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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  June 3, 2019 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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service set up to help impacted commuters. what you need to know before you head out for work. and feel happier and more fulfilled in just 21 days. how one local woman pulled it off and is now inspiring others to do the same. it is 4:00 a.m., good morng, everyone, i'maron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. it's monday, so the whole 21-day -- might have wait until after today. >> got you. let's begin with a check on the forecast andcommute. melissa mollet is standing by with your first 4 traffic. >> we'll start with storm team meteorologist chuck bell. a cool morning. >> cool this morning. it will be by june standards nol chilly/almost by this time tomorrow morning. check out the numbers -- 61 now in washington. 68 in annapolis. upper 50s in prince george's county. there are scattered 40s in parts of the shenandoah valley mountains of west virginia early this morning. by this time tomorrow morning,
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most of these numbers will be about ten degrees colder than gthis. that'sng to feel good. for toy, though, plenty of sunshine. if you're looking for something toomplain about, it will be a little breezy atme ti but daytime highs even with fuly sunshine toda running about ten degrees cooler than average. norndwest winds up arou 15 to 25 miles per hour. so sunny, breezy, and a lovely day to be outside. we'll talk aboute tuesday chill and the mdweek rain chances coming up. >> sounds good. thank you. taking a look now at the beltway, inner op, outer loop, a little roadwork.'s nothing thoing to slow you down too much.u that, of coe, is good. 66 inbound, fairfax county parkway to the beltway, 56 miles per hour gets threw in ten minutes. no problems there on 66. outbound is also looking quite good at this point at least. 95 northbound and southbound, clear. same situation through prince george's county into town and
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out of town. wow. can you hear that? look at the hail falling here. sounds like many of you heard this yesterday afternoon. storms rolled across the region. no doubt disrupting some sunday afternoon plans. this video was shot in northwesn washgton. he area hit especially hard by the weat the storms didn't only bring hail but lightning, too. one personas struck by lightning at a picnic pavillion at the state park south of woodbridge. four others were hit by debris, too. all of the victims were taking shelter when the storm started. in bethesda, strong wind, heavy rain and hail knocked down trees and power lines. a tree ll on to a house at jamestown road at earlston road after a girl's birthday party. >> we heard all the noise, the hail. t we went out and look at it. >> it was like hailing a lot. when youts looked oue, it was all just white because of the
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rdil. you just hea loud thunders and winds. i was really scared at that moment. >> nobody was hurt, and just down the road a huge pine tree fell on to a neighbor's yard. no doubt many residents will spend part of the day clearing debris. have additional pictures and video of the storm damage in the nbc washington app. turning now to a community in mourning. this morning people in virginia beach will return to work for the first time since friday's mass shooting at a government office. 12 people were killed. de wayne craddock e-mailed a resignation letter hours before the shooting. around 4:00 a.m. he went in armed with two pistols.ut for he carried out a shooting rampage before he was shot and killed by police. kristi doer rvived. she said a male co-worker told her to hide inside an offe and barricade the door.
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>> it was not too lock after at dewayne tried to come in. he fired four shots, and i looked up, and two of the shots lmost come through the cabinsa. >> police there is no indication that craddock targetedny aone specifically. flags will fly at half staff in virginia all week to honor the victims. stay with news4 and the nbc washingtoapp for continuing coverage on the virginia beach shootingor coming up, m on how the shooting is renewing calls for stricter gun laws. it's 4:05. today the family of a local couple found dead in the dominican republic ho out when their bodies will be brought back home. >> cynthia day and nathaniel holmes are from princenteorge's cou they were staying at a resort when they were found dead last thursday. family members told news4 the autopsies have been complete, but dominican authorities are still not saying how they died. the family wants answers.
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>> it just hurts. i'ller n see my son again. >> the couple was engaged. their bodies were found the day they were set to fly back home. today we're hoping to learn more about a weekendo he fire in southeast washington that left 11 people without a place this happened last night on nicholson street. everyone managed to m e itout safely. the red cross is helping the people who were impacted. this morning, investigators are still trying to figure out what caused a fire inside a maryland home. this happened saturday on 75th avenue. a mother ander two children were asleep inside when the fire started. all three escaped unharmed. happening today, metro is trying somethin new at the huntington station after a rough eirst week for the summer shutdown on thlue and yellow lines. last week riders had to deal with long waits and crowded conditions on the huntington-pentagon express shuttle. there was only one bus to circle around the huntington station.
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the bus was often filled to capaceay before it red the other side of the station. now buses will leave from both sides of the huntington station and head direcfoy the pentagon station. ring the -- buses will run during peak service, and metro does hope this will reduce travel time and crowding. president trump and the first lady just arrived in the u.k. under heavy security. thousands protested during the president's last visit to london. and more protests are expected today. this is both a ceremonial and official visit for the president. you see them leavng d.c. earlier yesterday. on the agenda, a visit withel queen abeth, tea with prince charles, a banquet at buckingham palace, and finally a meeting wh the outgoing prime minister theresa may. like his last visit to the u.k., the president is expected to be greeted by the infamous baby trump balloon. >> the idea is to hit him where it hurts which is his ego, self-image. like any bully, he hasr fagile
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ego that needs maintaini at all times. >> there's a chance the president may never see the protester. the president and his family are expected to travel well outside the ondemonstratis. he's also expected to attendr ceonies marking the 75th anniversary of d-day. one of president trump's top aides is now defending a controversial action while the president was in japan last hiweek. the w house ordered the u.s. navy to keep the ship the "ussh jo s. mccain" hidden while the president was there. yesterday the acting chief of staff mick mulvaney told chuck todtit was no unreasonable to have the ship blocked from view. >> the fact that some 23 or 24-year-old person on the advance team went to site and said, my goodness, there's the "john mccain," we all know how he feels about the senator, maybe that's not the best backdrop, can somebody look into moving it -- that's not a serious thing to -->> seriously? >> they are hoping to avo
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oblems like this in the future. now w turn to the president's campaign trail where some are questioning the safety of the candidates. a an at campaign forum in california, a m rushed on the stage during a panel discussion wi democratic senator kamala harris. the man snapped the microphone d.out of her han he was quickly restrained and dragged off the stage by harris' husband andrseveral men. security experts say while it's not uncommon for protesters to u interpt presidential campaign events, it is rare for them to come this close to the candidates. >> it's an aggressive campaign season. mthere are individuals w be upset with candidates, and they may cooseto act out upon those concerns through some type of an aggressive act. >> it's too early in the campaign at this point for the candidates to have secret service protection. security is left up to the organizers.d event over the weekend, maryland
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governor larry hogan announced he would not challenge president trump for the republicon nominatiin 2020. in a statement he says, quote, i truly appreciate all the encouragement i received from people around the nation urging me to consider making a run for president in 2020. however, i will not a be candidate. hogan saysushe will fo on his second term as governor. he also says he will lead a national conversation about where t nation needs to be he aded. new detai this morning from that hiker in hawaii who spent w more than twoeeks lost in the woods. maryland native a eandaller is apologizing and admitting that she was irresponsible. sin a video tement, eller says she should have taken her cell phone and water on her hike in the maui jungle. she wasst lo for 17 days. the yoga teacher says she fell into a b ravineetween two waterfalls and became stuck. >> that day i never intended to go on any kind of spiritual ur joney, spiritual experience. it was simply just a hike
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through the woods. i am in awe and gratitude for all of the support that i received. >> eller suffered a fractured leg, severe sunburn, and a skin infectio now to an htunwelcome si for some beach-goers in north carolina. >> an alligator was spotted walking through the ocean water on north topsail beach saturday. yep. never going back. the visitors watched as the reptilelounged in the sand and surf. the beach igators o is rare but not unheard of. wildlife fashlofficials say alligators prefer fresh water over salted water. i've never seen one on the beach. keep your distance if you come across an alligator at the beach. no need t remind me of that -- or anywhere else for that matter. stay away. >> yeah. happy summer, folks. good luck to you. >> i know. tr y, i've i don't see alligators at the beach. first -- it's a shark, now we
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have to worryabout will alligators? i'm still going to the beach this summer. you know how i feel about the beach. my happy place. >> been niceknowing you. ahead, an nba legend surprises a high school gradua>ng class. >> plus, starting a family can be a stressful time especially ngr couples payi for visits to fertility doctors. why some employers are now shelling out the cash to help pay for treatments. chuck? all odight. go morning. don't worry, just have somebody chum the waters at the next beach down the coastor you. offshore orms rolling this morning. we're going to be sitting in er sunshine ln today. i've got the work and school week forecast comi up. ng
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r cheers ]
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how's that fo graduation surprise? hear the cheering? retired miami heat legend dwyane wade gave the commencement address at marjorie stoneman douglas high school yesterday. his connection to the school is root in --rooted in tragedy. one of the 17 victims in the massacre was a huge fa and was buried in wade's jersey. during his speech, wade talked a wut his visitith students shortly after that tragedy. he spent hours at the school giving an impromptu pep talk in t cafeteria. that school and community has seen a lot of sadness. supnice to be fted by something toward the end of their year, right? >> for him to return that way. absolutely. some of the biggest companies in t country are offering benefits that literally build a lyfamily-friend work environment. >> companies are offering fertility benefits to employees. aying out of pocket for services like in vitro fertilizatio it can cost tens of thousands of
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dollars. the company carrot is helping cover the costs. >> more than 70% of men and women say that they would coider switching jobs in order to access the fertility benefit. >> carrot hopes that even morec mpanies will join others in giving new meaning to a y-friendly workplace. the cbd trend may be heading into new territory. ben & jerry's wants to bring cbd-infused ice cream to grocery store aisles near you but only if it's legalized on a federal level. currently the fda bans adding cbd to food and drinks. last week the department ld its first public hearing as a step to possibly legalize those products. a decision isn't excting for quite some time. icecream and cbd and -- that combination? wow. >> little gar, little something extra. ts morning, people parts of the country are dealing
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with some major flooding. >> this after heavy rain, stroni nds, and tornadoes. in parts of iowa,ri bar holding back the mississippi river failed, flooding downtown burlington. nce the barrier broke, water flooded the streets in about 20 minutes. some business owners say the hire people to pump out nearly four feet of water from the basement. the city is in the process of building a new floodwall. in missouri, two levees broke flooding nearby houses, farms, and businesses. now u.s. 24 remains closed. saturday crews rescued people by boat. no injuries have been reported. >> in arkansas, another levee broke in the county near the arkansas river. floodwaters tore a fo40- hole in the levee. the rising water is threatening e 800 homes in that area. look at all that water. my goness. meanwhile here -- >> yeah -- >> listen, i had -- i know it
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probably wasn't the smartest ad thing, i ho go outside and see the hail for myself. i couldn't remember the last time -- >> you walked out into it? >> a little bit, yeah.le i had to colt it. i had to see it, yes. >> i wasn't worried about the hail, they weren't big enough to inrt you. but the lightn flashes -- >> i saw the lightning and ran inside -- >> don't do what e did. terrible letson here -- letton here -- >> pea to dime-sized hail. >> my kid was like, it's june, right? he was trying to thk, what is science behind that? >> it's frozen raindrops. >> but in june? >> way up high -- >> even on a day like today if you are flying across the country, it will be below zero where the planes fly. >> how about today's forecast? wieah. >> it ll not be 50 below, how about that? we will have a realurge of canadian summer. getsoeady for me beautiful weather today, night, and tomorrow. 61, very comfortable outside here on a monday morning. m noth of a breeze yet,
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northwest winds will pick up speed after we get the sun up and mis up the atmoere a bit. there won't be a big jump in temperatures today. mid 50s for loudoun, fairfx, prince william county. upper 50srin pe george's county, 54 in ellicott city. 58 in hagerstown. going ce be a n day to spend some time outside. do not forget to put your sunblock on. that june sun will cook you no matter how cool and comfortable the air mass is. so nice, dry, breezy.hi temperature today, 73. that's almost ten degrees colder than average. and iat's w the sun shining. that i hard to do around here.e' so ther the radar review over the last couple of hours. all the stormy weather we had now yesterday afterno over the lower bay and moving away from the coastline. futureweather keeps us all dry through toy. it's going to be borderline chilly tomorrow morning. then tomorrow during the day, mostly sunny for much of the day. high clouds rolling in later on
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into your day on tuesday. no rain on tuesday. wednesday, there will be a om chance for s showers, maybe a rumble or two of thunder later on wednesday afternoon. that rain chance hangs on te wednesday m l into early thursday. thursday afternoon will be nice and dry. and friday will start dry, as tcould be some hit-and-miss well. rain chances later on friday afternoon. nothing major. here's your five-day forecast -- 73, sunny, breezy today. i switched my numbers back. a little dyslexia first thing on a monday. 76 for a high. 53 for the low tomorrow morning. then back into the 80s. more typical for june. again, our highest rain chances this week are late wednesday into early thursday. i'll try and straighten out my dyslexia now, melissa. good morning. good morning. greenbelt, outer loop before bw parkway, two left lanes are get bng that work zone. the rest of the beltway looks good. in addition, the ramps to bw parkway both directions are blocked by the roadwork that's, of course, just temporary. taking a look at 270 southbound,
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frederick to the ur, miles per hour gets threw you -- gets you three ere in 26 minutes. llout out to my stress at strawberry knoin gaithersburg. spoke to four classes on friday. they were see sweet. thank you for having me at strawmrry knoll. e coming up.
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welcome back at 4:2t hese days a lot of us are so busy weforget the simple things that can bring us happiness. >> that's why a northern o virginia wman wants to help as many pple as she can finds those simple things. and the goal to pull it off in 21 days. >> justin finch explains the happiness project. >>eporter: talk to katherine feeney, and she'll tell you about life before and after the 21-day happinessproject. her before is one a lot of us might see ourselves in. >> i was going through a period of time where my father passed away and simultaneously a long-term relationship had ended. i think before thinking about inhappiness i would thk of, you know, i having to o a big trip. i have to go to this new restaurant. >> reporter: after those 21 days, katherine knows for sure where she can finds happiness. >> refocusion my energy what i can do locally. what i can do on the weekends.
4:24 am
what's down the street that i haven't discovered. i feel it's, a, saved me money, and b, has really helped me prioritize. >> reporter: katherine works in marketing and blogs, so she's always on line. one day a fellow blogger's stort cauer eye and ear. when you tell your story to people, what's their reaction? >> people go se"al" becau i don't look like what i've been through. >> reporter: she showcases beauty, style, andlwebeing. there's also her happiness project pulled from her own life. >> i was in the midst of a p happiness ject when i got the news that i had breast cancer. and the fact that i had been so intentional about my joy for that time is what allowed me to say, okay, noat matter wh my diagnosis is, i can get through this. >> reporter: that came just a year after she endured major surgeries and after a lifetime of challenges in only a few
4:25 am
years, she chose to take three beaks to claim her happiness t usinghat in part to fuel her cancer battle and treatment. p part of tject is finding simple sources of happiness and joy like journaling or time with loved oneth >> se are some of the people who participated in the workshop. >> reporter: 21ays of tools to help you take on a lifetime. justin finch, news4. >> and doctors say there is a direct correlation between your mental attitude and how you fight certain diseases and illnesses. the fact that she took time to be intentional about her happiness probabl is helping her through the procedures. >> i've met people who were completely unrealistic who ve en this sunshine and lollipops reality wherery moment is supposed to be happy. j and that'sst -- it's not r ealistic. you have to learn how to cope not soe moments that a great. >> that's what makes you a better person is learning how to cope with things and coming out the other >>side. balance. 4:25 chuck. >> everything that goes wrong -- i blame it on someone else.
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>> like the met erologist. >>actly. talking about the potential for a weekend at the beach. it's monday morning. time to start thinking about the weekend. friday, saturday, sunday, nothing toaomplain ut. maybe hit-and-miss storm chances. for us, high and dry the next couple of days. the forecast coming up. >> thank you. tow truck operators face danger on the roads but not expected -- but an unexpected threat has a local driver s aken. and touching sendoff for a member of the greatest generation. the mission that brought him to our area and where his adventure will take him this week.
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right now on "news4 today," some homeowners are waking up to a real mess out there. we are getting a look at the damage left by the latest round weather.e new problems for boeing. months after grounding hundreds of planes the company says it's found a new problem with some airplane wings. an unusual visitor surprise a local conggation. the prayer a virginia pastor offers for president trump.
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asi live look out on a monday. sunrise a little over an hour away. you'linotice a refreng change when you step outside -- or chill -- >> i grabbed my jacket. full stop. >> it's that kind of morning. good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. working 4 for you. >> i'm eun yang. all the news you need is coming up. melissa mollet has the commute with first 4 traffic, but we want to storm with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell to look t our weather for today. the storms aredone, we're all calm now? >> gone. we are done -- >> excellent. >> the next little chance for some rain and thunder orms doesn't roll in until late in the day on wednesday. we have all day today and all day tomorrow to clean up. a lot of leaves down, shredded a bit b theha


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