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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  June 11, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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turn off one common household item before you go to sleep. >> put that chain on the refrigerator every night before i go to bed. cut it off. can't get to i 6:00 a.m. good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. let's begin this morning with a check on your forecast and commute. our melissa mollet is standing by with your first 4 traffic. >> and lauryn ricketts in for cluck with the first 4 forecast. lauryn? >> i know we've got cloud cover, but to the west, more sunshine. the clouds that came through, theera inthat came through overnight- the rain that came through overnight, sweeping out of here. the sun came up about 18 minutes ago. you can see the back edge of that cloud cover right there. that's the back edge of the front. still seeing some showers for our friends down in southern maryland, in through the n northernk. pushing off to the eastern shore right now. better widen out the view. again, you can clearly see where the frontal system is. again, that frontal system is
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moving out of the area. look at all this clearing out there. that's all sunshine that is going to be headed our way for today. as far as what our current temperature is, 67 degreesnow. winds are the main story today. they're pushing in from the northwest. no humidity. pushing allthat down to the south. 81 will be the daytime high, around normal for this time of year. we have lower result, and again, breezy northwest winds. no rain today, but we have a chance for tomorrow and into thursday. we'll talk about timing and the father's day forecast in detail coming up. first let's talk about traffic. good morning, melissa. >> reporter: good morning. chopper 4 showing an issue in prince george's county.nn this is the i loop near st. barnabas rd. a crash and report of a tree partially blocking the right lane on the beltway. we have some real delays there this morning. it is going to be a little bit difficult through that section. that's not an compare we expect a slowdown trls eay in the day. outer loop there at colesville road, we had a crash in the middle of the road. it is off to the right. d thoseays still hanging around.
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it's going to be a while. the damage is done there. centreville eastbound 66 at 28, right lane is blocked. alexandria southbound van dornte at egraph, a crash there, as well. guys? >> thank you. 6:02. new this mornin d.c. police y someone used a b.b. gun in a series of shootings that left several people injured. >> there were nineon incidents sunday across the district. in some cases, car windows were shot out. in other cases, peopler hurt with b.b. gun pell -- people were hurt with b.b. gun begun pellets. police are looking for a very of interest. take a look. police pulled the image from a surveillance camera. they sayct a suspeook off in the car after firing a b.b. gun in the 2800 block of alabama avenue southeast. >> developing this morning, investigators are trying to figure out what caused a deadly elicopter crash on a roof in midtown manhattan. >> investigators want to know where the experienced pilot was flying in bad weather and why he was flying over a restricted area.
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we're also hearing one of the first calls for help. >> we have what appears tbe a helicopter that crashed into the roof. the helicopter is on fire. >> the pilot identified by officials as tim mccormack was killed. no one else was injured. sources told our nbc station in pinew york that theot in just dropped someone off and was probably on his way back to the chopper's base in new jersey. yore looking at photos from the crash scene. people inside said they felt what they thought was an earthquake. and then they heard an announcement telling them to evacuate. >> you don't know what's going on. just go. >> it was scary that everybody had to run out. they thought it was like 9/11. >> according to the "associated press," mccormack made at least one other emergency landing back in 2014 and that was due to a bird strike. it's 6:03. red sox legend david ortiz is back in boston this morning just a day after being shot in what police describe as an ambush. this is a look at him being
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transported by ambulance last night tosa maschusetts government. the shooting happenedt a nightclub in the dominican republic on sunday night. the red sox president and ceo says ortiz was in serious condition,ut he was stable enough to be flown back to the u.s. he is already gettg a lot of support from the team and the boston. >> he's obviously an icon on the mt. rushmore of boston athletes. but he is the guy in -- in the dominican republic, you know. he's more famous than any president. >>rtiz was shot in the back. doctors are to remove his glad -- doctors had to remove his gall bladder and part of his intesti intestine. at least one suspect is in restody. we'll have a rt from boston coming up in our next half hour. 6:04. the man s who poli started a pappic during the cap -- panic during the capital pride parade sunday is out of jail. he pleaded not guilty toss
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posion of a prohibited weapon. police say he pulled a b.b. gun during a dispute, prompting people in the crowd to panic an run all directions. according to court documents, singh lives in virginia beach but is in the country illegallyt be back toill not the classroom for a second day st d.c.'s sousa middle school because of vand limp. someone broke -- vandalism. someone broke in and emptied six fire extinguishers, they broke exit siedelines and bleachers. a letter went home to familiess ng the air quality in the building was not safe for stuns to return. students can still pick up lunch at the school between ten:00 is and noon. >> in montgomery county, a council member there believes he was racially profiled by a maryland state trooper. >> council member wll juwando said a trooper pulled him over on new hampshire? avenue. the trooper said he crossed a op line at a red light. jowando said the first question
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the trooper asked was if he owned the car. >> there is a pre-textural stop. he's looking for other violatio, you know, drugs, money, something. he thought i looked out of place. >>e trooper says he did not know the race or sex of the driver before stopping the vehicle. he says asking wther the driver owns the car is normal in traffic stops. the agency said, quote, thela mary state police strictly forbids bias-based policing in all aspects of its law enforcemeiv acties. it's now 6:06. today voters in virginia head to the polls in a primary election. they just opened a few minutes ago. >> aimee cho is live at one place in burke, virginia. what do voterseed to know? >> reporter: aaron, eun, good morning. big day ahead. these primaries tonight will set the stage for a battle for control of the virginia general assembly. right now republicans only hold a slight majority in each
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chamber. polls just opened five minutes ago, but we've already seen people starting to show up, casting their ballots before they head to if you are heading to vote today, here is what you need to know. polls are open from now until 7:0s p.m. as longu're in line by 7:00, you will be able to vote. you'll need to bring your photo i.d. with you, if you don't have it with you, you can cast a provisional ballot that will be counted yter you bring inur i.d. registered voters can vote in either the democratic or republican primary, but not both. also some of the key races to watch closely this evening, all 140 virginia general assembly na and se seats are on the ballot. chairman of the fairfax county board of supervisors also on the ballot, as well as commonwealth's attorneys for fairfax, arlington, and prince william counties. of course news4 will be following all of these races closely on air and in the nbc washington app. eun, aaron? >> aimee cho live in burk on virginia primaryday. thank you. 6:07. a last-minute agreement between house democrats and the justice
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department means a vote to hold william in contempt of congress is on hold. >> in the deal the justice department agreed to hand over some evidence from the more than 400-page report into russian meddling. it's unclear whether this will be enough for house democrats who have called for the full, un-redacted while, the house still plans to vote today on a resolution that would empor lawmakers to file a civil lawsuit for the evidence if democratsdecide to pursue it. also happening today, jon stewart is in d.c. to help victims of 9/11. he and first responders will speak on capitol hill ihefront of touse judiciary committee. the group hopes to secure funding for the nevin victim compensation fund -- 9/11 victim compensation fund. the fund is runnilow on money now and payments to victims and survivors have been reduced. the coonittee will vote funding tomorrow. also today, catholic churcha leaders fromund the country will come together in baltimore. sex abuse scandals will be top ofmind as the u.s. -- of mi as
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the u.s. conference of catholic bishops meets. the bishops are under pressure to pass reforms. dozens ofnarchdiocese iuding washington are under investigation for the handling of allegations of abuse by priests. > new this morning, tyson food is recalling ready-to-eat iicken after complaints that plastic was found some of the breaded chicken.on ts recalling more than spy 000 pounds of golden c tsicken chunk fritters after getting complain from schools across the this pduct, the products were shipped to several states including maryland and virginia. you can open the nbc washington app and search "tyson recall" for more details. it is 9.6:0 up next, falling asleep with your tv on could be bad for your hepth. we'll explain the -- health. we'll explain the science behind the findings. and we'rein work 4 with a look at the future of video games. a preheew of some of t new sking our kids will be for. how about our weather, lauryn? you're going to be asking for a lot more of this this
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summer. beautiful conditions, breezy today, very nights. then we have scattered showers. aye humidity returns as we get into your thursd we also have some rain around for the weekend. it's father's day weekend. we'll talk about the
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welcck at 6:12. an update now for northern virginia drivers. one ane on therthbound end of the gw parkway will remain closed ineficit. the national parks -- indefinitely. the national parks service is working on a long-term fix for the sinkhole th opened up last month. remember the size of that? there's no timeline for when repairs would happen. there are a l of commuters waiting for that to reopen. a mess. in virginia, traffic circle
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can be confusing. >> just virginia? no. >> just in general. >> right. if you drive, we don't need to tell you that those cir des come in aferent configurations around here. transportation reporter adam tuss shows how the circles in shirlington have been giving drivers trouble for years. >> reporter: yeah, this is it. shirlington circle. you've got a thesears coming and going, lots of signage. it goes all the way around this huge area and meets back up right here. now you need figure out how to get through here. round andound you go, and who's coming and going, nobody really knows. what are the rules in the traffic circle? who yields to who, do you know? >> uh, not -- i'm actually from new york. >> isn't it that you yield to the traffic in the circle? >> reporter: you don't sound t. confiden >> i have no idea. >> i have no idea either. >> reporter: vdot's been studying ways to make the area flow better. everything from adding more
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traffic lights to more lanes dedicated to turns to creating new intersections here. you know the ea, you know that the 395 of ho lanes below will also soon change to express lanes so careful planning is need the. one thing is for sure -- all tho tant weaving means you constantly need to be extra alert through here. prfinal report for how the areag d chin ulshoshirlington, adam tuss, news4. good luck. >> man. the super bowl of video games kicks o thismorning. your kids probably know all about the e3 gaming expo. gamers from acrossob the gle are in l.a. now for video game tournaments and special events. gaming companies plan to make big announcements about their latest developments of the just like with tv,he futuring of gaming is getting into the unreaming business. xbox and its service will launch in october, and google plans to roll out its service next month. >> it's gamingvo ed. i can't wait to see what happens in the future. >> later today nintendo is set
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to nounce its latest project. >> you have really be into video games. >> i have the nintendo. the original.s target i beefing up art-time for full and hourly workers. this comes as retails are competing to retain workers. in the end of this month, paid family leave will dole from two weeks to four weeks. the company's autopsy doubling the reim-- company's also doubling the reimbursgent for sury fees up to $10,000. workers will receive 220 days of back up -- 20 days of backup child or elder care through the network. do you fall asleep wthth tv on? hat could cause you to gain weight. research from the institutes of health says that exposure to litst at night disrup your 24-hour body clock an may mix up your etabolism. researchers say people who sleep at night in a roomith a tv or light on were more likely to gain 11 pounds at least over
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five years than those who slept in darkness. they were also about 30% more likely to become obese. if you -- you have to turn awful all the devices -- turn off all of the devices. i read if you are reading in bed it doesn't have the sameta melism and weight-gain effect. >> bed is for sleeping -- >> sometimes it helps me fall asleep. depends on what i'm reading. sometimes it makes me stay up at night. people from all over travel to d.c.o visit the smithsonian museum. >> for one tour, it was really special. these people are descendants of james smithson's family. he is the man for whom the smithsonian is med. a clause in smithson's will dedicated his fortune to theis establhment of an american institution devoted to science. and from there, the smithsonian was born as a gift to the nation. >> he'd been brought up in the old world where hereditary names and titles and families were quite a burden on the way he
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lwanted to live and a burden on the diffusion of knowledge. he liked the idea that here was a country that hadne of that clutter. >> there you go. >> we didn't have any class-- >> nice way to say it. monthsson's family -- smithson's family will spend a few days antouring the smithsonimuseum. there are many of them in the area. hopefully they'll get to spend time at the zoo, too. >> what a lasting legacy and a gift to the region -- and nation, too. >> it's free. you get all this culture and history and don't have to pay. amazing. >> it's great. i love the smithsonian. >> goodeather outside today. >> yes. going to be great today. great tomorrow. rain unfortunately as we get into your thursday. might be a good museum day for kids that are out of school. i think most kids are out of school. e yours outf school? >> mine are. i think some other kids have r anotheweek. >> i don't remember graduating until the middle of june. when i graduated out in winchester, we had a lot of snow
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days that year. we stayed in pretty much all summer. that was all right i was going to college so it was fine. all right. we are looking at cloud cover t there right no that is sweeping out of the area. and we are going to continue to see some sunshine as we head day.ugh the so all the rain, all the clouds are pushing out of the area. we still have some lingering showers south and ea of d.c. mainly through southern maryland and toward the northern neck. the humidity staying on the low side out there day. will be breezy, as well. humidity amps back up for t hursday. that will be the next chance of rai as well. again, all the rain moving out of yohere. see the back edge of this theres the rain showers off gfront. to the eastern shore. look, it's so well defined right now, this is what came through during the overnight hours last night. yesterday morning i was talking about it. it was just in cincinnati. it's taking its sweet time to move through the area. it is clearing.t we are sl seeing clouds up and down i-95. but they'll move out soochbl as we continue through -- soon. as we continue through the day,
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80. 60s and 50s now. a breeze out there. the wind will continue, that's the main story of the day. gusts 25o 30miles per hour. but comfortable out there. eat lunch outside, go to the pool if you can.ou ife off today. again, those temperatures around 0 degrees. just a delightful day out there. again, tomorrow we will have sunshine to start. increasing clouds through the day. we'll see rain late tomorrow unight. not il tomorrow night. again, this is tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. we're still dry. cloudy but we're dry. rain rolls in. shows through the day tomorrow. maybe a thunderstorm as we get into your thursday. not tomorrow. tomorrow we're dry. thursday we will see showers ane m thunderstorm. dry on friday. friday's going to be great. especially traveling around on friday. again, temperatures as we geti o your friday, 79 degrees. then we start amping it up from there. mid to upper 80s saturday and sunday. near 90 sunday, father's day. we'll talk more about that in t. detail nex we also have rain chances fory mond tuesday. let's talk details on the roads with melissa. good morning. god morning.
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chopper 4 over the outer loop at colesville road. everything is slow but not as bad as it we had a cr in the middle of the road. hat is out of the way. just seeing the dinays hang around. another slowdown, inner loop near st. barnabas rd. in prince george's county. slow because of an earlier accident. those two spots i have f highlighted you on the map. the rest of the beltway, outer loop and outer loop is rolling along well. eastbound 66 at suddenly, disabled vehicle blocking one lane and centreville eastbound 66 at 28, right lane blocked by a crash there. eun? >> thank you. 6:20. next, why getting your feet ready for summer is about more than pedicures. and later today, howie mandel stops by "ellen." askingdvice for women. >> she said i'm on the ventura freeway, and the car is out of gas, and i'm losing power on the ll phone, and i think one of the tires is flat. so i just hung up the phone because -- no.i >> don't understand this -- >> time for a new hewife? >> been married 40 years!
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>> i know. howie's going to explain his approach this afternoon on nbc 4. you know when you're at e ross and suddenly real great minds shop alike? yes. that's yes for less. yep! yes, yes, yes ,yes, yes... yes. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices ery day. at ross.
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welcome back at 6:24. if it isn't already here, your family's summer vacation is is probably around the corner. >> for most people, summertime eason.flip-flop news4's megan mcgrath is working 4 you with expert at this point in time on how to keep your ndet feeling aooking healthy. >> reporter: sun and sand. a long swim on a hot day. and of course, flip-flops. these are the hallmarks of summer. but they can also ta toll on your feet. >> it can be pretty tough. >> reporter: dr. sayeed is a podiatrist. she says this time of year the feet are more vulnerable because
6:25 am
they get more outdoor exposure. with a little tlc, you can avoid injury and keep your tootsies looking good. first, remember the you s it on to protect the rest of your body. don't neglect your feet. >> a lot of patients will focuso n their face, putting sunblock on their hands. the foot, they don't. you need do that. >> reporter: chlorinbe tough on the skin.rinse off aft moisturize to prevent the cracking that comes with dryness. pay special attention to the heels. footwear is also important. flip-flops are often the summertime go-to. but most don't offer enough support or proteion. as one patient learned after falling off a ladder wearing flip-flops. >> she fractured her fibula, s thine that you see. >> reporter: and if you are going to wear flip-flops, wear the right kind. >> any flip-flop that you can take in your hand and bend in the middle and it's t flexible, do not wear that. i would suggest something like
6:26 am
this. if you look at this, it has a thick soe to it. a nice arch support, and you ca. barely bend i >> reporter: while going bare footn the summer may be tempting, the doctor says don't do it. you could get a cut or expose it you could get a cut or expose yourself to fungus and other infections. megan mcgrath, news4. 6:26. still ahead on "news4 today," could the fitness tracker you use to improve your health toil be havinger an advse effect on you? >> we'l stell you whye say yes. how about our weather, lauryn? >> not too shabby. although we have clouds. they are moving out. 81 today. around normal. t e breeze, we'll talk about the father's day forec sunday. we'll talk about t ha
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just about 6:30 now. good morning, everyone. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. let's begin this morning with a check on your forecast and commute. our melissa mollet is standing by with you first 4 traffic. >> we'll start, though, with storm team 4 meteorologist lauryn ricketts in for chuck today with a cloudytart to the day. cloudy start once. once again i forgot my clicker. i'll run over here again. i alwaysforget my clicker when
6:30 am
i'm running over here so quick. thank you so much, justin, for showing me where it is. i set it down. i got t, thank you. i saw you over there. thank you. cloudy out there right now. clouds are pushing out of the area. they will continue to move to the east as we go throughout the morning. again, sunny skies as we head through theay today. the rain and clouds are pushing out. now, humidity on the low side today and through wednesday. it starts to come back in on thursday. we'll see it as we get into your sunday. we have a chance of rain on thursday. chances of rain on sunday. again, the rain pushing out of here. stiew seeing a f sprinkles into the southern maryland area. the back edge is moving through. re sunshine through the day. let's talk about your thursday and the rain and also let's talk about rain possibilities for your father's days which i on sunday. don't forget about that. we'll show you that forecast coming up. first, let's show you the traffic, the roads with melissa. good morning. chopper 4 here near 270 and montrose road. no major rmoblems, no volume as you're headed southbound
6:31 am
there. in the distance, the beltway is looking okay, as ne st. barnabas rd., close through that section because of an earlier crash. you see a little delay there, and then outer loop here on the beltway, just after colesville. still delayed because of an earlier accident, as well. back to the beltway. looking okay. manassas, sudley, blocking a lane, eastbound at 28, right lane also blocked by that acchbent. nortnd on 95, virginia, slow in the normal spots through prince george's county. looking good into town and out of town. eun? >> thank you. we are continuing to follow a developing story from new york stay. officials say tim mccormack wasn pilotg the helicopter that made a crash landing in midtown manhatn yesterday afternoon. he was killed. foe one else was injured, but the crashancaused and confusion among the people working inside of th 54-story office building. they were forced to evacuate. we'll have a report from new york coming up in just a few
6:32 am
minutes. this morning the investigation into why the crash happened is just beginning. >> more cormack was a serious -- mccormack was a serious pilot, so the question was did he stray into thbe airspacuse of an emergency? >> going into the area, the pilot woual need the approvof laguardia tower. we need to know whether that happened. we do not know at this point. >> new york has some of the most tightly controlled airspace in the se restrictions became even tighter after the election of president trump two has a residence in trump tower in midtown manhatt hn. we'e a report coming up in a few minutes. right now, david ortiz is in a boston hospital. he was flown to the u.s. just ab day aftng shot at a club in the dominican republic. john moroney from our boston gation is at masseneral hospital with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. david ortiz is back in boston this morning and is being treated at mass generalit hosp.
6:33 am
he came back into town about 10:00 last night on a medical flight that had been arranged by the boston resox. he was immediately given a police escort to the hospital. all this, of course, happening about 24 hours after he was shot at a bar in his native dominican republic. the bar patrons, they helped track down and capture that gunman. another suspect still on the loose ortiz was rushed to a nearbyic for emergency surgery. now according to reports, his gall bladder was removed along with part of his liver. when they learned of the news, the sox wanted to get ortiz back to boston as soon as possible for his medical care given what he has meant to the team and to the cit no word on how long david ortiz will spend here at mass general hospital. at last check we were told thatn he was serious but stable condition. live in boston, john moroney, back to you 6:33. students won't be returning to the classroom today at sousa middle school in southeast washington. s>> that school is clo for a
6:34 am
second day in a row because of s vandali melissa mollet has more live from outsidehe school on th damage there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. this is a big blow to the educational routine here during these last days of the school year. so no school for a second straight day because the air uality inside the building not deemed safe yet after that weekend of vandalism iside the school. our cameras were able to capture the cleanup and the repair that happened on monday. some of the damage from six fire extinguishers emptied throughout g.e build there were exit signs that were broken, even a bleacher was vandalized here. i want you to listen to what one sousa parent had to say about all of this. >> it's a part of the environment that we live in. the streets -- the crime rate is going up, the children are suffering becaus they can't be in school, of course. and en they get in trouble. i think that it's sad.
6:35 am
>> neporter: very important thing to note. between 10:00 and 12:00, studentsan pick up a lunch at the school here because the lunch program is very important here in this community. and deeps are looking through -- d.c. police arehr looking tgh security footage to figure out who did all of this. that is the latest in southeast. back to you. >> molette green. thank you. 6:35. here's the other top stories this morning -- the man who panic stay started a during the pride parade is out of jail. he pleaded not guilty to in possessg a prohibited weapon. d.c. police say he plled out a b.b. gun during a dispute. olic church leaders from around the country will meet in baltimore. the bishops are under pressure to pass the forum following multiple sex abuse scandals. dozens of archdiocese including washingn are under investigation for the handling of allegations of abuse by
6:36 am
priests. one lane on the northbound side of the gw parkway will remain closed indefinitely. the national parks service is working on a long-term fix for the sinkhole that would preventp another colle. the sinkhole opened up last month. news4's working 4 you in the community with news of the kickoff of a summer food program in loudoun county. >> the program provides a meal for students whoerely on fre or reduced meals during the school year but often go hungry during the summer. you can get the location of summer food programs in your area no matter where you live be rching "summer food" in the nbc washington app. the no kid hungry organization does great work in trying to make sure that there have oh many kids -- there are so many ki in therea that meet the requirements to get the food they need. >> still a big issue. still ahead, 80 million les traveled and 200 days rigged in space. an astronaut bs the universe a bit closer f localkids.
6:37 am
and you may wear a fitness tracker to sort of keep track of your health. but could it be having a negati negative effect? good morning, everyone, today on news4 at 5:0, we'll look at how a young man is using modern technology to help thousands around the world strugglg with mental health issues. he's doing it one textimessage at a >> a soccer mom who is stressed or a college student who's in . therapy >> how giani is turning his pain into something positive. also, how you or somebody gou care about could benefit from that wheesin too. ♪ ♪
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better, faster? i mean sign me up. call today at 1-800-501-60. comcast business. beyond fast. so what kid wouldn't want to meet an astronaut? who adult for thatmatter? last night t at the oxon hill libra dozens of kids got to do
6:40 am
that. the astronaut has logged nearly 200 i daysspace and traveled more than 80 million miles. she talked about the science experiment she helped conduct on the international space stwhion and talked about it was like to live and sleep there. she probably has so many unique experiences to share. i would love tohealk to too. >> just a few people can share that experience. >> exactly. 6:40. many of h us usealth apps on fitbits or iwatchs to keep us in shape. >> that obsession with tracking our physical health may be taking aou toll on r mental health apparently. a duke university study found that many of us feel the pressure to meet goals like steps per day. health tracking may prompt us to do more, researchers found it can make activities that were once enjoyable feel a lot like work. that not only decreases enjoyment but can also lower activity levels when those ofackers are f. doctors say maintaining aan balce between fitness and well-being is really the key. nchlt
6:41 am
hse's your morning busines report. >> reporter: good morning, i'm rahel solomon at cnbc headquarters. amazon is launchincaa new credit d for people with bad or no credit. amazon credit builder is the program in partnership to offer people who may not otherwise be eligible an amazon rewards card. theecured card has no annual fee and offers 5% cash back on certain purchase. however, customers have to make a security deposit. that becomes the line it cr it can only be used for buyi a items azon or in stores that offer amazon pay. you can, however, be upgraded to an unsecured card once it's determined that your account is in good standing. with your cnbc report, i'm rahe. solomo and we check in with storm team 4's lauryn ricketts as we head to break. >> yes. dry conditions out there for today, tomorrow. but rain on thursday. dry friday and saturday. more raine eturns as wget into your father's day. we'll time it out coming up. the american legion bridge looking beautiful. chopper 4, thank ou for that
6:42 am
shot. a couple of problems including a new one in bethesda on wisconsin avenue. pl, contempt of congress avoided at least for now. why highways democrats suspended -- why house democrats suspended action against the attorney general and what that means for the investigation into president trump. what's funexpected?
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shock and confusion inside a w york city highrise after a helicopter makes a crash landing on the building killing the pilot inside. this morning we're acking the latest on the investigation into what went wrong. >> first, battlegroundsground i-- battleground wa. just a few months until the first votes rad cast in the 2020 race. all the democrats hoping to take the white house in 2020 are working overtime to secure a hawkeye state caucus victory. joe biden currently leading the back.
6:46 am
bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, and pete buttigieg are in a t statisticalie for second. heading to iowa, 2 another020 candidate if you will. the current occupant of the white house, president tru. he will speak in counsel bluf delivering remarks on renewable energy. this while back in washington the democrats have just won a victory against the justice department in their ongoing investigation into possible obstruction by the president. >> nbc's peter alexandria joins us now live from the white house with more. peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. while the democrats have decided to hold off on a vote to find attorney general barr in contempt of congress, they are touting progress after the judiciary committee, as you noted, reached this deal with the justice department. a handover of key underlying out possible obstruction of justice by the they will puhead preparing for a possible court battle to get more documents to the witnesses including fhemer trump white house counsel don vote ono testify with a that today. this as the president remains
6:47 am
defiant dismissing talk of impeachment sayingu can't impeach somebody when there's never been something done wrong. and in battleground iowa, there may be a preview of the 2020 general election race. both the president and joe biden with campaign events in iowa today. we'll have the details, new details on what we expect to hear from biden, a new personal attack of the president this morning when we see you on "today." all coming up shortly. >> peter axander live at t white house this morning. thank you. again, see peter's full report next on "today." 6:47.or this mng, investigators are searching for answers about that helicopter crash on a roof in new york city that hit a skyscraper killing the pilot. >> the crash caused sudden, -uncomfortable fears uncontrollable fears and anxiety. hell phone video is giving a glimpse inside t office building there. you seeck panied workers cramming into the st rwell and trying to get out,uncertain of what was happening. tracie strayhan from our new at york city stion has the latest on the investigation.
6:48 am
>> had little trouble getting that. we'll try later to see if we can do that. we do want to tell you about some other local headlines at 6:48. the university of maryland, rmer university of marylanda baskell player, his trial will continue today. da ante dodd isused of rape. yestercy his acuser took the stand. she said that prior to the night she says she was assaulted she had never met dodd. she said they met inle a colge park bar, and she admitted toin bedrunk before arriving and snorting cocaine. her attorney argues she was too inxicated to consent to sex. dodd's attorney was unavailable for comments but previously said the sex was consensual. a historic moment i montgomery county that was meant to show inclusivity has quickly become embraided in controversy -- embroiled in controversy. yesterday a rainbow pride flag was raised outside of the country's executive office building in rockville. the area is also known as veterans memorial plaza.
6:49 am
some veterans are upset tht the p.o.w./mia flags were taken down andy replaced be pride flags. the county acknowledged the issue and is working to add more ringets to the flag pole so both flags can be raised. the pride flags will be up unti the end ofjune. today is primary day in virginia. >> the polls are open right now. e insideaimee cho is l a polling place in burke, virginia, with what voters need to know. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning. if you head to the polls right now, chances are good you won't have to wait in line at all. we are at lake braddockec dary school. we've only seen a few voters coming through so far. as you can see, they've got volunteers ready to go to help people cast their ballots. these primaries will set the stage for control ofge the ral assembly. right now republicans only hold a slight majority in each chamber. if you are heading out to vote today, here is what you need to lsow. the polre open from now until 7:00 p.m.
6:50 am
as long as are you in line b 7:00 you will be able to vote. you'll need to bring your photo i.d. with you. if you don't have it, you will be able to cast a provisional ballot as long as you bring your i.d. afterwards. also, any registered voter can vote in eithe the democratic or republican primaries. but not both. also, a look at what the stakes are for tonight. analysts will be looking for clues to the upcoming 2020 elcotion. this d lead to highly charged battles in both parties. newcomers are challenging democratic incumbents and challengers in both parties have accused incumbents of selling out while serving in chmond. so if you are heading out to vote, you have until 7:00 p.m. tonight. we will of course be following all the races on air and in the nbc washington app. >> thanks for that important information. aimee cho live in burke. let's get back to the report from new york. investigators searching for answers in the deadly helicopter crash in manhattan. tracie strayhan from our sister station in new york has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. l ergency vehicles are st
6:51 am
blocking access to that 54-story highrise where the child support landed in rough- -here the chopper landed in rough weather conditions. this was the scene 11 minutes in the air when the chopper came to hard landing on the roof before 20onday afternoon. law enforcement sourc say the aircraft could be seen flying erratically, making dramatic tips and turns before vanishing into rainyskies. that crash led to a fire on the roof and a panicked evacuation of office workers down crowded staircases. the pilot idenfied as tim mccormack was killed. officials are unsure how the chopper ended up flying over midtown manhattan and why it was flying in poor weath conditions. officials say so far there's no indication of terrorism as a cause of this crash. the ntsb is on scene and asking anyone in this area who possibly witnessed this to have photosor videos given to them as part of the investigation. in midtown manhattan, tracie
6:52 am
strayhan. back to you. 6:51. let's check onor our fast with storm team 4 meteorologist lauryn ricketts. do see the clouds out there. >> we do. but you can see the back edge of them. where of them, that's the cold front, the dry air is coming in. here's the back edge of thatro cold f. i'm going to show you on the satellite and radar right now. this is the visual picture of it. and you can see that clearing backffo the west. sunshine coming our way. all the rain and clouds are pushing out. humidity startinguto lower o there. the breeze is picking up. that's going to be the main story out there today. next chance of rain, not until thursday. temperatures out there right now, not too bad. 50s in the shenandoah valley and low 60s. elsewhere, upper 60s to around 70 egrees. as we continue through the morning, those temperatures will be in the 60s. but we're going to have plenty of sunshine,idow humy, again it will be breezy out there. seeing wind gusts up right now up to about 30 miles per hour out there in loudoun for the most part, we'll see winds from about 25 to 30 miles throughout the day.
6:53 am
it will settle later tonight.he here's back edge of it. so again, you can see the back edge of the front coming right through the d.c. area right now' e got sunshine off toward i-81. rain public working out of here -- rain pushing out of here. light showers in southe maryland. there's the frontal system we showed you. there go the clouds and rain. all sunshine today. if you want to head to the poll, maybe you have the day off, plenty of sunshine, lower humidity. and again, a little breezy out there. ll in all not bad. if you're not headed to the pool, maybe you're watchinghe u.s. world cup, we take on thailand at 3:00 p.m. you can sit outside, nice. lunch outside, going to be gorgeous and breezy. exercise, blue skies, seasonal,r perfect day f exercise mainly because the humidity is low. humidity's going to be low tomorrow. we have clouds rolling in through the evening. evning commute's going to be dry. rain showers likely after about 9:00 p.m. and again, you can see this. we'll st t it 7:30 tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening. rain pushing in. again late tomorrow night.
6:54 am
we'll have rain showers through the day y. thursda the humidity comes back on thursday. but sunshine comes back on friday. and we're looking good onay frid with lower humidity. for your father's day real quick, we've got some passing showers. unfortunately, some rain, even a few thunderstorms. temperatures are going to be around 90 degrees on your father's day. again, that will be the next chance of rain afterthursday. we'll talk more about that p.en-day forecast coming let's talk traffic with melissa. good morning. right now, chopper 4 over southbound rockville pike at the beltway, had a report of asa died vehicle blocking the middle of the road. don't see it right now. just wanted to show you how things are looking southbound in rockville pike as that turns into wisconsin. inner loop, near 414, st. barnabas rd. a little bit slow there at the bottom of the beltway because of an earlier crash. we had one there. you can see those delays. and then one outer loop neares colle road. rest of the beltway actually looks quite good right now. two situations in virginia. ba iville, eastbound 7 at 340, all lanes might be blocked becauseidf an acct. manassas, eastbound 66 at
6:55 am
suddenly. disabled -- sudley. disabled vehicle blocking a rain. ince george's county, into town, out of town, no complaints there. as for your travel times, 66 and 95 moving along pretty well right now. 270 southbound, 37 miles per hour. and the tap of the beltway -- the top of the beltway, 26 miles per hour. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 car when you hop in your today. guys? >> thank you. game five of the nba finals prince heartbreak for george's county native kevin durant. in the second quarter of game against the toronto raptors, durant dropped to the floor, immediately grabbing his he wound up injuring his achilles tendon. it could be a season-ending injury if not worse. he's expected to have an mri today. they won 106-105. coming up on 6:56. we begin t 4 thingso know with the search for answers in the heart ofmanhattan. a helicopter piloted by an
6:56 am
experienced pilot crashedn a highrise building in a restricted area of new york city yesterday. the pilot was killed. no one else was injured. kathy park will have latest next on "today." id eivngreatrtment after o beickng shot in his native dominiayn republic on sund. the gunman is in custody. another suspect is still on the loose. last check, we're told ortiz us is in serio but stable condition. nbc news's ron mott will have iore ahead on "today." students w not be back in the classroom for a second day at d.c.'s sousa middle school because of vandalism. over the weekend, someone broke into the schoolin southeast and emptied six fire extinguishers throughout the building. we have m e information about free lynch for students today -n free l for students today in the nbc washington app. right now, the polls are open in the virginia primary. registered voters will need to bring a photoas.d. to c a ballot at either the democratic or republican primary. polls close at 7:00 tonight. sta with news4d the nbc washington app for results.
6:57 am
temperatures around 80 degrees today. main story wl be thewinds. late night rain tomorrow night. showers through thursday. next chance of rain will be on sunday. of course, that's father's day leading into the beginning of next week. >> all right. thank you. that is the news for today. we appreciate you -- >> wow. >> what she said - lauryn. >> three hours of news. >> he forgotho wat he was ing to sgoay
6:58 am
6:59 am
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good rning. breaking overnight. back in boston. the red sox send a private plane to bring david ortiz to be brought back for private care. his former tm honoring him. >> complete recovery for our beloved big papi. as authorities in the dominican drill down on t investigation. what went wrong. the new video which appears t be that chopper flying erratically before crashing on the roo of a midtown skyscraper. >> we had peopleelling get outside, get outside. now it's scary. >> what we know about the pilot and why he was flying in


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