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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  May 31, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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bell's here with more on what we should expect from our weekend weather. then moilissa mollet is g to check in with -- going to --ck >> chehe traffic in first 4 traffic? >> what she said. all right. skies have been trying their best to clear out during the overnight hours. we're off to a dry start here this morning. most of us don't have to worry about a rain chance probably until at least tomorrow or later in the day on sunday. not many of us have to worry about rain today. right now, 63 in germantown. 68 in quanticin 59 winchester, virginia. forecast then for today, plenty of sunshine. it will be warm this afternoon. high around 85 degrees. so fill quite a bit warmer than average. hower may be a lonesome or two in the northern neck, the only places that might see a shower. otherwise, fantastic weather.d sunny arm tomorrow. we start a cooling trend on
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sunday with rain chances. and monday, oh, monday's going to be so nic's a shame it's going to be monday. montrose, northbound, southbound, main andlaocal es, everything is rolling along. silver spring northbound georgia after 16th street, right lane is still the only thing getti by that work zone. southbound 295,t the righ lane blocked. as we look at the beltway, inner loop, outer loop, everything is looking pretty good, no big complaints. aaron? >> thank you. 4:31. and tay the national weather service will be in howarucountyeying the damage left by the tornado. it touched down yesterday afternooat 3:22. >> you can see the path of destruction it took from these images from chopper 4 over dayton, maryland. those trees were chopped in half by the o power the storm. in other areas, many streets and several major roads blocked by
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downed trees. several homes had huge pieces op roofs ri off. this is the second tornado in the downtown in a week -- in th county in a week. in frederick county, a tree slammed into a home caing major damage. a woman was me at theme but was not hurt. parts of virginia were also hit by storms yesterday. there is a picture of what be appears to a funnel cloud forming in spotsylvania county. now the natior l weathrvice will be there today to survey the damage to determine whether a tornado tched down. one thing is for sure, crews have a lot of cleanup to do today. in other parts of northern irginia, a big issue with hail. watch his. that was hail in manassas. it was mixed with heavy rain and intense wind, too. download our free nbc washington app. you can stay up to speed with the weather and news any time, anywhere. to a tragic murder mystery
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in spotsylvania county. we expect to learn more about how two adults and a 14-year-old died. the family of three was found murdered inside a spotsylvania home. they were identified as 39-year-old michael coleman, his girlfriend, 34-year-old rachel osuna, and her 14-year-old son, cairus osuna. friends of the 14-year-old victim have been sharing memories onocial media. he just graduated from eighth grade at thornburgh middle school. >> i wasn't that close to him, but -- he didn't deserve that. it's just -- >> a toddler and infant were also found inside the home unharmed. there's non word o a responsible suspect. the time is 4:33.e' her a lock at the other top stories -- a look at the other top stories. president trump says new tariffs on all mexican goods will kick in next month. lt nightnnounced the 5% tax
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in an effort to pressure mexico to do more to crack down on central american migrants crossing into the u.s. president tru says he will boost the tariffs until the immigration problem is, quote, remedied. more on this coming up in about ten minutes. maryland governor larry hogan is asking the university of marylandoard of regents to investigate the handling of an adenovirus outbreak that led to the fresh of a freshman last fall. the governor's letter comes after a "washington post" article showing the school waited 18 days to disclose information about the virus to students. mgm has laid off 62 workers as part of a companywide downsizing. 557 were laid off across the country. mgm is working to streamline operations heading into the company also says the layoffs do not violate a agreement with prince george's county. half were managers, none were floor workers.
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b-o-u-g-a-n -- >> you are correct >> sorry, what? >> newhis morning, spelling champion. that was the final word for a maryland student who won the national spelling bee. he's the first winner from maryland. that's not thewsnly big this is big -- sure.r turns out phaket will share the trovy with seven -- trophy with seven co-champio after an unprecedented decision. they declared anyone who the bee round 20 of would be declared a winner because they were running out of awards. >> they have outstarted the stin-ng bee outsmarted the stinking bee. >> eight kids. they willach receive the $40,000. each gets $40,000. each spelled 47 words correctly on stage. >> herere a few of the words
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that phaket spelled correctly -- i don't recognize these words. do you rognize one word on there? come on. not a one. >> i couldn'tn pronou them either. look at the last one. >> what in the world? this was the 13th-year-old's fourth time in the i have heof the winning word, but that's the only one. the rest look like they threw letters together. would we know any differently? >> no. they could all be completely wrong. that's the right one. >> congratulations. >> a lot of them know the definitions, too. >> you're making stuff up -- i >> remember learning one in ninth grade. i forget what it means. they've got to do better next year. >> exactly. 4:36. coming up, an interesting offer from virginia tech. why it's offering new students n tuitiouts before they each
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step on to eampus. we'llxplaint for you. i
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for nearly three decades, young people in our area with sdablts have baylor universitied from benefitted from an io organizat that provides exercise classes and at the beginning, volunteer karen mindale thought she aide help out for a while. 2 -- she would help out for a while. 27 years later she's still there. her fellow volunteers nominated for because of her deep dedication to athletes. she's transformed the way people see kids wi disabilities and how the kids see themselves. >> they're athletes. this is a moment where they get to shine as athletes. some of the kids and young adults participate in challenger and in spial olympics. we have athletes in this program, young kids in this program, who may never get that
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chance. hso this is tr moment to be athletes just like anybody else. >> you really don't want to miss her story. it's coming up tonight on news4 at 5:00 p.m. see yon. the this morning, day one of the nba finals is over and the toronto raptors are celebrating their first win. they beat there ning nba champs golden state warriors, 118-109. this is the first time the raptors have evereen in the finals. the fifth raight championship run for the warriors.du kevin rant is still out due to a calf strain. they will be back in toronto on sunday. i feel conflicted. i feel like i have to root for an american team because i'm an american. but golden state has won so many times, you want to see another team. maybe to see drake's antics. virginia tech is dealing 'sth a major issue, but the school says it a good problem to have. >> apparently the school has accepted more freshmen in the
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fall than expected. so it'sffering three different enrllment options. students can take a gap year and get $1,000 scholarship renewable for up to four years. they can wait a year to enroll at virginia tec while taking classes at a community college. or they can start taking courses at the school in july for free and enroll fullime either in the fall or the spring. options. >> exactly. i d't think those are bad options. keep it more manageable for the school. >> a gd thing. 4:41. chuck? >> a gap year? oh, that sounds -- that would sound enticing as an 18-year-old. gardening forecast for your weekend, i ink if you've got stuff to do, i think saturday would be the better day. more sunshine, warmer, rain chances are creeping up, up,up as we get deeper into your sunday. one of the best things you can do in your garden is put out the trampet or honey -- trumpet or honeysuckle to urge the birds.
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major changes are coming to one of the most dangerous roads in the region. starting tomorrowhere will be three roving speed cameras along indian head highway. over the last decade, more than 60 people have died in crashes on route 210. it the roving cameras will h operate 24urs a day, seven days a week. they'll move from location to lheation. >> tameras are the first of nd their kin the state and were
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made possible by legislation. president trump is threatening new drunk drivers on all mexican imports to -- threatening new mexican imports. >> hehe tweeted t taxes will go intfect next month with increases until the problem is fixed. news4's tracie potts joins us liverewith mo. goodorning to pou. >> rerter: good morning. a new front in the president's international trade war, mexico with a permanent tariff onev ything comes kroog the southern border -- across the southern border if mexico does not do something to stop yimsz into this country -- illegal immigration to this country to the satisfaction of the trump administration. what that may be and what will constitute success, they didn't spell that out. thisthe president is saying is a problem that's got to be addressed, connecting trade with the -- these tariffs with immigration problem. oight in the middle of trying get the u../mexico/canada trade deal approved. right now lawmakers in all three countries are condering final
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approval of that deal. >> and the robert mueller first public comments about his special counsel report still a big talk here in washington. what mo are we hearing from the white house and from capitol hill? >> reporter: we're hearing from the justice department william barr in an interviewi say that if he wanted to, if his team had wanted to, that robert mueller could have come up with a determination on obstruction of justice charges orga not ast president trump instead of punting to the attorney general and to congress. we could hear more about that when bar appears on the "today" show later day. >> all right. tracie potts live for us on capitol hill this morning. thank you. could the district of columbia become the 51st state? for the first time in more than years, congress will hold a hearing on that very question. it is still a long way from becoming a reality. district leaders gathered at the d.c. war memorial on the national mall to again make the
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case for statehood. >> we are not asking for a han ut, we are demanding our fundamental rights as american citizens. >> the house hearing will be july 24th. the mayor urged d.c. resides fill the hearing room that day. now to a warning ahead of upcoming summer trips. a delaware womas i urging others to be more vigilant. she says onre her cent caribbean vacation she was beaten and left for dead.a we want to wrn you, some of these photos m be disturbing. tammy lawrence daly says she was attacked from behind at an alinclusive resort in the dominican republic. see that detailed on her facebook page how her attacker pulled her into a maintenance roomnond ked her unconscious. her trauma lasted for eight hours before she was found and rushed to the hospital. >> i just rember think willing at that -- thinking at that point i wasn't going to make it home to see my boys and my husband. >> the attack happened back in
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january. no arrests have been made. lawrence daly says the man was wearing a uniform of the majestic elegance resort. the resort has not issued a comment. nbc's tom costello will have more on the story ahead on "today." new video intour newsroom this morning. d.c. police need help finding suspects in a string of burglaries on macarthur oulevard and wisconsin avenue in northwest. we told you about this yesterday morning. authorities say thieves have been breaking into restaurants between tuesday and wednesday of asis week. the suspects tookfrom the registers and then took off. it's 4:48. tonight you could become a mega millionaire. we can dream, can't we? we're only a few hours away from the next big lottery jackpot drawing. the mega millions is estimated to be worth $444 million when the numbers are drawn tonight. luck may be in our area for this one, too. a ticket worth $2 million was sold earlier this week in falls church, not far at all. if you plan to buy in, you may want to pick up a powerba ticket, too. just get it out of the way.
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thatjackpot is up $350 million ahead of tomorrow night's drawing. has there ever been a time when someone has won the mega millions and the powerball at the same time? >> i think their head would explode. >> right.nd >> a $444 million sounds like a lucky number for people who may work at a channel number 4.l four peo who watch -- >> we're buying tickets. we are going to have to buy some tickets. >> i'll give you $1. >> thanks. >> i don't want to risk missing out, but i'm too lazy to get the ticket. >> right. looking forward to much quieter weather for today. i ink you're go to like most of the weekend, as well. 69 degrees now at national airport. skies are clear ng out during the overnight. a light breeze out of the southwest. but only at three little miles per hour. nothing to worry about there. comfortable all over the gion. in fact, some spots have dropped into the 50s. 57 at winchester, virginia, thir mong. 64 in moirartinsburg, 61 in
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ellicott city where they a lot of cleaning up to do. 63 at the naval academ the school day forecast, the countdown to summer has got to be into the single numbers for a lot of kids. good weather for school today. weather, utdoor recess and after-school playtime. no problem at all. now, more of us a not going to have to worry about rain today. the front that's caused thev sere weather yesterday has pushed most of the deeper moisture down to the south. but you can see some lingering drops here from about the roanoke and lynchburgu area soth of richmond headed up toward the wer parts of the bay and the virginia beach area in tidewater, virginia. there wll be a tiny commence for a few showers today well south of the washington area.ll i think r if you live north. waldorf or warrenton, this part of the northern two-thirds or thr quarters of our viewing area will be dry today. there's future weather then. mostly sunny morning, giving way to a few fair-weather clouds during the afternoon. you see the tiny rain chance there later onnd into the day the evening. we dry out overnight.
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it will be a dry start. more than enough sunshine tomorrow for a great day. mostly nny all the way through 5:00. a secondary little surge of somr cooler weathe arrives saturday night. you see the little puff there? that, it may be a shower or two around the area for saturday evening. but only about a 20% chance of that. what you will notice, though, is a wind shift. that brings in cooler air. sunday looks nice. and monday, if you're going to use the word chilly in the summer nths, monday and tuesday might almost qualify. here you go then. here's the ten-day forecast. 85 today. nice andwarm. 87 and sunny tomorrow. only 83 on sunday with a lot of clouds around. and hit-and-miss rain chances. high temperature on monday even with sunshine, only in the mid s. tuesday morning, even national airport might drop below 60 degrees. parts of the shendoah valley, there could be some 40s on the map on tuesday morning. >> yikes. that is cool. have to get my fleece back out
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here on monday. fairfax, eastbound 66, the ramp to southbound 123, they are working on this. right now the ramp is blocked by a downed tree. this just got reported. we'll keep you updated on that one. 6, 95 in virginia, look okay. silver spring, northbound georgia after 16th street, right lane is getting by that work zone still. and southbound 295 before the naval research lab, right lane blocked by the accident. inner loop, outer lo of the beltway, no complaints and no roadwork. everything looking pretty good there. and taking a look at 270 from frederick down to spur, 68 miles per hour, you can see there, and 27 minutes. northbound is nice and same situ southbound. no major delays.ou >> thank y. a wild police chase caught on camera in south los angeles. take a look at your screen here. this was the scene there yesterday. police were looking for a man suspected of stealing a car. he continued to lead oicers around the city. a few times he stopped pretending to give up.
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it ended after police -- a police cruiser slammed into the side of the vehicle, pinning it along the curb there. i think they call it a pit maneuver when they -- pin maneuver when the pin it between something and the cruiser. the suspect climbed out of the window. look at him. he was taken into custody, though. >> they always are. >> they get you. they tend what they're doing. there are choice words we can use to scribe traffic in our area, right? most we can't say on morning television or ever. now there's a way to spell out a message to other drivers. >> yeah. a device called road-wave. adam tuss tells us why people 's think it good idea. >> reporter: have you ever wanted to tell that driver behind you exactly what you think of them? how would you describe the drivers around here? >> crazy, aggressive. >> everybody likes to blow their horn. >> reporter: guilty as char d. but how about a kinder, gentler
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experience on the road? this is where a new product called road-wave comes in. a bright l.e.d. sign that you put on the back windshield that connects to bluetooth and lets the othe driver know a bit more about what you are thinking. for example, i'm sorry, i didn't mean to cut you off. or let me merge. john stanley is the ceo of the company. he says he had this idea after his mother was the victim of road-rage. >> road wave was created to connect unknown drivers in mere seconds to make driving safer. >> reporter: the nationaat transpon safety board says 50% of drivers say they honk the horn, flashlights, make rude gestures or shout. 2% admit to revenge. here's hoping something like a simple thank you to a kd gesture on the road could make a difference. adam tuss, news4. >> see, if you can start ptting your own message in all the sudden profanities are flying out fr a sign, that's not going to be helpful. >> yeah. it seems like they were preset
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messages. so they're --t >> i can'say what i want to say at all times when i'm in the car. >> wow. who knew? >> there was so much anger tllre. >> i wi full on admit my de ficiencies. i do feel frustration and anger when i'm driving. >> i had to have the steering wheel adjusted once i hit it so hard. >> true confessions. >> right. there are several free resoutses available to paren over the summer to prevent brain drain. stdies have found students can lose more than a month of academic learning over the summer break. microsoft and apple have programs where people can take classes over the summer. google also offersranline pr that try to make learning fun for kids. >> yeah. tsperts say parents should also set summer limior activities like watching videos and try to keep the routine going. that way when the school year begins again it's not a shock to okkids. a bo now and then -- >> use your brain. >> every now and then. don't expect me to read the
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whole summer. >> yes. you have to w read thehole summer. when most of us order something on line, we want it right owaway. n fedex is trying to up its game. starting in january, fedex will delive seven days a week just like they do aroundis chrtmas time. fedex will alsongstop usi the post office to make some deliveries. the company says the move will increase itsen efficicy and try to meet the needs of online shoppers. want to right now. in is our generation. 4:56. ahead at 5:00. a deadly virus outbrk at the university of maryland is over. now the maryland governor says the state needs to know more.he details on demands for an investigation. and mgm made goodon a promise to bring hundreds of jobs to prince george's county. now some of those jobs are going away. what we know about layoffs straight ahead.
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play it cool and escape heartburn fast with new tums chewy bites cooling sensation. ♪ tum tum tum tums more stor ripping through virginia and maryland. legal troubles are mounting for r&binger r. kelly. he's facing nearly a dozen new charges involvingunderage women. and the oils, capsules, gummies, locations have exploded on to -- lotions have explodesed on to the market. the government takes the first
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steps toward regulating cbd products. >> i didn't know where you were going -- >> the oils, the locations -- >> the potions, yes. >> i don't know where else i could have done. 5:00 a.m., good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. thanks for joining us on a friday. the weekend is upon us. there were several tornadoes that hit the area yesterday, but the severe weathe looks to be done the next few days. >> melissa mollet is keeping a look on the mrning news for us. we'll start with chuck bell and a look at the earliest rays of the day. >> yes, indeed. sun's coming up here before 6:00 in the morning. already a little hint of early morning brightening taking place over washington. skies have been clearing out during the overnight hours. other than just a few ea fair-wther clouds out there, nothing to worry about. a far better day to be outside today comp ed toyesterday. nicer weather for sure. less humi


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