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tv   Today  NBC  May 7, 2019 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. looming an outbreak of severe weathe expanding across the midwest and south today. millions of people in six states bracing for possible tornadoes, damaging winds, and large hailb fore it all heads east. al's got the latest forecast. fatal mistake? the investigation into that fiery plane crash in russia takes a new turn overnight. what the pilot reportedly failed t do and wha we're learningn about american man on board. full pardon. the president cars a former soldier convicted of murdering a suspected al qaeda detainee in iraq. this morning the decision that took some by surprise. those stories, plus comeback
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complete >> i've battled. i've tried to hang in there. >> an emotional tiger woods receives the medal of freedom.y bab fever. the littlest royal arrives. the gushing father announcing . the ne >> how any woman does what they dos bdey baby sussex get a nam today? and fashion forward. theti celebries come out bold and bizre at the met gala. four outfits on lady gaga alone. behind the scenesf the fas world's biggest night. "today,"da tu may 7th, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savanna guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hi, goeverybody. morning. welcome to "today." nice to have y with us on a
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tuesday morning. the met gala is fashion's big coming out party. no little black dress onhis red carpet that was pink. >> i thought when lady gagaore all the meat to the award show was her peak. but apparently not. >> no. first let's get to our top story. it's the weather. parts of the midwest and south facing yet another threat of severe storms. al, good morning. >> good morning, guys. we got a really widespread area here. northern texas into oklahoma. hail two inches or larger. 75 miles-plus. tomorrow 33 million people at into rom central tex louisiana and arkansas. hail, damaging winds, and tornadoes possible. then we stretch down further. here's the system now piling ous making iay out of the southwest today. the storm risk greatest at lunch
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tomorrow. flooding continues for the plains and the midwest. a soaking rain for the midwest from the gulf up into the ohio river valley. rainfall amounts locally upwards of 6 inches rain or more. especially texas into the mid-mississippi river valley. denver, dallas, kansas city, o, chicnd detroit. if you're on the roads, i-80 from chicago to denver and oklahoma city to st. louis along i-44 are going to be big problems. flood watches going up over a wide area. new developments in that fiery plane crash in russia that left people dead. did an error lead to the disaster?
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tom, what's the latest?r: >> reporteouple of issues. did the pilot fail to dump fuel when he should have? did h come in too fast for emergency landing? the plane had just lefthe mosco in north of russia when it was hit by lightning. investigators have now recovered the black box from this burned plane.ll of this the developing timeline ofhe russian airliner that crashed sunday. the plane was airborne for 28 minutes bore returning. and heavy with unburned fuel. the crew reportedly did not dump any of that fl which is common for flights that must land m it have contributed to the plane bursting in flames after touchdown. the final terrifying moments captured on vid as the flames.r jet burst into another camera shows the plane first bouncing off the runway
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refo cinom down gagain. possibly puncturing a fuel ta. ial os posted across s media reveal that in the midst of the chaos, some travelers apparently used precious moments to grab their carry-on bags hampering evacuation. 41 of 78 people died including 22-year-old american jeremy brooks from new mexico who had just taken a job as a fishing guide in northern russiara >> he just gated from colorado college in colorado prings and was looking to expand his horizons. >> the pilot and otherwe staff underqualified. and bad weather conditions. >> reporter: as friends and family mourn the loss of jeremy brooks, a college graduate with a bright future.
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>> you know, he loved people. there wasn't a negative or mean bone inis body. he was part of that community. you know? and everyone is taking this pretty hard. >> tom, yesterday yous told u that this plane has a bit of a sketchy safety record. are any of them flown here in the u.s. or outside of russia? >> reporter: not in the united states. this was a super jet 100. it's a relatively new russian-built regional jet. it has not been aroved by t faa. it has not sold well outside of russia because of its maintenance issues and a sketchy track record. so of those that have been sold, ireland, belgium, mexico, many are now trying to return that aircraft. >> tom costello in washington, thank you. also this morning, a legal showdown is looming between the white house and democrats onca pitol hill after steven mnuchin once again rejected a request to turnr the
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president's tax returns. we've got two reports from the white house this morning. we'll start on the subject of taxes and hallie jackson. good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah. good morning to you. it probably would have been mori surpri if the treasury secretary had agreed to turn over the president's taxes, right? since for years the president and his advisers have said he would not do so. still this is the latest front in that explosive battle. this morning, still no sign of president trump's taxes after treasury sretary steven mnuchin once again rejected a request from house democrats to turn over the president's returns. it's theim third te mnuchin has failed to meet a congressional deadline to hand over thecu donts raising the stakes for a legal battle between congress and the administration. >> i have said that i will comply with the law. i have not made a comment one way or anoth whether we would supply the tax returns. cwant to be clear on that. we haveplied with the law. >> you say you will comply with
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the law. >> that is correct. >> well,e'll see. >> reporter: in a letter to richard neil, mnuchin calls the the committee's request unprecedented arguing it raises serious constitutional questions that could have consequences for taxpayer privacy. do you think mnuchin should also be held in contempt? >> i think there has to be conseq'mnces. and ioing to leave that to the chair for now. but i personally think, yes, thatoi if you're not to follow the law, it's time for people to start having consequences. >> reporter: president trump broke years of precedent by not releasing tax returns despite saying he might. >> will you release any of your tax returns for the public to scrutinize? >> well, we're working on that now. i have very big returns, as you know. i have everything all approved and very beautifulk we'll be worhat in over the next period of me, absolutely. >> reporter: more recently arguing he's not able to release them because he's under audit. >> as i told you, they're under
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audit. they're extremely complex. people wouldn't underand them. >> reporter: to be clear here, there's nothing legally that would prevent the president from releasing taxet rurnsaudive there's another big deadline today. this fromoncgahn who sat for some 30 hours interviewing with the special counsel's team. house democrats are demanding a series of documents from him by today. >> thank you, hallie. another headline out of the white house, a presidential pardon granted overnight to a former army officer convicted of murder of a suspected terrorist in iraq. kristen welker has that story. >> reporter: good rning to you. president trump has now issued his eighth pardon. it's not without some controversy. cleared er who's been is now thankingresident trump d also paying tribute to his fellow fallen soldiers. overnight, a pardon from president trump. the commander in ief granting executive cle man si to michael
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behenna. the decision announced by white house press secretaryar s sanders who not only called him a model prisoner but notedse hi ca had had attracted broad support from the military. behenna saying in a statement, t thank presiderump for his tremendous act of mercy. they was convicted of unpremeditated murder in a coliat zone after k a suspected al qaeda detainee. prosecutors accused behenna of shooting and killing him in 2008 for retaliation of an attack that killed two of behenna's comrades. he was accused of stripping him naked and shooting him. behenna said he was acting in self-defense afraid he would take his gun. but when the army's highest appeals court raised doubts about his case, the army paroled
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just five e served years speaking out at the time. >> it's hard to describe. you know? i haven't had time to think today. it's been overwhelming. >> reporter: his parents also overcome with emotion pl. >> hugging your son when he's free is probably 180 degrees from when they handcuffed him and took him ay. >> reporter: particularly poignant for his mother who helped to prosecute oklahoma city bomber timothy m cveigh. >> i think he regrets having -- welling with as he said in his letter. he regrets having to take h anotheran being's life. >> reporter: behenna also wrote of his two fallen comrades, quote, they represent the finest of our society. president trump has expressed support for other military service members accused of war crimes. >> kristen welker at the white house, thank you. ft now we are going to s gears considerably. tell you about the n royal baby.
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prince harry and meghan markle's so was born yesterday. almost everything about his arrival was a departure from recent tradition. keir simmons is at windsor. but this time he's got the news the whole world was waiting for. hi, keir. >> reporter: good morning. the mirror with harry's smiling face, it's a boy. an m the dailyl calling this a royal baby souvenir edition. and yethhere's so muc we don't know. and they may not be announced until tomorrow, for example, yet a friend of the royal couple is claiming she knows the name but is sworn to secrecy. this morning aft new dad harry's beaming appearance following the birth of his son -- >> this wholes thing i to die for. i'm over the moon. >> reporter: the world is eagerly awaiting news on the new royal. >> hip hip! >> hooray!
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>> reporter: and perhaps a glimpse of the so far yet unnamed baby. it's a boy. llowed overnight by a post from big brother willi and his wife kate. the duke and duchess are delighted with the news of the birth of the duke and duchess' son. michelle oma wroteararack and i e thrilled for both of you and can't wait to meet him. other messages from the clintons, joe biden, and justin trude trudeau. there is controversy osr how it wa announced with the public. refusing to cnt on claims the baby boy was secretly born at an expensive private hospital. in windsor today, the traditional changing of the guard with change in the air. a royal child descended from kids and queen but is also a
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american withican-american heritage. even entitled to u.s. citizenship. god d bless america and save the queen. >> reporter: meghan's mom is said to be with her. her estranged father learning of the birth from news reports telling a newspaper, god bless this child. and he hopes his grandchild will serve with grace and dignity. >> this is definitely my first birth. amazing. absolutely incredible. as i said, i'm so proud of my wife. >> reporter: the late princess diana's family were informed at the me time as the yals. a sensitive touch from hay. he now brings his own baby into the world. and on that tcontroversy, tha announcement from the palace that meghan had gone into labor said she had gone into labor rlier in the morning. so technically it wasn't wrong. and of course prince harry and
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ar they wantmade c to protect her privacy. it's not surprising if she did go to the hospital that she went ifto a drent hospital than perhaps we were expecting to just try and avoid the cameras. this i o one the most famous couples in the world giving birth to a baby that will surely be world famous. ellen degeneres summed it up in a tweet saying,his baby is seventh in line to the throne which is crazy because right now i'm seventh in line for the key making kiosk at my grocery store. >> yeah. this little baby is already pretty special. keir, thach you so mu we're going to have more on the youngest royal and the royal rules being rewritten by his parents in the next half hour. now to a big event at the white house. tiger woods awarded the presidential medal of freedom in a rose garden ceremony. miguel almaguer has that story. miguel, good mornorg. >> rr: good morning. it's the highest civilian honor anyone can receive. it comes after tiger's big win
7:16 am
at the masters last month. the president called it a privilege to bestow the award on one of the greatest athletes ino the historyf sports. perhaps a redemption story that's still being written. >> the return to glory. >> reporter: from the greens of augusta to the lawn ofhe rose garden. for tiger woods, another crowning achievement. the medal of freedom awarded by the president. >> this has been an unbelievable experience. >> reporter: the prestigiousno hor bestowed by a golf and busiss partner who watched with the nation as woods defied the odds. years after his meteoric rise, woods slippednto mediocrity after become fodder for the tablds with his extramarital affairs, battle with prescription drugs, and an infamous dui. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: after multiple back surgeries, woods was hardly a
7:17 am
favorite to win his fifth green jacket. doing it by coming from >>behin. tiger woods has the lead. >> tiger, we are inspired by everything you've become and attaed. the job you've done is incredible. >> reporter: but today some critics are questioning the president's praise. in 2014 mr. trump named a villa at one of his gol resorts after woods who is now wor tng with thmp organization to build a course in dubai. he's been forceo t defend his relationship with the president. >> he's the president of the united states. no matter who is in the office, you have to respect the office. >> reporter: now at 43, woods is one of the youngest recipients of the highest honor. battled. i've tried to -- i try to hg there and i've tried to come back. >> reporter: the medal of freedom, the latestme achie in a historic career amplifying tiger's roar back to the top.
7:18 am
a comeback story still being written. after meeting with the president, woods tweeted about it calling the medal of freedom an incredible privilege and said it was humbling. he says he also hopes to inspire others to never give up on their dreams. nk you very much. >> tremendous honor. >> never give up. al, what you got on the weather? >> thank you,. guys >> that was miguel thanking the control room. >> or he felt really thankful. which is greayo get what you get and you don't get upset. we are looking at showers that may move through the northeast later wh we're really watching is the flooding activity that's probably going to get going laterhis afternoon. severe storms also in texas. west coast for the most part looking gorgeous. we're going to get your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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good morning, everybody. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. bright sunshine overhead this morning. it is going to be a great day t end time in the great outdoors. picked a fine day to come to washington. mid to upper 50she in suburbs right now. in the afternoon, temperatures degrees for e 8 most areas. nice and warm and sunny today. the complete opposite tomorrow. cloudy skies and cooler with a sprinkle of rain possible. >> and that's your latest
7:20 am
weather. >> i'm voting for al, by the way. >> for what? >> for the name. >> you have prince albert in a can? you ought to let him out. >> you brought itur on lf. >> we're going to have more on baby sussex, his place in the royal tree. the tradis big and small that were broken with his arrival. also we are on the campaign trail with pete buttigieg. what he told me about his history-making campaign. and his surprising surge in aow crd field. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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ea straight from the bold to the bizarre. natalie's view of the met gala fashions frothe pink carpet. first a check of your local news. rsatio
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if you're hiv-positive, keep loving who you are, inside and out. ask your doctor if biktarvy is right for you. . 7:26 is your time now on this tuesday, may 7th, 2019. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. new surveillae video from early this morning hows suspects spray painting cameras inside a 7-eleven in silver spring. police are investigating this is connted to the recent atm crim at local 7-elevens. around the same time, a rsuit of suspects were in the area of that 7-eleven. one additional suspect was arrested in a crash on the beltway in green belt. now let's check on the first 4 traffic with melissa mollet.
7:27 am
>> in leesburg, we still have this accident. all lanes blockedorthbound and southbound. northbound 395, the hov lanes, right lane blocked by an accident there. southbound 270 after37 0, crash blocking two left lanes here. very slow. >> allright. thank you. later today on news4, the news4 i-team looks at crashes on one of the busiest roads in our area. >> what they uncovered. we'll take a break now. check your forecast next. stay with .
7:28 am
beautiful sunshine out there for you this morning. temperatures are still in the comfortable zone. 50s to near 60 degrees. it's going to be a sunny and warm day today. temperatures about 10 degrees warmer than average this afternoon. most areas will get into the low 80s to cloudy skies, much cooler tomorrow. hit and miss rain chances on both your thursday and friday. saturday looks like the drier
7:29 am
half of the weekend. quite a bit of rain likely on sunday. >> all right, chuck. thank you. another local news update in about 25 minutes. >> but back to the "today" show after this short break. have a great day.
7:30 am
tuesday morning, the 7th of may, we're back now. this is a just small sampling of the met gala looks. lady gaga, katy y,pe the kardashi clan all turns heads. and there was jared leto walking around with a replica of his own head. nata be is here toak it down for us. we will get into the fashion choices. you look confusse. i'm con too. >> the camp style, i don't have a firmer grasp of what tist . >> neither do i. but it was fun to lookat. >> it was fun to watch. we'll have more on that in a moment but let's get to a check of headlines on this tuesday
7:31 am
morning. we begin with a battle over president trump's tax returns. request to turn over the esident's turn. mnuchin telling the committee their request lacks a legitimate purpose. it sets up a battle now bween the white house and congress. the manhunt is over for the suspect of the police shooting. atkinson.d darian they believed he ambushed veteran officer robert mckithan. the alleged shooter was seen lking into the lobby before going back outside a shooting the officer multiple times. the 58-year-old officer was scheduled to retire at the end of this year. the shooter's motive is still unknown. a massive swarm of bees delayed the start of the reds/giants game. check this out. yesterday in cincinnati, forced some of the players off the
7:32 am
field as they moved into the stands. fans retreated to the concourse at the great american ballpark there and to different sections the stadium as well. a couple bee wranglers who happened to be at theame corralled the queen bee and some of the worker bees into a box. the rest buzd away. that lasted about 20 minutes. good for them. >> queen bee, a goodegue to the next story. the birth of the royal baby. harry and meghan's son now seventh in line to the throne. behind his grandfather and his three children and then his dadt buthen royal baby sussex is in line. rut we're joined by the associate edito at the telegraph and expert on all things royal. camilla. so exciting. do we think we're going to get a name today? know.body wants to >> reporter: not sure if we're going to get a name,
7:33 am
unfortunately. might have to wait another 24 to 48 hours for that. we do think we'll have news of when this picture ofhe baby is happening though. hopefully tomorrow. the couple definitely want to present baby sussex to the world. we're all lookingward to that moment to see what the little bubba looks like. the hat should happen in next 24 to 48 hours. we have to be more patient before we see the child. >> would be great to call him something besides baby sussex soon. obviously over on this side of the pond, folks are very excited about the birth of this little boy. what about there? how is all this playinthere? >> reporter: very much excitement here as well as reciprocated stateside. this is the first angelo-american baby to be in.rn the fact we have this unionha between megn a former american actress and prince harry, everyone's favorite play boy
7:34 am
prince. all is emblematic here of the coverage we've had. there's this public interest in the family to keep everything private. which is why we still don't quite know where thebaby's been born. that means we find out more detail about whether it was at home or in a hospital. >> one ing, everybody says harry and meghan are kind of rewriting the rules, reinventing how a modern royal should go about these kinds of things. what are the examples of that and how is it being?received >> reporter: as you will have seen yesterday, that instagram missive it's a boy. very informal in the wayhey communicate with the public. we've seen things announce on twitter before, but not quite instagram. then see how the couple has tried to carve out their royal path. there's been a separation of powers from kensington palace and doing their own thing.
7:35 am
i thought it was summed up in the amazing press conference that prince harry gave in front t thoseses behind me. baor hor of his joyous news. very much delivering that message peeonally. we'vot seen a behavior like that from royals before. so yeah, they're certainly doing things very differently. i think now as a family of three, that will continue. they'll continue to exercise their freedom. e> i think he surprised the cameras when h walked out there and delivered the news personally. thank you very much. we'll check in with you. if you hear any names, you let us know. okay? >> reporter: will do. thank you. >> harry so obviously excited too. just being there. >> he was every new father. >> when i saw harry there, i was like, yeah, i remember that. >> got an empty baby carriin you're tryto put it in. great moment. still remember that. in any event, let's show you what's been going weon. e been seeing a shifting tornado threat. the gulf states have been the
7:36 am
hardest hit so far this season. texas, mississippi, alabama, and georgia. but we've been seeing a shift into the more traditional tornado alley. they had a relatively few tornadoes so far this season. looking at warm humid air from high lf because of this pressure. we may see more tornado outbreaks today in the traditional part of tornado le al new york city, charleston, mobile, all above average. denver, chicago, and kansas city all below average as weet into tomorrow. that warmer air stays into the south. colder air back to the plains. and as we move into the latter week period, look for temperatures cooling down in the northeast into chicago, chita, and dallas. that's what's going on arod the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> it's a sunny start to your tuesday morning. temperatures are in the 50s. for most a fewhe spots in 60s. 62 here iin washgton. 65 in annapolis.
7:37 am
planning out your ntuesday, p on sunshine and warm today. temperatures up near 82 degrees. that's almost 10 degrees warmer agan avere. a cold front slides through tonight. so tomorrow expect a lot o clouds with precious littlesu hine and much cooler as a result. highs around 70 tomorrow. and thenea stormy wer later in the week. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you,>al. >> coming up, there isot nhing it. the met gala was last nigh fashion's biggest n ht with some wild and weird looks. natalie's got the highlights from this year's pink carpet. plus then your conversation about fame, family, and antics with george clooney and his "catch 22" costars. >> plus jill biden is going to be here to talk about both joy andain in life and her husband's presidential bid. and later, mayor pete buttigieg. our discussion on his age, faith, and critics. that's right after this. for.
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we're back with in dth "today." the first democratic debate of the 2020 presidential race is coming up nextonth right here on nbc. and the fsld of candidate is the largest ever. >> and there are well-established candidates le e den and bernie sanders. but another candidate has quickly made a name for himself. pete g,buttigie the 37-year-old mayor of south bend, indiana. we caught up with him yesterday between campaign stops inli sou caro to talk about his history-making run, his experiencer lack thereof, and his sudden rise as a contender. >> look, i'm as surprised as anybody that i'm doing this right now and for it to catch on as quickly as it has. >> reporter: you're surprised by this. >> i did not expect my 37th year to be running for president. >> reporter: pete buttigieg, aymillennial of south bend, indiana, has become a surprise contender in the 2020 democratic primary.
7:43 am
the 37-year-old rhodes scholar and military vet is the youngest candidate to have an eye on the white house. somethingpe skeptics have jum on. >> the best answer i have to the answer of age is experience. i have more government experience than the the united states. i've got more executive government experience than the vice president. >> reporter: fellow contenders have also put out some specific policy positions. why haven't you? >> i've put out a number of specific policy proposals. i'm a policy guy. i've also p watched myty sometimes fail to connect with voters. because while explaing our policies, we sometimes forget to explain the values that motivate our policies. >> reporter: two of the front runners in your party joe biden and bernie sanders, roughly twice your age. what does that say about your party? >> i think our party is ready to lift up leaders from a new generation. i think this race will create a clear playing field where people
7:44 am
have been in the public sphere foronger than i've been alive and people like me get to compete on the basis of our ideas. >> reporter: mayor pete is also the first openly gay person to make a serious bid to become president. coming out after serving in afghanistan in20 14. the historic nature of his campaign landing him and his husband of almost a year chasten on the cover of "time." >> he's an example of somebody who will make a great d one day. he's a great husband. he'll make a great first spouse too. he cares about education and kids. he's somebody who i think is really alive to the ways that being in public office can allow you to help other people. >> reporter: did i just hear you say mayor pete wants kid soon? >> i don't know how and when we're going to pull that off, but chasten i made to be dad. and i'm looking forwait to too, as soon as we can figure it out. >> reporter: probably have to get through yhis first. >>h maybe. >> reporter: it's also led to hecklers and homophobia onhe
7:45 am
campaign trail. >> in politics you see the good, the bad, and the ugly? i think it happens for any candidate. >> reporter: it doesn't bother you at all? >> it's not like i enjoy it, but i have to keep the eye on what we're trying to do. >> reporter: now he's putting in withork trying to connect voters across the country including south carolina home to a critical primary and a criticallo voting b. i've seen a number of your rallies. they are fairly homogenously racial speaking at least. how do you plan to speak to african-american voters specifically? >> part of it is by laying out an agenda on issues that black voters are asking me about most often. it's also about a. relationship it takes a lot of work for people to know you. >> reporter: he often talks about his faith on the campaign trail despite criticis you also spend a fair amount of time talking about your faith. >> yes. >> reporter: why? >> it's important to .
7:46 am
and i think it's also important that we stop seeing religion used as a kind of god belonged to a crent party. and if he did, i find it hard he belonged to the o that put the current president in the white house. >> reporter: you're going to try it break through the noise some quiet. >> in a way. let's call it a very different r:ergy. >> repe's going to call you low energy. >> there's going to be a temptation to kind of play his game. if you're playing his game, you're sing. no one is going to play his game better than he does. so we've got to do something completely dierent. >> fascinating conversation. you know, he's raised $7 million first quarter of the year ut he is the mayor of a city that's about100,000 people. he is running to be chief executive, command of t largest military of the world. so it's -- i don't know. we'll see.
7:47 am
>> it's interesting. we have a primaryith 20 plus candidates. here's a guy who two, three months ago all ofes would hav said who? how do you say that? and somehow really on the basis of interviews like this, he's been everywhere. he's really catapulted himself to the top tier of candidates and the top tier of fund raising. 'll see if he has staying power. >> he's added staff in those critical states like iowa, new hampshire, reportedly south carolina to come. it looks like it'll have staying power. >> vyuiet too. almost breaking through with less noise. >> yeah. that's his strategy. so we'll see if it works. he's one of those guys you have a hard time imagining raising his voice. kind of like you. >> really? he's doing that all the time. >> not when i'm doing b myt gilbert gottfried. >> we'll have more coming up in the third hour of coming up, george clooney opening up about his wife, his
7:48 am
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7:53 am
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7:56 is your time now on this tuesday, may 7th, 2019. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. today the mtgomery county council will vote on a stricter drinking water standard for its school it comesfter a country wide investigation found schools had high lea. levels now let's check on your first 4 traffic with melissa. >> good morning. all lanes still shut down in leesburg. they did have a medevac somebody out of there.oo outer l after the dulles toll road, accident there. 270 southbound before 370, crash from a little while ago has cleared out of the way. those delays, though, still hanging around. >> all righ
7:57 am
thank you. we'll take a break now and check your forecast. stayith us. for tile, wood, and stone,
7:58 am
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good morning, everybody. it's going to be a nice dayy. toda mostly sunny skies already. temperatures for now still in the 50s to around 60 degrees. it won't stay thatay for long, though. afternoon temperatures today will easily make it to the upper 70s and low 80s.e a n day to be outside today. current temperature 62 at dulles airport. forecast hh today,82 degrees. cloudy tomorrow. maybe a sprinkle of light rain het a lot cooler. highs only in t upper 60s to near 2070 tomorrow. unsettled for thursdand a friday. rain likely on your nday. >> thank you. another local news update for you in another 25 fominutes. r now back to the "today" show after this short batak. have a gay.
8:00 am
coming up, on the move. vere storms it's 8:00 on "today." on the move. storms threatening tens of millio emillions. th dangerous weather heading east yet. al on just how bad it'll be. plus, a taking bite out of fashion. lie takes us inside the met gala. fashion'sro biggest night f the hottest looks to the outfits everybody's talking about. >> how is it powered up? >>y my heart and my good thoughts. and w catching upith clooney. i sit g down witheorge clooney, kyle chandler, and christopher abbott about their new series
8:01 am
"catch 22." some is calling this your return to tv. what do you think? >> this right now sitting with you. >> yes. right here. >> what clooney is revealing about his life on and off ca hra. >> whatas surprised you about being a father? "today," tuesday may 7th, 2019. ♪ >> from the highest elevated city in america. >> hi to our parents i akron, ohio. >> happy early birthday, dad. >> girls trip. hi to our friends and family in indiana! ♪ >> we're from knoxville, tennessee. >> checking "today" off our bucket list. >> feeling like a princess today on my birthday watching the "today" show here in deerfield, illinois. >> from portland, oregon. >> celebrating casey'sbirthday. >> happy birthday. >> yeah. absolutely, happy birthday. good moing, everybod welcome back to "today."
8:02 am
we appreciate you being with us on a nice, bright tuesday morning. >> we also very much appreciate those video shoutouts as well. and we want to see yours. quick reminder, hashtag at the bottom of your screen, my tay plaza. record and put it on instagram or twitter. we'll put it on tv. severe weather threatening millions in the center of the country and the south befor heading east. violent thunderstorms even tornadoes in the picture. and al's on top of it this morning. al, what you got? >> well, we're looking already at strong storms firing up from kansas across missouri on up into chago. we're watching this system move very quickly. here's where we've got the warnings right now. looking at storm hazaths. possibility of widespread tornadoes, northern texas into oklahoma. but we're also looking to mrrow. 33lion people at risk for strong storms, hail, damaging winds, tornadoes possible. and this extends into thuray. especially down through the lower mississippi river valley.r the tornak low, but
8:03 am
isolated damaging hail and winds a big problem. and the rain is going to be a major issue as ll. saturated ground. we're looking at flood watching to start popping up within the next 24 hours. especially own to thesouth. upwards of 5 inches of rain. airport delays today. denver, dallas, kansas city, chicago, detroit. and on the roads, i-80 from des moines to chicago, denver to des moines along i-80. oklahoma city, i-44 from oklahoma city to st. louis, w tr goingbe looking at ponding on the roads. and flooding is going to be a big issue over the next 72 hours. >>ll right, al. thank you. now to the latest in that russian plane crash that killed 41 people including 1 american. the plane returned to moscow after anpp aent lightning strike. it hit the runway hard bursting into flames. the pilot reportedly did not dump excess fuel before that emergency landing. both black boxes have been recovered c andould have ymportant clues. meanwhile, famil and friends
8:04 am
are mourning jeremy brooks, he was themerican on theflight. he had just taken a job in northern russia as a fishing guidit the excent over yesterday's royal baby birth has led to an ououring of well wishes and of course the thirst for more details. keir simmons is in windsor for us. hi, ir. good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah. good morning to you. let's show you another front page from those british newspers. theaily telegraph, it's a boy. all of the british papers plastered with the smiling fac prince harry as he gave that news conference yesterday with yoets like this one. this little thing is absolutely to die for. i'm just over the moon. but this has also been a social media birth, if you like. an aouncement on instagram by harry and meghan. and william and kate overnight sending their congratulations on instagram saying they look forward to meeting the latest addition to the family. mo traditionally, the queen is here at windsor castle. we know that from her flag
8:05 am
flying over the castle. so i sus today she will be among the family members who get to meet the new addition to her family. ionder whether princess diana's family will be here too. anotherunprecedented move with prince harry letting them know about the birth at the same time as the royals. and maybe a picture tomorrow. >> we could only wish, keir. appreciate it. we've got the news covered. how about a little boost? >> it's a good one. a mother made a tough choice last weekend. she skipped her own graduation remony because she wanted to watch heradon gruate. but when the two college presidents heard about her sacri sacrifice, they worked things out and this was the surprise waiting f her. >> i made a call today when i found this out to david isler, the president of that
8:06 am
university. on behalf of him, ion cr upon you shond ra wilson, the ree you have earned with all rights and privileges pertaining thereto. ease move your tassel from your right to your left. >> how cool is that? mom and son getting to share a major milestone in their lives together. she got her diploma right then and there. i love it. >>nt that's fatic. just ahead on this tuesday morning, natalie morales taking ks behind the scenes of the met gala for a l at the night's best and boldest fashions. >> plus we're going to share laughs with george clooney and his costars. >> well, i thought the best thing to do would be to get the absolute greatest cast. couldn't do that, but we got these two instead which was much cheaper. >> we'll talk with the cast memb cs. a funversation just ahead. first these messages.
8:07 am
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talk to your doctor about chantix. ♪ ♪ when you buy a re at walgreens, right now, n you can help a child live a healthier life. walgreens. trusted since 1901. all rht. the met all right. this morning on "today's" talker, the met gala. natalie is here with all of fashion's most exclusive event. you've seen a lot of red cautets. what aboink carpets? >> fabulousness. this was a fabulous pink carpet so it set the tone for what was
8:11 am
gog to be a very different night. lady gaga set the bar high with an entrance that lasted more than 15 minutes. it's all about performance, involved man changes. the camp theme on display all night. thanks to tiffany haddish, we got a bite to eat as well. ♪ >> reporter: there's no fashion event quite like this one. the celebri guests on parade up this pink carpet with the hottest ticket in town. fashion is definitely not easy. especially when you're making a statemen lady gaga. do blonds have moren? >> kylie told me two or three
8:12 am
hours ago i needed to go as a blonds. >> sexy girl almost in a men's shirt tied up getting out of the ocean dripping andhe onto t red carpet. and all wet. that's our vibe. >> reporter: you've got a pillow built in here,right? >> i'm not sleeping tonight, honey. i'm going to be wide awake for everything that's going on. ♪ >> i did bring some chicken just in case. >> reporter: wait a minute. what's in tt purse? okay. she's hungry. girl's got to eat. this is fried chicken fm inside tiffany's purse. ♪ >> reporter: how is it powered up? >> by my heart and good thoughts. >> i don't know if i'm supposed to say this but c katyame out of a u.p.s. truck. >> reporter: you golden goddess.
8:13 am
>> there's a chicken wing right there. >> reporter: tiffany had sh gave me this. >> of course she did. > reporter: you can have a bite. >> no, i'm good. ♪ >> reporter: first met gala, but you've been here before. >> i have been here before. lots of stealin jokes going on. >> reporter: what are you most inspired by tonight? >> i'm representing the life sooiz version o the met barbie they're unveiling today thatok lo exactly like what i'm wearing. >> reporter: tell me about you as a designer. >> i'm channelling elton john from 1971. and dee was liberace inspired. >> reporter: i can't tell if you have more diamonds or feathers. >> yes, diamonds o feathers. >> reporter: what could go wrong? >> nothing. >> reporter: i know you get a little hungry in there. >> no. thers no food. >> reporter: do you know who you need to hit up for food? >> who's got food? >> reporter: tiffany haddh.
8:14 am
ied chicken in her purse. >> i'm eating this. tiffany, i'm eating this. tiffany, thank you. yo saved me. >> that was the most i had to eat last night. thank you for me too. >> you have a drumstick on the ecarpet. i l it. let's bring in zana roberts. natalie said the chicken was delicious. >> it looked delicious. >> i think this is amazing. i love looking at that. i have no idea what camp -- what ca that? the theme was . what does that mean? >> it's not pitching tents and roasting marshmallows. it's all about being ironic, extravagant. it was so nice to see them really go for theic theatrs. >> starting off with lady gaga, she was co-chair of the night so mees the grand entrance. and evenn aa wintour had to stop on the stairs to watchit. >> they started the carpet 15 minutes early for thi one
8:15 am
performance. she had her wholequad on the carpet. she went fromhe pink, the parachute ress to the black one, then to a pink number. campiest phone was the moment ever. and then the big reveal was, bll, not soig a reveal. >> i'm so confused. >> makes it easy to goo the bathroom, right? >> it certainly does. >> let's talk about the jenner sisters. a lot of people think they knocked it out of the park.he >> ty went for it more than they usually do. they channelled cher and raque wel welch. he was super vibrant for them. and both of -- i love the fact they went togetr and they really did their homework and found a reference and went for it. >> i think o b of the themes was bigger is better. and we saw that withnd cardi b a that duvet cover that she wore. >> in case she got tired, it wa all good. >> there were ten people helping her up the stairs. >> there were eight people helpingher. this was a down-filled duvet.
8:16 am
>> how do they sit and eat dinner in these outfits? >> last nht they had to reimaginehe inside part of the met. they had to build changing rooms for all these celebrities that were going out there. they had to build new structures inside. >> speaking, of where do you put a giant cheeseburger which was katy perry's outfit. >> the afterparties last night, she came as a giant cheeseburger. >> shea started as chandelierer that was powed up. >> she was lit. she said she was retiring that word. this is a swarovski gown. she actually got ready on a moving bus because obviously she didn't step out of the hotel wearing this. and she just shimmered. i mean, there is no ballit wut a chandelier, right? >> itei wed about 40 pounds which i can't imagine walking around in that. >> okay. zendaya. >>his was the magical moment.
8:17 am
she came with her long-term stylist laura roche. and this was a driney pncess moment. she came as cinderella. the dress had batteries, wires, whole thing lit up. her stylist there. >> we're out of time. we have so many me to talk about. can we talk aboutared leto for one second. why was he carrying the head around? >> this is camp. this took six months in the ki ma. they did this in the gucci runway show. this head was probably in many different celebrity's hands last night. >> it was >> needed two hairis st >> he was very lifelike. >> you saw it. >> i saw it. >> she's disturbed. okay. >> if you want an evenr close look at the fashions, go to th're all there. we'll send it over to al. >> it was weird. >> very creepy. >> well. we're looking at sunshine through the seve storms through the mid-mississippi river valley. also into the plains.
8:18 am
sunshine along the west coast. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck owo the s. >> good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. sunshine over washington this morning. it's going to be aine day to be outdoors for as much of i as you can get thay wi. temperatures still in the upper 50sn the shenandoah vall on our way to a high temperature of 82 degrees today. sunshi southwesterly breeze. tomorrow it will be a lot cooler. highs only in the uer 60s to near 70 with a cool northeast breeze and a lot of clouds around. and that's your latest weather. >> all right, mr. roker. thank you. now to savannah's conversation with george y, cloonehristopher abbott. 22."s of "catch >> we talked about the show, fame, fily. including what george says his twins can already do that he can't do. some people are calling this, george, your return to tv. do you think about it that way? >> you mean this right now with
8:19 am
you? >> "catch 22." yes, us, right here.hi >> ts is my returntv to . right, guys? everyby, you feel ? i feel it too. >> reporter: and so will viewers as the world war ii era "catch 22" based on the popular novel of the same name is on hulu. >> read me back the last line. >> read me l back thet line. >> the scripts were reall good. and i thought the best thing to do would be to get thebsolute greatest cast. couldn't do thbu. we got these two instead. which was much cheaper. >> is he always like this? >> yes. >> yeah. sometimes he's a lot funnier though. >> reporter: kyle chandler knowr fo his starring roles on "friday night lights" and "bloodline" plays a captain. kyle, did you enjoy tapping into your inner drill sergeant. >> i don't recall having so much
8:20 am
fun. whether it works or not, i don't tow. i've beed i got close to the mark. >> you did. you know, you've never seen kyle do anything like this. he's a mad man and it's really fun. it's like a pirate out there at some point. >> it's sort of like when i'm home yelling at the kids. i think it's very similar. >> yeah. >> listen to me! yoyo!n to >> reporter: christopher abbott plays the protagonist. a u.s. air force bomber who desperately wants out of flyin missions but can't. a some catch, that catch 22. >> when you get chance to do something like that, you jump o. you know, with george and everyone involved. yeah. it was kind of a once in a lifetime thing. >> reporter: george clooney in addition to playing thethole wore oer hats on the project as well. you directed some episodes. you're the producer. did you also sew all the costumes? >> i did. and that's why he's naked through half of the show. >> reporter: he actually his
8:21 am
naked through much ofsh the ow. i'm glad you brought it up. >> we do a lot of maledi . i think he was doing a lot of crunches before the show. >> reporter: you are often in a s.ate of undress. >> as he is in the book. him.asn't added on by >> i didn't just go, we need some viewers. take your shirt off. they don't want us taking our shirts>> off. h, i don't know. >> are you sick this time? >> i feel sick. >> repicter: i noted this cover of variety. i don't know where you were this day, kyle. >> i'm off to the left. >> you don't want to be on the fold. >> reporter: george has told an interviewer you are now officially leading man material. >> yeah, that's -- >> well, look. >> -- qte a torch. >> this is sort of a big moment for him, i think. we're really excited aboutit. >> reporter: i was thinking the same thing and wondering, kyle, doou remember your moment that's similar to what chris is -- >> gosh, it was so long ago. i mean -- >> like 40, 50 years ago.
8:22 am
>> you know what? i'll tell you the exact moment. it was of the first shows i did. i was in new york city. i looked in the limo and looked out of the window and thought, my god, i'mooking out. >> reporter: if you could go back and give yourselves advice ie that exact moment or what would be a p of advice or something you wish someone had told you? >> well, i remember meeting paul newman on theot at warner brothers just as "er" hit. he said how's it going. i said it's a wild ride. i nev thought i'd have a career like this or be in this position. he goes, just don't let them keep you inside. and he meant it about your tendency is to hold onto your privacy so much because it gets taken away. particularly on television. i used to get off a planewi , you know, julia roberts and everybody was like, julia roberts. julia roberts. and they see me and they're like george! because i was in their home. so your tendency is to pull bacd
8:23 am
an not to do things. and he was like get out. don't let that happen. >> reporter: i will say with george and kyle, both of you seem to be that rare thing in hollywood. you're really famous and successful and great actors. but you're not jerks. is it living in texas and not living in hollywood? what's the -- >> i don't know. parents. friends. good friends, good parents, goos common >> it also helps, i think, maybe that i think neither one of us sort of had great success too young. my aunt rosemary was really a big star at 19 years old. and t problem with that is, you know, when everybody tells you how greatou you are, y believe it. and so when things start to go south and they tell you you are, they believe that too. so it's a dangerous sort of balance. >> reporter: clooney of course has gone on to become one of the biggest names in hollywood. he's also a famil man. married to international human rights lawyer amalloey since
8:24 am
2014. >> you know, she's taking isis to court for the first time anybody has taken isis to court. she's defending the people from the genocide they experienced. she's working on getting reuters journalists out of myanmar. and she's also an incredible mom. like, an incredible mom and a great wife too. i feel like i hit the jackpot. >> reporter: you have twins about to turn 2. >> which is good. if they're twins, they should turn the same age. >> that works. but it's the terrible twos times two. >> no. they're good kids. they're happy kids. they laugh a lot. they do pranks already. they put peanututter on their shoes so it looks like poo-poo their shoes. they think that's funny. >> reporter: what has surprised you about being a dad? >> they really c te out with pernts they're born with. you know? my daughter will be like, sit down. you know, they're just
8:25 am
completely different personalities. and they're fun and smart and -n i me they already can do all their italian and in english. i can't do that in english. >> reporter: as for "catch 22," clooney won't rule out another projecth his costars. >> we're going to do a road show. >> oh, this? i'm good. >> oh, you're done? okay. >> there's no sequel. we did it. >> no. you're alive. there'scah 44." oceans 11, 12 -- catch 23. >> this is like hotel california. you can check in but you can never check out. >> you can never leave. >> i love the chemistry between them. >> they really do. it's fun to see them all in these different roles. kyle chandler is super intense in the role. it's a good watch. six episodes on hulu and ourte full iniew if you want to watch the whole things.
8:26 am
it was really funny. george is a funny guy. he likes to tease. >> you w looked like youere having a good time. >> that was not a hard assignment at all. >> i imagine. up next, dr. jill biden to talk about her family, her work, and returning to th ing ting t trail. and we've got a hu good morning to you. it's 8:26 on this tuesday, may 7th. let's get a check of your morning commute with melissa mollet. >> good morning. a coupl of problems aroun town right now. tysons, outer loop of the beltway, left lane blocked there. we're also seeing delays inner loop. leesburg still have this hanging around. is 15 near lucketts. they had to fly a medevac in there to get a person out. could be a couple hours before that clears. and d.c. branch avenue at annacostia road. we'll get a check of the forecast when we come back.
8:27 am
8:28 am
up, up, and away temperaturesill go. sun's out now and temperatures are climbing quickly. already up to 65 here in washington. getting close to 60 now in of the shenandoah valley. afternoon highs today around 82 grees with a southwesterly wind. tomorrow cnge of wind direction means a complete change in the weather. northeast winds tomorrowom pring cloudy skies and much cooler. a risk of a little drizzle as well especially south of washington. but not a big rain threat. just cloudy and much, much cooler. then on thursday, morning
8:29 am
showers gives way to afternoon sunshine. highs tack in mid-70s. close to 80 again on friday. >> all right. thank you, chuck. and as always, get the latest news and weather in the nbc washington app. [vacuum] ♪ introducing fresh step clean paws,
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with low tracking litter. your vacuum becomes a cat toy. let's make litter less of a mess. let's start fresh. 8:30. a nice tuesday morning here on the plaza. 7th day of may, 2019. a little corner of rockefeller plaza. >> good morning,verybody. just ahead, we are going to sit down with dr. jill biden. she is here. shees is a moving memoir about her family's decades long journey in and out of the political world. she is a teacher, by the way. >> yes, she is a teacher.
8:31 am
and there are tons of on our plaza. this >> i yes, she's a teacher. there are tons of teachers t he on plaza. this is teacher appreciation week. something that's a particular interest to me. just ahead, we'll meet aeaer here from new york that's doing such amazing things in the lives of her students. >> we are looking forward to that. >> i criur. i mean, noise there. but she is an inspiration. coming up in a few minutes on the third hour of "today," rapper, actor, philanthropist common. common is going to get very person personal. >> he has a new book out, right? >> yeah. before all of that, sir, a forecast. >> but first -- >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by walgreens. this red nose y, h child poverty one nose at a time. y a red nose only at walgreens.
8:32 am
>> let's take a look and see whator we have f you as far as your weather is concerned. for today we're looking at flooding in the central plains. severe storms through texas. sunshine in the southeast and all along the west coast. then for tomorrow, those severe storms start to slowly move east with the rainmaking its wayh throug the mississippi river valley. sunshine continues in the northeast in new england. showers in the mid-atlantic states. look for plenty of sunshine stalong the west as well. that's what's going on arounde country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> sunshine, aittle preview of early summer around here today.g it's goi to be a warm one. h temperaturesave already reached the mid-60s here in town. here's your hour-by-hour planner for today. plenty of sunshine. afternoon highs today up into the upper 70s and low 80s. tomorrow mostly cloudy and much, much cooler tomorrow. most areas may not even get all way to 70 for a high on your wednesday. milder weather back for thursda andfriday. pretty high rain chance for your
8:33 am
sunday. latest hat is your weather. all right, al. thank you so much. up next, dr. jill biden is here. she's written a new memoir. and your husband is running for president. no big deal. we'll catch up on all of it. first this is "today" on nbc. ♪ 1,2,3,4
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welcome back. when former vice president joe biden announced he was running for president again,is wife dr. jill biden said shele cebrated by going back to work. she's been teaching, hitting the campaign trail. she' wtten a new memoir as well. "where the light enters: building a family, discovering myself." good to see you. >> good morning. >> we'll get to the book in a minute, but of course we know rur husband isning for president. >> yes. >> you've been here before. were you gung ho for this decision or did you have to be convinced? >> yeah, i was gung ho.
8:36 am
i felt this country feelsdi so ded and joe knows how to bring people together. he's a convener. you know? so i'm hoping he unite this country. and i want to thank you for celebrating teachers. because as a teacher myself, -- you know, i really appreciate what you're doing. >> well, you'll love our next half hour. i watched very carefully his t. campaign announcement. he said he didn't think the country could survive eight years of president trump. he said he will alter the character of this nation. do you see it that way? do you think that president trump is a threat to the verye essenc of this country? >> i do. i do. and i think we saw thatn charlottesville in how the president handled that and i feel that it's them and us and people all over this country arf look new leadership. time. hear it all the
8:37 am
that's one of the reasons joe decided to run for president. >> i was going to ask you. do you think he would beif runng it were anyone other than trump in the white house right now? >> i don't know. i mean, that's a hard questiont answer. >> i wondered if it was about trump more than any other issue at thisoint in his career. >> well, joe as you know always wanted to r for president. last time just wasn't our time. and sos this i it. this is his time. >> you have obviously been political spouse for a really long time. >> yeah. forever. >> forever, truly. and you kliw about pocs. you know it's a nasty business. i g i to say,t seems to be getting more personal, more nasty. are you worried about that? are you worried in parcular about attacks on your family that seem inevitable to come? >> well, you know, my kids, my grand kids are used to politics. they haven't known anything but politics. and we sat them down and said,
8:38 am
you know, should pop run? what do you think? we got all the kids i the room and our grand kids and said what do you think? because if you are against this, we won't do it. because it's going to be hard on you. and to a child, to a grandchild, they said pop has to do this. pop has to run. >> we've heard som of the nickname this president isor trying out him. sleepy joe, creepy joe. says he has a low iq. what do you think of that? >> i think it's ridiculous. and i think -- you know, i think the american people think thatme na calling, bullying, it's just, you jknow, it'st -- it's just a different kiepf leadership, let's put it that way. >> do you think of the president as a bully? you've talked about a bullying a trail.t on the campaign i wonder if that's who you are in mind. >> i've seen mbullies. i' teacher. 've seen the effects of bullying. and i see it all the time in my
8:39 am
dr classroom and why kids drop out. i wrote about it i my book. y>> i should sayr husband can give it as well. he called president trump a clown recently we remember in 2016 he said if this was high school i would go back out back and beat the helo out-pim. >> i spoke to him about that. >> what did you tell him? i was going to y, is he going to get down in the mud? >> no, he's not. >> what did you tell him? >> when they go low, g we high. >> okay. let's talk about one of the issues coming up wh women g your forward say husband came into their personal space in a way that made them uncomfortable and was uninvited. do youhink that's a fair criticism? i'm sure you've readir the stories. >> i have. and you know, things have changed. the times have changed. and there used to be time when it was acceptableor people to,
8:40 am
i don't know, connect with one another with a touch on the arm. but now things have changed. you know, t me too movement has changed all that. and joe heard what she said. i thought it was very dangerous th -- courageous that she came out d spoke out. like i said before, that has happened to me. it was years ago. i didn't speak out. h i didn'tave the courage. but today i feel i would have the courage to push back. >> in the same vain, he presided o efr the anita hill hearing. he recently had a phone call with her where as i understand he expressed acknowled tent about failings and his own faltings in that hearing. she told "the new york times" she wasn't satisfd. it's not enough for him to say i'm sorry for what happened to you. is she saying that -- does that denstrate that he needs to someho go further in his apology oohis statement her? >> they had the phone call. he was really grateful that she took his call.
8:41 am
he apologized to her. and the one good thing that has come out of this is that he made sure that there were now women senators on that committee. he has written the violence against women act. he good ave to look at that came out of that. >> i want to talk about the book. and i'm just going to be arnest, there e parts that i read that i read through tears and with a mp in my throat because you have suffered such a tremendous loss and you're very honestou abt your grief. i mean, you say at onepoint, i'm not the same. i'm not the same person. >> no. >> how are finding the rite aboutot only to it but to come into t and put yourself out there for presidential campaign w n the way i read this book isis it still so very ever >> well, i think your trs were because you're a mother and you know how much you love your children. and you probably just couldn't go theren your head. you know, you just can't get into that space. but it did happen to me. but we're like so many other
8:42 am
american families who haveos suffered ls or have suffered illness. you know, so we're like so many families. >> you wrote so movingly about it. i also was about your faith.iting how important your faith has been in your life. you chose your faith. t u write one of your l prayers was one for beau. >> it was. >> and it was a prayer that went unanswered. or how it feels. how are you grapplingat with ? and are you hopeful you'll find your faith again? >> well, you know, i -- it was funny. craig just told me that his mom went to the church that joe and i went to this past sunday in south carolina. and i have being zbrgrappling w faith. the woman sitting nextt to me, i'm ing to identify her. she reached over and said i want to be your prayer partner.
8:43 am
and i though prayer rtner, what's a prayer partner? i thought that was so kind. htand as i thougbout it, i thought maybe this is god saying to me, jill, you know, you've - had- it's been almost four years. come back. we're reaching out, come back. so maybe it's time to come back. well, you have done an amazing thing by writing about this and s aring your grief connecting with people on thatl l. i think it will mean a lot to them. and as you said, we are celebrating teachers today. you are a teacher. ifng you were goi to be first lady, would you continue teaching? >> oh, my god, i would love to continue teaching. i don't know whether security i could do that. but maybe i could sneak in and do a class. >> maybe you could red pen some speeches. >> my students are taking heir final exams today. yes. i have to post grades by thursday. >> oh, my gosh. you're on deadline too. dr. biden, thank you so much. thanks for the conversation and
8:44 am
again the book is calledre "whe the light enters." jenna, over to you. >> from one teacher to another, just ahead, we're celebrating this remarkable teacher in honor of teacher appreciation ek. but first this is "today" on nbc. of teacher appreciionat at comcast, we didn't build the nation's largest gig-speed network just to make businesses run faster. we built ibeto help them go nd. because beyond risk... welcome to the neighborhood, guys. there is reward. ♪ ♪ beyond work and life... who else could he be? there the moment.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we're back at8:46. special series "today" loves teachers. in honor of teacher appreciation week, jenna is goingo introduce us to a woman here in new york bringing harmony to the lives of her students. >> she sure is. ps-48 in the bronx didn't have music education for 30 years but that changedhen melissa arrived through music. and mentorship, she's making magic happen. >> reporter: students at ps-48 in the bronx choose tho come to school an hour early for band practice.
8:47 am
it's worth the early wakeup. because they have one of the best teachers in the world. melissa salgero was named a top ten finalist for the global teacher prize. >> melissa salgero som the unittes. >> reporter: the only american from more than 10,000 entri and the first-ever music teacher. when melissa first arrived at ps-48, there was no music program. not even a single instrument. >> we had nothing. i was sitting in the classroom trying to teach them a song. i had my guitar and we were singing "don't sp believeing" andhat became my anthem. >> reporter: she's since raised $260,000 for instruments. >> i dn't want any of my
8:48 am
students to have to pay to rent an instrument. i didn't want that to be a factor that a student wasn't going to participate. >> reporter:-48 is in the bronx, a district where students face significantal chnges. 42% live in poverty. 22% areho less. >> they deserve this opportunity like everybody else. there's talent all over the world. but opportunity's not. >> reporter: the school was broken into five years ago. her hard-earned instruments were stolen. r classroom vandalized. >> when i walked into that room, i collapsed. and i didn't know how we were going to continue. i didn't knowhat to do. >> reporter: in a moment that proved the power of music, her students came to her with song lyrics. >> you always wonder, are they getting the message? and they chose to respond to a tragedy with music.
8:49 am
>> reporter: i love that in this dark moment, they cared more gout comfortin you. >> yeah. it's the reason that gets me up in the morning. becaus i think about them and i think about how much they care about music. >> reporter: raise your hand if music is one of your favorite classes. >> this small thing jt turned into something so it's like we're a family now. >> sometimes i can be down but just letting myself remember about the music is just, i'm back up. like, you know? reporter: her passion and perseveranne combid with her unique and engaging approach. earned her a grammy award last year for music education. what do you hope for your kids? >> i hope that my students see
8:50 am
everything that has happened to us take those lessons and transfer it to their life. i want them to know music isn't just about the music notes on the page. it's about who you are as a person. >> reporter: when she asked her students to write her speech. >> it brings us joy and happiness. >> it brings us together. >> we want tove tellone to never give up and keep trying. >> no matter what obstacles get in your way. >> never give up. >> never give up. >> never give up. >> bring it in. >> we now have the honor to be joined by the wonderful mrs. salgero. you're crying? >> yeah. already. >> we know the kids are at school, but we want to take a little walk with you.
8:51 am
because you deserve all of this. you work so hard. tell me what gives you up. is this your theme song? >> i love it. you know, knowing that my kids are thereic for m an hrer befo school even begins is something that means a lot to me. and when i'm up -- >> surprise! >> oh, my gosh! >> there's more. come on. come yson, gu. >> oh, my god. >> there's more. they have a little gift for you. here w go. ♪ don't stop believing
8:52 am
♪ hold on to the feeling ♪ don't stop believing ♪ hold on to theeeling ♪ ♪ don't stop believing >> miss salguero, did we get you? you're surprised? okay. you can hug her. you can hug her. >>oh my god. you guys! >> all right. but hold on. we're not done yet. we're not done yet. we're not done weyet. e all in tears. >> we know your auditorium is in need of repair. we've got one more surprise for
8:53 am
you. by the way -- all right. here we go. al, you ready? three, two, one. >> that's right. our friends at bose donating not one but two portable pa sound systems as well as 30 wireless headphones for you guys. >> thank you. oh, my gosh. >> what do you think? this is what you think you needed. >> this is a game changer. and this is something that is going to help us so much. and help every single one of these guys here that you see. and i don't think anybody can really -- i cannot articulate how awesome this is for us. >> how awesome is your teacher? >> we're back in a moment. this is "day" on nbc. >> she is so amazing!
8:54 am
8:55 am
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you still surprised? >> oh, i can't even have words. i had no idea. >> i'm so glad we got you. you deserve all the happiness. >> you reallydo. congratulations. we're back in the third and fourth hours of "today" after athis. first check of your local news, weather, and these messages. this. first, a check of your 8:56 is your timeow on this tuesday, may 7th. i'm eun yang. righ now let's check on your commute with melissa mollet and your first 4 traffic. >> left side blocked by a crash here. you can see those delays inner loop and outer loop. here's the problem just behind the sign. so a lot of slowdown through
8:57 am
that ction. leesburg here at 15 at lucketts. a serious crash with a medevin this morn take a look here at branch, crash still hanging around there. >> all right. thank you. we'll take a break now and check your forecast when we come back. stay with us.
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning, everybody. sunshine and a beautiful day outside right now. temperatures have climbed into of theer 60s across mu area. high today expected to reach 82 here in downtown washington. enjoy it. it will be cloudy and cooler tomorrow. highs only around 70 degrees at the most. then romen chances rather unsettled weather thursday and friday. >> all right, chuck. get the latest news and weather any time on the nbc washington app. have a great day.
9:00 am
rockefeller plaza this is the third hour of "today." >> good morningomveryone. welcto the third hour of"t ay." i'm sheinelle here with craig, al, dylan. we also have natalie morales. >> good morning. >> better known as nat-mo. she came in for the west coast for the biggest night in fashion, the met gala. we will talk about it and the looks that stole the show ut just a min first, of course, you know what we're talking about this morning. the most famous baby in the world. we broke the news yesterday while we were on the air that the royal babyad finally arrived. now after all of the anticipation leading up to his


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