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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  June 10, 2019 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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ho someone fired ss. what we're learning about the person accused of causing the panic. oh, my god. the crane is falling over. oh, my god. >> caught on camera. neighbors watch in horror as a crane crashes into an apartment building. that video is still hard to see. the people living in that building -- >> y could cu, cut through it. >> it is 4:00 a.m., i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i' eun yang. we'll check on the forecast and the commute. melissa mollet has first 4 traffic. >> let's start with meteorologist lauren rickets in for chuck this week. what do we need to know? >> we need to talk about bringing the umbrella. keep it handy. if it wasn't around yesterday, you'll needev it today, this morning. waves are rain are pushing through the area. yes, we're seeing shower activity. this is the way it's going to be dathroughout the today and even this afternoon. we could even have a few thunderstorms.
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we'll have to worry about not ponding onthe roadwaybut also isolated flooding instances. again, waves of rain out there. visibility's low, as well. you make your way out early this monday morning, you're going to beealing with fog. i think we're going to have low clouds throughout the day, as well. again, you can see that we have fog alreadyn place. current temperatures, it's not bad. it will be a little on the muggy side today. temperatures in the re's going to be a big spread e temperatures, som areas will make it well into the 80s. some will stay into the 70s. ye'll talk about what your neighborhood ma see and how warm it will get and when we'll dry out coming up in the ten-day forecast. first to melissa and traffic. good morning. good morning. inner loop, outer loop of the beltwg is looking d. we don't have any roadworkpo rerted here. top of the beltway, when you're talking about into town and out of town on 95, bw parkway, all of that is just fine. capitol heights, southern avenue between massachusetts and ridge road southeast, we have the road shut down for police activity there. 66 and 95, looki good into
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town and out of town. and southbound here on 270, 69 miles per hour gets threw you there -- gets you there i 26 minutes. >> thank you. we're followingng developi story out of the dominican republic. former red sox slugger david ortiz is in theospital after being shot in an ambush. >> he's in stable condition after undergoing surgery. police say last night two men approached hip at a bar and shoa nearly pointblank range. one of the suspects was captured and beaten by a crowd at the bar. e other ran off. no word on a motive for the shooting. ortiz is from the dominican republic and regarded as a national hero. the 43-year-old helped the red soxn withrough world series titles. he retired in 2016. the man accusedof caus chaotic moments between capital pride festivities is set to be in court. cell phone video captured the moments after people took off running after seeing a man with
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a gun. people thought gunshots.d it was a b.b. gun. one man was arrested. he pulled the gun on someone arguing with his significant other. several people were injured trying to get out of the others say they did not notice the chaos. >> i wasn't scared personally. no one that i saw in the crowd e seemed to scared. it seemed like everyone was here to celebrate the great cause. >> there were no report incidents in yesterday's festival. keep an eye on our nbc washington app to see when the court.t appears in right now a serial music store robber is still on the loose. d.c. police are trying to catch him before he ts anoth store. surveillance cameras captured the suspect busting through the glass door at middle c music store in tinleytownarly sunday, that's in northwest d.c. this was the second time in twoe days t same man broke into the store. he stole a $4,000 saxophone. this was an all-too-familiar scene for the store's owner.
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>> i couldn't believe it because it happened the night before last, well. this is actually the fifth time that i beliee the s person has done this. >> after the saxophone was stolen the first time,omeone called the owner to say they had and t and left it with a -- had it and left it with a security guard. they delivered it to police with the hope to gather evidence. the owner shows they return it for good a man was stabbed near the board walk in ocean cit according to wbal, it happened just after midnight yesterday. two teens had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. both suffered serious injuries but are expected to be okay. no word on what led to the incident, but a scary situation in a spot that's popular for weekend getaways for many local families. a man wanted for allegedly touching a 4-year-old girl aappropriately was caught on camera shortlyter the encounter.
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police in hyattsville say the incident happened on may 29th on ast-west highway near the mall at princorge's. call police if you recognize him. 4:05. a young child is in children's hospital in d.c. recovering from a dog maryland state troopers say a rottweiler attacked a 5-year-old girl inside a home on leeward circle in st. mary's county on friday. a second family dog, a shar-pei mix, also attacked the child.g neihbors pulled the dogs off the child. the 5-year-old is expected to survive. the dogs were taken away by animal control. now to new video this morning m showing aassive house fire in calvert county over the weekend. look at the flames there and the smoke. two people and their dog aret withoua home after this fire early saturday morning. ke was on tury foot road in st. leonard, maryland. no one was d.injure right now fire investigators are still working to determine what may have causedthat fire to start. >> a deck collapse over the
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weekend in germantown that hurto severalf the people attending a birthday party there. neighbors tells nearly 0 people were there. everyone who was hurt is expected to be okay. the fire department says that deck shows signs of water damage. at least o person isdead after a crane collapsed and crashed into an apartment building in dallas. >> oh, my god. the crane is falling over. oh, my god. >> you can see there strong wind and rain were reported in the area around the timehe crane toppled over. this ripped a large gash into the side of an apartment building there. the force of the crash was so powerful thatrsseveral floof a parking deck fell on top of each other. >> right nowon our numbe priority is the living area on he easternmost side of the building where appears this all five stories at some point inside the structure have collaps w. >>know that at least six other people were hurt. two of them are in critical
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condition. > this isnot the way many thought their day at the amusement park would from a brush fire prompted evacuations at six flags magic mountain near los angeles. thle so-cal sky fire spread to about 40 acres. that's when six flags stopped lettg people enter the park and began asking people to leave. at one point, flames were dangerously close to the parkino at the exit road of the park. no one was hurt. visitors were offered ticketso return another day. we'll lern mor today about amazon's expansion in the area. the tech giant set to open a $1 billion virginia tech campus as headquarters in alexandria. the one million square-foot orcility will serve as a graduate campus f technological research. virginia tech says this will fill a demand forec developing talent in the area. there's a news conference at 10:00 a.m. we'll update theon nbc washing app with more details as we learn more.
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jury slex begins in the -- jury selectiogins in the trial of a former basketball player accused of rape. prosecurs say in the fall of 17, damonte dodd raped a girl inside the apartments. he said the sex was consensual. his attorneys are trying to get the initial statement suppressed. today the supreme court could rulen the future of the bladensburg peace cross. itedwas dedicat in 1925 to dozens of prince george's county men who died in world war i. enme argue it's a religious symbol on gover land and maintained with tax dollars. th justices are expected to issue their ruling asar e as today. it's 4:08. we're giving you a heads-up for now. weekend, ay is th it's sunday. >> if you are notsure what get your dad, we at least will get you started with look at how much people plan to spend. and we are working 4 you helping you prepare for your
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family's next vacation. the things you can do now to make sure you have a fun and safe summer.en laur and super excited that you reminded us abo the father's day because completely forgot it was this weekend. i'm putting that on the take. we'll talk about this weekend. we'll also talk about today obviously.
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welcome back at 4:12.d to house democrats will begin key hearings on alleged presidential obstructiwa. >> they a renewed focus on the mueller report. here's a look at those democrats who say the president should be impeached. speaker nan pelosi is not one of them, but she did make news with reported comments earlier this week. casey hunt spoke with senatorvis van hold -- senator chris van holland. >> she doesn't want to see him impeached. she want to see him go to prison. are you with her on that?
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>> what she's referring to i beliente is the main eve is 2020. i do agree that the main event in terms of removing president trump from the white house is the election. of course, if he's removed after that, he is subject to criminal prosecution. >> maryland senator chris van holland would not say whether he thought the president was a criminal. and speaker pelosi is one of the most powerful women in washington and one of the most influential in the world. >>pe there is a sonal side the public doesn't often get to see. today she's opening u wh barbara harrison about motherhood, religion, and about making history on the hill. >> i had a chance to sit down with nancy pelosi the other day. we talked about her persona and political life. she, of course, is known around the country and indeed around the orld as the speaker house, a member of congress in san francisco. we've actually known each other a long time. we met when we both had children in thesame school back in san
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francisco several years nancyhat time was already the mother of five. four girls and one boy. i left for the washington area in 1984. she came five years later elected to the house of representatives. as a daughter of a former congressman i asked in the interview if her parents would be proudre of whe she was today. she said i wasn't the first to ask that question. >> ier remembhen i was elected speaker for the first time by my caucus, nominated for speaker, and in the room people applauded i came to the podium. the chair of the caucus was rahm emanuel. and he said to me, your parents would be so proud of you becoming speaker. edand it jolt me. i thought, no -- they didn't have any aspiration for me to be speaker. they just wanted me to be holy. and that would have made them proud. >> she says as a devout catholic
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her mother would be most proud of the way she has raised her family m family. be sure to t ne in for the rest of my interview on monday evening on news4 at 5:00. >> looking rward to that. showing a different side of the speaker. >> we'll see the report later s. fatheay is this sunday. >> andny as ma suspect, when it comes to what we spend for dad,' it do measure up to what we spend for mom. no one's surprised about that.8 of consumers plan to buy a gift for mother's day compared 2070% who plan to buy -- comparing to 70% who plan to buy gifts for dad. $90 will be spent on dad, $100 spent on mom. there's good news for dads who might be looking for something other than ties or socks. >> we're finding that consumers want to purchase for dad something that they can s
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com comprehens-- can enjoy with them. dinners out, gift cards for experiences, even trips they can take together. >> i like those ideas. find the perfect gift, 39% of consumers will head to department sres. 34% plan to shop on line. father's days i this sunday, june 16th. that means if you buy now, it might ship on time. >> yeah i >> always assume parents just wa to be left alone. like that would be the ultimate gift. give me a dee day to -- give me a day to myself. >> there was date in studio of people saying what is a better gift -- to be with your family or left alone. i want to be with my family on moouer's day. e of hours a day isn't a bad thing. abut i want appreon. not all day. >> a little time for yourself. if dad wants some time to himself on sunday, we might have a chance of rain. >> all right. >> barbecues and all sort of stuff like t>>t -- hat's not a gift. that's work.
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that's putting dad to work. >> i'mhe one two grills in our house. >> a lot of dads -- >> i deraed your segment. > no. ll right. let's talk about the weather.o we d have some rain in the forecast for today. if you're stepping outside, you reready know it's going to be wet out the ponding on the roadways. be careful. waves of showers throughout the day today. we could have again in addition to some the ponding on the roads isolated flooding instances. we had the rain yesterday. didn't get that much, w it fairly light. also we've got some more rain throughout the day today. again, we could have flooding issues to deal with.a then we've got some storms, and some the storms could pack a punch, bringing heavy downpours later on this afterne'n. now w got a frontal system that's going to try to move from the south to tnorth. it's a warm front. one of the first lessons in meteorology, never trust a warm front. dependofg on what side the warm front you are will depend on your temperature. areas north of that warm front are going to be cooler than
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areas south. i've got a spread in temperatures for daytime highs. i believe areas to the nth and west are going to be stuck in the 70s, while defeats and areas to the -- while d.c. and areas to the southnd east may see mid 80s for highs. you can see the spread in temperatures right now. well down in southern maryland, temperatures in the upper 60s. we're in the upper 50s in the shenandoah valley. but everybody's going to see the rain today. again, waves of rain going to be pushing through the area before a cold front finally comes in d pushes all of this away. so we are going to see areas of heavyheain throughout t day today. we're also seeing fog early this morning. be careful as you make your way in the roadways. temperatures in d.c., likely late in t day getting up to around 80 degrees. again, we have storms that e'll ha deal with later on. i said 80 for the daytime high in d.c.r no and west, temperatures stuck in the 70s. here we go with the rain showers throughout the morning. get ready for a messy commute. not only dealinghe with fog, dealing with the rain.
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it's not going to be rainllg day. we'll have showers, dry times. this afternoon and three this evening we'll have thunderstorms. all this should be out of here by tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning, sunny, breezy. we have a rain chance late wednesday night. then chances return on thursday. temperatures pretty much staying around 80 degrees. for your father's day, we go back to near 90 and heading into early next week. all right.s let'ook at those roadways. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. inner loop, outer loop, we don't have any problems here on the beltway right now. everything is nice and clear. capitol heights, southern avenue between massachusetts andid rge road there southeast, road shut down for police activity, an investigation there fromoearlier thiing. in the district, northbound 295, right lane gets back to you the work zone now. 66, fairfax county parkway to the belty, 22 minutes gets you
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there. it is 4:19. 20 now. if they're still in school, your kids are counting down the days vauntil summer ation. next, we're helping you prepare for your summer trip. later on "ellen," mario lopez stops by to do some reminiscing. >> my gosh. we were 15 yearsnold >> and you look exactly the same. >> my demolish -- >> exactly the same. although action at that. the tank top tucked in. oh, that's so bad. >> the "saved by the bell" dayst he does lo same. >> like indiana's looking at -- like anybody's looking at his tank top. let melex this muscleot on purpose. >> that hasn't changed either, by the way. we'lle right back.
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welcome back at 4:3. ny families are counting the days until summer vacation. >> if you're traveling overseas, we're working 4 you with advice to keep your family safe and healthy abroad. here's news4's justin finch. >> reporter: before arrivtg at airport, before stepping into that tsa line -- >> it's always good to meet with a physician, to over what are the risks on where you're going. >> reporter: medstar washington hospital's dr. glen whartman recommends checking in with a
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travel medicine expert. they can help youet all the shots and advice you need for a safe trip, especially if you're bound to a developing nation but not at the last month. >> a month or two wou give you enough time if you need vaccinations to get them in before you travel. ideally leaving yourself about a month leave time would be best.> reporter: suggests the centers for disease control health advice. you can find >> it's specifically made for people traveling or medical prdessional. an you can put it -- put the location where you're traveling, and it will give recommendations of what to out for. >> reporter: once at your destination, be mindful of wha you eat and drink. water, beer, and soda are largely safe. >> the water you want to ay away from, tap water. in general you don't want to eat food from street vendors. you want to eat from established places.
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anything you can peel is generally safe. salads, things you can't peel, i would s away from. >> reporter: the greens could be washed in unsafe water. if you were born overseas and think you're no longer at rifo malaria, think again. >> you lose your immunity to mall o erae you've been --ar you've been in the states two or three years. you need plan for prevention. >> news4.>> o be safe overseas, you can look into the state department's smart traveler enrollment program, it allows americans check in with embassies inde inationses and sending emergency alerts to your phone. nbc a link on the washington app. search "step." i signedp for that years agors the fit time i traveled overseas. every time you travel you update the information there. if anything goes wrong, they know where you're supposed to go. >>te worth the extra sp. a month-long road pject is
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get to begin today. >> we'll tell y you why so can avoid the traffic. plus, continuing coverage of the sto many people are talking about today. former red sox superstar david ortiz shot in the dominican republic. we're updating you on his condition. lauren? and we're lking at the conditions out there now. scattered rain showers, drizzle, fog, othe best this monday morning. when do we finally see a break from this? we'll time out the rain in your lkneighborhood and ta about when we see drier weather commi our way co up. of savings and service. whoa.
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travis in e it. it's amazing. oh is that travis's app? it's pretty cool, isn't it? there's two of them. they're multiplying. no, guys, its me. see, i'm real. i'm real! he thinks he's real. geico. over 75 years ic savings and serv
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happening new on "news4 today," seve weather strikes down south. rivers breach their banks, and roads are destroyed. we're showing you the hardest hit areas. safety delay the timeline to fix those boeing 737 max jetswo after t deadly crashes is pushed back. we'll tell you why. and getting word from a
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woman's husband after sheis rescued speaks out. we begin woth a live lok outside. no weather alert, but we are tracking the potential for messy morning commute. for somected to arrive of us just as you'ret. heading good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we begin with a check of the rain and your commute. melissa mollet is standing by with your first 4 traffic. let's begin with stormteam 4 lauren ricketts on a monday morning. hello. >> hello, in for chuck today and tomorrow. the rest of the week he's out. we're dealing with nice weather in san diego. for us, dealing with rain showers. 64 is the temperature now.w e're not going to have a temperature at 7:00 a.m. apparently. again, we will start to go up into the 70s to near 80s degr for daytime highs today. now that's in d.c. if you're north and west, frederick county, maryland, virginia, points nort


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