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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 12, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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♪ rig now at 6:00, after a mostly rainy mother's day, the weather is startingo clear upment find out what's on tap for tonight. an exosion rocks a virginia gas statn killing several people. why crews fear the death toll could grow. >> reporter: i'm darcy spencer. should there be toll lanes along 495 and 270 in mayland? we'll have the results of a new poll. god evening, i'm ericka gonzalez. happy mother's day to all the moms out there. we hope the rain didn't dampen your celebrations toomuch. storm team 4 meteorologist clay anderson is in the weather
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center with ar look at the ra now. it looks like most of the rain has moved on. >> well, it does look li we had a nice, dry spell. hopefully moms had a chance to enjoy the afternoon. if you're going out tonight, is looks like this mother's day will be remembered as the dainy that would not let go. take a look at our radar imagery now. we're showing you another line of rain showers are starting to move in from the west. once again, moving in to fauquier county, prince william, faio ax county, moving inte washington area, and as it does, probably within the next hour or so, this band of rain will move, follow interstate 66, everyone. om will go fr west to east across the area. so we are going to pick up rain tonight. st a portion of a larger systemnd still to our south west. all the details and what to expect for the weekg cominup. >> thank you so much. new information tonight on the deadly shooting of woman who had just left work in greenbelt. the shooter gunned down betty jennifer of bowie in a parking lot early friday evening.
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she was married to a man by the name of chris atoll. a well-known actor in the west african n.tion of gha police have not made any arrests and have not name a suspect. at atoll's firm released a statement that said, "waka talent agency is saddened by the death of bettie enger, who was maied to our client." virginia state policesay it could take days to identify three people killed in a station explosion. rubble is all that remains here at the station in rock bridge county. just west of arlottesville. the explosion occurred friday morning. rescue crews found one victim friday and two more yesterday. medics took four other people to the hospital. rescue crews are also sifting through the debris for three to five people who mayt have been a the site before th blast. he beltway bottleneck is geing even more intense
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tonight. new report shows the majority of marylanders want toll lanes estion onalleviate co 270 and part of maryland's capital beltway. news4's darcy upencer joinss live with howha the divide a lot of people worked up. darcy? >> reporter: we are here along i-270. you can see traffic iso mng just great right now. if you use this road to commute, you know it is often at a standstill. a new poll shows there is support for this project to add toll lanes. but there's so a lot of reservations. the "post" reports 61% favor governor hogan's plan. but 80% in the maryland suburbs are veryr somewhat concerned that building the lanes would require destroying homes. and about seven in ten in the d. region are concerned the toll lanes would be too expensive and notce re
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congestion. governor hogan's transportation plan called p3 calls for express to l lance t added to tate and maryland's part of the beltway. the existing lanes would still be free. support varies between nd montgomery a prince george's counties. while there's song support in montgomery county at 61%, support for the project in prince george's is 48% where "post" says eight in ten fear pricey tolls would prevent them from using the lanes.n the governor has often criticized opponents for not having a plan of their own. i can tell you that criti have offered very many suggestions. among them, offering more mass transit to get people off the roads. back to you. >> got to work out something. emso many probls over there, darcy. thank you so much. we are working 4 you helping you plan for a problematic commu tomorrow. the national parks service hopes to have one northbound lane of
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the gw parkway open in time for the monday night drive home. both northbound lanes shut down friday evening between chain bridge road and the beltway because of a sinkhole. the new hole is close to dead run where there was a large sinkhole that b openedck in march. erk police say they'r working now on a temporary fix. ll southbound lanes are open. tonight the white house is waiting to find out how china will retaliate for the decision to increase tariffs on many chinese iday the administration raised the rates from 10% to 25% when trade negotiations with the chinese ended without a deal. china appears to be pulling back, hoping a new administration takes over after the 2020 elections. members of both parties want negotiators to get back to work. >> the longer we're involved in a tariff battle or trade war tht better cha there is that we could enter into a recession
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because of it. >> president trump tweeted a to ing to china if they t delay talks and he gets a second term. his administration will be even tougher, he says. ecomists say the new tariffs will cost the average american family between $500 and 0.$80 terrifying moments for passengers on a flight in southeast asia. smoke filled the cabin, and it was coming from beneath the seat. we're going to show you what g.nt wr and critics are accusing a local author of racial insensitivity after she tweeted a photo of a metro employee. what the worker was doing and how the conoversy is threateninghe rider's threateninghe rider's t
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the big carriers are talking about their current 5g roll outs, but their efforts are limited to a few pockets in select cities or trying to convince consumers that 4g is actually 5g. they're neglecting small towns and rural communities, leaving them on the wrong side of the digital dive. if approved, only the combined availableresources of t-mobile and sprint can deliver on all the spectrum bands ic needed to qukly bring unprecedented 5g connectivity across the nation. frantic passengers held on
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during a dramatic emergencyl ding overnight in southeast asia. the plane that landed in myanmar had landing gear problems. smoke could be seen coming from underneath their seats. the pilot flnd arou the air traffic control tower twice in order forth staff to see landing gear. everybody was able to slide down the escape chutes safely. nobody was injured. we're workingto find out what caused the landing gear problems. a local rider is finding
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herself at the center a big story. she tweeted a photo of an african-american employee eating on the train friday. authores natasha t deleted the tweet and activated her twitter account. this is what that tweet said, note, i thought we were allowed to eat on the train. this is unacceptable. metro thanked the author for holding the employee accountable. that tweet sparked a fierce backlash. the incident inspired the hash tag #eatingwhileblack. some say the author put the employee's job at risk. nes apologized,but her publisher says it won't distribute her noupcoming l. nbc news has reached out to her for comment. honoring police officers killed in the li o duty. how loved ones and colleagues are remembering the fallen heroes on the eve of police week. ghan markle celebrate her very first mother's day, and tonight she and prince harry are sharing a gifwith all of us.t
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sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses yoement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. save $1,000 on the new queen sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, only $1,799. only for a limited time. today is the first day of police week. it's aime to recognize the sacrifice and service of men and women who devote their lives to protecting their neighbors an communities. as news4's derrick ward shows us, the national comm oration in d.c. begins by honoring those who gave their lives in the line of duty. >> reporter: here at the very
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center ofic d.c.'s judry square, the memorial, the nexus of the things police week is about. a circle of solemnity. >> it's a very how many belling experience to be here -- oimbling experience to be here. there's a lot g on, it's quiet. >> reporter: paige is here from tennessee remembering a friend. >> he responded to a call of a domestic disturbance, and was actually ambushed as soon as he got on scene. >> reporter: most of those here have stories like that -- tragedies born out ofuty and sacrifice. some stories dulled by the assage of time. some stillfresh, starting to be told. >> we're losing the battle not only with situations like this but the amoun of people that kill themselves, officers that killed themselves last year was almost as high as the officers killed in the line of duty last car. >> reporter: takie of the families left behind, the losses. one of the reasons that chad walla started a nonprofit.
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that's why he's here. >> it means so much because it's my family and ahance to help those who are hurting. >> reporter: it's one of the reasons they take the ride from richmond to raise money for those left behind. >> the ultimate sacrifice. militello r: patrick came from chicago to remember a family member lost in the line of duty. also sees police week as anto opportunity ay something to those not in the family with the backdrop of dissension that exists. >> the biggest thing is, you know, they need to understand that policemen aren't out to get you. we're here to help. that's -- that's their job. and unfortunately, media decides toake it a different direction most times. and -- and that's unfortunate. >> i think every persn, whether you're in law enforcement or not should experience this week. >> reporter: in nothwest, derrick ward, news4. >> and yclistsshowed their support for fallen officers by riding about 300 miles. riders with the police unity tour raised money for their annual trek. they left northern new jersey thursday and arrived in d.c. today. the grp is made mostly of m
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officers, forer officers, and their familie a big grand opening in southwest d.c. today. the international spy museum officially opened. the museum at l'enfant plaza includest active exhibitions and atinsns. it has the foremost collection world. artifacts in the lines to get in were pretty wrong, but the musicians were keeping folks entertained, and the wait for was worth it because they got in for free. it was a good day to be inside with a that rain, as well. r pince harry and his wife meghan reased a new photo of their newborn baby to mark meghan's first ather's day as mom. the image showed up on their instagram feed today. it shows meghan's handng cradli the feet of her son, archie harrison mountbatten-windsor. born about a week ago. britain's mother's day was march 31st this year. sweet picture there. all right.
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well, i think, you know, what can you say? the important thing was that we're toget with our moms. hopefully someplace rsindoo ng someplace warm, as well. if we were talki about a movie, we would say now for the evening, we'd be talkng about mother's day, rain showers the return. we have more showers moving into the area right now. we'll show you what's going on outside. rather tranquil frhe view from reagan national airport for our sunday morning. current temperature, double nickels, that's the temperature, 55 degrees. currently the temperature outside right now. we've got some showers to show you, and they are movingur way. plenty of cloud cover to go around across the area. this batch of showers just deveaped in the l couple of hours. gradually moving ever so s eastward acrr area. now heading toward prince william county. starting to move into fairfax county. so going out this evening, u'll be looking at rain showers from 7:00 to about 9:00 p.m. as the showers move. notice warrenton, fairfax, be inside the way, and then it
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moves east across areas of prince george's county, highway 50 going across the bay idge. notice the cloud cover remains in place. we're not going to see the eanshine for another 24 hours to 36 hours at l. here's the story, everyone, in a nutshell. patchy fog in the morning. showers return for the afternoom coe. the dryout begins, but tuesday. temperatures outside in the 50s for most ice thurmont coming in at 46 degrees near the pennsylvania border. it is cool and damp outside right now. as we try movee temperatures up, as i said, sunshine, really not until wednesday when we start reach our normal of 74 degrees. cloud cover remains overnight tonight. round after rod of rain showers. we start again in theng morni in the afternoon, as they move across the area, it's going to remain dam into your tuesday before we start to break free of what we've - what's been holding us for at least the last several days across the area. kids going back to school tomorrow, morning fog and
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drizzle. temperatures don't change too much. make sure they have the umbrella and the jacket to go along with the backpacks, everyone. temperatures will be 50s and 60s and rain showers. as i said, in the.afternoon here's the temperatures, everyone. 62, 62, below average. sunshine returns wednesday and thursday. when do we get warmer? we get warmer by friday, saturday, sunday. i think we' starting to get spoiled, guys. we like those 80-degree temperatures. well, since you asked for it, we have it for you for just in time for sunday into monday. so really next weekend, the upcoming weend is ve nice indeed. >> we don't need skip into the 80s. we can hover in the 70s for a while longer.y we'll be oith that. thank you, clay. next in sports, terps and tigers and overtime, oh, my. the instate battle in the first round of the tournament turns into a thriller. into a thriller.
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and families are gathering itaround the table.erica, thanks to reynolds wrap, pe dinner preparation is rfect, and everyone knows to mindful of their manner dinnertime has changed. our quality hasn't. reynolds wrap: foil made in the usa since 1947. all right. dave johnson joining us to talko a little lace on this sunday. >> if we looked hard enough, we'd find something we could do in the rain. we did. you know, jousting is still maryland's official state sport.
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jousting with horses and lances. but every spring, we're reminded maryland state sports should probably be lacrosse. when two schools meet in the tournament, the passion for game is matched by the intensity of the competition. the underdog in this six-seeded wson. fourtharter, tied at ten. one of the best goals you'll see this tournament. darin barnhart goes airborne. g the oneal lead at that point. with under two to play, tied at 12. on sunday, you better believe it's brendan sunday coming up big. a minute 50 to play. that's good for them. now under ten seconds to go, terrapi down when burn hart who plays hero once again, you kidding me, ties it at 13 with 3.9 seconds left. we are going to overtime. i overtime, long the
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facilitator. this time going to find los dubeck. third generation lacrosse player. they end 14-13. what a game up in baltimore. all right. top-seeded and maryland women taking on stoney brook. you might say a rainy college park after the seaworld, dare i say it, storm out. the 5-2 lead. ck from the tapers. evans -- taper pins. evans to griffin. a hat trick for griffin. and maryland not done. later in the half, evans ig ng to be denied on the i tial shot, but she'sgoing to stay with the play. and she's on this the second time around, fve goals in the game for maryland scoright unanswered to end the half. terrapins win 17-8. advance to play denver t inhe quarterfinals next weekend. how about thse nats? not a great conversation starter in this town, kind of like how's
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the tay the nationals are worth talking about. last night in l.a., they signed parta, lifted the flashltionals victory. this afternoon the chance to win the four-game series in l.a. and steven stsburg on the mound this afternoon. the story right now is the dodgers'starter, taking a no hitter to the sixth. his counterpart, strasburg, at the plate, trying to break up the no hitter. looks like he does -- not quite -- wait, bellinger at first. it's close and challenged. we'll take other look here. you'll see that the throw beats him by a stepa nd the no hi er, at this point remains intact. in the seventh, all right, can we break this up? the chance to break it up. going to launch there one to left. look closely. it's -- stays in the park. just moments ago, the new guy breaks it up.
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th nats currently dow2-0. no hitter, but they're -- no no lihitter but they're traing. the orioles trailing the angels in ltimore. mom always has the ponchos. thanks, mom. i always forget that, too. remember when chris davis started the season, the hitless streak? got something making up to do. does it in the second. the fifth homer of the season. his true fans, they never doubted with him with all the hitless strks talk. then steve wilkerson wants to make his mom happy, another solo. this one to right center for a lite stevie's third hourp of the year. -- homer of the year. 2-0 os. dwight smith jr. the eighth the year. now the orioles the -1 lead and a roundtrip around the bases -- yeah, wave to mom. hank mom. os up 5-1 in the sixth inning. let's switch over to the nba and denver. game seven between the nuggets and blazers. winners get the warriors in the western conferencefinal.
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congrats. second quarter, all nuggets. jamal murray, come up with the steal and go all the why not finiwith the reverse. he does. puts. nuggets up by17. it's never -- puts the nuggets up by 17. it's never that easy. bringing back the blazers, big slam. the first lead of the game, 71-70. fourth quarter, damian willand comes to life, gives them the five-point lead. 1-point game, the jump ear -- celebrate, c.j., a game high 37. blazers win game seven 6.100- the first since 2000. you better believe in boston a serious game of duck, duck goose. yeah, it's mother's day. game two of thenfastern coerence finals. boston hosting carolina. no score first. hat's former cap marcus johannes with the shot. and this worked at the garden since 1967. he saw thisck t in.
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1-0. second period, bruins up 2-0. marcus johnson, great ntrol. feeds clifton for the first playoff at goal of his career, 3-0 bruins. later in the period, cap justin williams in the box of former cap. bruins take advantage, and theu brns go on to the 6-2 win. so they get it done. >> all right. dave johnson, thank you so much. we've got nightly news coming up next, and then we'll see you again forews4 at 11:00. until then, good night, everyone.
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tthe big carriers arealking about their current 5g roll outs, but their efforts are limited to a fepockets in select cities or trying to convince consumers that 4g is actually 5g. they're neglecting small towns and rural communities, leaving them on the wrong side of the digital divide. if approved, only the combined availableresources of t-mobile and sprint can deliver on all the spectrum bands needed to quickly bringctunprey across the nation.
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g breakin news tonight. vere weather hammers the south. heavy rain leading to dangerous flooding and desperate rescue efforts with texas gettin more than a month's worth of rain in just five days. as a tornado tears across virginia. terrifying moments. passengers and crew escaping through smoke and flames after a plane lands without its front wheels on its nose. actress felicity huffman preparing to please guilty in court in the college admission scandal. how much time could nd behind bars? a controversial new gun law in colorado aims to reduce deadly shootings but creates deep divisions pitting sheriff against sheriff. >> we just don't agree on this law. a new twist on the


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