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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  May 31, 2019 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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the government takes the first steps toward regulating cbd products. >> i didn't know where you were going -- >> the oils, the locations -- >> the potions, yes. >> i don't know where else i could have done. 5:00 a.m., good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. thanks for joining us on a friday. the weekend is upon us. there were several tornadoes that hit the area yesterday, but the severe weathe looks to be done the next few days. >> melissa mollet is keeping a look on the mrning news for us. we'll start with chuck bell and a look at the earliest rays of the day. >> yes, indeed. sun's coming up here before 6:00 in the morning. already a little hint of early morning brightening taking place over washington. skies have been clearing out during the overnight hours. other than just a few ea fair-wther clouds out there, nothing to worry about. a far better day to be outside today comp ed toyesterday. nicer weather for sure. less humid, lorraine chances.
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nobody -- lower rain chances. all good news. right now, we're starting off the tgif mostly in the 60s. mid to upper 60s for most of the dc metro area. your planner then for your commute today, dry roads in, dry roads all afternoon. dry roads on the way home, as well. now that said, there is a tiny chance for a shower or two today. not around the washington area. but if you're traveling down live fredericksburg, you into southern maryland, the northern neck, charlottesville or richmond, there could be a stray showere. well south of the d.c. metro area. around here, i don't think there's anything to worry about. i you're perhaps commuti the beach for the weekend, nice weather today and tomorrow. a little showery at the beaches on your sunday.m issa, what you got going on in traffic? good morning. something finally clearing hereb that'seen around for an hour and a half. southbound 295 before the naval research lab, that is gone. we had a crashck blog the right lane. everything is open there. this is still partially closed.
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silver spring,orthbound georgia, after 16th street. right lane is getting by that work zone. in fairfax, eastbound he66, t ramp to southbound 123, ramp blocked by the downed tree. northbound, southbound on 95 in virginia looks good. so does the beltway. aaron? >> all right. thank you. 5:02. >>ack to those powerful storms that ripped through our area yesterday. for the second time in a week, a toado touched down in howard county. look at the view. a viewer sent this to us. you see the storm rollingug throh ellicott city. people said it looked like a wall of white moving across the sky near veterans elementary school. today the national weather service will be in howard count surveyine damage. >> the violent weather left damage all over our area yesterday. news4's justin finch has more on aree that fell into a home in district heights. >> reporter: good morning. we're off the 3200block of magrine avenue in district heights between the marlboro pike and pennsylvania avenue where we have found --
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>> good morning, we've off the 3200 block of magrine avenue in district heights between the marlboro pike and pennsylvania avenue where we ve found this. this large tree uprootedin this back yard. going all the way across and grazing a home next door. and this is just a snapshot of the damage seen across the area this morning. want to take you to howard county where the national weather service reports a possible ef-1 touchdown of a tornado that a cut management more than five miles through the area at least. we saw a series of snapped trees, many of those trees also falling into people's homes. we have reports of at least one person who has been injured. tr damage has beenss seen acro maryland, frederick county, as well. we saw a tree split right me through a ho there. anne arundel county reporting tree damage, as well, this morning. we can tell you, too, that
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thousands are waking up without power because of the storm thath moved throuast night. looking at the front of the e home, you sery large tree falling on to the roof. again, grazing the home next door, as well. as to the tornado report, the national weather service will be on the ground today to condu an on-the-ground test to see how strong and destructive the storm was. in rince george's county,m justin finch, o>> spotsylvania county in virginia was a placed under a tornado warning yesterday.t take a look adeotof the srm there. you siee how dark the clouds became. the national weather service will su tey the damagsee whether a tornado touched down anywhere. as the storm blew through, viewers sent incredible keages. ta look at this. storm team 4 tells us that this picture on your screens a perfect example of a shell cloud. look at that. this was near spotsylvania.
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ike this photographer, many of you were stuck on the road when the storms rolled hrough.r the drivewas stopped in columbia because trees were blocking part of the road. and this picture from fredericksburg. more braadhes in the ro this time blocking part of i-95. road crews have a lot of eaning up to do. watch out for them. oklahoma, ght in residents were given two hours to evacuate before floodwaters rolled in. water quicklyr crossed ove highway 64 in the city of bixby overnight. state police set up barricades and told residents who didn't evacuate that dispatching cy emergen services could become impossiblee those who dded to shelter in place will have to stay until thwater recedes. o word on when it might happen. take a look. flooding also a major problem in parts of arkansas where state and feral officials took an aerial tour along the arkansas
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river yesterday. there is water as as the eye can see. the governor says the state has never seen flooding of this magnitude before. the damage to homes, farmland, and the state's navigation sytem is costing $23 million a day. coming up, t "today" show will have more on the devastating storms hitting the midwest. a trc alert. emergency roadwork is happening along river road in montgomery county. megan mcgrath is there live for us. what do we need tknow? >> reporter: you're going to have to find a different way to go this morning or take this detour if you normally travel o riveroad through potomac. you see thedetour sign behind me there. everything completely closed. river roado closed in bth directions. and that's going to be the case through the weekend and into next week. they're doing emergency pavement repairs between the court and
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essworthy rd. roughly 3,500 motorists use the stretch of river road each and every day. there's goingo be a big impact this morning. you'll be detoured to seneca road. that will add an extra couple of minutes to your commute, especially if trafficp. picks just factor that in. again, river road is closed here between longacres reserve court and esswohy road. right now, traffic's light. not seeing a huge impact. it will take a little longer to get where you're going because of the detour. back to you. >> than for the heads-up. 5:07. when mgm national harbor came to town, executives promised ndreds of jobs for local workers. now the company has laid off 62 people. mgm'sspokesperson says it's part of a companywide downsizing. 557 people were laidcr offs the country. the company says it's working to streamline operatins heading into 2020.on casinogoer told us to lay
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people off so soon after mgm opened is a broken promise. >> i think it's disappointing that they make promises to these communities. i moved to d.c. in 2003 and my home city opened an mgm last year. there's already word of layoffs up there, as well. >> the company says the layoffs do not violate the agreement with prince george's county. we're told close to half of those laid off were managers, none were floor workers. happening today, the food and drug administration will hold its first public hearing on cannabis and cannabis-derived compounds also known as cbds. it's a step toward regulation. the goal is to gather as much information as possible about the products. the fda wants to know how safe and effective cbds ar hundreds are expected to speak including doctors, farmers, and people in the cannabis industry. it could be a volatile day for investors afteresident trump announced a new tariff on
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all mexican imports starting next months. last night o twitter, he announced the 5% tax in an effort pressure mexico to do more to crack down on central american migrants crossing into the u.s. president tllmp says h boost the tariffs until the immigration problem is, quote, remedied. we're already seeing a hit to utomakers on the asian market this morning. many japanese and u.s. carmakers have factories in mexico. the tariff goes into effect june 10th. > the gofundme account that million foran $20 a southern border wall is being used to build an actual wall in new mexico. and the mayor there is getting death threats because of the prily funded wall is only about half a mile long and is being built in sunland park where new mexico, texas, and mexico meet. the mayor says the permits to start building should not have been issued, but too much of the wall head been built to -- wall has been built to st construction now. he's received death threat since the building -- death threats
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since the building started. the people managing the gofundm page willnd it over to agents when they're done. d.c. attorney general carl racine is asking the pubic to weigh in on whether drug kingpin rafel edmonds should be i are leased eaom prison. there will be public forums starting next month. edmond is currently serving a life sentence. he oversaw a major cocaine ring in the 80s and is linked to more than two dozen murders. the same prosecutor's office that put him away says he should t an early release for hi cooperation in multiple investigations. major developments in the case against r&b singer r. kelly. the grammy-winning artist faces nearly a new charges of sexual ssault and abuse. they stem from offense the that allegedly took place in 2010 and appear to involve one of the women named in the previous charges against him. in february, r. kelly was charged with sexually boozing four women, three of whom were
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minors. he pleaded not guilty and still denies the accusations against him. f convicted he could face up to 30 years inprison. maryland governor larry hogan is putting pressure on the university of maryland after a student died during a campus outbreak of adenovirus. freshman olivia erigold died last november. she attended the college park campus. news4 reached out to the school for reaction. administrators say the cdc did not confirm the specific strain of adenovirus until november 19, that s 18 days after the school discovered a student had virus. maryland says it notified students and parents within 24 hours. that was after the state health department fliesed them to do -- authorized them to do today ere will be a golf tournament to honor jordan mcnair. he's the university of mar land football player who died from on heat exhausti last year. after his death, his parents
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established a f reduce currencies of heatstroke -- currencies of heatstrong and heat-related -- atroke and heat-related conditions. it'spp haening at the turf valley golf course in ellicott city. 5:12. one of the most photogenic spots in all of d.c. may not be around much longer. find out why experts say the tidal basin is in danger. the weekend fun has already begun in some towns. after the break, a rundown on all the fun happenings around the ea. good morning, everybody. future weather today, i think if you live north of the washington are no need to worry about rain today. if you look to the south toward fredericksburg and southern maryland, you at least have a chance for a strayhower or two today. no severe weather. more about the weekend and the impacts of raiming up.
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in oct,er, 2002 the d.c. sniper case poured fear throughout the area. now it's about to be a show in northwest washington. it's called "forest triage." the treatiors say it's meant -- creators say it's meant to examine how the so-call information age impacts a communities in cries -- aco mmunity in crisis. it starts today and runs through june. it's hope to the mlk, jefferson,ls and fdr memor and a prime spot for the cherry blossoms. we're talking about the tidal basin. according to wto it's on the
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list of most-endangered historic places. mainly because of the crumbling seawall, the frequent flooding, and the overcrowding there. the national trust for historic preservation joined with the national parks service earlier this year in a campaign to save the tidal basin. draining the reflecting pool so crews can repair a broken th water line affected the quality of the pool this spring, the water quality. the lincoln memorial reflecting pool should be refilled and operational by june 16th. it will take five to six days to fully drain the reflecting pool. repairs and cleaning are expected to last a week. so many beautiful things to see in our city. >> >> we're lucky. reading and riding. two of the local events taking place that. >> tommy mcfly with more. >> reporter: basketball, books, and the btnd ofver. horizon
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i have what's up for your weekend. tomorrow in congress heights it is opening day for thes mystic at their first season in their entertainment and sports arena inig congress hets. the party is available to all fans. there's activities, food, prizes, music, even aographs fr formemystic plars. now through sunday, the herndon festival. this year in a brand-new location. the mayor told us all about it. >> the herndon festival has moved to spring street. right rt of herndon is here at northwest federal credit union. we have trees, picnic tables, grassy areas, even more room for the carnival. if you have a stroller, you are going to love it because there are no hills to navigate. us.ope you'll join it's going to be a blast. >> repr: sunday the or♪ headlining performer who caps off more than 50 entertainers is vertical horizon. in maryland on sunday, it's books in blames at the post pavillion -- in bloom at the
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post pavillion. this has speakers from jefferson from jose andres to literally authors making thei way in the book world. totally free to check out. it's a big summer push for how important reading it even during those warm suer months when school is out. check out books in bloom. i'm tommy mcfly with what's up for your weekend on news4. >> a lot of fun activities. >> yeah. >> and fantastic weather for it. >> absolutely. >> so excited abo this. >> it's going to be nice today, tomorrow, a rain chance on your sunday. >> i'll take it. >> i wish i couldgive you the all clear, nothing but beautiful weather through the weekend. can't give you that much. a guarantee, but the -- can't give you that much of a guarantee, but the severe weather is gone. we will not have to worry about it the next couple of days. we've earned it. we get to say good-bye to the as dity the next few days, well. beautiful clearing sky over d.c. here on your tgif morning. temperatures moly in the 60s.
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61 in germantown. 61 in bristow, virginia. 68 at marine base quantico. 66 in prince george's county. here's your friday planner. plenty of sunshine. sun's not far from coming up either. up at 5:45 this morning. not down until nearly8: . no rain around here today. rain chances tomorrow are also fa the next best chance for gettinn rained o will be on sunday before we dry o and cool down again. and really cool for monday and tuesday. right now, you see the big weather ffm yesterday going of shore. there are hraindropsere's running west to east across the southernmost third of the commonwealth. l a result, that's where the rain chances wilbe focused later today. not so much around the d.c. metro area. but from warrenton andwaldorf, down south toward fredericksburg, maybe a stray shower or thundershower later today. not a severe weather threat. notice from the washington area north, hardly even a cloud to be
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found today. tomorrow,ostly sunny, still plenty warm. in the mid to upper 80s tomorroo aftern late in the day tomorrow, another reinforcing shot of cooler air arrives. so there might be saturday evening one quick little raindrops or two. that leaves us even cooler, but a lite cloudy for sunday with showers around. check out the monday and tuesday numbers. hig in the 70s. and even national airport might drop below 60 on tuesday. next half hour, i'll give you a stat that tells you why you need to enjoy it while we have it. melissa? >> all right. fairfax, eastbound 66, the ramp to southbound 123. ramp blocked by a downed tree. that could be a quick fix. they are working on it now. 95, northbound and southbound, there in virginia looks okay. south mountain, brand-new problem. astbound 70 after the south mountain rest area. report of a tractor-trailer on fire. trying to get some more notion
5:21 am
that one. a we do have slowdown there on the map because of that. no issues on the beltway, at this point everything looks clear. 66 with that virtual sunrise in the distance. fairfax county parkway to the beltway, 60 miles per hour, you get there in eight minutes. aaron? >> thank you. the value of a dollar is turning into a valuable math lesson for students in prince george's county. iter the break, see how their special projects helping them learn and build something fun.
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welcome back. most parents want to teach their kids the value of hard work and espely the value of a dollar. >> there's a school in prince george's county where a new playground is helping teach kids about both. mit's time forth at st. ambrose school. if you're thinking there's no way this is a math class, think again. st. ambrose needs a new playground, and the students needed to see how math plays a role in every day life. the principal and matheachers put the two together and came one a challenging idea. >> we asked the kids to design and build and do fund-raising to install a new playground. >> what are some of the problems that you have? how do we solve those problems?
5:25 am
all of those things that math is involved in. >> 30 1/2. at least 30 1/2 -- >> reporter: the students were placed in groups of four to six people and were assigned a parent adviser. their proposal had to include different areas of learning, surveyed their fellow students about what they wanted, they researched federal requirements for handicap equnment. this wt just thinking outside the box, the students had to figure out how much the plan would cost, o. finally, the powerpoint presentation to students and faculty. >> we are excited about the new equipmentes dibed in this communication. >> a lot of thought went into our design. we to ensure that each pce will fit in the area. >> we pledge to provide age-appropriate eqcoipment by lor zones. >> we have fund-raising activities that we can use to raise the necessary dollars for the plan. >> reporter: like the te, chers hopedis project brought students and teachers together from all s.discipline this creative math lesson turned
5:26 am
to a valuable life lesson the kids won't soon forget. >> i learned that we have to work together as a team. >> it takes more work. ke hard work, put some effort to make it look -- the playground better than like wha it now. >> math lesson, life lesson. >> seriously. >> a good time over there at st. ambrose. >> smart. >> paying for the an important part of the project. they estimate they'll need about $35,000. >> and now they'll learn more about funding, too. they're hoping the community will help them out. very impressive. now 5:26. coming up, school is almost out for the summer. l don'tet your kids lose all those lessons they've learned. next at t5:30, free tools for preventing the so-called summer slide. plus, have you had a message for the driver behind you? a look at the new device that lets you share your mind while road.e >> uh-oh. >> oh, boy. how many characters can put in that? >> exactly. >> you think you're upset that
5:27 am
the "game of thrones" is over, ok at the frown here. he needs a new family now that the show is offer. go to humane rescue alliance and find on the how to add him to your family. barely a year old. amaybe a good pet for long time. 60s for the dog walks this morning, 80s for later this afternoon and this evening. any chances for rain on the weekend? we'll talk about t
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waking one a lot of cleanup. severe storms and a tornado caused a b messcross our area. a look at the damage and what to expect for weekend weather. we are not asking for a handout. we are departmenting our fundantal rights as -- demanding our fundamentalrights as american citizens. >> fighting for statehood. the effort from local leaders to make the district the 51st ste. new, a surprising twist at the national spelling bee. why several students ended up being crowned champions ovrnight. first at 5:30, a closer look at the damage left from
5:31 am
yesterday's sere weather. this was the scene in howard county, maryland, after a tornado touched down ther >> the good news is this morning the radar is much more clear as we startr y friday. i think we're heading for a spectacular weekend. good morning, everyone, i'm eun yang. > i'm aaron gilchrist. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell has more on what to expect for the weekend weather. then melissa mollet will have our first 4 traffic update. chuck, we'll start wit you. >> skies have been clearing after the round of severe weather yesterday. all is quiet on your friday morning. skies are clear. sun's up in about 14 minutes from now. and many areas have dropped dow5 into the through the mountains of west virginia, a few spots in the valley and northern virginia, also in the upper 50s. most of the metro areas in the mid to upper 60s. by the bay, closer to 70 degrees. the school day forecast for one of the final fridays of the school year. 60s as you wait for the bus this morning. 80s later on this afternoon.
5:32 am
a very warm and pleasant friday afternoon. any little rain chances should confine today to southern maryland, down -- confined to southern maryland, down to fredericksburg and pots south. tomorrow, sunshine and warm before temperatures trend downward and rain chances sneak upward, especially for your su ay. more coming up in a few more minutes. for now it is time for traffic. good morning. taking a lok at this brand-new problem, eastbound 70 at south mountain. ld.ks like we are stoppe this is a tractor-trailer fire. so i know it's hard to see. as you're headed toward myersville this morning in frederick county, we have this closure. a one-mile back up now that could change if it sticks around. fairfax, eastbound 66, the ramp to southbound 123. that ramp is still blocked by a downed tree.g not causin any major problems quite yet. again, south mountain, you can see the closure point with the tractor-trailer on fire. we're going to get a live look at that coming up in just a bit. inner loop, outer lo of the beltway, no problems on the beltway right now.
5:33 am
and taking a look here at 66, fairfax county to the beltway, 61 miles per hour gets you there in nine minutes. aaron? >> all right. thank you. it is 5:33 now. we attorney a tragic murder mystery in spotsylvania county. today we expect to learn more about how two adults and a 14-year-old died. >> the family of three was found murdered inside a spotsylvania home wednday morning. the victims have been identified as 39-year-old michael coleman, his girlfriend, 34-year-old rachel osuna, and her 14-year-old son cairus. friends of the 14-year-old victim have en sharing memories on social media. he had just graduated from eighth grade at thornburgh middle school. >> i wasn't that close him, but i would see him in the hallways -- he didn't deserve that. this is -- >> a toddler and infant were also found inside the home unharmed. there is no word on a possible suspect in t case.
5:34 am
today the national weather service will be in howard county surveying the damage left behind by a itrnado. touched down yesterday at 3:222 in the afternoon. >> you can already tee path of destruction it took from these images from chopper 4 over dayton, maryland. the trees were shopped in half by th power of the storm. in other areas, many streets and several major roads were blocked by downed trees. in glen sellen,eral homes had huge pieces of the roofs ripped off. his is the second tornado in the county in aweek. the damage also extends to frederick county. a tree slammed into this home there.g major damage a woman was home at the time but wasn't hurt. and take a looke. her parts of virginia also hit -- aarp hit by a storm. this is a picture. what appears to be a funnel cloud in spotsylvania county yesterday. the national weather service will be out to survey the damage today to determine whether a tornado touched down. one thing is for sure, though, road crews have a lot of
5:35 am
cleaningup to do. in other parts of northern virginia, a big issue was hail. watch this. >> and we are having hail. >> this was hail coming down in manassas yesterday. you can see it was mixed in with heavy rain and wind. be sure to download the free nbc washington app. you can stay on op of thenews and the weather any time, anywhere. 5:35. here's a lo at the other t stories. president trump saysifew t on all mexican goods will kick in next month. last night he announced that 5% tax inn effort to pressure mexico to do more to crack down on central american migrants crossing into the u.s. president trump says he will boost the tariffs until the immigration problem is, quote, remedied. more on this coming up in about ten minutes. maryland governor larry hogan is formally asking for an investigation into the university of maryland's handling of the adenovirus . outbreak it led to the death of freshman olivia peragold last fall. the letter comes after a
5:36 am
"washington post" article showing the school waited 18 days toisclose informati about the virus to students. mgm national harbor has laid off dozens of people. 62 workers were letgo as part of a companywide downsizing. 557 people were laid off across the country. mgm says it's working to streamline operations heading into next year. the company also says the lay yaufrs don't violate -- layoffs don't violate the agreement with prince george's county.o we're tld close to half of those laid off were managers, not floor workers. -ib-o-u-g-a-v-i-l-l-e. >> are you correct. >> bougainville. that was the final word for a maryland student who won the national spelling bee. sohum sukhatankar is the winner. that's not the only one. >> he was not the only winner
5:37 am
there. he will share it with kevin co-champions after an nprecedented decision by the scripps national spelling bee organizers. they decided that anyone who u survived ro 20 would be declared a winner because they were running out of words. >> how can a spelling bee run out of words? >> don't understand he. each will receive $50,000. each speller spelled 47 words correctly on stage. >> you have to look at this screen. here are a few of the words that were spelled correctly. do you recognize of these words? there's not one word i could use in a steps here. >> not even citerion? >> not even that one. sorry. this was the 13-year-old's fourth time in the bee. he's an eighth grader from clarksville. at clarksville middle school in howard county. congratulations to him. >> nice -- s>>ed >> aw -- >> good luck. 5:37.
5:38 am
coming up, an interesting offer from virginia tech. why it's offering new students tuition cuts before they step on to campus. first, aning ahead of your summer vacation. a woman opens up about the attack and being left for dead on her trip to a can on her trip to a can resort. the big carriers are talking about their current 5g roll outs, s but their efforte limited to a few pockets in select cities or trying to convince consumers that 4g is actually 5g. they're neglecting small tow and rural communitie leaving them on the wrong side of the digital divide.
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nearly three decades some young people in our area with developmental and physical disabilities have benefited from a program called teen. tithe organiz provides unercise classes and at the beginning voler carry mindale -- karen mindale thought she'd help out for a while. 27ears later she's still there. hnt fellow voers nominated her because of her dedication to athletes. throughler work,tarian -- through her work, karen has transformed how she sees kids with disabilities and ho the kids see themselves. >> they're athletes. this wis a momentre they get
5:41 am
to sunshine as athlete. some of these kids and young adults participate in challenger, in special olympics. we have athletes, young kids in this program who may never get that cha e. this is their moment to be athletes just like anybody else. >> you really don't want miss her story. it's coming up tonight on news4 at 5:00 p.m. see yo then. 5:41. to a warning ahead of the upcoming summer vacations. a delaware woman is urgingrs otheto be more vigilant. >> on her recent caribbean vacation she was beaten and left for dead. we want to warnyou some might find the photos disturbing. tammy lawrence daly said she was tacked from behind at an all-inclusive report in the dominican republic. she detailed on facebook how her attacked pulled her into a maintenance room and knocked her unconscious. her trauma lasted eight hours before she was found and rushed to the hospital. >> i just remember thinking at
5:42 am
that point i wasn't going to make it home to see boys and my husband. >> the attack happened back in january. no arrests have been made. lawrence-daly said the man was wearing a uniform of the majestic elegance resort. the resort has not issued a comment. d on "today."will haveah more andood morning, everyone, you're gardening forecast for the weekend, saturday's probably going to be the better day to get outdoor work done. sunday wl be cooler, but it will be cloudy with a chance for showers off and on. and a good thing you can add into your grden if you put out the trumpet or the honeysuckle or the cardinal flower, you tend to encourage hummingbirds to show up in your yard. wouldn't that be fun to watch? the ten-day forecast coming right up. stay with us. r andght now, first 4 traffic alert, eastbound 70 shut down at south mountain in frederick county. we're going to have chopper 4 this is not a bed.
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welcome back at 5:45. we have a traffic alert as you head out. >> an emergency road closure has shut down a major section of river road in montgomery coty. megan mcgrath has details on what's happening. s,gan? >> reporter: guyf you look over my shoulder here, you can see the closure here. river road closed in both directions hereecause they're doing some emergency pavement repairs. the closure is between long acres reserve courtnd essworthy road. joining me is richard -- give me your last name again --
5:46 am
>> dick bailey. >> reporter: dick bailey. you walked out to catch a bus. you walked by -- apparently there's a hole down the line. tell me what it looks like. >> it's about five-feet wide, ten-feet long, and i would say ten-feet deep. yeah. n,d it just appeared yesterday. i mea it -- no sign of anything in the road. and so it is a bit of an in but at the same time, a little bit of excitement. of course, there is friday. yes. thank god.: >> reportereverything's better on friday. thank you for joining us this morning. we'll let you catch your bus. o it's going to be a bit of an inconvenience forople who travel through this section of river road. about 3,500 come through her eachd every day. apparently the emergency pavement repairs will last through the weekend and into next week.ey the going to be detouring you t down on seneca road. that's going to add a couple of minutes to yr travel times. so people are going to just need to factor that in. river road closed in both directio between long acres
5:47 am
preserve court and essworthy court. a large holen the middlef the road. back to you. >> all right. that could be a big problem. mental health, thank you. -- megan mcgrath, thank you. major changes are coming to one of the most dangerous roadways in the region. starting tomorrow there will be three roving speed cameras aeang indian highway in prince george's county. over the last decade more than 60 ople have died on crashes on route 210. the speed cameras will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. they will move from location to location along 210. >> the cameras are the first ofr thei kind for the state and were made possible through legislation. president trump is threatening new tariffs on all mexican imports to force their hand on immigration. >> last night the president tweeted the new taxes will go ie efct next month with increases until the problem is fixed. news4's tracie potts joins us live with more thismorning. good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, good morning. so 5% starting on june 10th. increasing to a 25% prominent
5:48 am
tax on everything coming across our southern border if mexico doesn't do something about the flow of illegal immigration. the president tweeting at, and then the white house followed up with details this morning. we're getting reaction from mexico's tde negotiators saying it would be disastrous, but they're skeptical the president will actually follow through. he doesn't alwa follow through on his tweets, mexico says. mexico's president sending a asoreign minister to whington to talk about this today. and a democratic committee tweeting overnight, this is assinine, that the preident lacks understanding of both a immigrati basic economics. >> there's also more re tion today to robert mueller's first public remarks after the special counsel report came out. what can you tell us about that> eporter: the big issue with the report, of cose, and his remarks is why he didn't make a decision one way or the other on president trump and obstruction of justice. why he punted to congress.
5:49 am
now we're hearing from his boss attorney genelliam barr saying if robert mueller wanted to he could have made a decision based on the information h had. we'll hear more when barr speaks to our team on the "todayshow later today. >> all right.ra e potts on the hill. thank you. 5:49. could the district of columbiaco actually beme the 51st state? for the first ti in more than 20 years, congress will hold a hearing on that very question. it's still a long way from becoming reality. district leaders gathered at the d.c. war memorial on the national ml yesterday togain make the case for statehood. >> we are not asking for a handout. we are demandlg our fundamenta rights as american citizens. >> the hou b hearing wi july 24th. mayor you bowser urge -- mayor p bowser urgedeople to fill the hearingoom that day. mollet l get to melis with first 4 traffic alerts. >> this rioblem is in fredeck
5:50 am
county. chopper 4 on the way right now. look at what i'm talking about. eastbound 70, shut down at south mountain. all fi this trafc is just stopped. this is because of a ra tractor-tiler fire. now it is a hazmat situation. as you're headed into myersville there in frederick, you're going to encounter this. u're going to want to do something different here this morning because of this closure point. we should be over it in n thet 15 minutes or so. fairfax, eastbound 66, the ramp to southbound 123. ramp still block by a downed tree. not causing too much of a problem surprisingly. inner loop, outer loop of the beltway, looking pretty good right now. travel times in virginia, 66 inbound, 95 northbound, no worries. in maryland, 270 southbound, 65 miles per hour from germantown down to the spur. and the tap of the beltway, outer loop, r 47 miles peur. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. good morning, chuck. good morning. it is indeed a beautiful start to a friday morning. skies have been clearing out.
5:51 am
aand we've got number on our ec ten-day forast in the 50s. even for national airport. suspect day morning, i that we may actually be able to get national airport down below 60 degrees. it's -- what's so big about that? getting below 60 in the warm season at national airport is tough sledding. last year we stayed above 60 at national airport f june 13th to september 26th. three months long. befune that, 10th to september 1st. 2016, june 10th to september 24th. and then '15, june 5th to september 13th. it isa r once you get past about the 5th or 10th of june, it's hard sledding for us to get below 60 degrees. enjoy what may be one of the last few cool mornings coming up. right now, it's all about the comfort. we are in the 60s this morning. more than enough sunshine this afternoon. up to 85 degrees. tiny chance for rain today. southe maryland, toward
5:52 am
fredericksburg. everybody gets a sunny and warm day tomorrow. hit-and-miss showers on sun y before acool snap monday and tuesday. >> all right. thank you very much. new this morning, game one of the nba finals is over, td toronto raptors are celebrating their first win. they beat the reigning nba ha cs, golden state warriors, 118-109. this is the fst time the ramtors have ever been in -- raptors have ever been in the finals. the fifth straight championship run for the warriors. veince george's county native kevin durant traled with the team but did not play.ut he's still o with a calf strain. game two is back in toronto on sunday. this is when the games get >> now's the time. virginia tech is dealing with a major issue, but the school says it's a good problem to have. >> apparently the school has accepted more freshmen in the fall than expected. so they're offering three different enrollment options now. students can take a gap year and get $1,000 scholarship renewable for up to four years. they can wait a year to enroll
5:53 am
at virginia tech while taking a classes at community college, or they can start taking courses at the school in july for free and enroll full tim in the fall or spring. options there. >> yeah. >> when you have too many kidsm cog in. there's a new app that could change the way we feel while driving. hmm. >> it'sal cd road wave and allows drivers communicate by using a bright l.e.d. the sign, you see it in the back of the car, clings to the back -- the back window, that word escaped me, connects to bluetooth and lets the other drivers know wt you're thinking. for example, i'm sorry, or, let me merge. >> not good to put out what i'm thinking whe i'm driving. >> to use your signal, i'll let you merge. otherwise, you're notetting in. the national transportation safety board says 50% of drivers say they honk theho, flash the lights, make rude gestures, or shout.
5:54 am
2% admit to revenge. >> you'll let somebody even if they last minute wait to cut you off andhethey've been in t correct lane? >> as long as you signal. if you don't signal, i will never let you in front. me. forbet it. -- forget about it. there are free r parents over the summer to prevent brain drain. studss have found that stude can lose more than a month ofe acadmic learning over the summer break. microsoft and apple have wh programs ere people can take classes over the summer. google also offerse onlin programs that try to make learning fun for kids. >> experts say parents should also set summer limits for things likes watching video and try to keep a routine for the kids even in summertime. that way when school starts it won't be such a shock to the system.ys >> it alwais, though. >> a little surprising. >> yeah. good morning, i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. delivering packages to your d r doorstep seven days a week? it's to meet the deadlines of
5:55 am
shippers. fedex already deli seven days a week during the holiday season. starting in january, it willn con sunday delivery around the year in most of the country. with your cnbc business report, i'm frank holland. >> thank you. tonight, you could become a mega llionaire. we're only a few hours away from the next big lottery jackpot drawing. the mega millions is estimated to be worth $444 million when the numbers aren draw tonight. luck may be in our area for this one. a ticket worth $2 million was sold earlier w thisek in falls church. i would take any amount of that money. if you plan to buy, wau may to pick up a powerball ticket, as well. that's up to $350 million ahead of the drawing. get your mega millions, your powerball -- >> it's so much. you win the $444 milon, you get $281 million if you take the cash option. >> take the cash -- >> understandingle sam gets still -- uncle sam gets his.
5:56 am
still. >> still. ahead, adeadly virus outbreak at th university of maryland is over. now the governor says the state needs to know more. tails on the demands for an investigation. and mgm made good on a promise to bring hundreds of jobs to prince george's county. now some of those jobs are going away.ab what we know out the layoffs straight ahead.
5:57 am
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more powerful storms rip apart sections of virginia and maryland. today, weather officials hope to learn more from the damage lcht behind. legal troubles for r&b singer r. kelly. he faces additional charges from undera wilson bridge. the tuoils, cap acals -- underage women. the oils, captuals, and more,nthe governme takes a first step in regulating cbd products. fast approaching 6 on this friday morning. good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm yang. we need, the weekend -- i'm eun
6:00 am
yang. will have more on the weekend weather. >> first, melissa mollet is tracking breaking news on i-70. what's going on? >> reporter: mess in frederick county. chopper 4 will beere in a minute. eastbound 70 at south mountain, so as you're he ed into myersville, you can see this closure just around the corner. a tractor-trailer fire and hazmat shutting down all lanes. you can see that slowdown here. when it's copurple, of se, on the maps, that means we're closed not just veye, very dela what kwlyou'll want to do if yoe headed out, take 40 instead. that will get you around this. right now, about a fewer-mile back up. folks are sitting still on i-70. silver spring outer loop before university, left side is blocked by the crash. wheaton, connecticut avenue at veers mill, crash reported there. fairfax, eastbound 66, the ramp to southbound 123 blocked by the


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