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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 25, 2019 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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perfector anyious door activities plans. head over to clay andson in for lauryn ricketts. good morning. ouldn't ask for a better morning? >> absolutely. morning, and hi to all of you. started with a few clouds across th area earlier this morning when we started at 6:00 a.m. by the 9:00 a.m. hour sun is breaking through. looking forward to a very nice saturday, everyone. temperatures outside cooperating as well. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. notice the 70s out to our west and southwest. manassas at 71 and things to know this weekend, art dry gets warmer as the weekend goes on. today plenty of sunshine to go around. tomorrow we'll talk about hot nd humid conditions, and for memorial day, the threat of showers and thunderstorms loom throughout the afternoon and evening. meagan all the details and extended recast as well maybe looking at one of our first heat waves. in k about that and more ar a bit. >> clay, thank you very much.
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developing this morning, a sigh relief. remember the story out the woman with ties to maryland who t missing after hiking in hawaii? she has been found alive. this picture just coming in to s our newom of amanda eller right after being spotted by a helicopter pilot. she was then airlifted out ofth forest. we want to show you the area where her family says she was found. in a deep ravine between two waterfalls. the mechaatcsville ne got lost after going on a hike in maui, a natural reserve near her home. more than two weeks ace. last seen may 9th, the day before she went hiking. friends and family say eller was slightly injured and we're working to learn more. stay up to date with the latest inveloping on this story our nbc washington app. a tradition toonor service men and women who fight forour country is coming to a close. rolling thunder is happening in the district for the last ride.
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news 4's derrick ward is live in northwest washington in thunder alley. derrick, i can imagine a lot o emotions out there for many different reasons. what's the vibe out there?> reporter: tell you, the sentiment is, as it always is along thunder alley. thiis the 2100 block of 22nd street. that'th constitution e. every year this time becomes thunder alley. a city block of venders and causes associated with rolling thunder. you asked aut the mood here. it's a little upset. a lot of folks are upset about thee reasons that arven for this possibly being the last ride. logistics and money. charges from the pentagon for use of the parking lot, charges to the city for overtime and other charges associated with this. ro talked to one of the participants in ing thunder who says, you got to think about what those costs are about. take a look. >> how much is a man, how much is one man's life worth?
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you know? how much is -- how do -- millions spent every year motel rooms, food. how do you say that's a cause? >> reporter: one of the things to stress, is as it has always been a protest. when it started back in 1988, there wer about 2,500 riders. they're expecting 500,000 this year. talks about the enthusiasm for this and we talked to folks who plan to do something on their own next year. maybe not at massive or organized but say tose issues not only about p.o.w.'s and myas but veterans care and issues for ose who serve. they go on and will for some time. live on thunder alley, derrick ward. back to you. >> thank you. all lanes the 14th street bridge are back open after a serious crash involving firefighters. they were responding to a hit-and-run crash on the inbound lanes yesterday evening.
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while ting the victim of that accident, three of the fiefighters struck by a passing vehicle. the driverhi of the vele stayed on the scene. one firefighter underwent surgery yesterday evening. we'retold two others have been released from the hospital. new details in the tragicrd of a woman in prince george's county.ok loat sketch of the person they believe killed her. bettie jenifer was gunned down in broad daylight leaving work in greenbelt just two weeks ago. detectives say a gunman chased her down in the parking lot and shot her before taking off. jenifer was married to chris ato, a well-known actor in ghana, but police say she was still in the process of divorcing a convicted baltimore area drug lord. police are still trying to determine a motive in her murr. a grim discovery in prince george's county after authorities do a welfare check. they found a man shot several tim last night, andis morning the hunt is on for the
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killer. take a look at the scene on robby avenue near powder mill road. this is not too far from the beltsville boyce and girls club. police are still looking for a suspect. they're talking to neighbors to try to learn more about what happened here. and this moing, two men are now facing murder charges accuseda of killinen who was walking home in waldorf. 18-year-old walter thomas was found deadon a bike path in march. charging documents show that the crime was connected to a shooting the day before. moore charged michael with both crimes. the second suspect darren miller only charged in thomas' murder. police say the two men killed attempt to throw off investigators. >> we don't see this in charles county. the victim and his friend were walking down the street, leaving a house, walking towards another and the suspects approached and it appears they just randomly fired. >> reporter: both men are being held at the charles county detention center without bond.
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and this morning, a virginia man is facing charges for killing a man in a parking lot. now, this happened earlyrd morning at this strip mall in chantilly. witnesses say miguel hernandez was picking up h wife from a restaurant when police say a fight broke out between him and another man named stephen gree . green allegedly shot and killed hendez and waited at the scene to are arrested. two others also hurt but not by gunfire. a local catholic priest accused of abusingne parishio including two children. urbano vazquezot pleaded n guilty. he appeared yesterday in a d.c. courtroom. vazquez was a priest at shrine of the sacred heart in northwest d.c.appropriately and kissing 10 and 13-year-old girls and a woman while a priest from 2015 to 2017.
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the washgton archdiocese removed himn from his positio at the shrine of the sacred heart. all right. commuters, listen up. metro's major summer shutdown already unr way and expected to impact thousands of riders for months. i know. all stationsouth of reagan national airport on the blue and atllow lines are closed so metro can repair the forms. the shutdown is expected to last until september 8th. free shuttle buses, though, arem available e passengers between the closed stations. we have details on how you can get around in our nbc washington app. just search metro shutdown. the aclu and planned parenthood fie add joint lawsuit against alabama's new abortion law. the law makes all abortions illegal at any stage of pregnancy, unless the mother's health is at risk. it sets to take effect in november. governor kay ivey signed this la bill into last week, and state lawmakers are trying to get it before the supreme court
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with the goal of overturns roe versus wade. meanwhile, missouri's governor has signed a bill that bans abortions after eight weeks of pregnancy, just like alabama's new law, no exceptions for rape on incest. doctors who violate the ban could face up to 15 years in prison. last night a fedeal judge temporarily block add new abortion law from going into effect in mississippi. it would ban most abortions once fetal heartbeat is detected at about six weeks of pregnancy. and new this morning, a blow to the president's administratio and its promise. yesterday a federal judge blocked president trump from building sections of is u.s./mexico border wall with money used by declaring a national emergency. the president made the declaration back in february after congress refused to fully fund his wall. that led to a 35-day government shutdown as we all remember. as a compromise, lawmakers gave
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the president a fraction of what he was askg for for improvements to already existing sccuctures. he ated it and later declared a national emergency diverting other government funds to pay for that border wall. three more pents have pleaded guilty in that massive college admissions scandal. yesterday marjorie klapper, jane buckingham and robert flakman made their i pleas a boston courtroom. authorities say klapper and buckingham paid thousands of dollars to have someone cheat on the acts forheir kids. flakman admitted to paying $75,000 to boost his child's entrance examscores. so far 13 parents have pleaded guilty in the case includingac ess felicity huffman. this is a tough story. nearly 40 dog hs to becu resed from a home in southern virgini afterey were found living in deplorable conditions. officials in bristol say the home had no running wate no electricity and was full of
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animal waste.ay e-yi-yi. despite all of this, we're told the dogs are in pretty good shape. he city now has legal custody of them, but the owners haveen days to appeal and regain custody, but if thatfails, local animal shelter are stepping up to hold an adoption event to find these dog as new home. the graduation ceremony might get a little confusing at the maryland high school next week because parents and students will be hearing from two very similar valedictorians. news 4's reporter si w downth the very bright twins with an even brighter future. a story y
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welcome back. the time is 9:12. we're talking about two twis
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sirs that share everything. and soon they're going to share the stage at high school. alexis and mikaila esuke are in being honored and we have their story. get 2.5 minutes to speak and work it out. week working off each other. >> reporter: this is the valedictorian for bowie's high school class and this is also the victorian. these twin sisters are taking twinning to a whole other level. matching gpas. the highest in the school. >> just a coincidence. a really crazy coincidence. >> yeah. we just took the same classes and got good grades. >> reporter: when not working on those really good grades they're playing tennis. doubles, of course.f but the news ohis two-way gpa tie exceeded even their expectations. >> we're like, ah, 25%. get a nice graduation.
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that's great. and tn we got called in to the office, you're co-valedictorians. 're like, what? >> for reals-es? >> reporter: and the girls have scholarships for college and, of course, are going to the same school. >> university of maryland college park majoring in chemical engineering. >> i'm grog to the university of maryland college park and studying mechanical engineering. >> talk about their amazing gpa but girls with over 600 service hours each. the state of community requires 24 community service hours. d ey had over 600 each. >> reporter: i ase twins how they did it all. the answer was, together. >> i feel i've always had a .rtner for things in life i think it's just carrying on almost everything. you know? >> reporter: graduation is on tuesday. the twins are still working on their speech, but their father tells me after thestart at the university, they'll be coming back to tutor here at the high school. reporting for news 4.>
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wow. clearly, young ladies to watch. a great story. a live look at thunder alley for one of the last rides. well, it's a beautiful day for it. check in with clay anderson in a moment to find out what the rest of our weekend is looking like. time, 9:1
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welcome back. we have a pce of history to share with you. one of the first
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african-american women to serve overss in the u.s. army. on monday along with other members of her battalion, 97-year-old indiana hunt martin will be featured in theraemorial day . news 4's mark seagraves sat down with martin and s owe story of the little kn unit known as the 6888. >> reporter: there were 855 of them, all women, all african-american. 's in 1945, they deployed overseas. their mission, to sort through millions and millions of leagers and pack intended for u.s. g.i.s serving in the war. >> you should have seen the pile. boxes falling apart. >> reporter: one of those young women was indiana hunt martin.s the member the 6888 faced racism here in the states. martin recalls taking the train rato georgia for basic ting. >> we rode all the way to washington, d.c., we had to change trains, because from there down, you didn't ride in the same train with the whites.
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>> reporter: and martin remembers the air raids. >> they were right outside of lond. we could see the bombs. where the germans wereombing. because they were still bombing. >> reporter: the army veteran saved mementos from her time serving overseas, including items given to her by soldiers coming back from the front line. >> so glad to see us, always giving us something. >> reporter: martin still has part of her uniform, which, yes, still fits. what she'll be thinking about on memorial day, her brothers and her nephew. >> thought about them on meheorial day, because all t other soldiers that didn't make it back. a day to remember. i can tell you that. those boys gave their life for us -- for their country. they should be getting medals. they didn't something. they should be getting something. >> reporter: mark seagraves, news 4.
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>> m irtin keepsn touch with other surviving members of the 6888. fthey're alleatured in a new documentary. we thank her and all the me and women who served or are serving our country for your service. on friday it was graduation day at the nal academy in annapolis. more than 1,000 midshipmen received diplomas and the class of 2016 has the highest gpa average in history. there's a catch. patrick shanahan delivered the commencement address saying the true key to success is failure. >> the experience of failure is unfamiliar to many of u. and to a greater extent than you might realize, that is a liability. you've never experienced failure, if you've not felt the cut of the blade, then when failure finds you, you w't know how to recover. >> great advice. at the ceremony,
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each graduate took their oath as either an ensign in the u.s. navy or second lieutenant in the u.s. marine corps. so, you know, congratulations to al of them. >> yes. >> that is great advice, because failure builds character. >> absolutely. >> yep. it does. >> saying earlier this morning, you can't rise until you've failed. >> exactly. yes. >> yes, yes, yeea. >> grt advice for them and hader a great weath day to hear that advice. >>nd the weather will continue. all weekend, meagan with nice weather across our area. go to it and show you what we see outside our window and hopefully outside your window as well, which is sunshine. a few clouds hanging around, passing by on theiray east, but for us, 69 degrees. in fact, areas where temperatures are even warmer than here in washington, d.c., which is rather unusual. normally we are the warm spot. as i said, we're 69 degrees in town, but plenty of 70s starting to pop up there. 70 in manassas. 73 degrees down to the south.
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the warm air continues to move in. for this weekend, as isa d, tens continue to rise throughout the next several days as well as the threat of showers and nd tstorms. notice for tomorrow. we'll be 81 today. tomorrow, just going to be hot and humid. in the 90s, everyone. be careful for that late-day shower or thunderstorm, monday, memorial day. warm, but 85 degrees. reason for the warmth, coming in from the west. calm it the bermuda high. more of a summerlike pattern across the only for us but the entire eastern seaboard. high pressure brings in warm, moist air from the gulf of mexico. moves across our area and the heat builds from the southeast across our area as well. for tomorrow a mixture of clouda and sun in the 90s. beach, everyone, cooler at the beach. temperatures outside., 60 should say warm water temperature, 63 degrees. temperatures in the 80s. for nday, memorial day, temperatures warm to about 85 degrees. and it will be very pleasant,
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the threat ofhowers and the rest of the week, yes. it will be a heat wave, everyone. temperatures in the 90s d- mike. make sure you dress comfortably for the upcoming day ♪ (vo) i know what you're thinking. electric, it's not for you. and, you're probably right. electric just doesn't have enough range.iv and,it will neverbly right. the winter. charging stations?nd good luck g one of those.
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so, maybe an electric car isn't for you after all. or, is it? ♪
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welcome back. time, 9:25. look, some of the best action at an nba playoff gamenidn't eve happen on the court.
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i want to show you something. green bay packer offensive lineman david bakhtiari downing bown a beer. the crowd loving it. but loved whene challenged quarterback aaron rodgers to match him. take a look at how rodgers fared. e's like, hang on. give me a second. yeah -- couldn't keep up. the bucks/raptors series still going on. game six is night at 8:30. there he goes for another one. all right. we've all seen images like this one behind me and know how it ends. right? robber gobs in, gra the cash and runs out, but that wasn't the case here. the robber carrying a hatchet ends up getting a big surprise when the cashierou pulls a gun. the cashier's like, yeah, no. that's no happening in my shop. casually he calmed 911. police say the robber then gave
9:27 am
up the hchet and apologized to the cashier. the robber was able to sneak out and run away and police are actually still looking for him. you know what? police are still looking for another guy. cture all aw his week on facebook. name, jose simms and wanted for not showing up to court appearances. police posted his picture on facebook to find him. get this. simms not only rnds to police, tells them he'll turn himself in if they get 15,000 likes on that post. the post ended up getting 30,000 likes, and simms still doesn't turn himself in, by the way. he has seven arrest warrants. >> doesn't he now thousaehoushi going to end? going to get arrested in the end. just show up. a live look outside. temperatures climbing. right back with clay anderson tw let us kn what thee
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nnz "news4 today"tarts now. good morning.i meagan fitzgerald. thanyou for starting your memorial day weekend with us. you have plans to go outside you're in luck. going to be a beautiful day. looks like tomorrow will be, too. for the latest we check in with clay anderson in for lauryn ricketts. good morning, clay. >> good morning, meagan. and good morning to all of you. yes, weatherwise you won't be disappointed by your saturday, everyone. in fact, temperatures are rising to oursouth.
9:31 am
warmer in areas of the commonwealth and virginia than what they are here inside the beltway. take a look. what i mean. temperatures 69 degrees here at reagan national. notice to the south and west picking up warmer temperatures as in culpepper now 73 degrees. eve ain cross southern portions of the shenandoah valley, temperatures warming up nicely. in the 70s. for your saturday, sunday and wibeyond, temperatures be in the low 80s. again a threat of a late-day shower. more into sunday and monday as the hot weather moves in for sunday, and then meagan, by monday more clouds and sunshine and a chance for storms. high temperature in the mid-80s. details and the forecast coming up in just a moment. >> good to me. thank you, clay. developing this morning, a sigh of relief. remember the story about the woman with ties t maryland who went missing after hiking in hawaii? well, she's been found alive. this picture is just coming in to our newsroomf amanda eller
9:32 am
right after being rescued. okccording to a facebo page run by her family and friends, eller is doing okay. i mean, she has, youo kn minor injuries they say. this is the area, though, where her family says she was found. the meanicsville native got lost after going on a hike in a maui nature r herve near hometown and that just two weeks ago. last seen may 9th, the day before she went hiking. according to a facebook page by family and friends as we entioned eller was slightly injured. we're working to learn more about her condition. stay up to date with the latest developments on our nbc washington app. rolling in townor the last ride. roing thunder is happening now during memorial day weekend. ive 4's derrick ward is from northwest washington in thunder alley to tell us mob ar t more about the last ride. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
9:33 am
every year as it's been since 1988 before there was a thunder there was thunder alley. this is the nexus of the social part of rolling thunder. this has been going on since it started as a demonstration ride in 1988. here is a block of vendor and causes repsented that get behind what rolling thunder is all about. you know, of course, it's a bittersweet tinge to thisear cause it's believed to be the last one. a lot of people aren't too happy about it. we talked to one gentleman who rode up fromexas about what this is about and how he feels it is going now that this could very well be the last one. take a look at what he had to y sa >> it is not a parade. it is a demonstration. and -- it's been going on for2 years. we have left, they said, trash. we hired a cleaning crew. they said, money. we paid it. just the politicians do not want to account for the p.o.w.s and
9:34 am
mias and that is why we're here every year. >> you and me. >> reporter: and back with you live now. you know, and what other people say is that the city's not taking into the account the revenue they losing. everybody that comes to town has to eat. somewhere, in sew e it's a balancing acted they feel they're on the short end of now. probably an observance for the causes that this is all aout even if not officially called rolling thunder. live on news 4, back to you. >> a lot of emotions, of courseo than the unofficial start of summer, and it's finally here. there's going to be a lot of people coming in to d.c. of course, a lot of people going out for the long weekend ws 4 shomari stone talked to people as barbecue and pool season gets underway. >> reporter: memorial day weekend is here and people are outn the roads. >> it is a nice little break,
9:35 am
for sure. t reporter: this man and his family are drivingo philly. >> what are the roads like? >> actually a lot better than we thought. we started a little later. clearly bad earlier. >> reporter: they't. waze-ing i >> waze is the secret. >> reporter: gas prices not that nd just above $2.80 per gallon.l the natioaverage. mark armstead says traffic is okay. for now. what do you plan to do this memorial day weekd? >> cookout, hopefuly. >> reporter: people we talked to say that memorial day weekend is not just about barbecues and events. boey plan on taking their ats out on the water, because of the beautifuleather. d.c. community pools will open d u sunshine this weekend. you can expect a lot of people to show up here at the banneker itpool near howard univers >> just enough to pile in there and that will be good. >> reporter: andreaays the fun is great but also remembers to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers. >> we were aware of the
9:36 am
significance of this, and we appreciate the people out there doing what thir doing so that we can do the stuff that we're doing. >reporter: remembers an honoring people who died, while serving. shomari stone, news 4. if you are heading anywhere this weeke s, makee to give yourself extra time. because you're going to need it. most people who were leaving town are long gone, but expect higher volume of cars throughout the weekend. plus rolling closures for th rolling der and the national memorial day parade, and if that's not enough, six metro stations on the blue and yellow les will close for the entire summer, folks. the closure is necessary so metro can rebuild their umbling platforms. to find the very latest on how to get around, the best ways, go washington app and search memorial day. and we want to tell you about a up itting moment caught on camera as national, arlington ational cemetery. what has happening during the
9:37 am
downpour at the tomb of the unknown soldier on thursday. instead of taking cover, a soldier k down with the american flag in his hand and then placed it to honor's unknown. the storm rolled in right as soldiers were placing 14,000 flags next toravestones there. incredible image. take a look at this video from d.c. police. they're trying to find the person who drove away after colliding with a motorcyclist. the person on the motorcycle was critically injured and police say the car failed to yield the right of way. if you recognize this vehicle, police want you to contact them. new details in the tragic murder of a woman in prince george's county. look at this sketch. police released the person they believe killed her. bettie jenifer was gunned down in broad daylight as she was leaving work in greenbelt two weeks ago. detectives say the gunman chased
9:38 am
nd down in the parking lot shot her before taing off. jenifer was married to a well-known actor from ghana.hi s name, chris ato. police say she was still in the process of getting divorce from a convicted baltimore area drug lord. police are still trying to determine a motive in her murder. and in louiana, two men are dead after police say they tried to jump the ramps onn open drawbridge in a car. this happened on tuesday. witnesses say the car's passenger pushed the gate arm up,nd got back into the car. then the driver hit the gas trying to jump to the other side, but the car i landed the water and sank. both men were pronounced dead at the scene. thepeaker ofmaryland's house of delegates wants plaque removed from the state house phatys tribute to both union and confederate soldiers who served and ed in the civil war. speaker adrian jones says the plaque sympathizes wit confederate motivations and
9:39 am
memorializing confederate soldiers. the state house trust will have to approve the plaque's removal. he's the legendary coach th helped transform t.c.ll ms high school team. we've learned bill yost passed away. alexandria city public sools announced the news in a tweet yesterday. yates moved on to t.c. williams in the 1970s and later led the titans to an undefeated seasona and rginia state title. his story with the team inspired the hit box office film "remember the titans." yost would coach in alexandria more than three decades. he was 94 years old. hmm. he'll be missed. ahead on news 4, we allep our cell phones, of course, pretty much with us wherever we go. right? but are our devices keeping track of us, too? the oswers cming up next on the oswers cming up next on "news4 tay."od
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i get really emotional when i think about where i was. most people don't survive blood clot t on their lungs and onheir heart. the last thing i heard was reroute to g w hospital. on the day that i came in and they treated me, i was the sickest person in the hospital. i was put on the ecmo machine it saved my life. learn mo bonits's story orvivial at about n b c washington dot com backslash bonita for life's defining moments the george washington univeristy hospital defining medicine.
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welcome back. so we all pick up our phones like dozens of times a day. right? ho it possible our cell ps are doing more than helping us connect? a closer look at protecting your privacy. from our nbc station in new york, with some ways to keep companies from tracking you.a >> reporter: illing thought. your phone may be watching or living to you. what's person protective of their privacy?>> how paranoid do you want to go? >> reporter: very, very ranoid. >> turn off your phone. put it in the fridge. >> reporter: a cyber security expert at john jay college that told the i-team about privacy. ll phone spying has multiplie multiplied, he sd. these students told us as well. >> my friends look me up i never herd of.
9:43 am
go on snapchat or instagram, an ad for it. i'm very confus. like, how did this hoop? happen? >> seen it happen on my phone, my computer. how do you know i wanthis? i'm about to search for this? >> is it feasible, sure. >> reporter: he says there's no evidence your phone is actually listening to what you say. >> having discussions where people thrown out unlikely key words that could have served asr yes, thads showing up. >> reporter: instead, he offerst a differe explanation for those ads that pop up in your eed. >> you have to make sure you did not by some other means mention those words. did you type them somewhere? did you send an email? did you visit a web page? >> reporter: while experts tell us there's no concrete proof that your phone is listening to what you say, devices like an alexa definitely listening. >> i can help you with specific questions. >> reporter: amazon insists its famous virtual assistant does not spy on you. in fact, alexa will tell you
9:44 am
that herself. >> ale, are you spying on me? >> no. i'm not spying on you. i value your privacy. >> alexa is being fed back to the mother what's done e is up to who has access to the data. >> reporter: he says that's where the focus should be. protecting data. recent stories about breaches at marriotttarget and other companies ignited privacy fears. as for your own privacy, in your own home, with your own phone, stashing it in the fridge sounds extreme. so a safer bet can be, clearing out your google history. closing apps when you're not using them. and shutting off the phone when you want to be exta sure. >> that was wnbc's andrew 1i6 eporting.
9:45 am
google says unless the home phone is activated there is no data saved. apple has not yet responded. making you think. right? could be a last ride for memorial day weekend. thunder alley. a full look
9:46 am
9:47 am
welcome back. time now is 9:47. as you probably know, this weekend marks the official start of the summer beach season, and news 4 isor working f you
9:48 am
helping you dbecide which ch you might want to go to for vacation. so with the tough assignment we sent mark seagraves. take a look. >> reporter: there are plenty of oneaches to choose from the other side of the rehoboeach boasting and old school board wach and plenty of shopping and dinin >> rehoboth is the nation's summer capital. always called that. >> reporter: a few miles to the south, bethany beach looking for the samehing. >> quiet. advertise itself as a quiet rt resoand really are. >> repor r: bethany's mayor says that quiet feel is by design. >> it's a famimu-oriented cty. we have no bars, per se. >> reporter: in maryland, ocean city. one of the busiest beacs in our area boasts one of the longest boardwalks and now has something brand new that no other beach anywere has. ♪ >> reporter: the rectangle. a ninja obstacle course a few om blocks he ocean.
9:49 am
but if a ninja obstacle course isn't your speed, the mayor has you covered from ocean city. >> riding a bike erly in the mong on the boardwalk, up and able to exercise, be with your family and o something that's a little of an ocean city tradition. r >>orter: while ocean city,th y and rehoboth all have the ocean in common. also something else they havin common. parking. ifthou're going to any of se beaches you might want to put the park mobile app on your phone. bethany, rehoboth and ocean city all have the app. >> easy to come here and go to the places you want to go. >> reporter: from rehoboth beach, rk seagraves, news 4. i love the all rig what we did is, compiled a list ou top places to swim, if want to avoid the bay breage. more downloading out of app and search beaches. >> all: two, one -- cheers and applause ]
9:50 am
>> great courage. our mor has -- summer officially began in the e district, buse pool season officially began. mayor bowser,ou saw there, jumping with lo of kids at langdon pool in the park in northeast d.c. yesterday. the event is also an opportunity for d.c. leaderse tolebrate having the number one ranked park system in the country. impressive. we have a full. list of d.c pools in our nbc washington app. great courage, she has. >> and the question is was that pool heated? >> a good question. i don't know. >> ah -- >> probably cold right now. rigint? jumping to pools. even the ocean for that matter. >> ocean's only about 63 degrees. >> warm, getting warmer, but fyi, still shocking. ve strong of heart, the b yeah. i'm not one of those people. outside now, showing you what's going on. temperatures are warming up. warming up quickly across the washington area.
9:51 am
early morning clouds have now given way to the sunshine. weather enjoying the outside our windows and hopefuy you are looking forward to the next seveal days where we'll get warm and then it's going to get hot. 69 degrees winds fthe southeast. what you need to know over this weekend, extended wee nd. we start out dry, as i said, gets warmer throughout the weekend. not a bad day today. tomorrow, htest ofhe three. then thunderstorm chances increase saturday, sunday, into monday with a chance of a thunde torm. not awashout by any means. the big picture, everyone. hig pressure dominates across our area,s known a the bermuda high. this high pressure system more of a summerlike pattern, locks in, upnd down the eastern seaboard. brings circulation around and warm, moist air come i from the gulf. georgia to carolina oppressive heat and we're hot by the middle of the week. beach, place to go. not a bad day today.
9:52 am
warms to low 80s. for monday, memorial day, t bad. about 75 degrees. as we take a break and remember those who gaveheirll for this memorial day weekend. temperatures for tomorrow, not bad as we continue. i should say for monday, from the s,70s to 80s, and i mention my father, who is a korean war veteran. 82nd airborne. 87 years old. coming up the 5th of june. lost many friends from then to now. i just wanted to say to my dad, i appreciate your service. here we are for the forecast, everyone, as we talk about the heat. the heat will build tuesday, y wednesda and thursday. many heat waves, everyone. it will be hazy, it will be hot it will be humid. temperatures remain above average as i said. as you look at the picture here. more of a summerlike pattern with the 80s and 90s for highs. mid-70s, low temperatures. where where we are an we're going to stay over the next several days. next several days. stay with us.
9:53 am
9:54 am
the big carriers areenalking about their cu5g roll outs, but their efforts are limited to a few pockets in select cities or trying to convince consumers that 4g is aually 5g. they're neglecting small towns and rural communities, leaving them on the wrong side of the digital divide. if approved, only the combined availableresources of t-mobile and sprint can deliver odsall the spectrum ban needed to quickly bring unprecedented 5g connectivity across the nation.
9:55 am
time now, 9:55. four things to know for this memorial day wekend. a woman with maryland ties missing in hawaii was found alive. amanda eller got lost after going on a hike in maui more than two weeks ago. her family and friends say s is slightly injured and airlifted out of the forest.
9:56 am
>> and a federal judge is blocking president trump from using money diverted from the department of defense to build a southern border wall. the president declared a national emeency for accesso that money. metro's major summer shutdown is already underway. oll statins south of reagan national airport and the blue and yellow lines closed until september 8th. a full guide how you can get around the closures in our nbcgt washinon app. summer has begun in the district. pools in the district are open for summer now. find a full list ofthose pools, of course, in our nbc washington app. clay anderson, looks like a great day, a great weekend ahead. >> a little bit of everything, meagan. like it comfortable? got it for you temperatures in the low 80s today. like it hot and humid, tomorrow. everyone will not get a washout at all, but the reat of thunderstorms will increase from saturday, sunday, into monday. as i said, memorial day more
9:57 am
clouds, but i is memorial day. more clouds than sunshine and temperatures in the mid-80s. not that bad. >> take a moment to thank all of our men and women who served. the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice including my father, retired full bird colonel, served in iraq. 2005. commander of a camp there. >> lost friends, too. >> yep. thank you for your schervic. have a fantastic weekend and see you back here tom at 6:00 a.m. thank you for joining us. not all water is created equal1
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