on the
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farm crisis in america's heartland. and the slow death of the towns that farming has supported for generations. >> how is the farm business? >> iffy. iffy. you never know oiat's g to happen. >> it is all coming up on sunday "today." and as we head to break, our photo of the week, it f comesm thursday night's nfl draft in nashville, former clemson iversity star defensive tackle christian wilkins drafted 13th overall by the miami dolphins, in the exuberance of the biggest night of his life, the 6'3", 350 pound wilkins greeted and stunned nfl commissioner roger goodell with a celebratory flying chest bump. congratulations, big fellow.
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(burke)lmat farmers, we've seet so we know how to evercover almost anything. even rooftop parki. strange forces at work?er only if you're rng to gravity-and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.s. ♪ we are farmum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ sun care is self care. t i usednot love wearing an spf just because i felt like it was so oily and greasy. but with olay regenerist whip spf 25, it's so lightweight. i love it. i'm busy philipps, and i'm fearless to face anything. the great morgan radford is here to help me whip through the highs and lows of the week and r the rest of the morning. great to see you in your ylow
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pants. >> thank you, williwillie. >> the social dia skills of a couple of instagram influencers who happen to be african mountain gorillas. the two females became international sensations this week when a ranger at the national park in congo raised his camera to take a selfie and found the gorillas mimickinging hisoses behind him. he posted the photo to facebook. it caught fire online, conspiracy theorists thought it was two people inil g suits. and then the quote, yes, it is real, it turns out the pair are orphan gorillas rescued as babies and raised by care givers in the sanctuary. very dies have become adept at mocking their human friends. i saw that first online and i thought, no, that's too good. p >> to stand uike that. >> that's the other thing. they said in the post, it is very common for them to stand on two legs. >> those ladies were were #blessed, #outfit of the day. >> ultimate influencers. incredible. our first low gs to the
8:20 am
lowdown cold bloodeddownright cruel shot nba star damian little la litt lillard hit this week with the clock winding down >> long range. >> with that preposterous 37 foot three-pointer, the portland trailblazers win the game. he's very happy to wave goodye, quite literally, to s rival russell westbrook and the rest of the thunder. he was mobbed by his teammates, dane looked up from the pile and nodded his own approval at the camera. in a face that launched a thousand memes, one twitter user writing this picture of damian lillard celebrating with his team looks like a renaissance painting. i'm a bketball fan, i didn' think he would take that shot. i was, like, what are you doingi he sd that was within my nge. >> casual. i want that to be my face when i
8:21 am
get my nails done, all things. >> game radford. next high to alabama man named jamario huard, eat ioward with a couple of friends when he noticed an w elderlyoman sitting alone at another dtable. he ts this week he thought to himself, dang, i would hate to eat by myself. so ho went over see if the woman wanted a little company, she did. jamario sat down and spent some time witno elea she shared that her husband had passed away and that the next day would have been their 60th anniversary. eleanor told jamario about her grandchildren and her work volunteering at a local jao insisted that eleanor come over and sit with him and his friends. so they shared a meal forbout 45 minutes and eleor told stories about her late husband. >> i care about the boys. i know they care about me.
8:22 am
so, you know, shey, that' the whole idea, isn't it? >> the world can be so much better if everyby just be kind to one peon. >> a lotf us have that thought. it takes a guy like him to go over and walk over and engage the woman and hear that story t and havehat moment. >> he says that, you think abouw that,ete celebrahese moments because they have risen to the level of us seeing them o national television. if we wanted to celebrate those moments, we would do them because there is opportunities every single day. >> take that message out there today. well done, sir. ourinal low goes to that feeling when you planned the perfect bachelorette weekend in america's hottest citnd you arrive to find the streets, the bars, the hotels filled with te t ofusands of grown men in football jerseys, consumed by sieging rage because their team drafted the wrong quarterback. as we mentioned, the nfl draft was held over the last few days in nashville, which also happens to be one of the bachelorette party capitals of the world. nfl fans absolutely took over the city in a stunng
8:23 am
spectacle. nashville' lower broadway usually full of bachelorette parties with petal taverns, but the draft jammed them up and the brides and bridesmaids who he arrived for tir own celebrations were not happy. nashville's f 17 spoke to one of the aggrieved parties. >> the person that is going to pay for thisy is m husband when i refuse to watch football the entire season. like, i'm talking no super bowl. because you get married once. how oft does theraft happen? >> every freaking year. e >> at least onar perhaps flteded in testosterone invid bachelorette parties with brides eat free promotion. i think you probably could have checked the calendar and seen the nfl draft, not to take anything away from the bachelorettes. >> if i ever were to get married, i would not be mad at those men in jerseys. >> nashville is the best. a sunday sit-down with avengers endgame star jeremy renner on the big blowout weend.
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to book the vacation rental which led to the discovery that somimes a little down time can liftou right up. expedia. everything you need to go. 8:26 right now on this sunday, april 28todh. go morning to you. i'm adam tuss. the headlines for this morning, here in d.c., city and religious leaders are reacting to a
8:27 am
shooting at a california synagogue. the shootings have been condemned by jewish leaders and people from different faith groups. police are on high alert and are stepping up patrols at synagogues and other houses of worship here in our area. new this morning, we'reke eping an eye on a fire in fairfax county. authorities say flames broke out at a home e this morning on bronzeco post t in centerville. creware hard at work putting the fir out. we're told it is under control and firefighters remainede behid toure the hot spots were out. right now, there are no reports of any injuries. pack that umbrella today. lauryn ricketts says showers could be sticking around. back with her forecast after this.
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dodging a few rain drops this morning. >> you might want to have that umbrella handy this morning. few showers tough the area. few areas of heavy rain right along 70 in mount f airy. moste showers and just light stuff around the beltway. this is going to continue to move through. we have another round of sswers once tront moves through. we could hit a little breakthrough the middle part of the day. temperatures in the 50s. once we get the temperature will drop a little bit. if you're headed out to the, park i think by noon, 1:00 will all right. we'll have to watch for spottyr in showers developing as that front rollsth ugh. just between about 1:30 and which i know is first pitch to about 3:30. but other than that, clearing, breezy going to be the main story today. we dry out late tonight.
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cold overnight. and then monday, sunny, rain showers late monday night to tuesday. rain showers this week. >> lauryn, thank you very much. back with 90 minutes of news and weather in 25 minutes. see you then. w > everyone is not in this room, we need to try. >> we will. >> whater it takes. >> whatever it takes. t >> tha is a spoiler free look at this weekend's box office juggernaut vengers: end game." some theaters have been playing the movie 24 hours a day to keep up with demand. "endgame" is the nd release in the marvels cinematic universe and already in just the first few days it has joined the million dollar box office club, -star team o the a of superheroes that includes the
8:31 am
likes of ironman, captain marvel, the incrible hulk, thor, captain america andhawkey academy award nominee jeremy renner. when jeremy and i got together this week for a sunday sit-down, he was contractually sworn to secrecy about details ahead of the release ofhe wildly anticipated movie, but i tried. for a guy out promoting a movie, jeremy renner sure didn't have much to say about it. >> i know you're going to say he has a bow and arrow. >> he has a bow and arrow. >> i beat you on thaan er. i'm not taking that answer. >> got a new haircut and a bow and arrow. >> that's very helpful, thank you. >> it's -- i wish i could say. it's the -- yeah, i can't. you'll find out before the opening credits.
8:32 am
an say that. >> before the opening credits? >> yeah. >> i can say that. >> the cast of avengers endgame was tight lipped before the movie's release thisd. week >> totally awesome. >> even while shooting their individual scenes, the actors didn't quite know how theto sry would play out. >> we were all just as surprised after seeing the movie, watching it as fans. really exciting. can't believe we're in this. >> "endgame" mark s renner's fifth appearance as hawkeye. >> i takeway my friendships of the original six avengers, that will last eternally. specifically for me, the character, playing a superhero has been so awesome. i get to tell kids that they're also a superhero. you don't have to have a hammer anh fly around wit lightning, you can have a strong will, strong mind, strong heart and fortitude and t persistence
8:33 am
achieve whatever you want in life. >> it is a lesson he's also tea teaching his young dghter ava. >> now 6 years old. does she have a sense of what you do for a living? see the billboards and all that? >> she's been onse but she hasn't seen any movies that i do. they're not really kid appropriate. she has see -- i'm on her pajamas as hawkeye. >> that's huge. >> she knows i have a bow and arrow. >> how does she process that? >> i don't know. i'm just on herpa mas. >> long before jeremy rennerbe superheroma worthy or actor at all, he was a musician. >> like 12, i started on drs. d then garage bands growing up, you know the '80s, kept me out of trouble. never really taught or trained in any of those things. i just wanted to compose and write a song. >> is music yourlo first ? is that -- did you start withca that artistilly? >> yeah. >> how do you describe your soundo people who haven't
8:34 am
heard you before? >> i think it is cinematic. it is emotional. it is thoughtful. >> the world is about to hear more of that music. renner scored the soundtrack for theupcoming animated film "arctic justice." ♪ make you a believer >> writing songs keeps the busy actor close to his daughter. >> i get to play at home as an artist and with my baby at home versus, you know, doing a movie, takes me far away for long periods of time and then also i get to do something i have always loved to do since i was a kid. >> rennerrew up in modesto, california. the eldest of six children, in a blended family that ran thel locaowling alley. w>> i grew upith some really bad ass women and they made me the bad ass man i am. it was awesome. awesome. a lot of freedom and a small town. >> after high enschool, rr enrolled at modesto junior college to studyte compur science. while he was there, he signed up
8:35 am
fo an elective drama course. >> only thing knew about acting is, like, a thing, like, michael j. fox and "family ties" and kir cameron and "growing pa ins," their funny and cool. i'll try >> he left behind computers for the stage. and in 1993, he moved to los angeles to pursue acting. >> iive myself 11 years, i don't know why 11, 11 years for three things, to be in a movie, ben a movie that was large enough that it would play in my home small town of modesto and a role large enough i didn't have to tell my parents, i'm the guy in the red shirt in the usbackground. two years in, he checked all those boxes. making his film dut as an underachieving high school student in national lampoon's senior trip. >> want tout and go to a party? >> the movie was not the career launchpad renner hoped it would be. for years, he took small roles
8:36 am
and worked as a makeup t artis make ends meet. >> i had a job at lancome cosmetics. awesome. >> how do you hang in those six years when you're not getting theyb jobs you want, not ma making enough money. >> i was living by candlelight for many years. and don't have electricity, $5 a month. times iee might have bn depressed and said, god, this sucks. there is never a moment, i'm going home or giving up. >> in 2002, renner was cast as eal life serial killer jeffrey dahmer. his performance impressed critics and academy award winning director catherine bigelowe. she cast renner in "the hurt locker" as an bomb disposal officer in the iraq war. renner was nominated for best actor. what did "hurt locker" do lo youre and your career, being
8:37 am
nominated for best actor oscar and people saw you as a leading man at that point? >> that was a huge, huge milestone for me in my life as a man, as an actor. i want to say it is a big shift, but i was prepared, you know. preparing all my life for momentsik l that. a year later, renner was again.ted this time for best supportinging actor in "the town" where h starred with ben affleck as a hot headed boston bank robber. >> you don't got to thank me. but you're not walking away. >> reporter: from there, renner entered the marvel universe, appearing inr the next f superhero movies. he then starred with t in "mission impossible: ghost ol protoc." played the new lead cracter in "the bourne legacy," and a corrupt new jersey mayor in "american hustle." >> you made me go back to the plaza to take that money.
8:38 am
>> after a long conversation about jeremy's life and career, i thought i might catch him with hi guard down. last question before i let youg what happens at the end of "endgame". >> there is end credits. >> that is good. gave up nothing. thvengers: endgame" in theaters now. e are reports this week that hawkeye is getting his own series to air on disney's upcoming streaming service with nner set to star. no comment, though, from jeremy. you know about the acting, you heard about the but jeremy has another talent that has turned into a successful business and maybe an hg tv style show? check out our web t extras hear more. and don't forget to subscribe to the sunday sit-down podcast to hear the entire unedited interview with jeremy renner for all you avengers fans. you can find it on apple podcast or wherever you get yours. and next week, a sunday
8:39 am
sidown with oscar, tony and emmy award winning actress viola davis on her rise from a childhood of poverty to the heights of show he businebusinel she's doing with her platform. a great conversation witla v davis next week on sunday "today." coming up this morning, mgan dford and i will answer your questions, use #sundaytoday on twitter, facebook or instagram and we'll get tos many as we can when we read our sunday mail at the end of the show. first, let's get a check of your local weather. >> well, some rain showers scooting across the area right now, heavy moderate spots. but you're expecting a kind of steady rain, a little lighter once you go south of quantico marine base on i-95. seeing light showers inside the beltway now. this will pass, we could hit a little bit of a lull rightd her anhen some of these more showers will come through as that frontal system comes through. that could redevelop and maybe even a thunderstorm maybe to the east. temperatures in the 50s now. topping out around 70 degrees today, clearing by about 4:00 or
8:40 am
5:00 and breezy. >> next on sunday "today," presidential candidates swarm across iowa, h shakingds and kissing babies, farmers there and across the country want to know what washington is going to about a crisis in their business and their towns. harry smith is next after a quick one minute break. r harry smith is next afte quick break. ♪ every day, visionaries are creating the future. ♪ so, every day, no we put our latest techgy and unrivaled network to work. ♪ the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. ♪ because the future only happens with people who really know how to deliver it. ( ♪ ) only tylenol® rapid release gels ehave laser drilloles.
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they release medicine fast, for fast pain relief. tylenol®. president trump held a president trump held a rally last night in wisconsin, a state he won in20 by fewer than 23,000 votes. in the 2 1/2 years since election night, america's dairy land has been in free fall. last year dairy farms in wisconsin closed at a rate of nearly two a day. and it is not just wisconsin. so what's behind a crisis in american farming that began well before this administration? harry smith travels to iowa for our sunday spotlig.
8:42 am
>> reporter: latemarch, but it was still not springtime when were in iowa a few weeks back. a stone cold winter and six years of rock bottom prices had farmers like john snyder feeling his way of life was like his old pickup, in need of a jump. how is the farm business? >> iffy.. iffy you never know what's going t happen. corn and soybeans, price of seed, fertilizer, all that stuff just keeps going>> up. reporter: hundreds of farmers from bordering states gathered in the nearby stormake high school gym for a rally that weekend. nearly a fifth of u.s. farmers are operatingt a deficit. loan defaults are climb farm income is half of what it was in 2013. this year's flooding added another few billion dollars in misery. wisconsin dairy farmer patty edleburg says folks like her are
8:43 am
earning about 14 cents of every dollar the rest ofs spend on food. how does that pencil out at the farm as they say? >> it doesn't. especially for a dairy farm now, we're losing money every day. >> reporte while farm subsidies bring in billions a ar, folks at the rally say washington is not a friend, but a foe. anna grows vegetables and raises livestock. >> young farmers trying to make this work, we need real policy change. >> reporter: when do you need the change? >> we needed it 60 years ago. >> reporter: the bucolic image of grant wood's amerin gothic is a quaint aie anc picture of rural farms kp getting bigger. and towns are g.dyin >> rural america is dying. they're losing popation every year. now our majorretail centers are starting to implode or erode. >> reporter: art colin of "the
8:44 am
storm lake times". >> this is a discussion that america needs to have. what about these rural byways? are they even relevant to the national discussion annkore? i thi they are. this is where we produce the nation's food. >> reporter: colin cald for democratic candidates to come to his towno talk policy. five showed up, which is remarkable considering the caucus won't happen until next february. >> the democrats, i believe, lost the 2016 election because they ignored flyover untry. they got their hat handed to them in rural america. >> reporter: seems they are not ignoring it this go round. but farmers like john snyder wonder. washington feel like it is far away from here? >> long ways away. do they care about us? don't know. >> reporter: for sunday "toda" harry smith, storm lake, iowa. >> harry, thank you very much. next on sunday "today," as baseball season gets into full swing, the former ballplayer and
8:45 am
his wood working father who started a bat company in the sgarage and nowplying some of the biggest stars in the game. >> we really are living the american dream, coupled with america's past time. >> and later, a life well lived, the pilot who fought for her spot as nasa's first female astronaut and dreamed of walking on the moon, but was denied because she was a woman. (vo) for a nasty cold, take dayquil severe with vicks vapocool. (acapella) whoa!
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l in theg 162 game summer slog of a major league baseball season, we're just getting started. sure, some fans already are tearing out their hair about their team's slow start or bad pitching or for us yankee fans injuries. but nobody is out of it yet. for more than a century, legds like baberuth, jackie robinson, hank aaron and derek jeter have swung louisville slugger bats, sn synonymous with the game. one upstart father and son batm coy in south carolina is breaking into the big leagues. nbc's steve patterson has our sunday close for many of us, the song of
8:49 am
spring is often best composed by the sounds of baseball. the hum of the park, the pop of the , and, yes, that crisp unmistakable crack of the bat. looks like you still got it. >> every squirrel finds aut n. >> reporter: the guy can really hit. so well that he dreamed of going pro. your plan was to go to the majors or bust. >> yeah, absolutely. there was no plan b. >> reporter: but plagued by injuries, rollins was forced to hang up his cleats, starting a family and career in the corporate world. still, he yearned to get back into the game he loved, but how? turns out the answer was right in front of him. in the hands of the man that coached him all his life, his dad, eddie, a w masterood craftsman. >> wood work from as far back as i can remember. >> reporter: he made his son's first bat in high school.
8:50 am
do you remember swinginging wit that firstbat? >> yeah, completely embarrassed. because it was, like, i didn't want to use a bat that my dad made. >> reporter: today, matthew sees it a little differently. i knew he was incredibly gifted and talented. anything really related with wood. >> reporter: andheefore t comeback most unlikely was on. >> that's it right there. >> reporter: creating anchor bats, hand crafting high quality bats from matt's grandmother's garage,ng beginniith grade a mapl wood quickly taking shape. all of this for one bat. >> that's the beginning of it. >> reporter: that's the beginning of it? >> yeah. >> reporter: the concept has been a home run. and word is spreading from little leaguers to big leaguers anchorg up. >> that's a bat i would have used. >> reporter: anchor is one of 30 companies selling bats to the pros. >> little bit like a tweener. >> reporter: mattemembers that breakthrough moment, watching bryce harper, one of the game's
8:51 am
biggest stars at the plate with anchor wood. >> i was shaking, uncontrollable, like begging this on't let him bre bat. i don't care what the outcome is other than him shattering this bat in this moment. >> reporter: make no mistake, this is the ultimate david and goliath story. therollins going up against baseball bat titans like louisville slugger. >> we're a small component that is part of the story of baseball. >> we really are living the american dream, kind ofed coupl with america's past time.or >> rr: a bold idea, born from humble roots, with one mission in mind. to swing going for the fences. for sunday "today," steve patterson, greenville, south carolina. >> and i love that sound. steve, thank you very much. this weekht we highlig another life well lived. it is an o story all too familiar to you meet all the requirements, you pass all the tests, and the job gto a man.
8:52 am
it happened to jerry cob when space.b was to travel in in 1959, cob was named the woman of the year in aviation. the oklahoma native held world records for altitude, speed and distance and that year became omthe first w to fly at the paris air show. theff nasa oicial responsible for assembling the famed mercury seven team took notice. and invited cobb to go through astronaut stress training in a secret program. cobb and 12 other women known later as the mercury 13 passed the test but nasa abruptlydo sh wn their training n 1962, cobb pushed for congressional hearings on why they were turned away. she said we're not trying to oin the battle the sexes, we seek only a place in the nation's space future without discrimination. john glenn and alan shepherd became american icons. cobb never made it into space.
8:53 am
she went on, ough, to long career flying humanitarian missions across south americ in 1981, she was nominated for the nobel peace prize. on july 20th, 1969, she stoodn the wings of her plane in amo rete part of the amazon, and listened on a radio as neil armstrong and buzz aldrin walked onhe moon. 1983, she celebrated as sally ride became the fir american woman in space. lendary aviator and american trailblazer, she died last month at home in sun city center, s orida. she wa88 years old. 88 years old. [zara l♪rsson - "wow"] ♪ baby i'm not even in a gown ♪ and the only thing u have to say is wow ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ a gown ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ ♪ ae you never felt this typ of emotion ♪yo
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morgan iack to help me look through thesunday mail." we take questio morgan is back. let's start right here with jean on facebook asks, in honor of the avengers this weekend, what would your superhero name be and why? >> maybe the marvelous miss mo-rad. >> what about just mo ri-rad. >> that's every day. what about you? >> zeitgeist. our next question is from lynn in providence, rhode island. she asks, ifou could switch places for a day with any other "today" cast member, who would it be? that's a good question. >> it'mean, thas ea. i choose zeitgeist. >> really? >> i want to switch with you. >> i have a couple of little league games to go to. we'll watch baseball at t bar. this say hard one, i'll probably get in trouble.
8:58 am
i'll go wias carson. he h a good family, lives well, plays golf, loves music,o he's a gd dude. i'll go with carson. i love you all equally.ha finally, ces in alabama, huntsville, asks what is your dpaf favorite album of all time? >> if i have to choose, i'm going to say the semication of lauryn hill. endorse that. >> remember when they used to harmonize. what is yours in. >> three shots in the atmosphere? i go with exile o main street from the stones. i think it might be the blueprint by jay-z, but it might be graduation bykanye. ll go with my stones roots on this one. >> i was feeling blueprint. >> last week we asked you to send in mug shots with these bad boys. we got some great ones. thank you, david in columbia, south carolina, mark in lukeoff,
8:59 am
south carolina. thanks to all of you for shang and for sipping with us on a sunday morning. see you next week. "news 4 today" starts now. this morning, police have a suspect in custody after gunman opened fire on a southern california synagogue on the o lt day passover. overnight, a vil for the victims of the latest attack on a house of worship. >> plus, terrifying moments in seattle, a construction crane comes crashing down on to traffic. cars were crushed and four people are dead. >> and some deserving families in our area getting brand-new cars today. we're live at the local church, that's making it happen. unanother busyy morning and thank you so much for being here with us as we appach the 9:00 hour. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm meagan fitzgerald. you can see the capital behind us, a little dreary today. >> yeah. >> i think it will burn off. >> will we hold lauryn
9:00 am
accountable for that? hi we're holding you accountable, suns, nice weather. >> what else is new? we are going to have some sunshine. but not going to be until on in the day. >> we'll say some. >> we'll take some. we'll take what we can get out there. i fee like it always ends on a weekend. we're looking at clearing skies. probably not until after 3:00, 4:00 in the d.c. area. about 4:00 in the d.c. area. all this rain is moving in from the west to the east. you can see a little areaf rain pushing through the region, steady rain, not everybody is seeing it. just showers. not seeing too much. that will translate to southern maryland. rain showers across the area. mostly steady stuff. could be areas of more moderate rain. once thi goes through, we're going to hit a little bit of a wall right here. and then i'm watching these showers as they start to move through, the cold front finally gets its act together and movesr through the . we can have another round of spotty showers throughout the afternoon.


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