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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  June 10, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> unbelievable. every time i see the video it takes your breath away. >> very serious damage there. >> it is 6:00 a.m. good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. it's 6:00 a.m. we begin with a check on your forecast and commute. our melissa mollet is staing by with your first 4 traffic. >> let's begin with storm team 4 meteorologist lauren ricketts in for chuck today. a yucky morning to start. >> these are the kind of mondayk where you outside and want to go back to bed immediately. there is what it looks like outside now. yeah, we've got the fog. low visibilities across the region. the showers, damp, ponding on the roa that's all bad news. the good news is we'll get sunshine tomorrow. i'm going to tell you now. 65 degrees is the temperature.o we als have a little breeze in the air,we as ll. that's going to be with us throughout the day. it's oco it's cloudy, foggy. we'll head into the 70s as we go
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through the morning hours. eventually some areas are going to be warmer than other portions of the area. temperatures in0s the mid 7 to the mid 80s into the afternoon. you see the rain showers across the area. not everybody sees them. the areas treat are dry a not seeing the green over them. have the drizzle, still have the mist out there. again, we are looking es smate rawers throughout the day today. it's not going to be over until late tonight, even by tuesday morning. 'll talk about the timing in your neighborhood. we also have thunderstorms. so we'll show you whenxp wet those coming up. let's show you when you can expect to get to work or where you need to go with melissa mollet. g> d morning. od morning. a couple of brand new things on the beltway. inner loop near allentown road, debris reported in e roadwa there in camp springs. oxonill, the through lanes after st. barnabas, right lane blocked by a vehicle. tiny slowdown. 85 near fingerboard, near 80, an
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accysent and dela spencerville, 198 shut down east of good. >> reporter: rope. crash with pole and wires down. utilion crews are the scene. fairfax eastbound 66 near 50. an accident and frederick northbound 95 after centerport parkway, a crash there, as well. aaron? >> all right. >thank you. 6:02. we begin with a developing story from the dominican republic. former boston reds slugg david ortiz is in the hospital aftersh been in an ambush. >> ortiz is in stable condition after undergoing surgery. two men approached him aar a b and shot him at nearly oointblank range. one of the shrs was captured and beaten by a crowd at the bar. another ran off. no word on a motive for the shooting. ortiz is regarded as a national hero. he helped the red sox win threei world ses titles. he retired in 2016. the news of the shooting caused an outpouring of love, support,
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and prayers across social media ately known affecti as big papi. the former teammate and dominican native pedro mart says said, i'm at -- martinez said, i'm at peace knowing you're out of danger. cell phone videoaptured the moments paradegoers took off running. justin finch has more on the scary incident. j> tin? >porter: as you saw in that video there, the people in the video are running for their lives. they reallsc are ed, worried that someone had fired a gun duringh tparade. turns out no shots were fired. police found the man they say is responsible. the 38-year-old's charges include possession of a b.b. gun. they say he set off the scare at the parade saturday that you sah e. police say there was an
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altercation involving him and an unknown person. he said the person was hitting his significant other and it prompted him to go for the b.b. gun. a person flagged down a polic officer. they sound the b.b. gun stuffed into a bag. the olice saying shots were fired at the parade.bu even in custody they say singh was threatening to shoot an unknown person. the charges include possession of a b.b. gun as well as disorderly conduct. he will face a judge later today. back to you. >> justin fincheat police quarters. thank you. right now, a serial music store robber is still on the loose. od.c. police are trying catch him before he hits another store. surveillance cameras captured the suspect breakinghrough the glass door at middle c music iore in tinley town early sunday morning northwest d.c. this was the second twome in t
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days the same man broke into the same store. he stole a $4,000 saxophone. thatas an all-too-familiar scene for the store owner. >> i couldn't believe it because it happen head the night before last, as well. this is actually the fifth time at i believe the same person has done this. >> after the saxophone was stolen the first time, someone called the owner to say they had and left it with a security guard. the owner took to police so they could gather she hopthe thief will return the saxophone for good there time. right now in ocean city, maryland, police are searching for the suspect in abi stab neither the boardwalk there. you take a look. police are looking for this now according to our baltimore affiliate wbal, the stabbing happened just after midnight yesterday. two teens were -- suffered serious injuries but are expected to be okay. a man wanted for allegedly touching a 4-year-old girl
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inappropriately was caught on camera shortly after the encnter. police in hyattsville said it happened may 29th near the mall at prince george's. a young child is in children's hospital in d.c.ov reing from a dog attack. maryland state troopers say a rottweiler attack the 5-year-old inside a home on lee wood circle in st. mary's friday. a shar-pei mix also attacked the child. neighbors pulled the dogs off the child. the childis expected to survive. the do a were takeny by animal control. and nowew to n video showing a massive couse fire inalvert county over the weekend. ke a look at the flames there. my goodness.wo the t people and their dogs are without a home after this fire early saturday morning. this was on turkey foot road in st. leonard, maryland.on no was injured. several people are hurt after a deck collapsed in germantown over the weekend. nearly 100 people were at the birthday party on liberty
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heights lane. evyone who was hurt is expected to be okay. the fire says that deck shows signs of water da>ge. >> at least one person is dead after a crane cllapsed and crashed into an apartmentbu ding in dallas. >> oh, my god, the crane is falling over. >> saw the video from the sdaps there. you see strong -- distance there. you see strong wind and rain were reported around the time the cre toppled er. it ripped a gash into the apartment building. of the force of the crash was so powerful that several floors de a parking fell on top of each other. >> right now our number-one priority is the living area on the easternmost side of the building where it appears that you will five stories have collapsed. >> at least se other peopl were hurt. two of them are in critical condition. coming up at 7:00, the "today" show will have the latest developments on the destruction in dallas.
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this is not the way many thought their day at the amusement park would end. smoke from a brush fire prompted evacuations at six fgs magic mountain in los angeles. the sky fire spread to about 40 acres. that's when six flags began asking people to leave. at one point the flames were dangerously closeo the parking lot and exit area of the parking lot. no one was injured. todaye'll learn more about amazon set to open a $1 billion trginia tech campus nearhe alexandria.ters in square-foot ion facility will serve as a campus for technological research. virginia tech says it will fill a demandar developing tech challenge in the area. there is a news conference at 10:00. we'll update you in the nbc washington app with details as we learn more. ijury selection begns today in the trial of a former university of marylanl basketbal player accused of rape. prosecutors say in the fall of
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2017 damonte dodd met a girl at a college park bar and after shd her inside the terrapin row apartments. he says the sex was consensual. the attorney is trying to get the initial statement to police suppressed. he plays for the polish basketball league. today the supreme court can reel on the future of the bladensburg peace cross. th the crossd was dedicate dozens of prince george's county men who died in world war i. some argue it's a religious mbol on government land and it's mainta ed with tax dollars. the justices are expected to rulehi on tissue as early as today. heads-up, father's day is this weekend, sunday. time is runningout. >> if you're not sure what to get for dad, we'll at least get much people plan to spend. how and we're y working for this morning helping you get ready for your family's next vacation. >> the things you can do now to make sure you have fun and have a safe summer trip.
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lauryn?y definitelt feeling like summer out there now. in fact, temperatures are in the 60s, 50s in spots. we've got the rain, we've got st. fog, we've got the not the best monday morning. i think tuesday will better.
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welcome back. today wuse lawmakersll begin key hearings on alleged presidential obstruction. >> they want a renewed focus on the muler report. five dozen democrats and one republican are ready to impeach president trump. spker nancy pelosi is not on the list but made news with reported comments earlier this week. nbc's casey hunt spoke with
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maryland senator chris van holland on theissue. she doesn't want to see trump impeached. she wants to see him go to pron. are you with her on that? >> what she's referring to i believe is the main event is 2020. so i do agree that the main event in terms of removing president trump from the white house is the election. and of course, if he's removed after that, he is subject to criminalec prosution. >> van holland would not whether he thought the president was a criminal. and speaker pelosi is one of the most powerful women in washington, d.c., and one of the most influential in the world. >> there is a personal side, h thougthat the public doesn't often get to see. today she's opening one barbara harrison about motherhood, religion, and making history on the hill. >> i had a chance to sit down with nancy pelosi other day. we talked about a lot of things, per personal and her political life. she, of ourse, is known around
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the country and, indeed, around the world as the strauspeaker o house, but we met a long time ago. we met when we had children in the same school in san francisco several years back. nancy had four girls and one boy. i left the washington area in 1981 to work for nbc 4.e shame five years later, elected to the house of representatives. as the daughter of a former congressman i i asked hern the interview if her parents would be proud of where she is today. she said i wasn't the first to askh t question. >> i remember when i was elected speaker the first time by my caucus, nomined for speaker. in the caucus room, people applauded as i came to the podium. and the chair of the committ at the time, the caucus, was rahm emanuel. he said to me, your parents would be so proud of young becomispeaker. it jolted me.
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i thought, no, they didn't have any aspirationses for me to be speaker. they've just wanted me to be holy. that sort of made them proud. >> she says as a devout catholic, her mother would be most proud of the way she has raised her family. she thinks having gone fromtc kin to congress would have been okay, too. tune in for st of myinterview on monday evening on news4 at 5:00. >> thanks to barbara. looking forward to thgh story toni father's day is coming, it is this sunday. ve if you're wondering who gets the more expen gift, what do you think? >> hmm. >> yeah. dad comes up short. not by too much, though. 80% of consumers plan to buy a gift for mother's day compared to 70% who plan to buy a gi for father's day according to retailmenot ceo, kids will spend $9 houn dad compared to $-- -$1r
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mom. >> consumers want to purchase something for dad that they can experience with him. some of the top contenders include dinners out, gift cards for experiences, even trips that they can take together. >>all great ideas. to find the perfect gift, 39% of consumers will had to department stores while 34% plan to go on line shopping. father's day is sunday, june 16th. i thought it was curious that the online shopping number was low. i realized it's because people have to go to the retail stores because they dot do it until the last minute. one note for you, today is national iced tea day. >> to celebrate, some popular chains and restaurants are offering deals the drink. tea company tazo -- tazo? >> i think -- >> tazo will send you a coupon for a free tea. you can redeem it today through thursday at more than 1,200 companies acrossthe country.
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text icedtea, one word, to 6482. day bojangles is crging $1 for a 32-ounce sweet iced tea. let's be clear, there's a difference between iced tea and sweet tea. you like to play around like it is not the south. a very big difference. >> i feel that sweet t n is as readily available in irish. >> i remember he first time i went to california, i was like, can i get tea? razzr bettespberry raspberry? get out of here. i'm surprised my teeth haven't fallen out all the tea i've drank.that was it. i got hot tea because it's freezing. and you were drinking hot tea this morning. i went and got some green tea. listen, it is a tea type of morning. hot coffee type of morning. none of the iced coffee now. temperatures in the 60s. it is -- look at that tside. go back tobet. it is -- my goodness.
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just looking at this makes me want to roll up inhe covers. we've got the fog, we've got the rain. we've got mist and drizzle. if you're not see the rain, that's what you're dealing with. waves of showers throughout the day. i think it's going to be a little bit more than it was yesterday. yesterday we had plenty of drying times out there. i think we'll have dry times out there todho. t areas that do dry out will etill have the mist out there. we won't be complly dry throughout the day. by late this afternoon through this evening, we're talking about storms, as well. and soagain, some of these storms pack a punch leading to isolated flooding. i think the main threat ofstorms are going to be the heavy downpours. there's going to be t areas to southwest that are cooler than areas of theouth and west of d.c. ings chilly this morni. 65 is where we're at in d.c. northeast winds, a little breezy at times. about 5 to 15 miles per hour. as we go over the next 12 hours,
6:19 am
to e in d.c., we'll make it around 80 degrees. again, we're going to be dealing with showers and thunderstorms late through this eveninging. we've got a s frontalstem that's going to be lifting from the carolinas and lifting to the north. it's not going to clea the entire area. it's only going to clear south and east of the d.c. area. and areas south of that front make it into the low to mid 80s. areas north of the front stay in the mid 70s. again, we've got that rain out there. waves of rain will continue through muc of the day today with some thunderstorms likely late tonight as a cold front pushes through. c weld have some rain showers at leaht until midnig tonight. so again, we'll be watching that. in can see those waves of r coming through. as i said, not raining all day. we will see those low clouds, the mist and drizzle. here comes the front. and you see thunderstorms, that's not until midnight tonight. we clear out just in time for tomorrow morning. as far as you areking over the next five days, breezy tomorrow, then we have more
6:20 am
sunshine and rain headed our wah forrsday. guys? >> all right. i'll take it, lauryn. camp springs, inner loop near allentown, debris in the roadway there. and oxon hill, inner loop the through les after st. barnabas, right lane blocked by the disabled vehicle. couple of new problems. we still have this one hanging around. 198 east of good hope road, shut down there. crash and pole and wires downau bec of the accident. they have crews trying to fix that. hyattsville southbound bw how slowfter 450, look that is. left side blocked by an accident. centrevil centreville, new one. eastbound 66 here near 29, two right lanes get by. after centerport, an accident there. aaron? >> thank you. 6:20. if they're still in school, your kids are probably counting down until the end of the year -- >> i love summer. >> next, helping you prepare for your family's summer vacation. and ler on "ellen," mario lopez stops by to do revenue e
6:21 am
memphising. >> we were 15 right there -- look at that outfit. my god, tucked in the tank top tucked in. oh. that's so bad. >> it's all right because he's -- >> he's like, it's so bad, but please look atsc my mues. mario lopez of "saved by the bell." ellen airs here at 3:00.
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it's 6:24. many families are counting down the days until summer vacation. people plan all year for this. >> that's right. if you're traveling overseas, we're working fo you with advice to keep your family safe and healthy abroad. here's ws4's justin finch. >> reporter: before arriving at the airport, before stepping into th tsa line --
6:25 am
>> it's always good to meet with a physician, to go over what are the risks on where you're going. >> reporter: medstar washington hospital's dr. glen whartman recommends checking in with a travel medicine expert. c theyan help you get all the shots and advice you'll need for a safe trip, especially if you're bound for a developing nation. st 't wait until the minute. >> a month or two before you go would give you enough time if you needed vaccinations to get the vaccinations in before you travel. so ideally leaving yourself about a month lead time would be best. >> reporter: he also suggests the centers for disease control's travelers health advice. you can finds that on their home page at >> it's specifically made for people traveling or medical professionals. and you can put the location where you're traveling, and it will give recommendations of what to look out for. >> reporter: once at your destination, be mindful of what you eat and drink. bottle and canned beverages like water, beer, and soda are largely safe.
6:26 am
>> the water, you want to stay away from tap water. yodon't want toat food from street vendors. you want to eat in established places. anything you can pee is generally safe. salads, things youeean't pl, i would stay away from. >> reporter: that's because those greens could be washed in unafe water. if you were born overseas and longer at risk for malaria, think again. >> you lose your iplunt to malaria once you've been in the states two or three years, and you need take prevention when you go back. >> reporter: planning now for prevention later. justin finch, news4. ahead on "news4 today," weather may play spoiler, but a monthth long parod project should begin today. >> we'll tell you where so you can avoid it. and continuing coverage after david ortiz shot the
6:27 am
dominican republic. we're updating you on his condition. lauryn? we are looking at showers, thunderstorms throughout the day. temperatures in d.c. around 80 degrees. west.r north and warmer to the south and east. let's talk sunshine.
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happening now, severe weather strikes down south. rivers breach their banks and roads completely destroyed. we're hoeing the hardest -- showing the hardest hit areas. safe delays. the timeline to b fix theing 737 max jets after two deadly crashes is pushed back. we'll tell you why. and getting the spins. the husband of the woman whoe wild ridnt viral after a hiking rescue speaks out. 6:30. a live look outside. no weather alert, but we're tracking the potential for a messy commute. ain's expected toive for some of just as you're heading out for the day. at.ll tell you about >> yucky outside now. >> we knew it was coming. that kind of monday. good morning, everyone, i'm
6:31 am
aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we begin with the check of the rain and the commute. melissa mollet has your first 4 traffic. let's begin with meteorologist lauryn restricts. dreary day -- dy day. >> especially to start off your monday. we've got the fog out there, the low visibility. we've got the rain showers, the mist, all of that coming across our area right now. and unfortunately, i think it's going to look like this through much of the day today. we could have a pop of sunshine here or there. for most part, don't expect it. 64 degrees is the temperature now. it ap it's cool toboot. there's a breeze depending where you are. reagan airport reporting a wind of eight miles per hour. we'll warm up in d.c. to 80 degrees. north and west, temperatures will be cooler. if you're south and east, they'll be a little warmerment again, expect scattered showers all throughout the day. now by tonight, after about 6:00, 7:00, we will have a chance for storms. that could bring heavy rain. then we'll have to watch
6:32 am
ooding concerns as we head into the overbecause we're going to get the -- overnight because we're going to get the rain throughout the day.ou let's talk sunshine that we're going to get, and also father's day is on sunday. let's talk about, that as well. that's coming up in a bit. let's talk those roads with melissa. they are wet in spots. before lorton, a disabled vehicle blocking two lanes. you canee the delays as you're headed northbound this morning. express lines looking good if you want to takest those ind. centreville, eastbound 66 to 29, two right lanes get by the crash. northbound 95 after centreport parkway, delays because of that accident near fredericksburg, this morning. that's a pretty good delay. camp springs, inner loop near lanetown road, debris in the road. sounds like a large traconr-trailer tire or porti of the tire from a blowout. all of the green showing where it's raining. the beltway is covered. spencerville, 198 east of good hope, crash with a pole and
6:33 am
wierts still down -- wires still down. eun? >> thanks. today the man accused of causi aotic moments during etpital pride festivities is to be in court. >> cell phone video captured the moment people going running. this after a report of a man with a gun. others heard gunshots. it turns out it was a b.b. grabs. he said he pulled the gunon somebody who was arguing with his significant other. several people werewruinjured. we'll have a live report coming up. in a few hours, trial willb n underway for the former university maryland basketball player accused of rape. damonte dodd is accused of an incident in 2017 gre molette green has details. >> reporter: good morning, guys. yeah, a judge gave damonte dodd permission to play provierge basketball in poland until his trial. he has got to be focused now on
6:34 am
that trial that starts today in upper marlboro on this rape case th ot dates back to november 2017. that's when prosecutors say dodd met a girl at a bar near the ud campus. they left that bar, went to the terrapins row apartment where they said dodd had sex with this woman against her will. the alleged victim reported the incident to p dice fiveays later. and she did tell police that she was incox indicated at the -- intoni intoxicated at the time. dodd and his attor the sex was consensual. he faces charges incl ing second-degree rape and second-degree assault. at's the latest here from upper marlboro. molette green, .news4 back to you. 6:34. this morning fire investigators are still trying to figure out what caused flames to start inside a germantown townhouse. asis happened on station street.
6:35 am
everyone inside w able to escape. it's unclear if the fire spread to other town homes.o ne was hurt. now 6:35. here's a look at the other top stories we're following this morning. pu person is dead and another, six injured when a construction crane crashed into the apartment in dallas. it cause part of the parking garage to collap e. part of a thunderstorm may to be blame. smoke from a brush fire in california forced the evacuation two of amusement parks. six flags magic mountain and the hurricane harbor water park were impacted. the sky fireed start around noon yesterday, 30 miles north of the city. it spread to about 40 acres and produced so much smo people had trouble breathing. this morning, we'll learn more about amazon's expansion into our anywhere and who will impact virginia tech. the company will build a $1 millionniampus ursity and is planning a press conference for
6:36 am
10:00 this morning. we'll be there and have an genoci-- have an update. and remember this video alerrod social media that quickly went v it showed the woman being rescued by a helicopter and the stretcher she's on spinning out of control. lying on the stretcher was 74-year-old catalan enter. >> this morning her husband ea george is spng out. george says he and his wife were hiking in arizona when catalan fell. she broke he nose and injured her left hand and leg. when crews arrived, they decided to airlift her because of hip pain. as shif was being ld to the helicopter, you see it here, the stretcher started resrs say she spun at least 150 times in two minutes. george watched helplessly from the ground. >> didn't know if she was dead or alive. he spinning was so fast the blood was going to her head and her eyeballs. >> he says catalan is feeling
6:37 am
the effects of the spinning. spinning like that is rare. out of 210 air rescues in the last six years, spinning has only happened twice. boy, that's rough. can't imagine. ahead on "news4 today," from baby-boomers to toddlers, america's new marijuana laws are impacting everyone differently.
6:38 am
6:39 am
6:39. from babies to baby-boomers want recent changes to marijuana laws are impacting a lot of people. >> more baby-boomers are using marijuana. this comes from the national survey of drug use and alth. older adults are turning to tnnabis to helpreat pain, anxiety, and ididpression. the trends is only xpected to continue. more states are legalizing marijuana not just for medical purposes butal for recreati
6:40 am
reasons, as well. we're aroso seeingling statistics about marijuana. the nationwide children's hospital says it's seen more instances of children swallowing marijuana. over the past 17 years, there were nearly 3,000 cases of children accidentally ingesting jopot. ty of them were younger than 3 years old. some became drowsy or confused. others suffered seizures and went into more th70% of all the incidents happenhe in t states where marijuana use is legal. good morning. from cnbc headquarters, american airlines is extending the recall of flights through mid-august. boeing has y to complete a t.rtification test fligh they also need to submit a software upgrade and new training procedures to the faa through approval. with your cnbc business report, i'm rahel solomon. and we've got so rain out
6:41 am
there right now. scattered showers continue to push through the area right now. we're going on continue to see rain oday. we dry out tomorrow and wednesday. more rain on thursday. and a couple of problems around town. the rn is not helping. one big delay on the parkway and another in virginia. the full details and travel times coming up. president trump strikes deal with mexico to issue tariffs but also issues a warning. you know when you're at ross and suddenly realize great minds shop alike? yes. that's yes for less. yep! yes, yes, yes ,yes, yes... yes. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross.
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exactly what you need... yes. ...for your growing family? that's yes for less. everything your pet needs at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at rs. yes for less. welcome back at 6:44. d if rainyys and mondays gets you down, this will not be your morning. we're tracking the potential for wet weather arrivting in for the morning commute. storm team 4 meteorologist lauryn rickets will be joining us in a few mites with a look at the forecast. to a man police say caused a
6:45 am
momt of panic at this weekend's capital pride parade. he will make hco first urt appearance. hundreds of peel started running all -- hundreds of people u started ring all at once after fear of an active shooter i saturday. >> justin finch live at police headquarters with more on what led to the panic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police say this began as some kind of altercation between 38-year-old aptanjit singh and an unknown person. someone he said was hitting his significant other. hat led him to reach for the b.b. gun yesterday. that set off the scene that you have seen all morning. these crds running away from what they heardof were reports shots fired. police say there were never any shots fired. but that did not stop the panic that ensued there, that left sevial people ured. police saying close to 7:3 on saturday, that a person waved over an officer that did respond and then found singh and a silver b.b. gun wrapped in a bag. again, no shots were fired heret was also said, too, that he
6:46 am
was so angry that he still wanted to shoot that person he told police, even after he was taken into custody. here's hours away from facing a judge. his charges include disorderly conduct, as well as possession of a b.b. gun. again, several peoplehurt, but no shots fired. back inside to you. >> all right. justin finch for us, thanks. it's now time to turn to resident trump and ongoing calls or talks, rather, with mexico. over the weekend the white house announced a deal to stop the flow of migrants across the border had been struck. >> that means that the tariffs president trump had threatened to levee against the country today were put on hold. nbc's without correspondent kriste welker joins live now. is this settled now, or is there more to be said about tarfs soon? >> reporter: there could be more to say about tariffs. good morning to both of you. the white house reaching that deal with mexico to suspend tariffs for now in exchange for
6:47 am
tougher border security for mexico. under the deal mexico plans to deplo 6,000 troopsross the southern border to stop migrants inom central america, mexico also agreeg to allow thousands of migrants seeking asylum in the u.s. to remain or be returned to mico while their legal case is reviewed. with the changes and expansion of commitments, mexicaha officials ve warned, look, it b could be montfore there's a real notceable difference a the border. now the president saying this is to your point, that he is prepared to put tariffs back on the table if he feels there's notoff progress being -- not enough progress being made. we'll have that and the democrats' reaction coming up on "today." back to you. >> kristen welker live at the white house for us. tha you. again, more coming up next on "today." 6:47. we're following a developing story out of the dominican republic. former boston red sox slugger david ortiz is in the hospital after being shot in an ambush.ti is still in stable condition after undergoing surgeries. local police a last night two men approached him at a bar anda
6:48 am
shot himt nearly pointblank range. one of the suspects was captured and beaten by a crowd at the bar. the other ran off. no word on a motive for the shooting. rom the dominica republic and is regarded as a national hero there. the 43-year-old helped the red sox win three world series titles and retired in 2016. 6:48. the author who tweeted a photo of a black metro employeeoneatig the train is now suing her publisher. laas month n tines tweeted this photo saying people aren't allowed to eat on metro. it's true. you aren't allowed to eat or drink on metro. that's a policy. social media backlash against tines caused her california publisher to drop the publication of her released as set to be this tuesday. tines apologized and deleted the twet, but she said the incident caused her reputation to be, quote, permanently ruined. her publisher is not commenting on the more than $13 million
6:49 am
lawsuit tines filed. n> today the price george's county council will hold a meeting to does governor hogan's planes to add toll plan to i-270 and 295. the idea is to reduce traffic, but many are concerned about the mpact on homeowners. the potential issues and the impact the work might have on the environment will be discussed today.oa a rork project in d.c. that was suppined to be today may be delayed because of the weather. ddot was plaing to close lanes on massachusetts avenue from ward circle to 46th street northwest for paving. thin work may beg later this week. at least one lane will be open to the traffic in each direction at all times. the work iso expected t happen between 9:30 and 3:30 each day. the closures will last until july 3rd. a rainy weekend took a toll on infrastructure in north carolina. rains led to flooding which, in turn, wiped out several major roads. look at. that the road's completely broken apart. more than seven inches fell in
6:50 am
some counties on saturday alone. while somef the damage will tang days to repyro, some of it will take -- repair, sme willi will take even months to fix. no oneas hurt. t now forecasth wit lauryn ricketts. >> the frontal system pass t throughhe end of last week, set up shop in t carolinas, brought the rain to that area. now the front is lifting to the north and rolling through our that's why we're seeing rain from the same sysm that was in north carolina. dono think we're going thave that really, really heavy for days at a time because it's going to endy tomorrow morning. we are still going to see possible flooding lathis afternoon. not seeing much right now because it's so foggy. visibilities are low. please be cable as you make your way outside. this morning, we'll be dealing with low clouds and fog through a lot of the day. current temperatures out there now, in the 50s and 60s. orere's going to be a spread in temperatures f highs later this afternoon. again, expect showers throughoun
6:51 am
the day and e thunderstorms later on tonight. north and west of d.c., you're going to top out in the mid 70ss if you'rth and east, southern maryland, northern neck, low 80s. d.c. will fall in between on the corridor coming in at 80 this afternoon. it's likely the late arch before we rch that. scattered showers out there now. if you're not seeing them, you're seeing the drizzle and seeing the mist. definitely seeing fog. we've got a frontal system back to the west. that is going to sweep through and take the rain with it. it's not going to happen until late tonight. that's when we're going to have thunderstorms rolling through.'t i donhink they'll be too strong, but we could definitely have heavy rain with some of the thunderstorms. we'll have the scattered showero out there y. we already have ponding on the roadways. we could have isolated flooding issues as we go through the late evening. let's time feverything out you. again, scattered showers throughout the day. that's what you through the day. if you're dry, you're likely seeing drizzle and low clouds. not the prettiest of days out there. here comes the frontal system
6:52 am
late. look at that. you likely are going to be asleep when the front comes through. do not think it will be anything severe, but i believe that we will have heavy rain that comes through. we're clear by tomorrow morning and rapid cleang through your tuesday. if you're gardening tomorrow, maybe tuesday gardening.go we've some sunshine throughout the day. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. we're going to be breezy through the day tomorrow. your gardening tip -- encourage new rose buds to grow by pruning faded blooms just above the leaf bud. fertilizing every four six weekl also he them bloom all summer. let's talk about the ten-day forecast because father's day's day. let's see if we can get anything cleared out. we'll talk about that in a minute. first to the roads and melissa. good morning, hyattsville douthbound bw parkway -- voting rights southbounat bw parkway, a crash. delays significant as you head inside the beltway. ite slow here this morning. northbound 95 before lorton,
6:53 am
still have that crash blocking a lane. bo're slow northbound. centreville, ind 66 near 29, two right lanes get by that crash, fredericksburg northboun of 6 after the parkway, the accident still hanging around. camp springs, beltway inner loop at branch avenua cr on the left shoulder. right now the beltway looks okay overall. look at all of the greenalauryn was tng about. we have rain covering the roadway at this point. spencerville, 198 east of good. >> reporter: road had a crash with a pole and wires down. that's finally cleared. your travel times in maryland, 295 south, 23 miles per hour. top of the inner loop, 27 miles per hour. listen to wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car today. guys? >> thank you. 6:53. this weekend the washington nationals not only added a victory to the season, but the team landed itself in e history books.
6:54 am
>> they hit four straight home runs, and it's only the second time in team history that it's happened. hard to do. no other team has accomplished this in more than one game. the magic started in the eighth inning. look as that, howie kendrick, eaton and rendell. the effort helped beat the padres 5-2. it's good to see some celebration, up and. down season the nats have had. what a weekend fo rafael nadal. he took on roland guerros in thi french open al. he is the king of the clay court and beat his opponent, i think beat him four yets, s. this is his 12th french open title, and he now h the most wins in this competition and the most consecutive, as well. he won each year from 2010 to 2014, he's a tennis god basically. >> sically. >> yeah. he's awesome to watch. so much fun.
6:55 am
we're big fans. and tennis wasn't the only sports ws this weekend. the stanley cup finals are going to a game seven. >> yeah. about that last night right here on nbc 4, theru boston bins beat the st. louis blues. now the blues were hoping to end the series last night and to hoist the cup on homeice. wasn't meant to be. the bruins took game five -- took the game 5-1. next game is wednesday in boston. you can watch that on nbc 4, as well. 6:55. here are four things to know. the man accused of causing chaotic moments during capital pride fess consists get to be in -- is set to be in court. video captured the moment paradegoers took off running. this unfolded after someone reported seeg a man with a gun and others thought they heard gunshots. more on the incident in the nbc washington app. jury selection begins in the trial of tho. two former kwfrt of maryland -- of damonte dodd. the former university of maryland player is accused of
6:56 am
rape. keep an eye on the nbc washington appth ughout the day. we'll learn month about amazon building a $1 billion virginia tech campus near the new headquarters in alexandria. there is a news conference at m 10:00 thisning. we'll update the nbc washington app with details. and former boston red sox slugger david ortiz is in the hospital this mornheg. was shot in an ambush last night. oretition is in stable -- orczyz is in stable condition. local polce and the dominican republic say last night two men approached him at a bar and shot g at nearly pointblank range. more this comin next on the "today" show. and we've got scattered showers out there throughout the day. thundedatorms late in the could have isolated flooding. temperatures around 80. cooler north and west. great tomorrow, some storms late wednesday night and in through the day on thursday. look, father's day weekend loo s f fantastic. >> very nice. it does look good. hyattsville slow after 450.
6:57 am
the left side still blocked by a that rain not helping the morning commute. 95 northbound near lorton, maybt a lit better than it was, it is still sw if you want to take the express lanes instead. guys? >> all right. thank you. h t is the news for today. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. see you in 25 minutes for your weatffr, traic, and local news. until then, enjoyour day. >> make it a great monday, everybody.
6:58 am
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good kirning, breang overnight. ambushed, former boston red sox star david ortiz shot at an nightclub ie dominican republic. new video showing the disturbing attack. one of the suspects confronted by an angry crow ortiz rushed into emergency surgery. just ahead, the very latest on his condition. spect arch for a second and the well wishes pouring in. deadly collapse. >> oh my god, the crane is falling over. oh my d!go >> a crane falls into a parking builng in a parking garage in dallas. >> that's my apartment you all, it's done. one woman killed. at leastthive os


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