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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 4, 2019 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> announcer: "news4 today" starts now. all new overnight, a plane carrying more than 140 people goes off the runway and into the water in florida. this morning, new details on the rescue effort. you first met him as high school football star. this morning he sits in jail. why nearly month after his girlfriend's death police are now calling him a killer. and drunk at school. police in loudoun county say they arrested a teacher in the middle of the day after smelling alcohol on his breath. this morning he joins seveocl other l teachers with a record. as we welcome you in on this saturday morning. the 4th of may, 2019. good morning to you. i'm david culver.
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appreciate you starting your day with us. friday showers moved out of the area. the thing is, another system could be moving on in and bring us severe weather to deal with today. storm team 4's clay aiken is with us in for lauryn ricketts. >> good morning. rain and thunder last night. looks like we'll do it all oer again not only today but actually sunday the soggier of the two days of the weekend. so you what's going on outside right now. yes, there will be a flash flood watch. a flash flood watch ton ht, and it covers everyone, everyone. from baltimore, washington, d.c., all across the shenandoah valley, talking fairfax county, down to prince williams coun stretches to interstate 81. the reason for that, heavy rain, one to three inching, starts at 8:00 p.m. until tomorrow
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morning. give you the details, count it down and give you a timeline as rain showers move through. the key, the more sunshine today, the more rain tonight into tomorrow. davi when i talk to you we'll give you the forecast and a preview of next week. back to you. i'm melissa mollet with a ok at your first 4 traffic and metro this morning. stations will be closed, and buses replaceth train e's. tell you what we're talking about. yellow line. huntington, kingston,dd brack road, won't stop at dca because of all the repairs happening. closed on the blue line, van dorn street for the weekend. red line, single tracking between medical center and grovener and you'll have your regular service silver, orange and green, see you monday morning for "news4 today." have a great weekend. at 6:02, following breaking news this saturday morning. this is out of the district. police say one person is dead
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over an overnight hit-and-run the search is on for the driver involved. officers called to southern avenue at stanley street arnd 11:00. on-scene, they found the victimd had di there. we'll find out how the crash happened. when we get the details we'll update you in the nbc washington app. all-new this morning, more than 20 people rushed to the hospital after a plane skidded off a runway and crashed into a river in florida. ithappened late last night in jacksonville. officials say a boeing 737 blane plane arriving from guantanamobey, cuba crashed. everyone survived. still no word what caused that jet to slip into the water. we first told you about a high school student down on his uck who had to stop playing football becau could not prove he lived in the school district.
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this morning, the story takes ar disturbing he is now charged with killing his girlfriend. we first7yx÷vv learnedhe this woman's death found dead in a home in fort washington. officials said she sh herself. an autopsy says that was not true. speaks was playing with a gun he got illegally when he accidentally shot her. he put the gun in her hand to make it look like a suicide. this morning he is held in jail without bond. also a frederick county man is in jail in the death of his girlfriend. heather williams was reported missing earlier in the week.on er mays she planned on breaking upth this man. they found her body and his mom told police he's a heroin addict and her daughter was taking him
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to a cnic to get methadone. authorities say he doved bo away after the killing. >> they ended up putting a ping on her phone and the phone was located inbaltimore in her car. >> then police go on to say meyers was in williams' car when arrested on traffic and drug charges. williams' mom said he threatener to killaughter if he broke up with him. if convicted meyers faces life in prison. and ten years in prison for his role in gang activity. this is a video of a mang wavin a machete in a parking lot in gaithersburg. the teen is a member of the notorious ms-13 gang. prosecutors say another man was involved and alreadyd. sentence new details in two major trafficking arrests of humans
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s.volving teenage terrell armstead used an instagram hashtag with messages. the so-called "dates" took place in cars that were around 11th and 12th street between k and n streets in northwest. adolice also me a second unrelated arrest on alleged human trafficker who charged young women $1,000 a day to be their so-called career manager. an update this morning. a d.c. catholic priest arrested for abuse. a priest at shrine of theacred heart in northw late last year was charged with child sexual abuse after three people accused him of abusing them asteens, but the statute of limitations had run out on two of the reported assaults. after the accusations came to light he was charged with two more crimes invo ming aor
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and a woman. according to our news partner, te will plead not guilty when arraigned may 24h. the washington archdiocese removed him from his position. to loudoun county, a special education teacher is facing charges after he showed up to school drunk. deputies arrested brian chamber of mill run elementary thursday. the sheriff says he had alcohol on his breath and they found vodka on him.s thi is not the first time this has happened in loudoun county. in april, 3,201 a middle school possession ged with of alcohol. a few months later a teacher arrived intoxicated and accused of drinking in the classoom. >> it' concerning. certainly concerning for us. i think it was really, the principal was on the ball, made sure he let us know right away. >> chambers became a special
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education teacher and this morning he is on administrative leave. coming up on 6:08 this morning. thinking of world war ii images like you see here came to mind. troops storming normandy that happenedearly 75 years ago. the boat that rode in, called "the higgins" boat. after andrew higgins. it's sitting outside the trade officer in alexandria. >> there were no other delivery mechanisms for troops and supplies to get to beaches. this particular boat did a really b at that, because it was able to deploy on to the beach in very, very shallow water. >> when you come a visit and stand on this thing and get a feel how tight that space was 35 imagine sharing that with other people who were all going into a battle, it really is very moing. >> andrew higgins was just
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inducted into the national inventors' hall of fame. the boat will be in alexandria through july including the 75 anniversary of d-day on june 6th. sti to come this morning, birth control, probably the last thing you would think of when it comes to fixing the rat problem in some d.c. neighborhoods, but that's exactly what they're doing. coming up, the news 4 i-team looking at an unualsu
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they're not hard to spot in some neighborhoods and alleys at night. talkingbout these guys right there. kind of cringe-worthy. talking about rats. the district's plied enty of ways to kill them and now are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on this whole new pr ch. birth control. investigative reporter jodie fleischer shows us why d.c. is willing to invest in this
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project. >> reporter: it's the ugly side of living in a bigcity. i pretty brazen. >> reporter: andn the war on rats, this army is changing its tactics. bring it on. >> reporter: think of washington, d.c. as one giant laboratory with gerard brown leading an experiment. >> the traditional methods that we use don't rk. >> reporter: so d.c.'s healthxc ept thinking inside the box, targeting rodents where they feed. >> yeah. >> oh! >> reporter: the news 4 team watched as crews began baiting 16 al lays in the district, two in each with a product called contrapest, they're targeting alleys with the most complaints like this one in adams morgan. >> full-hearted support. >> reporter: right behind scott bennett's restaurant. >> you got to try anything. if it does work, the best money ever spent. >> reporter: a costly campbell.
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d.c. is spending nearly $1 million on thet contrapesand new staff to employ it. the product alone costs $300,000, the company's largest shipment ever. >> merricks them infertile. it is a contraceptive. >> reporter: this woman runs the company that developed contrapest saying rats in the ix wild live s to eight months but in that time breed thousands of pups. in lab tests rats who drank contrapest had no babies. >> we get the question all the time,ldhy w i use birth control on a rat? why not just kill them? r >>orter: it's a long-term more humane solution that works on males and females. the product was so successful at the gate ware arch park it's currently expanding its use. >> in terms of testing in an urban, city-wide environment you haven't done that before? >> weveersonally ha no. >> reporter: it touts smaller successes in a multifamily housing complex in new york claiming delery o the
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product, "to a substantial number of rats which successful ty rede infestationand saw reduction in rat activityi in as lle as one month." the i-team contacted the new york city health department which also tested a multifamily housing complex but said, no clear and consistent decrease in rat activity was detected over time. >> definitely proving in a birth control works is quite challenging. >> reporter: the successful study, they say, mentioned on the company's website was in no way affiliated with the health department and that the health department never asked for help product which could have affected its outcome. >> most people, their definition of success, a wheelbarr full of dead rats. >> reporter: she ys you can never count the total of rats but can tell how much of the duct is missing from the containers and there are fewer baby rats running way. >> have you talked with the
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other city about this? >> we did not. wo should know about about six months. >> reporter: if fewer droppings and rats are nearby, they will p expand therogram. >> this is the real test. >> reporter: if it doesn't work? >> we try something new. >> reporter: we did speak with n horse r in arizona that's been really happy with the product saying its rats are almost all gone. a soston suburbd it stopped using the product, because other program was more effective for its needs. the district told us itans to continue to use other tools including rat poison while it tests the birth control. joseyfleischer, news 4 i-team. >> if you want to learn more about the project head to our nbc washington app. click on investigations. it's there. you can send a tip for the i-team totep out. clay anderson just steppe in cringing at that report there.
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eavy fogcking when the eavy fogcking when the will lift from our area and also
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plus netix built into the fios channel guide, plus an advanced voice remote, and you'll get a netflix premium plan - on us for a year. but act fast, this offer ends may 8th. only on the 100% fiber optic network. go to today. on monday, maryland's women's golf team will make its firstur ncaa toment appearance in seven years. as we're shown, the golfers will not just represent the university but countries around the world. >> all: go maryland! [ speaking in foreign language ]
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here you have such different culture and you know, like, all the new stuff from different feel it's and i really cool. >> we learn thai, we learn french, we learn alian and it's amazing while playg golf, like, encouraging each other in each other's language. >> reporter: while tre far from home, the ladies have found a second family in college park. >> i'm a veryending coach but we also like to have fun. so we work hard and then we make sure we have time to bond and get to knowot eacr. >> reporter: and -- >> everyone on the team had done a good job helping us and figure out what to do, w re to on campus. it's like so big. >> we didn't really know what to expect about america, about college and about learning and i really like it now. and tlys is my fami away from home. >> the diversity on our campus
6:20 am
ryand in this area is ve appealing to a lot of them, bwe really have been focusing on, obviously, getting great talent, but getting great people, h because t as a team with good people we can accomplish a lot. >> pretty cool. like a melting pot. folks from all over. >> that's great. fantastic. >> people heading out golfing today, it may be tough to see where the ba e goes thisrly in the morning. >> early tee time, david, may be a factor butater this afternoon, not too bad across our area. sunday, tomorrow, so if you want to get your golf game in today, today is the , during the day. speaking offog, there are uedings behind that fog, and as we contin throughout the orning you'll see them materialize. again, it's all about location, location. the 5 degrees currently is temperature here in town with a northeasterly breeze.
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this is the story, everyone. for tonight into tomorrow, a flash flood watch covers baltimore, i-95 corridor, 270. i-81 corridor, you get the message, everyone. everyone will seeome heavy rain starting tonight, continues through sunday morning. an inch to up to three inches of rain particularly across the shenandoah valley. we'll keep an eye on that. temperatures uniform and quantico coming in warm at 67. pacs river warmer at 70. fog,g dependinwhere you are, a third avenue mile. and zero across areas of the shenandoah valley. what you need to know this morning, the story,orning fog gives way to sun. the more sun this afternoon and evening the more rain we'll have, heavy rain, reinforced by upper air dynamics. not much going on now across our area. we want to show you, 6:00 p.m. today, 6:00 p.m. this evening round one.
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it will continue and start the trains train cars move across the area through the overnight hours. early in the orning, this could be heavier amounts of rain up and down the spine of the appalachians. i should say the spine of i-95. yo rain for your sunday. we're saying today is a better day because we'll have rain in the afternoon andevening. we'll talk more about the ten-day forecast in a moment, but stay with us and get that but stay with us and get that umbrel as news 4 on your la you know when you're at ross and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to % off departme store prices, every day. departmeat ross.rices, yes for less.
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>>welcome back. all eyes are watchng for any sign of the royal baby. a still mystery surrounding the birth and speculation grew after prince harry abruptly shortened an official visit for the netherlands scheduled for next week. theys palace because of logistical planning. reports say meghan is due any day now. looking for something to do this weekend? here's a beautiful .option the national cathedral hosting its annual flower mart. folks enjoyed this felt val sti flowers 80 eyears. head to our nbc washington app to find a list of otherevents happening this weekend. just search "for your weekend." called the most exciting two minutes of sports for reason. the 145th running of the kentucky derby. it's happening at churchill downs today and this year no clear favorite to win it all. the horse omaha beach getting
6:26 am
top bets had to withdraw for health reasons. now three of the remaining rs contende trained by bob baffert. he trained last year's triple crown victor, justify. more than 150,000 people are expected to attend today. stay with us forll the derby action. coverage kicks off at 2:30 p.m. right here on nbc 4. get you a live look outside on this saturday morning. tough to see. the fog will lift according to clay anderson. not far behin it, severe weather that he's tracking. breaking down the timing just ahead. uh-oh, looks like someone's
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what are you doing? big steve? thanks, man. there he is. get to know geico and see how much you could save on >> announcer: "news4 today" starts now. hi there. welcome back in to "news4 today." i'm david culver. thanks for joining us on this first saturday of may. the rain most of us saw yesterday, that's moved on out of the area. tlpect decent morning even though it's a l foggy out there. a live look. clay anderson tracking another system that could be moving on in this evening. he joins us from the storm team 4 weather center in for lauryn ricketts this morning. clay, you'f thinking ohe two days to go out this weekend, today probably the outdoor one? >> yes. even though the grass will be wet, eifryone. ou really plan to cut your grass this weekend, today,
6:30 am
saturday, is the day, because heavy rain will move in tonighti and it's go to continue overnight. going to be soggy sunday, everyone. great saturday to all of visibilitis the main concern early for our saturday morning across the area, and it's all about as it always is location, location. at least going across the bay bridge and not too bad,2.5 miles visibility across highway 50. shenandoah, visibilities les than a mile and continuing the next several hours and then the fog will lift. signs of coming attractions, everyone. a flash flood watch tonight that stretches from the i-95 corridoh oughout the shenandoah valley across the yeentire . we' area. heavy rin from 8:00 tonight to 10:00 a.m.ok log for an inch to three inches of rain sweeping across e area. david, talk more about that and the ten day in a moment. >> clay, we'llck che in then.
6:31 am
it's 6:30, following breaking ne this morning out of the district where police say one person is dead ter this overnight hit-and-run crash. they're looking for the driver involved now. what we know so far, officers called to southern avenue at stanley street around 11:00 last nig. once there they found the victim who dd at the scene. we're working to learn mo details trying to learn more about the victim and figure ow how exactly this crash happened. once we get tt information, we'll update you in the nbc washington app. nor breaking news out of baltimorre this morning five people including two small children were shot overnight. polic say a woman was shot in the neck. a 1-year-old child was shot in the leg and a 2-year-old also hit, shot in the torso. two oth men who police believe are connected to that shooting showed up at the hospital wh gunshot wounds. all five are stable now and expected to survive. so far no arrests have been made. developing this morning, police did not have to look long
6:32 am
to find a frederick county man accused of killing his girlfriend because he was already behind bars. he was pulled over for something else in baltimore just hours before police even knew his girlfriend was dead inside the couple's home. news 4 darcy spencer has the story. >> reporter: the body of th24-year-old h williams was found inside this trailer in frederick county, maryland. she was face down in a bedroom covered with a blanket. she had severe head trauma. police have charged her live-in boyfriend, 39-year-old chris lee meyers with her murder. the victim's mother told authorities that her daughter planned to break up with the suspect and when family members didn'tar from he they became very worried. her own father broke through the front door and found his daughter's body. according to charging documents the victim's mother told police meyers is a heroin addict and hers daughter wataking him to a
6:33 am
clinic to get methadone. he was in her car, they say, when he was arrested and and drug charges. >> the police tried to find ms. williams and ended up a putting ping on her phone trying to find her phone and my understanding is that the phone was locatedn baltimore within her car. >> reporter: during a search of the victim's car police found several blood-stained items, a towel, a man's camouflage shirt and a pillow. they also recovered the victim's purse and cell phone. williams' mom also told police meyers had threatened to kill her daughter if she broke up with him. prosecutors say leaving an abusive relationship can be dangerous. >> in frederick county, in d.c., also, lots of community resources for victims of domestic violence and we encouraomen and men experiencing domestic violence to reach out to tose organizations and seek help. >> reporter: if convicted meyers faces life in prison.
6:34 am
darcy spencer, news 4. to international headlines this morning. north korea launching several ra short-ge missiles according to officials. south korea's joint chie of staff says they were launched last night ober a course of about 30 minutes. officialsay they're analyzing details still. white house press secretary sarah sanders said the trump administration is aware of the launches and they're monitoring it. earlier this year president trump and north korean dictator kim jong-un ended a summit because they were unable to negotiate a duclearization deal. one of two women tried in the half brother of kim jong-un was released from prison. what you're looking at here, wong andanother womenere charged with poisoning kim jong naan. both women were bans in an assassination and thought they
6:35 am
were part of a reality show. 6:35 your time. for the first time president trump and vladimir putin spoke on the phone since release of the mueller report. they focused and topics like s venezuela and nuclear disarmament. trump said he did not warn him about meddling in the upcoming election. we didn't discuss that. we discussed five or six things. >> white house special counsel robert eller found no criminal conspiracy between the trump campaign and russia.he did find a vast russianest to meddle in the 2016 election. democrats are now intensifying calls for mueller to testify. we invite you to tune in to nbc tomorrow morning for "meet the press" with chuck todd. the latest plan on thes democrat planning a white house run, michael bennet, the latest once,
6:36 am
a sitdown with chuck todd, exclusiv interview at 10:30 right after "news4 today.." and trying to pu out the flames at an industrial complex. many residents took to scial media posting about sonic boom just after midnight. the explosion sent four to the hospital. officials did not comment on their conditions. officials say the building was demolished. about 1,000n residets were without power. several complained windows in their homes were shattered. no word yet on what caused that exosion. we told you about another atm robbery that recently rocked our region. now new video of the thieves in action. two suspects wentnto a 7-eleven on tech road in silver spring thursday morning. they forced the store employees to the floor. a third person rammed a pickup truck thatugh the front of th store. they loaded up the atm and took off. thankfully nobody was hurt. th suspects wore black hoodies
6:37 am
and covered their faces and so far no arrests made. 's in recent weeks several atms in the region have bee targeted for theft. police are looking to see if the cases are connected. metro's major summer shutdown just three weeks away. this weekend station closures could help work out the kinks. today and tomorrow buses replace trains at six stations. blue and yellow line south of reagan national airport will be closed. meaning no stops at the airport. the yellow line is closed at huntington, eisenhower, king street and braddock road. closed on the blue line, van dorn street and frank conia. if you're an uber or lyft customer, what's n happeningext week could put a dent in your usage. wednesday ride-share drivers ar planning tturn off kieir apps. st to demand better pay and clear tipping clear policies and benefits. the may 8th strike will last 12 hours start at noon, wrap up
6:38 am
aroun midnight. drivers in the district and other big cities are considering an organized protest. if you've ever wanted to visit an embassy in the district, now's your chance. today dozens of nations will open their doors to you for free. it's all part of the around-the-world em bobassytour. from there you can experience the food, the art, dance, fashion, oml of this cing from different cultures and . countries they're going to be open today from 10:00 in the morning until 4:00 this afternoon. get more information in the nbc washington app. p >>nce georges countsy growing green with pride. today the county kicks off a major cleanup initiative. the county executive angela brooks is asking all residents to clean up their yards and communities at noon. talking also about what she wants to see from this county-wide effort. >> this is a collaborative
6:39 am
effort. we are so proud to clean up our communitynd want peopleto know that they have to assist us. again, those median strips where you advertise tutoring services and those things, no. have cameras catching those illegally dumping. everybody be a part of this, come out saturday, 10:00 a.m. and help us clean up our community. >> come celebrateen growing gre with pride day at watkins receiveinal park foom until 3:00. next on "nbc4 today," tracking your kids, their posts, otos. a local company making it a lot easier. our consumer reporter is workino for you make your kids smarter and safer online. smarter and safer online. her report, right after
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a consumer ert about kids and their online behavior as parents who want nothing more than for your kids to be safe
6:42 am
logging on. how do you monitor what they do on their devices when they hardly set them down? ouronsumer reporter is working for you this morning and has dames on a local company that's found a >> reporter: om the moment 15-year-old cleo walks in the door -- until dinner -- she's on her phone and laptop doing homework and checking social media. >> how was school? >> reporter: her dad's not only curious what she's sharing online but is concerned about what's being shared with her. >> what are their friends' choosing, looking at? that's what they're going to be interested in. what their friends become interested in. >> reporter: like most parents, robert's conflicted between wanting to give cleo her privacy and make sure she's safe. >> i can't sit and watch them 24/7. >> reporter: cleo's activity is being watched closely 24/7. this one, busiest on instagram, 2:00 is during school
6:43 am
hours. >> reporter: robert and cleo are looking at a snap schoshot of h online behavior every text message, photo, new contact and social media post right there for her dad to see. >> if i tgxt somethr do something that i regret on my phone, i know he knowsys anywa i might as well own up to it and tell him. >> reporter: robert uses a digital monitoring service called "you know kids." the co-founder founded the company in 2009 after hess nephew was targeted by an online predator. >> our goal, help moms andads restore a level of balance to coach and nurture their kids and teach them to be great digital citizens and requires aertain number of ctransp >> reporter: they scan mobile data from 21 different sources like facebook, instagram and text messages. >> we'll al w, whene flag something that has sexual
6:44 am
solicitation, violence, bullying, profanity, drugs, alcohol. >> reporter: you know kids also translates acronyms and flagged words with double >> something asks would you like to come over and have some broccoli? that may come over for broccoli but it might mean, let's smoke from pot. >> reporter: parents get an email every day with a summary of their children's online activity. >> it's allowed us to have a dialogue, to knowthat i'm not looking at everything. i don't want to look at everything, i don't have time to read everything. i'm lookthg forings that stand out. >> reporter: you know kids says it needs log-in information to all yo children's accounts and it's a t software systemat is watching your children'sac ivities and not a real person. the infoation that is collected, the data, ir deleted af days and you know kids says it ner shares any of that data with third parties. back to you. >> susan hon, thank you. clay anderson up next tracking severweath in your erwe
6:45 am
6:46 am
6:47 am
we have the "today" show up next right here on nbc 4. up t new york now. sheinelle jones and peter alexander standing by with a preview. good morning. coming up on a saturday morning on "today" a passenger plane skids into a river after landing in jacksonville florida. amazingly everyone onboard survived. live with the latest. also ahead this morning, the drama surrounding that cruise
6:48 am
ship in the caribbean. a crew member onboard has measles. the ship quarantined. the late, breaking detail. t> and the kentucky derby this morning, dylan'shere with a look at the big race and of course the fashion. >> all that and more when we gert started ony a saturda morning here on "today." ever been to the derby? >> i have not. looking at e mint julep. >> you need the big hats, too. >> dylan's doing if ft for us. >> stand by. we have some. >> you had no idea. see? >> all right, guys. see you about 10:00. ew> a beautiful beach, breathtaking vi and all the seafood you can enjoy all wyithn driving distrance from our area. virginia's eastern shore on one tank of gas.
6:49 am
♪ >> reporter: on one tank of gas we drove three hours into allop's island to looand at the unch fast, nasa's site of important missions to the moon and beyond. almost cloo enough to th it. one of three launch pads here. >> one tank of gas, come down to the eastern shore of virginia e and sepace activities, see nature. >> reporter: nine miles down the road, a ride into serenity. peaceful shinktink we ditched our car for a roadster enjoying a ride around town where locals welcomed up including a d.c. native who moved away from the hustle of d.c. city life decades ago. ro >> when you css the bridge coming in hereth you see marshes on the side and certain times when that marsh, people
6:50 am
think it stinks, but it's a wonderful smell to me. >> reporter: living here on an island known for protecting wila hors ponies, they roam free here, and not f away, a p sandyadise at the beach.a inside chincoteague island. oyster and clams fresh out of the water. >> here you go. >> there youo! [ horn beeps ] >> reporter: there's one road in and one road off chicancoteague island and we did i all. reporting for news 4. >> driving in style, too. those oysters on full display at the 54th seafood festival
6:51 am
happening today from:0 until 4:00 at toms cove folks heading out this morning, a cloudy start, foggy start, clay anderson. thinking it's going to lift? >> oh, yeah. folks going there, excellent timing to get back. later this afternoon, 00, 7:00 p.m., another round of showers and thunderstorms, and then tonight. heavy rai gets to it everyone. show you how much rain we do expect. the national weather srvice issued, or will issue, a flash flood watch. atnight. and that starts 8:00 p.m. and continues all night tonight until tomorrow morning, and looking for anywhere fm an inch to two to possibly three inches of rain, and look at the dwlaer it covk area that it covers. icht i-95, out to the shenandoah valley, winchester. a lot of rain moving across a large area tonight and into tomorrow morning.
6:52 am
now for today, we still have great things to look forward to. apple blossom parade going on. yardwork, sooner the better and tomorrow rain continues doing jogging or odoor activity. there it is, every. foggy in the morning. peeks of sun and strong storms and show you what we mean right now. no problem ac cross the washington area. with futurecast, you see at 6:00 p.m. rain showers across the board that will continu and start 10:30, continue across the area. they'll start to train as we say cars from a train, they'll line up, up and dowrn the easte seaboard and up and down i-95 early in the morning. you may wake up with a rumble of thunder and notice into sunday an tther round even in afternoon. baltimore, annapolis, down to the south, charles county picking uphowers and heavy rain across the area and not dry
6:53 am
out until monday. with that, here's the forecast for the weekend. it continues to bn the warm and muggy side as far as summertime is concerned. temperatures today in the low s. tomorrow cooler, in the 70s. still on the warm side as we continue throughout the week. so far it looks like monday andd tue, the best days of the week. isolated chances wednesday and thursday. s.mperatures in the 70 we continue on the warm side but as we start to think about the weekend so fa saturdll be dry, but sunday maybe more rain. keep the
6:54 am
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at 6:56, four things to know on this saturday -- starting in the district, police say one person is dead after an overnight hit-and-run. the pedestrian along southern avenue and southeast. we're working to learn more and ill update you on the nbc washington app. officials trying to figure out what caused this plane to skid off ash runway and cra into a river in jacksonville, florida. more than 20 people were rushed to the hospital. me on this ahead on the "today" show. a major metro change this today and tom buses replace trains at six stations. head in to the nbc washington app. a cte list of all closures. search "metro." we're hours away from this year's kencky derby. stay with us for all the action today. coverage kicks off at 2:30 right here on nbc 4.
6:57 am
and the "today" show will delve into all things kentucky derby. hats and all coming up next. >> hmm. >> you mentioned the apple blossom festival, always making me think of lauryn ricketts. probably why she's off today. and the forecast for that and other events? >> that doe start until 1:30. that's good. the four things would be fog, clouds, heavy rn tonight and then the flood watch until tomorrow morning. sky. eep your eyes in the >> tracking it all on the nbc washington app another option for you and we'll be back in25 for you and we'll be back in25
6:58 am
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♪ free range eggs for free range living. nellie's free range eggs (chicken clucks) free range eggs for free range living. good morning. miracle on the saint john's river. a charter passenger plane with 143 people onboard skids off the runway in jacksonville and teplunges into the war. amazingly everyone onard survived. we're live with the latest. devastating blast. a massive explosion rocks an industrial complex oside chicago. the fireball so pow could be felt in a neighboring state. at least four people injured. kihers missing. firefighters worng through the night to battle the blaze. and this morning, residents are urged totay away. north korean missile launch. south koreaeporting the rogue ti


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