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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 4, 2019 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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into the water in florida. this morning, new details on the rescue effort. and this man sits in jail and police are calling him a killer. drunk at school. deputies in loudoun county say they arrest add teacher in the middle of the d after smelling alcohol on his reath. now he joins several other local teachers with a record. >> welcome you in onhis saturday morning. the first weend in may. good morning to you. i'm david culver. thanks for joining us. friday showers moved out of the area but another system could rve us anothe round of severe weather to deal with this weekend. tracking it all in for lauryn ricketts thisng morni is clay anderson with the weekend weather. today is the day to do something outdoorsld >> today woue the day. low level moisture across the area and fog, but that's due to the rain showers on friday. wake up the next day with a lot of low-level moisture, humidity.
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why we have some fog. the fog will burn off across our area later on this morning and as it burns off we'll have some su nhine. right, yes, visibilities are a concern if you're driving about. just a little bit over a mile visibility in gaithersbu , out to the west, shenandoah valley, hagerstown and interstate 81 less than a mile visibility. the story will be tonight. that will be the first of several rounds of raishowers. a flash flood watch tonight. what time does it start? 8:00. what time does it end? not until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow mong. close to two, possibly three, inches of rain. we'll bring you the forecast. up and down weekend but get outside oday. ack to you. i'm melissa mollet with a lookrsat f 4 traffic for metro this weekend. stations closed and buses replace train there's. what we're talking about. ll 0 e line, huntington, eisenhower avenue, king street, braddock road, crystal city. s
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notpping at dca because of repairs happening. also closed on the blue line, van dorn street your the weekend. the redline, single tracking betweenenedical cr and grosvenor and regular service, silver, orange and green. see you monday morning for h"news4 today." e a great weekend. at 8:02olwing breaking news this morning out of the district. police sayne person is dead after an overnight hit-and-run crash you're looking at. the search is on for the driver involved. officers called to stanley street around 11:00 last nighon there they found a pedestrian who died at the scene. details o learn more bout the victim and trying to figure howcr this ash happened. once we gather the details we'le upda you in the nbc washington all new this morning, more than 20toeople rushed the hospital after a plane skidded off a runway and crashed into a river.
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is happened down in florida. it happened late last night in jacksoiaille. offic say a boeing 737 plane arriving from quantity taun mgu cu cuba. used the ear what c plane to crash into the water. and a high school student d to stop playing football because he could not prove he lived in the school district. nos story takes a disturbing turn. charged with killing his girlfriend. we first learned of saniyah floyd's death last month and we were told she shot herself. an autopsy says that was not true. jamal speaks was playing with a gun he boughth illegally wen heu fired the n on accident and
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killed her. this morning he sits in jail without bond. > also this rning, a frederick county man facing charges in the death of his girlfriend. police arrested chris lee meyers. earlier in the week heather w williams reported missing. her mom says she planned on breaking up with meyers. her family later visited the couple's home off jefferson pike and found williams' body. according to court documents williams' mom told police meyers is a heroin addict. ve icials believe meyers d the car to baltimore after the killing. >> the police tried to find ms. williams and ended up putting a ping on her phon trying to find her phone and my understanding is that the phone was located in baltimore within her car. >> police say meyers was in williams' car when arrested on traffic and drug charges. williams' mother says that he had threatened to kill her daughter if she broke up with him. if convicted, meyers faces life
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in prison. staying in maryland nowo montgomery county where a judge sentenced a teen to ten years in prison for his role in gang activity. cell phone video shows a man waving a machete at a man in the parking lot at the festival shopping center in gaithersburg. police say the teen is a memb of ms-13. another man was involved, prosecutors say, and has already been sentenced. new details in two major trafficking arrests involving teenagers. terrell armstead used an instagram hashtag to advertise his sex business. direct gssage teenagels enticing them with money. the scald "dates" took place in cars around 11th and 12th streets between k and n streets in northwest. police made a second unrelated arrest of an alleged human ng fficker who charged y women $1,000 a day to be their so-called career manager. an update this morning, a
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d.c. catholic priest indicted on several counts of sexually o abusing tw children and a woman in his parish. father vasquez was a priest at shrine of the sacred heart in northwest washington. late last year charged with childseex abu after three people accused him of abusing them as teenagers. the statute of limitationsad run out on two of the reported assaults. after those accusations came to light, he s then charged with two more crimes involving a minor and a woman. according to the news parter in wpot he will plead not guilty arraigned may 24th. w theashington archdiocese h remov from his position at shrine of the sacred heart. c loudoun nty, a special educati teacher faces charges after deputies say he wasrunk while at work.ep duties arrested brian chamber at mill run elementary th sheriff says he had alcohol on his breathrs anday. they found on him. this is not the first time someing like thishappened at loudoun county public schools.
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back in apr ofstling m iddle sc was charged w dui and possession of alcohol. a few months later, same schoola a tcher arrived intoxicatedcu d of drinking in the class raoul. classroom. >> it's concerning. serm concerning for us. i think it was really, the principal was on the ball, made sure he let us know right away. >> chamber became a special education teacher back in 2016. e joined mill run two years ago. this morning we're told he is on administrative leave. it's a job with tremendous reslnsibility. al next week on "news4 today," t we're going celebrate teachers across the dmv as part of teacher precious week. of course, the story we just told you about, one of the unimportant ones. most of ouris teachers in th area, incredible individuals dedicated to their career and ,e'll be in the community. the first stop a fairfax county public school. heyfield secondary school. hope you'll join us onto "news4 day" starting at 4:00 in the
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morning. 8:07, birth control the last thing you would think of fixing the rat problem in some d.c. neighborhoods. that's exactly what they're doing. coming up, a closer look at the e ofual strategy to take c a growing problem in cities across the country. that
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looking at them may make n some crige. talking about rats here. ndt hard to spot in some of our neighborhoods alleys a the night and the district tried plenty of ways to kill them. now they're spending hundreds of thousands dollars on a whole new approach. birth control. investigative reporter jodie fleischer shows us why d.c. is willing to invest in this project. >> reporter: it's the ugly side of living in a big city. .>> they're pretty brazen r on porter: and in the w rats, this army is changing its
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tactics. >> i mean, bring it on. >> reporter: think of washington, d.c. as one giant laboratory with gerard brown leading an experiment. >> the traditional methods that we use doesn't work. >> reporter: so d.c.'s health inpartment is thinking inside the box, targetg rodents where they feed. >> yeah. >> oh! eg reporter: the news 4 team watched as crews baiting 16 alleys across the district, two in each with a product called contrapest. >> they drink it. >> reporter: they're targeting alleys with the most complaints like this one in adams morgan. >> full-hearted support. >> reporter: right behind scott bennett's restaurant. >> you got to try anything. if it does work, the best money ever spent. >> reporter: a costly gamble. d.cis spending nearly $1 million on the contrapest and new staff to employ it. the product alone costs $300,000, the company's largest shipment ever. >> it makes them infertile. it is a contraceptive.
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o> reporter: this woman runs the company that develd contrapest saying rats in the wild only live about six to eight months, but in that time breed thousands of pups. ba lab tests rats who drank contrapest had no bies. >> we get the question all the d time, why woui use birth control on a rat? why not just kill them? >> reporter: she says it's a long-term more humane solution that works on males and females. we were told the product was so successful at the gate ware arch park it's nt curre expanding its use. >> in terms of testing in an urban, city-wide environment you aven't done that before? >> we personally have not. >> reporter: it touts smaller successes in a multifamily ex housing compln new york claiming delivery of the product, "to a substantial number of rats which successfully reduced the infestation and saw reduction in rat activity in as little as oh the i-team contacted the new york city health department which also tested a multifamily
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housing complex but said, "noar clend consistent decrease in rat activity was detected over time." >> definitely proving that a birth control works is quite challenging. >> reporter: the successful study, they say, mentioned on the company's website was in no y affiliated with the health department and that the health department never asked for help deploying the product which could have affected its outcome. >> most people, theifinition of success, a wheelbarrow full of dead rats. >> reporter: she says you can never count the total of rats but you can tell how much of the product is missing from the karens and if there are fewer baby rats running way. >> have you talked with the other city about this? why they did or did not continue with it? >> we did not. >> reporter: they should know in about six months. if fewer a droppings rats are nearby, they'll expand the
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program. >> this is the real test. >> reporter: if it doesn't work? >> we try something new. >> reporter: we did speak with a horse ranch in arizona that's been really happy with the g product sayins rats are almost all gone. a boston suburb told us it si stopped u the product, because other programs can more effective for its the dict told us it plans to continue to use other tools including rat poison while it tests the birth control. amdie fleischer, news 4 i- >e if you want to learn mor about the project head to our nbc washington app. click on investigations. it's there. you can send a tip for the i-team to step out. 18: is your time. a foggy start to your saturday a look outside. in the midstf lifting out of our area. clay anderson is tracking severe weather maki [musngic playing] (vo) this is matt and rachel. and this is the few minutes they have until naptime iover. this ik rachel depositing a chthout leaving the house.
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queen latifah: it hasn't always been easy, has crowd: no! but you had the courage to venture into something powerful: education. never stop growing. here at news 4 we focus on working for you. you hear us say that a lot. that's something echoed by our parent company comcast. putting it in it action for the annual comcast cares day. in prince george's county a whole team cleaning up for rowing green with pride even at seabrook elementary scoon in lanham and joining us, joe gill. appreciate you being with us early this morning. here's how it works. only you can hear me but you have three women alongside you
8:18 am
who can share about the cleanup effort. start with you. walk us through what's going ont out thereay and what you anticipate. >> it's a beautiful day in prince george's county under the leadership of county executive angela brooks. we have over 2,200 50ople, 1 organizations and 25 schools participating in 150 cleanup sites, all over prince georges' county. it is a beautiful, exciting day. >> thank you, jo you have principal clairetta spinks next to you. >> next to me is the principal from seabrook elementary school. principal? >>ood morning, everyone we are so excited. excited and grateful for the partnership here today at seabrook elementary schl. have parents, we have students and staff, county representation, our ceo and so many important people here for
8:19 am
one purpose. the goal is to beautify seabrook element ary school. the partnership is awese. painting, planting, gardening. parents that are landscapers here for one purpose, beautiful. our grounds we are so excited! thank you, nbc. they went shopping for us. they purched plants, flowers, they also did food and refreshments. comcast, thank you. >> good morning. we're extredely exciteto have all of our volunteers here today, and it's just an example that our community cares about our children, and that we're grateful that today is prince georges' growing green with pride day. >> thank you, everyone. a pleasure to be here, and enjoy this beautiful day with prince georgere growing g with pride. >> we love to see those. >> and comcast. hank you. >> right. we love to see the crowds out there. joe gill, appreciate it.
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serving as an awesome reporter for us outthere today. i know you'll be getting your hands dirty as you start to do planting out there. we appreciate that, to all the folks spending their time. clay anderson with us alongside here on this saturday morning. and in for lauryn ricketts. a lot of folks doing outdoor work to beautify seabrook elementary school. weatherwise, dealing with rain this mohening? >> tog moves out and everybody sees, if yto want do outdoor activities, don't let the fog stop you. get it done. you need to cut the grass, the grass will be a bit wet. trust me, a lot wetter tomorrow. more than it is outside right now. with that, startwith what we expect to happen at about 8:00 p.m. tonight, and that willa be flash flood watch. that will be put in place for the entire listening and viewing area. talking from 8:00 p.m. tonight until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning covering areas north and south, i-95 corridor.
8:21 am
270 north and west. interstate 66 to the west and interstate 81 well into the s n shenandoah valley. the apple blossom parade is going on today. yardwork early -- early. tore form, jog, tomorrow, hopefully waterproof gear. and still rather warm. no realsh raiers across the area right now for the washington, d.c. meat tra paul tin area. the story, everyoney 6:00 p.m., just the beginning, everyone. showers move from the west tot east. later this ening, could ha o rumbles thunder. behind me, showers move from ans th happens overnight. we call it train iing.nd notice su afternoon into later in the afternoon, rain, rain, more rain and clouds.
8:22 am
it doesn't start to clr out until monday. that's the reason the national service is talking about one,os pbly two or three inches of rain. we'll give yo the ten u
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have you heard about the new royal baby that's on the way? g i think it'sot the world's attentiol a lot of all about thiser mystbirth. not a lot of details released. speculation growing after prince
8:25 am
harry abruptly shortened and official visit to the neth netherlands for this coming week. the palace says it's because of logistical planning. m reports sayhan is due any day now. looking for some family fun outdoors today. a few options for you. physical the manassas air show. teams from across the country performing high-flying stunts. wing walker, parachute teams and able to be up close and see cool vintage military airport. the manassas regional airport fro10:00 until 4:00this afternoon and it's free. something else to consider out there today. the national cathedral hosting its annu flowermart. folks enjoying this festival of flowers for years now. the flower mart is open from 10:00 until 6:00 this afternoon. we've got a list of all local events going on in our area. search for your weekend in the nbc washington app. it's m called theost
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exciting two minutes ofports for a reason. talking abou the 145th running of the kentuckyrb dey at churchill downs. this year, no clear favorite to win it the horse omaha beach, which had tten top bets withdrew for health reasons. three remaining contenderstr ned by bob baffert, trained last year'sn triple crow victor justify. moreha t 150,000 people expected to attend today. stay with us for all the derby action coverage kicks off at 2:30 this afternoon right here on nbc a live look outsidey a fogg start to your saturday. coming after a rainy friday, too.e we may have s clearing today, clay anderson also tcking some severe weather ahead.
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da>> announcer: "news4 to starts now. welcome back in on this saturday morning. the first weekend in may. good morning. i'm david culver. thas for starting your weekend off with us. rain most saw yesterday, it's moved on out of the area.we can expect at least dry conditions this morning, albeit a little foggy out there.ay clnderson is in the storm aeam 4 weather center in for lauryn rickett tracking changes that could come as soon as this evening? >> absolutely, gooing, everyone. starting with fog. we all want sunshine for the weekend, trust me. if you have outdoor activities e
8:30 am
today, wh for fun or just doing yardwork, get it done y. to a lot more rain is moving across the area. start with the fog across our even. always as they say location, location, location. baltimore coming in with just a mile. ing across the bay bridge, a little over a mile, about a mile and a half or so.we out to the , shenandoah valley, visibilities gradually improving. what happens tonight starting at 8:00 will be a flash flood watch where you see the green. that's for the entire listening and viewingudience from 8 :00 to 10:00 a.m. tomorrow.morning one to two possibly three inches coming down across our area. we'll give you the details a the ten-day forecast, which has sunshine in it. >> looking ahead to that. check in then. 8:30 following breaking news. d.c. police say one person is dead after an overnight hit-and-run.
8:31 am
now the search i on f the driver involved. what we know, officers called to seventh avenue around 11:00 last night. once arrived found a pedestrian who died at the scene. workingo get more details here and learn more about the victim and figure out how this crash happened. when we get that inf mation we'll update you in the nbc ap washington more breaking news. this coming out of baltimore where five people including two small children were shot overnight. police say a woman was shot in the neck and a 1-year-old shot in the leg and a 2-year-old shot in the t so. two other men who police believe areis connected to th shooting showed up at the hospit with gunshot wounds. all five are stable and expected to survive. so far no arrests made. developing this morning, police did not have to look for too long to find a frederick county man accused of killing his girlfriend because he was already behind bars. pulled over some are something else in baltimore hours before police even knew his girlfriend was dead inside the couple's
8:32 am
home. darcy spencer has the story from news 4. >> reporter: the body of 24-year-old reheather williams found inside this trailer in frederick county, maryland. she was face down in a bedroom covered with a blanket with severe head trauma. -olice have charged her live-in boyfriend, 39-year chris lee meyers with her murder. the victim's mother told authorities that her daughter planned to break up with the suspect and when family memberse didn't from her they became very worried. it was her own father who broke through the front door and found his daughter's acing to charging documents the victim's mother told police meyers is a heroin addict and her daughter was taking him to a clinic to get methadone. authorities believe meyers drove the car to baltimore after the killing, in her car, they say, raen he was arrested and tic and drug charges. >> the police tried to find ms. williams and ended up putting a ping on her phone trying to find
8:33 am
her phone, and my understanding is that the phone was located in baltimore within her car. >> reporter: during a search of the victim's car polfound several blood-stained items, a towel, a man's camouflage shirt and a pillow. they also recovered the victim's purse and cell phone. williams' mom also told police meyers had threatened to kill her daughter if she broke up with him. prosecutors say leaving an abusive relationship can be dangers. >> in frederick county, in d.c., we have partly housed all over the state and in d.c. there's lots of community e sources for victims of domestic violencd we encourage women and men experiencing domestic violence to reach out to those organizations and seek help. >> reporter: if convicted meyers faces life in prison. s darcypencer, news 4. to some international helines this morning. north korea launching severl short-rangesiles overnight. launched or the course of about 30 minutes fromnorth
8:34 am
korea's hoda peninsula. t trump administration is aware of the launches and they're monitoring it. earlier in the year president ump and north korean leader kim jong-un ended a summit unable to negotiate a nuclearization deal. one of two women tried in killing's kim jong-un's half brotfrr is free om prison. she was greeted by her father and other relatives in vietnam. she and another woman were charged th poisoning kim jong-nam by smearing a deadly is chemical on face in february of 2017. the u.s. and south korean authorities sayweoth women pawns in an assassination. they thought they were part of a reality show. 8:34. for the first time president trump and vladimir putin spsiaking on the phonece release of the mueller report. the two leaders focusing on tomices like venezuela and clear disarmmented. during the lengthy conversation, the president saysno he did warn putin against interfering
8:35 am
in the upcoming election. >> nid you tell himot to meddle in the upcoming election? >>otwe canndiscuss that. we discussed five or six things. >> while special counsel robert mueller found no cons speapirac between president trump -- the latest to announce a white house run senator michael bennet sits down with an exclusive interview with chuck todd on "meet the press" tomorrow. every day house fires claim lives across the country. in an effort to prevent tragedies firefighters and red heoss members are taking the time to make tre folks have working smoke detectors. today that happens in the district. news 4's derrick ward is live. what's this all about? >> reporter: we're outside engine company 30. one of the busiest fire housese
8:36 am
in thity here in northeast and you see some action going on here today. these volunteers from the red cross and other organizations are filling these bags wh smoke detectors. each of these bags holds 20 smoke detectors. you see the kits that g out and they'll give them away and ain stall them for folk whose don't have them or may need anup te. you see the ladders and equipment they need is here as well as the volunteers. look at the folks here. with me paul cardin of the american red cross, the national capital region. we said we run into each other a lot. except for a sad thing. a fire. this is prevent owl that? >> right. a great day to come together, not be at a fire but work with d.c. fire department and go into homesnstall smoke alarms. the end result is we're going to save lives. you've got two minutes to get out of a house when there's a fire. these smoke alarms give you that heads up to get out and be safe. education. a little
8:37 am
you've got two minutes to get out. you need two ways to get out and get together as a family. so you're right. this is a great day to be doing something positive, to make a lives. ffort to save >> reporter: indeed. talking about informational kits. this is one of the things you get. me, a diagram of your mark the entrance or exits points and a place to gather. that's important, too, that everybody, once you get out, there's a place all should go and agreed upon before you ned to think about it. >> right. we sit down with the family. we have them draw out what their household looks like. we put those exit routes. i've gone to too many fires where everyone's gotten out, but the mother, the father, can't account for the kid. they go back in and unfortunately now we're responding to a tragedy. so it's two minutes, two ways to get out and have a meeting point yofor ever at the end. >> reporter: indeed. ghat's what this effort is about today. s under way in a about 20
8:38 am
minutes. a news conference and then fan out into the community. again, this happening across the country today and all about keeping people safe. live at engine company 30, back to you. >> a worthwhile effort that could save lives. appreciate it. talking about fires, go the to show you this massive one happening right now in illinois. crew there's are still trying to put out these flames at an industrial complex. many residents took to social media posting about a sonic booth they heard just after emidnight. th explosion sent four people to the hospital, but officials did not comment yet on their conditions. officials say the building was demolished. about 1,000 residentsere without power, and several of them complained of their windows in their homes being shattered. no word yet on what caused tt explosion >> we told you about another atm robbery that recently rocked our region. now new video of the thieves in action. two suspects went into a 7-eleven on tech road in silver spring thursday morning. thyey forced the store emplo to the floor. that's what you're looking at
8:39 am
here. a third person rammed a pickup truck through the front of that store.d they loade the atm and took off. st one got hurt, but the suspects are ll out there. they wore black hoodies and covered their faces. so far, police made no arrests. in recent weeks several atms in the region have been targeted for theft. police are looking to see if the cases are connected. re> metro's major summer shutdown just thweeks away. this weekend's station closures couldelp work out the kinks. today and tomorrow buses replace trains at six stations. blue and yellow line south of reagan national airport will be closed. that means no stops at the airport. the yellow line is closed at huntington, eisenhower, king street and bradck road. also closed on the blue line, van dorn street and franconia. and prince georges county
8:40 am
glowing with ng all residents in prince georges to clean up their yards and commuties between 8:00 this morning and noon. live at the community wednesday morning, talking to elsa brooks what she wants to see from this county-wide effort. >> this is a collaborative effort. we are so proudcl toan up our community and want people to know they have to assist us. again, those median strips where you advertise tirting services an those things, no. cameras captures people illegally umping and want everybody to be a part of this. come out saturday to our event and help us clean up our an communitione event involving comcast cres seaaybrook elementary. inviting folks to join for a grow kg green with pride day at watkins regional park happening from noon until 3:00 today. n upext here on "news4 today," tracking your kids' texts, pts and photos. a local company making it a lot easiernews 4 susan hogan is
8:41 am
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a pretty importantconsumer alert to share this morning k abouts and their online io beh as parents you want nothing more on.n for them to be safe logng how do you monter what they do on their devices when they hardly ever set them down? consumer reporter, workingor you. a local company that found a solution. >> reporter: from the moment 15-year-old cleo walks in the door -- until dinner -- she's on her phone and laptop doing homework and checking social media. >> how was school? >> reporter: her dad's not only curious what she's sharing online but is concerned about what's being sharewith her. >> what are their friends'
8:44 am
choosing, looking at? that's what they're going to be interested in. what their friends become interested in. >> reporter: like most parents, robert's conflicted between mnting to give cleo her privacy and wanting toe sure she's safe. >> i can't sit and watch them 24/7. >> reporter: but cleo's online activity is being watched closely. 24/7. >> this one, siest on instagram, 2:00 is during school hours. >> reporter: robert and cleo are looking at a snapshot of her online behavior over the past 24 hours. every text message, photo, newt contac and social media post is toight there for her dad ee. >> if i text something or do something that i regret on my phone, i know he knows anyways, i might as well ownt and tell him. >> reporter: robert usesona digital mitoring service called "you know kids." based right here in virginia. the co-founder founded company in 2009 after his
8:45 am
nephew was targeted by an online predator. >> our goal, help moms and dads restore a level of balance to ac coand nurture their kids and teach them to be great digital citizens, and it requires a certain number of transparency. >> reporter: they scan mobile data from 21 different sources like facebook, instagram and text messages. >> we'll also, when we flag something that has sexual solicitation, violence, bullying, profanity, drugs, alcohol. >> reporter: you know kids also translates acronyms and flags words with double anings. >> something asks would you like to come over and have some broccoli? that may mean come over for broccoli, but it may mean, let's smoke me pot. >> reporter: parents get an email every day with a summary of their children's online activity. >> it's allowed us to have a dialogue, to know that i'm not looking at i don't want look at everything. i don't have time to read everything. i'm looking for things that
8:46 am
stand out. >> reporter: you know kids says it needs log-in information to all your children's accounts and it's a soware system that is watching your children's activities and not a real person. th information that is collected, the data, is deleted after 35 days, and you know kids says it never shares any of that da with third parties. back to you. >> susan hogan reporting. thanks. one app safe for you and your kids, the nbc 4 app. and claanderson isy t
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
a beautiful beach. breathtaking views and all the o seafyou can enjoy all within driving distance from the d.c. metro area. and irene johnson made the trips to virginia eastern shore on just one tank of gas. >> reporter: on one tank of gas we drove three hours into wallop's island to land at the flight facility. nasa's only launch range, the site of important m the moon and beyond. we're almost close enough to be able to touch it. one of three launch pads here. >> one tank of gasme down to the eastern shore of virginia and be able to see space activities. ne able to see nature. >> reporter: niiles down the road, a ride into serenity. peaceful chincoteague island.
8:50 am
we ditched oucar for a roadster enjoying a ride around town where locals welcomed up including a d.c. native who eoved away from the hustle of city life decadago. >> when you cross the bridge coming in here you see the marshes on the side and certain times when that marsh, people think it stinks, but it's a wonderful smell to me. >> reporter: living here on an island known for protecting wild horses and ponies, oam free here, and not far away, a sandy paradise at the beach. all inside oyster and c fresh out of the water. >> here you go. >> there you go! [ horn beeps ]
8:51 am
>> porter: there's one road and one road off chincoteague island, virginia, and we did it all on one tank of gas. reporting for news 4 in chincoteague, virginia. >> tranquil treasures all over our area. the oysters they took in, displayed at the chincoteague festival happening from 10:00 this morning until 4:00 this afternoon. at tom's cove park. clay anderson, telling me you have been doing camping out there? >> yes. cottages and cabins out there. again, the navy provides. it's nice. >> tomay folks who e want to do a little trip, deal with fog at the start? >> yes, yes, but then 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. window, that's an excellent window to get out. fog hangs around a little more hours but the fog is like ad
8:52 am
on rainy weather, but we will have rain across therea no doubt about that. the flash flood watch starts tonight at 8:00 p.m. until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. you may say, clay, that's a pretty long time for a flood ecatch. we exp anywhere from one, possibly three inches, of rain depending on the downpours and where you are.t, with tha the more sun we get today, the more fuel we'll have n and at heavy r thunderstorms which happen late tonight and the overnight as an early sunday morning. sunday, not a complete washout but rainy and cooler for your sunday. with that, temperatures across the area, ven't budged much. notice, still warm and humid across areas of the eastern shore and out to the west. winchester, hagerstown, temperatures in the low to mid-60s. warm for this time of year. no rain showersacross the area yet, but it's early. still have fog to contend with.t
8:53 am
oncehe fog lifts, rain is coming. interstate 270, more rain across this area. keep an eye as that pinwheel of heavy rain moves ay cross the area. with that,everyone, the numbers the neglext several days. warm and muggy. low 80s. into the 70s tomorrow. cool down. not a bad monday, tuesday or wednesday but temperatures summerlike still. notice, you have summer, warm, muggy air looks like a chance for rain later on in the week.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:56 is your four things to know on this saturday. police in d.c. say one person is dead after an overnight hit and-run crash. the pedestrian alongen sevening avenue and southeast. we're learn morepp how it haen and post details in the nbc washington app. officials trying to figure what caused a plane to skid off into the river in jacksonville, florida. more than 20 rushed to the hospital. a> a major metro change this weekend today tomorrow buses replace trains at six tations. head to our nbc washington app for the complete li of closures. search metro. we're hours away from this year's kentucky derby. stay with us for all the action. coverage kicks off at 2:30 p.m. right here on nbc 4.
8:57 am
clay anderson, i've learned ju consumed. that's a lot. and a lot of rain is coming our way tonight. a flood watch in effect. the heaviest amounts of rain actuly overnight tonight and early sunday morning. tune in in the morning. we'll let you knowhere we are and have sunshine for y.monda >> sounds good. that does it for "news4 today" on this saturday. back h back h e
8:58 am
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