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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 10, 2019 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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we're here to talk about program, going to bind you. >> i know. >> just bind your trade war ahead. u.s. raised tariffs on china to trade talks may be reaching a boiling point. >> neath kor firing new missiles and u.s. military hardware steaming towards them. saying the social media giant needs to be split up. >> tens of thousands without power in the south and headed east in time for mother's day.
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>> theha baby srk song has infiltrated our very own military. "early today" starts right now. good friday morning, i'm marlie hand. >> i'm phillip mena. after days of negotiation, no agreement was reached so at the stroke of midnight, u.s. tariffs on $200 billion of chinese-made goods jumped from 10% to 25%. p traciets is following this from washington, d.c. good morning, so t ball seems to be now in china's court. >> reporter:hey are saying they'll take counter measures and retalte likely with u.s. goods going into their country. we saw that in the last round and farmers i say hurt them. small s businesses it hurt them. the question, will thisng contin trade war backfe or will president trump's bid to
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impose these right in the middle of negotiations actually work. those negotiationsd are sai to resume today in washington. state-run chineseedia tweeting overnight these talks will continue even though the tariffs kicked in right at midnight.oe what d this mean for american consumers? we saw in the last round, this affects everything from clothes, groceries to furniture and a lot of other things, sporting goodsd prices cou go up. american companies saying they cannot absorb the total price of making it more expensive to get these chinese goods inhis country. so americanrs consume could end up baring that cost. farmers and manufacturers are concerned that without more access to the chinese markets, which is part of what these trade talks were about, theirbu sinesses could take a hit, another hit as weth.
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is sort of the opening salvoor thenited states. we are raising prices on what it takes to get chinese goods into cthisntry. the chinese this morning saying they'll retaliate. >> nearly everyone has something that says made in china. dead locked. short-range missile launches from north korea. the second time in less than a week that kim jung-un has personally overseen a missile launch. hours later, the u.s. seized a north korean ship. just weeks after the failed hanoi summit. we'll go now to south korea,ou se what is the president saying about all of this? >> reporter: tension is escalating because there has been no communication with pyeongchang since the collapse of the summit. kim jung-un with this testing is pushing the limits of the
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resolutions against north korea and doing so with what appears to be new and more advanced weapons capabilities. so far, the trump administration appearse to b down-playing the test suggesting that they don't breach ban on long-range missile testing, the sort of missiles that would impact the unitedstates. here is what president trump had to say about it yesterday. >> well, we are looking at it seriously right now. they were smaller missiles. short-range missiles. nobody is happy about it. we'll see. the relationship continues. we'll see what happens. >> reporter: nobody is happy about it is a far cry from the fire and fury he was promising about a year ago. south korea, the president here saying that if nth korea
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continues on this pattern of behavior, that they e going to jeopardize any efforts toward negotiation. analysts are saying it is very mi misguided to focus on the size. missiles are still missiles. the tests are proving north korea is making advances andin puttg south korea, japan and many others directly within striking range. conflict is brewing in the middle east from asia to now the ddle east, the american aircraft carrier "uss abraham lincoln" is steaming towards the persian gulf. aj52 bombers have also landed at a m air base. more on the conflict facing the u.s. >> north korea is just one of the global flash points.
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iran, the.s. has sent the aircraft carrier and b-52s to region. they had intelligence iran gave proxies the green light to attack. >> we have information that you don't want to know about. they are very threatening. >> a charge the un ambassador deny. >> we do not accept that. all these are fake intelligence. >> all of these said to come after the.s. pulled out of the negotiations. iran threatening to resume building a reactor and increased stockpiles of uranium. >> i'd like to see iran call me. >> then in venezuela, the striking back has failed. strategy bushed by national security advisor john bolten. he has strong views on
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things. i have john bolten and other people that are more dovish. ultimaty, i make the decision. the president says he was very surprised to learn his son had been subpoenaed. >> my son is a good s person. my testified for hours and hours. my son is totally exonerated by mural, who frankly does not like donald trump, me this donald trump. >> donald trump jr. was subpoenaed by the intelligence committee. presidentrump reminded reporters that his eldest son previously testified for close to 20 hours as part of the russia investigation. lawmakers want to know if he cause candid about his 2016 trump tower meeting and moscow project. in kentucky, a home invasion and suspect were wounded.
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new video released shows those four ying moments when intruders entered the home sparking a quick gun battle. the other intruders escaped. if caught, they face charges of attempted murder and burglary. a follow up to a story we brought you yesterday. chobani is working to combat lunch shaming. the school district in rhode island released a policy that students with unpaid balanceswo d not get hot food but instead receive sun flower jelly butter sandwiches. the school district has rejected the money and plans to vote on the issue next week. a cow was spotted making a run for i in ohio. some interesting 911 calls
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followed from the neighbors. >> trying to catch a court on 71 north. >> you stop, cow. >> y stop. >> is the cown the lose? >>es >> cow listen to her? stop, cow. >> that cow is part of a church pettingfioo. cers did manage to wrangle her in. she milked a few o moments freedom. >> good one. southeast texas has been hit with waveer aft wave of heavy rain and severe storms.s houston'i 10 interstate turned into a parking lot. at leastpo 30 rerts of people stranded in their vehicles. the rain was coming down so hard at astros fans faced a down popup shower insid inminute mai.
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t is rain we are seeing continue in southeast texas. the system will contie to make its way across louisiana. severe thunderstorm warning in place throughoutvernight. you can see this is starting to make its way to the is substantial rain for the next 36 hours. 9 to 12 inches possible from houston to mis. >> that's at look the weather story today. here is a closer look at youry da ahead. >> look a thearm air. we are back in the 70s but that continues for this afternoon. continuing for the deep south. highs are back in the 80s. the severe weather threat has really moved out but the flooding really going to be an issue. i'll be back to show you mother's day forecast coming up. >> therd billboa hit song "baby
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shark." s not jus popular with children. a drill sargent used this to lead the troops in a march. surprisingly, they knew the srds. he say he uses creative cadances like thio bring his soldiers together. >> thef cofounder o facebook says it is time to split it up. wait until you hear what he says about mark zuckerberg.
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we founded in 2004. the one that we have today i think is far too big, far too powerful and its ceo is not accountable. >> he was mark zuckerberg's roommate at harvard. >> t first three accounts were one, two, three were test accounts. mark was user four. i was user five. every single time about a new headline about a privacy scandal or election issue, i feel a sense of respoibility. i'm angry at mark and facebook leadership for taking somethi at held so much promise and sacrificing qualitynd security for clicks. he sold all his stock in 2012 king $500 million. are you saying you have regrets? >> i amin disappod in myself
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that in the early days i didn't and we didn't think enough of how news feed for instance could empower nationalist leaders. >> he calls facebook'san domince a monopoly. more than 6 billion active users dwarfing competition. >> people have started competitors over the years. facebook either acquires them en they are too small or copies the technology outright. >> he is calling for the government to break up and breae up t applications and create a regular tory agency he says mark zuckerberg's power unamerican. >> he has no boss. >> there is a board. >> it works as an aisory committee because he owns 60% of the shares. >> there is a board, senior
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executivesnd employees. >> all o who serve at his pleasure. >> zuckerberg is meeting with leaders and has called for increased regulation. in a statement, facebook says with success companies accountability. but you don't enforce accountability but calling for the break up of a successful american cthpany. can only be achieved through painstak og regulationf the >> you saw him in 2018. are you friends? >> i think so. we've grown apart a bit. we've grown apart ait b he's a good person. i also think he has too much power. i don't know if we'll beds frien after this. >> unfriended. >> there you go. just ahead, the mitch mcconnell t-shirt that has everybodyg. ta >> who will be the new face of
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>> i'm emma thompson and hosting snl with jonas brothers. >> are you excited to host the mother's day show. >> yes, i am except i'm not a mother this weekend, i'm a comedian. >> you have something there. >> live at 11:30 pm eastern.
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>> she's a comedian and a mom. senator mitch mcconnell's campaign is capitalizing off this campaign from a year agone >> of my goals will be to ditch cocaine mitch. >> that lively fella, he linked mcconnell to a record that alleged drugs were found on a ship owned by his wife's family. he's owning that nickname and selling cocaine mitch t-shirts. on the back, it says car tell member. the campaign said they were able to break a single-day on linein fundrais record. >> a lot of similarities between making money. >> the least wired looking guy. >> seems like a tr d. house speaker nancy pelosi has her own merch.
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>> and the fashion house givenchy has a new face. saying guess who? the new face revealed tomorrow. many people are speculating it could be singer arianna grande. she may have confirmed tweeting her own slow-motion teaser. >> that does look like her. >> that is the most iconic pony talee haven our generation. >> just ahead, some of the hottest high tech gifts for mother's day. statins, but still struggle to lower my ldl bad cholesterol. which means a heart attack or stroke. could strike without warning, pullin tme away from everythingt matters most. (siren) because withigh bad cholesterol, my risk of a heart attack or stroke is real.
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burying them in a flowery fog. switch to febreze air effects! febreze eliminates everothe toughest odors fthe air. freshen up, don't cover up. febreze. >> we want to recognize some of the great work done by city year new york. providing mentoring and tutorring to students in underserved elementary and middle schools. honoring the members and recognizing the great work they do all year. >> janessa is back with the mother's day forecast. >> saturday is going t be the day to take mom out. that flood threat will increase for saturday across the the west coast is the best coast. rocky warmth with highs in the 70s. we'll be right back.
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happening now on "news4 today," caug. on camera a local police officer uses a acial slur, igniting community backlash. how the department is responding this morning. it's filled with potholes,
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and it's quickly becominghe least liked stretch of road in our area. details about the plans to fix the george washington parkway. and the future is now. amazon ceo jeff bezos unveils his plans to crowd an out-of-this-world reality. think about it amazon is an out-of-this-world ality. you think about what we're doing and clicking to get in two days, delivered to your door. >> this is true. and i grew up o "star trek." none of this surprises me. >> here we go. >> this is exactly what i expected. >> you were just fayding a w to talk about "star trek" this morning. in 'm going to weave it where i go. good morning, it's 4:00 a.m., i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm eun yang. we have first 4 traffic. >> we begin with meteorologist chuck bell. >> if there are more "star trek" references i want to transport myself to 7:00 right now. you probably noticed an
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improvement in the day


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