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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 26, 2019 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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it is steamy and looks like d we're note with the storms. >> no, doesn't look like we'll be dodgiing any storms across te area. we are in weather alert. the reason for that, the tempe tures continue to rise across the area, the threat of storms comes in from the west. temperatures outside now in the w to mid-70s. depending where you are, 76 degrees. annapolis, warmer at 77. we're taking a look at our radar right now. not showing anything across the gion, but when storms do happen, make sure you take shelter, take shelter quickly, stay away from the windows and get to the lowest level as you need to do that.e we going to track some storms. guys, we'll talk, back to you. >> thank you, clay. back to back storms, hours ago when the last system passed through. >> one area most affected by last night's storms was fauquier
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county. k here. taj from yesterday posted on twitter. this was from warrenton, power lines, trees toppled, treacherous driving conditions out there. clay will be tracking some of the storms that could be coming later on. want to remind you, if you want to track the damage and reports throughout the area, you can download the nbc washington app. lots for you to keep track of inside there. stay on top of the weather taast develop a major event for the ahbishop of washington. >>im gregory takes possession. derrick ward is live in northwest d.c. with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. historic day ahead here at the cathedral of st. matthew. archbishop wilton gregory will take the cathedral. it will be a ceremony. he'll lead a profession up the stairs, the doors will be
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closed, he'll knock on the doors. when they open them, he'll lead the procession in. he steps into a crucible. here is video of him earlier, few days ago. he became the first african-american archbishop of washington. he comesere under circumstances that are mor tangentally related. he repalces donwhirl who stepped down among allegations he didn't do enough to address abuse while at a diocese i pittsburgh. he came, replacing archbishop theodore mckerrick. this is after the findings of a papal inquiry found cases of abuse. this is a defining moment for the archdiocese, one fr which strength should be derived and
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not woe and angst which has been the mood among somein catholics this archdiocese as it has undergone all of that. today he'll walk into a new era hopefully for the catholic chur church. >> thank you, derrick. firefighters were able to save twocontractors from a burning row home in northeast d.c. they were able to get to the scene so quickly because they already hpened to be in the area. first responders got the call for aire that broke out in the basement of this row home on 19th street in northeast yesterday. he fire spread to the home, forcing the workmen inside to run to the upper levels. one man had to be brought down to the the second level using a adder. firefighters tell this was just partj of the . >> crew did fantastic. we train for this all the time. everybody knew their job, knew their position, where to go. he was rescued by ladder
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instantaneously. >> one suffered some pretty serious burn wetold he is expected to be okay. 9:04. happening today, several events for rolling thunder. could be the last ride of the disict. those activities will shut down a lot of roads. a lot of closures around the national mall. constitution avenue, they're expected to belosed from 10:30 this morning to 4:00 this afternoon. people from across the country ll be at arlington national cemetery to honor the fallen. you have a chance to pay a special tribute to america service members who died in combat s tnce the 9/11ror attacks. each of the ylow ribbonsep sents a fallen service member. organizers hope each ribbon is claimed so that every service member is remembered. >> this is a gentle but meaningful way to hono every
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service member who died since 9/11. >> you can pick up the yellow ribbon at the woman's memorial all weekend. it is located at the gateway to arlingn national cemetery. president trump is in the middle of a state visit. the president is playing a round of golf with prime minister shinz abe. he took to twitter just before teeing off. posting about north korea's rent missile test. president trump downplayed it saying it wasn't a concern for him. he talked abouttrade talks between japan and the u.s. >> i would say japan ha a substantial edge for many, many years. but that's okay. maybe that's why you like us so much. we'll get a little more fair, i think. >> during this trip, president trump is going to be first foreign head oftate to meet japan's new peror. he plans to attend a sumo
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wrestling match and present a trophy to the winner. keep it here for "meet the press," on a little bitearlier, at 10:00 this morning. chuck will talk about the growing impeachment debate with white house press secretary sarah sanders. that starts at 10:00 this morning, 30 miertes earli than normal. right here on t "news 4ay." it is that time of year to get outside and enjoy the sun. but sunscreen is a must. ahead onnd "news 4 today," fi out why you can't always count on spf number when it comes toe protng your skin. time is 9:06. 'll be right back. this is not a bed. it's a revolution in sleep. the sleep n mber 360 smart bed is ole now
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welcome back. most of us, of course, starti stock up on sunscreen as temperatures heat up. but before you do, beforeou reup before you run out, remember looking at the spf
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number may not be the bst guy. >> anything over 30 is pretty much unnecessary. doreen gentzler tells us what will be thepfost hel when protecting yourself against the sun this summer. >> reporter: it is key to safe summer, but with so many options, how do you any which sunscreen to choose? >> what we want is a better filter, not to stay out longer. >> reporter: this doctor is an md ph.d. dermatologm t at dc dercs who worked as a medical officer reviewing studies. she says the newest research shows we should look beyond the number on the sunscreen bottle and read the ingredients. find a sunscreen that contains physical blockers like zinc and titanm. >> physical blockers are thought to be safer for us as an individual and less likely to absorb something toxic and less likely to ha hormonal effects.
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and less likely to be allergic toit. >> reporter: zinc and titanium are not only those ingredients better for your skin, they're ntbetter for the environme. >> a better sunscreen, it reflects the light, more stable er time, and works quickly. and it is less dangerous to the environment. >> reporter: for added protection, make sure the label says broad specum. that means it protects against uva and uvb rays.uv >> is not safe. it causes photo damage, early wrinkling and it does contribute to the formation of skin cancer. >> reporter: when it comes to spf, sun protection factor, e doctor says we're not really getting as much protection as the label promises. those nbers are based on laboratory tests and researers are now reconsidering that. >> we cannot replicate the lab conditions on our own skin. it is not possible. we need to put on double the amount we're using to get the full protection it is tested for. >> reporter: her advice, put on a thicker layer a use s 6ething with a spf of 50
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and reapp every two hours. >> we perspire, we towel off. the chemitals don't sy on our skin. >> makes me quantiwant to go to beach. they suggestsing an ounce of sunscreen to cover your body, about the size of a shot glass. >>n'm holding my com there. sunscreen can't coletely protect you from the sun so impor int to stay the shade and wear suve protecti clothing and thats. big h big hats are helpful.r skin canceis the most common form of cancer in the u.s. five will develop the disease in their lifetime. >> important to protect your skin. tate inaii is the first the entire united states to ban sunscreen that contain harmful chemicals like oxybenzone.
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warmer and more acidic waters eat away at the reefs that eliminates the coastal buffer against storms ands change the habitat that support thousands of different species of fish. that in turn can take away lucrative tourism dollars and impacting thenation's food supply. also rising sea water. got to worry about that. l good to know. liveok at rolling thunder. packing parking lots at the pentagon. it is steamy outside. temperatures are rising and clay ore rson says there is storms heading our way. he'll track the timing on those storms when we return. verlander: since wwi,
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more than 645,000 men and women have given their lives to defend our freedom. that's almost 16 of these stadiums. by wearing a poppy, we're honoring someone's parent. we're remembering meone's child. we're paying tribute to someone's best friend. ♪ vo: this memorial day weekend, we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice. visit the usaa poppy wall of honor is friday through sunday o.
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the big carriers are talki5g about their current oll outs, but their efforts are limited to a few pockets in select cities or trying to convince consumers that 4g is actuall5g. they're neglecting small towns and rural communities, leaving them on the wrong side of the digital if approved, othe combined availableresources of t-mobile and sprint can deliver on all the spectrum bands needed to quickly bring unprecedented 5g connectivity across the nation.
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welcome back. if you love animals, perhaps you're thinking maybe the day at the zoo would be, you know, a glorious day for you. what would it be like to work there? have you thought of that? >> you know who does know? jim handly in this week's hand it to handly. he went behind the scenes to learn that it is like to be a zookeeper and heut got to hang o with some cool bears. >> reporter: meet niko and remy, each 300 pounds of fun, smarts and big appetites. >> they just woke up from their midday nap. >> reporter: like with us, first order of business, brushing their teeth. >> they're trained for a variety of behaviors so they can help participate in their own care.
9:16 am
>> open. tug of war here. he would never do this with you? >> reporter: sloth bears are smart. how smart? just bring food and you'll find out. >> they're incredibly intelligent and known for taking advantage. you know how kids take advantage of a substitute teacher? >> right. >> reporter: there is a fridge full of bribes and these bears know how to get what they want. >> it is gpes. then the worms. and then -- >> nuts. >> reporter: that's the caviar. >> and honey would be the ultimate. >> oh, really? it is all about the reward with him. >> sure. these guys are very -- >> reporter: listen to how they scarf down these live worms through this giant straw. on this rainy day, they're si in their sprawling home filled with swings, trees, bamboo and obstacle courses to mimic what they find in the
9:17 am
wild. for the zoo keepers, access is gained through an elaborate maze of hydraulic gates and locks >> here he comes. >> there is the gorgeous smile. >> reporter: as friendly as they seem tos, don't underestimate their power. >> if you startle th, the whole other story. t >> they go forhe face. >> yes, unfortunately. >> reporter: they move remy into the squeeze cage for her daily body scan. >> she's a little bit overweight. what we're doing is we're pushing a little and trying to feel for bones. we look for it on her hip. we want to be able to feel her ribs too. we want to see along her spine. >> he knows she's in here and he's not liking it. >> reporter: the zoo keepers ar waitinfor a love connection. but it is a one week window every year. niko is more interested than remy. he's trying to get near her and she's not having much of that.
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>> no. she has a lot of rules. she was raisedy people. she's okay living with another bear, she doesn't like the whole idea that another bear is going to touch her. g so she'sot some rules about, like, he's allowed to comb her hair with his claws. would you like to hold my hand and do it? this is called humming. and it is kind of like purring fo bears. >> does that mean she likes us? >> she does like you. >> did you know a bear could purr purr? >> i didn't know that. >> our thanks to mindy and stacy who let us hang out with them for the day. >> very cool. >> very cool indeed. >> we have some updated weather news that everyone will want to pay attention to here. >> yes, guys. looks like w treking 3:00, 4:00 earlier this morning.
9:19 am
we have some storms on the radar that just developed into west virginia, but moving west to east intvirginia and maryland. outside right now, beautiful view of those men and women from rolling thunder thering at the pentagon. temperatures in the mid-70s. some places eg des now. dew points in the 60s. indicative of that moisture in the air. as we go towe our t, as i said, well to our west, we're picking up some showers across western maryland, cumberland, west of maryland, garrett county, west virginia, but they're starting to move slowly but surely into our area. so for the next couple of hours, we will be dry across the region. i as said, back to the west, another view from the radar, clarksburg, interstate 79 starting to pick up some isolated rain showers which are well from the body of storms that aremoving our way. we have about been giving people nge updates all morning long.
9:20 am
remember, when st storms appear or when you believe that you are about to encounter a strong thunderstorm, seeklt sh as quickly as possible. go to the lowest level. and then stay away from the windows because the wind and thf enerm those thunderstorms will be coming across your area. with that, here is the forecast. the storms moving through ve i ing into a hot, moist air mass. chance for storms. temperatures in the 80s. heat returns in a big way, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, high temperatures in the low to mid9 0s. at noon, not showing thunderstorms on future weather. but they are there now. west virgin. by 4:30, storms starting to develop, we can take a couple of hours off of that, which means storms will be hanging around. win chest, 10:30, probably closer to 8:30. they will slowly move out of the area moving east and way from
9:21 am
us. memorial day tomorrow. i want to take a moment to commemorate those that gave the ultimate sacrifice and for tomorrow, not a bad day. a 30% chance withemperatures the mid-80s. a good look at the forecast for the daupcoming today, looks like more like 12, 1:00 p.m., we should see showers movin into the areaom the western counties. culpepper, points to our west, will move in. 92 for high temperature today. 85 omorrow. then 91, 95 and 90. that's the heat wave for this time of year. make sure that you are dressed and safe. saturday and sunday, weekend, temperatures wh e they should be, upper 70s to low 80s. we'll continue to follow this storm throughout the morning. more details coming up in a bit. >> i'm carrie dan.
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>> i'm mark murray. >> it is no fun being in the minority party ss congre your bills go nowhere. you have no leverage. and everything from the agenda to the daily schedule is in someone else's hands. >> but one advantage for democrats when they were in thei minorty in 2017 and 2018 was that they could avoid some of the political chaos that president trump caused. after all, there wasn't much they could do but complain. >> but now house democrats have power, which means they must tofigure out how react to the president. should they talk about impeachment or issues? should they try to rise above the fray or fight toe to toe with the president every day? >> their choice could pay off in 2020 or cause a backlash from voters tired of all of the gridlock in washington. >> and then this question, even f democrats try a message of unity, how many voters are really paying attention and how many are just
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the current climbing situation on mount everest is providing to -- prove to be deadly. a british climber b hasecome the eighth person to die. the tourism official says 44-year-old robin fisher was too weak to make it down from the mounta h. they say died in what they called the death zone, known for low levels of oxygen on the descent. hiking officials say most of the deaths are due tone weakss and exhaustion as well as climbers
9:26 am
not being well prepared for the life threatening climb. the current climbing season ends this mont dramatic video captures the moment a cargoship bursts into flames in thailand. smoke billowing into the air the fire ripped apart the boat . yesterday officials believe this happened after one of the containers on board exploded. there were no major injuries. took hours for that fire to be brought under nigre situation for any parent caught on camera. a 2-year-old child falls from the window of his fifth floor apartment. >> this is unbelievable. a man was at the right place at the right time. you'll see it here. boom. he was able to caution that fa . look at this. you see the man gets out of his car, he looks up and sees the child falling. boom. and he immediately stretches his arms to try to catch that child. while he did that, going to knocked to the ground pretty violent. >> i t babyounces off him.
9:27 am
the child was rushed to the hospital and miraculously he did notouffer serius injuries. >> five stories up. >> that's a miracle for sure.ok live looutside this morning, national harbor, pretty nice looking day on tap. it isea bit sty. clay is saying that some storms are now starting to fire up west of our area. we're going to check him when we come back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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just about 99:30 on sunday morning. here is what we're following for you. driving rain, howling winds, leaving destruction in parts of virginia. now as we start to clean up from that, storm team 4 isck trang another system that's coming our way. >> developing overnight, a traffic problem turns into a shootout at a party leaving eight people shot. he latest on this early investigation. >> new chapter starts today for catholics in the area as a new archbishop takes over after another d.c. church scandal. "news 4 today" starts now. >> hope you're having a great memorial day weekend sofa thank you for spending part of it with us. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm meagan fitzgerald. storms will beac coming b into the area. this could ruin some people's
9:31 am
plans. >> it could.rl particulif you plan on being in the pool across the area. as we show you temperatures are already closing in on the 80 degree mark. still not even 10:00 a.m. yet. as we go from the 80s the upper 80s to the 90s, the atmosphere starts to destabilize, it will be conducive to thunderstorms. it is warm, it is humid, muggy outside right now. temperatures 7 9 degrees for leesburg, already 79 from culpepper county. fauquier county, yesterday, picked up some storms. we're watching now to our west, take a good look well across areas of down to the west, garrett county, picng up showers. an eye on these storms as they start to move eastward. we'll give you all the details c and mayange our rundown or our timeline. details coming up in a bit. stay with me. we could see more
9:32 am
thunderstorms as we get set in r area. we can't catch a break. hours ago we saw the last storm. >> active couple of days. one area most affected was fauquier county. look at the damage from that storm. in warrenton. power lines down, trees toppled over, treacherous driving conditions out there as well. want to take you out to oklahoma, at least two people were killed when a tornado hit el reno, which is just west of oklahoma. tornado warning went out after 10:00 telling people to take cover there. emergency cruise have been scene all night. and soon getting their first look at the damage once the daylight hits that area. lahoma can't seem to catch a break either. millions of people facing dangerous and severe weather. look at theas arkariver, poised to spill over. it threatening communities not just in oklautma, b also
9:33 am
arkansas. thousands have been evacuated in tulsa. this comes after aeek of treacherous weather across america's midsection including a massive tornado in missouri. looking at the damage there. cleanup under way. now residents are bracing for floods as well. >> this is our third flood in th area for us. this is the first time it is come into the >> many fob folks are bracing f more flash floods as rivers rise to historic levels. we're stille tracking damag reports throughout the area as other systems may be heading our way. tra them anywhere you are, just download our nbc washington app. developing in virginia overnight, eight people were shot outside a largearty in check piece near virginia beach. there could be even more
9:34 am
victims. officers were caared to the ea because of traffic congestion there. while on the way, they stted to get calls about gunfire. eight victims are known right now. they're all men andhere have been no updates on their conditions. also no word on any potential arrests. >> also, happening today, a major event from the new archbishop of. washingt >> wilton gregory will take possession of the cathedral in a special mass derrick ward is live on this special day. >> reporte good morning to you, derrick. >> reporter: in this is a pecial day. this is a ceremonious event. heeads a protegs up t s s a pro
9:35 am
to the door. he's taking a challenge on as well. his coming to this post, it is sort of a circuitous route. he takes this place from donald whirl. heesvideo, he takes the post from donald whirl who stepped down amid allegations he did not do enough to address sex scandals in pittsburgh several years back. whirl took the post from mckerrick who after a papal inquiry was found to have abused adults and children at a -- at parishes in new york and new jersey. he was defrocked. at his stallation, he said this is a defining moment. one from which strength should be derived for this archdiocese. there have been challenges. enrollment isown at some of the schools and enrollment in c
9:36 am
thehesrc a are somewhat disenheartened by the scandals. whenthings like this happens, you have to get into the minutia. he'll use a rubber mallet to knock on the door. it will be the moma important et in washington in about an hour. live outside the cathedral, derrick ward, back to you. >> if anybodyan get to the bottom of that, it is you. we want to know where the mallet comes from. >> exclusive. amanda eller is safe inhe hospital. this is a hiker from myland wio lives in hawaii and she went missing in the erness for more than two weeks. she was found alive and rescuers airlifted her to safety. we're now getting insight on how
9:37 am
shed. survi she knew the forest very well and slept in the mud some nights. she saidur she sved off water and berries. eller told the new york times she fell into a ravine between ter watlls and was stuck until yesterday. >> last 17 days of my life has been the toughest. there were times of total fear and loss and wanting to u give and it did come down to life and death and i had to choose. and i chose life. i wasn't going to take the easy way out. >> incredible story of survival. talk about a miracle too. her family ner gave up hope. they even offered a $50,000 reward for her rescue as well as hiring a private rescue team. >> supposed to sleep in the mud? i don't know. >> find comfort. >> happening today, several events for rolling thunder whict could be last ride in the
9:38 am
district. you see in red here, all the street closures happening arounn theional mall. places like constitution avenue. these roads are exected to shut down 10:30 this morning and will stay closed until 4:00 this afternoon. if you're looking for something fun to do with the family, check this out. here is rockville's hometown holiday music festival. it starts at noon at rockville town center and will go until 8:00 p.m. it will feature more than 30 performances by local and national artists. there willso be activities for kids as well as food from some of the city's best restaurants. en tomorrow, thecity's memorial day parade kicks off at 10:30 a.m. >> and a lot of people will jump in the pool today. we stopped by one pool in old town,an alexia. this is the old town pool. take a look here. everybody is getting in the spirit, a lot of pools opening up around the area.
9:39 am
some didn't have power yesterday because of the storms that rolled through. ours is opening up today. a lot of people getting festive as well. maybe you'll dress like a mermaid nd jump inhe water. make sure you're safe, keep an eye on the kios and stay hydrated. >> absolutely. >> history in the making. for the first time ever, the torontoors advance to the nba finals. last night they finished off the series. they beat the milwaukee bucks. kawhi leonard dominated the h night w 27 points. now toronto has to take on the defending champs. state.e taking on golden game one tips off thursday night toronto. raptors. ing for the >> i am too. i want someone else to win. >> kawhi is playing on another level. from the hard wood to the racing track here, the greatest spectacle in racing a few hours
9:40 am
away. the 103rd running of theia indnapolis 500 is set for this afternoon. the race is on nbc 4 today. fter age starts at 11:00 an early edition of "meet the press." and drivers should be getting the green flag before 1:00 this afternoon. also ahead on news had 4, a local teen and the chance r encounteat led him down a path of we're going to meet him in two minutes in this week's harris' heroes.
9:41 am
the big carriers are talking about their curren5g roll outs, but their efforts are limited to a few pockets in select cities or trying to convince consumers that 4g is actually 5g. they're neglecting small towns and rural communities, leaving them on the wrong side of the digital divide. if a roved, only the combinailable resourcesof t-mobile
9:42 am
and sprint can deliver on all the spectrum bands needed to quickly bring unprecedented 5g connectivity across the nation. k. welcome bac time is 9:42. if you want to make a difference, you need to have passion. just like dillon. >> dillon is using his passion to help those with two legs and four legs. that makim this week's haris' hero. take a look. >> it all got started with a bad hair day. >> dillon sent in a photo of his uncooperative hair one morning, ldping to be included in a photo
9:43 am
shoot that wou raise money for children in foster care. the 15-year-old struck up a conversation with a photographer who told him about another organization. >> so she ended up telling me about paws for people.ew because she kn had a brother on the autism spectrum and they help children on the autism spectrum and childen with disabilities. >> they also train dogs that help adults with post traatic stress. >> walter spent 46 years in the basement of his house with pts after the vietnam war. in>> i was giv up on life. >> that's why the dogs are so important. they're changingve lis. but it costs 6 $0,000 to train one dog. >> anywhere from a year18 to months. some specialized didogs, etes, seizure alert, they're in training a little longer. >> that's where dillons coin.
9:44 am
>> most 14-year-old boys are out at the movies, out with their buddies, playing sports. and dillon is looking at ways to change people's lives. >> he finds ways to raise money for paws for people. three years he's helped raise more than $10,000. >> thank you. >> the organation is so grateful, dillon has spoken out publicly for them in front of big groups and he's shown the calming force these dogs can provide. >> the first time especially i had a nervous breakdown. but all the service dogs pick up on my stress and vered me. that helped me get through it. >> are you serious? you had a real demonstration of the power of the connection there? >> yes. they sensed it. >> hisphilosophy on helping others is simple. anyone can make a difference anh all start womething as simple as a bad hair day. >> even if sngle hair casts a shadow. that can be you and your efforts. the shadow you create might be
9:45 am
small or huge. you can make a difference. he told us what the organization really needs is people to host publicies so you basically become foster parents for t dog before i goes into the prison training program. if you wleuld like to n more about that, or dylan fund-raising efforts, head to our app a search harris' hert s. >> gread. >> cool. >> a look outside. we're looking a -- look at all the bicyclists out there ready to take on to the road, this could be the last time for rolling thunder. it is hot and steamy outside for the last ride. clay anderson back in a minute to let us know when the next round of storms are coming to our area. stay with us.
9:46 am
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welcome back. the harriet tubman $20 bill was supposed to roll out next year. now being delayed until president trump is out of ffice. tubman was a former slave and abolitionist. her image was set to replace that of andrew jackson, a slave hder. but this week treasury secretary steve mnuchin told congress thai the bll would not hit circulation until at least 2028. he sa the administration is focused now on security
9:49 am
features. the controversy has done nothing to diminish that precious moment in front of a mural in maryland. it is tugging at our heart strings. >> a 3-year-old w walkingh her grandmother when she spotted the mural. little girl decided to higi f the mural and that's something that has been seen all across the country now. >> cory smith with the story behind the memorable image. >> reporter: at the tender age h of 3, lovieope duncan is too young to understand dorchester county's history and its most famous daughter. >> harriet -- >> tubman. >> reporter: an afternoon walk with her grandmothers brought her face to face with an american hero. >> there it is. >> as soon as we rounded this corner, lovie could see her. >> reporter: something inside lovie was drawing her to the mural. >> she's, like, i can give her a high five? photo and the internet took over from there.
9:50 am
>> did you think it would go viral? >> no, no. no. the next day i saw 800 shares and i knew it was something special. >> reporter: it is unfinished in the photo. to the eye, it looks like tuan reaches out with a gloved hand, a towering figure delicately inviting the young child to come with her. lovie extends her hand and in that moment, past meets present >> ye that photo, then what do you see? >> you get choked up. th i do. >> reporter: y're not alone. thousands of people have liked, shared and reflected on the poignant moment. >> a lot of thought in the design concept. >> reporter: that's the emotional response the artist had hoped f. >> wanted to engage the people. hence the design, i knew people would be engaged. >> reporter: he ays the presence of an innocent child magnified the mural's meaning. >> the hope of a new genetion here touching the hope, you a know, of man offering hope for that generation. she doesn't know all the stories
9:51 am
behind this. she knows that. >> reporter: does that make happy you've been able to make people fhml good. >> m. >> reporter: the mural is drawing visitors far and wide t wilovie setting the example. >> i hope the fingers wear off from touch. >> reporter: and as for this beautiful little girl, well, she eds a role model, she's got one now. >> the one thing we can pass on from here is that she just chose to do the right thing. >> reporter: in cambridge, maryland, corsmith. >> very brave. courageous. we'll teach that you about that. >> reporter: -- new >> such a sweet story. that mural, it really is inviting, the way it was drawnso >> abtely. i'll make a nonpolitical statement, if i could reach out to harriet, i would say thank n'u because i would be sitting here if it wasn't for harriet tubman. >> absolutely. m glad you saidthat. on this note, i just want to --
9:52 am
i also want to extend a thank you to our servicemen and women who serve our country. i want to give a personal shoutout to my father, retiredel colonf the u.s. army, he served. k all of our servicemen and women, we thanyou and now toss it over to weather. >> and weather across our area, we have storms the west, it.l get right to if you have plans outside today, and were waiting to 4:00, 5:00, if you can go oner, do that. that's the forecast. >> okay. >> 76 degrees currently is our mperature right now. we have some places that are clo closing in on 80 and as i said, 80 degrees to our west in petersburg. as we showed you rain showers now to our t. a little bit of lightning. th that's in garrett still ho away from us, but we do know that it is very humid air mass, a lot can happen over the next several hours.
9:53 am
we're keeping our eyes glued to sky. when storms happen, make sure you get indoors when you can to the lowest level and stay awayf the windows. for the forecast, here we are for sunday, monday, and beyond today. steamy, hot and humid. chance of showers from memorial day and tuesday about 81 for 91 degrees. and forecast for memorial day, we break it down closer, 85 degrees the high temperature. and looks like a very nice week ahead. but, boy, hot, everyone. , 95nd 90. hazy, hot and humid. this looks more like july than may. stay with us. we'll be bak with more we'll be bak with more c
9:54 am
i get really emotional when i think about where i was. most people don't survive blood clots on their lungsnd on their heart.
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time now is 9:56. our area could be bracing for morethunderstorms. just hours after a batch last night. make sure you follow our nbc washington app for the timeline of the latest weather m.syste and several rolling thunder events are causing road closures today. many in northwest around nstitution avenue. keep that in mind. they'll be close interestd from 4:00 this afternoon. join chuck at 10:00 this morning for "meet the press." starts in a couple of minutes here on news 4. the greatestin spectacle racing is happening right here on nbc 4 today. t e indy 500 coverage starts
9:57 am
11:00 right after "meet the press," which starts in a couple of minutes here. drivers should get the greening flag at around 12:45. >> the brickyard. >> yes. >> clay, weathers coming in. >> yes, it is. looking like 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. for western counties. could be in the district closer to 2:00 i'll let you know. >> thank you to our troops for your service. that's it for today. "meet the press" is next. >> have a great sunday, everybody.
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this sunday, the trump pelosi feud. after speaker nancy pelosi takes onde presint trump -- >> we believe the president of the united states is engaged in a coverup. >> the president walks out of a meeting with democratic leaders. >> i walk into look at people that had just said that i was doing a coverup. i don't do coverups. >> then promises no legislating as long as democrats are investigating. and turns on pelosi. >> crazy nancy. she's not the same person. ce's lost it. >> what are thances of getting anything done now? plus, the democrats' impeachment debatebe while a numsay the time is now --


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