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tv   Today  NBC  April 30, 2019 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. terror blot. the fbi stops a u.s. army rarvendnte a accused of plannin a lar scale attack in los angeles. >> law enforcement was able to identify a man consumed with hate and bent on mass murder. >> this morning, inside the undercover sting that led authorities to the suspect. target trump. joe biden sets hiss sight on the president. >> choose hopeitver fear. un over division. and most importantly truth over. truth over lies. >> the president quick to respond. what the latest polls are showing just ahead. evil and despicable.
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the parents of the alleged california synagogue shoot coemni tirwn son. thommuni gathers to mourn the victimnd the suspect faces a judge later today. plus the world's most wanted man. the new video apparently showing the mysterious leader of i s for the first time in five years. remembering john singleton. a look back at the life of the trail blaziinin director who changed hollywood. gone too soon. >> and spies not like us. a beluga whale strapped with a twice. is russia using the whales? "today," april 30th, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "toy" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." nice to have you with us on a tuesday morning. a lot of us are thinking about
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john singleton. we remember "boys in the has."'s itard to believe he's gone. >> hard to believe he died yesterday at the age of 51. a game changer i hollywood. a game gauger culturally. let's get to our top stories. southern california man behind bars this morning. platting to carry out an attack. an army veteran. turns out the fbi had been watching him very closely. pete williams has the latest. pete, good morning to you. r >>orter: good morning to you. the fbi says this 26-year-old man who did serve some time in the army was aested when he accepted what he thought were powerful working bombs, but what he didn't know is they were duds fde by the fbi. the says this was to be the target. a park at long beach where a white supremacist rally was
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planned for last weekend. an army vet who served four months in afghanistan scouted the area looking for where he thought the biggest crowds would gather. and after he traveled to long beach to survey the site. >> reporter: investigators say the fbi became aware of him in early march because of his postings in a private online message group that said he wanted to retaliate for last month's shooting spree in new zealand that killed 50 people. court documents say he wrote, there must ti retribu for our fallen brothers and sisters. prosecutors say he spoke for weeks with someone who he thought was like minded. he praised isis s andaid he wanted to shoot police officers in their patrol cars or set off a bomb on an l.a. freeway or at therowded santa monica pier before settling on bonlong beac.
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he told the operative i want build a bomb but i don't know how. but he bought nails tose as shrapnel in the bomb. he appeared in court to be formally charged. his lawyer hs no comment after the hearing. >> so pete, i guess i understand from the court documents this suspect had expressed sympathy for isis or inspiration by isis. is there any evidence that he actually was connected to isis in in way? >> reporter: apparently not. investigators say it doesn't appear to be inspired by a foreig terror group. domingo told t operative that he admired the isis leader. and if isis came to the u.s., he would swear allegiance to it. >> by the way, that isis leader has come out with a new video. we'll have a story on that in au . now the war of words between
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president trump and joe biden. the former vice president taking direct aim once again during hrs fi rally as a 2020 candidate. andrea mitchell has more on that. >> reporter: good morning. joe biden in battleground pennsylvania trying to prove that he can win back the union workers in rust belt states who defected from the democratic ras to elect donald trump. >> if i'm going to be able to beat donald trump in 2020, it's going to happen here. in western pennsylvania. >> reporter: joe biden at the first rally of his 2020 campaign. surrounded by labor union supporters in battleground pennsylvania. >> i make no apologies. i am a union man. period. >> reporter: laying down a marker against president trump whose win in pennsylvania helped seal his victory over hillary clinton. >> he's the only president who's decided not to represe the whole country. the president has his base. we need a president who works for all americans.
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>> reporter: repudiating the president's character and leadership. >> we democrats, we independents whoave the same view have to choose hope over fear. unity over division. and maybe most importantly truth over lies. truth over lies. >> reporter: president trump who's long viewed the former vice president as his toughest potential opponent taunting biden with four tweets in just 23 minutes. repeatedly calling him sleepy joe. before challenging the president, biden has to win the nomination. in an increasinglygr psive field. clearly trying to out-flank bernie sanders. en sounding like sanders while slamming the trump corporate tax cut. >> i'm going to change that so miionaires and billionaires don't pay lower taxes than firefighters, teachers. the country wasn't built by wall street bankers, ceos, and hedge fund managers. it was built by you. was built by the great american middle clas
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>> reporter: biden is still facing criticism for how anita hill was treated during the hearings. now he's trying to put that to rest. >> i believed her from the beginning. but i was chairman. she did not get a fair hearing. she did not get treated well. that's my responsibility. >> andrea, i understand that there's some new polling just out this morning and it shows some good news for joe den. what more do we know about that? >> reporter: it does. in a cnn poll, biden got a nice bump today over bernie sanders. this is the fst poll since his rollout. strong with african-american women. that's aey block of primary voters. does give him front runner status for you, bnow, but that a dangerous place to be ts early. >> andrea mitchell for us in washington. that alleged gunman in a alifornia n the synagogue is expected to make c his firstrt appearance
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today. his parents are speaking out expressing their shock and sadness. miellmaguer has got the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the alleged shooter, the suspect faces one count of murder and three counts of attempted murder. he's also been linked to a nearby arson fire back in march. he'll be in court here behind me later on today. this as a community mourns. outrage and anguish at the funeral of lori gilbert kaye, the wife and mother gunned down at the passover service at the synagogue. >> these hateful movements have no place on earth and no place in the united states of amerr:a. >> reporteer husband howard performed cpr on lori not knowing who the victim was then fain when he realized it was his wife. >> and lori gave her life and she sacrificed her life. >> reporter: this mo bullet holes still riddle the door the alleged gunman 19-year-old john
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ernelasted through. the rabbi was shot in the hand. ey the little children were there. e not supposed to grow up with fear. they'r never going to forget the gunshots they heard at the synagogue. >> reporter: he walked through this room and opened fire. ho never said a word and simply stopped sing because his weapon appeared to jam. ernest, a nursing student and a musician with no prior record was taken into custody after her called 911. before the shooting, he posted that hate was his motive on an unanimouy website used b extremist. generally white nationalists like the mosque shooter in new zealand. the fbiit confirms received a tip about a threat being posted minutes before the attack. in a statement, his parents say they're shocked and saddened by their son's attack. to our great shame, he is now the part of the history of evil
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that has been perpetrated o jewish people for centuries. how our son is attracted touch darkness is a mystery to us. now as the investi deepens. >> think of lori with a big smile. >> reporter: the community mourns the loss of a cherished woman full of life. when ernest is due in court later on today, it's unclear if his family including his father ilo's an elder at a nearby orthodox church w attend. we spoke to one of his friends last night and he said the suspt had many friends. including many jewish students. >> thank you. to a newly released video from the propaganda wing of isis. it appears to showti its sec leader for the first time in five years. richard engel joins us with more on that from london. richard, good morning. >> reporter: so the isis leader is breaking his silence. u.s. ielligence officialsre still working to confirm the authenticity of this video, but so farther not doubting it.t
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righ now this morning u.s. intelligence officials are going through every sine frame. every word choice, every shadow, every edit in this video to try to determine where the isis leader is and his intentions. he's been reported injured, sick, even dead. but this new video released by isis appears to the show the group's leader abu bakar al baghdadi in charge. it's hisirst message since isis lost on the battlefield. after last month, u.s. and kurdish forces drove isis out of its last stronghold in syria. the stinging military defeat anh capture of thousands of isis fighters and tens of thousands of their family members was a humiliation for eisis. th people came from around the world to join theic islam state and stuck with it to the
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end. they were take part in an islamic islamic utopia that wouldn't end with its supporters destitute in the desert, defeated. in this latest message, baghdadi ld supporters not to lose hope. that he hasn't forgotten them. it's a different tone from the last time he was seen on tape. that wasive years ago. ck then baghdadi was triumphant, isis was storming through iraq and syria and baghdadi declared himself of his so-called islamic state. now he's a fugitive without any territory. that doesn't mean isis is no longer dangerous. ase group claimed responsibility for the er sunday attacks that killed hundreds in sri atnka. the lest isis video mentions that attack but doesn't show baghdadi on camera during that part of the video suggesting it
7:13 am
may have been added later. >> so richard, you mentioned that stinging military defeat recently. what is isis trying to accomplish by releasing this video now? >> reporter: wel a, at most basic, this is proof of life. the isis leader s wants tohow people he is still around, that he's still alive. but it also isisis's attempt to reinvent itself. it was a place and now baghdadi is saying isis will continue to carry out attacks even without having that territory. andnk i thi it's an important message that u.s. intelligence officials are going to be looking very closely at. >> partly sounds like t a pepk to a losing team. riheard engel tre for us in england. thank you. the number of measles cases nationwide is growing this morning. according to the latest number from the cdc, there are 704nf med cases in 22 states. that is the highest mark in 25
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years. health officials say the situation is going to get worse before it gets better. they are reminding people the vaccine is safe ande. ef most of these are inoc pkets of unvaccinated people in joouzish communities in new york city and rockland county. 7:14 now.e a good tim to get a check of the forecast. hey there, mr. roker. >> good morning. thanks for getting your weather from e. we'vot severe storms ahead of this system. a lot of snow behind it. we're almost a may. tomorrow may 1st. 21 million people at risk from central texas all the way to central illinois. this system isn't going to be moving that much. we still have tomorrow 18 million people at risk for damaging winds, hail, possibility of tornadoes from san antonio into southern missouri. here's what we're looking at. this stationary front is not moving all that much. we're going to see the strong to severe storm risk into the northwest -- i should say the
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midwest. flash flooding is expected to continue and then thursday this continues to move to the east. this is a slow moving system. so there'll be new areas of risk. we've got moderate risk of flooding through the mid-plains. heavy rain, downpours. airport delays from minneapolis today. chicago, st. louis, kansas city, denver.ft. worth, and as far as the roads are concerned, i-90 from billings rain and snow. t minneapolis dallas, heavy storms. oklahoma to st. louis on i-44 going to have major problems. and snow around the rockies all the way out to st. louis i-70 for strong storms and heavy rain. we're going to t geto your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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morning, everybody. anyright andtart to the morning here. these clouds will begin to return a little bit later on today. we are keeping a 30% chance for a stray shower, maybe a rumble or two later on in the day today. it's dry for now and it'll be dry until at least lunchtimer middle parts of the afternoon. teederaturewise, we've start off in the mid to upper 50s. and courtesy of a southwesterly breeze, it'll be a lot warmerto y. after highs in the upper 70s and low 80s. >> and thas your latest weather. >> all right, al. thank you. coming up, those overnight tributes to gground-break director john singleton. we're going to look back at his trl blazing career.
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the unforgettable movies that helped redefine american pop lture. plus the mystery over a beluga whale wearing what appeared to be a russia-made harnes could this spy? it's a serious question. first this is "today" on nbc. everyone's got to listen to mom.
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coming up, a powerful and very personal graduation speech gone viral. >> i stand before my family, friends, a gduating class today to say that i am proud to be a gay son of god. >> one student's uplifting message at a religious university. also, it will be sta power times two here in studio 1a on a tuesday rning. charlize theron, seth rogan both stopping by to tell us all about their new movie. also a tnebute to o of your favorites. but first your local news and weather. oh, could you, uh, make me a burger?
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7:26 is your time now on 2019.uesday, april 30th, good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. today governo larry hogan will sign 174 bills into law. one includes stacy's law which makes murder a felony. crash oner laurel aft maryland 197. you can see here on your screen a car was off in the trees. traffiei is still b impacted and for the latest on that, let's get right to missa mollet. >> good morning. northbound bw after 19d 7, the
7:27 am
lanes northbound are still in effect. southbound as well. kind of have to pick pitch one you think is going to be the best this morning. fairfax county markway at 66, crash reported. lat today on news4, we're working for you at helping you prepare for the summer sun. >> we'll tell you which sun scens are top rated today at 4:00. we'll take a break. your forecast is next.
7:28 am
good morning. off to a bit of a brighter s rt thanyesterday. we'll have more sunshine today. clouds will build back in later on in the afternoon. after a mild start, the temperatures well into the 50s. temperatures should he no problem getting up into the 80s today. another 30% chance for rain on
7:29 am
wednesdayay and thursd sort of up and down on the temperatures the next couple of days. then high rain chances for both days overhe weekend. >> thank you. another lal news date in about 25 minutes. >> for now t back tohe "today" show after this short break. have a gat day.
7:30 am
7:30 now, monday morning. a pretty day. last day of april 2 pre day. last day of april 2019. and that is baby watch windsor castle. we will hea there liveor a report what's happening. great expectations for sure. let's start with the check of today's headlines on this tuesday. we begin with that foiled terror plot. arrested for planning a large sale attack near los angeles. 26-year-old markven domingo taken into custody when he accepted bombs made by the fbi.
7:31 am
investigators say t fbi became aware of him last month because of his postings on an online message board that said he wanted tote retal for last month's shootings at mosques in new zealand. rod rosenstein submitted his letter of resignation to president trump. is resignation was long expected. he said he planned once the mueller investigation was complete. his successor is deputy transportationefecretary jey rosen. he awaits senate confirmation. tense moments monday outside a california shopping mall. check this out. a mountain lion showed up just outside macy's store. eventually the big cat, f heound a comfy spot in a planter box. he hung out there for awhile until fish and wildlife officer showed up. they tranquilized him and re iased him backnto the wild.
7:32 am
h this morninlywood is remembering a trail blazing figure. >> john singleton diedda m at just 51 after suffering a stroke. and the history-making director who burst on theit scene his debut "boy n the hood" is being remembered for what he left on the craftnd his culture. >> reporter: it was one of those films that reflected and defined the times. >> either they don't know, don't show, or don't care about what's going on in the hood. >> reporter: 1991 "boyz n the hood" in south central l.a the movie, a critical and commercial hit. given a 20 minute standing ovation at the kansilcannes f festival. john singleton became the youngest and first
7:33 am
african-american to be nominatet for bes original screen play. >> you have to think about your future. >> i think i came along at the right time andt momen in history. h this morning tributes pouring in. actor samuel jackson tweeting overnight, he blazed the trail for many young film makers. rest in peace, brother. gone way t soon. janet jackson posting, you gave me my first movie role, first nonation, and i will miss you john. >> listen to me closely. i'll tell you what i know. >> reporter: that role in "poetic justice" which also helped introduce a young tupac shakur. >> what's your name? >> lucky. >> lucky. >> reporter: in all singleton directed more than ten films films ld breaking
7:34 am
"higher learning" to blockbusters like the remake of "shaq" and "2 fast 2 fuous." singleton talking here on "today" in 1993. >> my goals are toak mfilms that have a lot of heart and that common people can identify with. >>eporter: more recently he focused on television directing episodes of shows including "empire." >> i don't know what purpose you serve. >> reporr: and "billions." he co-created the fx series "snowfall." a look at the crack c aine epidemic of the 1980s in los angeles. >> they got to learn. >> reporter: his family releasing a statement on monday honoringhe director saying in part, john passed away peacefully surrounded by his family and friends. we again want to thank all of john's fans, friends, and colleagues for allhe love and support. among the tributes that poured in overnight, one from another legendary fm maker, your
7:35 am
friend spike lee putting this on instagram. in part, i will forever missy brother john singleton. we met while he was a film student at usc. with his passion, his heart, the way he talked about his love for cinema and black folks. he told a story back in the '80s singleton walks up to him saying i'm going to film school in two an eye out for me. i'll be back. >> he sure was. >> his cinematic debut was "boyz n the hood". >> that's amazing. we have this whole generation of actors and actresses who owe their ceers to him. we will take a turn now with a check of our weather. >> all right. let's lk and see what's going on temperaturewise. the system that's basically keeping our storm systems not moving mh is the same thing that's bringing this divide of temperatures. spring feel in the southeastut chilly highs into the plains.
7:36 am
salt lake city, 12 degrees cooler than normal. chicago, 46 degrees today. that's 17 degrees below average. but nashville flirting with 90 degrees. even boston, 50 degrees. that's 13 degrees cooler. stays cool in new england, but d.c. will pro up tomor to 73. louisville, 85. north platte, 15 degrees lower than normal. thursday, that warm air stays banked in the southeast. and the plains and the midwest stay cooler than average. that's what's going on around the country. he's what's happening in your neck of the ods. and here at home in the washington area, skies are brighter today than yesterday morning and temperatures are higher as well. we're in the 50s across the region now. and because of a milder start and some extra sunshine and the southwt breeze, it'll be a noticely warmer day. our high yesterday only 62. today close to 80 degrees. there will be a slight chance for a shower or two later on today after 3:00 or 4:00. not much of a rain chance
7:37 am
between now and then. another hit and miss chance for rain the next couple of days. >> and that's your atest forecast. >> all right, al. thank you somuch. coming up, we've got two good ones in our studg. this mornin charlize theron and seth rogan will be here live. then royal baby watchers on high alert. but how w wille know when he or she arrive l we aree at windsor castle with the answer to that. plus we are celebrating "say anything." an anniversary for this beloved movie. and we have a special guest. up next, though, a bizarre story of mystery and intrigue. could that beluga whale actually be a spy for russian military? first these messages. >> license to krill. >> nice .
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we are back with we are back with in depth today. favorite story of the morning re he. bizarre deep seaer myst >> a seemingly tame beluga while was spotted off the coast of norway. some believe this whale is being used to gather intelligence for the russians. stephanie gosk has the story ane why's this suspicion about this whale. >> it's a weird one. it sounds like something out of a cold war spy novel. the whaleppeared to be harassing boats in the arctic. now there's speculation it may have been trained by the russian military.
7:42 am
this morning there something fishy going on off the coast of norway. this beluga whale was wearing a harness that appears to be a camera mound. it read in english equipment st. petersburg. without tv belie much evidence that this beluga could be part of a russian navy project to use whales f reconnaissance. >> you can write this stuff. it's just completely bizarre. >> reporter: according to local norwegian reports, the fishermen say the beluga seemed tame as it nudg their boats. >> this whale did not seem to have hostile intent at all, was eager to interact with humansth and whe that was food o relatedr just part of its social makeup andinteraction, natural curiosit beluga whales are known for this. >> reporter:f russia was training deep sea mammals to work as bies, it woulde
7:43 am
the first time. the soviet union had a program to trail sales and dolphins to detect underwater weapons. the u.s. military also has its own history training sea mammals. starting in the60 19s, sea lions were t usedo dive deep and recove objects. while dolphin with their powerful sonar were used to detect exploves. >> these creates are sophisticated, highly evolved, anin some cases very intelligent. the beluga whale, their communication skills are sophisticated. whalesrter: could beluga now be part of a new underwater spy ring? it's very likely we'll never know for sure. >> here's the thing. i mean,f this was part of some sort of sophisticated spy mission, would the russians attach a harness that said made in st. petersburg?t' >> t what they want you to think. >> i don't know. >> iou get yr skepticism. i get it. but norwayo borders russia t the
7:44 am
north. it's close to one of their most important naval bases. but was this whale on the kus. of uncovering naval secrets? probably not. the russians are not commenting on this one. shucks. >> well, maybe they were just testing them out. >> testing the waters. >> or the whole thing could be a m moby trick. >> you like it? >> i got it. everyone is puny today. thanks for the laughs. up next, a college graduate's bold move that's going viral. what he revealed that surprised the audice, even members of his own family. that story is after this. y god! congratulations! oh my god! is this for real? its 32 lbs! 168 lbs! 55.4 lbs! do you feel healthier on ww? absolutely. i've learned so much.
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we're we're back. 7:48. dylan joins us n. we move to a story at brigham young university. >> one of theschool's valedictorians useis speech to proudly reveal he's gay. here's joe fryer. >> i'd like to begin byg sayin congratulations. >> reporter: at first, this commencement speech captured on
7:49 am
shaky cell phone video and delivered by matt easton may sound like othersountil the minute mark. >> as such i stand before my family, friends, and graduating class today to say that i am proud to be a gay son of god. >> reporter: coming out is hard enough on its own. yet easton did it in front of thousands of people at a school foundey the mormon church. for this valedictorian a brigham young university, there was no better stage to deliver his agmess >> i am not broken. i am planned by myea r. each of us are. >> reporter: the mormon church consideration same-sex marriage is serious n.transgressio while brigham young's honor code does not ban gay students, it does ban all forms of physical intimacy that give expression to homosexual elings. ndt he ran his speech by the dean's office a it was approved. even some of his relatives
7:50 am
didn't know he was gay until this moment. >> four years ago it would have been impossible for me to imagine that iould come out to my entire college. it is a phenomenal feeling. and it is a victory for me and in and of itse r. >>eporter: in utah the debate has swift shifted in years. each summer the state hosts love loud. love loud was created by dan reynolds, a mormon and lead sier of the popular rock band magine dragons. because of thisevent, you've heard from young people who've felt comfortable to come out to their family, right? i >>e heard story after story of child who has come out to their family after love loud. >> reporter: for matt easton, his safe place was on stage. >> i can t promiset your story
7:51 am
is important and your place in this world invaluable. remember this. >> reporter: he hopes his speech helps others realize they're not alo alone. fortoday," joe fryer, nbc news. >> took a lot of courage to do that in that setting. imagine some of his family members, he san, didn't eve realize it. didn't even know. >> and he went on to say yesterday aer the reactions started to pour in that he felt solidarity and support and especially from the last group th i expected from. just ahead this morning, it is one of the mt romantic movie moments ever. i'm getting chills just looking at this. the boom box scene from "say anything." al, did you get?chills >> got something. >> the anniversary of "say anything" with a special guest from the movie. and live from windsor as the royal baby watch rolls on. after your local news. hmmmm. ♪ rub-a-dub ducky... and then...there's national car rental.
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7:56 is your time now on this tuesday, april 30th, 2019in good mo everyone. i'm eun yang. today maryland governor larry hogan will sign 174 bills into la one is stacy's law which makes solicitation for murder a felony. now let's check on your commute with melissa mollet on your first 4 traffic. >> good morning. green belt outer loop beltway, we have the right side blocked. we are seeing some delay there is. taking a look elsewhere. marleau heights, branch aveafe r st. barn bas road. be careful through that area. into town out of town, no major problems here. >> melissa, thank you. we'll check your forecast next. stay with us. i'm jimmy dean and uh,
7:57 am
7:58 am
'?n't that sunrise somthin i honestly feel that way about jimmy dean sausage. get yourself a large chunk of that good morning feeling. mmboy, that smells good. m. good tuesday morning, everybody. filtered sunshine but at least
7:59 am
the skies are brighter than they wereyesterday. ready starting to see a little bit of warming as well. gaitrsburg, 52 there. so it will be a warmer day today. temperatures will climb way up to the 70s. there will be a slight chance r a shower or a thunderstorm late in the afternoon or early this evening. not a big chance for that and not really expecting much of a severe weather threat. bubl a rum or two of thunder means you should at least go indoors when you hear thunders roar. you remember thatsaying. >> i do remember that. chuck, thanks fo the reminder. another local news update for you in 25 minutes. for now back toho the "today" s after this short break. have a great day. >>
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." comi up, behind bars. a u.s. army veteran arreste after the fbi says he was plotting a terror attack at a california park. >> he was taken into custody after he took receipt of what he thought were pressure cker bombs. >> this morning how authorities tracked him down. plus what to expect when you're expecting royalty with the world watching and waiting prince harry and meghan markle planning to keep their birth plans private. we're live at winds castle with the details. and studio 1a goes hollywood. charlize theron and seth rogan are here movie "long shot." >> i should know you better if you ha a minute.
8:01 am
>> i actually have seven. >> sevenn minutes heaven. >> and we will honor an '80s classic. "say anything" turns 30. ♪ in your eyes >> the look back that will have you looking for a boom box to hold up. "today," tuesday, april 30th, 2019. ♪ > good morning to my first graders in breckenridge, minnesota. >> from the university of arizona, bear down. >> today is my 65th birthday. ♪ >> hi to our nephew oliver. >> and our kids camden and liam. >> we're watching the "today" show fromrystal beach, texas! >> i'm5 today. >> from portland, oregon. >> morning, everybody. welcome back to "today" on this tuesday morning. that's right, jenna. hold your boom box as high as
8:02 am
possible because an amecan classic is turning 30 years old today. the movie "say anything" for a certain generation this evokes memories. it evokes tears. jenna is -- your arms are getting tired. just keep on lifting it up. you know who else is there? sky from the movie. we're thrilled to hav her here. >> you haven't been able to contain your excitement. >> i know. i love this movie so much. it was a moment in history that is just fun to look especially wone of the stars. busy morning. the fbi says it has derailed a pls to cause mas casualties. the suspect they say a u.s. army veteran and alleged isis sympathizer. justice correspondente williams joins us with the latest on this. >> reporter: good morning. the fbi says he wanted to sho
8:03 am
police officers in their patrol cars. before he settled on long beach as h target. an army vet whoer sd four months in afghanistan in 2012 came to the fbi's attention in earlyarch when he wrote on an intern t message groupt he wanted to retaliate f last month's shooting spree at mosques in new zealand. investigators say he ultimately decided to attack a white supremacist rally planned for last weekend in long beach but admitted he had no idea how to build abomb. they say he did buy nails to be used as shrapnel. he bought duds from somebody working for the fbi. >> thank you. tpo national tation safety board is investigating monday's deadly crash of a tourist helicopter in honolulu.i witnesses s they heard a loud bang. then saw the chopper burning in the middle of the street.
8:04 am
neighbors tried to put out the flames with garden hoses. all people aboard that chopper were killed. aircraft debris landed on homes and cars. but no one on the ground was hurt. former vice president joe biden laid down a direct challenge to president trump f during hisst campaign rally of the 2020 race. biden appeared before a crowd of union workersoping to win back blue collar voters. he urged them to choose truth over lies. and said trump is the only president to not represent the whole country. >> i'm going to change that so millionaires and billionaires don't pay lower taxes than fighters, teachers. the country wasn't built by wall street bankers, ceos, and hedge fund managers. it was built by you. it was built by the great m americaniddle class. >> president trump has re onded. he saibiden, quote, obviously doesn't know that pennsylvania is having one of the best econic years in its history.
8:05 am
airline passengers have chosen new favorite in the annual american customer satisfaction index. they hkee ran alaska airlines as their top carrier, up two spots from last thyear. index is based on things like on-time arrivals, baggage handling. top.lue was the southwest came in third. ng let's get a morni boost. a 12-year-oldse girl got a p of a lifetime. her momook her on a mystery trip and let the flight attendant reveal the surprise. >> riley just turned 12 years old. she's on a surprise trip with her mom. riley has no idea what's coming her way for this trip. morrow night riley is going to see her favorite singer pink in los angeles. and on friday night as if that wasn't enough, she's going to be going to another concert.
8:06 am
he's going to see sugarland. we hope this is the best birthday over. we're happy to have you on board today. if you don't know who riley is, she's the one with beautiful bright pink hair. if you have a chance to wish h a happy birthday, let's make riley feel special today. happy birthday, arririley. h okay. first you me laughing now i'm crying. you can tell those are her favorite performers. her mom giving her a surprise and a trip of a lifetime. just adorable. >> mom of the >> yeah. >> and it's good to see she was genuinely thankful too. >> for sure just ahead, charlize and seth. we'll talk to the "long shot" blendingut their movie two tricky topics. politics and love. but first let's check in with keir on royal baby watch. there.e is windsor castle. we'll get the latest after this. meets ll. side meets kick
8:07 am
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bye, mom. thanks for breakfast, mom. with quality ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella is sure to bring a smile to breakfast time. . show your appreciation with a limited edition nutella jar! [zara larsson - "wow"] ♪ ♪ baby i'm not even in a gown ♪ and the only thing u have to say is wow ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh mgod my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ ♪ and you never felt this type of emotion ♪ ♪ maye you're jaw drop drop s oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh mgod ♪ we're back. we're back. jenna joins us. this is our royal baby right here.
8:10 am
>> thank you. >> but we are also waiting for the royal baby. >> yes. >> the world waiting with bated breath for the fir signhat the littlest sussex has arrived. keir simmons at his post, baby watch day two, keir. what's the word? >> reporter: still no baby, craig. we're almost in may. still no baby. good morning, craig. good morning, savannah. fans think they might be onto something. we're going to thow you how do this. if you type some names into the palace website, the names arthur, rjames, o alexander. it looks likeaybe they've reserved those pages. which has fans asking, could it be a thboy? r affection for children has been unmistakable from the beginning. and any day now harry and meghan will welcome their very own child into the world. but the big h questionere is when. pomp and ceremony outside
8:11 am
windsor castle this morning. the changing of the guard. but no news of any change to meghan's pregnancy. u.s. visitors to windsor castle hoping the royal baby arrives soon. >> i wish it would happen while we're here. to be >> reporter: it's going to be tomorrow? >> yes. tomorrow at about noon. >> reporter: royal watchers t hopi learn the baby's gender and even name thought they'd stumbled on more than a coincidence niovt. teep three names, arthur, james, and alexander into the royal url and the pace website appears. any other names like keir, for example,nd the message not found comes up. it's all speculation. even a street voting oth, girl or boy. apparently evenly split. harry and meghan are keeping it under wraps and many here support their privacy. >> i love that she's being guarded abo i think with all the kind of, you know, commotion around them, it's nice to get a bit of privacy. >> reporter: everyone is just going to have to wait. at this windsor tea store, they
8:12 am
have the thing for encouraging labor. now, is it true that tea can help a pregnant woman have a baby? >> this loose leaf tea we sell, that can help to induce the pregnancy. >> reporter: rosberry helps enduz. >> yeah. >> reporter: but no inside knowledge. have you had any american very pregnant women come in in the past few da? >> i had a pregnant lady the other day come in. r: you did? >> yeah. >> reporter: was she called meghan? >> no. >> reporter: oh. any anxious looking redheadedys guome in and ask for tea? >> no. >> reporter: no? >> no. hopefully soon. >> reporte please, please let the baby come soon. because you don't marry this often from a correspondent, guys, but we're going to run out of things to talk about here. at least we know, though, thwe
8:13 am
tried typing in princess savannah and prince craig and i can exclusively reveal, that didn't work either. sorry, guys. >> rats. >> albert could be one of them. >> albert could be. >> reporter: albert is iod. >>hought there was a lot of talk that diana was the odds on favorite. >> reporter: wouldn't tt be great? i really think if it's a girl -- and we don't know whether it's a girl or boy, that they will be tempted to call her diana. and it would be history cing full circle. and i think a lot of people would just love that, right? >> yes. >> outside windsor castle, we'll over theng in with him next three weeks. >> he's not going anywhere at all. u, keir dylan's here withop start for carson. >> yes, i do. we hav a special pop start toda m this montharks 30 years since the release of "say anything" a
8:14 am
heartwarming movie following the budding love between lloyd and diane. >> i need you. >> youdo? >> everything else means nothing to me. if i hurt you again, i'll die. >> hurt me again. not a chance. about it.y >> i love you. >> what? >> i love you. how many more times do i have to say it? >> one more time would be nice. >> the tribeca film festival is holding a special screening of the film tonight. >> well, here to tell us more and to celebrate, ione skye who played diane. we love you. so much it's good to see you. >> good to see you. you at do you think when see those old clips? >> i -- wow. what do i think? we reshot that scene a few times.t i think i mus have been doing not a great job when we did it.
8:15 am
yeah, i just -- yeah. ihi just tnk how cute johncu sack was really. >> you were pretty cute too. did you know whe you were doing it that it was going to become this iconic movie that so many people still connected to? >> i mean, i didn't know the boom box scene would be 'tmething. because you caneally predict that. but i knew where i was. like a studio film so i knew what was going on. but i think halfway through, everybody was like, wow. this is going to beaz amg. >> i mean, what happened in the last 30 years? i feel like movies like this don't exist the way they used to. each one was so special. and they just -- i don't know if it was the age i watched it or what. but they're so important to my growing up. but you don't see that anymore. >> it's very earnest and very simple. now it's a little b more sophisticated. i don't know. >> there's not, like, snark in these characters. but they're so appealing and kind of surprising and original.
8:16 am
>>yeah, i know. i mean, cameron crowe also,e's just very earnest ande passion but also very intelligent and that mixture makes it kindof, you know, just like a classic kind of love story film. >> did you a john stay in touch after that >> we did. yeah. every few years, weou wld hang out. i mean, we really, really love each other. i mean really. >> i can speak for at least the three of us, i remember where i was when i watched that movie. when you think back for0 3 years ago, what comes to mind? was it as fun as ited look? >> yeah. for sure. i mean, i was -- yeah. i was kind of in heaven. yeah. i mean, fort me thas -- you know, i don't know if it was the third thing i'ddo . but it was exactly what i wan bd to doing. >> it was kind of a breakout moment. >> yeah. it was sort of -- i'd done an independent film. you know, like, i don't know. i guess another kind of studio
8:17 am
pictur but i was just -- for me i was so -- i don't know. and cameron crowe, the way sort of met him, we kind of met through friends. i doast know. it wust all perfect. and i was really -- >> sounds like it was all organic. was.t > what do people say when they realize it's you? what do you hear most about the movie or diane or lloyd? >> people relate tohe characters because they're bot unusual outcast characters. sometimes it's a a man that will say i was dianecourt. i think just having these outcast kind of characters. people relllyed to them. it's nice to be in something that people who've seen the film feel so close >>. hat would be the boom box scene now a days? >> that's what's cool. i don't know. i mean, because it's like a serenade, a modern day serenade. you can't have someone --ou could. but it was a clever serenade.- so i don't - i don't know. >> it would be like a bluetooth
8:18 am
speaker. and you're going to talk about it at the tribeca film festival. tell us about that event. >> well,ou i guess -- y know they pick a film every year. usually it's like a od"gfather." i think the people deciding thought why don't we do 90s.thing from the 'oat >> bring back the rom com. >> ye >> we're all about the rom com. charlize theron and seth ran are over there. they have a rom com. make it as good as "say anything." >> sy. easy. >> right? did you love "say anything"? >> i do. are you kidding me? yeah. sport of the futures >> he' literally saying anything. >> what a pleasure to catch up with you. thanks for being here. >>in thanks for hav me. >> thanks for so many good memories. we love that movie. mr. roker, good time to check the weather. i'm surprised you guys didn't cry.
8:19 am
>> i almost did. kills me every time. >> love's notd suppose to hurt. tell john cusack. you're looking at strong storms in the mide of the country. snow back behind it. wet weather exiting the northeast. for today we've got 21 million people at risk fromexas to illinois for damaging winds, hail up to 2 inches, and strong tornadoes. and tomorrow we've got 18 million people at risk for just about the same area. we're looking rainfallwise anywhere from texas all the way into the upper midwest about 3 to 4 inches of rain possible. you can't shush seth rogan. don't try. and we are looking at very warm weather through the southeast. strong storms in the middle of e country. snowy through the plains. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening inne yo of the woods. [ no audio ]
8:20 am
>> and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> i just kicked charlize theron. and now to charlize theron and seth lon. charlize plays the u.s. secretary oftate with her sights set on the oval office. and seth plays journalist hired to be a key member of her team. >> i need some writers to punch up my ispeeches. ead your work and i really like it. >> that's -- wow. >> you mentioned you were between jobs. it's a goodfit. >> it's nice of you to think of me at all with everything in your head. i look forward to working with you. >> thank you. >> good morning. that was the morning show approved clip right there. >> i was going to say. it's hard toind a clip that
8:21 am
you could show at 8:20. but you did it. >> i'm not surprised at you, seth. beuse we've seen you in these settings before. but charlize, this is a little baudy for you. >> i ow. hit my 40s andust became free. reckless. >> let's go. so seth didn't have to talk you into it? >> no. oh, my go no. i've always ban huge fan. stop. >> it would be funny if really you did this under duress. >> that would speako your powers of persuasion. >> not at all. i have no persuasion. >> it's your body body. seth, this -- i hope i read this right. this project was with you and you brought it to charlize, right? >> yeah, a long time ago. >> it was i'm going to pick my leading lady and it's going to be charlize theron. >> that is wt i said. i threw a dart at a board. no, it was --no. afs huge fan.
8:22 am
>> many people would pick her. >>wo who uldn't? i hoped it wasut a mualicking of one another, i think. i'm a huge fan of hers and i thought she would be great for the film and i also thought she could make it better. we've been working on it together developing it. and trying to turn it into something that w weld both be really proud of and happy to wake up early and come and talk about. and we are so thank god. >> we were just talking about the romantic comedy and the loss of the great romantic comedy. it obviously completely hinges on the chemistry. >> yes. y >> when guys first met to talk about it, did you know we're going to click, this is ing to work? >> we definitely weclicked. ere very like minded. we wanted to make the same movie. i think that's important.
8:23 am
but it's not -- we had the exact same taste when it came to what we wanted this to feel like. i mean, we both loved a lot of, like, romantic comedies from the '80 stz. movies we grew up with. there's been a lack of them for the last decade. they're har hard to make really good. it's hard to get them balanced fough. but ielt like with this guy i was in good hands. like somehow it would work with >> it kind of has that harry met sally feel in the sense of, i mean -- not that you're totally unattainable but kind of unattainable. seth you fall in love weeh you and y and realize what the qualities areou attracted to. is he going to get a big ego? >> exactly. i think we really wanted to make sure that i actually think, like, if we did our work in the
8:24 am
writing, they should seem like a couple that you're hoping would get and that i think is -- when you watch the movie, as bizarit as seems we would be together. it's we should be together. that's what we were trying to do. doesn't seem like we are nearly as mismatched as you would assume, i think. >> it's called "the long shot." i assums it' the bid to be president, and a couple. have you ever had a long shot ing where you thought, you know, this didn't seem like it would work out but it did? nk can you thi of your own personal long shot? b for me for sure it was leaving home at 16. you know, leaving south africa and not having an idea of what i was going to do or if i was ever going to be able to do what i thought i would like to do. when i think back on that now,
8:25 am
i -- yeah. that was somewhataive and crazy. but i'm so grateful that it happened. but it could have gone so wrong. >> sometimes i think about this. i think the things i did back then, the risks i took, i would never have the guts now to do them. i'm so glad i was kind of young and dumb and went for it. >> exactly. >> what about you, sed? > . >> i dropped out of high school. i was going to fail anyway, so that wasn't that bold a decision. and i moved to l.a. when i was 17.also, or and i think when -- yeah. like, there wasn't a long line of, like, canadian jewy chubby comedians out there. so i guess that was of a long shot ultimately. i think it worked. yeah, i'm glad i did it. ultimately, yeah. you know, take -- bet on yourself, people. >> yeah. >> yeah. how's that for a moral? >> i like it. >> i hate this angle you're
8:26 am
using of the back of my head. go back to the shot over my shoulder. yes, that's thperfect. 's great. >> you like that? oh. nobody would ever notice that. >> it's everyone's dream angle, yeah. seth rogan. all right. good morning, everybody. it's 8:26 n right on this tuesday, april 30th. i'm aaron gilchrist. right now let's check on the morning commute with melissa mollet. >> innerp l braddock a crash. as we zoom over to the adistric, ouple of things. westbound pennsylvania at branch here, crash in the right lane in southeast. alsohe soutt, southern avenue between central avenue and benning road. work zone there right now. we doee have some scheduled str closures. >> all right. than gyou. we willet a check on your forecast when we come back. stay with us.
8:27 am
8:28 am
good tuesday morning. sun is breaking through. filtered sunshine at least forn w anyway. we are at 60 degrees currently. 58 fredricksburg.55 in frederick, maryland. then yr planner today, partly to at timesostly cloudy sky. noticeably warmer than yesterday. most areas will be in the upper 70s to near 80 today. there is a slight chance forow or thunderstorm in the evening hours. today mostly cloudy and cooler once again with highs in the low 70s.
8:29 am
use your nbc washington app and follow me on social media to stay ahead of the weather. >> thank you, chuck. get the latestea news and wer any time in the nbc washington app.
8:30 am
8:30 on a tuesday morning. it is april 30th, 2019. the rolling spring break, that crowd may be over. but we still have a pretty rg la energetic crowd. and look at this little guy. how about that? six mond?s ol what's her name, excuse me. >> miller kate. >> thanks for coming. >> i love her little knit crown. >> you know what? that was a little preview because i was looking for a jenna in the audience. is that your name? >> that's me. >> is your daughter miller? >> what are the chances? >> you just found our crowd >> it's the cutest baby on the
8:31 am
plaza. >> so is miller a "today" show fan? >> she is. >> or a pacifier fan? >> both. >> you crocheted this? >> i did. >>our first try? >> it took an embarrassingly long time. >> miller, do you have anything to say? >> she took the binky >>out. is the is s cute. thank you for coming down. >> they do make those shirts in the nbc store so you didn't have to go through all the work. this.t like >> crochet is great. happy birthday, miller. six months. >> did you crochet the crown too? >> you got a quote from her. >> happy birthday? oh, no. >> ihe love she's so cute. coming up, if you're still searching for the perfect mother's day present, we're going to reveal a hot list of ideas selected b our friends at and we've got more of our best of broadway week. t this morning show that won the first-ever tony for best
8:32 am
musical back in 1949. these guys look amazing. really, it's incredible. it's "kiss me kate." we're thrilled to have kelli o'hara here along with the cast ready to perform live. and speaking of broadway, just ahead on the third hour of "today," al gets a special tour of a must-see attraction for hamilton fans from lin-manuel miranda. >> did hee wonder how wwere doing? >> oh absolutely, he did. it was great. he just kept askingbo a you all. >> that is so cool. >> but that's all coming up on the third hour of "today." plus we've got our buddy up where we're driving. >> al loses his mind. >> just going to y. it's an insult to little girls. craig squeals like a little girl. > you would squeal, too, if al roker decides to do 75 miles an hour in a parking lot. more on that in just a bit. but before all of that- >> let's show you what's happening as far as your weather. >> you're getting some help
8:33 am
there? >> what'd you say? craig's a baby? yes. >> oh. >> let's show you what's going on for today. very warhe down in southeast. we are looking for severe storms in the mid-section of the country. snowy weather through the rockies. then tomorrow, those severe storms stay where they are.nd cool a wet in the northeast. sunshine along the west coast. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> there's no crying in fonecasting. sunss starting to break out a little bit. temperatures will be warmer today than -- higher today than they were yesterday as warmer r moves in. we're in the upper 50s to around 60 now. it will be a partly to mostly cloudy afternoon. there's a chance sf aay shower or thunderstorm or two later on in the day today. keep that in mind. otherwise the next ten days are cooler tomorrow then a preview of early summer coming up on thursday. >> like to leave my audiees
8:34 am
smiling. she's so beautiful. nice to see you, m.k. all right. let's head back inside. >> thank you. coming up, we're going to talk to a best selling author about some hardt things t can deepen your relationships. you have great advice. one thing i'm going to start today. kelly corgan joins us next. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:35 am
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comcast business. beyond fast. we're back with $1 we're back with the million-dollar question. what are the hdest and most powe another? > this launched a spirited debate at the dinner table of kelly corgan and inspired her new book. it's called "tell memore" about the essential phrases that turn the wheel of life. she's here to tell us how they .an change our relationships for the better you've already got us talking and thinking this morning. tell us about this dinner table conversation that hatched this book. >> yeah. well, you know, i did treatment for a couple years for cancer in
8:37 am
my 30s. and right after i got better, my friend got very sick. and she didn't get better. when you watch somebody go through that, when you watch somebody fight so hard to be here every day, it makes you wonder. like, do i deserve to be here? do i deserve my life? and it also makes it crystal clear that there's only one thing that matters. which is your relationship with other people. so if that's true which, of course, it weis. know that. then what do we have to be able to say to each other to be in relationships. what are the hardest words that able so much and relationship. >> so our favorite advice is also the cover of your book. the title. which is tell me more. you know, so many times we want to fix things. but you say that listening, people jt wand to feel heard. >> so i was sort ofog reczing in myself this game show tendency where somebody would come to me with a problem. a kid or my husband would have a
8:38 am
bad day and i'd want to buzz in with, i can fix that problem. that's not really what they're coming to you they're cg to be heard. and to be understood. and it's -- i think there's, like, conviction addictions. i think it's so satisfying to be sure. but it's also not really that true very often. >> the book is full of stories that el strait these points. we talked about getting a facial and it was this facialist who taught you about this because she heard you. >> she was getting to that part at the end where she wants to tell me what to buy to fix this whole >> doesn't n fixing. >> i said before you go -- she said tell me. i said i'm not super great with healthy habits. i don't exercise which mea i don't really sweat which means i don't reashy er. and i'm sort of cheap. so,like, i use my husband's head and shoulders and bar of old spice on my shed go on, what else. i said well, my forehead is
8:39 am
making me crazy. it's like an eight lane highway. she said you know what you need? bangs. and i was like, that's -- that person understands me. i feel totallyheard. >> she really drew you out. >> and these three words can be taed with parenting too. which we've been lking about this morning. >> we want to put it into practice right now. >> and at work and in management. great salespeople use tell me more, what else, go on. i >>on't want to run out of time and not get to the next two. the next phrase people find hard to say, i don't know. but that is really powerful for human connection. >> it is. and also a huge part of growing upccsting how much of life is unknowable. why didn't i make the team. why d the guy break up with me. why was my friend unable t a baby wheneople get pregnant by accident every day? why is monogamy hard for some people? what causes depression? these things are hard to know. and it's essential to us to
8:40 am
develop some kind of tolerance for uncertainty so we can be in our lives as they are instead of always kind of going w to warith reality. and i just think about presidential electionst and wha a thrill it s would be ifomeone were to pummel a candidate with something like what are you going to do about yemen and they say i don't know yet. i'd like to study it and bring this group of people together. i'd like to read reports and come up with aew point of vi i would follow that person anywhere. >> that's good advice. i hope somebody is listening. the nt three words that are really hard to say are i was wrong. and you have a beautiful story grandma.ok about your >> so i was 24-year-old who's, like, hell bent on being a good person. ias w reading seven habits of highly effective people and i had a personal mission statemt. ld i was committed intellectually toing a good life and being aood person. i also at the same time lived
8:41 am
ten minutes from my grandmother who is my dad's mom. who i loved beyond measure. i went to see her once in two years. and when she died, my dad said you should have gone to see your grandmother more. and i remember being so flooded with rret and shame and saying i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry. and he had to go. i had to plan a funeral and reception. at the end of that long week i said, i was wrong. i was wrd g. i shoulve tried to do something to make her final days better. and he just hugged me and said, i'm so happy that you understand. it's important to understand. that's why i think i was wrong is so powerful. what you're sort of saying is i agree with your world view. i sort of agree with your definition of right and wrong. >> people are so afraid to say those words. you also -- you also say there's
8:42 am
a difference between i was wrong and i am sorry. people will think that's synonymous. >> i don't. >> you say there's a distinction there. >> i'm sorry is so overused and so poorly used and so often used by you. i'm sorry you feel thatway. or but. which is never the way the sentence should go. m there's not asuch humility baked in. i'm sorry to me means i want this to be over. i want the uncomfortable feelings to be ove f ast as possible. whereas i'm wrong means i've sat with this. i evaluated it, and i agreeu. wh yo i was wrong. >> we need more time for coffee. >> w do. this book is packed with wisdom and touching stories. thank you so much. d do want to mention you talked about your frieniz who is the heartbeat of this story. she passed away. this book is dedicated to her. one of the chapters isg a movin letter to her on the strength of family and their new life now. it's a beautiful tribute. we have an excerpt from that on
8:43 am kelly, thank you. >> and i'll see y guys on tour. i'll be out. >> good. we will send it over to craig. >> thank you. just ahead, the "today" hot list. one stop shopping for all of your mother's day gifts. but first this is "today on nbc.
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a friendly reminder, mother's day around the corner. if you mother's day jt around the corner. if you're struggling to find the perfect ft, the edito have got you covered. th hot list. it features the best products from all over the internet. nina is here with some of the highlights. some of these, really cool. >> yeah. >> let's start with this one. >> all right so -- >> i love the vanna white approach too. >> a lot of the moms -- we surveyed all the moms with know. we talked to industry experts.t it's aimple journal.
8:46 am
it does five years. so basically you have this for five years. it's a good gift for a new mom. you only have to wri sentence a day and it prompts you with an easy question. you just jot down one sentence a day. then you have a memory book. >> how much? >> this one is about -- >> like $13? >> like $12.97. >> hot list item number two. >> ki loi love these. >> pop up cards. >> they're like work of art. they're $13. so it's a nice price point for a card, might be pricey. but it's somethingt tha lasts for a long time. you can zbdisplay it in your ho. write a nice message inside. and they make cards for everything. >> they have cool personalized options. >> all right. number three. i love e.thes >> we were talking about this before the segmen i like them. they're pricey. >> i love them. but they're -- this is like the to mug you'll ever have
8:47 am
buy. it's $36 but they're hand made. and they honestly sell out in minutes. handmade mugs. they're lovely. >> that's more special. a lot of celebs are wearing these. >> theseau are a be bar ring. this is this affordable jewelry line. they came out with this ring and it sold out in three days. like ad a waiting list of 10,000 people. so they've come back with new options. they have little skinny ones. they'recktaabnd le a tldiffer lente colors. and these start i think at $44. >> i think this is my favorite. i think this is it. yes. >> this is called the love box. send this to someone -- this is
8:48 am
good for a grandmother, somebody who isn't tech savvy. you set up this box and send it a message from your phone. you ca sync it to the same. send your grandma the same thing. it's spinning which means i left you a message. >> so i take the top off. it says happy mother's day. >> that's cool. and my kids wouldet into that. how much is this one? >> so this is $100. but it's anique gift and you could split it with a bunch of people. >> next one? >> these i love. this is a big trend for moms. this is personalized jewelry. they love their kids' names. we have, you know, we'll send this one to hoda. hailey and hope. we have cybil for you. >> that's nice. >> there's a wide variety. i would imagine you got to get ont now. you'll want to get moving. all right. popular.e very, very we heard these from so many moms
8:49 am
we talked to. they're super comfortable. meghan markle has been spotted wearing things. >> oh, a princess. >> and tcolors.ehi they'rade from recycled water bottles. >> another wick one fas. >> this a super popular carryon. >> i like that material. >> it's really nice. it's thedagne dover carryall. you can't go anywhere in new york without seeing that. this is $135 but they come in a lot of sizes and colors. it's a special weekend bag. >> okay. thank you. and thank you for helping me start my mother's day shopping as well. to find out more about all of these products, coming up, a peromrmance frhe cast of "kiss me kate." but first this is "today" on nbc. ednot all water is creatqual
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only one billionth of one per cent is filtered naturally beneath e earth, and emerges crisp and reeshing enough deer park® 100% natural spring water. born better®. >> announcer: the citi concert series on " > theto citi concerteries is proud by presented to you by
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citi. >> this morning on our best of broadway series, "kiss me kate" it's a story of a cast putting together a musical version of "the taming of the shrew." there is conflict on and off stage between the director, producer, and star and the leading lady, his ex-wife played by this woman right here. kelli o'hara. good morning. >> good morning. nice to see you. >> this is such an iconic show. kiss me kate was just nominated for a tonyor f best revival on broadway. and you, miss o'hara was just nominated for best lead actress. congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> how does it feel? this is your seventh nomination. you've been here a time or two. >> it neverets old. >> you love them all equally, right? >> equally. >> this is such a legendary production. what's it been like to bring it back? >> we pay homage to that beautiful score.
8:53 am
that great book. but we've made some changes. you do revivals so you can make them for today. >> the nominations are pouring in. i just heardt bes choreography. you guys perform. we'll keep collecting nominations nd report back at the end. what song now? >> too darn hot.u' yo never see anything like it. >> take it away and congratulations. ♪ ♪ it's too darn hot ♪ it's too darn hot ♪ i'd like to stop with my baby night ♪ ♪ and play the pop with my baby tonight ♪ ♪ i'd like to stop for my aby tonight ♪ ♪ and blow my top with the baby ♪ because it's too darn hot ♪oh, man it's hot
8:54 am
♪ ♪ ♪
8:55 am
>> i seeladies! ♪ let's go! ♪
8:56 am
♪ ♪ man, it's hot ♪ 8:56 is your time now on this tuesday, april 30th, or201. goodng to you. i'm eun yang. right now we want to check on your morning cmute with melissa mollet. >> good morning. springfield inner loop of the beltway, middle of the road blocked with a crash at braddock. sterling, westbound toll road
8:57 am
e ramp to northbound is blocked. in the district, one thing. north capitol both ways at p street. ashing traffic lights. and everly, lane blocked. >> all right. thank you. we'll take a break now. we'll check you forecast when we come back.
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning, everybody. a milder day today than yesterday. temperatures already in the upper 50s to around 60. headed up close to 8 degrees today. slight chance of a few showers the next couple days. much higher rain chances as we get to friday and the weekend. >> all right, chuck, thank you. get the latest news and weather any time in the nbc washington app. have a great day.
9:00 am
rockefeller plaza this is the third hour of "today." >> good tuesday morning. welcome to the thirdour of "today." craig here alongside al, sheinelle, dylan dreyer. good to have you. >> i get the last name? >> yeah, you li that? rnl. >> a big loss for hollywood, a big loss for just the culture in general. groundbreaking director john singleton died yesterday, just 51 years old. he suffered a massive stroke a couple of weeks ago. in 1991, his debut film right out of the box "boyz n the hood" immediately put a stamp on the film industry, set in south central


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