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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 5, 2019 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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back across the table after i thought i had won. we'll have more on that coming up, but first we want to welcome you in to this soggy sunday morning. i'm adam s >> if you're stuck outside, hold onto your umbrella. we have rain all day today. >> the poncho, theumbrella, the glasses. you need it all, huh, clay? >> yes. we have plenty of rain to go ndcause we're now in what i call the third rou of rain that will be moving across the washington area. as i said, the first round was last night. the second round was hours ago. we wereso waking up, me of us, with a rumble of thunder a little after midnight. what we're looking at now i your steadier stratoform rainbow variety.
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the damage has been done as far as flood watches and flood warnings. flood warnings, we have one in winchester, and the flood watch for all of us until noon today. we'll give you thoseil and let you know when the sun will details in a moment. >> we're continuing to follow breaking news. this happened late last night along 4th and douglas street just blocks from the dean wood metro station. right now police a searching for two men who they believe are insponsible. this is a develop story and we'll post the very latest on our nbc washington app. also developing this moicning, a trag update of a helicopter crash into chesapeake bay. we've now learnedo men have died. >> authorities found their bodies after the helicopter went into the water yesterday
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afternoon. our derrick wd joining us from the live road today. wh >> victims have beenen idtified as charleso knight mt. airy and matt clark of pasadena. the helicopter crashed on the island a little afterubb1d 2:00. the two men had boarded the helicopter that left from tipton airport outside fort meade. officials searched the area for hours and finally found the two men in 55 feet of water. they talked about the weather at the time of the crash. >> i hink it was ju overcast at the time. we probably had a light breeze here abole 10 mian hour. so the weather conditions doesn't seem to be a factor. >> today investigators are
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working with the national transportation service to determinehe accident. this morning d.c.lice are still searching for the driver who hit and killed a man in a crosswalk and took off. the victim wasg crossin the street at southern avenue and beck street southeast late friday night. the suv front wasead at the scene. two people are dead after a firesi explo at an illinois silicone factory. officials expect the death toll to rise to four because t y think two other people were burid in this rubble here. they plan to resume searching they called off efforts last night because it was getting
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dark. nine people were injured inth at explosion. itsses as far as are looking into what caused that explosion> you saw the drama unfold right here on nbc4. the horse maximum security was the first to cross the finish line but then an objection was called. officials reviewed the tape only tonnounce that maximum security was disqualified. you can see the horse uses his back leg to cross over the muddy puddle as i see here, and then into the path of other horses, which is ilegal. offcials ordered country house as the winner. >> it's an. >> i thought after that i was
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going to win but -- >> mz. in two weeks right here on nbc4. rhey, aial vote is coming up soon on the expansion of the capitol beltway and i-270 about adding toll lanes there. but before that, r. there is a town hl to hear input from concerned residents about this project. go. it's ing to be held at the silver spring civic building. it's been one year since jeffrey price was killed when his dirt bike crashed into a the and working to make sure his memory is sti keptalive. we gathered in the park
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northeast to celebrate his life. the community doesn't want him to be forgotten. >> we wanted to bring people together. a way of commemorating his life was really important. >> reporter: police say he was driving his bike on the wrongsi de of the road when he crashed. police have disputed what actual actlly people have said happened. the d.c. firefolhters and vunteers are doing their part to try to make sure fires are warned. hey installed smoke alarms across the city. if you're looking for something to do with the family, we can help you out with that.
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this month you can take a trip around the world without even crossing the titanic. ay's local celebration, through culture, each mto coincide with iulternational cral awareness month. >> the food is worth it that's py awesome. >> as you know. >> that's echoed byour parent company, comcast. we would like to ask yotk you a who participated in comcast cares yesterday. we werin seabrook elementary school in lanham. volunteers helped spiff up the school inside and out. >> volunteerism is part of our dna. it's a great way to come together with our school system,
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ou . sdplz there is a new mobile fshl and it doubles as a fully functional barbara shop. the peace. many tic publ can get free haircuts and they can also enjoy artwork. the artist designed it so they can feel like they're walking into his paintings. this is part of cultural d.c.'s initiative to make art accessible to everyone. it's a job with tremendous responsibility. we're talking ab.t teachers all this week on news4 toda we'll be celebrating teachers across the dmv as part of teacher appreciation week. >> she'llen snshl.
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please tune in to news4 every day this week. ly. coming up next t a kutsd of trying to killli a po officer. why he feels vindicated but he says others in his shoes not so lucky.
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for fast, reliable internet. comcast business. beyond fast. welcome back. we're talking about a rurney foustice for a man in george princes county. >> a man named sneed says he was not guilty of killing a police officer. he says he was innocent a. along >> here's an update to the story you see first on news4. >> the system was going to work against me regardless. >> stop, stop!
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get out of the car! >> reporer: kevinsneed's trouble began during a traffic stop. the police officer said he stopped kevin for a broken taillight, and because there was a robbery in the immediate vicinity the previous night. he said kevin accelerated during the stop. he said he jumped in the driver's side window because he feared he had a gun. after a search, no gun was found. sneed was still charged with killing a police officer. >> i said, just let me go to my ll. >> reporter: kevin received bruises that day. he said he was beaten by the slgd officer. he was offered a plea with no jail time if he admitted some guilt. it's something kevin considered but decided not to do. >> at the end of the day, i would be a fool to take it and
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they play wi my life. >> he felt like he didn'ttoeven want eave. >> reporter: kevin's mother got help fr an activis group called life after release. they got invold and soon kevin had a new defense team. >> we were able to get a black lives matter support fund for kevin's defense and get himy awa from public defenders who didn't have his best interest. >> reporter: kevin was found not guilty of all charges. sneed had aot of help too many contenders can't access. >> a lot of times. >> tracee wilkins, news4. >> the prince georges county police department did not respond to our request for
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comment, and she tells us this is a case she inherited from the previous state's attorney. she went on to say, quote, when we received this case, we thought the case had merit. we thought it was, i wish mr. sneed and his family the best. taking a live look outside right now. this is downtown rockville. we'll check inith clay w
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welcome back and thank you for joining us. well, there's no doubt about it that there is a lot of history in d.c. you can go to museums and pull up all kinds of important >>documents. hat's right, but some of the craziest moments happened in places that you wouldn't think twice about. we had to go deeper here. ains, 's derrick ward ex it's all about espionage. >> reporter: they walk among us and they ha for years. they don't wear trench cats and sunglasses. >> true spies blend into surroundings. di>> reporter: often hi things in plain sight. this freeway in georgetown, pretty nondescript, but it's one of the most infamous locations for espionage history.
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>> this is, in fact, the place where aldrich ames, the greatest betrayer in cia history, started jotting down names of cia agents and handed it over to his soviet handlers. >> reporter: it's the kind of thing you can learn from the spa agency, clefverly disguised as burger joint. this pizza place in georgetown was a french restaurant in 1985. clues led mike ursory to the same place where a kgb dector escaped his handlers. >> he climbed out a window and ran to the soviet agency. >> people running it have their own feelings.
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>> and it's about to open on may 12, and there may be a spy or two keeping an eye on who stops by. >> absolutely. i think we're all being watched. >> nbc news4, derrick ward. or is that really my name? >> you can go to the spies museum if you follow the ues. i continue to get reports om people driving around this. be careful, everyone, when you're out and about after you atch this today. outside now we'll show you where the rain is falling and continues to fall. it's been falling since last night for many of us and the rain has been piling up on theys roadwa causing some flood watches and some flood warnings across our area. but as i said, the rain will e
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gradually throughout the day today. but if you're traveling on area highways, 270, interstate 66, even the spine of the appalachians, you're looking at interstate 81, keep both hands on the wheel and watch out. we're a looking a flood warning now until 12:45 this afternoon. here it iagain. the flash flood watch isn't until noon today. up to 4 inches before it's all said and done an it won't end untis late th afternoon. temperatures rather remembered.n things yeed to know today. take the umbrella. both hands on the wheel. we will see sunshine again, everyone, but probably until monday at the earliest. as we lking about en will
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the rain. round after round of rain shower ait of training around noon hours, so swrel rain noov even though it's light. . midnight before we had 100% chance of rain. saat means everyone in the viewing area some rain today. temperatures in the 70s and 80s. not bad at all, so we do i appreciate n weather across the area. more noon and information in a bit. >> i'm mike murray. >> for all the talk of the social democratic parties, there been a fascinating development so far in the 2020 race fo president. >> just think about it. i joe biden leading in the polls right now.
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>> and several democratic candidates like biden. amy klobuchar and michael bennett are promising health caree inst of a moral. this doesn't mean bernie sanders or elizabeth warren won't minimum the. but this early strength from the pragmatic middle shows that the democratic fi democratic fi el k frome three kids, i w home. we are all on the internet at the same time. my kids are doing homework or they're streaming videos. upstairs, downstairs. how's homework going? you need help? my middle vn, he likes to createideos and post them online. and while he's doing that i'm on video chat with the client. so that, you know, mama can ma some money. the best internet is even better at our best price.
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welcome back and thanks for joining us on a sunday morning. if you're thinking about dinner plans, y might want to check your fridge and freezer because tyson is claiming almost a million pounds of chicken strips. they have complaints from people who found pieces of metal, of all things, in the food. the frozen produc have use by dates of march 2019 to may 2020. authorities boarded the cruise ship yesterday and
9:26 am
started vaccinating people. they said those already vaccinated or who previously had the measles are ordered to leave. so far measles has sickened more than 700 people in the united states this year. right now ntsb officials are in jacksonville, florida to figure out how a jetliner ended up in the river. on fridayight the miami air boeing 737 was landing at the naval air station in rough weather when it slid off the runway into st.john's river. 136 passengers and seven crew ambers were on bo. all of them survived. at least 21 people went to the hospital for minor >> we'll looking at the human aspects which includes the flight crew and the cabin crew. we'll be looking at the machine. that will be the aircraft itself. and then finally the environment
9:27 am
which would include the airporth the w and air trachk control. z >> the flight was coming from guantanamo bay, cuba. they have een reunited with their families. we're learning it was one of the mostve destructi storms ever to hit the u.s. researchers say that the high h category 1ricane ripped the region with winds at about 90 miles an hour.e florencused $24 billion in damage, also killed dozens of people. if you're going outside today, ha on to those umbrellas because you're going to need them. clay anderson says it will be raing all throughout theday. he'll join us in just a moment this is not a d...
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9:30 on this suniny mo here's what we're following for you. a lot of green on your screen. a wther alert such as an overnight sking will continue to roll throug today. clay anderson has more of what's on the way. they're ready to file contempt charges against william barr if he doesn't hand over the full and unredacted mueller po re. a triumphant return.
9:31 am
adam sandler, opeman of "saturday night live" for the vifirst time since lea the new york stage more than 20 years ago. od to see him back there and he really doesn'th look that muc different. >> he doesn't. >> we're following a lot for you on this sunday morning. . and thanks so much for being here with us. i'm adam tuss. >> good morning to you. i'm meagan fitzgerald. pull out those umbrellas and hang onto them because it looks like a wet the rain is not going anywhere. but clay, you were saying, i ess, the sun is going to come out tomorrow? >> we're looking at a very good start to the work week and school week, but today it's going to be a soggy sunda a wet day, whatever adjective you want to put in in front of sunday. they are weakening as the storm system gradually moves to the
9:32 am
east throughout our area. s you take a look at our radar picture, your radar picture, as i point to the east, i-95, plenty of rain to go around. but take a look to our west. we're seeing a break to the action out to our west as we go to areas of prince william, fauquier, culpeper, and the shenandoah valley, there's what we call a dry slot. that dry slot will closelater this afternoon and with that it will bring more rain. the warning is for winchester and frederick and washing n counties until 12:45 this afternoon, and until noon for the rest of us. all the details and when wetll see hat sun, meagan. i'll let you know in just a few minutes. >> all right, . thank you very much. 911 service is now restored to several rint and boost wireless customers in the district. the office of united communications says theyiv rece reports callers were getting a busy signal when dialing the emergency number.
9:33 am
but as of right now, things should be back on track. developing this morning, we have now learned that the helicopter crash in the chesapeake bay we've been telling you about has turned deadly. >> authorities say two bodies were found after the helicopter went into the water near kent island, and the u.s.oast guard tells us it happened yesterday afternoon. the two men who were aboard a helicopter which had left from tipton airport outside fort meade, multiple jurisdictions searched the area and later foundthwreckage in 55 feet of water. authorities spoke about what the weather was like at the time of the crash. >> i think it was just overcast atobhe time. we ly had a light breeze here about 10 miles an hour. so it hasn't really been -- the weather conditions doesn't seem to be a factor. >> now, authorities have identified the victims asch rles knight of mt. airy and matt clark of pasadena. investigators are wor to recover the wreckage and
9:34 am
determine what exactly contributed to this accident. a grim update to a story we first told you about yesterday morning. we now know that at least two people are dead after a fiery explosion at an illinois silicor fact officials there say they expect the death toll to rise to four because they believe two other bodies are buried in this rubble. just take a look at ts footage here. authorities plan to resume searching today after calleg off fforts last night due to the darkness. officials say at the time nine employees of the plant were inside. several of them were hurt. the explosion happened late iday night. witnesses from as far as 20 miles away said they felt that sonic boom. the cause fortunaf the explosiol unknown. on wednesday rideshare drivers are planning to turn off their apps. they say they're going to strike demand betterpay, better
9:35 am
tipping process, better fare policies and benefits. the may 8 strike is supposed to last from noon until midnight. other big cities are planning an organized protest. attorney general william barr faces another major deadline. he's under pressure to produce a full unredacted version of special cr'nsel robert muelle report. the house judiciary committee has set a deadline of 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. democrats are requesting full access to all information in the report. if not they will move to contempt proceedings and seek legal recourse. trump's former chief of staff john kelly has a new job. kelly has joined calburn international. they face backlash for holding children in a florida prison
9:36 am
that is described as prisonlike. tomorrow the president's former attorney and fixer is expected to begin his prison sentence. michael cohen will be at the federal corrections institution. he'll be sentenced to three years for tax evasion, lying to congress and campaign finance rimes. we'll sit down for an exclusive interview with one of the newest faces in the campaign, senator michael bennett. did you see "saturday night live" last night? adam sandler returnsst to ho since leaving the show 24 years ago. >> that also meant the return of one of his classic characters. check out operaman. ♪ where did mike go
9:37 am
♪ he did not show ♪ check every single wendy's. >> sandler taking on the barr controversy this wee he also hit on several other hot topics like the final season of "game of thrones" and the nba playoffs. >> what a cast back in the day. a huge honor in the district for tennis legend billie jean king for the tennis foundation . hundreds packed it on wednesday. they are naming nine courts in her honor. ey also renamed the girls in urt program as king girls' tprogram. shlked about equality in
9:38 am
tennis. >> everybody worewhite shoes, white socks, and they were white and everything played with white. i promised myself that day that i would fighter equality the rest of my life somehow. >> a phenomenal woman. the program is wtf'se initiativ to keep girls on the court. preventing child bullying through books. you'll meet the local author who you'll meet the local author who is this
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but act fast, this offer ends may 8th. only on the 100% fiber optic network. go to today. welcome back. we're talking about a guy named rick daniels. he's a writer and a bit of a character. >> it's the characters he's
9:41 am
created in his children's books that are helping make a difference. rick daniels is this week's harris'hero. >> reporter: there is some magic happening inside an apartment on edinwood street northeast washinglsn. rick danie and his team are running a printing press out of this apartment. you see, mr. daniels is a natural born storyteller. bullies rive all the out of the school. i can come up with ali story in a matter of seconds. hei'll wake up in t morning and actually write a book. >> he's written 42 books. all the characters are based on some very special friends. >> i started writing stories. >> more than stories in a book, they were tools he uses to help educate kids with bullying. my. >> he told my mom and dad it
9:42 am
wouldy mess with mading and writing ability. it's true, i have trouble to this dayth reading and writing. >> that's where the books come in. the characters find themselves in all kinds of sticky situations like on the metro or downtown d.c., places they can relate. fnd they have toure a way out. >> i think it's cool to write a bookhat the kids can all relate to and also teach them something. >> theseharacters jump off the page approxima page. >> what i like is when kids come up to me and say, you got ll d, too, as a kid? i say, yes, i did, and they gi hugs and high fives. if we could make a small dent every time we go to school, every time we encourage a kidto no bully, we think we're
9:43 am
making a difference. that's why it's important that we get into as many schools as we can. >> if you'd like to purchase one of those books, all you have to search is harris' heroes. foggy and wet. that's what we're talking about. on this sun if you've got an umbrella, keep it handy because you're going to need it. we'
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we're back to talk about unsafe drivers ting matters into their own hands now, painting crosswalks onto the road. >> i went to southeast this week to talk to the people who painted these crosswalks. they told me they're done he waiting for tity to make safety changes that they believe are needed. >> yes, i'm mad. because i know what it means when people in the neighborhoods feel thatrn govement, that their leaders, do not carebout them. >> robert thompson who lives re in southeast d.c. almost fehs elpless. he's again calling for safety
9:47 am
improvements along this section of road for months. even as we k,spe cars blow stop signs around us. > it's an issue of people running stop signs. >> reporter: the stop signs were put inmoments after a crash right here where someone ran a stop sign. robert says he sees drivers frod maryland an virginia cutting through at aat high re of speed. >> it's mississippi enue, it's something as small as painting every crosswalk that is not pained that is fading away. rom> eporter: ronald has made some headway. crews are out here painting. >> this crosswalk was painted by the d.c. department ofra
9:48 am
tportation and these pedestrian crossing signs also were put in by the city. l changes that ron says he approves of but he would still like to see more. >>ly. peoe are pangt the. it could intential kraly create safer streets. >>t's pretty incredible, the blatant disregard. it's not like nothing happened on thatre . fatal accidents, you covered one there, crashes. the city says report it to 311 if you see an issue, and ddot says often they don't do things like painting crosswalks in the cold because the pavement needs to be warmer, but some people feel like they just can't wait
9:49 am
around. >> something needed to be done. it's obviously simply dangerous, too, right? we've got faulty roads. >> think about when you're walking onhe crosswalk, don't just drive thrgh because someone has an umbrella and you have a car, so i'm going to drive through. that's anderson's safety tip for today. outside rain showers continue tc fall ass our area, but we are seeing, believe it or not, if you look really close, you will see the ng beginnis of what we say in weather world, showersti starng to -- do i dare say taper off to our suth and west? but there is more rain coming in behindat th so would you also call a backfilling of rell gated
9:50 am
to our north and picking up another round of heavy rain across the shenandoah valley and interstate 81. with that flood watches and warnings remain in effect. the warning right now for the city of winchester. the green area, all of us until about noon today. the rain continues to come down. in some places, over three inches of rain since yesterday afternoon. temperatures in the 60s. those remaining crossing the street, traffic is dark and gray. please be aware. we have noon aand we'll start t
9:51 am
move across the area. here's a forecast, everyone, for tomorrow and beyond. temperatures in the mid-70s. not a bad way to start the rk week. then we'll rise to the 8 0s. tuesday andsd wedney, system. >> we'll keep an eye on that but notice, temperatures right now could be close to 70. we'll just keep an eye on things and we'llalk to you t
9:52 am
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weme back. thank you for joining us. we all know jail is one of the worst places to be, but especially for someone in the midst of a mental health crisis, and it's often where the mentally ill wind up. >> yeah, but in irfax county there is a new effort to swap jail for tropical storm hermiea. this is a story you'll see here first on nbc, and we are introduced to what's called the mental heal docket. >> she firstaced her mental health crisis in 2004 in wisconsin before there was such thing called a mental health docket. police picked her up off the streets, buto bef jail, she was diagnosed for mental health treatment. >> it helped get me on a path
9:55 am
where i could sustain a more healthy life. >> reporte that's the idea behind fairfax county's new mental health docket. it's aimed to keep most mentally ill people out of jail. ple ail is no place for p with a mental illness. treatment is the appropriate option when it comes to mentally ill people. >> reporter: the speal dock is assigned to judge emily snee. they were getting lockedp for things like assault or trespassing because they were hoheeless. >> ty would go to jail, they would get out with no services and then end up bck in jail. >> reporter: a community services board staffer works with the prosecutor, defense attorney and judge to create a plan. the ifendant must s the agreement. >> it could be that somebody has an appointment with an outpatient clinician that they're going toeee once a w all the way to, they're going to
9:56 am
be living in a residential program with 24/7 care andve ething in between. >> reporter: since the pilot mental health dock started last august, 180 people have been helped by it. it will now officially launch on july 1st. >> christine went to get her degree. >> no matter where you go, you're going to get thes resouru need in order to get to the next step. >> judge snee says they already see an improvement. >> it's going to help save taxpayer dollars and it will provide help to those who need . it's a good thing. >> reporter: in fairfax county, i'm julie carey, news4. >> news4 is committed to shedding light on mental health
9:57 am
issues. you can search. we wt to take a live look outside. yep, this is what it's looking like. dreary and wet. it's going to remain that way throughout the day, clay anderson says, but he'll join us in just a moment to let us know what this is not a bed...
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breaking fivernight, gun in the district ends a with teen being rushed to the thospital. temorning the search is on for the sh a helicopter goes down in maryland. crews scouring the water for hours before finally recovering two people killed in the crash. t latest just ahead. maximum security has been disqualified. >> second is best this time around. controversy and confusion after the 145th kentucky derby. more on the shocking race coming up. >> sloppy there, it's sloppy here this morning as we'll. webe dealing with the rain a little bit, but you're here with us, so that's a ray of sunshine. thanks for being with us. i'm adam tuss. >> good morning to you. i'm meagan fitzgerald. it's a soaker out there. a litt dreary, a little rain, but maybe the good news is this will wash away all the pollen for folks ing through


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