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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  June 11, 2019 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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good morning, everyone. 4:30. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. alet's check the forecastnd commute. melissa mollet is standing by with your first 4 traffic. >> we'll start, though, with tt lauryn rickes in for c wck bellith a look outside. warm out there. >> not bad. the lumt humidityin is lowerg ae kpluf clouds moving out. we have another hour before we see the sunrise. we will see some clouds out let it in some portions of the area by the time the s cmes up. especially east of i-95.
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we have rain showers moving out of here. but we're still seeing themfor our friends in southern maryland. for the most part, they are gon they're moving out of prince george's county where i have some of my friends out there. sharon, thanks for watching in clinton, maryland. again, they're moving out, and we're going continue to see clearing conditions throughout the day today. high pressure moving in. and you can see, look all the way to themidwest. we're looking dry. again, it isgoing to be a nice day out there finally even though yesterday evening was rece. 69 the temperatight now. main story today, the wind. we're going to see wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour throughout the day today. let's talk more rain because we have i in this forecast especially for the weekend. c'll show you thating up. first to the roads with melissa. good morning. good morning. a couple of problems here in d.c. washington, southbound 295 the ramp to inbound 11th bridge, we talked about that a couple of minutes left side blocked by an crash. there's an additional crash in the left lane, as well. d twofferent crashes there. also, eastbound, southeast freeway before 6th street, disabled vehicle blocking the
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right lane there in southeast. as we zoom up germantown, northbound 270 near 118, germantown road, debris in the right lane. southbound on 270 looks okay. thar has cle. arlington, eastbound 66 after 29, left la was getting by the work zone. the zone is now gone. aaron? >> all right. thank you. 4:32 now. we're following a developing story from new york city this moaling. offici say tim mccormack wasin pilotg a helicopter that crashed in midtown manhattan yesterday afternoon. he waskilled. no one else was hurt there. the crash caused panic and confusion among the people who wereworking insides th 54-story office building. they wereev forced to uate. we have a live report coming up in the next half hour. former red sox superstar david ortiz is back in bostonne ay after he was shot in the dominican republic. from the plane, ortiz was taken by ambulance to a hospital where he will continue to recover. he underwent a six-hour surgery before coming back to the u.s
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the ortiz shooting is just the latest in a string of worrisome incidentvolving americans in the dominican republic. you'll remember just da ago a local couple was found dead in their hotel rom. coming up in a few minutes, t we'll updatet case and look at the impa this is having on tourism in the d.r. the trial of a former university of maryland basketball player will continue today. monte dodd is accused of rape. his accuser said prior to the night she was assaulted she had never met dodd. she said they met in college park bar and admitted to being drunk before arriving and snorting cocaine. her attorney argues she was too intoxicated to consent to sex. dodd's attorney was unavailable for comment. in a previous injury said the sex was consensual. >> think that there are several facts that are going to come out in the future, and that, you know, he 'd be exoneetted. it's gng it in front of a judge or jury and letting the
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process run its course. >> the trial is expected to last through thursday. dodd faces 20 years in prison if convicted. s>> virginia voteread to the polls for the primary. polls open at 6:00 a.m. and close at 7:00 p.m. registered voters need to bring a photo i.d. to cast a ballot. you can vote in either the dericratic or republican pry but not both. we will have live reports coming up in the next half hour. you can also open the nbc washington app and search "virginia primary" for everything you need to know. a historicmoment in montgomery county that was meant to sw inclusivity has quickly become embroiled in controversy. yesterday for the first time ever, a rainbow pridelag was raised outside the county's executive office building in rockville. the area is also knn as veterans memorial plaza. some vets are upset that the p.o.w./mia flags were taken down and replaced by pride flags. >> the park is supposed to be a veterans park. people died.
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now ty've taken it down and put another flag up. >> the county acknowledged the issue and i working to add more ring the to the flagpole so both can be raised today. the pride flags will be up until the end of june. >> you'd thipe thatle would have considered the meaning of that flag to some of the veterans who go to the memorial area. >> the p.o.w. flags -- >> yeah.he what tignificance of that is. it's 4:35. here's a look at the top stories we're following for you this morning. the man who police say started p ic during the capital pride parade is out of jail. he entered a not guilty flee a charge of possessing a prohibited weapon. he pulled out a b.b. gun during a dispute. the ripple effect prompted mistaken reports of shots fired. d.c.'s sousa middle school will be closed again today. over the weekend vandals caused damage to the building. six fire extinguishers. tw -exit six fire extinguishers .re emptied two exit lines werebroken.
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a letter went home to families saying they need make sure the air quality in the buildi is safe. students can stillck pi up lunch between 10:00 and noon. today catholic church leaders from around the country will meet in baltimore. the bishops are under pressure to pass reforms following multiple sex abuse scandals. dozens of archdiocese including washington are under investigatn for the handling of allegations of abuse by priests. one lane on the northbound end of the gw parkway will remain closed indefinitely. the national parks service is working on a long-term fix for the sinkhole that opened up last month. crews are having trouble coming up with a permanent solutiat th would prevent another collapse. there is no timeline for when the repairsould happen. people from all over the world travel to d.c. to visit the smithsonian seums. >> one tour was special. these people are descendants of james smithson's family. smithson died childless as did a never off who was the lone heir
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clause bequeathed smithson's fortune to the establishment of an american institution devoted to science. from there, the smithsonian was born as a gift to the nation. patrick hungerford is a descendant ofssmithson' mother. he arranged the trip. >> he'd been brought up with the namesrld where hereditary and titles and families were quite a burden on the way he wanted to live and also a burden on the diffusion o knowledge. so he liked the idea that here was a country that had none of thatcl ter. >> he was trying to bring us class and culture. >> basically. >> yeah. the family members come from placesuch as england and canada. they wife spend a days in d.c. touring the smithsonian museums. lucki there is no shortage of culture and class in d.c. >> that's a statement. >> i'm justyi sa. >> i don't know if i agree, but
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okay. still ahead, 80 million milesraveled and 200 days logged in space. an astronaut brings the universe udoser for local stents. plus, you may wear a fitness tracker to help your health, but could it also be having a reverse effect? details on that when we continue. good morning, everyone. today on "news4 today" at 5:00, we'll look at how a young man is using modern technology to help thousands around the world who aretruggling with mental health issues, and he'soing it one text message at a time. >> a soccer mom who is stressed or a college student who's in therapy. >> how giani is turning his pain into something positive. also how you or somebody you care about could benefit from what he's in do
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what kid wouldn't want to meet an cinnnati? st night at the oxon -- an astronaut? last night at the oxon hill library, dozens of local kids had the chance to do just that. serena anon chancellor has logged nearly 200 days in space and travelled more than 80 million miles. she talke t about science experiment she helped conduct on the international space station and talked about what it was like to live and sleep there. i want to talk to an astronaut. >> firsthand account.
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they havencredible stories. really smart people. >> exactly. for sure. in health news now, a reason to put the video games down for a while. >> physical activity in early childhood may keepi heart dase at bay later in life. theris according to a new study from mcmaster university in canada. researchers studied 400 preschoolers. they found that who had the most exercise were more fit and had less hardening of the arteries ov n thet three years. >> that will never change. physical activity at an early age -- >> have to keep it going. >> all the way through adulthood. many of us use health apps on our fitbits or the iwatch, you have an iwatch, to stay in shape, that what you use it for? >> i do. when i go to the gymerever that happens. that obsession over tracking our physical health may be taking a toll on our mental health, too. let me take this off. i'm losing my mind. aduke university stu found that many of us feel the pressure to meet goals like steps per day, while help
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tracking may prompt us to do . more researchers found it can make activities that were once enjoyable feel almost like a jo >> it is a job to exercise. >> that not only decreases enjoyment but can lower activity levels when the trackers are off. ctors say maintaining a balance between fitnss and well-being is the key. >> i f tl likese fitness trackers really did give me a -- i'm competitive. so it would make me a little ut n i had to get rid of it. >> i don't -- >> you don't care? >> no. i use it when i use it. when i not, whatever. 4:43. want to check in withclauryn ritts before we head to break here. lauryn? we've got sunshine out there. tha s going to be comingup at 5:43 in the morning. another hour, a pretty sunrise o as the cuds scoot out of the region. temperatures not bad. around seasonal, but rain on the way before the weekend ie ov of course, father's day weekend, we'll talk about that coming up. us, contempt of congress.
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avoid it at least for now. why hou democrats suspended action againstor the atty general and what it means for the investigation into president
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battleground iowa. just under nine months to go until the first votes are cast in the 2020 race. andll the democrats are hoping to take the white house in 2020 are working overtime to secure a hawkeye state caucus victory. joe biden currely leading the pack there. bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, and pete buttigieg are in a statistical tie for second place. also heading to iowa today, another 2020 candidate and currentccupant of the white house, president trump. he will speak in counsel bluffs deling remarks on energy. all of this while the democrats in washington have won a victory against the justice department in ongoing investigation into possible obstruction by the president. >> an ate contempt vo against william barr and don mcghan originally scheduled for today has been suspended.
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tracie pot joins us live with more. good morning. >> reporter:yeood morning. h, that vote is off bcrause demoats got the justice department to comply with a subpoena thathe originally justice department said it would not. so now they will allow er lawmak democrats and republicans, to see the documents, the inunderly evidence of obshiuction bend the mueller report. this came just hours before the hearing with former nixon white house counsel john dean, and just before the vote that was supposed to happen today. that's happening on capitol hill. demoats claiming a big victory. meantime, the president says that the testimony that happened yesterday, he says that dean was not edible, and that he continues to say that this mueller report exonerated himny from a wrongdoing. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you. won'ty please join us as -- won't you please join us as we offer a moment of reflect
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n, thought, and prayer for a complete healing and a full recovery f our beloved big papi. >> you heard it there, the balks red sox paused for a pregame tribute for david ortiz. he's back in the u.s. this morning to receive medical treatment in boston being shot in h native dominican republic. it comes on the heels of a rough two weeks for the dominican republic. >> the bad p.r. all started with th deaths of a prince george's county couple. nathaniel holmes skpiz fiancee cynthia day died in a dominican resort almost two weeks ago. their bodies were to be returned home to maryland over the weekend. there's a level-two safety alert in place for americans traveling to the dominican republicg it's a bibusiness, of course. 6.5 million tourists last year. now the state department confirms two other americans have died at dominican hotels since april. the suspicion is leading to some
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people canceling their travel plans. encouraging newom texas. all of the survivors injured in the deadly crane collapse in dallas are expected to recover. the crane hit the building and parking deck on sunday during severe storms. a woman was killed and five hers were rt. residents in the building have been forced to move out. but the apartment owrs are giving them back this month's rent, their deposits, and their utilities. the company that owns the crane says it is fully cooperating are investigators. tomorrow will mark the years since the pulse nightclub attack in orlando, florida. this weekawmakers there the duced legislation hopes of establishing the site as a federally recognized national memorial. the announcement wi made dur a tribute to the ctims yesterday. in 2016 the attack was the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history. 49 people were killed. the owner of the club has been working with a nonprofit to open
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a museum and memorial to pay tribute to those who were killed. it is n4:51w. good news on the job front this morning. the total number of people hired by u.s. businesses reached a record high in april. hiring increased to 5.9 million jobs for the month, the highest level since 2000. construction, profsional, and business service industries saw particularly strong gains. 4:51 now. lauryn ricketts is here with what is expected to be a nice day. nicer than yesterday. >> yes. although we got some dry time yesterday evening. >> yeah. picking up my kids from scer practice. sun was back out. >> it w.s great my neighbors were on the porch like, yeah, it's nice out here. i'm like, i ow it's really nice out here. in came last night, overnight last night. we had storms. wasn't all that heavy. we saw instanlt yesterday with all the -- instability yesterday with all ofve the cloud cor. turned out to be an all right and dry afternoon. n everybody saw dryness.
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our friends in southern maryland, northern neck kept getting rain showers moving through. we had in to the south. again, hopefulliy youoy e the little bit of nice yesterday. if you didn't, you're going toy enjoday because today's going to be absolutely beautiful. all rain and those clouds are pushing out right now. humidity on the low side, starting to drop behind the frontal system that passed through yesterday and last night. and behind that,so looking nice out there. the next chance of rain not until thursday. the nt chance afterthat, unfortunately, now on sunday. so as far as your pool outlook, today's going to be great. it will be breezy, but temperatures still around 80. it's not going to be that bad. wednesday, perfect pool dayau bec we have lighter wind. thursday, scattered showers. back to the humidity. you can see there goeshe rain right now. still seeing showers down here in southern maryland and in through the northern neck, to the eastern shore. the back edgef the front right there continues to scoot through. and look at the clearing behind it. yeah, we're going to have plenty of sunshine today. 69 degrees is the temperature right now. so really not too bad. we've got some 70s on the
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shoreline. other t 6n that, low out in the shenandoah valley. a nice start on your tuesday morning. it's going to be a nice afternoon with temperaunres aro80. again, that breezy northwest wind suppressing the humidity. gusts up to about i'd say 30 miles per hour at times. we're 80 degrees again tomorrow. that's about normal for this time oaiyear. and ag beautiful to start. we're going to have increasing clouds throughout the day and late-day rain. at 5:30, thein ev commute tomorrow, a-okay. any time after 9:00 or 10:00 we'll see the rain showers pushing into the area. scattered rain showers, even a few thunderstorms as we get into your thursday. into friday, looking great hain. we're going toe plenty of sunshine on friday. if you're tramping on friday to get away -- traveling on to get away for the weekend, looking fabulous. saturday, beautiful. clouds increase. so does the temperatre. we're a90 on sunday for father's day. muggy, hot, we'll have a chance for storms to put it back in the forecast. we'll also h ve chances rain as we get into your monday and tuesday, as well. the temperatures staying arou
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90 degrees. all right. let's get a look at traffic this early morning with melissa. good morning. good morning, lauryn. in the district, southbound 295, ethe ramp to th inbound 11th street bridge, a crash there. another crash was also in the left lane in the same area. sound ilike everything now over on the shoulder. and your lanes have reopened. eastbound, southeast freeway before 6th street southeast, disabled vehicle still blocking right lane there. as we zoom up and take a look at northbound 270 at germantown, the debris is gone. everything looks good northbound and southbound northbound fairfax county parkway at braddock, a crash reported there. inner loop/outer loop of the beltway, no major problems. eun? >> thank you. game five of the nba finals ended in heart break for prince george's county's kevin durant. u see him drop to the floor. immediately grabbing his right leg. ound up injuring his achilles tendon, and could be a season-ending injury if not
4:55 am
worse. lot of people saying he haven't have gone in so soon. he was already injured and co revering. he's expected to have an mri today. the warriors went on to win the game barely 106-105. you know, they were down, the warriors. i think they kind of felt -- i'm sure k.d. wanted to play and help the team. i hope he's okay. to the t meatless crazet's sweeping the nation. have you tried this yet? >> nope. you have probably seen them in the grocery stores or on your local fast food menu. meatlesser burgs. beyond meat is one of the biggest names right now up.s their patty i made using only plant-based ingredients. but is it healthier? one study found that plant-based burgers tend to have more sodium than the real-meat alternatives. the one at carl's jr. has more r cals, fat, and carbs but beyond meat says their patties are healthier and better for the environment. >> don't have any cholesterol. no carcinogens, lower levels of
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saturated fat. if you look at the footprint of the human race on the planet, you look at the sheer number of animals that we keep aive to feed that footprint, it's not dsstainable. >> tyson foo will roll out its meatless products this summer. i don't. the extra salt. but you have to come up with some way to make it taste like something, otherwise --th >> ik it tastes good. it does not taste good -- it's not the same. i don't care how close it gets, i'm not saying it's bad. it's not the same. >> not meat. >> not the same. >> yeah. >> it's good. it's good. i do like it. 4:56. next at 5:00, are your feet ready for summer? and we don't just mean are your toenails painted. >> there's much more to foot care. we're talking to a doctor about how torepare your feet and yourn child feet for summer dangers.
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today, new information about thof pilot the helicopter who rst into flames on the top of a new york city skykyscrapers. more on the way. and chicken recall. a popular frozen food brand says a product served in cafeterias could be dangerous to eat. and if you're trying to watch your weight, you may want to turn off one common household item before you go to sleep.
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just abou5:00 a.m. now. isod morning, everyone. i'm aaron gilchr >> i'm eun yang. let's begin this morning a check on your forecast and commute. our melissa mollet is standing by 4ith your first traffic. >> storm team 4 meteorologist lauryn ricketts is in for chuck bell today with a look outside.y la hello, guys. the sun coming up in 42 minutes from now. we're seeing a few little cloudsment they're scooting out from the west to the east. and you see it on the satellite and radar, that's all with the . frontal sys we had rain last night pass through the area after what turned out to be a decent evening yesterday for some of us. again, that rain is moving out of here. and that front is moving out of here, as well. look at all the way back to the west. i mean, we are looking estimate clearing conditions. full sunine out there ase go through the day. 68 degrees, not too shabby out there now. wel dip a little bit as we go thrgh the five day. then through the 7:00 hour, temperatures coming up. e mperatures around 80 today. fairly comfortablt there all


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