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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  June 5, 2019 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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right now on "news 4 today," a man in custody accused of attacking women over and over on the street. how neighbors helped detectives catch him. plu sephora shutdown. why it's closing all of the beauty stores just for today. >> he's used to delivering speeches at the statehouse. now he knows how f itls to deliver a baby. >> "news 4 today" starts now. good orning, folks. welcome to the middle of the week. you made it to wednesday. we're about an hour away from sunrise not to see out there this morning in our front yard. a tiny bit of a breeze. >> i saw that. lag was moving. >>substantial. >> good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we're working to get the family up andout. we start with the check of traffic with melissa mollet and weather with meteorologist chuck bell. >> chuck, we're in weather alert mode already today. we're looking at big changes this afternoon. >> yeah, there's that cool,
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comfortable low humidity air enjoying the last few days, gone. southwest winds have returned. it's brought the humidity. added temperatures will lead to addedn instability ihe atmosphere. unfortunately storm team 4 weather agirt could ve you the notice that there's a chae for stronger thunderstorms later today. after today our weather turns rather pleasant again. the main threat for severe weather is down to our south and ouweto our . there's a chance that anynd iidual storm that gets going could pack ait of a punch. already some pre-dawn thunderstorms out here near charleston, west virginia. a lot of instability in the atmosphere. just the opportunity for a stronger thunderstorm with really gusty winds and small hail a possibility. it's all quiet fut now clouds will thicken up. temperatures starting off a lot milder this moing, in the 50s s.d 60 no more 40s like yeerday. today's high 85.
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ounderstorm chance up t 60% foro later one afternoon and evening. more abouthe weekend and the ten day forecast coming up. melissa, good morning. >> good morning to you on the beltway, oner l at braddock road, blocked by the work zone. really through that section not slowing things too much. north vandoorne shut down between west braddock because of a crash investigaon. 270 north and south near montrose lanes blocked both ways for milling and paving. 4:32. new this morning, we've learned a ma shot by police in anne arundel county has died. chopper 4 flew over the scene friday night. the man has been identified as 66-year-old martin goodier. police say hewas armed with a knife, threatened officers and did not follow command.
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police shot him. he was taken to the hospital where he died tuesday. an autopsy is scheduled for today. >> we're learning more about the man accused of raping a 12-year-old girl montgomery county. our news partners at wtop report james booker was able to work at a construction job at wheaton high school despite his history of felony charges. booker's past convictions for robbery and drug distribution should have barred him from being on school property or being in contact with students. he's now charged with the rape of a 12-year-old girl he picked up walking home in a thunderstorm. today family and friends will lay prince george's county police officer ndavo mckenzie to rest. in addition to being a patrol of cer, mckenzie was also a school resource officer at william wort middle school in riveneale. his fural will be at 9:30 in brandy wine.
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it's now4:33. taking alook at some of the other top stories this morning. a third american has died after staying at a popularominican republic resort. the died of respiratory failure on may 30th at their otel. the state department now says five days earlier ld41-year-o miranda shop warner also died of respiratory failure. the hotelas also owned by the same company. neither family is satisfiedy b the planation. >> northam wantsak lawmers toid recons several items that didn't make it out of committee. today there will be a critical vote on a plan to add toll lanes along i-270 on maryland's side of the beltway. the state's board of public
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works will weigh in on governor mary hogan's thoughts on congestion. today's vote would allow private dops vote on the b $11llion project. today is the final day of president trump's state visit to due united kingdom. he's sched to attend an event commemorating the 75th anniversary of d day. the president will be joined by queen elizabeth and outgoing prime minist theresa may. that event is scheduled to begin at 6:15 this morning. 4:35. a suspected sexual predator is in jis morning. >> he's accused oful assating two women on the same block in northwest washington but now we're learning the suspect has terrorized that neighborhood before. police say this is 58-year-old lester wilkerson walking down ae al at the 1600 block of irving street last month. he is the sspect in two
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break-ins where women told police they were robbed a sexually assaulted. on monday in that same neighborhood a woman and her daughter found themselves confronting a man in their home. >> irn instinctively t around, hoped i wasn't going to be shot dead on the spot. i ran into the foyer and scrmed louder than i had before and screamed for my daughter, run, run, get out, get out. >> a neighbor heard the screams and followed wilkerson as he left down the alley. records show on that samebl ock, it's close servision for at. >> he had only been out of prison for a month before the first assault and break in happened. now to an update to two separate fires that killed one person. d.c. fire and ems saysin both cases neither home had a working
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smoke detector. the latest fire happened yesterday afternoon at a home on western avenue in northwest d.c. firefighters pulled one f manm the first floor. two firefighters also suffered minor injuries. that fire was caused by an electrical issue. we also learned theame of a woman killed in a fire we brought you in breaking news yesterday. pulled after she wa from the second floor. she was in her 80s. her son escaped. the cause that fire remains under inves igation. s 4:37.or thisng we're learning new details about a murder/suicide in prince george's county. we brought you this as breaking morning.erd a man and woman were found dead at a home on east bonav oh nture. she was identifiedas annika brown. her boyfriend, gordon johnson,
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shot her and then took his own life. she had a child with johnson and described the air force master sargeant as abusive. he threatened to kill me back in 2012 and, again, put his hands on me several times. he threatened to kill me again in 2013 regarding having to pay me child support. >> benn said her daughter was not at home when the murder/suicide happened. a reminder today, beauty giant sephora is closing all of its locations for inclusion t inings. ore employee called police on grammy nominated singer scissa. se sephora said the hour long workshop is going to happen.
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charles jackson is the newest member of the millionaire's club. it took him a few minutes to i realize how r he is. >> i want to at least keep a,000. after i hung up and i got back n in there i looked and i said, dang, i've got them all. then ialled her back. >> you're going to want to stick around to meet charles plus find out which fooel hped him come out which fooel hped him come i wanted more from
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is expected to cmbto $530 million. i'm going to buy a ticket. >> at some point kind of feel like you have to. >> you have to. i feel the pressure. >> just in case. >> while the chances of winning are slim, it's just for fun. >> you think that could be me. how about sticking with the same numbers each time if you feel lucky, right? that's a strategy that some people have. >> that is how a north carolina man just won the powerball jackpot. charles jackson said he played numbers from a fortune cookie his granddaughter gaveim for years.ld jackson t his wife they won 50 grand. then he realized he had matched all of the numbers. ow>> she said,uch is the whole thing? i don't know, i just played. i don't know what it is. she said, well, ggle it. i hope it don't change me a lot. going to try not to change my life. i'm still going to wear my
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jeans. maybe new ones. >> you know, you want a man.ike mrackson to win, right? >> go ahead and get a new pair of jeans. >> i hope it doesn't change me. i don't know, $40 million. >> it turns out his winning ticket is worth $344 llion. >> that's going to change him. >> he's going to take the lump sum $233 million. >> his daughter'sie fortune cook numbers. i've never even considered ever using thatfo rtune for everything. >> it worked fo him. maybe he'll buy the company. >> i wonder how long he's done >> sev times, i bet. erthat? >> i'm going to turn my phone number around and flip it. that didn't turn around. >> you are m aried man, chuck. you turned out just fine. >> i had a life before i was married. storm team 4, get your gardening done early this morning because storm chances are back. help control mosquitoes. make sure you dump out that bird bath and make sure there's no staining water your rd.
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you're watching "news 4 today." 14 before the hour. there are new travel strictions for people wanting to visit cuba. the trump administration announced a ban on many forms oe reional and even educational travel to the island. that means cruise ships will no longer be stopping there. wncultural trips kno as people-to-people travel, what most americans use to visit cuba, is also being stopped. the restrictions are set to go to effect today, although travelers who haveurchased tickets and hotel stays should still be able to travel. also on capitol hill, putting n senators are
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the pressure on president trump and his plan to put tariffs on mexican goods. >> this comes as u.s. and mexican negotiators are set to meet and try to prevent those tariffs. news 4's tracie potts is live with the growing number ofwh lawmakare coming out against this plan. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: aaron and eun, goo. mo there are plenty of americans and there may be. they could block the 5% tariff .rom kicking in on monda they have to do it by overriding the president's nationalnc emergey declaration at the border. that could affect money for the bder wall. you're seeing some of the goods from mexico that could face that tariff. important meeting happening at this the mexican foreign minister is bringing a delegation and an immigration proposal. the president said the tariff kicks in. convince 'll try to vice president pence and other
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cabinet officials that they are already cracking down on immigration. back to you. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill. thank you. today the fight for plahoed parent continues inside a st. louis courtroom. a judge has scheduled a hearing equest to e clinic's stop the state of missouri from shutting it down. planned parenthood is the state's only abortion clinic meaning women will be forced to stive toor neigg states for abortion. onth the governor signed a bill outlawingbortion after the eighth week of pregnancy. >> we are working for people with loved ones who are aging. the number of older americans dying from falls has tripled in recent years. a new study published in the journal of the m americal association says elderly falls now accounts for 25,000 deaths a year. the study said men are more li aely to suffer from fatal fall. potential reasons for the trend includes more older adults living longer a the rising use
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of mecdications affng balance. we have important sformation now for parents to consider beforending your kids to summer camp. >> this comes as a highly contagious and sometimes deadly ase spreads across the country. news 4's doreen gensler is working for your health to help keep your family safe. >> some summer camps are tightening their polies on vaccines as the world deals with the worst measles vaccine in 25 years. they'll turn kids away if they haven't been vaccinated against the disease. according to the american camp association, more than 10 c millioldren will attend day camps and overnight camps this n summer, the organization is offering four pieces of advice to prevent camps from becoming transmission sites for measles. first, some camps may ask for your child's immunization records to enoll but they're not always required to do so.
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your camp may not consider unvaccinated people. timely, learn about the camp'st healare staff before you send your child there. only a doctor c diagnose measles but it's important people understand the symptoms, thinlike the high fever, cough, runny nose or a accordto the cdc, more than 980 measles cases have been confirmed in 26 states. that includes maryland. the virus is highly contagious. it spreads through the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes. you can get m asles just by being in a room where a person with measles has been, even up to two hours after that person has left. doreen gentzler, news 4. dc's office of the inspector general has released a new report of the graduation scandal at balou high school.
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they fnd they failed to enforce gradingttendance and community service requirements for the class of 2017. that year's senior class became the first to have all students ccepted into college. federal report by awncr wamu found only 57 of 164 students were actually on track to graduate. e office of the inspector general said the school district has taken actionthanks, in part, we appreciate that dcef began to address some of the funding immediately. 4:51. our time right now. ten degrees warmer than this time yesterday which is a good and a bad thing. >> well, i mean, it is summertime. the last two mornings were material for summer. >> we'll take it, right? >> west virginia yesterday dropped to 25ee degr >> wow. >> that's not -- that's too much. >> the canadian valley is 3200 feet up in elevation.
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high country in west virginia. that was the second coldest juno temperaturen record in the canaan valley. 25 degrees. even i, eun, even i would n complai at 25 degrees. even me. even i've got my limits, like the old moviean a m's got it know his limitions. outside on a wednesday morning, winds have turned back to the south and southwest and theynu contie to increase as well. it will be b aezy day. it will be a lot warmer than yesterday. it'll be a lot more humid than so as a result, likelihood of showers and thunderstorms later on this afternoon. once it gets pastg today rain chances are going down for tomorrow and rain chances are near zero for friday and the weekend. so we'll pay for that, no problem at all. there are a lot of clouds. novere weather yet. that will play a part in our forecast as we rt longe into
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the day. skies will become more and more cloudy with time. the thinger those clouds are, the mo they hold temperatures down, the more it limits our instability. that also lps to limit any potential for severe weather. you're actually hoping for a cloudier day today. mostly in the 60s. very warm and humid 85 degrees. that gusty s.thwesterly wi here's future weather again. pretty quiet this morning. maybe a few showers in the enandoah valley this morning. maybe a drop or two around here for lunchtime. any real chances for thunderstorms gets going ater 2 or 3:00 this afternoon. likely to be a chance for thunderstorms around 7:00 or 8:00. keep that in mind. there's a chance for severe weather, just not a big chance thankfully. tomorrow, hit and miss shower. not much of an impact. saturday is the capital pride parade and festival. cooler than average weather for the weekene okw nic is that?
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>> that does lo nice. i like that. just got off the phone with state policehere. eastbound 66 before 7 on the right side of the road, a badac cident withr a rolloveash. it looks terrible. i called. amazingly somebody seems to be okay after the accident. so just the right side of the road is blocked right now. alexandria, north vandoorne shut downetween braddock and kansas i already looked into town and out of town. no problems. darren? >> 4:54. still no time line on the repairs of t sink holes. yesterday the national park service said it's going to take several more weeks to figure ouf how to it. it will have to take t longerm impact in fairfax countyre the that means the outside northbound lanes will remain
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closed. showing up to minicamp is now mandatory for 'skins players, but oneir of the pro bowlers is still home. offensive lineman trent williams wants a newcontract. williams is the highest paid tackle when he signed a new deal in 2015 but now he's the 7th highest paid and wants a raise. the team has already signed adrian peterson to a deal. sees potential despite all of the injuries. >> you think about the guys on i.r. and like 12 of those guys e who we offensively starters, man, we were one game away from g it to the playoffs, getting a chance to compete. what can we do when we're healthy? >> peterso says with all of the injured players coming back, the team will be loaded with talent and the sky is the limit. ut> new this morning, maryland lawmaker sent o a tweet that is receiving many joyful
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responses. ck hickey says his wife woke him upst early day morning. she told him to call the midwife. their daughter did not want to wait for that. he ended up delivering his own healthy daughter. >> what she said is you need to call the midwife, whic i did, then she said when i hung up, the midwife isn't going to get here in time. you're going to have to deliver the baby. it just happened so quick. you don't even have time to think about fear. you just do it. >> check out the big brother there. >> i know. >> loving that baby. as you can see, he and his wife have support with the new baby. >> he's loving it. >> that is until she gets a little older and tries to take his toy, thet' is not going to be so much love. >> the midwife did arrive about ten minutes after the baby girl was rn. as for the name, they hope to ave one chosen by today. >> stille ahad. ideas to help y lead a healthy
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life. >> is white meat -- is it better than read maet ooeat healthier? >> es that mean i can eat steek every day? >> how many steps should you walk? plus, roaring bac to life. plus, roaring bac to life. a look inside dc's new and
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about a meningitis b vaccine. developing now on "news 4
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today," a new twistn a tragic case. days after the deaths of a local couple in the dominican republic, word of a similar death days before. back to work. virginia's governor calls lawmakers back to richmond to focus on a series of gun control measures in the wake of the virginia beach attack. and to build or not to build? a vote today will decide the future of new toll lanes designed to helpyou avoid our region'sworst traffic. news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. and the skies are pretty calm for the morning commute tods. there' possibility though of severe wetter this afternoon. it's 5:00 a.m. now. good morning, i'm aaronl girist. >> and i'm eun yang. let's begin with that forecast and commute. melissa mollet is standing by. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here to fill us in often what to expect today. >> chuck? >> all is quiet for the ride in to work and school on a wednesday mog,


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