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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 30, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> how a former local leader hopes his wife's alzheimer's story will inspire others. >> announcer: ns 4 at 6:00 begins with breaking news. first at 6:00, relieved parents hugging their children after an hour's long ordeal at a northern. virginia high school >> this was the tense and uncertain scene today. hilton high in woodbridge on lockdown after a gun was inside a classroom. prince william county police tell us the student who brought it accidentallyt fired i while showing it off. >> nobody was injured, but initially the gun could not be found. julie carey is at the school. julie, anxious parents were upset abouton the informatihey were getting, weren't they? >> reporter: it has been a very difficult dayere. i can tell you the last school bus just rolled out of this parking lot taking fearful h studentse and there are still some joyful reunions going
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on in the parking lot a stu students come out to their parents. it has been a day of great anxiety and a day of a lot of confusion. was just about an hour ago when the lockdown was lifted and students were finally allowed to start leaving school. they're joining their worried parents who have been waiting r hours in the parking lot. their fears finally relieved when the chief came out around 5:00 to tell them that the gu e gun that had discharged in a classroom around noon, had finally been locat >> the news is we have the firearm, a firearm. >> where was the gun >>found? t was found in a classroom. >> wherein that classroom? was it concealed? >> i need to learn more about that and i will share that with you. >> now, at an early news conference, about 30 minutre befothat, parent pressed the chief with questions when they found out for the first time that gun was still missing. uey had beener the
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impression all along it had been recovered hours earlier. here's what we learned about what happened as the afternoon went on. a student reportedly displayed a gun in t art classroom around noon today. it discharged. we don't know whether that firing was accidental or intentional. sthoents tell us the boy w had the gun said it was a balloon that went off as a cover story, but the teacher later discovered damage on a trash can and in the ceiling and that is when school officials were notified and the lockdown began. now, the student was detained and that's when the search for the gun began. it was finhaly found, t gun, some five hours later. here's what one mom told us after she'd learned that that h lockdo been lifted and her daughter would be on the way out soon. >> this is my worst nightmare. my senior has four weeks to go. i thought we were going to make it, and we have, yu bibut it's
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nerve w nerve-racking. i couldn't reach myghter. the information coming out has been confusing. >> again, parents angered that the information that they were given by the school initially wasn't correct and that it h to be updated and corrected as the afternoon went on. as for that student who had the gun, as i said, he's been detained. we do know his name, but obviously because he's a juvenile we are not identifying him. prince william county police say he will be facing charges. jim and doreen, back to you in the studio. >> upsetting day for the students and for the parents. thank you for that update and for your reporting on this story all afternoon. we'll stay on top of this story through the nightnd we'll bring you updates here on news 4 and on our nbc 4 washington app. we'reit ming a cries in venezuela today. john guaido issued his strongest call yet forescregime change.
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he urged citizens to launch the final phase of opposition to the government of nicolas maduro. there appearso be only limited support from military defectors. today we saw a national guard vehicle plow into demonstrators backing guaido. he is calling for a massive march tomorrow. the u.s. and dozens of other countries recognize guaido as venezuela's interim president trump tweeted his support for the rebellion he u.s. in his words stands with the people of t venezuela andir freedom. democratic leaders went to the white house today for a reeting that appeared to be better than thei last couple of meetings back in december. you'll remember that dramatic scene when house speaker nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer got the president to take ownership of the impending shutdown. there were no cameras in today's meeting. it was a about infrastructure, but both t sides sayy're pleased with the outcome.
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blne alexander is at the white house with details. doreen, i certainly remember three months ago schumer and pelosi werehiere at the w house. that was right in the midst of the longest government shutdown in history. tesident trump reportedly even walked out oft meeting. step forward from them until toda a very different tone. in fact, the white house describes this meeting as excellent and productive. washington's two top democrats, house spoker nancy peloeaker na chuck schumer leaving with a potential deal. >> we're very exc conversation we had with the president. >> a broad agreement on infrastructure. t llion to focus on things like roads, bridges, and broad band internet expansion. >> it's clear the white house and all of us want to get something done on inf astructure in big and bold way. there was good will in this meeting. that was different than some of the other meetings that we've had. >> meetingike this one last winter over the president's border wall. >> i wiln shut dow the
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government. absolutely. >> right before the longest government shutdown in history. hanging over today's talks, the growing battle between the president and house democrats who are ramping up their investigation. but during the meeting ->> e didn't bring it up. >> why we may have our difficulties in other areas, but we cannot -- we cannot ignore the needs of the american people. >> outside of the meetin that good will gone. the president and his family suing deutsch bank and capital one to block them from complying with house democrat sfopoenas financial records. >> they harass me, they harass tiffany, they go after my father. >> saying democrats are just fishing for political amne asmunition. >> he obviously h something to hide. he is obviously afraid that we are going to learn more. >> saying they're ready to fight tooth and nail for those records. >> yesterday's big story was all
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about the battle between attorney general william barr and democrats on the house judiciary committee trying to iron out the details of his testimony, and what's the latest on that? >> doreen, that hear suggest still on the schedule and br is sti scheduled to appear starting at 9:00 a.m. on thursday. the chairman had made it clear if barroes not appea he will issue a subpoena. then again that will not have much power we will see barr before the senate judiciary committee starting at 10:00 >> blaynexander reporting. thank you, blayne. a local family said they are living in fear. they're too afraid to even walk past the windows in theirome after someone fired a shot here etinside. bull shattered a window, created a hole here in the wall of their house on t street in d.c.east the family tells news 4 meagan fitzgerald this isn't the first time they've felt threatened i their home. >> it just couldn' believe it.
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i really couldn't believe it. >> mikaya is still in shock after what happened two weeks ago when she was home with her year-old daughter, her young son and boyfriend. >> it is very sad that, you know, you can't have peace of mind. >> we're concealing her identity because she fears for her family safety,ut she vividly remembers the night of 19th. >> i just got off from my part-time job. trying to get some rest. i just laid on the couch and looked at my daughter. >> on april 19th she was singing songs tor-erd daughter before she fell asleep. ments later her boyfriend started yelling. >> he's, like, shots fired, shots fired. we're crawling to safety in the back of thisch cou here. >> several bullets were fired. one shattered her window. another gliding tough her wall, terrifying herfamily. glass in my eye. my eye was burning. i was on the ground.
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i was cry ig. what ifould have died? what if myou daughter w have died? >> reporter: it's a question that still haunts her. she says a month earlier a brick was thrown through her window. she filed police departments and officers are investigating both cases. right now she says she's trying to save enough money to she and her family can locate. >> it's not safe. i want to move. i'mrying to get them to move. >> reporter: until then she's hoping the suspect will leave them alone. meagan fitzgerald, news 4. loudon county high school teacher is under arrest tonight accused of hing inappropriate communications with her students. allison briel is a marketing teacher at loudon county hh .ho .ol sshe'ee leesburg detectives tell us that she had inappropriate communications with students there. briel is charged with three count this evening.
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she was being held at the loudon county adult detention center on 2,5 $2,500 bond. our weather forecast now, much warmer day out there today coed to yesterday, but don't get used to the heat. >> it was cooking today, but we need a little relief slready. it'sll april, doug, and we're asking for it. >> it's amazing how manyve peop ha come in and said it'sli a le too hot today. too hot, too cool. what's just right? tomorrow is going to be cooler. a igrow might be a just o thyis. orthis i fs interesting. 85 richmond. 57 pittsburgh. closeo a 30 degree temperature difference. that's wa we're goihat we're go during the day tomorrow. we've got showers trying toove into the northern part of our area. heads up around hagerstown, but rather unsettled pattern as we move through the rest of the weekend. nums numerous chances for showers. i'll up date you what to look for tomorrow and the rest of the weekend.
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i've got it all for you. it's going to be perfect. i promise. >> all right, doug. thank you . d.c. leaders have a plan to crack down. the feds have pounced on dozens of cases. >> dozens of d.c. cases. in a public records request, we found out n only have the feds taken over prosecution of a bunch of d.c. gun crimes, the number ose federal procutions of d.c. gun crimes has tripled from this time last year. about 60 such cases already this calendar year. this includes a long line of cases of ex-felons caught carrying guns inside the d.c. line. the u.s. attorneys prosecutors take these cases to federal court. it allows the fbi and the u.s. marshals to help d.c. police with their investigation. >> we would really like to have a better understanding of where guns are coming from into the district. there are no guns that are manufactured in the district. they're all coming fromme
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soere else. we want to understand the path by which they get into the district and figure t out how stop that. >> there arenc criticsluding the aclu. this plan undercuts d.c.'s effort for statehood and full voting rights by handing over to the government. in the newsroom,'m scott macfarlane. doreen, back to you. >> scott, thank you. an area that's popular with oggers and nature lovers has turned into a crime scene. >> when we come right back at 6:00 how the fbi is now getting involved in a mysterious murder on theanks of the potomac. >> then then of an era. providence hospital is closing its. doo news 4 pat collins takes a unique look back at what it meant to our city and to his family personally. first a high profile local family shares its struggle with alzheimer's. alzheimer's.
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my name is frank and the little thing like about the grilled chicken sandwich is the first bite. i love how juicy the chicken is but there's also the tomatoes and the lettuce and it's incredible. make sure you get it with waffle fries, an area popular with nature plvers. for all the p who use the trails at chain bridge, d.c. police say gangs may be lurking in the woods not far from that bridge. mark segraves say police discovered new evidence today as they investigate a body found there over the weekend. >> reporter: they continue to fish here along the potomac river just steps away from where a fisherman made the discovery of a mutilated body near this tree. not far from here, evidence that
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this area may be a place frequented by ms 13 members. >> today this area is the focof the investigation. >> not far from the murder scene, but deeper in the woods here along theotomac river, we came along a trail marked wit blue and white bags. the colors of ms 13. the trail of blue and white bags leads to this encve in the woods also surrounded by blue and white bags tied into the trees. blue and white, the colors of the ms 13 gang. since the body was discovered on saturday, yellow crime tape has marked off aar l area near chain bridge, an area popular with nature lovers who are unsettled to learn that ms 13 might be agt tictive. >> it's a lite scary. we came out here thinking it would be a good day and not a lot of people. >> reporter: we c tell you a spokesperson for the fbi told me that fbi agents are
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communicating with d.c. police abou thisenvgaotes i.tition act the d.c. police, but in fact now fbi agents areomnicating with d.c. police sharing information as they assess thend situation a the possibility that ms 13 is located in the woods here. that's the very latest. back to you. >>aking this all very seriously as they should. mark, thank you. maryland governor larry hogan signed 174 bills into law, but one has a particular residence for a local it's called stacey's law. you may be familiar with it. stacey was from bowie. she was only7 when sheas killed in a murder for hire scheme. that was back in 2005. her parents were shocked to learn thatit solion of murder carried minimal jail time because it was classified as a misdemeanor level offense. they fought for years to change that and news 4 darcy spenacer
6:18 pm
helped raise awareness and she was invited to the bill signing today. with the governor's signature, stacey's law bece a reality today and anyone who solicits a murder can now be charged with murder. we hearum the nrs and they're frightening. there are more than 5 millions americanving with alzheimer's and other devastating dementia diseases across the country right now and that number is expected to grow to 14 million of us over the next 30 years. >> former prince george's county ecutive rushern baker wants to do more than slow that rate down. he wants to cancel it out. that's whysh he's pug hard now for a cure. he has a reason. his wife krista is one of those 5 million plus americans with alzheimer's. barbara harrison has her story. >> krista beverly was a beautil baby, a beaming little sister who grew up to be the brain between two brawny a also brilliant brothers.
6:19 pm
and then the bride. after college and law school together, a young man who captured her heart. rushern baker. he remembers she was beautiful and very bright. >> she was really smart, really smart. and just a great personality. >> but they didn't begin dating until law school. >> we started dating. she was the most dominant force in my life. >> while both launched demanding careers as attorneys, she on capitol hill, he eventually running for elected office, serving two terms as county executive in prince george's county, krista was always standing with him. until she couldn't. today they are still side by side. that's where i found them recently. >> oh, a smile. >> his beautif h bride been nearly silenced by alzheimer's. >> well, hello there. >> oh my god. >> krista bder showe us in that brief moment with an almost inaudible attempt to respond
6:20 pm
that she is still there inside what can seem sometimes an empty shell. devoid of the vibrant life it once embodied. >> thank you for saying hello to me. it's so great to see you. you have a wonderful smile.f >> two o their children were there. and having been raised along with their ster by very attentive mother, they're always eager to be there for her in any way they can. ewughter asia recalls having noticed a f years ago some changes in her mom' personality. but couldn't figure out why she seemed off her game. >> at least for me, and i know my sister and brother, it was kind of frustrating. why aren't you doing everything like you normally are doing? we couldn't really see what was really goi. >> i was kind of, like, something's off with mom. i thought maybe she was depressed. >> maybe he wasn't completely wrong. perhaps depression comes when words no longer can. what was really ioing onnside
6:21 pm
krista's brain that she couldn't express? their dad'sast inauguration day left him wondering. >> we were doing the prayer just before the inauguration and right on cue, right when they said bow your head, she leaned over and put her head on my shoulder. and grabbed my hand and let me know, everything would be all right, but two, she's right there and understanding it all. >> rushern baker made the decision not to hide his wife's alzheimer's hoping it will help educate other families, encouraging participation in research and treatments that will eventually lead to a cure. >> so many people who i would see daily in their county jobs came up to me and said you know whfo? thank you r coming out, mr. baker. let me tell you abouty story. >> and rushern baker says he's working to p makerince george's ounty more friendly for families who struggle with dementia and alzheimer's.
6:22 pm
he's hard at work for severalma r fundraising programs, including the brain ball, so this friday night here in d.c. you can get more information about theal brain band how y can contribute on our nbc washington app. rf >> what wonde children they raised. it's so nice to see that they are with him in the car giving journey. >> they are so proud of her and they are with her and love taking her out. >> god bless tt whole family for sharing their willingness to share that story. it means a lot to ahole lot of people. >> barbara, thanks so much. we're just getting started. when we come back,he president's next pick for the federal reserve catching more heat today. what he said about men and money that is generating a whole lot of questions. storm team 4 tracking the storms.for doug is back to
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yesterday we were cold. today it's hello summertime. >> about average for this kind of year. could be drizzle tomorrow morning. mer t now typical s weather. your temperatures in the 80s and storms out there right now. let's take a look. show you what's happening. you see the cloud cover that moved in. 79 degrees. nice and warm. winds out of the sou m 5iles an hour. temperatures got to 83 earlier. 20 degrees higher today than it wasokesterday. lohat we've got. we've got storms coming in. nothing around the d.c. metroea ar look at these storms. not a lot of lightning with these just yet. very heavy rainfall right now around hagerstown. right down 81 towards
6:26 pm
martinsburg. this is all a system that's making its way in. ki was loo like most of this would stay to the north. watch how allhese formed as this is moving into the warmer air. this tends to happen these type of systems. these are all going tot come righn through the region. down towards leesburg. most likely around 7:00, 7:15,7 . we'll continue to watch that little area of rain for you. that's one little system that's moving along. more weather back to the west and we're talki rather unsettled conditions. tomorrow it's all about the temperatures. take a look at these numbers early tomorrow morning. we'r only going to be i the 50s and low 60s. we're not going to break out early tomorrow. by 1:00 we're still t only in 60s. the warm front does come up. i think do we hit theow 70s. going for a high temperature of 71. back to 89 on thursday. best chae of rainomes on friday. ut we could see a shower any
6:27 pm
day. friday a good chance of showers and maybe a strong storm or two. >> doug, thank you. some breaking news if you were just joining us. a gunfir fired inside a norther virginia cssroom. whytudents were kept ondo lockwn so far. new research you'll want to hear before you reach for a popular energy drink. a hrcut and blood pressure screening. coming up, three tips the
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> we continue to follow the breaking news. >> parents and their students have been reunited after some very anxious moments.
6:30 pm
a gun was accidentally fired in a classroom just afternoon. no one was injured. that student who brought the gun to school was taken into custody, but for hourss officer couldn't find the weapon. the school was on lockdown until late this afternoon. now police are try to figure out how that gun was btought inhe school in the first place. >> there's a dramatic escalation in the crisis in venezuela. the opposition leader took a bold step and called for a military uprising to remove nicolas maduro from power. it drew quick support from president trump's administration. new at 6:00, american f university'sirst african-american student body president is suing the founder of a neonazi website. suing for almost $2 million. back in may of 2017, you'll remember someone hung bananas with hateful messages on campus
6:31 pm
after she became the student government president. well, anglynn posted an article about the incident linking her facebook page and the american universi's student government twitter page. she says it caused her severe mental and phy tcaluma leaving herea fng for her safety. steven moore is a conservative economic commentator and the next pick for the board. in a column in the national review, moore appeared to worry about a society in which women earn more thanen. today on cnbc he said he supports equal pay, but he sees declining male earnings as a major problem for the economy. >> the biggest problem i see in the economy over the last 25 years is what has happened to male earnings. for black males and white males as well. they've been declining. thatnks i thi a big problem.
6:32 pm
look, i want everybody's wages to rise, of course. but people arealking about women's earnings. they've risen. the problem actually has been the steady decline in male earnings and i think we should pay attention to that because i think that haser v negative consequences for the economy and for society. >> the fact is in the past 25 years, wages have risen for both men and women. although the increase has been larger in women's pay, a little larger. since 2010 women's median weekly earnings have gone up 3.9%. men's pay has risen about 2.1% in that same time period. the gender pay gap is in the range 80 % meaning a woman is paid about 80 cents for every dollar being paid to aan. stephen moore has not officially been dominated. white house officials are continuing to vet his background. we are worng for your health tonight. more americans are picking up
6:33 pm
those caffeinated drinks. americans of all ages are drinking mor and more energy drinks. they're high in caffeine and sugar. caffeine is linked to an increased risk for depression and high blood pressure. sugar can increase the risk for obesity, type two diabetes and of course tooth decay. the world is mourning the passing of movie director john singleton. >> health advocates are hopeful that his death will help shine a lightn a silent killer. singleton suffered from hypertension or high blood re pressu the afric -american community is disproportionately affected by this position. >> nicole jacob shows us how local advocates are trying to reach patients in d.c. >>arbershops aren't typically places where you would go foral heth screenings.bu
6:34 pm
t in the african-americamm counity, which is plagued by high rates of hypertension, anyplace is a good one. and sadly, the death o m hollywooie director john singleton has brought the importance of stroke prevention to the forefront. >> we have to give attention to lifestyle. we have to give more attention to what we eat, to our exercise, our lack o exercise. we also have to deal with this thing called stress. >> dr. theodore watt since says he needs to make the black community of how acceptable they are to hypertension. >> doing nothing is not a hyper treatment plan. >> in the mid frt st of barbers cl away, d.c. health link finds it a perfect opportunity to do blood pressure screenings. because really every minute counts when it comes to your health. d.c. help link islt making hea insurance feasible and
6:35 pm
preventative care doable. >> they have these free preventative benefits, free meaning no co-insurance. >> i'm hopeful that his unfortunate and timely passing will shed light on tengs l hypertension and how to prevent strokes. >> especially in the african-american community where the numbers are so disproportionately present. in northwest d.c., nicole j jacobs, news 4. our coverage continues on numbe nightly news. jeff bennett will look at why high blood pressur is so common among black men. a local hospital closes today after serving our community for more than a our pat collins shares what this final chapter means to him. >> and today's heat and humidity driving up chances for pop-up
6:36 pm
storms. doug is back to time out when theyld cou hit. plus since 1950 our area has seen fourd ef 4 ratetornadoes, the most memorable and most recent happening back in 2002. the national weather service says we are overdue for a stronger tornado. i'm going to have more on
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
we've all seen thosey vanit license plates all across the area. people can get really creative with their five or six letters. sometimes they can get too creative. washingtonian magazine recently asked virginia to give them a listing of all the vanity plates that were rejected. they have a tough job catching things like profanity, violence and certain body parts people try to get away with. here are a few of the plates we can sou on this family show. maybe this person had a little too much to drink.
6:39 pm
bvthese two ously spent too much time in the bathroom. and how about this guy? maybe he spends too muime watching his dog go to the bathroom. in case you were wondering, there is an appeals process if your plate getsje reed, but ultimately the bmv can recall your plate even after it's made if they feel it's objectionable. >> now we'll be looking at those license plates more carefully while we're sitting itraffic. > now to a closer look at our spring storm forecast. >> you know we've already had a handful of tornado t warningss season. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia draper says we're bound to start seeing somemore, folks. >> we've already had a confirmed year.nado so far this here is a look at tornadoes by month by the years 2008 to 2017. during this time period, we haven't seen any tornadoes in the month of january. taside from thae've had at least a tornado in every other month. you see the two months hat
6:40 pm
really pop out at you. april and june. april having 46. and june having 45. here's the thing, though. in 2011, we had a tornado outbreak with more than 30 tornadoes. so if i take out that one event, you see the amount of tornadoes in april goes down to 14. so most often since 2008 our ndrnadoes in the region occur between april a the month of july. so we're going to have more warnings. what does that mean? have a plan in place. know where you're going to goou with yr family when you hear that tornadoni w. they're saying a severe thunderstorm warning in our area means that it includes the potential for a weak tornado. a severe thunderstorm warning could imply a low endcaornado beuse damage would be the same. that's why you want to go indoors when you hear that severe thunderstorm warning. tornadoea in our are can happen anywhere at any time. most often, though, between 2:00 and 8:00 p.m., the national weather service is saying we're overdue for a stronger tornadosi e the early 2000s, we've had
6:41 pm
no ef 3 or greater tornado impacting the region. >> you guys have done a great job lately warning us about t dangerous weather out therend describing the difference between the watch and the warning. keep up the good work. and letting us know. >> a warmer day out there, but doug sayson't expect temperatures like these two stick around. >> even though may is tomorrow. he's back with big change coming your way as soon as tomorr. providence hospital died today. for me it's personal. how personal?h how personal?h watcy ♪ here i go again omy own ly ♪ goin' down the oad i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a drifter i was-- ♪ born to walk alone! keep goin' man! you got it! if you ride, you get it.
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back with a look at current temperatures. our cityldest general hospital has officially shuttered the emergency services. >> the closure of providence hospital will mea a big gap for care in the eastern half of the district. >> last year m providence hade than 5,500 ambulatory surgeries, more than 42,000 emergency room visits and more than 4,900 inpatient admissions. >> pat collins joins us live in northeast d.ith a closer look at the end of this era. pat, for you this this kind of personal. >> real ose, jim. providence hospital died today. it was 158 years old. for met is personal. you see, i was born atov
6:45 pm
prence hospital. providence was the holdest general hospital in our city. it was first locat in an old gray mission like building at 2nd and d street, run by the daughters of charity. when they gathered together accident they looked like a gaggle of geese. their goal, to treat everyone, particularly the poor. providence hospital died today. for me, it's personal. my mom died in that hospital. she had breast cancer. in the end, she fell into a coma. i would visit her every day. it went on for eks, months, it seemed like forever. in 1956 providence moved to a new site in the brookly section of northeast. close to catholic university.
6:46 pm
for me it's personal. all four of my children were born in providence hospital. first patrick and then michael. i lost my daughter sally's baby picture. she's not hpy about that. but i did come up with this. my father was a doctor. he practiced medicine at providence hospital. i went to school in that building over thereft and school i'd walk down to the doctors lounge and wait around home.ride on st. patrick's day, he dressed me up as a leprechaun and take around to see all his patients. here i am with sister felicity. she'd hand out cakes and cookies. my father died at providence hospital. he was making rounds, seeing patits. he had a heart attack. he was admitted.
6:47 pm
in the night, a second attack took his life. providence hospital died today. for me, for me it's personal. jim, doreen, back to you. >> we thank y forharing those memories with us, pat. everybody feels like they know pat. we just got to know him ale w lot better. >> we sure did. >> you're sharing feelings that hundreds and hundreds of people have about providence hospital his what it has meant to community. it is a sad day to see these hospital closings. pat. you, let's turn to weather now. we are on a little bit of a temperature roller coaster thisk we right? >> yeah. temperatures today 83 degrees. pesterday being 62. a 21 degree temrature llfference. tomorrow it wie about 15 to 20 degree temperature difference the other way.
6:48 pm
thentu a 30 degree tempera difference the other way on thursday. we're talking the hottest day so far this year coming up on thursday. high temperature y, here they are. we actually hit 83. 81 in frederick. 83 down towards fredericksburg. very warm everywhere. right now we're currently siting a 79. cloud cover across the area. 78 by 7:00 dropping through the 70s into the 60s by around 11:00. could be some shower or thunderstorm activity around 8:00 or 9:00. if these can hold together, we can see wherey thee right up here. nothing else in our area. i've been watching this all day wondering how far south it would make it. it is coming very close to frederick. it's around the thurmont area. emmetsburg, over towards thurmont, right on down towards charlestown and martinsburg. this is fairly heavy r on through. you can see this is just a little wave that's riding along a little front here. that's going to continue to come
6:49 pm
through. when this allows is for it to meander back down. we have seen numerous tornadoes. the tornado outbreak going on ght now under parts of oklahoma, over towards parts of missouri, around the st. louis area as well. down towards dallas. big time storms that way as well. we'll stay unselgsed pretty much a all along that path. 57 in pittsburgh. you go this way, we're warm. you gore this way we' chilly. that's what we're going to be dealing with tomorrow. much cooler weather. you may actually wake up to clouds and drizzle early tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 50s to around 60. we're noto going warm all that much during the morning hours. it's going to be le that we get to 71. here's the thing again. baltimore and maybe around hagerstown, baltimoreld be 63 while fredericksburg is 83. not expecting too much there. look at thursday. 89 degrees.
6:50 pm
hot, a little bit more humid as well. definitely feeling much more on summer. 30% chance of showers and storms. fray is the best chance for some strong possibly severe storms on friday. if you have friday plans, youwa to make sure you're ready for storminess. 83 on saturday. chance of storms in the afternoon on saturday. they transition into early showers on sunday. notice the temperatures dropping. sunday will be mcooler,e clouds and shower activity early. monday, tuesday, wednesday actually looking pretty nice for the first few days here in may. chance of showers on thursday. chance of showers on friday of next week as wl. all inall, the battle of the seasons. right now it looks like summer tryingo win here. a little bit more in the way of 80. >> go, summer, go. >> you know he wants to say 90 for thursday. >> we can get there, man. coming up adnext, more b news for the nats as they looig to r the ship. dave is up next with sports.
6:51 pm
a look at whas next on n nightly news. we will tell you how the j death ofn singleton is shining a light on african-american and questions over a netfl show had anything to do with a spike in tn
6:52 pm
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z3qz z16fz y388qy y16fy
6:54 pm
an injury for the nats, not what we need. >> i'm just a laugh a minute today. hey, listen, the capital plays are done. the nationals are threeames below .500. their longest winning streak is two games. consistentlyst inconsient. that's hardly an today we find out anthony randon is on the injured list. yeah, he placed on the 10-day injured list after suffering
6:55 pm
elbow contusiy hit b a pitch. rend has been on fire batting .356, six homes are. had his 17 game hitting streak stat w hn he was by a pitch. his manager. ls-- knows he wants to be out there but it's ao important to get him healthy. >> he does not like being htst and he to play.e we really hav time to actually sayhey, untile's 100%, you know, we don't want t rush him and get him back let him be 100%. let him be ready to go so we have no further issues. he can ease his mind and see if we can calm him down and get ready to come back and play and help us win. >> get him healthy. one of the guys looking to step up, adam eaton. had an 11 game hitting streak. back on track against the
6:56 pm
cardinals. sten, he's been hitting .291 on the season. now as a new, look he's rocking the mustache. eaton not buying into the power of the stache. g >> everythin i do has no vibe or thoughtr even been here long enough to realize that. to me a couple more weeks realize nothing i do has any meaning. my wife said get rid of the beard. she wasn't very specoeic. >> d she like that better? >> no, she does not. she said she needs to be more specific next time. she learned her lesson. ho >> his wife is a tax attorney. cht rid of the mus the whole face has to come off. >> there's more going on there than just that. >> hey, the spring has been much better, though, for the redskins an their selection in the draft
6:57 pm
has been well received starting with their first pick quarterback dwayne haskins. for team president bruce allen, the difference for haskins will be the team support. >> we have a great system and a great environment to develop a quarterback. our offensive coordinator, our quarterback coach, our senior assistant all played quarterback in thefl. our head coach was a quarterback and of course we have doug williams in the building. we think we have the perfect environmento nurture a young ayer and don't forget the guy, the secret ingredient may be for patrick mahomes was alex smith. we're pleased to have alex and this group to help mentor the quarterback. >> af lot o guiood voices. it's not a stretch to say players is one of the who helped make the nfl what it today.
6:58 pm
he died yesterday and he was 92i world wa hero. hall of fame player in the baltimore colts. he was behind the geno's restaurantnd the giant hamburgers. he was a giant you should say on the defensive force for the colts in the '50s and '60s. once dubbed the greatest game ever.wa in 1972 h voted by the pro football hall of famer greatest defensive end in pro football history. he was a force in those glo years of the baltimore colts, but again, world war ii hero, involved in h community and very good football. >> what a large lifend a legacy. >> all right. thank you, dave. and we thank you for joining us. "nightly news" with lester holt starts in 60 seconds. >> we hope to see you for news 4 at 11:00. have a good evening.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
breaking news tonight. the uprising chaos. violent clashes erupt in venezuela, a country now on the brink. military humvees running over srotesters revolting on teets for their freedom. and stunning news. just moments ago, secretary of state mike pompeo telling me that maduro had a plane on the tarmac, ready to flee to cuba, but russia told him to stay. a major reat of tornadoes unfolding tonight, and twisters already on the ground. watches and warnings with millions on alt. al roker is here. a breaking verdict is ia lice officer accused of opening fire on a young bride-to-be who approached his car after calling 911 for help. a new faa alert about popular sleep meds like ambien.


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