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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  May 31, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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yang. will have more on the weekend weather. >> first, melissa mollet is tracking breaking news on i-70. what's going on? >> reporter: mess in frederick county. chopper 4 will beere in a minute. eastbound 70 at south mountain, so as you're he ed into myersville, you can see this closure just around the corner. a tractor-trailer fire and hazmat shutting down all lanes. you can see that slowdown here. when it's copurple, of se, on the maps, that means we're closed not just veye, very dela what kwlyou'll want to do if yoe headed out, take 40 instead. that will get you around this. right now, about a fewer-mile back up. folks are sitting still on i-70. silver spring outer loop before university, left side is blocked by the crash. wheaton, connecticut avenue at veers mill, crash reported there. fairfax, eastbound 66, the ramp to southbound 123 blocked by thd downtree. good morning, chuck.
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good morning. tgif, everybody. much nicer weather for today. lower humidity, lorraine chances. no more 90s for the foreseeable future. that's good news. starting off at 60 in manassas. ur3 in gaithersb 61 in ellicott city. 67 clinton, maryland. your planner then for today, bright sunshine for the entire of the morning. extra cloud cover during the afternoon. highs in the mid 80s. if there's any chances for rain in the viewing area it will be in the southernmost portion of the area, fredericksburg, charlottesville. notice the best chances for showers is in the southernmost half of the news4 nation today. our severe weather chances are nice and low. maybe a lump bell or two -- rumble or two of thunder. more coming up, for now bwsk to the ne >> thanks. back to the powerful storms that ripped through the area yesterday.
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for the second time in a week, a tornado couched down hnard county county. look at theview here. a viewer -- the view here. a viewer sent this of the storm. people said it looked like a wall of white moving across the sky. this was near veterans elementary school. and today the national weather service will be in howard county surveying the damage left by the storm. >> the violent weather left several major roads blocked by downed trees. justin finch with more on the damage. good morning. alking d morning, we're about downed trees, wires. this is roxbury roado in hrd county. this is just some of the damage we're seeing. want to take you to video so yo can seethis. just a series of snapped trees i here the howard county area. the national weather service saying they have seen signs of likely tornado damage in this area afr the storm rolled
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through here yesterday cutting a an five at least more t miles of damage throughout the howard county region. we do have reports of at least one person who was injured in that storm yesterday. no word yet on the extent of those injuries. as we saw, this damage did extendross our area. frederick county, we saw a tree into a house there and know there's more damage like that in frederick, as well as prince george's county, annarundel, nd again across the region, d.c. and virginia, as well. as we come back out here live, you can see that this storm here really did a number on ther largeees here in the howard county area. we know these large trees are usually some of the biggest targets in the storm like this. damage cleanup will take likely some time. we know on top that, too, there are thousands who lost power yesterday,rk wo to restore the power as well as cleanup from the storm that did quite a bit of damage in howard county. back to you. >> all right.
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thank you. just in, pawtuxet elementary school in upper marlboro will be closed because of a water main reak there in prince george's county. now to spotsylvania county where there was a tornado warning yesterday. want to show video of the storm there. you see how dark the clouds were at one point in the afternoon. the national weather service will be out there today to e survey mage, as well, to determine whether a tornado touched down. as a storm blew through, viewers sent us some incredible images. take a look at this. t orm team 4 says this ri here on your screen is a perfect example of a shelf cloud. this was near spotsylvania. like this photographer, many of you were stuck on the oad when the storms rolled through. the pounding rain on the roof and windshield of the car. trees were blocki part of the
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road. the next picture came in from near fredericksburg. more branches, thisime blocking part of i-95. road crews have a lot of cleaning up to do today. overnight in oklahoma, residents were given just two hours to evacuate before floodwaters lled in. water crossedgh over hiy 64 in the city of bixby overnight. state police set up bare cases and told residents -- barricades and told residents who didn't evacuate that dispatching emergency services could be impossible. those who decided to stay would have to stay until the water recedes. now word on when that might happen. look at that scene here. flooding is also a major problem in arkansas where stale and federal officials took an aerial tour along the arkansas river yesterday. there was water as far as the eye could see. look at all that. the governor says the state has never seen floing of this magnitude before. the damage to homes, farmland, and the state's navigation system is costing $23 million a day. coming up, the "today" show will have more on these devastating
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storms hitting the midwest. 6:06 the time right now. when onmgm nati harbor came into town, executives promised hundreds of jobs for local workers. now the company has laid off62 people. a spokssperson says this i part of the companywide downsizing. 557 people were laid off across the country. the company says they're working to streamline operaons heading into 2020. one casinogoer told us to lay people off so soon after mgm national harbor opened is aok promise. >> i think it's disappointing that they made promes to these communities. my -- i moved to d.c. in 2003, and my home city juts opened -- just opened up an mgm last year, and there's already word of layoffs up there, as well. >> the company says the layoffs do not violate the agreement with prince george's county. we're told close o half of those laid off were manogers. floor workers were laid off. happening today, the food and drug administration will hold its first public hearing on
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cannabis and cannabis-derived compoundsalso known ascbds. t's a step toward regulation. thgoal is to gather as much information as possible about the products. the fda wants to know how safe and effective cbds are. hundreds are expected to speak including doctors, farmers, and ople in the cannabis industry. it could be a volatile day for investors afteres dent trump announced a new tariff on all mexican imports starting next months. last night on twitter, he announced the5% tax in anto efforressure mexico to do more to crack down on central american migrants croing into the u.s. predent trump says he'll boost the tariffs until the immigration problem is, quote, remedied. we're already seeing a hit to automakersin the irish -- in th asian markets. the tariff goes into effect june 10th. > the gofundme that raised money for the southern border
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wall is used to builds an actu wall. one mayor is getting deaf threats. it is half a mile long and is being built in sunlands park where new mico, texas, and mexico meet. the mayor says the permits to start building should not have been issued. too much of the wall has been built to s he says he's received death threats since the building started this week. the people handing the -- handing the gofundme page say they will hand over the ar to the border patrol agents once the wall is done. 6:08. d.c. attorney generalrl racine is asking the public to weigh in on whether notorious kingpin rafel edmond should be released early from prison. there will be public forums starting next month. edmond is currently serving a life sentence. authorities say he oversaw a ajor cocaine ring in the ni 80s and is -- 1980s and is link
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to more than two murders. the peopleut whohim aaway say he should have consideration. r. kelly, the grammy-winning artist, faces nearly a dozen new charges ofsu sexual assault and abuse. it's from 2010 and includes one of the p women whoviously charged him. in september he was charged with sexually abusing four women, three of whom were minors. he pleandd not guilty a denies all of the accusations against him. if convicted, he could face up to 30 years in prison. maryland governor larry hogan is putting peasure on the university of -- putting pressure on university of maryland after a student died during a campus outbreak of adenovirus. one student died last november. this is a photo. she attended the college park stcampus. yeday, governor hogan sent a letter to the board of regents demanding an investigation. news4 reached out to the school for reaction, and administrators say the cdc d not confirm the
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specific strain of adenovirus until november 19th. that was 18 days after the siool dovered a student had the virus. maryland said it notified students and parents within 24 hours. that was after the state health department authorized them to do so. this year's measles outbreak has hit a staggering new record. the centers for disease control is reporting 971 confirmed cases of measles in the u.s. this ye. that is the most cases reported in the u.s. since 1992. health officials say there have been fiveed confi cases in maryland, but most of the cases are in new york state. the majority of the patientsre hose who have not been vaccinated. today there will be a golf tournament to honor jordan mcnair. he's the uiversity of maryland football player who died from heat exhaustion last year. after his death, his parents established a foundation to reduce occurrences of heatstroke and he related illnesses in student athletes. today's golf tournament will
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raise money for the foundation's scholarship fund. it's at the turf valley golfr cou in ellicott city. one of the best places to take pictures in d.c. might not be around much longer. find out why experts say the tidal basin is endangered. the weekend fun has alreadyi started some towns. after the break, a rundown on all the fun happenings around our area. and good morning, everybody. rain chances are nic and low. maybe a few showers down toward fredericksburg later today. ost of your weekend, especially tomorrow, looksy. sunday could be a little on the showery side. then a nice little stretch of cooler-than-eragweather next cooler-than-eragweather next
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welcome back at 6:13. a book fest and hoop fest. two big events there weekend. >> tommy mcfly joins us live witerfun for evne. tommy mcfly in the studio. regi >> reporter looking good. >> good weather, too. >> reporter: there's plenty going on this weekend. tomorrow, in congress heights, the opening day for the mystics. the first season at the enterreinment and sports aa. look for a free basketball block party for everyone. food, pris, music, on-court activiti, and some autographs from the former mystics players. that entertainment and sports arena is beautiful. >> it is. >> report: awesome. right in the middle of st. elizabeth's campus. >> hopefully a good turnout. free food, too. that.porter: i love in virginia through sunday the herndon festival. this year, brand-new election. the mayor told news4 the festivities are going to be moved to spring street right in the heart of town at the northwest federal credit union parking lot. it's a new location, more room for carnival rides like that and
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more fun. and the new spot also means no hills which is important. so it's big for your family, more than 50nt eertainers including the headliner, vertical horizon, sunday night. >> trying to rmember what they sang. ♪ she's everything you want i'm not the singer. >> good singing -- ♪ everything that you wish that you could be♪ >> i can hear it. >> reporter: then the "books in bloom." the hain eer -- headliner talki about his work and dozens ofth other s from politics to music, fiction, nonfiction. -got a robust lineup, and there's going to be a beer and w rose gardenhich is nice and a pup bus store from bus boys and -- >> did you say rose? >> rose all day. >> and kwame enrache who won the james beard award for rising chef is going too.e there, to >> reporter: he's a remarkable man. incredible. >> out with a new book and all kinds of fun headliners.
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>> reporter: free fun sunday. >> lots of options. >> thanks. >> caller: you got it. i'm heading over a starting 7:00 a.m. >> we'll be listening. > thank you. in october of 2002, the d.c. sniper case caused terror throughout the streets. now the t case iso be the subject of a show in northwest washington. the show is called "forest triage." the creators say it's meant to show how the information age impacts a community in crisis. the show s arts todaynd runs through june. it'so h to the mlk, jefferson, and sdr memorials, also a prime viewing spot for the cherry blossoms. we're talking about the tidal basin in d.c. according to wtop, it's now on the list of most-endangered historic places. mainly because of the crumbling sea wall, frequent flooding, and overcrowding. the national trust for historic preserva ton joined national parks service earlier this year in a campaign to save the tidal
6:17 am
basin. we're told nearly 0 million is needed for repairs. the national parks service has begunni drai the lincoln memorial reflecting pool. crews are repairing a broken water line that's affected the water quality of the pool this spring. the lincoln memorial reflecting pool should be operational again by the week of june 16th. it will take around five to six days to fully drain the reflecting pool, then repairs and cleaning are expected to last a week. june is lgbt pride month. the capital pride alliance in d.c. announced grand marshals for next weekend's parade. they'll include a local transgender activist, ma easton, the byu valedictorian who came out during his graduation speech, brandon wolf, a surviv of the orlando nightclub , shootingd cast members from "pose" that's become popular. the parade is next saturday afternoon, starts at 4:30 from dupont circle to 14th street. nbc 4 is a proud sponsor of
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capital pride events. >> have our own bus. right. an nbc 4/telemundo 44 bus. >> awesome. melissa mollet? >> good morning. right now, first 4 traffic alert. chopper 4 is over this problem. we're talking about myersville. so as you're headed eastbound oa i-70fter the south mountain rest area. this is what you're going to tcounter. fort reason, you're going to want to take a different route. chopper 4 showing you only getting by in the left lane right now. in those eastbound lanes, four-mile back up because of this tractor-trailer fire. let's take a look at the math here. you can see howh delayed tgs are right now. what you're going to want to do is te 40 instead as your alternate, even if youine lesoon. that one lane still going to take a long time to catch up. connecticut avenue at veirs mill road. a crash on the left side of the screen. we have part of the intersection blocked now. silver spring before university boulevard, left side is blocked by an accident. rest of thebeltway, inner loop and outer loop, looking just fine. good morning, chuck bell.
6:19 am
nice day out there today. >> it is nice out there -- >> very nice. so much prettier than -- >> felt different as soon as i stepped out the door. >> less humid weather for today. that's good news. e we haveen cooler weather set to arrive on sunday main the form of shower chances. but delightfully cooler thanag avere weather monday and tuesday. hn f tt,uesday morning, national airport be able to drop below 60 egrees. that doesn't happen very much of this time the year. last year, national airport hsayed 60 or higher for more than three mont june 13th to september 26th, all above 60. that's about the average from around the 10th of june into the month of september, we rarely if ever get below 60 degrees. enjoy it on monday and tuesday morning as we get cool air in here for a change. 67 now with sun shing in washington. 57 in eswinchr. 63 gaithersburg. 70 ther in annapolis.
6:20 am
the planner for todeny, oy it, everybody. mostly sunny and warm. there will be a tiny rain chance today. south of the d.c. metro area. if you're living or traveling the northern neck, southern maryland, toward fredericksburg, cu purpose, charlottesville, higher -- calchigher chan in th day mainly in the afternoon. lintsing at a shower -- hinting at a shower chance toward fredericksburg. maybe a rumble or two south of fredericksburg today. everything dries out overnight tomorrow, mostly sunny, plenty warm for tomorrow. and rain free for all the daylight hours tomorrow. there will be another reinforci shot of cool air hat arrives late saturday evening. so 11:00 saturday night, maybe a tiny chance as another yet cold front settles through here. that leaves us in the cool zone for sunday, monday, and tuesday. so 85 today. 87 tomorrow. only around 80 degrees on sunday with some showery weather,
6:21 am
especially int the afternoon. look at that -- monday and tuesday, high temperatures in the 70s. again, tu esday,en national airport might be below 60 degrees. >> wow. >> all right. thank you. 6:21. the value of is dollar turningi nto a valuable math lesson for students in prince george's county. after the break, see how their special project is
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- you're heading to moose creek for aunt trudy's 97th birthday party.
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welcome back at 6:24. most parents want to teach kids the value of hard work an especially the value of a dollar. >> there's a prince george's county school -- school in heprince george's county we a new playground is helping teach kids about both. it's team for math at st. ambrose school in prince george's county. and if you're thinking there's no way this is a math class, think again. st. ambrose needs a new playground, and students needed to see how math plays a role in everyday life. the principal and teachers put the two together and came up with a challenging idea. >> we asked the to design and build and do fund-raising to install a new playground. >> what are some of the roblems we curtly have? how do we solve those problems? all those things that math is involved in. >> 30.5. at least --
6:25 am
>> reporter: the students were placed in groups of four to six people and were assigned a parent the proposalo include different areas of learning, they surveyed students about what they wanted, they researched federal requirements for handicapped equipment. this wasn't just thinking outside the boxthe students d to figure out how much the plan would cost, too. and finally, the powerpoint presentation to students and faculty. >> we are excited about the newe equipment ribed on slide four in this presentation. >> a lot of thought went into our playground design. we had to ensure that each piece of equipment will fit within the property area. >> we pledge to provide a playground that provides age-appropriate equipment by color zones. f >> we haved-raising activities that we can use to host the necessary dollars for our plan. >> just like the teachers hoped, this project brought students and teachergether from all disciplines. >> 23 -- >> reporter: this creative math lesson turned into saluable life lesson these kids won't soon forget. >> i learned that we have to work together as a team. >> it takes more work and like
6:26 am
hard work to put effort in it to make it look better than like what it is now. >> you get the math lesson. the benefit of the playground for the kids. then really great life lessons, too. go for them. >> they're impressive. >> yeah. paying for the playground is another parent part. students estimate they'll need about $35,000. >> and now kids are working on a funding campaign to pay that bill. they're hoping the community will help them out. i think they're going to get a lot of support. >> hopefu>>y. > 6:26 now. new this morning, a surprise twist at the national spelling bee. why several states ended up ing crowned champion overnight. and do you have a message before the driver behind you? the new device lets you share what's on your mind while on the road. chuck? >> get off my bumper. i just ed to know what the character limit s. i got a lot to say.
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6:30. we want to get right to breaking ws as you start your friday. chopper 4 is live over the scene of a first 4 traffic alert happening ght now in maryland. >> melissa mollet is here to help you get around it. then we'll check in with chuck on more with the weekend we ather. melissa, what's going on? big problem in frederick county. you mentioned, we're talking about myersville this morning. chopper 4 is over the scene. showing you some of these delays, at this point you're only getting by on the left side. this is eastbound 70he after t south mountain rest area. as you're headed into myersville. tractor-trailer fire, hazmat clean up in and a five-mile back we have a ma problem on the road. we have more from chopper 4, showing what's going on
6:31 am
hi, brad. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. this is a big problem, and as , we an see from this sh have a serious issue with this p tractor-trailer. they can't drag it out, it's burned to the frame. they'll have to spend time scraping this off the pavement including the fuel u spill. e the two blue tanks that they're pumping that into. they are letting traffic by on the left side. route 40 is guring to be yo option to get around this five-plus-mile delay. you can get on there east of funkstown. it is starting to get delayed there, too, but you'll have better timegetting through there. back to you. >> thank you. some other problems, as well. wheaton area, connecticut avenue at veirs mill road, still have part o the intersection blocked from an earlier crash there. springfieldnew crash on the inner loop after braddock road. the left lane is blocked. the rest of the beltway looks good. a new issue in virginia. vienna, eastbound 66 after nutley, disabled vehicle there bloc good morning, chuck bell. a good morning to you.
6:32 am
tgif, mebessa. a tiful morning in the washington area. bright sunshine now going straight from abe lincoln's eye on the west end of the reflecting pool. your commuter forecast for your friday, no weather worries at all this morning. most ars arein the 60s. up around 80 degrees at noontime. low to mid 80s for highs today. there will be a little bit mo cloud cover later in the day. there's a tiny chance for a few showers down toward fredericksburg, the northern neck,e culpep charlottesville, most of the d.c. area, and points north will be dry today. again, starting off mostly in the 60s on your way out the door this morning. what do you need to know? fantastic for your friday. sunny and warm tomorrow. we'll talk more abo that sunday rain chance and the cool they're arrives monday coming up. >> all right. tha you. 6:32. today hee national we service will be in howard county surveying the damage left by a tornado. it touched down around 3:22 yesterday afternoon. >> you can already see the path of destruction it took from these images from chopper 4 over
6:33 am
maryland. those trees were chopped in half by the power o the storm. in other areas, many streets a several major roads blocked by downed trees. this is the second tornado in the county in a week. news4's justin finch will have more on the damage coming up at 6:45. it's 6:33. many of are you heading out the door. if you travel on any part of river road, you may want to wait a moment. >> there's an emergency road closure that will take you off your regular route. megan mcgra. is live for us we finally got an eye o exactly what's causing the problem here, megan. >> reporter: yeah. we've been able to change our location to show you the trouble spot. take a look behind me. there it is. a very large sinkhole right smack dab in the middle of river road. river road is closed in both directions here in potomac between long acres preserve court and essworthy road. now we are hearing from maryland department of transportation that the repairs to get this
6:34 am
fixed, it could go through the weekend here. this is not a short-term problem. people e having to detour through the area. about 3,500 motorists use this stretch. river road every day. they're going to be detoured on to seneca road. that is the work-around. you'll definitely want to give yourself extra time here. but a major sinkhole. it's probab about ten-feet deep or so. we also have, it looks like, some kindatf a w pipe over there, a drainage pipe there that has been cracked. maybe that has something to do withon the reas this hole opened up. river road, this stretch, closed in both directions. that's going to be the case for a while. back to you. >> thank you. now to a murder miystery in spotsylvania county. we expect to learn more about how two adults and a 14-year-old died. the family of three was found murdered inside a spotsylvania d home wedneay morning. the victims have been identified as 34-year-old michael coleman,
6:35 am
his girlfriend, 34-year-old rangle osuna, and her 14-year-old son. friends of the 14-year-old victim have been sharing their memories on social media. 'd just graduated from eighth ur grade at thor middle school. >> i wasn't that close to him, but i would seen him in the hallways -- heidn't deserve that. and it's just -- >> a toddler and infant walre found inside the home unharmed. flow word on a possible suspect -- no word on a poss in this case. major changes coming to one ofo the most dangerus roadways in the region. starting tomorrow there will be dry roving cameras in the county. more than 60 people have died on 210. the roving spd cameras wi roam and change locations along the road. the cameras a first of their kind in the state. they were made possible through
6:36 am
legislation. b-o-u-g-a-i-n-v-i-l-l-e, bougainville. >> are you correct -- chie [ cheers ] >> new, a spelling champion. that was the final word f the maryland student who won. sohum sukhatankar is the first winner from maryland. that's not the only bigews out of the spelling bee. >> odd. turns out sukhat was not the only winner. he will share with seven co-champions after the unprecedented decision by organizers. they decided that anyone who survived round 20 would be declared a winner because they wererunning out of words apparentlyth >> how can ey run out of words? isn't that their job to have plenty of words? >> eight students were successful. you can see the. ther they will each receive $40,000. each spelled 47 words correctly.
6:37 am
>> these are a few of the words that were spelled correctly. i don' recognize a single word. >> use those all the time. >> -- geldicup -- >> duyunacome. wow, he's a eighth grader at clarksville impressive, congratulations to him and all the winners. what happens next year if try out of -- >> hopefully they won't have this problem next year. now they know it's possible. 6:37. tonight u could become a mega millionaire. we're only a few hours away from the next big lottery jackpot draweg. >> the m millions worth $444 million when the numbers are drawn tonight. and luck may be in the air for our area. there was a ticket worth $2 million that was sold earlier in falls church. >> if you plan to buy, youay ant to pick it up. a powerball ticket, that jackpot
6:38 am
up to $350 million ahead of tomorrow's drawing. i plan to win both and call it a day. >> okay. so don't expect to see you on monday? >>right. right. if only. >> right. all right. 6:38. coming up, an interesting offer from virginia tech. why the school's offering new students tuition cuts before they even step on to campus > plus, have a message for other drivers? well, now you can let them know exactly what you think. a new technology that's letting a new technology that's letting u express yourself beyohi - um, i think one of your friends is here. - oh, well, what does he look like? - [mother] orange and grouchy. - (ling) that's student loan monster. remember when i told you if you didn't save for college, other monsters would show up? - wait, so he's living here now? - she graduates and moves back home, he follows.
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>> reporter:th for nearly e decades some young people with disabilities have benefited from a program called key. therganization provides exercise classes and at the beginning volunteer karen migdale thought she'd help out for a little while. 27 years later, she's still there. her fellow volunteers nominated
6:41 am
her to be a harris' hero because of her deep personal dedication to thes. athle through her work she's transformed the way people see kids with disabilities and how the kids see themselves. >> they're athlet. this is a moment where they get to shine as athletes. some of the kids and young adults participate in challenger and in special olympics. we have athletes in this program, young kids in this program, who may never get that chance. so this is their moment to be athletes just like anybody else. >> reporter: you really don't want to miss her story. it's coming u tonight on news4 at 5:00 p.m. see you then. there's a new app that could change the way we feel while we're driving. >> it's called road wave. it allows drivers to communicate by using a bright l.e.d. sign. you see it there. it clings on to the back window. connects to bluetooth, and it will let the other drivers know how you're feeling, what you'ren
6:42 am
think for example, it can say i'm sorry, as you sawthere, or let me merge. >> is that the tone we take? >> let me merge. like something like that. the national transportation safeterboard says 50% of drivs say they honk the horn, flash the flights, make rude ges res, orshout. 2% admit to revenge, as well. >> so you think there is going to reduce road rage? >> no. just gives you another avenue. >> right. >> i'm one of those people. i get a little upset. >> me, too. here's your morning businesr rep >> good morning, i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. fedex will begin delivering seven days a week. it already delivers seven ds a week during the holiday season. starting in january, it will continue sunday delivery around the year in most of the country. with your morning busess report, i'm frank holland. right now, first 4 traffic
6:43 am
alert inederick county. myersville, tractor-trailer fire means a fe-mile back up for folks headed through frederick county. compare comcast business to your current provider.
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6:45. t. are still tracking a first 4 traffic aler a tractor-trailer fire issi ca severe backups on interstate 70 eastbound. this is in myersville. the traffic sketches for miles. we've seen coverage from melissa mollet and chopper 4, more coming up in a w minutes.
6:46 am
president trump says new ll tariffs on aexican goods will kick in next month. 5% t night he announced the tax in an effort to pressure mexico to do more to crack down on central american migrants crossing into the u.s. the president says he will boost the tariffs up to 25%ntil the immigration problem is, quote, remedied. the tariffs set to begin on june 10th. in and this morn there is new fallout from former special counsel robert mueller breaking his silence about the investigation. >> kristen welker is live with more. >> reporter: good friday morning. upe day after robert mueller suggested it's to congress to determine if the president engaged in any wrongdoing, attorney general william barr has now offered hiss first reactiohto mueller -- first reaction to mueller's statement heying that mueller could have reached a decision as to criminal activity. this as president trump calls mueller a conflicted person and
6:47 am
a true neverpe trumr. all it as democrats ramp up their calls for an impeachment inquiry. by nbc's counts, people say it's time to start the inquiry. hat includes 11 members of the house judiciary committee. that's, of course, where any impeachment process would begin. one republican, michigan's justin amash. the house speaker making it clear she's not ready to take that step yet. she sat down with jimmy kimmel overnight saying if the democrats go down that path, they need to be we'll have all of that and more coming up on "today." back to you. >> all right. reporting from the white house, seeou in a few minutes. than's. it 6:47. happeni ining todd, toitd -- happening todd therewill be reviews of cannabis and cannabis compounds such as cbd. the goal is to gather as much information as possible about the products. the fda wants to know how safe and effective cbds are.le hundreds of pere expected
6:48 am
to speak including doctors, farmers, and people in the cannabis industry. could the district of columbia actually become the 51st state? for the first timemo in than 20 years, congress will hold a hearing on that very question. it is still a long way from becoming a reality. at thet leaders gathered d.c. war memorial on the national mall yesterday on again make the case for statehood. >> we are not asking for a handout. we are demanding our fundamental rights as american citizens. >> the house hearing will be on july 24th. mayor bowser is urging d.c. residents to fill the hearing room that day. > take a look at this cell phone video. it's showing the hail, wind,and rain that swept across manassase sterday. the person who recorded the mevideo says of t hailwas the size of gumballs. >> and this nexte pict is from
6:49 am
spotsylvania county. it appears to show a funnel cloud forming off i the distance there. the national weather service will head there today to survey damage to see if a tornado did actually touch down. ne thing for sure, though, there will be a lot of storm cleanup happening across our region today. now let's complex in with news4's justin finch in howard county. t> he's showing some o damage left behind by yesterday's tornado there. justin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're here off roxbury road here in glen ellen. you see behind here, the mess you're talking about, very real off this street here. we're talking about lots of tall trees, taking down wires with them. debris in the roadway. and quite a bit to clean up. want to take you to viewer video sent in.h its the scary sight that many began to see as the storm moved rough about 3:00 or so yesterday afternoon. now this morning we can tell you the national weather service will be out here on the screen toassess the dage.
6:50 am
they are saying it does appear a tornado did come through at least parts of howard county yesterday, cutting a path of more than five miles of damage this time. they're saying at least. in our trip, we have seen lots of downed trees, downed wires, and lots of damage to clean up here, as well. across the region, we've seen lots of trees into homes. like this tree in frederick county that went through a homee aw similar scenes in prgnce geoe's county, as well says all hands county. lots of storm-related cleanup to get through today. also, lots of power lost in that storm erday, too. thousands said last night they were without power. crews will be out to restore power and get them back to no al. as we come back live, in the sunlight, you can see all the tall trees that once sat there have been snapped. they're on the ground. neighbor m here can'te around at this time. wires blocking their address, blocking the street, as well. when you think about what could have been in all of this,
6:51 am
luckily at there point there's only one person injured in this storm yesterday here in howard county. we'll learn more today about the damage and what's next. back to you. >> justin finch, thank you. we're going to check in chuck for more on the forecast in a second. llfirst, bag to melissa moet for more on the first 4 traffic alert. traffic alert. frederick counties. take a look -- frederick county. take a look, chopper over the issue on the right side of the road. talking about this tractor-trailer fete. you are gting by just on the left. it's a five-mile back up. eastbound 70 as you approach myersvile after the south mountain rest area. big problem there, but this has been overor quite a while. brad, what's the best way around it? >> reporter: it's going to be a tough cleanup here. i'll tell you why -here two things to worry about. the first is diesel fuel you see in the center of the screen with the blue tanks. terror trying to get rid of that before they-- they're trying to get rid of that before they get the tractor-trailer out of the
6:52 am
way. the cab melted to the ground there. right now route 40 is a viable option. i'm seeing lighter volume actually on alternate route 40, old national pike into boonsboro. that might actually become a better option for you as we've got an over six-mile delay at this point. melissa? >> all right. thank you. a big mess for a lot of team. connecticut avenue, veirs mill road, that has finally cleared. had that earlier crash. inner loop after bleddock. lane is blocked. vienna, eastbound 66 after nutley, disabled vehicle blocking one laneas we zoom in a little, 395 southbound at glebe, middle of the road blocked by a disabled vehicle there. travel times in virginia, 66 inbound is slow. 27 miles per hour, 95 north 62 miles per hou 270 looksgood. tap of the beltway 30 miles per hour. remember to listen tohe wtop w you hop in the car. good morning, chuck. good morning, final day of may is here. d as we get into early june, we may have one final chance for
6:53 am
national airport to get below60 degrees before we go in to the thick of summertime around herea last y we stayed above 60 between june 13th and september 2 6thre than three solid months without getting below 60. i bring this up because i think tuesday morning may be our last chance to bget below 60. theooler suburbs can get down there during the middle of the summer but rarely. 67 now in washington. about 59 in winchester.n 64 ifredericksburg. 61 in columbia, maryland, where they're cleaning up today. bright sunshine today. the noon highs will be in low to mid 80s. but way less humid. so a much better day today. gardening forecast, for the , weekendmorrow, probably the better day. plenty of sunshine and warm. a little higher chance for some rain showers and a bit cooler coming up on your sunday forecast. also from our friends at merifield gardens, you can plant things that the hummingbirds
6:54 am
like. any rainhances today? yes, but cfined down to the south of washington. so southern maryland, the northern neck, south of fredericksburg. there might be a stray shower later on in the day today. futureeather sort of hints at that after 2:00 or 3:00. again, this is not a guarantee, but again, a passing shower or two, south of washington. our friendand neighbors there in northern maryland, no rain for you today., tomorrowy all day. any rain chance tomorrow comes in after 10:00 at night. so your saturday plans will be dry. sunday, hit-and-miss rain chance at any time. more cool air arrives for mondas and tuy. and there you see it. 58 tuesday morning. below 60 in june. don't get used to that. >> thank you, chuck. new this morning, game one obathe n finals is over, and the toronto raptors are celebrating their first win. lot of people didn't think this would be the end of the game. they beat the reigning champs golden state warriors 118-109.
6:55 am
this is t first time raptors have ever been in the finals. it's the fifth straight champnship run for the warriors. prince george's county native kevin durant traveled with the te but did notplay. he's still out with the calf strain. game two is back in toronto on sunday. let's see how drake responds to all of this -- >> the win, right? >> vah. ginia tech is dealing with a major issue. what the school says good problem to have. >> apparently they've accepted more freshman in the fall than expected, so they're offering three enrollment students can take a gap year and get a $1,000 scholarship renewable up to fo years, they can wait a year while taking classes at a communities college, or they can start ur taking cos at the school in july for free and enroll full ime in the fall or spring. it's now 6:5 here are 4 things to know -- a maryland eighth grader is amng eight winners at the scripps natial spelling bee. the students are sharing the title after each survived 20
6:56 am
rounds of lelling. ook out for the co-champiors later on "today." tonight's mega millions million.worth $444 the chance of winning is one in 302million. but a ma millions ticket worth $2 million was sold earlier in week in falls chch you never know, right? good luck. >> that's right. today we expect to learn more about a family found dead in a spotsylvania county ho earlier this week. the victims have been identified as 39-year-old michael coleman, his girlfriend, rachel ozuna, and her 14-year-old on, cairus. no word on a possible suspect in this case. emergency roadwork undery along river ride in montgomery county. drivers -- river road in montgomery county. a drivers being detoured to essworthy and seneca road. the closure and detour will likely be in place in next week. . first 4 traffic alert. we're talking about eastbound 7
6:57 am
au're approaching the south mountain rest area, myersville. again, we are shut down. chopper 4 showingli the ear tractor-trailer fire, a five-mile back up. take 40 or alternate 40 instead. cluck? >> if you're beach -- chuck? if you're beach-bounds, great weather for today, tomorrow, showery. statement around the washington area. showery on sunday. no real washouts. >> very niceweekend >> thank you, charles. that is the news for today, we appreciatu waking up with us. >> the "today" show is ♪
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good morning. breaking overnight. crisis point. multiple levees in danger of failing across the midwest and south today. new evacuations underway with rivers cresting at historic levels. zone.ons in the danger we're live with the latest. h standinger ground. the new comments overnight from house speaker nancy pelosire sting the pressure from fellow democrats to impeach. >> i probably have a better idea as to what the president has to be held accountable for than anyone. >> at the white house, the president unloads. >> t me it's dirty word. the word impeach. it's a dirty, filthy, disgusting


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