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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 11, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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right now at 6:00, look at a storm t4 radar. heavy rain moving in. what this means for your mother's day forecast. police looking for clues after a woman in prince george's county was gunned down trying to run from her killer. >> reporter: i'm dcy spencer. part of the gw parkway shut down again. i'll tell you why and how this could affect your commute even beyond this weekend. >> announcer: news 4 at 6:00 starts now. good evening. i'm erika gonzalez temperatures falling, say is the rain. oaking ain behind me isrts of our area. clay anderson tracking it all from the weather center. hi, clay.
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>> hi. and a great saturday to all of you. all about the umbrellas tonight and into mother's day day and beyond. a band of moderate rain moving across the national capital region just in the last hour. again, raoming from fauquier countyac moving ross areas of fairfax county and into the diseict as w speak, ry montgome prince youring, anne arundel and just beginning. a larger picture shows rain showers stretching across the car area into the carolinas.tu temperas in the 50s going further west. we'll give you all the details and what the mother's day forecast will look like. the top story, everyone. going to be rainy and damp all weekend. heavy rain parts here and there roughout your sonde even back-to-work and back-to-school, still raining and cool. all the details in a complete
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forecast in a minute. >> all right.ep ke the rain boots handy. thank you, clay. >> oh, yes. rain is adding urgency to fixes problems on the gw parkway. a large sinkhole opened up. darcy spencer is live there when it's having an impact on traffic there in the area. darcy? >> reporter: right. this rain definitely an issue for drivers trying to get around here inarthis a, and for those work crews trying to get this patchwork done. the northbound las of the gw parkway in this area still closed because of that sinkh e and it could be some time before things get reopened. we want to start with photographs that were published by the national park service they show that the sinkhole ist feet deep that formed on the parkway. this forced shutdown from cambridge to 495. we were able to go thereoday d show some of that work happening. the work cruise are trying to
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get this sinkhome stabilized and hopingto get one lane opened for the morning rush. the rain we're having could delay those efforts. a spokesperson for the parkway tells us why they think it formed. the second one just this march. >> both this and the previous sinkhole that happened in march were caused by large rain events. it all about water moving off the roadway and into the drainage system built george washington memorial parkway. >> reporter: so you heardim say, this sinkhole was caused by the rain events. we're getting more rain. you can imagine how difficult it will be to get this work done. there is heavy traffic here in this area. also coming here from the district. so if your travels take you to this area, plan ahead. find an ultimate route like 123. allow yourself extra time. erika, back to you.
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>> a soggy night. a lot of people are watching, i think, and thanking the heavens that uations went off earlier today without a hch. thank you so very much. all right. so we are now, got ws. the search is for a killer who gunned down a woman amp she left work. bettie jenifer walking to her a car when man walked up and shot her. jenifer just left work on ivy lane in greenville. ran acrossa the prking lot to escape. thed shooter fir multiple shots. jenifer died at the scene. detectives y the gunman jumped in a car and drove off. police say they areelying on maultiple witnesses who saw the shooting and they hope to track the gunman down. a break in a murder case. a man locked in d.c. jail for killing another man in prince george's county. police arrested the suspect justin myrick. s detectiv he strangled and stabbed angelo blakeney last late month.
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police found the victim's body in the woods. evidence discovered at the scene led police to myrick's hope in north d.c. he will be extextradited to fac charges. ah> and patrick sh today visited south texas saying there will be no withdrawal of u.s. roops until the border is secure. he visited u.s. forces in the sung texas town of mccowan and spoke to bgerder patrol as saying the mission will not be indefinite. yesterday he said $1.5 bil non willot be used for border bar ers and security operations. >> i won't be reprogramming anymore mone for the border wall. but we have very smart people here in the department and found ways to do this without having any impact on readiness. >> some 000 members of the military are at the border helping border protection with
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gogistics such as transportation and puttinup barriers. they are not allowed to act as law enforcement. a major part of the air show at joint base andrews is canceled torrow due to the weather. the air show officialssay there will be no aerial demonstrations at the show tomorrow. rain and overcast skies will make it impossible for that to happen. you can still come to the airfield tomorrow and check out all the really cool vintage planes there. [ chrs ] >> tech fans pumped for apple's newest store. people from as far away as south america. how the d.c. project is mxing history, education and retail. > it's that bittersweet moment we all remember. the end of one journey and the beginning of another. we're going to take you to some of our areas biggest commencemen. and it's a fourth of july
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celebration like we've never seen. why the national park service i changing one oe largest events in our region. >> i'm melissa mollet with a look at remindn northwest. until tuesday. talking about the area in front of the kennedy center. rock creekrkway shut down between virginia avenue and the 66 ramp. installing a pedestrian bridge over the weekend. so no vehicles or pedestrians are going to be allowed through. when we're looking at this in remr, detours in place, of course. traffic pushed off on to virginia enue nap road scheduled to reopen tuesday
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it's a holiday celebration that has a lot of you talking. he fourth ofuly fireworks display is moving this year. after 15 years on the national mall. the national prk service says fireworks will be launched about a mile away in west potomac trrk. president donald p wants a bigger celebration this year dubbed "a salute to america." there will be the traditional concert on the west lawn of the capitol and possibly a second stage of entertainment. mr. trump may deliver an address from steps of the lincoln memorial. in a statement the parks srvice said in part -- "this move allows the park service to open new areas of the national mall to spectators including yaert around the lincoln memorial reflecting pool so that more peoplethcan join e
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>rformance." many have been commenting on this story and on our nbc washington face bao page and the top story on our app you can head there to learn more about it. it is graduation day for students and colleges and universities across the country. students gathered on the quad at howard university for their ceremony today. it was a hothcoming for keynote speaker. former atlan mayor who gave the commencement ddress. a former hu grad and an attorney. and stacey abrams gave the commencement address at american university today and received an honnary law degree. she urged the students to engage in those who challenge and ran for governor in 2018 and recently said she will not make a senate run but hasn't ruled out running for president and mentioned something in there about that as well. get a taste of europe ve hout ever having to l
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d.c. dozens of embassies opening their doors. we'll take you inside. >> reporter: new life for a building with historical significance in the city. melding the old and the new coming up. coming up in sports, take-off.
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>> announcer: you're watching news 4 at 6:00. and lines forming today includeses hundreds the ceo of apple tim cook. the apple carnegie library is open to the public and focus og learning discovery and ctyativity for the communi >> when the carnegie library opened city scentral library, yu might have found a rowd, but a bit more staedate than these folks. this man got here from new jersey. >> it's like being in the front row of a roller coaster, actually. >> reporter: these people came from brazil. >> some people travel to do a lot of things but we travel for openings. >> three, two, one! >> reporter: apple's ceo tco and d.c.'s mayor welcoming them into the 1903 arts
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building. selfie takers that never calmed down. all the excitement there is good for what goes on here at the upper level. the historical society of washington shares this building with the apple store. >> the partnership is a dream for ut railroad after xperiencing the future of personal electronics come face-to-face with the history of the city. amelia earhart,he class of '54. >> the minute you walk in you feel the history. an opportunity for us to bring a lot of d.c. historyo new awed vances, which for us is sort of our mission. >> reporter: and a research library and a chance to experience new life breathed into 116-year-old building. w derrickd for news 4. >> thank you, derrick. the new store hostsaily workshops on subjects like photography and coding. theksext six wee a storymaker festival featuring local
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artists. apple says half the new story the 225 employees are d.c. residen all right. how's this for a fun weekend? checking out 28 countries without ever having to leave thi dist of columbia. the european union embassy had their annual open house and family had a chance to visit as many as they could and learn about the culture there. food, dance. the event honors thenniversary of the european union being founded. all right. rainy, soggy weekend. that about sums it up if you learn nothing more. most want to know if they'll get any breaks to take mom out tomorrow? i think evebody's happy they got the graduations in today. >> glad we got graduation during the day. foryo tomorrow, ge favorite umbrella and give it to mom. she's going to need it pap wet
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sunday, everydy. e you outside what's going on now. let the weekend continue, and it ntinues on arather soggy note. this, across the area. doesn't matter where you are now. whetheyou are driving along interstate 66 or whether you just came in with a bag of groceries. you know it's raining across thr a. temperatures about as warm as to it's going get right now. as far as 62 degrees, winds from the northe st and,yes, plenty of rain to go around. where is it? take a look now. we said top of the hour. that round of rather moderate rain, rates are quick. moving across the bridge from bowie. fromrain where that came light rain in the washington area. broo bowie a rubblemble of thun. more ra to come. look at the broad picture, everyone. all the way down into the carolinas is where the rain is.
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temperatures in the low 60s, the 50s crossing interstate 81. the fartherest you gohe cooler it will be. ar fas at the rain. the rain we're getng now. more thain for sunday and monday. widespread rain. tuesday, as in tuesday, when we start to see the change. with that mother's day, everyone, damp. moderate rain here and there. as i said, hope you had at least two umbrellas because you'll need them throughout sunday. with that, trying to break it down and tell you -- break it do for you and tell you what it will look like hour-by-hour. basically showers in the morning, fog, more rain. chill throughout the period. from 10si0 tena.t :0raginhr ams not ally getting out of the 50s. here we show you futurecast in motion across the region for yourunday morning. sunday continues to have rain showers, as i said. peak period for brunch, 11:00, 12:
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12:00, 1:00 a.m. it continues. not much change. the forecast as we take that look. 100% chance, i said, not only today, into tomorrow. still showers for monday. temperatures gradually warmt looks good, everyone bp show you that, seeing 70-degree temperatures always nice, but it's goingli to take a le bit of time as in about 72 hours before we see those 70s. >> we can hang in there. hang in there. >> we can do it. >> all right. clay, thank you so very much. t' so is day two of redskin okie minicamp. checking in with quarterback dwayne haskins andhe person who might be c
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sportsdesk. >> teaching us something new. no idea such a thing as mingamp. i thou just camp. anything to get us into the football season that much earlier. >> rookie mineaamp. tm activitieactivities. a whole thing. actually wrota story about it. >> like preschool. >> it is. and hops it breed success. rekins first-round quarterback dwayne haskins should know his way around the beltway.
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fo helps. and home haskins after moving here from new jersey to attend school but a new job with the skinsis haskins still throwing to a receiver he connected with for 11 touchdow at ohio state. we're at redskins rookie minicamp. >> welcome to town. >> thank you, sir. >> glto see you. >> being here in d.c. where i'm rom, i don't see it as a big city even though it is. it's comfortable for me and look orward to being back home. >> reporter: one of the many reasons he's comfortable here at minicamp. and joined by ohio state teammate wide receiver. >> to have a guy you can talk to, hang ou withat lunch first day of school so tospeak is just a comfort level. you can see they have a natural relationship. >>elt like back in ohio state. you know, grea to have him here. we're roommates and playing
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together. played along "madden" last night. great have somebody you're comfortable with and it's a blessing. >> dwayne has a really good nd understaing of the game. so i don't think anything's caught him by surprise. heens a junkie wh it comes to studying. we're roommates so studying together. he's teaching me, i'm teaching him. when you're a student of the game, doing pretty good. >> did a great job. put all the wor in and when terry spoke we listened. great admiration for him, how he prepares and works and just beinger able to be clos to him throughout the season, and him at d.c. great for my career. >> reporter: and haskins telling me he wish there's were more. from redskins park n forews 4 eeorts. >> won't get slp playing "madden" together may surpryou. i wasn't great at math. no need advance calculus to figure this out. consistently inconsistent reached the third month of the
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season and yet to have more than a two-game winning simple addition. three-game winning streak. need to win two straights. something the nats had a chance to do ist night los angeles. amp just stopping a four-game losing streak, got the start but not long to get on th board. bottom of the first, solo homer ht. part of a two home run flight for peterson. sanchez lasted four and ad. thir not good. and managed only four hits. six innings striking out six. nationals dropped game two of the series to l.a. 5-1. and skipper knows his starter just let a few pumps get away. >> he had 45 pitches. and three innings. you know? to me, i watch him. he really threw just two bad pitches in the gao and both peterson. he missed his location. he knows that. you know? he's a veteran guy, but -- keeps us in the game.
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you know? todawe just -- couldn't get nothing going with our bats. >> so much for a winning streak. and ncaa tournamentti star against defending champion yale. hoyas down early. and matt gets one by his brother. 9-3 bulldogs. drives parents n and hoya cutting into it. rifles it from distance. three-goal game heading to the fourth. but yale -- always a but. yale responds on a man advantage. scoring on his brother. yale win as high-scoring affair. 19-16 over georgetown. all right, hey, audrey bledsoe of the washington spirit traveled up to new jersey taking on sky blue fc. and shayna matthew, a nice run.w and no flicks it and stays with it and finds the back of the net. tough angle, first goal of the year. 1-0. nice.
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hey, nice celebration, too. second half. tie game. amy harrison sets her up. wow. what a finish. 2-1. beautiful goal by the third overall pick in the draft. washington wins this one 3-2. and we like to think of this as like an organized team act e activi activity. not a organized te activity. >> rookie minicamp. i have learned. thank you so very much. "nightly news" is coming up next. see you againonight at 11:00. t
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test test test test st te . breaking news tonight. a major american city on edge thousands of gallons of a toxic chemical forced the partial closure of a major shipping channel. residents worried about the air and the water. off the tracks, severe weather derails a train as more storms hit the southeast. 8 million people are under a flash flood watch tonight. a massive and deadly explosion at a gas station in virginia, shaking the ground and flames and smoke shooting into e air. the shocking l.a. police chase . a murder suspect leans out of a car firing at officers ahe driver speeds through streets ays before it all comes to a dramatic end.


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