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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  June 5, 2019 6:00am-6:50am EDT

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esigned to help you avoid our areas worst traffic.e n 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. 6:00 a.m. right now. the sun's up. the skies are calm for the morning commute. there is a possibility for some severe weather this afternoon. good morning, everybody, i'm aarongilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. let's begin with the commute. >> storm team meteorologist chuks thing's off. noticeably cloudy start. today they will be a lot more the shade of gray. weather alert in the afternoon ows today because there's an opportunity for one or two strong to severe storms. the timing on any severe weather chances between 3:00 and 11:00, otherwi, before that gets
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going. >> rain already coming. rain chance is 60% and climbing. temperatures are way milder. temperatures in the low 80s.i' show you future weather, let you know whether those storm chances look all that high or low coming up in a few. stay with us, melissa. >> thank you, chuck. chopper 4 over the outer loop afteror gea. we were hearing about a problem with a crash and the left side of the roadway being blocked. not seeing anything from above. hopefully it is being cleared out of the way. chillum, accident there. route 1, still have that crash hanging around.or nbound 395 after seminary, brand new problem with a lane blocked. you can see the delays headed in bound. 66, 95, no major issues there.
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aaron? >> melissa, thank you. 6:02. new development in the investigations of deaths of a local couple in the dominican republic. we k a third american died just days before. justin finch is live outside of the dominican republic embassy. good morning. >> reporter: eun, aaron, good morning to you. we are hearing from the families of those dead american tourists who are all wondering if there's more to their deaths than what's being said. we have a statement from the brother of pennsylvania tourist. he pinned aem statt about her -- her husband dr. daniel warner was with herhen she abruptly experienced acute physical distress an collapsed. he goes on to say, why didn't the deaths of the maryland couple cynthia day and nathaniel
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holmes trger an inspection? have there been more deaths he wonders. they were staying minutes from another pperty where the prince gorges county couple died five days later. cynthia day and nathanialho es were sending back pictures apparently having a lot of fun. they arrived the day warner died. all thre died of respiratory failure. the death investigation into the ouple's death turned out blood pressure pills found in their room but dave's sister is sayinw those pillse not her sister's. >> i know for a fact that my sister was not sick. i know for a fact thatshe was healthy and i know for a fact she did not take blood pressuret
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medicn. i know for a fact. >> reporter: and we can tell you this. again, in all three cases, each of those americans were reportedly dying of respiratory failure. the u.s. embassy says they are looking into all three of these deaths but at this time can't say if any connection can be made betwe all threeof those dead american tourists and their causes of inside for you. >> justin finch outside the dominican embassy. thank you. news 4 broke isstory last week and we are staying along with it av wards. you can see our reports on news 4 startingater day. the deaths of two americans on vacation in the south pacific are being investigated this morning. authorities in fiji said david and michelle hall died from an
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unidentified illness michelle texted perfect parngts and said the two could not be saved. they were work with fiji's government on the investigation. today in stafford county. christopher raps debtor of public joorks meanwhile, virginia governor ralph northam is calling the general assembly back into the area. governor northam wants people to reconsider half a dozen gun measures that didn't make it out of the area.he universal nclude background checks, a ban on ssault weapons and a one begun a month assault record.
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>> lawmakers will be proposing their own measures. they told jewely carry at none veof the measures would haaved lives during friday's shootingni happeng now, it is president trump's final day of his state visit to thennited gdom. he just arrived in portsmouth, england. you request see marine one there. he will be joined to commemorate the dem mop administration. jay gray is live in normandy. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, eun. good morning, aaron. a special time here as you might imagine. final preparations underway. you talk about president dent
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arriving in launched nt as a nair and afl operation ever, this is something that is written in the minds and spirits of so many people here.ha we ve been lucky enough during and leading up to this anniversary, the 75thni anversary of the d day invasion to chat with some of those who were here at the time and to get their memories, hear what they remember from that time. >> the noise is nbelievable. one of the things that i remembered afterwards more than anything else was the noise.'t i caneven imagine what that noise must have been like at one of the sights, what it must have been at tha time. the cost of the mission, he have
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department and overwhelming really from the moment you set h foot on soil. it's amazing to see what they've done here to remember those veterans. the president travels here tomorrow. he'll be joining families and thousands who have gathered to pay th respects and honor the courage of d daytona rvivors. >> very powerful. 6:08. maryland public worksl add toll lanes to the maryland side of the beltway. it was an idea conceived by governor larry hogan. not without controversy. leaders aren't convinced and are pushing for alternate ideas. today's vote would allow private citizens to vote on the $11
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billion project. also happening today, an official ground breaking for projects 5i78d at easing congestion along i-95 near fredericksburg. it will extend the express lanes ten miles south to keep the project moving. the area has been describe as one of the worst bottlenecks in our region. major-workers can be fired for illegally using medical marijuana. people who are in safetyoy ems face termination in the next 30 days. it's now 6:09. we're working for your health this morning with news of some surprising developments about what to eat and how much to
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exercise. >> for years the advice h been chicken is better than red meat when it comes to your cholesterol. they can be equally bad. it'she saturated fat. there are a good number of those in chicken, especially the skin. >> that's what we fght for? >> the skin. make some -- >> mmm. we've been hearing more and more that we should friday to thatr numbe isn't based on scice tafk tifk evidence. maybe twitter can tell me. the 10,000 issteps, that equivalent of three miles? >> i think that's what i read
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>> do you have that down? >> it wasssstrei meng out. i have people talking technology that w yld allow to talk to drivers in other cars on the road. what would you say? >> i don't know. we're taking a look at how it all would work. >> i don't want to know what other people have to say, myself personally. at the rate it's befo 9:00. it's an up on that and any strong storms later today. coming up. stay with us. women business owners arewo king out a plan for success. how women are getting the boost that they need coming up on
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you're watching "news 4 today." welcome back. 6:14. your smartphone can soon ynnect withur smart car. >> automakers are racing to deploy new technology that allows cars to t to everything around them. we're seeing this in ford's latest rollout, wchhould be in cars in three years. it's called cv 2 x. that stands for cellular vehicle y. everything technol takes a look at what happens as a scooter comes from out of sight. >> we can't necessarily see who's pulling up from the side but as we pull up her you can see that we've got a message here on the infotainment system. there was lots of beeping. the heads up display, depending on the lights, that there's a scooter that we neeed to avoid. >> connected car drivers would have to enter into an agreemt not to break the rules or else d they cou possibly be reported.
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ford says it'swi working h you. >> that's the idea. i guess it would be okay. >> not to take out your road rage. >> we'll aays find a way. 6:15 now. this weekend is a chance for women across the area to secure their economic legacy. >> news 4's molette green is live in southeast washington with details on sisternomics. hi, molette. >> reporter: good morning to you guys from anst artihose work is right here to a fitness coach building up her business. black women are all over being business owners, but one big thing that they lack is the resources, the capital to get started and build up their business. lauren buckner got a grant from the national coalition of black women. lauren, come over here and talk to me. we're in the middle of this fitness class here. talk about how many, infusion of
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cash have helped you. >> i used the grant to hire a social branding specialist to help me hone in on the ideal client. i used this money to help me go to the next level. >> reporter: go to tht level. that's what it's all about. i want to bring onmarieco bennett to talk about why this is important to have this economic summit coming up this weekend. what is the whole purpose of this? >> our purpose was to make sure fwlak women owned businesses in the nation's capitol, h access to clients for our vendors. we wanted to make sure that black women had money in their pockets. >> reporter: black women have money in their pockets. so you have another grant that you're going to give out this weekend. i know ourrtist over there, ren renisha franklin is a contender to get money to build up businesses. this is very important. i don't want us to not hone in
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on that point aboutthe resources. >> absolutely. it's so important that we make sure that black women owned businesses have resoues and access to capital. we are the national coalition of black women and we said we'll th provide at support. >> how many business owners are in this room? all right. so they're here. let me show you what's going to happen. you can still register. you can come out this saturday itarting at 8:00 to this empowerment summ and get good information to build up your business and work it out like this. that's the latest. we're back in a little bit with more. back in to you. >> great to see that and you have those businesses to build. >> thank you, molette. 6:17 right now. let's turn l. chuck be it's a weather alert day, chuck. what's going on? >> alot of cloud cover and this ma actually help reduce our risk of severe weather. we're in w ther alertmode. let you know there's a possibility.
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we'll see whether or not we need to stay in weather alert mode. right now just some areas of light rain moving into the mountains of west virginia and the southern parts of the shenandoah valley. they're coming eastbound. they'll be in the met washington area by 8, 8:30 at the latest. these are not severe storms. this hit and miss scattered storms coming in the general direction. there's a lot of moisture out to the west. there have been overnight storms. any time you get thund, that's a little bit unusual. w you'll have tch this very, very carefully. the risk for severe weather hasf been loweredor us today. this is not a guarantee severe storms. yesterday that slight risk included the d.c. metro area. today it does not. the reason the risk is lower is because the clouds have moved in a little sooner. we might n bes warm today. that being said, you're a lot warmer.
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the 50s and 60s. if you have some to do in the yard, get it done. it will be breezy and warm. maybe some thunderstorms later on in the day.ll with af the rain we've had over the last couple of months. it's important to help co the mosquitoes. the best way to dont thatr is eliminate any areas of standing water in and around the area. make sure you are rinsing out the bird baths t make sure that water is clean and not fullaof 60% chan you need that umbrella today. take it with you. tomorrow no more than a passing shower in the afternoon and then dry weather ret ns for friday and the weekend, of course. weekend, capital pride parade is saturday and the festivals sunday. nbc will be there in force. let's go to melissa mollet in first 4 traffic. >> taking a look route 1 northbound. campus drive and college park haveerhat iction partially blocked because of this accident. choppers, thank you for this shot. ties sons inner loop at 123, tiniest slowdowns. rest of the beltway looks okay.
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5 north after seminary, still slow there because of an earlier sue. travel times, 270 southbound looks good. top of the beltway, 32 miles per hour. rginia travel times, 66 in bound, 95 northbound, no complaints there. a big shoutout to my buddies at the annual b. mitchell friends golf natournt. full of slecelebs. $100,000 for lls and children's hospital. big thank you to james roberts, community wealth, for putting it together. he's inspired by his brother who battled cancer and son who is a
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you watching 23450ugs today. >> welcome back today at 6:23. it's something your kids may talk about for years t come. the story of $3.7 billion years of life on earth displayed at theon smithsan natural history museum. >> we're talking about dinosaurs, of course. after a five year, $110 million renovation, news 4's corey smith was able to get a sneak peek at the dinosaur and fossil halls before the reopening this weekend. >> reporter: remember being a kid and walking into the museum for the first time? thele sn your face as you gazed up in awe.
6:24 am
at the smithsonian's dinosaur and fossihall, you can go back, way back and feel like a kid. >> as a kid i came to this museum. i remember the old fossil hall. it's amazing. >> reporter: for project manager, the hall's reopening feels more like an old friend reopening, it takes visitors on a journey of dee time using the story that started 3.7 billion years ago. more than 700 fossil specimens are on display. of course there's the stars of the show, the fossils,any of them posed in biologically accurate positions, like the t. rex enjoying its lunch. >> it's the difference between reading a book and enjoying a book. the book coming to life. >> reporter: though the hall
6:25 am
shines a light on the past, it asks visitors to ponder the future. >> paleontology actually has ale very c message that so it -- >> most important of all, the museum wants your imagination to take flight leaving visitors, both young and old, with me tries of ame long ago. corey smith, news 4. >> so right now on the nbc washington app we you inside the exhibit with more pictures. you can search dinosaur. >> it's so cool and to think long ago. we're just a little blip on the radar of the universe and the universe of life to come. >>wo it's h remembering smithsonian is free. this is something you can go check out. cool exhibit. >> very cool. 6:25. coming up, a warning for people hoping to travel to cuba, even if you're planning an educational trip. you may need to make some changes. and a fortune cookie lead to
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airmilliona chuck? >> look at this cute little puppy, 2 1/2months. this is cookie. cute little dog there. they have other animals available for adoption at humane rescue find out how to add a little cookie to life. tter chancto getbe t in
6:27 am
the community this morning. hi, molette. >> reporter: good morning. she left her legal career and we're smack dab in the the fit ps dream business. uh-oh, looks like someone's still nervous about buying a new house. is it that obvious? yes it is. you know, maybe you'd worry less if you got geico to help with your homeowners insurance. i didn't know geico could helps with homeowners insurance.
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yep, they've been doing it for years. what are you doing? big steve? thanks, man. there he is. get to know geico and see how much you could save on homeowners and renters insurance.
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> welcome back. it's just about 6:40. the mega millions jackpot rollea over ain last night. friday will be your next chae to win a prize estimated to be worth $530 million. you may want to consider w stickingth the same numbers each time if they feel lucky to you. special numbers, right? >> that's exactly how north
6:30 am
carolina man just won the powerball jackpot. charles jackson said he played numbers from a fortuneco ie his granddaughter gave him for years. it took him a few days to realize he had a winning ticket. jackson told his wife that they h won $50,000. then he realichd he mat all of the numbers. >> she said, how much is the whole thing? i said, i don't know. i just play it. i don't know what is. she said, well, google it. i hope it don't change me a lot. i'm going to try not to chae my life. like i said, i'm still going to wear my jeans. maybe newer ones. >> nothing wrong with little update. >> right. he deserves at least that much.t >> turns o jackson's winningic tket is worth $346 million. not 50 grand. he'll ta the lump sum, 233 million. not too shabby? >> nem he like a great guy. >> get yourself some new trucks >> here's your cnbc morning business report. good morning, i'm rahel
6:31 am
solomon. uber has started rolling out a test version of the app thatcl ines the popular food delivery service, uber eats. it's rolling it out in some rkets. it now appears at the top corner of the map. when you click on that it opens the page within the uber app lowing riders to order food without fr having to use the stand alone app. the test version is in cities and works with 20% of the android users. and i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. storm team 4 weather alert to let you know, first of all, you're goingto need your umbrella. rain moving into the shenandoah valley. orning commute, not too much anticip bed it. >> all right. >> j reporting and we were shut
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right now president trump is in england remembering the 75th an strer sari of d day. he's joined by queen elizabeth and others who we there onthe omrmandy beaches. this event c as the president is wrapping up his official state visit. >> peter alexander is live in london. good morning. >> reporter: hey, aaron and eun. good morning to you. ter dinnersted by the queen
6:35 am
earlier, on tuesday night president trump was the one who controlled welcoming prince charles and camila and others. the president shared thoughts of the royal host taking note of prince charles question, as you had said, he doesn't have to worry about the principles unless he's a good person. he had more to say about meghan markle and prince harry. back to you in washington. >> peter alexander live for us in london. we'll see you on "today." thanks. a big vote se the h floor that impacts hundreds of thousands of so called dreamers. cheers erupted as democrats passed the bill. >> without objection the motion to reconsider is laid on the table.
6:36 am
>> the bill would allow dreamers to receive ten years of legal status. it allows immigrants who come to the u.s. because of war or natural disasters to receive temporary or natural status. if they pass a national background check they could provide for a green card immediately. >> there are new traffic restrikdion and they have educational travel to the eye land. that means crews ships will no longer will be stopping there. what most amerins use tostop it. travelers who have already purchased tickets and hotel sys should still be allowed to take their trips. we're learning more about three americans who died while vai kaging in the dominican republic last month. >> a prince george's county couple and a pennsylvania woman died five days apart and at hotels owned by the same
6:37 am
company. news 4's justi finch is live at the dominican republic embassy with more on the similarities between these deaths. this is alarming for a lot of travelers, justin. >> reporter: eun, aaron, that's absoluly right. good morning. some real concerning connections about these three deaths. all of respiratory failure and all three died in minutes apart, not days apart. the statement written by the brother oflv pennsyia tourist miranda warner. she h a drink from the in room ni bar. her husband was with her when she suffered acute distress. why didn't the deaths of maryland couple cynthia day and nathaniel holmes.
6:38 am
they were vacationing at a fusort. they were having sending back video of their trip but soon after both were found dead five days after warner died. day's sister is wondering why there wasn't a warning forher sister and her fiance. >> i would think that they should notify the guests of the hotel with some sort of notice that something like this took place. out of a courtesy. >> reporter: and both hotels are owned by the same brand there in the dominican republic. we can tell you that the u.s. embas says they're keeping a close eye on the death investigations. they do not see any direct area.
6:39 am
they'll have autopsies once they arrive. >> live here, justi finch,ews 4. a maryland lawmaker is sending out a tweet that is getting joyful responses. his wife woke him up and told him to call the midwife. she was pregnant. e daughter didn't want to wait. he ended up delivering his own healthy daughter. >> what she said was you need to call thei midwife, wh i did. she said -- and i hung up. the midwife isn't going to getn here time. you're going to have to deliver the baby. it happened so quick. you don't have time to think about fear, you just do it. >> beautiful. >> they have some helpers with the new baby. big brother's loving it, right? >> that's temporary, by the way. >> the mi did arrive ten minutes aft the baby girl was c
6:40 am
born,ecked everything out. looking good there. as for a name, they hope to have one chosen by today. >> good job. what a wonderful blessing. now let check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell to find out aboutthe weather and rain heading our y? wa >> yes, it is. furor five years, clouds have rolled in. it will be a lotloudier today, a lot t breezierday and a lot more humid today. as a result, there's a 60% chance you'll need yourmbrella today. grab it before you leave. 65 in washington. a far cry. this is 10 grees warmer than the same morning. most everybody is well above 60 degrees. whereas yesterday we were in the 40snd 50s. a chance for rain drops before ooon. anortunity for thunderstorms later on in the day. severe weather chances are not all that high but they're also
6:41 am
not completely zero. stay with nbc washington all through the course of the day on air, online and on our nbc washington app. gusty southwest s a chance for stronger storms later on. yesterday we were under the slight risk so we have a lower chance for severeto weather day than it appears we would have yesterday. lower does not mean zero% chance. rain out here across parts oft wesrginia as we're moving into the shenandoah valley. thickening clouds and hit and miss chancesaor light r before lunchtime will help further reduce the risk for severe weather. keepyour fingers crossed. plan on a warm and humid day. carries an opportunity for thunderstorms between 3 and 5:00 and another chance into the evening hours. tomorrow mid afternoon shower. expected for friday, saturday,
6:42 am
nday. saturday the capital pride parade. and the capitol pridefe stival. nbc will be proud as a peacock and well represented at both events. good morning, melissa. >> good morning, chuck. in the first 4 traffic, chopper 4 over 270, bo northd/southbound. montgomery avenue looking very good. volume light. heading southbound. tyson's inner loop 3, crash on the right shoulder. northbound indian headay hig at kirby hill, brand-new accident. that crash as well. blue/yellow line delays still sticking around. 66 in bound36 miles per hour. 95no hbound. 31 miles per hour. maryland, 270 southbound. 36 mles per hour andhe top of the beltway, outer loop, 26 miles per hour. that's an earlier crash that
6:43 am
caused that delay. remember to listen to wtop when you hop in your car. 6:53. today cosmetics retailer sephora closing all of its locations for stormtr ining. sephora apologized on twitter.en today's incidt is not connected. if you're thinking of opuing a business but yoeed to get in the right room with the right people, we may have the story for you. >> molet green has an event happening this weekend. good morningep >> rter: good morning to you. we're right in the middle of the cooldown but lauren buckner left her legal career for her dream job of being a fitness coach thanks to some help from
6:44 am
grant. that helped her start this business. quickly tell me how that many helped her. >> i used this money to help me hone in on the ideal client. i made a transformation so it really helped me take my work to the people. >> they are going to give money out this saturday. marie can talk about why it's important to help women. >> it's important to help women becausthey support the community. you give to women, you support the entire community. >> sts still tight.8 1 p.m., on site registration. >> so we have an artist, renisha franklin, in the running for the next grant. we hope that henefits from
6:45 am
that. this room is filled with women come on out to the summit if you need to get a little help. back in to you. >> sometimes these great leaders and business women just need the right connection to move rward with tinir busess. it's great to see. >>le motte, ladies. it's 6:55. here are 4 things to know. the maryland state board will vote to add toll lanes along i-270 and the maryland side of the belt. there will be a memorial service for christopher rap. he was killed in virginia beach in the shooting there. he was a former member there. go to the nbcon washingtapp. 75 years ago tomorrow crews
6:46 am
and it forced england to be honored. president trump is attending that event. nbc's peter alexander will have much more next on toitd. more rain is on the way for parts of arkansas. it's thrst they've seen in 25 years according to officials. now other parts of the country are bracing for americans wers. more straight ahead on today. >> there's the 5 day forecast. there is the chance of a stronger thunderstorm. we'll be here should any severe weather break out. taking a look at the road,h cer 4. northbound and southbound. no issues and volume on the beltway looks pretty light. >> cool. thank you. that is the "news 4 today." thanks thr waking up wi us. >> the "today" show is next. see you in 25 minutes for weather, traffic and news. until then, enjoy the day.
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>> we leave you with the 75th anniversary of d y. mdaak
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raordi gna>>ry criminal charges against scot peterson, theccused of
6:50 am
inaction at >> he needs to go to jail and he needs to serve a lifetime in prison. >> just ahead, the case against him and the deputy in his own words. did you freeze? >> no. me the rest of thisil w h l>>au why legal experts say thi case is so unusual. ling uo sipu rshnsacep aligainca preden trump's latest tariff fight with mexico. will the president back downr digin? we're live in washington. devastating downpours. another round of


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