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tv   Today  NBC  May 4, 2019 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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♪ free range eggs for free range living. nellie's free range eggs (chicken clucks) free range eggs for free range living. good morning. miracle on the saint john's river. a charter passenger plane with 143 people onboard skids off the runway in jacksonville and teplunges into the war. amazingly everyone onard survived. we're live with the latest. devastating blast. a massive explosion rocks an industrial complex oside chicago. the fireball so pow could be felt in a neighboring state. at least four people injured. kihers missing. firefighters worng through the night to battle the blaze. and this morning, residents are urged totay away. north korean missile launch. south koreaeporting the rogue nation fired several rockets in
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to the sea. this amid rising tensions between the.s. and north korea after the summit between president trump and kim jong-un broke down. all that, plus, the waiting is the hardest part. royal watchers anxious this morng as speculation grows meghan and harry's baby is already overdue. working overtime. the portland trail blazers and denver nuggets go to four overtimes. the longestba playoff game ever in the shot clock era. ces.and off to the dylan is at the 145th running of the kentucky derby. heavy rain is in the forecast odaning the race could be a muddy mess tay saturday may 4, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with sheinelle jones, peter alexander and dylan dreyer live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza.
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good morning. welcome to "today" and thank you for joini t us ons saturday morning. >> can we go back to the playoff game a second? st s is tied for the lon playoff game in nba history. sort of like the end of the kentucky derby telling the horses to take another lap. >>chan you mat jn love to be in the bidding or stadium for that game. >> ended just a couple hours ago. more on that, also check in with dylan at churchill downs later this half hour. has the hat but does she have the boots? muddy today. >> get to dylan in a moment. the top story this morning, breaking a charter plane skidding off the runway in jacksonville and winding up in a river.y, amazinveryone onboard survived. nbc's kathy park has the latest. good morning. at reporter: good morning, guys. national transportn safety board is sending a team to investigate this accident and while the crash was scary it could have been a lot worse. some are calling it a miracle on the saint john's river.
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a jet carrying 136 passengers add 7 crew membered ended up in the river and everyone escaped with their lives. aveling from guantanamo bay to jacksonville. boeing is aware of the incident and looking into it. jacksonville's mayor leee d updates and said president trump called to offer help as a situation was developing. more than 80 locals responder assisted in ensuring everyone got off the plane. 21 people were transported to area hospitals for non-life-threatening injuries. >> call it a mirae? no serious injuries? >> oh, i don't take that kind of approach to anything. i'm much more of a secular kind of guy. >> reporter: and we do want to add there is word there are pets that are stuck on the plane that have not been retrieved. no word on their fate as of right now. >> sad to hear.
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thank you. other newsreaking overnight, a huge explosion at an industrial plant in the chicago suburbs. the blast set ting off a massiv fire. coming in. an explosion that rocked the police department too. >> reporter: firefighters doing battle after a massive explosion and actively searching for survivors. >> there were nine people at the beginning of the incident. we accounted for six and unable to account for threet subjects a this point. >> reporter: north of chicago a plastics factory blew up around 9:30 p.m. securityameras captured the exact moment the firebullet up the night sky. >> just a big boom. kind of felt like a freight train hit the complex. it was almost enough to buckle your knees. rough. >> reporter: the buildi ing flattened, degree scattered for blocks and t area immediately
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irefighters as rushed in. >> a massive explosion. many neighbors houseless have damage. >> reporter: a tweet, we are aware of a very loud explosion sound and ground shaking. authorities say at least four factory workers were ten to hospitals with >>injuries. he plant was open and active during the explosion. >> reporter: as fire crews continue to put out the flames, authorities are now investigating the cause of the blast. molly hunter, nbc news. tensions are ising this morning between the u.s. and north korea. overnight the north koreans reportedly fired severalo missiles inthe sea. nbc's janis mackey frayer is covering the story for us. whatan you tell us? >> reporter: this move by north korea is likely to raise tension here as talks with the u.s. have stald and the lines of communication with pyongyang apparently have gone silent. a lot isot known about what happened this morning. nbc korean officials tell news several short-range
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missiles wer fired, traveled about 125 miles before landing in the sea between japan and north korea. the national security adviser john bolton briefed president trump last night but the white house saying it's aware of the situation and will monitor it. this would be the first missile test by north korea in about 500 days. they tested a tactical weapon back in april. it was in 2017 that kim jong-un announce head was finished with missile testing for nowde aring a self-imposed moratorium onon lrange missile ballistic testing. the pattern that is developing seems to be kim sending a message, albeit a risky one that he wants a breakthrough with talks. a stalemate since the collapse of the hanoi summit when president trump walked away without a deal, however at the time he said he had a pledge, no return to testing. what happened today and in aprim se to be signaling that kim is willing to escalate tension
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with the u.s. in order to gain some leverage. sheinelle, peter? >> thank you, janis. and parts of the northwest in the plains under water after a rash of spring storms combined with heavy snow melt. the city oft, davenpor iowa, on the banks of the mississippi overwhelmed when a temporary dam gave way this week floodg the entire downtown area there. the mississippi river is at the highest level in 153 years. our morgan chesky is in davenport with more on that as well as ds gerous storm the south. morgan, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, peter, good morning. 42da . that is how long the mississippi river has been in major flood stage and we're seeing a direct result of that right here in davenport, iowa, where downtown cars are still submerged. drivers not having enough time to even drive them out of the way before these waters moved in. businesses are doing their best with sandbags but everyone here ed to wait and watch for
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these waters to recede. it's the surveillance video from davenport, iowa. the moment the barrier holding back the mississippi gave way. >> i was in sheer panic five minutes and finally got a phone call from someone saying everedne's account for and safe. >> reporter: now pumps and sandbags are failing to keep the water out. iowa swamped by melng snow and pouring rain this season. according to one official, more precipitation than has ever been recorded. the river crested at a new high. eclsing the great flood of 1953. officials are just beginning to total the new damage. >> devastating. the damage down here is unlike anything i've ever seen. >> reporter: down river, many more communities swamped in misery. in indiana a 2-year-old died on country road after his mother mistakenly drove into eight feet of water.
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>> whoa! >> reporter: to the south, hard-hit texas saw another round of dangerous weather fridayt. nigh flash flooding in the austin area, still recovering from tornadoes that demolished a historic church in the ange. >> it's saddens me because the church has so much history. it's over 200 years old. >> reporter: nearby workers hunkered down in their office as the twister ripped the adjoining building to pieces. >> life changes in the brink of an eye. my wife asked me, did you see god today? i die god today. >> reporter: this morning a flood warning remains very much in effect for davenport, iowa. as for when this water will recede? it could be taking weeks in some cases months. president trump extending support to governors in three states saying federal help is needed if they request it. peter and sheinelle? morgan,thanks. turn to washington now. president trump talking to
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russian leader vladimir putin on friday for the first time since the rease of the mueller report. but it's what the president didn't say to putin that has criticsng fumi white house correspondent kelly o'donnell joins us with morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. russia says the united states initted that call. the white house won't say either way. but they will tell us that the prident and putin talked about north korea, just hours before that unexpected launch. they also talked aboutrussia's influence in venezuela and the possibility of some kind of updated nuclear weapons talkt buhat they did not discuss really says a lot. on the line, foror m than an hour friday, president trump and vladimir putin. their first conversaten since thelease of the mueller report. aides say their call was by telephone, not videoconference, despite the president's description of putin. >> he actually -- sort of smiled when he said something to the effect that it started off as a
7:11 am
mountain and it ended up being t mouse, he knew that, because he knew there was no collusion whepsoever. >> rter: note blishably the hpresident saiddid not warn putin to stay out of the next u.s. election. >> we didn't discuss that. really, we didn't discuss it. >> reporter: a subject avoided despite the mueller report conclusion that russia carried out a coordinated campaig to disrupt the 2016 elecon. a contention the president pub luckily questions side by side with putin in helsinki last year. this coming week, the public testimony of two majors.figure mueller and mcgah is up in the air. president trump punting onhe whetr special counsel robert mueller should tfy on capitol hill. >> i don't know. that's up to our attorney general, who i think has done a fantasti job. >> reporter: and mr. trump said a decision is looming on whether former white house counsel dong mc will testify. >> that will all be determined
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er the next weekr so. >> reporter: but attorney general william barr faces new pressure from democrats in congress. a monday morning deadline. e house judiciary committee demanding full access to all redacted evidence in the mueller report. or else. the committee will move to contempt proceedings and seek further legal recourse. >> the other domestic headline , fridayew economic numbers that show the economy is in great shape. good news for the president. unemployment at its lowest level in half century. more than 100 consecutive months of growth dating backo 2010, president obama first term. a juxtaposition, roaring economy, a norm-busting president whose approval rating hovers just above 40%. isn't this the dynamic that will define the next 18 months leading up to the2020 election? >> reporter: a good economy should be a glide path for a president's re-election, given
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all the circumstances around this white house and impauliuli news event of this president, things from the outside world like we see in venezuela or north korea. the president will try to hammer home those goodis statcs, in year three allowed to claimship credit for that even though it certainly began during the obama years but so many other issues they will contest and the president's troubled numbers when it comes to his own approval really does set up a different dynamic a good economy should be helpful but there are other qhestions about t president. it will be an underpinning of the 2020 campaign for sure. >> battle lines are drawn. kelly o'donnell on the north lawn. good to see you, thanks. check in with dylan at churchill downs. good orrning. >> rr: i switched up my hat for this first weather hit for you. a bridle. you see? and run for the roses, comes from the kentucky derby museum.
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brought a couple hats from the past. this one subtle. wait until you see the next one. the weather, a lot of rain moving in to parts of the south and youll can see across louisiana and northern mississippi, northern alabama, we have torrential downpours and chance of severe storms with severe thunderstorm watch in effect across most of southern louisiana, ahat's because we could see large hail and damaging winds with these storms as they continue to move to the east today.l these willso produce a whole lot of rainfall. in fact, we have flash flood ratching in effect across the appalachians ove into parts of maryland that also includes washington, d.c. where we could see heavy rain especially later today into tonight and for the northeast going to see a lot of rain tomorrow. best chance of severe storms today, mhis afternoon,t likely from north carolina right down into southeastern louisiana. hail and damaging winds the biggest threat.
7:15 am
we could see damage there, and rainfall could be up to an inch or two especially as that cold front movesd eastwut it's moving east through the day today and thenff will et the northeast sunday. here's a peek outside your window. good morning, everyone. meteorologist clay anderson and, yes, further give you more information on that flood watch tonight. i-95 corridor, interstate 270 out to the west interstate 66. even out across the shenandoah valley looking for close to one, hes of ybe even three i rain before it's all over. starts tonight at 8:00 p.m. and continues until 10:00 a.m. sunday morning and the rest of the week we start to dry out with temperatures on the warm side. everyone enjoy your saturday toda and that's your forecast. guys? >> thank you, dylan. don't go anywhere. >> strong hat day for dylan. coming up, back to churchill dos at a look who's going to be there forn this wide ope run for the roses later today.
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that's right after this. everyone's got to listen to mom.
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we're back on this saturmoy rning and the excitement is building just a few hours ahead of the 145th annual kentuck derby. >> always a special day. show you this floral display live on the plaza today. a life-sed horse and jock fri mr. flower fantastic, a self-taught flower artist from here in new york. nbc spones commissio him to create the piece using 25,000 roses. >> it's cool. >> better be coming home with a couple of those end of this shift. >> nice. >> today's race upor grabs. this run for the rosesas no clear favorite but potentially muddy track conditions. >> dylan is back with more from churchill downs. your post looks peaceful and beautiful now. >> reporter: it is. this is actually the biggest secret. my favorite time to be at ehurchill downs as the horses
7:19 am
take their pract laps around the track this morning. in just a couple hours all eyes will be on this track for the uning of the kentucky derby, and by the looks of it, there's a chance weom could see s rain. today's storms will not top last year's record rainfall by any means, but could make for a sloppy track come racetime. not even the weather will dampen the spirits here where anticipation is building. with just hours until the kentucky derby get under way, the event that's called the greatest two minutes in sports is now shapinge up to b one of the wettes y >> ifou've got boots take 'em. make sure you have those ready to go. >> reporter: showers have already dumped heavy rain on churchill downsh and another is expected today. that means the track will be a muddy mess. jockeyssing friday morning thunderstorms as an opportunity to take their horses o on last rain-soaked practice ride. >> 15 of the horses that are returning in the derby have run
7:20 am
on an off-track before. won't be the first time for a lot of these horses to face those conditions. >> reporter: the rain complicates what's already consided a wide open race after thor favorite omaha beach drommed out earlier in the week suffering from a breathing wndition. >> had to do the right thing by the horse. >> reporter: another hikel scratched friday due to a sore hoof. the race, now anyone's to win. >> i talked to half a dozen people i would say since the scratch o a omaha beach gotten a half dozen different opinions what's going to happen now. >> reporter: those starting gate ranges mean bettedds for horses like baroadster, improble and the new front-runner, game winner. all threender the watch of legendary trainer bob baffert, who's looking for his sixth derby win. going into this race with three horses in it, how do you choose? >> i dt the bes i can to prepare them. when that gate coming open the jockeys, they have a, they have to get i done and hopefully the
7:21 am
horse is ready for them. so when they ask them to go, they respond. >> reporter: despite a field still in flux and the chance of rain, people here are looking on the bright side. >> i mean, now we have a better chance of winning money. >> snds like it's goingo rain all day. maybe the long shot will come in. >> reporter: you know i like to hit, but with t wide-open yield and a chance of rain that could change m plans for later pday. a lot ofple hoping a long shot comes in. catch the run for the roses coming up teray right h on nbc where coverage starts at 2:30 this afternoon eastern time. guys? >> all right. thank you, dylan. see you soon. coming up right here, the royal baby watch. excitement gh, because harry cut short a big trip. is that a sign? we'll take you liv toindsor. but first, these messages. is rheumatoid arthrit or psoriatic arthritis. when considering another treatment, ask about xeljanz xr, a once-daily pill for adults with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis ortive psos
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>> announcer: this is a "news4 today" news brea t7:27 ons may 4th, 2019. good saturday morning to you. i'm david culver. start you off withre baking news e're following out of the district. police there say someone hit and kill a person in southeast washington. the search is on at this hour for the driver responsible. officers were called southern avenue and stanley street around 11:00 last night. told the victim died at the scene. a major metro shutdown. today and tomorrow buses replace six trains -- trains at six stations. blue and yellow line stations south ofl reagan nationairport will be closed. that means no stops at the airport. weple got a comete list of
7:28 am
closures for you in our nbc washington app. clay anderson, tracking showers that will return to our area today. check in with him.
7:29 am
well,everyone, we're going to have fog in the morning, but, yes, the story is the flash flood watch that will continue ross the entire viewing area,
7:30 am
starts tonight. 8:00 p.m. until 10:00 a.m. morning. the corridor out to the shen w shenandoah valley. stay with us as news 4 we'll give you all the updates. we are back on this saturday morning. may 4, 2019 take a look at the scene. this is churchill downs this morning. horses getting ready for the kentucky derby. a live look there. plenty of other races held today. hopefully a good one for all of them. a beautiful sight. >> it is. take a look at the live shot of folks in the city of philadelphia taking part in comcast cares day which is a day of service sponsored by our parent company. thyou to those comcast employees and their families volunteering and william mckenley elementary school helping spruce up the ground there. they do it every year. the peoplen the other side of the rerecipients appreciate it.
7:31 am
>> they >do. >>nd first, the headlines, a scary scene whn a jetliner slid off a runway and into a riverin la in jacksonville, florida, friday night. call add miracle up a 136 passengers and 7 drcrew members survived the crash in the relatively shallowwater. several people taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the plane was arriving from cuba, hit rough weather landing at jacksonville's naval air station. a mix of civilian and military personnelboard at the time. a new escalation in the israeli and palestinian conflict as flares overnight. israel launched an air strike killing one palestinian. friday two hamas militants killed by an israeli air strike and two os shot by israeli troops taking part in weekly protests along the border. an explosion officials described as ground shaking
7:32 am
rocked a town north of chicago friday night. the blast and fire that followed at an industrial complex shortly before 10:00. three are missing. crews worked t tough thehe nigh to contain the flames. the cause is still being investigated. how about this? a record four overtime thriller in what was the longest nba playoff game in 66years. the portland trail blazers topped the denver nuggets 140-137 to take a 2-1 lead in their best of seven seriesish but it took three hours and 25 minutes after the two teams were tied end of regulation andmo the overtime periods. no doubt, those players are a little tired this >> good get to do it all again tomorrow night. meantime, update on that cruise ship placed understand quarantine because a m crewember was confirmed to have the
7:33 am
measles. this morning the ship arrives at its home port with nearly 300 passengers and crew onboard. the question, what happens next? nbc's tammy leitner is following that story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, peter. the ship arrived in carousel out an hour ago but still unclear if those 300 passengers will be allowed to leave the ship today. health officials tell me if there's any risk at all those passengers will have to remain onboard. >> the church of scientology's religious retreat and humanitarian ship. >> reporter: this promotional video shows the cruise ship believed to have been understand quarantine after someone contracted measles. the ship carrying 300 passengers returning to its home port, though facing challenges. >> the main task, to in any case try to prevent the spread of the
7:34 am
disease. t reporter: earlierhis week the "freewinds" wasinuarantined st. lucia three days where officials diagnosed measles virus in a female crew member. >> given the highly infection of measles along with the possibility others aboard the vessel may have been in contact with and are now possibly infected due to this disease, decision was made not to allow persons to disembark. >> reporter: st. lucia's chief medical officer said the ship's doctor requested 100 vaccines rfore leaving port. nbc newsched out to the church of scientology multiple times for comment. cases from california to new york. it's unclear how many of the passgers onboard the "free winds" had measles vaccinations. nbc news is being told passengers have to provide vaccination records before being let off the ship. the quarantine period for
7:35 am
measles is 21 days. i'm told some of these patterns may have to remain on the ship in quarantine that entire time. guys? >> rough. >> thinking about all the passengers and crew members today. thank you. dylan is back with another check of the weather from ntucky churchill downs. good morning again. >> ooh, good morning, guys. some things aren't meant to be worn. this thing wghs about0 pounds. another one from -- i'm actually wearing a kentucky derby fantasy. this is another one from the kentucky derby museum. there's horses, flowers, drinks, food. i don't know. you name it, it washi put on t hat that weighs just so much. but i'm sure we'll see something similar to this. at some point during the derby today. rain or shine. it does look like we will see rain at some point day. especially in the form of scattered showers and scattered thunderstorms as well. it's nothing compared to last year, ahough the last three years we h ae seen rain the
7:36 am
kentucky derby. last year we broke a record with more than three inches of rain and a lot of that fell right during sttime. the record for last year and it looks like we'll see most of the rain today occur before post time. toking at maybe an inch of rain with some of scattered showers, but that could be enough time to let the course, the track,ry out before post time today. a look at the weather across the country. here's a peek out your window. > good morning, everyone. meteorologist clay anderson. i-95 corridor rain starts, flood watch 8:00 p.m. until 10:00 a.m. perform morning. heavy rain continues. we expect fog in the morning today and then sunshine, and heen late-day storms across the area. y rain during the overnight hours, possibly heavy rain sunday morning. after that, a cooler but rainier sunday. everyone, be prepared for the rain. starts today. peter, if you want i can for it back to new yor
7:37 am
you, i was going to say you'll have a stiff neck end of this one. >> i know. my arms are asleep. >>oan you let g or, no? will it fall off? oh! >> i think i got it. nthink i'm good. hurts thek but i'm all right. >> dylan, we'll check in in a few minutes. coming up next, canry har and meghan's baby come weekend? a lot of people think he or she might. we head toor windsor a live report, right after this. to unwind... with lindor. a milk chocolate shell with a smooth, melting center
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outstanding leakage protecon. live, learn and get luvs. er the last 24 hours, you finished preparing him for colleg in 24 hours, you'll send hioff thinking you've done everything for his well being. but meningitis b progresses sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die. like millions of oers, your teen may not be vaccinated against meningitis b. meningitis b stres quickly. be quick to talk to your en's doctor about a meningitis b vaccine. ♪ i love it. welcome back at the future royal m keeps mum. the frenzy around meghan and harry's baby is at a fever pitch this morning. we think she's due at any moment if not overdue. >> thinking for a while.
7:41 am
holding down the palace on royal baby watch for us today, nbc's sarah harman joining us from windsor, england near harry and meghan's new home. good morning. what do we know? >> reporter:hey, ter, hey, sheinelle. good morning. it is a beautiful day here i windsor. that flag on the castle behind me means the queen herself is in residence waiting to become a great-grandmother for the eighth time, and guys, you know, brits pretty much invented that keep calmn and carry o thing, but as the days wear on, even the brits are getting a little antsy. the last time we saw meghanrrnd hay together at an official royal engagement was in march, but this morning, no sign of the duke and duchess of sussex. they're holed up in their new home here in windsor, frogmore cottage, hid b hind these trees. the week has been full of false ulalarms. an ace sighting in windsor turned out to beothing but spurred speculation maybe the
7:42 am
baby had already been born. then an announcement from buckingham palace friday that father to be harry is cutti short a planned trip to the netherlands prompting further speculation he'll be holding a newborn in his arms by then. in a nationee they k a stiff upper lip, meghan and harry are tight lipped. her due date unknown. he british press believed bab sussex was supposed to arrive last weekend. if it's true, meghan would be a week overdue. e> lat peregnancy are common. 40% do h a baby on the due date. the others can go as high as 5% to 10% in the post 42-week mark. >> reporter: and polls revealing harry is the most popular royal evenloore beved than the queen herself. across the street from harry and
7:43 am
meghan at the windsor castle pub they're raising a a glass the newest royal. >> a day in mind? what day feels lucky to you? >> i'm going withsaturday. >> saturday? i'll drink to that, cheers thank you. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: if they're waiting for a gorgeous, sunnyda no time like the present. it really doesn't get much better than this in rainy, old england. >> i love the point, the weather of beautiful if you baby wants to come today. that's where we are. thank you. and jamie foxx, a heavy, new role in this future? we'll get into it in "pop start" but first these messag side meets kick and best meets friend. this mother's day show your love with a gift from the love and be loved collection by kay. a symbol of your inseparable bond.
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ow> we' back dylan -- dylan? where did dylan go? >> people get us confused. we kind of look like sisters. we both have the same middle name, marie. how about that? and from tina fey to tracy
7:47 am
morgan, kristen wiig has come back to host live."rday night one major exception. adam sandler. thatng chaes tonight because after 24 years sanders is returning to "snl" alongside gsicalst shawn mendes. on the cast from 1991 to e1995. comedian is responsible for creating a slew of popular sketches including the hanukkah song, operam and canteen boy. >> canteen boy! >> a better way to do that. reprise ion, will he them tonight and will any former castmates make an appearance? we'll have to see. and actor jamie foxx. could his next role be boxing champ tyson? the answer could be yes. look at this. he posted this picture with the former heavyweight captioning, thank you for the trust. one step closer,
7:48 am
#thejourneybegins. and foxx and tyson publicly discussing the projectma leavin speculating and hoping an official announcement will be made soon. tyson said the movie is going to be "wild." and the "game of thrones" actress making headlines, sophie turner, a wedding to joe jonas and now for a refreshingly honest interview with marie claire australia opening up about mental illness canidly talkin about her battle behind "game of thrones" particularly during the first few yearsth on show while she was still in her ens. turner says i metabolism decided tz dll to theepths of the ocean. not only dealing with online criticism from fans, the magazine says film and television studi told her to lose weight all of which took a toll on her, we certainly understand. she turned to therapy and ust love earned to herself pap good thing. >> powerful to share her personal story and make a
7:49 am
difference for a lot of others these days. coming up next, head back to dylan at churchill downs. hat number four ts morning. she's going to show u.s. ws why fashion is just as important as the horses running at the derby. that's right after this. you know when you're at ross and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department sre prices, every day. oss. yes for less. ok, here you go.ggs. i mean i don't wan too hi. ♪ it ♪
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7:52 am
muse with our hats but this is the hat i was meant to wear this morning. and it was -- i helped to create it with kristy moore the featured milliner of the d kentuckyby and not just the hat. the hat has to be paired perfectly with the dress. here's a oobehind-the-scenes l how it all came together. >> they're >> reporter: hats off to the kentucky det'y. while hard to predict which horse will cross the finish line first, one thing you can bet on -- over the top derby suits. the dresses. and the icing on the cake, those iconic hats. following british tradition, hats have been a featured fashion item at the derby since the 1800s. >> the hats's are i maeve rit part. >> i've worn my fair share. >> hi, guys. >> how can i top them all this time? first i need a dress. >> i need your help. can you dress me for the derby? >> of course i can. >> what are the styles this
7:53 am
year? >> longer lengths. kind of uneven, flirty lo'ss. a special time for you to go outside your box and be bold ande bright and be seen. tbecause everyone's goingo see you at the derby. >> shall o we try so >> sure. let's go! >> thoughts? >> what do you think? >> should this be the one? >> got my dresses. time for the hat. o now, this could be exactly what i was looking for. >> yeah! [ laughter ] >> there w go. is one, i could just feel falling off my head. >> say, no jumping jacks with that one. >> reporter: ms. moore has been a hatmaker for years. she has crafted more than 500 hats leading up to the race. >> why do you think that theth ing that has stuck as a tradition with the kentucky derby -- >> it's fabulous. just the pinnaclesh of fan. elegance, head to toe. >> and what make as hat a
7:54 am
quintessenal kentucky derby hat? >> one thing that's just a little over the top. flowers that be casca down like this. >> after my consultation, moore's team worked more than eight hours dyeing, shaping and sewing my hat into a wide brimmed flower coated customized confection to wear on race day pap sure winner for the derby. >> i actually had four hats made for four different outfits. wore two yesterday. posted them on instagram if you miss it. one more to go. the dress, the hat and it'syt everng i love about the kentucky derby. see that one when our coverage of the 145th running of the kentucky derby begins todayt 2:30 eastern right here on nbc. guys, again, i'll bring them back if you want to borrow any
7:55 am
of these. >> i love it. >> that does it for us this saturday morning. o tomorrow "sunday today" willie sits down with viola davis. >> have a great weekend! ohhh. ahhgh. so imagine how we cheered when we found tide pods fiy something more powerful than the funk. bye. di love you too! he't say that. tide sport removes even week-old sweat odor. if it's got to be clean, it's got to be tide. ar larsson - "wow"] ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ super saturday! plus - friends & family - take an extra 20% off! save on women's dresses - just $37.59... diamond earrings - only $27.99...
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7:57 am
use caution driving or operating machinery.f tellthe most common si haeffect is tao your doctor about chantix. good saturday morning. i'm david culver. straight ahead here on "news4 today," tracki rain this weekend. clay, what you thinking? >> looking at heavy rain moving across the area. ct, a flash flood watch. give you the details in the forecast. also coming up, when you first met is high school football star, he was fighting to stay on the field. now he's sitting in a jail cell charged withkilling his girlfriend. find out what police are saying about what they did to throw them off. and drunk at school. police in loudon say that they arst add teacher in the middle of the day after smelling alcohol on his breath. this morning he joins several other local teachers with a record. a lot to bri you up to speed on this saturday.
7:58 am
that and much more. we'll kick off yureekend on oat es
7:59 am
ire?♪ my lord? hey good knight. where are you going? ♪ ♪ climbing up on solsbury hill ♪ grab your things, salutations. coffee ahat is a cup above ays worth the quest. nespresso. si tis all i . did thou bring enough for the whole kingdom? george: nespresso, what else? >> announcer: "news4 today" y stts now. all news overnight, this plane carrying more than 140 people goes offan the runway d
8:00 am
into the water in florida. this morning, new details on the rescue effort. and this man sits in jail and police are calling him a killer. drunk at school. deputies in loudoun county say they arrest add teacher in the middle of the d after smelling alcohol on his reath. now he joins several other local teachers with a record. >> welcome you in onhis saturday morning. the first weend in may. good morning to you. i'm david culver. thanks for joining us. friday showers moved out of the area but another system could rve us anothe round of severe weather to deal with this weekend. tracking it all in for lauryn ricketts thisng morni is clay anderson with the weekend weather. today is the day to do something outdoorsld >> today woue the day. low level moisture across the area and fog, but that's due to the rain showers on friday. wake up the next day with a lot of low-level moisture, hu


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