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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  May 29, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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fast approaching 6:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. i'm ilchrist. thanks for joining us on this wednes the sun up, the temperatures are just going to climb for the next few hours. rain hits us. wtop's taylor is in for meliss tracking road condit >>beet's n with storm team 4 meteor chuck bell. what can we expect today? >> heat and humidity for the first half to 3/4 of the day. that w lead to increasing aftern yes, indeed, very summery washin area. the haze layer out there. you need to know we are in weathe alert mode for the storms some of which are likely bo bec severe. mainly betweent the front out near the blue ridge. coming into the heart of the metro. somewh between 5 and 7. moving into southern maryland by
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7:00 this evening. we are, indeed, under an hi for th wton area and even south of us still in the slight risk. t's rolling in here overnight. 60s to 70, plan on a sizzler outsidtoday. dry commute in and dry roads likeli oftormy wetter on that evening jack taylor, no rain for the mornin right in though. >> perfect, thank you f that. it's gift and i will unwrap it. 66 on the beltway, heavy traffic rollin towards whington boulev left side of the roadway needs 66 outside the beltway, new
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issue on 32 westbound near debris on the roadway. one ve went off the roadwa westbo travel lane is free. >>jack, thank you. back to breaking news. a adly crash on the beltway in largo. an off duty princeor ge's meghan mcgrath has moe. >> rep well, good morning. bringi up live pictures of the locati it happened. officedavon mckenzie was h drivin motorcycle on the beltwa struck by a
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office mckenzie was just 24 he was assigd to the bureau of patrol march 2017. now a statement put out by the family broken heartedat the he was well respected and loved by his fellow officers. the accident happening about the car veered out of contro motorc the northbound side of the beltwa now all of the drivers that were involv this accident, they did remain on the scene. just very sad and heartb story that is
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george county area. under investigation in brandy wine. police are trng to figure out what caused a mini van to veer night. choppe 4 was oer thecene on brandy wine roa t far from police say the mini van crossed the driver of the work van this just in. ustai a military training accide it was lance corporal hans solo
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got other medals. we turn to video of severe weathe 24 is cell phone video showing a berks county, pennsylvania now we expect the national weathe service to tell us how strong tornado was later on toy. it ripped apart homes and tore tre seve damage happened in homes businesses were destro down. this time no injuries have along the arkansas widesp flooding at the same time the army corps of engineers ter from the key storm damage.
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offici are also worried the you can keep track of th 6:06. follow outbreak of violen over the memorial day weeken community groups have steppe up efforts to stop the violen >> d.c. police released this video. many d.c. residents are doing commun safer. mildre king chapman's son and violen she sa everyone needs be crime. young people about
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that will keep them off cyrilrioe. he had beenshot. he was in a car with others and no o else was hurt in that car. today damante do is going rape. dodd says the sex was consen 12-yea girl that he drove police arrested james booker of
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the teen says she was wlking home from a storm. he t parked car and sexually assaulher. the teen went inside and immedi toiled one of her they s they did not know each other. and sexually assaulting a woman a man drugged a woman at clyde's restau and later raped her. s author new accusations olice are concerned he may have more victims. former fbi director james comey is blasting president as ngton post, c called the president obsessed about the
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origin of the russia invest dumb lies. if you egt -- there was no corrup there was no treaso no attempted coupon that. they w just good people trying to figure out what was true under unprecedented um circf quote. now last month attorney general willia rr told congress during a hearing that he >> not saying thatpe imp about that i am concerne it and looking into it, that's all. >> the op ed comes after of spying on his 2016 campaign
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a year of probation after saying i didn't know what tas going happen. >> make call avenatti has not plead i guilty. last week he was indicted on avenat appeared in court millio from sports wear giant nike. in both cases avenatti declared hollyw takes aim at tough aborti laws. still ahead, where the industry
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the man who helps create the smiths is getting an upgrad in position. >> this is lotus, a 4-year-old dog. he's good with other dogs. if you another dog, have a they love the company. your forecast for getting the temper around 70 degrees and the sidewalks will be har dancin nd some potentially i'll time out the wheres and the whens of the storm chances
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weeken we'll talk about his many
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welcome back. 6:14. from 900 to only about 10 still one local tuskegee air man is a 99-yea charles mcghee as a legend in aviation. molett greenths wi him this mornin in bethesda. >> rep hey,m good ning, guys. yes. we're inside the bethesda home of colonel charles mcghee. the oldest living tuskegee air man pilot. he lives in bethesda. charle mcghee, thank you so we also have john mccaskill with
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histor alive wearing, what? >> this would have been have been wearing 75 years ago. ago. >>yes. micken holding some of your vincen with thenational busine aviation association. thank so much for joining us thismorning. colone you just got honored 99 1/2 years old, joint base andrew celebrated legends and what w it like? >> it was wonderful to sit in that seat again and wave at the ramp. >> so wonderful you love
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accomp ou the one thing that stands out today that ylove to talk >>well, yeah. the value is good for the young countr future. bring thoseup, chat with them, direct >> wonderful. amazin stories. >> indeed. africa history and cultur history himself. first african-american in charge of the entire smithsonian as news 4's mark seagraves expla his resume makes him a greatchoice. overse creation of the cultur histor and culture museum
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there costs of thousands what h did for the smithsonian n admi 1978. since bunch has certifiserved. he's the 14th smithsonian direct the first to be an historian. the first to be african-american and the first to be promoted 75 years. africa recognize the syism of this. i recognizeas while this import for the smithsonian, it ope doors. at gives people confidence they, too, can change a pce. >> rep as for leaving behind the museum he built -- to say good-bye because it's it's been the epitome of everyt i've believed as a
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georgia's new controversial aborti law thrtens to hurt the tv production ssbusine brian kemp signed a bill banning aborti once a feet tall heartb is located. last year $450 billion worth of movies was shot there. and it doesn't just help with it's diffused impact throughout the state. offer tax breaks toon producti
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the storm team 4 weather alert y. >>sure. alread you know, i'm not fan of >> even though it's still not summer it's not even the heat and humidity, what will pretty looking skies this mornin unlike yesterday when we had our rain and thunderstor chance first thing in the morning, much more typical timing for right now 68 in winchester. 69 in germantown. don't fooled. it will be aot afternoon before any storms get going. most everybody will be in the low 90 stoday.
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thunde will begin around 3:00 afternoon. we are under enhanced warnings. we have push alerts available to our nbc washington app. you can find and follow me there on my social media is part of the same, very active weather system and it haa lot of thunderstor activity in it's sliding its way farther down to the south. that's why we'll be under the weathe future weather keeps things quiet 2:00, 3:00. therea storms start to the shenandoah ormi as we get into the early evening parts. not going to be a plernlt fasan finish not everybody will get rained on. the storms could pack quite a
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punch. ey could ben here in tim we'll be on with doug and amelia at mirrors. u two spots inrgin be yeah, 66 eastbo accide activity near nutley. coming eastund. 497 ne reston parkway. author headed to the scene. on metro this moning, silver line, can expect residual just a6:22.
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deer park 100% natural spring water. born better® a pri george's county police overni motorcycle crash on we are just learning new details about who he was, the your coofute. all hat is just ahead. we are in weather alert mode as
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good morni to you, i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. chuck is here. start us off. what we need to know about ay tot wester righnow. that's the direction the storms will b coming from later on in ready up. kind of looks like a hazy summer day here in the washington area and it's going to feel like th t, too. alread 74 in arlington. still 72 in leesburg. 74quantico. 73 in annapolis. warm and humid weather outside mornin it will get hot fast. kids for the school day foreca 88 degrees at recess. just a the time the kids are gettin out of school, rain chance to increase and some of those thunderstor could severe. in fact, our severe weather risk for oday, weare in the
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enhanc range for severe weathe so download our nbc washington back on the air starting this aftern jack taylor with your wednesday commut we'll start with chopper 4 nothin big here thankfully. nothin your way. it's always nice to start things off there's no trouble from 95 over towards georgia avenue. in virginia, different story. 7astbound out of reston parkwa a crash blocking the going noeah near fer bed lane, accident activity there traffi alternating around the scene of the crash. author were not on scene. both traveling up and down would never have fakted it.
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>> news 4's meghan mcgrath is at police headquarter with more on the cash crash and the officer goodmorning. hhis w a terrible multi- accident police officer who just joined officedavon mckenzie was off mckenz thrown into traffic and later died at the hospital. office mckenzie was just 24 he was assigned to the bureau george county two years ago. coming up in 15 minutes i'll i'll have that in a few minutes. back to you. now.
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virgin state polic say four involv a church van in dynwid county, virginia. the van was rede en by a there 11 passengers in the a deacon says his wife was one togeth the driver of the piup truck has injuries and the charges are the accident happened on su they have not said what he was doing at the home. a ladder is lying on the ground. part of the tree branch that he snappe off ttree. this morning a community is on
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girl ride during a thunde and later raped her inside his car. news 4's justin finch is live in wheato with more on this story. goodmorning. mornin montgo county police, it a 12-year-old girl walking in a erunde the driver off her a ride home. montgo couldn't bring police it's james alan booker he her to her home but not before sexually assaulting who of her home. once it was all over she was parent who called police. this morning booker isng faci two charges, second degree rape offens
6:35 am
mornin police are telling us they do other this case. eso a reminder, too, for everyoecially childr to never get inside a know. it could have a very awl end we're live here montgomery county i justin finch, news 4, banside to you. new legal trouble for a man charge assaulting a woman arling timoth day will appear in court on child pornography charges. edera investigators found a here i aur look at o other top storie around1:00 this morning.
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yoffici are onl saying 12-yea heidi wchevarria found okay and unharmed. waoffici believed she cruz. not clear where she was found or whom she was with. waitin by areas for flooding tos arkan man was killed after drowni in flood water. more on the severe weather at 6:45. metro hopes the second wharf day commute is smoother than the first. they hired several tour bus around six closed are not from this area and route. that w not the case for all shuttl riders t we other alternates for you during shutdown in the nbcwa
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welcome back. it's 6 george ouy. spelle participate in the scripp spelling bee. there' another round of there 7-year-olds that can spell words i've never heard of.
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>> we caught up with a few yester it's just been so surreal that m actually here because i used to it as a kid. little and finally i actually awesom the best time to prepare. you'll have more experienced. prepar age 2, is that >> students whot make i past today' round could make it to d.c., maryland, virginia repres there. good luck. >> rep morning, i'm frk holland at cnbc headqu are master tweeter? twitte career page has a job listin for you.
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chief tweeter in new york, san franci or any office in the u.s. the person it doesn't say it, but you like to be on the rangin from a lack of andit good morning, everybody. storm team 4 weatheron alert wednes chance for severe weather around here later on in the day. if you're starting toward the weekend, maybe you're going to the beaches, with a rain chance later on in as far rain chances right tomorr you're likely going to need the umbrellas before we dry out friday and e i have your ten day forecast.
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ar feather bed lane. traffi alternating around the crash. good wednesday morning to you. coming today at 4:00, we're going really dive into the ticket booking a trip or more. from cable tv fees to banking fees to airline fees. at least 85% of americans say >> it'smportant to check your bills regularly. >> susan hogan tells you how
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6:45. breaki this morning. the prince george'sounty the of one of their own. more. meghan good ning. >> rep well, good morning. just a terrible multi-vehicle accide that happened on the beltwa late last night a claime the life of a young police officer who had just officedavon mckenzie was beltwa near 202 when he was intotraffic. office mckenzie was ju 24 he was assigned to the bureau of patrol and had joined the force in march of 2017.
6:46 am
a statemt put out by the loss the youngd officer an he was well respected and loved the accident happened just bore 11:30 last night on the drive. the driver of a nissan ult tim workin last night. the c veered off and was hit. all of the drivers involved did office mckenzie was taken to an died. back tyou. >> meghan mcgrath live, thanks. wine. police are trying to figure out what caused a mini van to veer e chopp was over the scene on brandyroad near north keys
6:47 am
road. a mini van. just morning, a decorated u.s. marine from fairfax county, virgin died today in sustai in a military training accide that officer wasye 21rs old. he was signed to the marines he had h receivedors including the national service medal and global a word. former vice president joe >> all started when the presid sided with north korea' dictator kim jong-un. nbc's peter alexander is live at the white house with more. we saw joe biden on the campaign trail for the first time in ten days.
6:48 am
while he didn't mention trump's inpart he said the comments were beneat dignity of the office he waited until president trump postin the statement. the between the two men is certai escalating this into one-on fight even though some of the allies of the presid worry that these an attack mof them repeated, or only giving biden more campai season. we'll have the latest when we see you this monk on today. p.t. lead jiers.
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they't haven -- there is $25 repair the new budget goes into effect millio of people for nearly >> take a look. the images from the past 24 jersey in arkansas officials say a man was killed last night after reside in oklahoma are bracin for more flooding and in ilnsas homes and buildings were mean we want to turn the overall coverage and could
6:50 am
74 kind of hazy. defini humid outside in the washin area to get your day going. suburb 69 from germantown and it will be a quick warmup. we'll spend most of the perfec time of the year to go fresh herbs so you can use them. easy time to grow. put themn out ihe hot sun. also, have your nbc washington we' you push alerts for that come up. we are under anis enhanced rk future weather doesn't look like a whole lot of coverage here by 3:00, 4:00. again, a of those little dots storm as anything else. that will continue on into the 6:00 is bulls eyeing a chance
6:51 am
arling counties just at 6:00. the storm threat presses down tomorr afrnoon a scattering of showers is like the atmosphere isn't as, there's chance there's severe weather we'll have to trade off one for there' forecast, 94 before 92 tomorrow and then finally friday comfor early june weather jack taylor. >> hey, chuck. thank you. we'll out reston, eastbo route 7. accide activity. choppe 7 is on the scene.
6:52 am
there two incidents. after feather bed lane, traffic had been alternating around the we had a new issue on allentown. you may find yourselfun er back in to you. >> jack, thank you. ♪ remember a few mohs ago we told you about a local band that as of last night theon hernd the students will represent the u.s. at d day exercises i norman france. they will leave next week.
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lacros at the bullis school they'r of the best teams in night. the 12th ranked bullis bulldogs wereunderdogs. hey took on the crimson knights ofconnecticut. they held the lead for the 13-8. bullis is the first american team claim the national champi it's only been around three ea y. congra to the bulldogs. their stories. lucky us one of them lives 99ea charles was treated mcghee home which looks more
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histor thank letting us b in home. thanks to java cafewe're havin >> this is theer wintlass a have won 75 years ago. >> i love it. colone mcghee, you've flown lesson are very good for the young tay andhat's what i enjoy doing, being able to pass that on to them because we're headed in the right direct ncen mcins.
6:55 am
on the table here we have the many medalsh t colonel mcghee going. >> he said, it's to inspire the main goal. it's wonderful. certai we're prepared for next generation to hear them and learn from them. 6:55. d.c. police are trying to find in the district. police released this it happened saturday night near northe
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go to the nbay 4 tod app. meetinher. dodd the sex was consen latest pornogcharges. timoth will appear in court today. edera investigators tell the news 4 i-team t at they discov pictures on his more the charges in our nbc on beltway. this happened near route 202 and a thrown drive and he was thrown over theersey wall and hit by a car.
6:57 am
possib severe weather especi between 3 and 8:00 today. keep the weather ear to the sky and a weather eye on your nbc word here on nbc 4. doug and amelia whel be . that i the news for today. >> we appreciate you waking up joy uday ♪
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t call today800-501-6000. comcast business. beyond fast. thrie. . battered. overnight tornados roar through several states from kansas to new jersey. devastated residents in ohio taking measure of their >>lives things that have been here any whole life are gone. >> ts of millions at risk again today. states of emergency. unrelenting storms in the south and midwest. a homesnd businesses underwater. >> prepare for the worst-case scenario. >> the situation growing only more dangerous this morning. war of words. tensions escalate between the president and joe biden as the former vice president hits back. >> i think the worst thing that happened to the united states of erica of lat


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