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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 11, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> announcer: "news4 today" starts now. gunfire in a maryland office park leaves one woman dead. this morning police scrambling to track down the shooter. two major road closures to walkou through today that to have you turned around on where you needto go on this mother's day weend. a shortage you wouldn't expect. the party is over for dozen of fun stores around thetr couny. it's 6:00 on this saturday, the 11th of may, 2019. welcome in to "news4 today." good morning. i'm david culver. thanks fong joinius. a wet start to your tart after a washout from last night.
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show you images of a downpour as t hit our building here in northwest washington. soaked thero ads. look outside, much calmer than these images right here. lauryn ricketts is tracking what's going on. you were at the apple festival? >> it is. i learn ed laura mcpherson was there. >> what do you think of the weather for today? >> listen, up in the air last weekend. the same today. however, we believe a lot of rain is coming our way. waves of rain moving through our area, all throughout the weekend. ce again, similar to last weekend. sunday looks a lot more wet tha your saturday. beautiful sunrise, though. we're dry out there right now. the sun coming up just now over he horizon but it is a
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beautiful morning already. it will not, unfortunately, be a beautiful day, as will continue to see some rain. now, we're seeing a little rainfall just to the south and west at thisoint nap could scoot into our area, but this is the wave we're watching moving through later on continuing through the afternoon and the day. something we're watching. can't rule out a few showers, not eve a few streaks of sunshine towards baltimore. get you a planner for mother's day coming up in about 15 minutes. >> see you in the studio around then. right now part of the george washington parkway is closed because of a sinkhole. u.s. park police officers spotted it last night. that forced officers to close orthbound lanes from chain d bridge ro-4 i5. you may remember another sinkhole opened in the same area in march. there a planto fix the parkway busha does not the cash. looking to learn when they plan lays. en the northbound
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and a busy part of the rockford parkway remains shut down the next three dayses. crews are building a pedestrian bridge linking the kennedy center to the waterfront. several detours in place. from virginia avenue to -66 is the closure. the potomac interchange. everything is expect to be back open 5:30 tuesday morning. now to a tragic developing story out of princeeorges county. police tell us a woman was shot to death after leaving work. this morning a manhunt iswa und y to capture her killer. police tell us bettie gjefer of bowie was walking out of her office building. as she was leaving a man nt approached andadd gun at her. she bolted towards her car. several shots fired until a bullet struck her in the head ending her life. >> this happened in front of multiple witnesses.
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so they are in the process of interthe witnesses trying to get as much helpful information as possible. >> police say a gunman jumped into aar and drove way from he scene. they're working to develop a descriion of the shooteou ming the death of a marine from the d.c. area. first lieutenant mcdowell killed in a vehicle rollover that happen thursday morning. officials are investigating the circumstances surrournding this accident. six other marines were treated for minor injurie an update on a disturbing story of seven kids left in aot car. not one was older than 4 years old. the temperature was in the low 80s yesterday afternoon, but much hotter in the car. investigators say a 37-year-old woman abandoned the children in this monte carlo parked at st. charles town center. there for about 20 minutes.
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she was inside shopping. she was the mother of two of the kids, we're told, and baby-sitting the others. ne of the children in the car was able to call 911. when officers showed up they found the car not running, windowsolled up and doors unlocked. first responders treated them at the scene. the woman whose name police are not releasing came ak arou ten minutes late per. she was charged. the maryland health department confirmed the measles virus. no known public exposure locations. loudoun county, virginia, has one of the highest risks for measles outbreaks in the entire company. that information from jhns hopkins. and a tip led to 100 animals living in filthy conditions at a
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local nonprofit. the animals were rescued yesterday. the place is called the animal welfare society of howard county. officers found dogs, cats, rabbits and much more. many in poor health. vets will examine the animals to figure which ones are healthy enou for adoption. president trump planning to move the fourth of july om celebration frts usual spot on the national mall and possibly address the nation on the steps of the lincolnal memori according to the "washington post." the new event is to be called "a salute to america." the fireworks shi to potomac park. the fourth of july celebration has long been non-partisan but the "post" reports it may potentially turn intnother version of a trump campaign rally. a virginia lawmaker responding to our news 4 i-team and a report of an escape of the medical center in d.c.
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calling it stunning and unconscionable. the man got out of the psychiatric ward aft ernntering the shower late sunday night. he removed ceiling tile and crawled into an adjoining office. >> he went through the emergency room and asked someone in the emergency room for the hospital to call a taxicab. >> they called him a cab? >> they called him a cab. >> he was wearing his hospil clothes? arrangements scrub bottom and tank top. >> police say he assaulted a k woman henew in manassas. the patient was identified, and the police contacted. the va is reviewing its policy and procedures. a congressionalea hing will be held. thousands of drivers in maryland could have their licenses taken away the next e time they'r pulled over.
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more than 66,000 maryland drivers have ali v license but never verified their identity that satisfies the federal i.d. process. so far drivers w need to verify their i.d. need to go to the mva and show a passport, birth certificate and two documents proving your maryland address. 6:08. our area is handli. real i.d drivers and licenses in various ways. in virginia, an option make your real i.d. license compliant when you renew. in d.c., you must obtain aeal i.d. license if your current license expired after october of 2020 go to the dmv before then to renew it. the district will send out notifications to all those affected early next year. big changes to one of the nation's biest party supply
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stores. party city will shut down 45 stores across the country and it has to do with a global helium shortage. the company says they're closing a higher number of stores year to stabilize profits in the coming months. right now it's not clear which locations will shut down, but the company confirmed closures in california, illinois and connecticut and secured a new sort of helium that should help relieve relievesome of the pressure. 6:09 this morning. an accident at achool kill add boy almost a year ago. now the boy's parents are opening up about a law pass their son's
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now to a story you'll see only on news 4. a tough one.
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nearly one yr after a tragic accident claimed the life of a fairfax county third grader we're hearing from the parents. helping a teacher operate a motorized partition lastmay. then he was caught between the partition and the wall. chdenges are now being in the conti and across the state to protect other students. consumer reporter susan hogan has been following this story from it beginnig, and she sat down with wesley's parents at their home earlier this week. >> reporter: well, our hearts could know go out more to this family. not only will may 18th mark the one-year anniversary since they lost their only child, this will be amy's first mother's day without him and next week the couple will be standing behind the governor of virginia as he signs a bill named in honor of their son. >> he was always just happy, jovial, jiggly, moving around.
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>> reporter: what we all hope for as parents. for our children to be happy, and, boy, was w wley. >> he just happy. always smiling. jumping around. so when i think of those things, that makes meha really y. >> reporter: and he was always thinking of others. >> he was friends and nice to everybody. k> everybody. >> you can as- >> anybody. >> -- anybody, and they'll say the same thing. >> wesley was, he was a very kind boy. >> reporter: amy says they did everything together as a family. >> the three of us all the time, and miss that. >> yeah. >> and i, i'm going to miss the future with him. >> yeah. >> that kills me the most. >> reporter: a year after utsley's future was abruptly short, the pain is still setting in. >> the first year's numb. >> you're numb. that's -- you're just numb. it's a blur, and it's hard to explain. it's har to understand, and tl receny, it's gotten harder. >> reporter: josh and amy still
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talk to wesley every day here in his room. joshops by every morning. >> we talk while we feed the fish. >> and amy every night. >> but ihi give a kiss and talk to him and t then iurn off the light. >> reporter: friends and family have helped the couple f throug st year. you may remember amy's mom sally. her testimony helped convince virginia olawmakers t pass a bill designed to rotect students. >> ayes 40. nos 0 and the billss paes. >> reporter: prohibiting any from operatng a motorized partition when students are in the room unless there's a safety sensor instled and every year school districts are required to train anyone who operates the walls. >> the bill is a good thing, at' iokay to look at it that way. >> reporter: josh and amy say the new law is a bit of light in this horrible tragedy, and theyy think we would be proud. >> i know if he knows it it will
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save lives, he's happy. f >> reporter: all the pain and satness that comes with losing a child, wesley's parents say the nine years of happiness he brought to their livesll wi continue to live on in their hearts forever. >> he was just soften enormous part of o lives for just the small time that he was here,s that something we have nobody san ever take away. so that part' really good, too. >> hmm. love you. >> love you, babe. >> reporter: the ceremonial signing will take place next week and fairfax cnty is starting the process of adding motion sensors to partitions already install in the also s, and new ones wi have the added safety feature as well. back to you. >> susan hogan reporting. susan and her team hav been covering this story sinc last may. as part of their investigation they compile add map swhowing h schools in our areas have those motorized walls. a link to thatap is in the nbc
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washington app. search partition map and zoom in to your county you can see if your child's school has one of those motorized partitions. 6:16 is the tim now on this saturday morning. live look outside. the sun is up here in the nation's capital. it's dry compared with last night, but lauryn ricketts is moacking re showers on the
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today, and all eyes will be on pimlico racetrack for the second jewel in the triple crown, but that crown could be tarnished because of the deteriorating t conditions on track. part of the stands are closed for safety ne chris gordon reports on pimlico in peril. >> reporter: the preakness is just a week away, but a heret pimlico the cheering crowds have not yet arrived, and on a day y like this, can see the glory of this racetrack has faded. the owners of pimlico who also own laurel park want toui b a supertrack in laurel and move the preakness there.nd ama rawlings is a horse trainer at both tracks. >> in your opinio where shue preakness be in the future? >>pimlico. >> why? >> it's part of the history. >> reporter: dottie covers racing. >> i work in the barn athe stable. conveniencewise, nice to have it at laurel.
6:20 am
>> reporter: the city is fiting to keep it at pimlico. governor hogan says whatever happens it needs to remain in maryland. >> they have a state-of-the-art track in laurel. a falling apart track in baltimore city.he tity does not want to invest money in the track. the legislature has no interest in investing state dollars in the track. it's a couple of days of racing and needs $430 million of investment. >> reporter: they've been rhoing se, here at pimlico since 1870. this is all that remains of the storic old grandstand, but a month ago they closed this section off,all 6,600 seats, after an engineering firm determined that it was unsafe. it would not bear the we ht load. >> i used to sit right back there in the stands and watch all the races and had trouble finding a seat. now, if i sit out here it's me and the pigeons. >> reporter: in a week, the country's attention will turn to pimlico for the preakness, and for that brief moment, horse
6:21 am
racing in baltimore will once again be the sport of kings. chris gordon,ews 4. all right. reminder. you can watch th 144th running oprthe akness stakes on the channel you'reatching right now. nbc 4. that going to be next saturday. lauryn ricketts making some noise coming in. you're so subtle. >> like a monster walking in here. the shot was right there and i knew i would mess up your shot anyway. hey, how are you? haven't seen you in forever. >> i know. >> talking in the newsroom but ooi i'm always a hot mess when i first come in. >> doing great. mother's day weekend is tomorrow. >> you have big plans. >> well, i'm working tomorrow. >> so am i! >> working always. generally. >> plans? >> nope. don't plan anything. not good.
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we're goin r to seen going through the day. all day tomorrow, periods of rain, unfortunately. that's going to be something b're dealing with through the day tomorrow, also dealing with through the day today. so, again, we do have some nice itions out there right now. this is about as good as it's going to get all throughout the weekend. again a few showers out there. mainly to the south and west. we may see a few sneak in here. mainly you're looking at clouds at least the first part of the morning this morning. temperatures through the day topping out in the 60s. this is about as warm as it's going to get as well. temperathees will top out in t 60s and, again, a little fog out there with some of our -- let's see -- of course, my maps not working early this morning. see if i can restart this real qui and see if we can get it working. looks like my computer might crash, but, anyway, looking at showers. there we go. happy saturday, everybody! all right. scattered shers out there for today. better chance of eswiead rain
6:23 am
into sunday and monday and head through tuesday and wednesday we dry out but not until then. these are the showers i was talking about. you can see a few down to the south and west. those may sneak in here. a lot of dry air working its way against it. a few sprinkles possible. thi wis really what i'mching going into the afternoon and even into the evening. saturday, again, looking at just some cloudy conditions in the morning. again a few sprinkles may scoot in here as we head through the first rt of the day,but most of this rain after 3:00 or 4:00. could be a steady rain as we head through the overnight and in through the day tomorrow. again, maybe even a little flooding through the day tomorrow. this is not going to be a good idea eat outside, go to brunch or anything like tha showers throughout the day and, again it could be heavy. especially heading through the afternoonand into the evening. a little bit of fog possible as well. temperatures right now in the 50 rs and 60s. 62 will be our daytime high today. i mean, we've really breached it after midnight with temperatures in the mid-60s.
6:24 am
increasing chances of rain mainly after 3:00 or 4:00. tomorrow, headed to take mom out to runch, temperatures in the 50s. that is it. it's going to be cloudy,t, we notll have ponding on roads only today also tomorrow. periods of rain tomorrow, steady to heavy at time. going through aleast the first part of monday. tuesday finally dry. look. no 80s out rthe we have a nice weather day. oh, yeah. nbc 4, the whole team out wednesday and thursday. small chance of rain for that and not looking too back into
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weather that's odd even in colorado, davids. no stopping graduation at uc boulder. >> imagine this? almost 9 students and parents sat through this snowy ceremony this week. a friendly snowball fight en broke out. even with all the snow, though, the ceremony going off without a hitch. dy here in theny d.c. area would be able to handle that. >> i definitely would not, but that snow didn't stop. ke coming down another day. it is finally melting this weekend. it's crazy. o extreme right to the other. >> when you tell the commencement speaker, wra p it up.
6:28 am
max.minutes let's go. and fighting for a change. >> and literally fighting other people. >> introduce you to him. father dave smith. a priest in the same church in sydney almost 30 years andht figing to hef rep ji refugees o country. >> working in war-torn syria. look at that hook. >> so much for turning the other cheek there. right at it. my gosh. >> footwork and all. good for him. >> take us tside. what are we seeing? >> not good for us this weekend. look at the clouds. know view in the studio. sunshine, can get peeks of sunshine especially d.c. east and north this weekend. that's all you'll see this that's all you'll see this
6:29 am
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6:32 am
on this saturday morning, the 11th of may, 2019. ood morning to you. i'm david culver. laurt ricketts is sding by in the weather center. looking outside, saw peeks of sunshine. probably see some behind me right here. >> yeah. >> especially after kind of a washout last night. what do you think is on tap for today? >> this whole weekend may be a washout, david. unfortunately not the warm temperatures that accompany some of the rain thats move in with the warm temperature. so, again, chilly temperatures out there. what i'm trying to say. temperatuows will be in the l 60s for daytime highs today. again, look at the cloud cover out there right now. we've got some sunshine, but this is about as much sunshine as you're going to see throughout the day today. look at those clouds.ti beaul view out there early this morning. ow, we could see a few sprinkles early. right around here, going up throughfa ulkner county, visibility is low in spots, too. something to be aware of.
6:33 am
ally, the main event coming right around here continuing to move into our area through the afternoon and why we'll have creasing chances of rain later this afternoon. pretty much daytime highs today, about as warm a we'll get. temperatures in upper 60s in d.c. and annapolis. ayw 60s to the south and west. temperatures stg in low to mid-60s throughout the day today. temperatures were 82 yestery. e if we find more 80s on the ten-day forecast. we'll show you that and plan out your mother's day day coming up. and i'm m melissalet with your traffic. 5 k happeni 5k happening here today. talking about s street from thit to fif sections of third, foth and fifth also shut down. arts of pennsylvania avenue independence and constitution closed as well.
6:34 am
the fun parad hooappening saturday. a lot of fun. tarts of t, vermont and u street closed. a bigger list of closures. find it on the nbc washington app. have a great weekend. see youg monday mornin for "news4 today." ab> telling you ut the roads, part of the george washington parkway iau closed b of a sinkhole. a u.s. police officer spotted it closing northbou lanes frombe cham bridge road to i-45. another sinkhe opened in the same area back in march. they plan to fix all of this, nut don't have the cash. working to learhen crews expect to reopen those northbound lanes and will let you know. this morning a tragedy unfolding in prince georges county. a woman shot to death after a day at work. this morning the search is on for her kill perp police say er. police say a man walked u to at with a gun and pointed it all as she ras leaving work.
6:35 am
0,ckie bensen has details. >> reporter: 5:0uitting time, when the victim starting walking out of the front door of this building into the parking lot. people were all around. police say the victim was walking out of the office building as 6301 ivy lane in greenbelt when a manpproach nd pointed a gun at ale. >> to which time the victim began ruing. the suspect fired multiple shots towards the victim. >> rorter: rather than running a few feet back into the busy lobby or to her office just off the lobby where people were still working for help, the victim took off running towards her car. she ran nearly the length of the parking lot, bullets flying past her until one struck her. fatal.jury was the gunman jumped in a car and drove away. police are working quickly tolo deve a detailed description of the shooter. >> this happened in front of multiple witnesses. so they are in the process of interviewing the witnesses, trying to get as muf help information as possible.
6:36 am
>> reporter: we're told the victim worked at a temporary busess located onthe first floor of the building. in greenbelt, jackie bensen, news 4. a mother accused of shooting and killing her daughters is preparing for trial. yes a fairfax county judge ruled there w enough evidence against veronica youngblood to move her hearing forward. at the hearing an investigator told the court she admitted to killing the daughters in the family apartment. admitted to giving the two girls sleepingheills before s shot them. also revealed youngblood was planning to kill herself and the kids for a while after yearsf an intense custody battle with her youngd's defense attorneys argued she is mentally ill. learning abou a deadly gas explosion in virginia. two people are dead and multiple injuries after all of this played out. this was yesterday morning in rockbridge county near the west virginia state line. you can see here, there's still a little left of the gas
6:37 am
aation. right now police searching for others who may have been inside. they still do not know what caused the explosion, but do no think it is anything suspicious. at 6:37 in arlington is man there charged with sexually assaulting a woman inside a restaurant freeze perp this ic morning polare looking for more possible victims. we know ash the the -- about th suspect, 25-year-old man. hospit the man came back to the restaurant the next day, has worked at several restaurants in the county, and they want to know if something like this happened before. tomorrow is the grand reopening of the international spy museum and l'enfant plaza. 1it opens at:00 in the morning. since its mother's day moms can call in advance and get a free ticket. links and a bunch more
6:38 am
information for you about allev ents happening in our nbc washington app. search for your weekend. when barbara harrison first introduced us to this m young he was a little guy facing big challenges. now more ttean 20 years he is beating those challenges and inspiring others. you've got to see barbara's reunion with a "wednesday's child" and it's something you won't want to miss. gather the family
6:39 am
6:40 am
for well over three decades we have been watching barbara harrison introduce children in theoer care system all aroundhe washington region. there have been little ones teenagers and all ages in a between ll in need of a home hand a family to grow up in. barbara's been catching up with some of them. >> reporter: he was just 3 year aring old when we first met jaron,oster child diagnosed with shaken baby syndrome and
6:41 am
any perspective adoptive family told he could hle developm delays. but one family watching "wednesday's child" that day saw something special in jaron. >> the day i saw him was on television, your show, and for some reason it was, like, a magnet that, we quantity that child. >> reporter: earl taylor and his wife sarah both active in the b air force haden thinking about adopting before being transferred here from colorado. >> and we had just started the process when we got an e assignment here to th washington, d.c. area. >> reporter: they had found a home but timing was wrong. they need to get settled. but sarah called to ask about jaron anyway. >> we knew that that was the one that we wanted to try to adopt. >> i said, if ian't have that one, then i don't want any. >> reporter: the call led to several visits with jaron.ys earl sa from the very first he kn there was not turning back. >> and the first day that i saw him he came up to me andsked
6:42 am
me, he says, are you my ddy, and i says, yes, i am. >> reporter: sarah was convince and hejaron t first overnight visit. >> one evening in my bedroom watching television. he looked up at me and he said, you know i love you. hat just -- i just didn't know what to do after that. >> reporter: although social workers warned about the ff long-termts of jaron's m mistreatment as an infant they decided to you're their own brnd of healing. >> he needed ritalin and adhd all that. i told them, no. l he needs it love and all he need it attention and direction. >> reporter: they brought him home to this house and more than 20 years seemed to just fly and jaron still comes home regularly when he gets off work. >> jaron. >> hello. >> do you know who i am? >> yes, ma'am. >> it's so good to see you! >> reporter: now a police tificer in anne arundel county,
6:43 am
maryland and s remembers things about coming here the first time at 3 years old. >> i guess the main one probably in the driveway asking my dad, are you my dad. >> yngu remember asim that? >> uh-huh. >> and what did he say? >> he said, yes. yes i am. >> reporter: were they tough parents? >> tough, but not pushy. they got the job done. here i am now. >> reporter: his parents are very proud of him. >> he was a victim o shaken baby syndrome. >> yes. >> so a lot of things they told us he couldn't do or wouldn't be able to do, he's done. he'll never be able to run. never be able to ride a bike. well, when you're a police officer you have to run. >> reporteed we watch together as we remembered a story that beg nearly a quarter century ago. >> love you guys. >> reporter: a story of love at first sight. >> thank you, thank you. >> mjaron'som might call it a match made in heaven.
6:44 am
>> barbara arrison. with a beautiful story there. jaron spends a lot of his spare time mentoring kids. he and his mom teach martial arts to kids ages 3 to 8 in fort washington. as jaron and others prepare to celebrate their moms,auryn
6:45 am
6:46 am
6:47 am
we've got the "today" show up next on nbc 4. head up to new york and catch sheinelle jones and peter xander nganding by. >> good morni. coming up on a saturday morning here on "today" an american woman rescued by french commandos in west africa after being held hostage nearly a month. high is she and why was she there. and victoria secret rethinking its strategy and the #metoo movement. >> and a world war ii vet fulfills the dream of a lifetime walking across the stage 70 years after earning her college degree. >> a good way to start this da mother's weekend. her story and a lot more when we get started on a saturday morning here on "today." david, have a great weekend. >> thas, guys. you, too, and happy mother's day weekend sheinelle. >> thank you, see you in a bit. >> and toon alis and peter, too. >> thanks. see you in about 15. more than 500 apple retail tores around the world today. but today tim cook is opening a
6:48 am
wht he calls its most ambitious store ever. et a look at the snore the old carnegie library in downtown washington. >> it's historic opened in 1903 as a public library donated by businessman and philanthropist andrew carnegie, the building never lived up to its potential. three years ago the d.c. government decided to lease the property and picked apple as the tenant. >> we're glad apple has created a space not just for a retail experience, really it's now a civic public space open to the community. >> reporter: over the past two years apple worked to return it to ds original condition an design adding a modern touch like this two-story t-lilled atrium and kwiconverting the on time reading room to a high-tech showroom. > not about a stall but an experience. with remagined, a beautiful,
6:49 am
old space and made it better than the commune, thene've ne our job. ha reporter: the apple carnegie library is more a store. it's home to the historical society of washington, d.c. >> so we are here to offer research supportor historians and citizens of washington, but what you can also do here is have fun in our galleries. >> reporter: those galleries include these life-sized panoramic photos, including amelia earhart wit the u.s. capitol in the background and this carnival outside union station and artifacts on display as well. seats from the old griffith baseball stadium. apple amend the history society will offer easy occasional programs at the carnegie which opens to the public on saturday. in the district, mark saeagrase, news 4. cool. more than 500 stores worldwide, apple has, their store opened
6:50 am
2001 in our area. tyson's corner. cool. >> nice. interesting. >> might be a good day, too,o r 10:00 this morning, i think, to be indoors for some of that celebration. right? >> and maybe last-minute mother's day gifts as well. >> oh, yeah. at the apple store? >> at the apple store. yeah. but mom's deserve it. listen, it is going to be cooler out there toda yesterday made it to 82 degrees. yeah. say good-bye to the 80s for a little while and hello to the umbrella because youe going to need it. definitely damp out there this morning. if you have kids' soccer games or anything l that, it's going to be damp. not necessarily rain showers m thrning but chances continue throughout the day. look at that. left side of your screen shining down on that 14th street bridge sunshine, but the most parng look at cloudy conditions. if you're north and east today you may get a little more sunshine, because you're going to wait attle while longer to get the rain moving in here.
6:51 am
show you radar. rain possible all weekend, unfortonately, even in monday. heaviest rain comes tonight through sunday night, and then again rain will continue into monday. cool conditions continue into monday. saturday outlook, any kids' games. spotty showers th morning. show you where they are. definitely damp from the rain of last night. any wedding ceremonies out a there, we in that season. steady rain after about 3:00 p.m. unfortunately, make sure you have a backup plan. pictures okay. especially if you get them den. and make sure the kids have the umbrellas, cute ones to go with s and alles and corsag of that. radar, a few showers down to the south and west. a few sprinkles is all that's amounting to running into dry air moving our way, but eventually the moisture overtakes the dry air and all of this will start pushing into our region as we head into the afternoon. so rain chances, yeah, could see an isolated, spotty shower
6:52 am
betwee now and about 2:00, 3:00, butfter 3:00, start to see that move in and more steady rain coming out of way. let's time it out for you starting at 6:30. clouds. again a few showers possible as we go through about 2:00, 3:00. just light stuff and here it comes after about 3:00, 4:00, steady rain possible tonight into torrow morning. heading off to church tomorrow mork, steadyrain. don't make brunch plans outside for mom. seeing periods of rain throughout the day heavy at times and given satured ground, watch for flooding as well. definitely ponding on roadways tomorrow. ponding out there today.mid-50s. best we'll tempera staying in the upper 50s to low 60s.
6:53 am
as far as mother's day is concerned 50say all long. average temperature for this time of year, low to mid-70s. again, fog in the morning, but we'll continue to see a chance of showers all throughout the day tomorrow and, again could, have flooding around for your mother's day. and it's going to be a lot crpo cooler. low 60s monday. clearing later monday afternoon. tuesday dry. wednesday dry. another chance ofrain thursday. of course, that's weather day at nass
6:54 am
6:55 am
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at 6:56, four things to know on this saturday. a manhunt under way for a gunman wanted for killing a woman in greenbelt. police tell us shet was sho to death after leaving work on ivy lane. they're workg to develop a dames description of the shooter. the search is on for survivors after a deadly gason explo in virginia. the a.p. reports two dead and thers injured yesterday in rockbridge county's no word what caused that explosion. part of the george washington parkway is closed because of the a sinkhole if a forced officers to close northbound lanes from chamber road to i-95. working to learn when the lanes will expected reopened. thebr new carnegie liy apple store opens at 10:00 this the start of a six week long storymaker festival that runs
6:57 am
through june. find out more in the nbc washington app. lauryn ricketts, saying good-bye tos for a while? >> definitely. we're in the 60s. hello to cooler weather. 60s and 50s today. chances of rain increase through the afternoon. spotty showers, better chance of rain after 3:00 or 4:00. peiods of rain for more mother's day. not out of here until monday night. >> 100%, 100%. tuesday a chance. a small chance, but 100%. >> going to happen. we'll be back at 8:00 this morning w
6:58 am
6:59 am
♪ i've slain your dreaded dragon. for saving the kingdom at doth thou desire? my lord? hey good knight. where are you going? ♪ ♪ climbing up on solsbury hill grab your things, ♪ salutations. coffee that is a cup above is always worth the quest.
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nespresso. tis all i desire. did thou bring enough for the whole kingdom? george: nespresso, what else? good morning. high water in houston. >> oh! >> more recn in the forast today for the city dealing with dangerous flooding after a week of torrential rainfall. massive foding plus two barges and aol tanker cding causing a chemical spill. we're live on the scene. daring rescue. an american hostage and three others rescued by french commandos in west africa, a raid that left two of the rescuers dead. this morning we take you inside the raid. wild shoot-out. >> oh, my god! oh, my god! >> a dramatic police pursuit in los angeles. the murder suspect hanging out the window and


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