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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 28, 2019 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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accountable for that? hi we're holding you accountable, suns, nice weather. >> what else is new? we are going to have some sunshine. but not going to be until on in the day. >> we'll say some. >> we'll take some. we'll take what we can get out there. i fee like it always ends on a weekend. we're looking at clearing skies. probably not until after 3:00, 4:00 in the d.c. area. about 4:00 in the d.c. area. all this rain is moving in from the west to the east. you can see a little areaf rain pushing through the region, steady rain, not everybody is seeing it. just showers. not seeing too much. that will translate to southern maryland. rain showers across the area. mostly steady stuff. could be areas of more moderate rain. once thi goes through, we're going to hit a little bit of a wall right here. and then i'm watching these showers as they start to move through, the cold front finally gets its act together and movesr through the . we can have another round of spotty showers throughout the afternoon. ybody will be clearing by
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4:00. 59 degrees out there now. calm.nds are they will start to kick throughout theday. that's another story today. the breezy conditions once again. gusts up to 3es mil an hour. we will talk about the rest of the day, time out the rain in case you do have a plansnd talk about a big warm, summer around here as we get around the next couple of days. we'll show you the temperatures coming up. >> thank you, lauryn. we're on top of a developing story in california. >> another gunman opened fire in a hse of worship, months after that deadly shooting at a pittsburgh synagogue. >> this time in poway, ofoutsid an diego, in another synagogue. right now we know a 60-year-old woman was killed, a young girlw and t adult men including a rabbi were injured. >> we're also learning more about the suspected gunman who authorities saye may haven inspired by the christchurch, new zealand, shooting at a mosque. add to that they're looking inte claims h set fire to a southern california mosque last month. nbc's chris pollone has more.
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te reporter: it has happened again, a gunman end a place of worship and opened fire. >> going to have a few victims from gunshot wounds. >> reporter: this time, saturday morning in poway, california, ar an diego, at the chabad of poway synagogue. >> i was screaming for my kids. >> danny watched in horror as it unfolded. >> i looked to the entrance and i see a gu like, 5'6", 5'7", white, with, like, e glasses and on and just standing there like shooting, shooting, shooting everybody. >> reporter: investigators say shot four people, including one rabbi, killing one woman before driving off as an off hity border patrol agent chased him shooting at car as' fled. >> that wasn't the case, we were all dead today. >> reporter: police say the shooter is 19-year-old john earnest, he surrendered to a police officer not long after the killing and ar-15 style rifle in his car. po, ce are questioning earne searching his property and checking the authenticity of a letter posted online under the gunman's name.
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the attack, six months to the day after the tree of life synagogue massacre in pittsburgh in whi 11 people died. >> poway will stay strong. and we will always be a community that cares for one other. >> reporter: another american community vowing to stand strong in the wake of violence likely motivated by hatred. chris pollone, nbc news. all, back here home, religious and d.c. leaders were reacting to this attack. the shootings have been condemned by jewish leaders and people from different ith groups. police are on high alert and are stepping up patrols at synagoes in other houses of worship in our area. some faith leaders are demanding more action and more federal dollars to protect sacred houses of worship. >> theact that we actually have to spend money on hiring off duty police officers to keep our congregations safe says everything. >> d.c. mayor muriel bowser is among the leaders speaking out against the she es in part the attack in
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poway synagogue was cowardly. d.c. police tell us that anficers are providing special attention to jewisislamic institutions as well as all religious places of worship within their districts. fairfax, monomery and loudoun counties say they are increasing ility around is their religious institutions out of ance abundan of caution. new this morning, we're keeping an eye on a fire in fairfax county. authorities say flames broke out at a home early this morning on bronze post court in centerville. you see crews working to put out the flames. we're told it is under control, some firefighters remain behind to make sure all the hot spots e taken care of. right now, though, no reports of injuries. to a horrific scene out on the west coast.ov thenor of washington state offering condolences to the families affected by a deadly crane collapse in seattle. take a look at this. four people killed after the construction crane came crashing down on to traffic yesterday
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afternoon. two crane operators are among the dead, the others were in the car as they died b t time the firefighters got to the scene. witnesses say they heard a loud boom before the cars were crushed. >> i heard this sound like thunder. and then i heard the most sirens i've ever heard and i knew something had probay fallen down. >> fire officials say three people including a motr and a baby girl were hurt. they h to be rushedo the hospital. new this morning, officials are trying to figure out a how man ended up in the potomac river. d.c. fire tells us this happened overnight right under the key bridge. a news 4 staff member was there and watched as crews rushed him ck to the georgetown side of the river. the man is expected to be okay. but he's at the hospital for observation. next, only onews 4, a sense of relief for the victim of a violent robbery as shear le her accused attacker is now behind bars. her message for investigators from the nd
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a 94-year-old woman is still healing after she wased sta for her purse. she isalking only to news 4 about the relief she feels after knowing the man that came after her has been arrested. she wasn't the only wo targeted. >> i'm upset at the whole thing. art of it is getting all my identity and property back. >> reporter: this 94-year-old woman doesn't want us to reveal her identity. she was attacked last week, leaving her with stab wounds on her hand. >> it was horrible and it was kind of unexpected. >> reporter: d.c. pole arrested the suspect, 53-year-old jonathan little, in district heights a couple of days ago. >> i think the did a wonderful job. and i just am so thankful.
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>>eporter: this video shows the woman with paramedics after the violent robbery. she was walking to her car near exxon gas station at porter street and connecticut northwest around 11:15 at night. police say little grabbed herbe from nd, snatched her purse and emptied it out, stealing credit cards, cash, and iphone and car keys. then he allegedly stabbed her and took off running. detectives say little recently robbed two other women, one on the 600 block of massachusetts avheue nortt, and another on the 1600 block of potomac avenue in southeast. according to court documents, d.c. police were able to track down jonathan little by monitoring him. they say he used ato sn credit card here at the china town market about a block away from the capital one arena. they continued to watch him on surveillance video. and they tracked him down. it will take a few weeks for the woman to recover. she thanks police for catching the suspect.
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>> it was very rewarding to hear they were so successful, so quickly. >> reporter: she is definitely relie relieved. out to the other two women who were attacked and they were unavailable for comment. as for jonathan little,s he' expected to have his first court appearance tomorrow morning. northwest d.c., shomari stone, news 4. >> what is the matter with people? >> i covered crime, you see crime. this is - 94. my grandmother is 94. i can't imagine. >> at least they got him. >> at least they got him. what is goinging inin inon in ? 9:10. still to , a son fights for his 73-year-old mother she trying to get back into her house after a fire. ahead, darcy spencer on why the worktill hasn't been completed after more than a year. time is 9:10. we'll be right back. i switched to liberty mutual,
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welcome back. this is an example of how newso4 is for you. a frustrated son contacted us wondering what he could do to get contractors to finishing work on his mother's prince george's county home. now, over a year ago, a fire swept through the house on eastern anue near the maryland d.c. line. darcy spencer explains why after paying more than 00150, bucks the homeowner still can't move back in. >> we have to keep this place boarded up. >> as you can s --
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>> reporter: john street walks into his mother's fire damaged home in capitol heights. >> the first time i walked in here, i cried. i still have tears in my eyes now. i cried. this was supposed to be for my mother. >> reporter: street says 14 months have gone by and more ance money000 in ins has been dispersed. >> all this wood here. >> reporter: the house is nowhere near ready for his t 73-year-old m move back in. >> my mom cries. ants toes every day she come home. and this is what i want for her. i don't want her to come home like this. >> reporter: street says his moh signed wit a public adjuster, someone who secured the contract for the renovations. he says the contractor started the project in february of laste year, but tre is a lot more left to do. and now there is a stop work order because of problems with the permits. >> i want to see him do the job we paid him to do. >> reporter: i spoke to the contractor by phone. he told me that this has been a difficult and challenging project. he says he's working to get permit situationte straighned out. he'sve hoping to have ething
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wrapped up in the next 30 days. shirley street is the homeowner. she is staying with relatives until she can move back in. any idea when you can move back in? >> they're saying soon. but what's soon? >> reporter: prince george's county is looking for ways to irhelp miss shy. >> there are a number of things we can do to try to get them some help, going through habitay humani going through the housing department for someone who is a senior citizen, maybe the deptment of the aged. >> reporter: in capitol heights, darcy spencer, news 4. > if you have trouble with contractor in maryland, you can file a complaint through the department of labor licensing and regulation. we have a link to that office on the nbc whington app. search complaint. news 4 is working for you in the community. this week news 4 today ang yang hosted the teacher of the year award ceremony.
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madeleine took home the prize, an english contestant. shel wilw go on to compete for teacher of the year against other teachers across the entire state of maryland. >> very cool. >> congratulations. i have a friend who won teacher of the year. it is a big deal. it is very cool. it is treated as a high honor because it is a high honor. we have high clouds right now that are bringing some cloudy conditions over our area. little gray out there. but almost 60 degrees, not so bad. how are you going to improve this situation f us? >> i think we'll get improvement after 4:00 p.m. >> okay, good. >> it is cominging. >> it is coming, yeah. temperatures will plummet. it is c going to bed tomorrow morning. are you working the morning tomorrow? >> i am. >> early morning? >> i'll be out there on the street, yeah.
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>> adam working for you. e> you know. >> i'll here too, i guess. >> how should i dress tomorrow morning? >> jacket andoves. are you doing the morning show? >> might need gloves. 30s and 40s. i don't know where you're going but 30s and 40s. we have frost west. 81, i don't know if you're going out that way. >> isn't it spring? >> it is. we're talking about that. i think it will be a the system tomorrow morning. you won't be used to this. maybe not gloves. maybe that's dramatic. it is going to be chilly out there. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. however you want to dress for that. temperatures around d.c. area, i think we'll bottom out around 43. outside the beltway, colder. rain coming through the area now. and, again, it is just aad ste rain, going to be some moderate rain in little areas right here. tfor the mos part this is steady rain pushing across the region. once thisth moves ugh, we'll hit a lull. we could have some redevelopment
9:18 am
of some spotty showers, maybe isolated tunderstorm. e're going with about a 40% chance you're seeing it out there now, because not everybody is seeing it. then about a 20%hance as we go through the middle part of the day. into the early once that f pushes through the area. let me show you what i mean. we'll start this at 1:30. little redevelopment of som showers. it is mainly going to be on the eastern side of the blue ridge mountains. i know we have a nates game goinat on. thill move out. by 4:00, rapid clearing out there. by 5:, everything gone and dry. we'll continue to have clearing. sun is not going down until 7:57. several swers of sunshine, clear skies overnight and that's where the temperatures drop. another story today, the winds. winds picking up, gusting up to 30 miles an hour. so mostly cloudy for brunch, a few showers around, depending where you go. church, bring that small dbrella, you may nt if you're hanging out to the early afternoon hours. car wash, do it after 4:00, 5:00. we have some rain monday night into tuesday. current temperatures out there
9:19 am
right now, it is mild here around the d.c. area. you go back to the west, where they had rain showers already un theer -- lower 50s, upper 40s. if you're headed out to the nates padres game, first pitch, hopefully better than yesterday. hopefully we git the win toda you can see i think by noon we'll be dry, but then have to watch for spotty rain, just about 2:00, 3:00. clearing after 4:00. it will be breezy. and if you want time out the showers yoself, you thinkhe sky is getting dark, we have the nbc washington app. i just updated all the forecast. tomorrow morning, we'll start in the 30s and 4s. temperatures will top out in the mid-60s tomorrow. sunshine with clouds increasing late. late monday night into early tuesday, we'llom have s rain showers. we'll start to dry out as we go through the day on tuesday. and look at that, low ing in the low 80s on wednesday. thursday, drop a little bit on friday. a frontal system is going to
9:20 am
bisect the area. the rain on friday, we clear out as we get into the weekend. >> we'll tell david. >> how this gallery is going above and beyond, the story is coming up next. the top two candidates in the early democratic presidential fieldisagree on health care. sanders supports a single payer system anden likely working to protect and strengthen obama care.
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there is ay special sunda surprise happening at the churches county. four families in need are about to guest a gift that could potentially change their lives. >> they have been selected to get a preowned car from sterling motor cars and they have no idea about it. derrick ward is live at first baptist church glenarden. i hope you didn't spoil the surprise here. >> reporter: yeah, don't talk too loud. three others to give away. we don't want them to hear. this is a prius just given to javele, a single parent, raising a 9-year-old and also active in we church asell as her 9-year-old son. she volunteers with the dance ministry. and this came about actually from sterling motor cars. they are doing this. this is a care program they have. anoutreach effort that will be essentially helping people in the community. this is their first time doing
9:25 am
this. they selected this church, four people, from this church, will be getting thesecars, this one given away at the 8:00 a.m. service. one at 10:00 and one at noonnd .m. service. this is what it was like when e came out and got this car. got into the car. you can imagine how happy she was about that. as a single parent, as a parent in general, transportation is a necessity, especially if you live in areas like this out in prince george's county wheree th aren't in sidewalks and public transportation can be a challenge. three more families will get this material blessing today after they get their spiritual blessing in the church at first baptist chch of glen arden. toming up in an hour, we'll let you hear wha she had to say as she sat behind the wheel of her brand-new carhat she didn't even expect to get. live in prince george's county, derrick ward, to you. >>hank you. derrick. good to see her so happy. music to the ears of
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>> you're optimistic. >> good morning to you. thank you for joining us. >> we want to check in with laur to see whatur sunday has in store. because seems like it is going to be a changeable day. thatright about >> we're going to have rain showers and e'll clear to sunshine later. >> would you call that changeable? >> i guess. >> trying to discredit my changeable? >> interesting way to put i like it. that's what is going to happen today. i already gave you one thumb's up for the story today about climate change, hopefully we'll run that again. let's talk about the rain out there. we have showers. rolling through, moving right along, just light showers through loudoun county, frederick, most moving to the east of i-95. just some steady rain, not everybody is seeing it right now. the southern s beltway, not seeing much at all. there could be some areas of more moderate rain out there. g they'reng to be few and far
9:31 am
between. now, as we go through the day, we have a frontal system, and a few swers could spark as that frontal system rolls through the area. breezy out there today. no severe weather, bute'll time out the showers just in case you got a couple of things going on for your sunday. we'll talk about the big warmup that's comin this week. more rain chances this week. that ten-day forecast in 20 minutes. ut lauryn, thank you very much. developing of california, later today, we're expected to learn more about a gunman who opened fire at a synagogue near san diego. one person is dead, three others hurt. >> this happened s exactly months to the day of another deadly attack in pittsburgh1 where 1 people died. shots rang out yesterday morning at the chabad off of poway synagogue as worshipers celebrated the last day o passover. >> a 19-year-old man in police custody believed to be the only suspect investigators say that after the sho ing thegunman gave a short chase bore he finally surrendered. and authorities found an star-1
9:32 am
e rifle in his vehicle. >> police are now questioning john t. earnest, they believe he may have set fire to a southern california mosque last month, witnesses to the shooting described what ty saw. >> i was screaming for my kids. i look to the entrance and see a guy, lik 5'7", white with like glasses with a vest on and just standing there like shooting, shooting, shooting everybody. >> nearby communities united after the shooting to show solidarity. in rancho bernardo, a group held a short church service and gathed outside for a candlelight vigil. >> the mayor of poway vows the area will not be shaken by hate. back here at home, local religious and d.c. leaders are t reacting the shooting. news 4's darcy spencer spoke with a prominent faith leader who says there are things we can do to help prevent religious attacks. >> we can't accept that every
9:33 am
six months there is going to be an attack on the american jewish community. >> reporter: police are stepping up patrols at synagogues and other houses of worship in the d.c. metro area. that after authorities say a teenage gunman opened fire e ring prayers at a synago near san diego. ron halper is executive directof he jewish community >> in our most sacred places of worship, during the most sacred times of faith, minorities, not just jews, but others, christians, muslims, sikhs and others, can't feel safe. this is absurd. >> reporter: the shooting happened exactly six months af r another deadly attack at a synagogue in pittsburgh. the shootings have been condemned by jewish leaders and people from different religious groups. halper says more action needs to be taken and congress needs to spend more federal dollars to protect houses of worship. >> the fact that actually have to spend money on hiring off duty pole officers to keep our
9:34 am
congregations safe says everything. al reporter: leaders at th dallas area muslim society in northern virginia issued a statement condemning the shooting. they say they stand in solidarity with the jewish commity. in rockville, darcy spencer, news 4. and d.c. police tell us cial ers are providing s attention to jewish and islamic institutions as well as all religious places of worship within their districts. fairfax, montgomery and loudoun counties also say they're creasing patrols and visibility around their religious institutions out of an abundance of caution. a tragedy unfolding out on the west coast eahere. at lst four people are dead after a construction crane came crashingown in s ttle yesterday afternoon. take a look here. witnesses described hearing a large boom before the cars were crushed. two crane operangrs are amo the dead, the others were in the cars. they died by the time the firefighters got to the scene.
9:35 am
firefighters say multiple people were also injured including ath moer and baby girl. they are expected to be okay. goodness. we're following breaking news from overnight. a mananted in connection to five deathsne in tenee is now in custody. 25-year-old michael cummins was arrested last night northeast of investigs were searching for him after discovering the bodies in two separate homes. he was later found about a mile from the original crime scene and was he was shot at least once by officers and taken to the hospital. investigators believe two scenes are related and are looking for a possible motive. time is 9:35. we're working to learnab more t a disturbing discovery in d.c. sources with d.c. fire and ems say human remains were found in the woods under the chain bridge in northwest. authorities were called around 7:00 lastnight. the washington post is reporting that the remains were found with at least one missing hand.
9:36 am
no confirmation yet from d.c. police. and still to come, hping area teens navigate the college admissions process and find the best sool for them. >> leon harris shares more in this week's harris' heroes.
9:37 am
9:38 am
hey, the college admissionst process,t can be complex. >> oh, yeah. >> the recent scandal suggests that some wealthy families have gone through it with a signicant advantagehen they paid. >> exactly. this morning, we want to highlight a program educating some high school seniors about how to apply and where to find the best schools for them. the program focuses on students of east african descent who oftentimes are the first in their families to attend college and face multiple cultural and financial challenges. >> leon harris takes us to the institute for east african council on higher education. in this isweek's ha hero.
9:39 am
>> inside this modest apartmenta students preparing to apply to some of the nation's top colleges. all thanks to this man. >> they come from cultural enclaves that have certain assumptions about colleges and those assumptions have misinformed. >> reporter: he started the institute for east african councils on higher education ree years ago. he did it to fill a need in his community. >> i myself immigrated from hiopia in 2 007. i have seen the cultural disconnect between myself and my high schnsl couors and these students have that same issue. >> reporter: matthew believed it s important to focus on east african students because they're often the first in their families to go off to college. and they don't understand the admissions process. >> our students are all bilingual. many speak three or four lan languages. they don't think a college should know they work 30 hours a week after school. they don't know that interpreting legal documen for their extended family members, they don't think that is
9:40 am
important enough to be jotted down on a college education. >> reporter: thehave a 100% success rate thisigh school senior came to this country from ethiopia in ow2005 and n going to an ivy league school. >> full ride to rtmouth. that's a big accomplishment for me and my family as well. >> our future president. >> reporter: these two just wrapped up their first semester in school. >> it prepared me, a new environment. >> reporter: the parents say he's been a god send. >> he looks at them individually, spends aot of time and talks to them and sees what colleges fits for them. tu reporter: but for him, it is all about the sdents and paying it forward. >> we could have been anywhere in the world. i did not choose my mom. nor did anyone else here. that reality should compel us to be as helpful as possible. >> that's a great organization. very needed. >> yeah. >> making a difference obviously. good luck to them. he says they constantly have to
9:41 am
turn students away because they don't have the spnde or the fug to help everyone. >> if you would like to learn more, we have put a link in our nbc washington app. search rris'heroes. good for them. the debate over changing the name of local roads and schools is coming to prince george's county. next, tracee wilkins explains the history behind the controversy at duval high school. it is 9:41. this is not a bed...
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maybe you're in town for the white house correspondents' dinner. hope you're having a good start to your sunday morning. the din wearsner bas aak from wt we have become accustomed to. >> the president told white house staffers to stay away o >> instead a comedian, the keynote speaker was historian ron chernow who told the journalists gathered in the r tm to take high road when the advenistration is com toward the press. >> donald j. trump is not first and won't be last american president to create jetters abo jitters about the first amendment. humble, be skepticand b. the press is a powerful weapon that must be fired with reluctance and aimed w precision. warren buffett says always take the high road, it is far less
9:45 am
crowde there. >> great saying. it was a far cry from the controversy inast ars. especially last year when comedian michelle woolf was criticized for jokes she madeab ut press secretary sarah nders. the decision to go with a historian this year over a comedian seemed to go over well. >> it is very hard for even the best comedians to be funny b an to satirical about the president and notross a line. and it is great to have a great writer and historian as the speaker. >> this is the celebration of the first amendment. i think that gets lost over time. now we're back to it. >> he provided good historical context to the relationship between the press and pass presidts and how that relationship evolved over time. so if you really, you know, paid attention to what he said,s t wary interesting and very, you know, good to know and good reminder that without a free press, it reay isn't a free
9:46 am
society. >> it has been interesting to see the evolution of this tvent over years. because sometimes it has gotten a little chummy with the, you know, the hollywood stars and sometimes it has gotten a littli pointed. this time seems to be just nice and smooth and there you go. we'll take that. >> we'll see next year. >> the president did skip the correspondents' dinner. but he was in wiscons for his first campaign rally since the mueller report was released. the president touched on several topics including the deadly synagogue shooting in california. he also lashed out at the large pool of democraticef hops and spoke about his controversial immigration policies. despite no sho at the dinner from president trump's staff, a few of his aides attended som social events that happened sfore last night' dinner. some students at the duval high school in prince george's county say we're living in a new era and that means it is time to change the name of the school. it is named after a former supreme court justice who also
9:47 am
owned slaved. county bureau chief tracee wilkins found out not everyone is on board with the name chge. >> once a duval tiger, always a duval tiger. >>aseporter: he's part of cl 1976 and he's been an active alumnus ever since. >> we have gone back, supported duval for many years. >> reporter: why hand other graduates are concerned about a movement to change the name of their alma mater. >> we all talked and said i ver once walked down the halls of duval thinking, i wonder who gabriel duval was. i never thought about it. >> reporter: students at the high school wonder about the man whose picture hangs in the hallway. >> the name of the schould inspire us. >> reporter: gabriel duval became a supreme court justice in the 1800s. his family also owned slaves on a plantation in prince george's county. >> we wanted to pick people who actually represented who duval is now that is, like, someone who can be successful and still
9:48 am
a minority and still represent our values and our characteristics as a school. >> reporter: next to duval's picture are class pictures showing the evolution of the school from all white in the '60s to majority minority school today. >> demographics may have changed. but the support for duval senior high hasn't. >> it is a lot more than changing the name of a school. >> reporter: prince george's county board of education chair dr. alvin thornt has been hearing from both sides of the issue. >> this is about a race discussi about what the county will be, how it will integrate its new current status with the old history, which was not good, in terms of race rations. duvalism reflects that. this is a good discussion that we're going to have as a community. >> reporter: the prince george's county council are among the folks who support the name change. students did a poll to see how popular a name change would be. most said leave the name duval. the reason, they're worried about the cost of changing it.
9:49 am
in lanham, tracee wilkins, news 4. >> really interesting. we saw the same thing with jeb stewart, now justice hig school in falls church. a lot of that same stuff is starting to make its way across our area. >> all righ well, so is in some clouds too, right? >> clouds will hopefully burn off and get some sunshine in here. >> it better. >> good sunday weather. what did you say? >> it better. >>re you going to hold me accountable. ol >> i always h you accountable. c you do actually. we are going totinue to see the clouds through much of the day. but i do believe we will get some sunshine. so here' whato expect. let me break it down for you. the first round of showers, that eppened between 6:30 and pu pushing to thet right now. maybe a little bit of drizzle up behind them, radar picture in a second. you can always hedownload t nbc washington app. see it when we're not on air. the radar is on our app. now, during the middle part of the day, anytime between noon
9:50 am
and 3:30ish, we'll have spotty showers as a front comes through the area. front still back in west virginia. it is going to push through the area. that is going to spark some spotty showers. only about a 20% chance. so not everybody is going to see them. that i think it will be a good idea to download the app. winds pick up for everybody.s windill be gusting up to 30 miles an hour. we'll get afternoon sunshine. theres the rain that mov through the area again. most of this is pushing to the east of i-95. still showers left in montgomery county. going up through carol county and back towards frederick that is moving through. we got a few showers in southern maryland. the could beome heavier rain just again, south of columbia. that will continue to push to the east. now, the frontal system back off to the west, see the little bit of shower activity right there? especily if we get some sunshine. we'll hit a lull right here, little bit of a break. that may come and bring a few spotty showers even isolated thunderstorm to our area. if we see an isolated thunderstorm, it will mainly be
9:51 am
east of i-95. i'll start this at 2:00. early afternoon. ittle shower here pushing through. it blew up once they move to the east. you get sunshine, you will be in the daylig and you'll get that heating during the day. to west, sunshine, and sunshine will continue to the sun is not going down to 8:00. clear skies throughout the overnight and that's when that temperature dropped. temperatures are in the 50s right now. we're topping out right around 70 degrees today. and, again, clearing and breezy, winds the main story as we head into the afternoon. tomorrow, temperatures are going to be in the mid-60s. a chilly start tomorrow, 30s and 40s, nice tomorrow, clouds rol tomorrow night. i don't have this on there. late monday and early tuesday, likely before day break, we'll have a few okshowers. lot that, that temperature go naz ts intes into the 80s. we'll have rain toward the end
9:52 am
of the week. tempntature drops as we get i saturday. a lot of things going on next saturday. re news on the other mosi our three contestants are all at the big ikea table. who's going to be tonight's winning chef? contestant #1, impressive knife skills. but contestant #2 fights back by using fresh parsley. d, contestant #3 addstouch . sweetie, come eat outside. but it's too hot out there! perfect! make room for the judge! ♪ ♪ live together.
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ly on fios. an art gallery is doing more than displaying art. it is giving people with disabilities a platform to showcase their talent. >> love it. it is providing them the opportunity to be entrepreneurs as well. erika gonzalez is working for you in the cmunity with the story of the art enables gallery and its artists.
9:55 am
>> reporter: this is shawn payne. >> i'm more comfortable with acrylic paints. >> and canvas boards. >> reporter: he's an artist and working on a new piece. >> my specialty isfashion,ly mo women's footwear. this piece is called trumpet heels. >> reporter: he has big dreams of becoming a famous shoe designer. >> it makes me happy because on my way to becoming a superstar. >> reporter: he says art en tles is stepping stone to that big dream. gallerynables is an art and supportive program. our entire mission is to help a artists buildareer in the arts and earn income from their art sales. >> reporter: about 40ferent artists work out of the gallery in northeast d.c. some work one day a week, some work five.
9:56 am
>> this is my drawer right here. >> reporter: since 2001, art enables sold over a m lion dollars in art work by artists just like shawn. >> it is anre ibly powerful form of expression. and for the artist in our studio, for many of them, their art is their primary form of expression. > reporter: the gallery is in the midst of its spring show. whatever your taste, there is plenty of pieces for sale. i bought one of my own. >> this piece is dedicated to you. >> i'm honored.nk you. aside from being a stellar artist, shawn is also an avid viewer of news 4. he knows i'm from texas. >> i designed the cowboy boots with the texas stateflag. news 4 >> reporter: i would say he hit the nail right on the head. i'm going to purchase this today from you, okay? >> okay. >> reporter: they say art is subjective, but i think we can
9:57 am
all agree at's in this studio is priceless. i will treatt with great care. i'll treat it with great care. thank you so very much. can i give you a hug? thank you, shawn, very muchat i appreci it. you're a super talented artist and i'm -- >> a pleasure meeting you in orrson. >> repter: it is great to meet you, shawn. thanks forin watch channel 4. >> if you would like to learn re about art enables, including how to support the mission, purchasing art work or visiting the gallery, all you ve to do is go to our nbc washington app and search enable. good story. >> yes. they're putting their talentsodo go use as well. well, let's open up the window and look outside. national harbor and, you know, the forecast, lauryn was get fng on me changeable. that's what's going to happen today. we'll check back in with her en wcome back. e
9:58 am
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right now investigators are sorting through the background of aay man they burst into a california synagogue and opened fire with over 10 people inside. a deadly collaps is sure to put a microscope on the safety dozens of construction cranes at dot seattle's sky scrape. four people were skilled when a crane fell from a building and came crashing down. families in rving cars ea getting brand-new today. we're live at


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