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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  June 7, 2019 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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and at ikea, we believe that letting go can be hard, but not pricey. what's going on now? wait! go back! water wo. a i water main break blasts the side of a local town home shattering windows and tearing apart walls. we show the damage left behind. off the field. neck deep in controversy, a celebrated local football coach accused of domestic assault. ts morning, news4 is hearing from his attorney. n andeed a lift? a popur ride-sharing appun annos pickup by helicopter. it is 5:00 a.m., good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm erika gonzalez in for eun
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yang. we'll start with melissa mollet and traffic. >> we'll begin with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> most of us will getth away w a nice day, not too hot, not too humid. 4 things to know -- not much sunshihe,a i little , little there. more sunshine the further north you go. frederick, maryland, will get ns more sune than fredericksburg, virginia, will. rain chances stay mainly south t of the wash metro area. fredericksburg, southern maryland, maybe a drop. touched 90 yesterday at national owrport. those 90s are in the rearview mirror. unfortunately the rain chance for sunday is looking high ier d higher all the time. friday, mid to upper 60s in the shenandoah valley, low 70s in the nearby suburbs. mid 70sng from washin through route 50 to bowie and the bay. there you can see the rain bottled up just down to the south. the sorthernmost drop now are still south og. fredericksbur that's a little bit of good news. reur friday planner then, your commute, not ally a big impact
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fromayain that's always good news. temperates this afternoon in the low to mid 80s. l closerok at the weekend coming up. >> thank you, chuck. a look now through prince george's county. everythinb looking good iound on indian head ohio, branch avenue, pennsylvania avenue, no big issues. the earlier problems northbound on 210 near wilson bridge drive has cleared out of the way. inner loop, outer loop of the beltway, everything is nice and clear there, as well. no further roadwork. i mention this, just if you're headed northbound, pretty far on bw parkway, near 175, eill have theft lane as the only thing getting by. there is a delay there. northbound, southbound, 95 in rything , route 129, e looking good. no major issues. northbound route 1 before glebe road in arlington, right lane still getting by the police activity. aaron? all right. thank you. 5:02. we're followingwsreaking nen new york city this morning. nbc news has confirmed that the fbi is questioning a man for allegedly planning to set off i explosions times square. the fbi is not identifying the
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man and says he her been und surveillance for some time. we're told there is no imminent threat to times square, but the threat is being taken seriously. e'll have a live report from new york city in our next half hour. is. take a look at a water main break caused a pretty powerful geyser to hit several homes in gaithersburg. the water was eventually turned off but not before serious damage. news4's justin finch joins us at the brassy way complex with more on this. justin? >> reporter: that's right. good morning. we are seeing still lots of mud and mess out here on the ground. take a look at the ground, alla thud down there, wet spots still. you look up at the townhouse the, you can see right inside the windows, blasted by the force of the water yesterday. as you saw there, montgomery county firefighters caught it all on camera here. let's take another look. this happened close to 7:00 p.m. yesterday when a townhouse community off the 9600 block of brassy way, near montgomery
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village avenue, that water not only spewing just water but also debris like rocks and bits of the parking lot here, as well. aiming it right at that townhouse there. it wasas blted. now deemed uninhabitable. and others nearby the house had to be evacuated, as well. we had chopper 4 fly up over th scene, tood get a look at what was happening on the ground. as you can see, the large hole there in the parking lot, just full of water. the good news here is that no on wasl hurt in al this luckily. as we come back live, another good look at the damage to this one home here. as you can see again, looking riht inside, all of those windows blasted out due to the power of this water. as we come back down here to the ground, again, mud here on the ground. that big hole here has been plugged up behind me over here. that's some good news here, too. the red cross is now working to sist families that had to be
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evacuated from these homes. three units have been affected here. ut the water service is back on. wssc saying that water main has been repaired this morning. we're live here in montgome county, i'm justin finch, news4. back to you. all right. thank you. developing this morning, a well-known high school football coach is on leave. accused of domestic violence. >> pats cilento has coached many at the school in potomac. his wife said he shoved herng durioncrete stairs during an argument in their home last sunday. she allegedly suffered scrapes, soreness, and a bruised knee. montgomery county police responded to the home after the argument but did not arrest cilento. his wife later filed charges on her own. his attorney say he is innocent. >> my client did not assault his wife and did not engage in any act of domestic violence. >> cilento has bonded out jail. now to our continui
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coverage of the death of three inamericans the dominican republic. rince george's county couple and another woman died while on vacation at theeame rsort last thmonth. morning dominican authorities insist the island is safe for tourists. >> the public -- >> that was the minister of tourism speaking yesterday giing an update on the investigation. he said that while they believe nathaniel holmes and cynthia day died of respiratory failure, they are still waiting on the toxicology reports to come back. those results willake at least a month. respiratory failure was also the cause of death listed for miranda schaup-werner. she died five days before the couple. police say the cas are not connected. ig last nht a memorial was held for the 12 people killed in the virginia beach shooting a week ago. ♪ >> city, state, and other
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leaders gathered to honor the victims of last friday's mass shooting. virginia governor ralph northam said it's important for the community to continue supporting the families of the 12 victims. >> there will come aay when the investigations are done, when this tragedy is no longer front-page news, when mny of us will be able to continue with our daily lives. but it won't be done for those families. >> investigatoha still don't e a motive for the workplace shooting. the gunmanas shot and killed by police. developg this morning, we hope to learn more about a crash that killed a west point cadet and injur20 more than others near a training site in upstate new york yesterday morning. the cadets were in a five-ton tactical vehicle when it flipped over. the cad whoha died not been
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identified yet. two peopleer recovg after a plane crash in frederick county, maryland. we have chopper 4 over the scene at municipal airport yesterday. a student pilot was flying when the plane hit construction equipment and flipped on its roof. a flight intrucktor was on board at the time. both are expected to be okay. meanwhile, fiber officials believe a -- fire officials believe a house was intentionally burned in this thund places inside and home. outside the building that indicate this may be a case of arson. >> we have an arsonist out there. we'd like to make sure that we e ve them to keep our streets safe. >> good news here is that nobody was hurt. investigators hope tips from the public will help lead to an arrest. > 5:08. after a day spenton hing the thousands of soldiers, sailors, and airmen who gave their lives ones the beach of normandy on
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d-day 75s year ago, president trump is headed back to washington today. he joined other wld leaders in telling the veterans your example will never, ever grow hold, your legend will never tire. the president didn't only have words for veterans of world war ii but forhe speaker ofouse nancy pelosi yesterday. during an interview with laura ingram taped before his appearce at the d-day edremony, president trump la out at the special counsel, robert mueller, and at speaker pelosi responding to a comment that she made behind closed doors telling other democrats she'd like to see the president behind bars. >> she made such a fool out of herself. i call her nervous nancy. nancy doesn't talk about it -- nancy pelosi's a disaster. she's a disaster. think they're in big trouble. >> pelosi indicates she wants the president prosecuted after he leaves office. a growing number of democrats are calling for an impeachment inquiry. it's off to 60 machines of the
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-- it's upo t 60 members of the house. the commissionhairman is asked to a that a ethics investigation into councilman jack evanse made public to according wtop. evans serves as the metro board chair but plans to step down soonat the investigion into him was opened after he was accuse of using his position for personal gain. the investigation was ultimately closed, and metro did not take any formal action against him. . however, the d.c. council reprimanded evans, and he remains under federal . investigation some people are concerned about a proposal to allow convicted felons who are still in jail the righ to vo in the district. many d.c. leaders support this plan. d.c. mayor bowser has previously signaled support. but an advisory neighborhood commissioner confronted the mayor at a news conference recently. she wanted to know if it's a good idea to let murderers vote. should killed a child, you have the right to vote?
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no. you're a murderer. you killed a child. >> mayor bowser would not say whether violent criminals should be allowed pr vote from on. we asked d.c. comelean -- council member eleanor holmes mariner and sheupports the proposal. y > it iscapital pride weekend. folks are celebrapping open a cold one. >> for the third year in a row, you can show your support by sipping on the pride pilsner. >> congratulations. >> more than 28,000 cans are being sold across the dmv, and it's all for a good cause. all the proceeds benefit the foundation run by "washington blade" and the smile foundation which supports and mentors young lgbtq advocates and leaders. >> i think it sends a message to young queer people that there's a member out here who loves you and supports you. that's a message that they don' heavery day. >> mixed with the beer'sl
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colorfulcolor colorful label is a darker reality. there's 27 purple pansies representing the 27 transgender deaths since 2018. the designer tells news4 it was important toat illuse both pride and pain within the lgbtq community. the capital pride parade is set for tomorrow. and along with the festivities will be many road closures in and around dupont circle. here's a map of the parade route for you.o it's going t start at p and 21st streets in northwest at 4:30. the mile and a half route will end about three ho s later at 14th and r streets northwest. nbc 4 and telemundo 44 will take part. we hope to see you at the events on saturday and sunday. ahead, new science revealing the unexpected bons between humans and dogs. plus, there's uber x and uber black and uber po, but would you take uber helicopter? we'll tell you y that may soon be an option. chuck >> it's not going to be cheap i suspect. if you're going to come down to
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w,in us for the capital pride parade tomorro it starts at 4:30. great weather for the parade. not too sunny, not too hot, and no real serious threat for rain. unfortunately, sunday for the festival, rain chances increase with time. we're the ofowskys. we like dripe, layovers- -and waiting on hold. what we don't like is relying
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on fancy technology for help. snail mail! we were invited to a y2k party... uh, didn't that happen, like, 20 years ago? oh, look, karolyn, we've got a mathatician on our hands! check it out! now you can schedule a callback or reschedule an appointment,o evnights and weekends. today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'd rather not.
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we can uber as a ride-share company with cars. now it's adding helicopter service. uber copter willtrrovide nsportation from lower manhattan to jfk airport for about $225 per person. that includes car service to and from the helipad at each end. but not ju anybody is going to be able to order the uber cockpiter when it starts-
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copter when it starts. you'll need to be a platinum or diamond member of uber rewards. that's the airline-style rewards program the company launched last year. >> i think that's reasonable, $225 and you get car service before and after, somemes it confederates costs $50 to get from here to -- >> if you can afford that, you probably don't need your driv will take you to the airport to get on your private plane. new concerns about facial recognitiontechnology. >> we use racial recognition to unlock our phones, use it in social media. there are other potential uses of the data that thousands opted in out of default. the fbi says its use of th technology is sides.
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advocates argue there's little transparency about what data is collected and how it's being used. many are concerned about hacking because facialn' features havet be changed like a password can. some pleasant tunes could go a long way in helping cancer e'tients. thers a study in taiwan that had breast cancer patilits en to music for a half hour five times a week. the music atlanta reduced the severity of -- musicerapy reduced the severity of symptoms within a few weeks. the patient's physic and mental fatigue improved right away. andtr beingsed out can take a toll on your dog. searchers in sweden followed a few dozen people and their dofo r a year and found that when owners had elevated stress hormones, the dogs did, too. female dogs had thespiggest rese. publish person -- personalitied mattered as well. theor finding are me evidence of the strong bond between dogsnd
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l hu -- and their humans. >> you have a couple of pups. >> i always tell people when they -- a stranger will want to meet the dog. isabella is over here looking for squirrels. she's perfectl friendly but not interested in people. lou on the other hand wants to say hi to everybody. i tell young kids especially dogs are a mirror. if you run up to the dog super excited, that's gong to get the dog all excited and start running around. you want to put him, nice and easy, come up and touch them dogs very much reflect the energy that you give them. >> huh. >> all right. >> lesson learnat. wbout the weather? >> or keep kibble in your pocket. that's the way mine are, anyway, very treat otivated. it is a cloudy start here on a friday. but you know, it's friday, nightclub the -- nonetheless. temperatures at or below averagr fo the next couple of days. that's alwa t welcome hear. actually made it to 90 yesterday at natnal airport. dn't get that high at bwi marshall or dulles. 90 yesterday. down to 74 now.
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67 in manassas. 64 in winchester. and 64 in front -- 63 in front royal. 68 up the road in hagestown. aftoon temperatures in the low 1wr80s for most of the regi. that's cool, stable air coming off the atlantic. that should help reduce chancesn from waon north. look at the deep pool of moisture lying in wait for the second half of our weekend. right now, the northernmost drops are headed toward the northern neck and could grave the southern tip of st. mary's county over thext little while. all dry around the area. i think that's the way it will stay most of the day. future weather has a little opportunity for a stray shower or two. culpeper, fredericksburg, charlottesville, southern maryland, most of that should o stay south the washington area. this complete model hints that there could be a few drops as far north aotentially dulles airport today before it drifts back away. for tomorrow, look at this -- dry weather all through t course of your saturday.
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but here's sunday morning. chances for rain creeping in first new england on snday and rain -- first thing on sunday and rain likely on sund afternoon. once the rain gets here sunday, it is here for a while. all of sunday night, monday, and tuesday, all likely to be rain. enjoy the dry weather for today and tomorrow. the latest forecast, melissa, always available on our nbc washington app. thank you, chuck. right now,brand-new problem in leesburg. eastbound 7, eastbound 9 i should say at 7, right lane is blocked by police activity. doesn't seem to be slowing things too much. wanted toimention arlington, northbound route 1 before glebe, right lane getting by police activity there. 66 inbound looks good. so does 95 northbound. no big worries. inner loop, outer loop of the beltway, everything there is rolling along quite nicely this morning. a reminder that at northbound bw parkway near 175, if you're headed that far north on bw parkway, still have the worth just the left
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whether e weekend brings rain or shine, there are a lot of events going on inside and outside of the d.c. region. >> news4's tommy mcfly shows what's up for your weekend.
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>> reporter: here's to pride, jazz, and adult apple cider. i'm tommy mcfly with what's on tap for your weekend. first, thd.c. youth orchestra will be performing a live, free concert on the steps of the lincoln memorial. that happens saturday rain or shine at 6:30. the d.c. jazz st currently making beautiful music on four stages on the wharf in southwest d.c., and they're bringing the music, echoing to all eight wards with jazz in the hood.i this cool because they are makingnyazz available on so ma stages at so many venues, with many free concerts in all eight wards of the district. alexandria, you're getting your first cidery, like a niewery where they make cider. lost boy cidery is this weekend with two days, tomorrow and sunday, noon to 9:00. plenty of activities, food, fun, music, and of course a first taste of alexandria's own cider. >> our grand opening this weekend will include six ciders on tap. they range idry varieties that include strawberry and basil, ginger and lemongrass, fresh
5:25 am
organic lemons infuse into cider, and of course our comeback kid cider iour dry varietal that we're proud of. >> our focus is to make sure that you taste every single ingredient that we actually use. just the true, raw like the freshest form of the ingredient. >> reporter: fun fact, they use all virginia apples. and capital pride has a parade on saturday, festival on sunday. please say hi. nbc 4 and telemundo 44 families wilanbe out showing support making some noise. we'll see you out there with news 'm tommy mcfly, that's what's up for your weekend. >> went ahe and put the times and and more information on our nbc washington app. search "the scene." it is 5:25 right now. i think that's what it is. >> yep. >> all new, these bills sure
5:26 am
ok like real money, but they are fakes. w we'rerking 4 you to find out where the 20s are showing up and how to spot one. hundreds of thousands on medicare are getting bills for premiums they thought they paid. it isn't a scam. we're going to tell you what the social security administration says you should do. and good morning, everyone. the weekend well here. a lot of folks do their gardening over the weekends. i suggest you get it done on saturday. rain chances are going up, up, up as we get into sunday. you can stop slugs and snails from feeding on your hostas and dahlias by using an ironph phate and organic pet-friendly slug bait. nobody wants the slugs. the forecast coming up.
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a possible terror plot stopped. what a man is accused of doing in times square. a liom report cg up. parents suspected of lying to their children could have a freeducation. how moms and dads allegedly
5:30 am
tricked d.c. public schools. and slow down or get pulled over. the two local roads that are part of a multistate traffic crackdown. 5:30 right now. you first lady to the end of the work -- you made it to the end of the workweek.he we'll get to sunrise happening here. looking ahead to work and school d,and the week as well. clouds will play a big part i l nonetheless. >> true. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm in forn eun we want to start with melissa mollet and chuck bell. >> cluck, what do you >> a lot of clouds this morning. don't plan on a bright blue, sunny sky for like most of j got to en for part of yesterday. this morning clouds have realed in. b beautiful bit of color. sunrise still at 15 minutes away, but already a nice splash of maienta in our-- magenta in
5:31 am
our store. 4 things to know -- any rain chances today i think will be from washington southbound. dry weather for most outdoor plans tomorrow including the pride parade in washon. sunday, rain moving in during the day. if it's not raining when you wake up sunday, it will be raining beforeou go to bed sunday evening. temperatures this morning on your friday now, 60s in the shenandoah valley,low 70s in and around the city. planning out your friday, at this f day. low chances of rain. fredericksburg into southern maryland, a couple of raindrops southof fredericksburg now. that's pretty much where they're going to stay. we'll be keeping you posted. i'll show future weather and talk about the weeke forecast coming up. melissa? all right. thank you. taking a look at your first 4 traffic, leesburg, two problein virginia. first, eastbound 7, eastbound 9, i keep doing that, eastbound 9 at 7, right lane blocked bypo ce activity. the rest of the area looking okay.
5:32 am
northbound route 1, right lane getting by the police activity. 66, 95 no issues. slow northbound through odbridge on i-95. but that's very normal for this time of day. jessup, we had a problem at the bwparkway with the leftane getting by the work zone near 173. that's cleared. good newsthere. the outer loop and inner loop rolling along nicely. haaaron? >> t you. take a look at all that water. you got to feel for folks who live here in gaithersburg. a water main break happthed under e parking lot of a townhouse complex on brassy way last night. >> look at the intense wit which it's coming out there. the water was shooting right into several homes. three families to find someplace else to stay. justin finch joins us live from what was an imprevssive scene last night. >> reporter: what a mess that was. we know that three of those three residents living in these town homes here had to be put in anoer place to sleep tonight
5:33 am
because there was so much going opt the homes sdroiped by the blas blast. you see montgomery fire there. this wase 9600 block of brassy way off montgomery village avenue here. this is nonstop water that opened from the parking lot and sent all of that blasting these homes here. again, residents of o threef these twousz here had to be evacuated. others nearbyeeere dmed to be okay. we hadpp cho 4 come out over here to get a look at this from the a. looking down at the ground. you see a big hole in the parking lot. filled with water. residents re watching this all happen. watching the cleanup, as well. the water was shut off for hours as wssc was able to make repairs
5:34 am
here. as we in back out here live, you can see with the sunlight how bad this really is. the winws on two levels of this townhouse here haveen completely blasted out. you can see inside, we can tell you this unit has been deemed unsafe again. two hours have, as well. some good news this morning is that water has beenre resto the line has now been fixed. progress being madeerut long for those directly impacted by the big accident yesterday. we're live in montgomery county, justin finch, news4. back to you. >> thank you. 5:34. breakin o news in ourer top stories. nbc news has learned from multiple law enforcement sources that federal instigators have narrowed in on a man accused of wanting to set off an explosive in times square. two sources say the man has been taken in for questioning. 're told there is no threat to times square. we'll have a live report in 15 minutes.
5:35 am
the head football at the bull is school is accused of mestic violence. pat cilento is charged with shoving his wife down con detroistairs during an -- concrete stairs during an argument. she allegedly suffered a scrape, soreness, and aruised kne he's been placed on leave from the school. it could be a month before the toxicology reports for a couple who died in the dominican republic are available. nathaniel holmes and cynthia day died of respiratory failure in their hoteloo r last night. let officials want to know whether the coup took medications. respiratory failure was also caused as the -- also listed as the cause of death for another woman who died at a resort. they say the cases are not connected. this morning, more parents are accused of lying about where they live so their kids can go to school for free in the district. according to the attorney general, six maryland parents owe a total of $320,000 in
5:36 am
unpaid tuition, damages, and fines. the parents face lawsuits that claim they alleged lie lied about their residency so -- allegedly lie ed about their reserdeniesy to avoid paying for education. last year suits were filed s against ix parents accused of faking their residency to send their kids to prestigious d.c. schoore. we' working 4 you with a warning about fake money fleet floating around st. mary's county. the sheriff's office is investigating cases where money used in movies is being used to buy items that are for sale on line. investigators say the buyer will meet the seller and instead of paying with real money, they're using these fake bills. if you are meeting somebody to sell or purchase something, you don't want to do in a secluded area. you want to go to someplace that's very public and whereth ere's some surveillance cameras. >> the measles epidemic is getting worse. another case has hit our area. health officials say a child hac contrd the virus in another country arrived the region
5:37 am
last week and visited several public places. the child was in terminal a and the baggage area at dulles airport from 5:30 tot 8:30 las sunday. later the child went to the emergency room at haymarket medical center and left early the next morng. en on tuesday, the child was in the waiting area and the e.r. at inova fair oaks hospital inx fairfaom 3:00 to 5:30 p.m. now measles isy hig contagious, and it spreads through the air. symptoms for any exposed people could develop as late as june 25th. look for things like a high fever, cough, runny nose, or a rash on the face a body. measles is easily preventable with the mmr vaccine. it is safe and effective. if you're not yvaccinated,ou could be at risk. today state police and highway patrol agencies are stepping up their patrols this weekend. nine states including maryland, virginia, and west virginia are edrticipating in the three-day operation call border to border. officers will concentrate their
5:38 am
efforts on route d15 an route 17 because they want to prevent traffic accidents. as the summer travel season begins. st year more than 1,000 drivers were ticketed for speeding. and 19 people were arrested for dui. 5:38. coming up, prince's music lives on. new tell you about the music coming today from the late singer's archives. at comcast, we didn't build the nation's largest gig-speed network just to make businesses run faster. we built it to help them go bend. because beyond risk... welcome to the neighborhood, guys. there is reward. ♪ ♪ beyond work and life... who else could he be? there is the moment. t beyondechnology...
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there is human ingenuity. ♪ ♪ every day, comcast business is helping businesses go beyond the expected, to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond.
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when you donate clothes, you often don't find out where they end up or who they endp helping. but tonight we're going to introduce you to a northern an virginia orgation that gives a name and a story to every person receiving a donated piece of clothing. wo n giving back all about women helping other women. they believe that every woman and child deserves the basics in the life. the clothes provide a little fun in otherwise tough situations. >> she asked plea about myself.
5:41 am
she made me feel at ease and made me feel welcome. and she wted to help me. and that's exactly what i needed. >> reporter: don't miss the story tonight on news4t 5:00 p.m. now to aocial security error affecting thousands this morning. we're learning close to 250,000 medicare recipients are getting bills for as many as five months of premiums. the social security administration is calling this a processing error. apparently in january it did not deduct premiums from some seniors' social security checks and didn't pay the insurance proper deductions are expected to be back on track by next month, and we're toldrs custome will receive bills for unpaid premiums and can set up payment plans if they can't afford to pay the amount tright. you ever have to fly with omebody who can't get the door on time? >> uh-huh. >> this becomes a problem for a lot of people. a big debate in a lot of times
5:42 am
apparently. news4 heard fromam some fies where the spouses sometimes take separate cars because they want to be a little extreme. >> not paying extra money for your tardiness. >> there aregi psycholosts who have commented on thy. tay it's not that the early airport ariver is any different than the person who gets to the airport at the lastonsecd. we are all just coping with the anxiety of a stressful situation like flying in different ways. >> i so many isthes wi this. my husband does this all the time. >> you hate to be the last one at the gate, rushing through the airport. you break a sweat coming through security -- >> you don't know what the ecurity lines are going to be tke, much less if you're traveling around holiday, you want to make a bathroom stop, get some water or a salad before you get on the plane. i don't want to start vacation -- >> you've thought deeply abo this. >> my fugher ta me, if you're early, you're on time, if you're on time, you're late, and
5:43 am
the plane isn't going to wait for you chuck? >> take that that, late traveling. they will shut the boarding door in your face. >> there you go. with a smile. this dg-walking forecast forecast. this 6-year-old adult dog -- you can tell by the look on his face, he's exted to have aew home go. to the humane rescue alliance hayo name your own adoption fee. if you think he's worth $1 mil million, give $1 million. if he's worth a buck, give them a buck. the ten-day forast coming u ecp.
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turning to politics now, as president trump returns home from the u.k. a ireland this morning, there is gowing tension here in washington. >>there is a threat of tariffs in mexico and a war of words between the president and house speaker nancy pelosi. tracie potts now live from capitol hill. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, good morning, everyone. the president calls pelosi a disaster. shesays instead of people etch -- i'm peaching him she'd rather see him in jail. the president heads back from europe, landing in the united states this morning. th the middle of the negotiat n negotiations wiexico they're trying to figure out if there's a way to work things out so that the president c get rid of the 5% tariffs he wants to impose on monday. as of now no indication that those tariffs will be removed.
5:47 am
back to you. >> thanks. t we turno the breaking news we've beenr following fom times square in new york. multiple law enforcement sources tell nbc news a man is being questioned for alleged bomb plot. >> katherine craig with the latest for us fromim t square. good morning. >> reporter: good morning from times square. one of the busiest and most popular places in the borld. we'ng told a man being questioned wanted to set off an explosive device here in times square. look at this video. as many of us know, times square is always heavily protected by the new yor cityolice department.w re hearing from law enforcement sources that's man who is being questioned was under surveillance for some time and was closely monitored by authorities. investigators tell us he discussed with others how he wanted to set off an explosive device in times square. people visiting here this morning are alarmed by the
5:48 am
latest news, but they tell ust won't stop them from visiting this area. let's take a listen. >> it shouldn't stop you from wanting to go out and doing the normal thing. s you can'ty inside the entire time. be aware. >> people like to put fear into other people. we can't live our lives that way. >> reporter: in this latest investigation we're told there is no imminent threat to times square. but law enforcement kiinvestigators are tang the alleged threats by this man who's being questioned, taking them very seriously. reporting live, i'm katherine craig, back to you. >> thank you so much. 5:48. developing this morning, a d.c. firefighter who was severely injured on the job is now the city. back in august of 2017, dane smothers jr. was hit by a ladder truck. he said his colleagues intentionally hit him to avoid striking another truck. he suffered numerous injuries including having am lung reoved
5:49 am
and part of his skull was crushed. we spoke with hem last year about the incident. >> waking in pain every day. i'm living with. this i don't feel i did anything wrong. hrwasn't driving the truck. i didn't run tgh the street. i don't feel that i did anything wrong. >> smothers filed a multimillion dollar ding to the suit, he was safe because of un-- he was hit because of unsafe training. there were problems with the way the fire trucks were positioned. d.c. fire referred questions l about thesuit to the d.c. ttorney general. good morning, caught on camera. d.c. police need help identifying an instrument thief. if look at the surveillance video, you see somebody kind of cruching down there low. somebody broke into the middle c music store along wisc avenuest in northwe d.c. police say the crook stole aut fl and a saxophone. if you recognize them, call d.c. wpolice. are learning more about a deadly shooting in the district. police say 39-year-old bruce
5:50 am
gilmore was shot and killed wednesdayn 22 street in southeast. not long after, gilmore died. a teenager showed up at a -- excuse me not long after he died, a teenager showed up at the hospital with a gunshot wound, but they are expected to be okay. right now investigators do not have much to go on. people at the shooting sce did not offer much help. police are offering a $2 at,000 reward to -- $25,000 reward to hanybody that leads tem to the shooter. 5:50. a wel football coach is on leaved accuseof domestic violence. >> pat cilento has coached the redskins top draft pick dwayne haas kins in potomac. megan mcgrath is live w th details on the allegations. megan? >> reporter: well, good morning. coach patrick cilento is on administrative leave, accused of pushing his wife down a set of concrete stairs. now sillento toll plaza's atey says -- cilento's attorney says
5:51 am
his client is innocent and is going to fight tha es. cilento is a well-known football coach at the bullis school in potomac. according to documents heot into an argument with his wife at their home on sunday. he sellingsedly pushed her -- h allegedly pushed her down the stairs. police were called but did not make an arrest. his wife later filed a complaint on her own, and a commissioner issued an arrest warrant. cilento's attorney says her client has been wrongly cused. >> any allegations of domestic violence are sensitive and serious. my client did not assault his rival and did not engage in -- assault his wife and did not engage in any act of domestic violence. >> reporter: coach cilento has beenharged with second-degree assault. again, the school has placed him on administrative leave. back to you. >> megan mcgrath, thank you. 5:51. bent to turn to the weather. chuck , you noted the fact
5:52 am
that we hadn't had a 90 in the forecast -- we hit there yesterday, right? >> touched it yesterda only at one of our three airports. that's it. yeah. >> it felt pretty good for early june. >> i would agree. and there's no 90s in the ten-day forecast. i'll share the whole ten day with you in a second. right now, your friday morning, your tgif is underway. skies are -- sort of depends are where you live. there are clearer skies up to the north and cloudier to the you see these skies are clear. there's the clouds there, a little bit on the southern side of our camera view. 74 here in washington now. mostly 70s around town. there are plenty of 60s to be ec found esplly in the shenandoah valley this morning. down into parts of central virginia. evrthern montgomery county up to frederick, maryland, all below 70 to get the day started. school days are getting fewer and fewer as we get closer to summer vacation. today's school day forecast, no weather worries. there's a tiny chance for a few showers the farther
5:53 am
are living or traveling today. look at all the rain bottled up just to the south and west. the whole swirl, this is all going to be throng 19-our direction. -- throwing moisture in our direction. today isn't pbad, tomorrow's pretty good. the weather is comingsomewhere early part of the day sunday. by sunday night, it's going to be raining hard. radar, most of the drops to the south. only an isolated chance of showers before rain chances ramp up. here's future weather. by 7:00 tonight notice the rain still bottled up to the south tomorrow it stays. basically if you're driving to richmond, roanoke, or lynchburg it will be raining tomorrow, but not here. as w get into saturday eervenin, still dry. sunday morning, here it comes. by sunday evening, off it goes. it will rain here starting sometime on sunday and probably won't end until later in the day tuesday. could get a couple of inches of rain out of that. it will keep us out of the 90s, though. low to mid 80s today and
5:54 am
tomorrow without too much rain. pretty rainy later sunday, monday, tuesday. again, look, no 90s on the ten day. i'm loving it. falls church, inner loop after 66. right now we have blocked two left main lanes and right express lanes. this is a crash there. we'll get more notion that one and hopefully a live picture coming up. silver spring, southbound new hampshire avenue. the ramp to the inner loop. left sde of the road gets by the broken down tractst-trailer. ju the left side. lorton after 95, woodbridge, an oversized vehicle blocked. 66 miles per hour on 270 southbound, the top of the 2000 looking great on -- top of the beltway looking great on270. turn to wtop when you hop in your car. happening today the start of the fifa ldwomen's wup in france. first match set for this
5:55 am
afternoon between france and south korea. a reminder, you can watch all the action of this year's tournament o our sister station, telemundo 4.4 also today a huge rival he match between twoif the bggest names in tennis rafael nadal and roger federer face off in the french open semifinals. the winner goin on to the final round. today's match starts in about an hour. >> reporter: good morning, i'm at cnbc headquarters.ut forget abohe last mile. that's so last year. walmart wants to deliver to the last inch. the retailer announcing a service to deliver groceries ou're not home. the in-home delivery will launch in pittsburgh, ksas city, missouri, and vero beach, florida. order will be delivered by tenured employees and must go through extensive training and background checks. they'll enter yourme with smart key and will be on cameraw so you can seeat they're doing. >> thank youpu
5:56 am
on your raspberry beret and get ready for some new music from prince. that still feels weird to say -- >> put more zip into it. >> i'll work on it.ou today w have been the artist's 61st birthday. a new album is being released to ceebrate that. it's called "originals" and has more than a dozen previously unreleased tracks. several are songs that brings wrote but became hits for other singers such as "nothing compares to you," a big hit for sinead o'connor, and the bangles' hit "manictonday." he album is only available on title now. it will be everywhere june 21st. ahead, pride celebrat tns hit d.c.his weekend. we are deiling the events and the parade route that may impact traff h. do youe a dog? what you could be doing that what you could be doing that imp ac
5:57 am
the big carriers are talking about their current 5g roll outs, but their efforts are limited to a few pockets in select cities or trying to convince consumers that 4g is actually 5g. they're neglecting small towns and rural communities, in if approved, only theong side combined availableresources of t-mobile and sprint can deliver on all the spectrum bands needed to quickly bring unprecedacted 5g connectivity ss the nation. ok, here you go.ggs. i mean i don't want it too high obviously.♪ ♪
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♪ fr range eggs for free range living.ra nellie's free e eggs.
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happening now, water w ws. aer main break blasts the side of a local town home shattering windowsriand tea apart walls. we'll show the damage left behind. off the field. deep in controversy, a celebrated local football coach accused of domestic assault. this morning, news4 is hearing
6:00 am
from his attorney. and need a lift? popular ride-sharing app announces pickup by helicopter. it is 6:00 a.m. good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm erika gonzalez in nature ya for -- in for yang. let's start with the forecast and the commute. we'll go to melissa mollet. >> we'll start with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. the sun is trying to break through. >> it's doing everything it possibly can. and having limited success at the moment. there's the rising sun in our eastern sky here this morning. fill plenty of cloud cover out h e. but rain chances are nice and low. mostly dry here this morning. there is only a tiny chance for dropsainly south of the washington area today. current temperatures in the 60s in the senandoah valley. mostly in the low to mid 70s for the d.c. metro area. here's storm team 4 clack.u nothing aro -


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