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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  June 6, 2019 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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thousands of local drivers who need to update their licenses gettiim extra te to do it. we'll tell you the new deadline and all the reasons why you'll want to make sure you meet and looking back on d-day. it was the largest invasion in history, and it marked the end for the the nazi army. today, the world honors those who took part and remembers the sacrifices made. 4:00 on the good morning,one, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun .yang let's begin with a check on your forecast and commute. melissa mollet is standing by with your first 4 traffic. >> we'llwi begin th storm team 4 meteorologist uck bell and look at the weather outside. >> we all thought something else was coming, aaron-- >> no. >> some sort of a comment was there, but no one put it in the prompter, so he didn't know what to say. showers out there early this morning. we are going to be tracking a little chance of a rumbler o two
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of thunder early as showers come out of the mountains and move across frederick county, vaerks and nortrn parts of loudoun county. no severe weather expected for today. that's the good news. we'll have this first chance of rain between now and about 8:00 in the morning. other chance of a stray shower or thundershower later on in the day. certainly mild. we'rein the upper 60s to around 70 now. feels ai lot lke summertime out there, and it will lat today, as well. a lot of clouds y. breaks of sun at times. another chance for a passing thundershower this afternoon. c your rainhance today about 30%, 40%. the high, 86 degrees. cooler and dryer tomorrow. more about that coming up. >> thank you. on the beltway, greenbelt outer loop at bw parkway two left lanes are getting by the work zone. another work zone on the beltway. outer loop near leesburg pike. two right lanes getting by there. no major impact. southbound 270 at 80, bus lane e. getting by the work zo taking a live look eastbound 66 nea nutley, did have a on
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situatian incident there in the median. looks like that's clearing out of the way. eun? >> thank you. this morning, a hotel in the dominican republi is offering new information about the death of one of the three americans who recently died while on vacation. >> all three americans passed away within days of each other while staatng he same resort complex. they were in different hotels but were minutes away from each her. miranda shop warner from pennsylvania died may 25th. initial reports said she died of respiratory failure, but the hotel now says she was sick when she arrived and died from a heart attack. her husband reportedly told the hotel had a pre-existing heart condition. nathaniel holmes and cynthia day from prince george's county died fi days later. the cause of death was also listed as respiratory failure. the attorney general of the dominican republic now says the investiation into the deaths is not over.s thimorning, all of the hotels in then dominicapublic have been put on notice by the
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country's ministry ofurtoism. install security cameras in the next 60 days or be shut down.ot it's nlear if that order is related to thes three deaths or another case where a woman claims she was assaulted and left for dead at a hotel about 50 miles away. our news partner telemundo 44 is on the ground in the dominican republic and digging for more information on the notice. you can watch live reports later today starting at 4:00. we'relo also folng another investigation into the deaths of americans on vacation.t s time in fiji. you'll member a couple from texas died from an unidentified illness last month. now five hospital workers who had contact with the couplere under observation. doctors want to seey whether the begin showing symptoms. the centers for disease control is working with fiji's overnment on this investigation. developing in the district overnit, a late-night shooting left one man dead and put a teen in the hospital. this happened arou8:30 on
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22nd street southeast right at the maryland line. when officers arrived, they found the man's body. police tell news4 there was a large crowdathered at the scene, but few people wllre ng to talk to officers. not long after police arrived, a teen showed up at a hospital suwofering from a gunshot und. he is expected to beokay. the man who died has not been identified. so far no arrests have been made. learningmorning, we're more about the effort to take down the man who opened firein ide a virginia beach government building last friday. 12 people were killed there. police say they were delayed getting to him because they didn't have the necessary key cards to open the doors on the second floor of thedi builg. that technology is meant to protect people from workplace tiolence. in this case, imay have actually delayed the response. the medical examiner is also offering new information now. we know that the shooter was killed by police and did not kill himself. among those killed, former stafford county public works director chris rapp. family and friends gathered for
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his memorial service intafford county yesterday. rapp moved to virginia beach less than a year ago and worked as a city enginee rappplayed the bagpipes, so hise servicended with a performance by a bagpiper. the school resource officer who is now facing charges n accused ofot helping out during the school shooting in parkland, florida, lst year, this morning is still in prison. scott peterson made his first court appearance yesterday. he is facing 11 charges including child investigation election. 17 peop were killed, and 17 others were wounded. surveillance footage shows that while all of this was going on, peterson remained outside. >> took an oath as a police officer to protect, and that day he stood outside of the building while 17 people were being murdered. and he did absolutely nothingment. >> peterson faces up to 96 years in prison. 4:05. amily and friends and fellow officers said a final good-bye to a prince george's county
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police officer. devon mckenzie died last month in a motorcycle crash while off duty. ndreds packed the spirit of faith christian church in brandywine yesterday. mckenzie served on the prince george's county police force for two years but had already made a huge impact. t weked to his father, errol walker. >> outstanding, fre, his mother raised a hell of a son. i got to give her all the credit. >> his family says mckenzie was about to propose too histime girlfriend and served as a school resource officer at william wart middle school in riverda riverdale. he was only 24 years old. maryland is giving thousands of drivers some extra time toe updatheir licenses. the reca deadline on real i.d.s has been pushed back to july part of a new federal fndate to help stop identity theft andke i.d.s. the federal government requires every driver to have a real i.d.
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by october, 2020. if you haven't updated your driver's license by then, you won't be ableo t board a plane. to see whether you need to update your i.d., search "real i.d." in the nbc washington app. maryland is moving forward with major plans to widen and add tl planes along i-270 and the beltway. yesterday the board of public works voted to allow private companies to start bidding one thassive project. those who live near 270 and the beltway are concerned they could lose their homes. the debate came heated at -- became heated at times. at one point executive mark elrich challenged larry hogan over the decision. >> a press conference and announced what you were going to do befor you talked toanybody. we wanted solutions. just to be -- >> the press conference, the county executive before you -- >> t pis isart of my minute -- >> that was two years ago. and i -- i was there and a part of it. >>nskeptics say gov hogan's plan hasn't been thought through and worry it will fall apart.
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the project is eected to cost as much as $11 billion. it's just ab st 4:08. to acary malfunction that sent dozens of swimmers to the spital in utah. >> first a pump at the veterans memorial pool shut down. when it turned on it pumped out too much chlorine. that sent peopleunning and parents pulling kids out of the ter. >> i saw osama bin ladyellow bu knew it wasn't good. >> about 50 people went to the hospital. everyone is expected to be okay. some could have chronic respiratory problems. yesterday we told you new travel restrictions had been put in place for people hoping to visit cuba. today americans cruise lines canceled all trips to the island ation. ships sea are being re-routed. the trump administration says the restrictions are digned to prevent cuba'sta mili and security services from making money off of the country's tourism industry.
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ic>> today mex and american leaders will be back at t negotiating table trying to y figure o to avoid u.s. tariffs from going into effect next week. this is all about border security. ifpresident trump said exico can't find a way to stop the flow of migrants into the u.s., he'll impose a 5% tariff on od mexican g beginning on monday. he says those tariffs will then irease each month through october. congressional republicans warn the white house they're prepared to try and block the tariff senate majority leaderco mitch mcnnell is asking for a delay. he wanto the president t hear directly from republican senators who oppose the plan. it is 4:09. today is the 75th anniversary of d-day. these are live pictures from ceremonies ance, as get underway there. on this day decades ago, young men stormed the beaches of the egion to free europe from nazi control, and they did. it was the largest seaborne invasion in history, and it helped bring an end w toorld war ii. the cost of the viugtory, tho
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was high. >> according to the natnal d-day memorial foundation, ere were an estimated 10,000 allied casualties. more than 44 confirmed dead. ufor yesterday, 9,000 of their names were read aloud by volunteers at the world war ii memorial. >> maurice j. la br ey -- >> the organization is called friends of the national wor war iimorial. they arranged the reading. virginia's senator spoke at the event. he discussed the role that the small town of bedford, virginia, played in the invasion. >> there were 32 young men from bedford who came ashore on that rst day. 19 were killedmo alst immediately.>> here is actual video from the invasion. later this morning at 10:00, a wreath-laying ceremony will be held at the world war ii memorial. and here is some video just
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in to the newsroom. president trump and dye first la are departing shannon, ireland, for a d-day ceremony in france. >> they should be arriving any minute now. the ceremony's --fficially gotten underway. it will b a long morning our time of events going on -- > very long. ahead, helpduce waste on the planet whilerinking wine at the same time? huh. doing something good while drinking wine? w we're showing you how. we know is important. sleep two new reasons to optimize your shut a shuteye. >> usually if i'm drinking wine, i'm anxious to hear the story. showers across the mountains of west virginia. there could be a few drops on earli'morning plans. earli'morning plans. let you know whether
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last years' ad campaign earli'morning plans. let you know whether was a success for
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more and more americans are trying to find ways to cut back on waste. th mement is now extending to the alcohol business. an oregon winery has just become the first in the country to utilize the reusable wine bottle. cooper'sall winery is using reusable beer bottles instead. the donors have long made it a priority to stay gre and atgured that many people wouldn't care wh bottle the wine came in. the bottles are sold, and when the customer returns it, it's refilled. it can be used 25 times before it needs to be replaced and only costs $12 apiece. >> if you're drunk, you don't care. from wine bottles to airplanes. united airlines has launched the most eco-iendly flight oits kind. the flight for the planet left chicago it's the fst plane to utilize aviation biofuel and have zero
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cabin waste. it leads to a 60% reduction of greenhouse cass gas compared to tradional fuel. it will reduce the carbon footprint by 5 by 2050. you've heard virginia is for eslovers. >> y. the iconic campaign is celebrati 50 years. molette green with details on the summer of love tour. >> reporter: first stop on the summer of love tour, hillsborough, known as hillsborough in the gap because it's situated in the gap of the shorthill mountains. only 120 people call the town home. withto its old s schoolhouse that was once one of the first s public schooin town. now sving as town hall and venue of the 50th anniversary tour of the iconic virginia is for lovs ad campaign. one of the most successful in
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history. and you're invited to a woodstock-themed party here. >> we thk hillsboro's the best lace to start because it contains the ingredients that make virginia for ladies. >> reporter: lady and michael oxman etched forever. >> love at first >> report: married 50-plus years, their love fills eve room of this historic home that's right on the main street filled with 18th and 19th century architecture. >> for 55 ye ls, iove what you do, i love what you are, i guess that's love. >> it's more than lust now. it's so much. it's -- we're together. we're one person. we're best friends. >> that is very sweet. >> yeah. molette will join us live in the next hour from the first stop on the summer of love tour there in loudoun county. ook forward tothat.
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>> i love that we're callg it the "summer of love tour." clever. >> listen much more humid this morning. >> oh, yeah. >> i'm concerned fo all the people -- washington. you know that. >> yes. we had such refreshing days the beginninof the week. >> we sure did. at e time i told you needed to enjoy it. what did you do? iyou complain was too cold. not., i did i enjoyed it. >> you're right, humidity is back. it's coming with a lite chance for some rain today. not an all-day washout, but yout could gained on one or two or ever three diffent times during the course of your thursday. keep the umbrella yohandy. could need it at just about any time. 72 now in washington. so noticeably warmer and noticeably more humid air has moved in. 66 now in howard county. 75 in annapolis. 70 in leesburg. 68 up in beautifulin maurg, west virginia. here's the planner for your thursday. lots of clouds here this morning. just enough sunshine late morning into the early afternoon
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to get temperatures up into the mid 80s today. enough warmth and humidity later in the day to maybe bubble up another chance for a shower a thunderstorm. concerning your weekend forecast, i still really like your friday and satday outdoor plan chances. but tsarea of deep tropical moisture down here across parts of the deep south, texas, louisiana coast, that's essentially lying in wait. it's going to arrive at some point probably later in the day sunday. it could get herei a lttle earlier than that. a lot of uncertainty in the second half of your weekend forecast. this morning, there are op raindrmoving on to i-81 here in frederick county, virginia, now. these are going almost straight east. leesburg, poolesville, germantown, you could get showers over the next hour or two. nothing all that happy, a couple of raindrops, a rumble or two of thunder. we break out into breaks of sunshine in e morning unt lunchtime. that heating leads to another chance for a passing thundershower later in the day. not a riskr severe weather today, but a rumble or two of
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t cnder can't beompletely ruled out during the early afternoon into the evening hours. tomorrow, partly to mostly loudy, but no rain to worry about on yourfriday. i think most of us stay dry saturday, too. that's good news for the capital pride parade saturday afternoon 30after 4: in northwest washington. however, the festival on i've got a 60% chance for rain sunday. we could potentially hold it off until later in the day. but melissa, any dry hours on suay, that's living on borrowed time. >> thank you. taking aook at eastbound 66 near nutley, a lane blocked. this is the closest camera. and right now we have po ce activity just blocking one lane. we're seeing the tiniest bit of a slowdown on the map. dunn loring, outer loop near leburg pike, two right lanes that get by. iamsville, an accident cleared out of the way. traveling 270 from 70 to the spur, 69 miles per hour. going to take you 26 minutes.
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eun? >> thank you. well, we're all after the same thing -- a good night's sleep. >> ahead, two more reasons why you'll want to try your hardest to hit the hay. and later on el"n," "modern family's" eric stonestreet stops by. catch it at 3:00. then stick arnd for news4 at of savings and service.
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welcome back. we are working 4 your health this morning withnews of
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potential relief for anybody who suffers from clusters headaches. they are recurring, intense heaa ins that can happen several times a dayduring a cluster period and go on for several weeks. the fda approved the first druge to treat tcondition. the drug is an injectable treatment and will be administered once a month for the length of the cluster period. the same drug is already approesd to treat migrain and cost about $6,9 00 a >>year. > children and teens who take dietary supplements lose or gain weight may be doing serious harm to their bodies. that's according to a new harvard study. researchers looked at the effects of weight loss and muscle-building supplements. they found that supplements were lingered to nearly triple the risk of serious health problems when compared to vitamins. the study didn't say what those health issues are, but previous study linked supplements to ssues includingiver and kidney damage, strokes, and
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heart problems. those are some serious issues there. eyou always want to ch with your doctor before you give your ild anything -- good advice. two more reasons to keep a consistent sleep schedule.ud >> two sties shedding light on e importance of sleep. women's om brigham and hospital in boston. it says that people who do not keep a consistent bedti a wake up routine face a higher risk for obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol. 2,000 men and women were monitored for six years as a part of the study. it foun that for every hour of variation in a person's sleep schedule, their risk of a type of metabolic disorder increased by 27%. >> not good news for us. >> i have a -- my routine stays the same. just not the sleep. >> ri t. >> if that wasn't enough reason to stick to a sleep school, how about this -- >> researchers at arizona state found this a bad night's sleep could cause an immediate spike in blood pressure. he people who took part in t study were found to see an increase during the night of
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the bad sleep and the next day. every single day i feel like there is somethin about how sleep -- i know it, i know sleep is critical. it's as criticals drinking water and eating food. >> or moren some cases, right. you just have to do it, you know. you sedule everything else, schedule that. >> uh-huh. all right. here's somebody who will be getting plenty of sleep over the next few months. meet newborn anne-marie. she was just 20 minutes old when she et a new record she became the youngest person ever to fit in the stanley cup. how about that? her parents are big st. louis blues fans. o to pull the record -- >> this is the best thing -- >> the cup was brought to the hospital. 4 andmarie was born at 10 placed in the cup at 10:24. >> those are true fans.o ut of the womb, into the cup. yhe beat the previousecord holder, a famil member of a chicago blackhawks executive. welcome to the world, ne
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anarie. have to be a blues fan now. >> a lot of coordination. a plan to keep an invasive bug from spreading. lantern flies can ruin crops and destroy y.r garden what homeowners are being asked to do w. p plus, president trumis changing the way washington, d.c., celebrates theth of july. we have new details about his vision for the holiday. time for your dog-walking forecast. cute little jasper, a 2-year-old yorkshire terrier with special needs because jasper woke up blind about a year or so ago. perfectly friendly. sweet little dog here, but has special needs because he's not able to see. be a perfect little pet, though, and a little cuddle buddy. watch for a few chances for rain watch for a few chances for rain this morninand this afternoon.
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z388qz z16fz y388qy y16fy we begin with a live look from normandy, france, june 6th, d-day. coming up, more on the ceremonies overseas and those here at home. h backe in our area, we're still waiting for the sun to
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come up. it could be blocked out today by some clouds and rain. ood morning, everyone, 4: now. i'm aaron gilchrist. yang.m eun we have a lot of news to get ton this morng. first we want to prepare you for your trip to work and school. melissa mollet is tracking first 4 traffic for you. >> meteorologist chuck bell is in the storm 4 team weather center, in the studio actually, with a look at the forecast -- >> no matter wherehe am, t forecast is the same. 4 things to know about the forecast forred to -- a couple of rain chances for today, a few showers coming along first thing. breaks of sunshine from aboutre coffee until just after lunch. a warm and humid afternoon coming our way. and a possibility of a stray rumble or two of thunder later into the afternoon. no severe weather expect e ded today. we'll have severe weather in the afternoon. overnight rumbles in the mountains of west virginia. what's left is mving into the northern shenandoah valley.


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