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tv   Today  NBC  June 11, 2019 7:00am-8:50am EDT

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good rning. breaking overnight. back in boston. the red sox send a private plane to bring david ortiz to be brought back for private care. his former tm honoring him. >> complete recovery for our beloved big papi. as authorities in the dominican drill down on t investigation. what went wrong. the new video which appears t be that chopper flying erratically before crashing on the roo of a midtown skyscraper. >> we had peopleelling get outside, get outside. now it's scary. >> what we know about the pilot and why he was flying in restricted air spaceust ahead. invokingrg wae.
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democrats relaunch their investigation into the mueller report with a famed figure from the nixon white house. >> the last time i appeared before your committee was july 11, 1964. >> president trump dismissing it as a stunt. we're live ingt washinon. those stories plus, still no sign. the search intensifies in the disappearance of that missing mother of five in connecticut. thrill of victory, agony of defeat. e warriors stay alive winning a nail biter in the nba finals but lose kevin durant to a devastating injury. >> he's a good teammate. he's a good person. it's not fair. and readywo for the d. >> i love the big stage. >> the women ofh team usa dis to us on their quest for a second straight world cup title. >> i will literally do everything in my power to help this team with that trophy. >> as they look to make history,
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"today," tuesday,un j11th, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." nice to have you with us. our ladies of the usa, they have got the eye of the tiger for sure. >> the best socr team on the planet going for two in a row. look out, thailand. here we come. >> i wouldn't want to be iny th waf them because they really want to reach this goal. we'll get to them in a minute. former red sox sr david ortiz flown to a boston hospital overnight by the red sox on ae privatlane sent by the team. he's recoring, of course, from a ambush shooting at a nightclub in the dominican republic. ron mott joins us with thest la on this. so many questions.
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good morning. >> reporter: hi, savannah. i just lost ears with you. i apologize for that. but david ortiz i is back boston. the president of the boston red sox says he is in serious condition but was stable enough to board that private jet ast night bound for boston. arrived here at mass general with a police escort bac in the city that absolutely adores big papi. this morning former red sox superstar david ortiz is recovering in boston after being shot in the back in his native dominican republic. the man affectionately known as big papi flown to mass general monday night on a red sox team plane after a six-hoursurgery. spokesperson for ortiz saying doctors had t remove his gallbladder and part of his intestine to stop internal bleeding. the entire red sox organization pullinor him. >> it was a horrific incident. our focus right now, our exclusive focus is on his w heah anl being. >> all of us were shocked by st ght's news of david
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ortiz. >> reporter: the team and fans paying tribute at the home game. >> he is loved at our nation and beyond, yet to us he is our own adopted son. >> reporter: the act caught on surveillance video. a man known as eddiela vrdig c ortiz and soting him at close range. authorities believe two people were involved in the attack. one of them badly beaten by an angry crowd before police took him into custody. the other suspect still at large. >> pitch on theway. a towering fly ball. >> reporter: the 43-year-old father of three is one of the most beloved athletesn boston's history helping to reverse the curse by leading the red sox to three world series championships. >> he is a perhero without a cape. that's the way we see him. he'll be okay. >> reporter: president trump tweeting, i want to join many others inishing him a speedy recovery of his own. get well soon, papi. and new england patriots star b
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tomdy writing, papi defines boston strong. get well soon, my friend. ortiz's family hopeful. his father thanking god and saying bigi pap will be around for a long time. the doctor who tended to d id ortiz in the dominican republic that the first thing he said was when can i see my family. the doctor says he's in a good mental state and that he was looking forward to reuniting with his wife tiffany and former teammates here in boston. >> ron, thank you very much. another major story this morning. the century for answers after that deadly hicopter crash in the heart of new york city. the accidentled i on the roof of a skyscraper. people inside andurrounding the building scrbling for safety. kathy park was there yesterday. she joins us this morning. so many questions here as well. >> yeah. we were out there yesterday, witnessed some tense moments. the chopper slammed into a
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54-story skyscraper justlocks from times square. one witness said her whole office shook. for others the jolt brought back memories of 9/11. officials are stressing this was not an act of terror and they are trying to figurhy out w the pilot was in air space over new york city that's supposedo be off limits. >> reporter: investigators are pouring over the roof of this 54-storyhekyscraper in t heart of new york city hunting for clues into what may have caused helicopter dly crash. >> we have what appears to be a helicopter that crashed into th. ro the helicopter is on fire. >> reporter: the chopper pil timothy mccormack who was flying alone was. killed a senior law enforcement official telling nbc news that they believe thisideo shows the chopper flying erratically e moments befor impact. but that information still needs to be confirmed by the faa. these images show pieces of the
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aircra aircraft scattered over the roof. the impact was so intense, it stted a fire. employees felt the building shake. >> not like an earthquake. li it was going to fall. >> reporter: confusion leading to moments of chaos. >> you get in the lobby and you have people screaming at you, get outside! get outside! noit's ary. >> reporter: workers began pouring outside into the rain. just blocks from times square and trump tower. >> there is no indication at this time that this was an act of and the is no ongoing threat toew york city. reporter: but many new yorkers held their breath as initial reports triggered memories of the september 11th attacks. >> as soon as you hear an aircraft hit a building, i think my mind goes where every new yorker's mind goes. >> reporter: officialsay the helicopter took off from the helipad on manhattan's east side after dropping o a passenger. the deadly crash occurring just
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11 minutes later. this morning it's still uncleaw y the pilot was flying under such poor visibility in a zone that's been restricted ever since president trump took ofoce. >> to g in that area, a helicopter would need the apoval of la guardia tower. we need to find out if that happened or not here. >> what more do we know about the pilot here and about tse moments just before the crash? >> so according to law enforcement, they're saying the pilot thought he had a clearing in the skies and could make the flight after leaving theip helad but radioed that he may need to return. the pilot's brother issued a statement saying tim mccormack had years of experience as a pilot and flit instructor and saved lives by managing to land on the roof. he has years of experience in the manhattan area as well. >> the investigation goes on. thank you. new developments this mueller ied to the report after weeks of
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negotiation to the justice department. providing congress with more evidence from the special counsel's investigation. an a key figure from watergate took center stage on capit hill. peter alexander has that story.o >> reporter: gmorning to. the house is expected to go to vo to force subpoenas for the entire mueller report as well as for testimony and documents from key witnesses. most notably the former white house counsel don mcgahn. democrats call for that critican figure john d from the nixon era to testify about similar tis between watergate and now. as democrats launch a new round of hearings on the mueller report -- >> we have a responsibility to do this work to follow the fact where is they lead. >> reporter: -- president trump seemsfi t. >> you can't impeach somebody when they've done nothing wrong. whenou look at past
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impeachments, i don't leave. there's aig i difference. n't leave. >> reporter: the 45th president invoking richard nixon over watergate. it comes as democrats called on the man who helped bring down nixon. john dean to testify. >> the lastime i appeared before your committee was july 11, 1974. >> reporter: dean pointing to parallels between the special counsel's report and theag case nixon. >> in many ways the mueller report is to preside t trump what so-called watergate road map was to president richard nixon. stated a little differently, special counsel mueller has provided this committee with a road map. >> reporter: republicans mocking democrats' decision to invite dean, a vocalti cric of the president on cable news. >> this committee is now hearing from the '70s and they want their star witness rback. >>orter: president trump attacking him. >> john dean's been a loser for many years.or >> repr: still democrats are touting progress after the judiciary committee reached a deal with the justice department
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to hand over some key underlying evidence about possible obstruction of justice by the president. the democrats say for now they will hold off on a vote to find willm barr in contempt of congress. but will push ahead preparing for a possible court battle to get more documen and force witnesses to testify with a vote on that today. vice president pence tellingkr ten welker he's not worried that that will make impeachment more likely. >> i really don't have concerns about that. >> meantime,iowa's seen aot of political action these days. the president's headed there. and former vice president joe biden as well. >> reporter: you're right. today americans will get a split screen, what might be a preview of the 2020 general election race. both the president and joe biden have campaign events today in iowa. and biden's aides tell nbc news look for the former vice president to hit the president with a series of swipes including bashing president trump for his recent twitter
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attacks while oversees last pek. accusingresident trump of a stunning display of childishness for all to see. >> peter alexander in washington, thank you. more to get to this morning including the ongoing search for a missing connecticut mother of five who vanished nearly three weeks ago now. herba estranged husnd and his girlfriendng appeari in court today in connection with the case. anne thompn has more on that. >> good morning. this is the 18th day of the sech for jennifer dulos and the focus returns to a connecticut courtroom and the two people who police think may know what happened. this morning it's back to court for jennifer dulos' estranged husbandnd his girlfriend. 51-year-old fotis dulos and 44-year-old michel traconas in connection with jennifer's
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disappearance. the motherf five last seen may 24th dropping her children off at a private school in connecticut. as the search for jennifer enters its 18th day, police have launched a new website fi findjennif new canaan police say they have is received 75 responses with video surveillanc from homes and businesses. the town's police chief adding we will not rest until we find pnnifer. on monday,ice returned to thisit hartford trash se looking for clues.ub now pc arrest warrants for fotis and his girlfriend say cell phone records tracked the two to hartford where a man matching fotis' description and a woman were tossing garbage bags into bins across the city. in those bags iestigators found clothing and a sponge soaked in jennifer's blood. the girlfriend freell on a half n dollars bond met with
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investigators last thursday. >> are you going to do the right thing and help the cops? >> rorter: dulos remains in jail unable to post bond. on friday as inveigators searched thee farmington hom he shared with his girlfriend, they hired a new lawyer norm pattis. he said there were reasons to ubt he was even at the home the day she disappeared. i am unaware of any evidence supporting the theory he was involved in foul play. pattis will appear in court with dulos today h where plans to ask for a substantial bond reduction. jennifer's children remain with her mothe in new york city where they have been since she disappeared. >> hopefully we learn more after th court proceedings. a 19-year-old surfer is recovering this morning after being bitten by a shark on monday. happened in oceanal beach. family members say austin reed
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was bitten on his foot. he was taken to the hospital and treated for laceratioan there is expected to make a fl recovery. this comes after another north nager lost her leg in a shark attack t off coast 130 miles away. plenty of drama in game five of the nba finals last night. the golden state warriors managed toavoid elimination with a comeback win but suffered a major loss in the process. miguel almaguer has the latest on this one. good morning. >> good morning. golden evstate's k durant returned to the lineup to suffer a more significant injury. and now some are second gecssing the dion to bring him back. >> reporter: with their back against the wall in an eliminatn game, the warriors came out swinging against the raptors winning 106-105. with the massive win comes a huge loss. one of the nba's biggest stars.
7:16 am
kevin durant taking to the court for the first time in over a month. he was cleared by t team's medical staff following a calf injury that forced him to miss most of the playoffs. der ra durant got off to a hot start. >> trying to stay with durant. durant goes down holding his leg. >> reporter: but in the second quarter, he reinjured his leg and had to be helped to the locker room while some raptor fans began cheering inesnse to the injury. >> i don't like to hear the fans cheering. i'm surprised by that. >> reporter: rap star drake a big raptors fan caught on camera supporting durant patting him on the shoulder. durahowing his frustration as he left the floor. the team s announcing hefered what appears to be a series achilles injury. durant who left the arena ol crutches wilve an mri later
7:17 am
today. the two-time finals mvp just aceks away from free agency will now likely f a long rehab. the warriors president of emotional operations after the game. >> i don't believe there's anybody to blame. but i understand is this world. if you have to, you can blame me. >> reporter: durant taking to social media writing in part, m hurting deep in the soul right now. i can't lie. but seeing my brothers get this win was like taking a o shot tequila. i got new life. durant's teammes say they're devastated. >> i just feel so bad for him, to be honest. like, that's -- nobody should have to go through something like that. >> that's our brother. to be honest, it's very deflating. it's hard to celebra this win. >> reporter: if kevin durant ruptured his achilles, he could potentially miss all of nt season. many are questioning his
7:18 am
decision to play in that must-win game last night. but no one is blaming him. >> i was just about to ask you, whose decision is it? did it the coaches, the players? the >> medical staff cleared him. it's a must win. >> yeah. >> anyway. it was hard to watch. >> absolutely. first check t our of the weather. al's over at his post. good morning. >> good morninth anks for getting your first national weather from us. we're looking at wet weather along the coast and mid-atlantic and making its way into new england. we are going to see more rain, though, coming along the eastern seaboard. low pressure developing, spotty storms. the greatest risk for heavy downpours. it makes its way tomorrow up the coast joined by a second system siat's going to bring strong thunderstorms posble right on into thursday and friday. expect a lot of travel delays as we move on toward the end of the week. rainfall amounts generally about 1 to 2 inch es especially out
7:19 am
onto new england. to the south, theea hest rain of the coast. locally up to 5 inches of rain. we're g tng to geto your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. good morning. i'm meteorologist lauryn ricketts. we're looking at the last of the cloud cover pushing to the east of i-95. still seeing clouds et i-95 but clearing coming your way. the rain is mov og out southern maryland too. eventually we are going to see a
7:20 am
dry day out there. ee this already clearing here in d.c. es right now. we're headed to right around 80. main story today, the winds but out of the northwest still lowh dity. enjoy the day. >> that's your latest weather. >> all right. thank you. coming up, what o.j. simpson is revealing in a rare interview 25 years after the murder of his ex-wife a her friend. we'll ao hear from ron's sister. and before the u.s. women begin their quest if ar fourth world cup title today, they're sitting down with natalie to talk about their shot at history. first this is "today" on nbc. t talk about their shot for history. first, this istoday" on nbc. "
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7:26 is your time now on this tuesday, june 11th, 2019. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. today v ters head to polls in virginia for primary day. the polls are open until 7:00 tonight. registered voters will need to ke a photo id. you can go to the nbc washington app and search virginia primary for everything you need t know. chopper 4 just flew over the scene of a train fire west of the metro station. montgomery fire officials say a shipping container was loaded incorrectly causing a rubbing ee wh now let's check on your commute with melissa mollet and your first 4 traffic. >> because of that, this is another cause here.
7:27 am
so search with marc is now causing a lot of people to be late. auunswick is shut down bec of that fire on the lines. we'll let you know how that kind of pans out today. inner loop, outer loop of the ltway slow in a couple of spots. 66, 95 no major delays. >> all right. thank you. later today on news4, how a young man is using modern technology to help thousands of people who are struggling with mental health issues. >> he is doing it one text at a that story today on news4 at 5:00. we'll take a break now. we'll check your forecast next.
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well, the c raintinues to push out of here right now. especially for our friends in southern maryland. that fnt is gone. all sunshine throughout the day today. enjoy. main story today are going to bh winds gusting up to 25, 30 miles an hour.
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temperatures around 80 degrees today. we stay in the upper 70s. rain returns on thursday. more rain on sunday for father's day. thank you. another local news update in 25 minute. >> for now back to the "today" show after thishort break. we are sisters. and we just moved in together. why alissa a aleah chose fios. we stream sooo much. a lot of times alissa is watching tv on her laptop, in her phone, also using her tablet. i am really good at multitasking cae i'm awesome. a little. better at our best price. switch now and get our fastest speeds available. plus, a free samsung chromebook on us. that's fios.
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and men's adidas - $56.24... plus - get kohl's cash! kohl's. we are back at 7:42. >> morning, carson. mee 2019 won's world cup is underway in france. later today the u.s. women's national team, the defending champs, begin their quest for back-to-back titles. natalie caught up with the stars of team usa. natalie, they want this one bad. >> oh, theyure do. they're going for a chance at history here again. up first, though, for the u.s. is this match with thailand. in the last cup match the s. scored that unbelievable three gos in just 16 chautpter that i live for these moments.
7:33 am
like, i don't care who we're playing. whoever it is, not going to be afraid. >> reporter: it's the best team in the world back on soccer's biggest stage. u.s. women's national team out to defd their world cup title with veteran wisdom and new blood in the red, white, and blue. >> great goal. >> reporter: how i it getting the gang back together? >> the band's back. it's much o s thee team but befinitely feels like a different vi >> reporter: led by alex morgan and the hat trick hero of the 2015 final carli lloyd. >> i know this is the best version of myself. >> reporter: a focus that her teammates get to see close up. >> she is such a legendn this sport, but she is so intense at all times. that's what reall brings her to that high level. >> bad [ bleep ]. she hasn't lightened up in her old age.
7:34 am
>> reporter: her old age? >> yeah. her old age. she's just so locked in right now. wo reporter: the two-time international n's player of the year wants to win yet another trophy in her fourth and she says final world cup. >> mind of a 36-year-old but my body is feeng like a 26-year-old. so i feel really, really good. feele ever felt. tearpest, strongest. f >> rep'vorte ir: also on the qu for that star are famr veterans like tobin heath. >> the most skilled, crafty player i've ever been able to play with. watching sometimes because she's just such a joy to watch. sometimes i'm just sitting back on the side like, dang she's good. >> in that moment feels like life or death winning. and i really feel that sometimes when i'mther of the team's mostr: a cre forwards megan rapinoe.ativ >> we have a grittiness about us that i think is unrivalled in
7:35 am
the world. >> reporte others are looking to make their world cup debut like mallory pugh. and crystal dunn, a natural atta attacker. >> individually i thi we're a talented group of players, but i think collectively we just bring a lot that i think other teams are going to have a hd time handling. >> reporter: but the tournament comes as the team is still fighting for pay equity. 28 of the players filing a lawsuit against the u.s. socce fede march for institutionalized gender discrimination. >> you wish you didn't have tse do it becau you wished the world was a different way. >> reporter: and on the field now they'll face a tougher challenge than even four years ago. women's soccer has exploded in europe in the last few years. and fellow world greats like england, germany, brazil, andn host natiorance all determined to unseat the stars and stripes. >> feel like the field is so much deeper than it's ever been. the level is so much higher
7:36 am
ngich is briing that much more out of you. >> i think for us we have to live ame bygame. >> reporter: seven games away from a potential fourth world title and a fairy tale world cup ding for carli lloyd. >>t would be an unbelievable moment. especially with it beingy last world cup. c completeth at, to end thatam true.t i will literally do everything in my power to help this team win that trophy. > reporter: she's got thatin thaila, they're ranked 34th in the world. it's later today. atch coverage ontelemundo. tys -tbackck titles. sop this is a big one. and of course for carli lloyd ts retire, she looking for that fourth star on that jersey and she'soi fng goryes. she's motated for sure. natalie, thank you so much. natalie and i went to watch a match in london.
7:37 am
>> reporter: we dith 's the one they won. >> maybe they should send us to france to check it out. >> i saw that. >> reporter: great minds think alike. >> all right, nat. see youn france coming up, great bargains, but what do you get? we're going to explore the sites that offer big deals on mystery hotels with one major catch. but first these messites. hotels wh one m in [mom] we knew this airedale pup was coming home with uswe but what shoulame him? that's always a big deal of what to name your dog... you were the namer, i thought mom. [mom] i remember reading a magazine. i saw the name blue and i thought "i like that name. bl, that's it" [dad] boy did he fit in with the family. he just loved being with us. it's crazy to look at this and think now we have a pet food named blue.t but that's whappened. we created blue buffalo because think pets are family. so we use only the highest quality ingredients. [mom] blue loved it, and we hope your dog will too. etsy is the place to the ings we hold on to. sold by real people
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7:56 is your time now on this tuesday, june 11th, 2019. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. today schools in southeast washington will be closed due to vandalism. c students pick up lunch at the school today between 10:00 a.m. and noon. now let check on your commute with melissa mollet and your first 4 traffic. >> i have a mireer on the brunswick line. a lot of delays up to an hour because of an earlier fire on the tracks. inner loop, outer loop of the beltway still recovering. near the woodrow wiln bridge because of an earlier problem. and i-5i9 near the beltway blocked because of a crash. we'll look at your forecast when we come back. stay with us.
7:47 am
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7:48 am
i'm meteorologist lauren richts. we are looking at rain to the south and east. that's all pushing out. humidity on the low side today.
7:49 am
next chance of rain not until thursday. but you can see the back edge of this front moving through all sunshine backhere. so we will continue toee some sun throughout the day. low 80s. main story today, breezy northwest winds out there. as far as your father's day is concerned, it's going to be hot and humid. that's going to be our next chance of rain after thursday. agaies we've got cha of rain on thursday with humidity. chances of rain on sunday with huwedity. in bet we've got low humidity and plenty of sunshine including today, tomorrow, and friday and saturday. >> thank you. another local news update in 25 minutes. for now back to the "today" show after is short break.
7:50 am
coming up, back in it's 8:00 on "today." davidugrtiz bro to mass general last night. his former team taking a moment to honor him before last night's game. >> he's a superhero without a cape. that's the way we see him. he'll be okay. ooplus, you snze, you gain? how sleeping with the tv or lights on could add to putting on the what you need to know before you hit the sheets. and secret savings? we take you inside the app promising to save you money on your next vacation. >> we snlyed $9 here. i think we can do better.
7:51 am
>> so are they really worth it? we'll put them to the test. "today," june 11th, 2019. ♪ >> fro t kansaso new york city! >> hlo, houston, texas!hr >> katyn just graduated. ♪ >> hiom to m in hartley, iowa. >> we're from texas celebrating our 6th birthday. >> mom turns0 today! >> hi, everybody. good morning. welcome back to "today." nice to have you with us on a tuesday morning. we can hold off those sprinkles for a bit. >> we're also really excited about something that we have coming up. yesterday you might recall we told you about ali stroker's historic win at the tony awards. she's the first persono use a wheelchair to win an acting
7:52 am
award. tomorrow she's going to join us right here live to tell us all about that big night. >> we can't wait to celebrate wi her. much to get to this morning. here's the news at 8:00. retired red sox legend david ortiz is back in boston for a treatment ofis nshot wound. he was flown back by the red sox in a private lane overnight from the dominican republic whe she shooting happened. ron mott joins us with the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: hey. good morning to you. the president and ceo of the red sox describes david orz's condition as serious but he said that he was stabilized enough to get on that private jet i the dominican republic. that jet brought him back here to boston. he is now this morning at boston's mass general hospital. one of the best in the city. obviously the best in the recovery fm the gunshot he ffered over the weekend down in the dominican republic had a six-hour surgery down there. part ofis intestine and gallbladder had to be removed. he is in good hands in boston.
7:53 am
last nightth before red sox/rangers game, they stood and ape plauded him here. he is one ofhe hometown heroes did on ese of what h and off the field. he's got an entire city pulling for him. >> ron mott, thank you. now to the latest in the deadly helicopter crash thato caused s much fear and confusion yesterday right here in the heart of manhattan. a few blocks from where we sit right nour. aryka pth us withmore. >> reporter: investigators are back at the skrash site today trying to determine the cause of this crash. this was not an act of terror. the 54-sto skyscraper monday afternoon killing the pilot who was flyingt the time. it's still unclear why he was in the air in such poor visibility
7:54 am
and in a flight zone that' been restricted since president trump took office. law enforcement sources say the pilot tht he had a clearing in the skies and could make the flight leaving fromt the e river helipad but radioed that he may need to return. it took just minutes for es emergency rnders to arrive at the office building. and then they began there were no other injuries reported. the pilot's brother said mccormack had yeag of fly and saved lives by landing onto the roof. and inspectors say the building is sound a poses no threat to the public right now. >> all right. keep us posted. >> thank you. we have a major announcement this morning about the first democratic presidential primary debate airing here on nbc news as well as msn and telemundo later this month. savannah, you will be one of the moderators. >> that's right. the debate will take place over two nights. we'll be live from miami. it's right here on nbc news,
7:55 am
msnbc, and telemundo. both a big win and a devastating loss for the golden state war yors last night in game five of the nba finals. >> iguodala back out to green.on thomps one dribble, one shot. got it! golden state retakes the lead. >> the warriors took a three-point lead with under a minute to play. they held onto win that game 106-105. golden state lives to see another game.ea toronto l that series 3-2. it was not all good news for the warriors though.t returned to the floor for the first time in over a month. he went down again with another injury in the second quarter. golden state confirming after the game that it's an achilles injury of som sort. he'll have an mri today. it looks like this is going to sideline durant for several months. hard to watch him go down. > he was there for itic boost. 9-year-old mya daniella nelson
7:56 am
has been a fan of the atlanta dream for her young life. watch what happens at a game when she was show eed appreciatn by getting a pair of autographed sneakers. >> thank you. >> oh. in case you couldn't hear it, what do you say? i love you. she could not hold back those happy gars. they'rng to put those sneakers away until they can build a display case forthem. you can't wear them. >> tears of joy. still ahead on a tuesday morning, ourrt gadi schwaz exploring a secret way to save on your vacation. mystery hotels. th big catch that comes with those online deals. and what you could get when you book. plus, why you should never, never fall asleep we the tv on. >> you're talking to your husband directly. >> don't dot if you're trying to lose weight. a new study right after this. lose weight. a new study right after this. a new study right after this. science
7:57 am
[upbeat music ♪] you got this. a new study right after this. science you got this. you got this. you got this.
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8:00 am
we're back. 8:10 with "today's" talker. jbh joinehe table. if you're like a lot of folks and you find yourself sleeping with the tv or lights on, you >> that's right. a new study by the national institute of health said that could lead to weight gain and other health risks. dr. natal azar is here. a lot of palple like to f asleep with the tv on, kind of keeps them company. but not i you want toose
8:01 am
weight,nt apparely. >> i think there's two big stories here. one is we always talk about the obesity epidemic, sedentary lifestyles. and this is raising the possibility that perhaps light at night could be influencing our risk fores obity. nd we're always talking about devices and light and how that's potentially bad for us and bad for our seep. so thi kind of brings both of these two topics together in a way. >> what did the study find? study followed women for about an average of arfive yes, the women were aged 55 on ave and they found that the women who were exposed to the most light, that is tv on while with they wereee slping, light in the bedroom opposed to smaller ght light or a amount of light were more likely to gain weight. on average greater than 11 pounds. they were also more likely to increase their bmi by more than 10% and more likely to become overweight. >> why? >> how? >> are they getting up to a eat? lot of things -- a lot ofva
8:02 am
ables they could not actually control for. but the hypothetical is that the light from these sources is ctually affecting mel toatonim, disrupting circadianrh hms. it should be noted the biggest limitations from this study are that it wasn't cause and effect. this was merely an association papz we always say, more research definitel should and needs to be done to establisheaf thisy is playing a role. >> it makes sensestecause many udies say disrupted sleep leads to weight gain if the lights are affecting your sleep -- >> change your habits the next day. >> and we talk about sleep hygiene. it's a small change to make. ang lot of the experts whot wer nonvolved in the study who weighed in on this said why not go ahead and try this? >> so this study was conducted solely on women. do we know if the findings aap icable to men as well? >> the arreseers would imagine the result s wou be the same in
8:03 am
men. >> correlation not causation. >> you got it. >> sounds like an easy thing to do. turn off the tv. >> sounds like an easy solution. would be to turn off the television before y fall asleep. right? >> right. >> ulwell, you shodn't have a tv in thean bedroom yway. >> well, that's your opinion. >> okay, sorry. >> y judgy. >> i wasn't judging you but you me.e judging >> that's right. >> who has a tv in the bathroom? >> who doesn't? >>ke ro >> and roker is happy married. >> that's the benefit though. when my tv's on when i'm sleeping and a dominos ad comes on, i always order one. that's correlation. on that's causation. >> causa and correlation. >> have you neverv had a t in your bedroom? >> long ago, but not now. >> i like it. natalie -- >> do you sleep with your phone by your bed? >> i do but i use that as an alarm. >> you're coming back, by the way. >> next.
8:04 am
>> our favorite over the counter products. mr. daly? >> al has amo sker by his bed. >> i do. >> the green egg. >> first up, a lot of buzz still from sunday night's tony awards. while many are talking about james corden's opening number or ali stroker's hisrical win. there was one moment that is lot talking about. they didn't get to see. that's because it occurred during a commercial break. take a look at this and watch billyporter, he wows the mpaudience after being pd to sing a little karaoke by james ♪ i had a dam ♪ a wonderful dream baby ♪ it's going to come true baby ♪. >> i didn't come here to work tonight. >> you clearly wanted no one to
8:05 am
look at you. ♪ having everything come up roses ♪ >> you going to make me do the whole thing? ♪ all you need is a hand ♪ >> wow. >> that show is entertaining even during the commercial break. he shared that moment last night on his show. singing up everything coming up roses.ce reed a standing ovation from the crowd. >> amazing. up next, jennifer aniston last week on the ellen show gave a tease when she said she'd be open to doing a rebootr reunion of "friends" but last night with entertainment tonight, she clarified those remarks. well, you know, no was getting me nowhere. maybe was getting me nowhere. so i don't know i mayb thought i'd try yes. see what happens. anything could happen. i have no ideathough. there's no plans in the immediate future. >> so everne, calm down. >> yeah.
8:06 am
or-eep - or don't and, i don't know, stay excited and possibly something will happen. >> while she confirmed there were no plans, sounds likhe s wants it. >> i think we should stay excited. >> hold onto the words anything could happen. >>yeah. that's what i say every morning. >> she seems like she wants itnd to happen a hopes there will be a ground swell. maybe a petition. >> can we start it? >> why not? >> if jstnifer ani can't start it, how are we going to? >> anything could happen. >> anything can happen, carson. >> power of yes. andfinall"big little lies" kicked off sunday night. meryl streep not only made her debut but hererformance left a big impression as well. take a look at the moment. >> just wanted to scream so you know what i did? did scream. t you wanthear? okay.
8:07 am
>> in what may be now known as the scream heard around the world, she captured fans' attention including our own jimmy fallon's. >> can we talk about the meryl streep juscream? st give her the emmy, am i right? >> you're so right. it actually works. like, it really helps get stress out. tch. ry it.ould it's really ow if my -- >> no, come on. yes. >> actually, feels really good. >> i know. do sn't it? it'so fun. >> hey, youyl guys mer streep screaming? >> there you go. they're recreating their best
8:08 am
meryl screams? >> i car about our audio people. >> you wanto t it carson? >> i do not. but maybe it will help release pent up energy. this is 3-year-old brantly who was on the water with his family. he caught his very first fish d he couldn't have been more excited. >> i caught a fish!p. >> meryl stree >> yeah. >> yeah! i finally got a fish! >> he's screaming athe fish. >> the fish not so excited. >> come on, throw me back. >> his older brothers and sisters were all catching fish. finally he got his fish. he slept with it under his bed. sh he's a brave little boy holding that fi >> thank you, carson. al, what you got? >> let's check itout.
8:09 am
see what's happening. no screaming but we have wet weather moving off the east coast. a lot of heat out temperes are going to be soaring into record-breaking territory. especially in the pacific northwest and on into parts of southern california. look for 80s and 90s. you get down into florida. flood threat also in the -- i should say the northeast. severe storms firing up in the plains. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck ofwo the s. >> sunny skies right now. dry today. dry tomorrow.e could hav a few rain showers late tomorrow ght. but definitely some rain and scattered storms on thursday. friday and saturday ooking a lot better. but we still see some scattered and light sprinkles in extreme southern maryland. but you can see the cloud deck now pushing out. a this i sunshine right here. so blue skies out there today if you're headed to the e temperatures right around 80 degrees. plenty of sunshine but a little on the breezy side. gusts up to 30 miles an hour. >> that's your latest hour.
8:10 am
thank you. thank you. and now to our special series, we call it vacation confidential. >> as you plan your next gearway, a big p of your budget will be used on where you'll stay. and some help could be on the way. gadi schwartz is letting us in on a little secret that could ve you a whole lot of money. >> reporter: good morning, guys. that's right. hotels can often be the most expensive part of your trip. some travel sites like mystery hotels, you pay up front and nd out after you've booked where you're staying. but what are you getting? is it worth the savings and what are the risks? you're about to find out. they're called mystery hotels. hot wire, pricraine, and tvel offering deep discounts but with a catch. all you get to see is the price, the sta rating, and the neighborhood and you won't get the hotel's name until after you book we're goi the see how these work. we're here with a team of producers from the consumer investigativeunit. she is looking at hot wire. joe is looking on priceline.
8:11 am
this is connor. n is o last minute travel. we'll see what pops up. first we need a same-day hotel for tha night inew york city. we book four star hotels in times square. on hot wire and priceline, we get the same hotel. this weston. after fees and taxes, $190 on both sides. the regular rate, $312. this is our room at the weston. it is a very nice room. very spacious. off his one, we saved $122 the original price. and check out the view. on last minute travel, we get the edison hotel for $274. i the room fine, but we only saved $5 off the price advertised on the hotel's website. we fly cross country and book in anaheim, california. the home of disneyland to see if we'll get the same results booking in advance. checking in for schwartz. on last minute travel we booked this spring hill suite $ for234
8:12 am
versus the regular rate of $2. nice room but we only saved $9 here. i think we can do better. on hot wire we get this hyatt for 2 13 while the regular rate is $240. we have a sofa. hi've got t massive tv. now, we saved $27 on this room. even though we only asked for a kingize bed, it looks like they upgraded us to a suite. we get this marriott for $199 versus the rate of $242. not too bad of a deal for $43 off. we leave the united states and fly south to the popular mexican tourist destination cabo san lucas. on last minute travel we get a twist. we paid $332 while the regular rate is $219. that means we shelled out $113 more. pretty small. an even smaller shower. and the view?
8:13 am
no ocean. but my luck improves at the marina fiesta where the regular rate is $319ut b pd on $252. this looks aot more like vacation. we've got a beautifuliew of a pool. the water feels so nice. and you know what else feels nice? we just saved 67 bucks. but ewait. becae saved the best for last. paradise. this is the ritzy cas dorado. this i the life. you've got this huge suite that we scored. now, minne you this o was a little bit more expensive. it was $900. we got it for$500. the savings is huge. over $400 wesa ved. we've got a suite, a bed, a jacuzzi tub, a wonderful bathroom, double vanities, and you got to see this view. look at this. and here is cabo san lucas.
8:14 am
in total, on priceline we saved $232. on hot wire, $555. last minute travel ended up paying more with the mystery deal. an extra $99. and the accommodations, he underwing. in conclusion, mystery deals can save you some money but they come with risk and reward. i know. tough assignment, right? nbc news reached out to last minute travel to let them comment but they didn't respond totiple requests. by the way, there i ms one othe p to save you money. if you're in need of a hotel within 24 hours, mystery deals to a pretty good place start. back to you. >> gadi schwartz. i tell you, you got tebe a d roller yeah. got to be brave. would you>>. do it? >> never have, but i want to go on a vacation for that. >> especially on the company
8:15 am
dime. >> exactly. coming up here, we're going to reveal a new list of the best pharmacist-approved over thelt counter heah products. > and we're going to make your life easier. they're going to answer all your burning questions. but first your local news and weather.
8:16 am
good morning, everybody. 8:26 now on this tuesday, june 11th. i'm aaron gilchrist. right now let's get a check on the morning commute with melissa traffic.nd first 4 >> we still have problems on the brunswick line because of that issue near rockville. delays up to an hour. inner loop, outer loop of the beltway. s you're approaching the woodrow wilson bridge. left side blocked be anew accident. >> all right. thank you. we'll have a look at whe forecasthen we come back. stay with us.
8:17 am
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8:18 am
miami meteorologist lauryn ricket ricketts. look at the back edge of that cloud cover coming through. oh, yeah. everybodylse seeing some sunshine. and you're going t see some sunshine soon. temperates right around80. the main story today will be the breezy conditions out there. 'sfor your father day, we do have rain. so next chance of rain, thursday. then again on sunday. an those days will also be the muggiest days out there. so we've got nice conditions rrow, maybe a late storm. i'd say after 9:00. and then looking at chances of rain thursday then again sunday. friday and saturday beautiful.
8:19 am
more rain early next week. >> all right. thank you. get the latest news and weather c any time in the shington app. back to "today."
8:20 am
we are back. it is 8:30 on a tuesday morning, june 11th, 2019. the weather has cleared up. by the way, iaw this young lady j here wearing a hat. is it your 90th? >> yes, this is ony mbucket list. >> happy birthday. >> denver, colorado area, just a >> we are happy you celebrated with us. savannah guthrie got you something there. happy birthday. >> you're beautiful. >> happy, happy,pp ha >> 90th. >> we have another crowd that could be perfect to celebrate a 90th birthday.
8:21 am
this is eaglehoir from chicago. we could use a little song. you want to sing? all right. let's do it. what do you want to sing? let's do it. ♪ >> never give up. >> anything can happ. ver give up. >> thank you so much. >> nice work, ladies. up next, dr. azarba is . she's going to reveal theci phar pick of favorites. then they are the brains behind the skim. now they are helpi you skim your entire life. their tips for conquering everything from your career to even your clothes. >> plus there's an nfl star with
8:22 am
hustle.sing side he's teaching a popular college course that could all teach us a thing or two. coming up on the third hour of "today," mr. roker, you're sitting down with a legend. >> that's right. gloria gaynor. hard to believe 40 years ago "i will survive" came out. >> she's more than survived. >> and it was on the "b" side of the record. >> first let's get a check of the weather. announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by the american red cross. patients need blood every day. >> and let's check your weather, see what we've got planned for you for today. flood threat in the souterast. wet wea moving out of new england. record highs in the pacific northwest. severetorms mid-section of the country. tomorrow is going to be gorgeous weather in the northeast. spring storms and strong storms firing up through the southeast.
8:23 am
look for record highs continuing out west. s andome wet weather making it through the mid-mississippi and ohio river valleys. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> well, we're finally seeing some sunshine out there. a beautiful looking day. temperatthes, ough, in the 50s. 60s here in d.c. 70s next to the water. we're all headed to around 80 degrees today normal for this time of year. main story will be thehwre bgusts up to 30 miles an hour. cloud deck moving out of here. again, we're looking good. maybe you're gng to watch the usa women play thailand at 3:00. sit outside. d sameeal with lunch. exercise will be comfortable out there. >> and that's your latest weather. don't forget this friday, world blood donor day. head to forore information. our sponsors of the american red cross and how and where to donate. >> all right. thank you. dr. azar is back. because just ahead, we are
8:24 am
revealing exclusively the top over the counterr. natalie. no, these are picked by phar cists themselves. but first this is "today" on nbc. pharmacists themselves. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:25 am
8:26 am
and welcome wag down the pharmacy aisle looking for the right product can be quite the daunting ially when you have a splitting headache or small children. so how do you know what's best for you? fear not. the pharmacy times have gotten tother to rank the best over the counter products and we're revealing them exclusively with the help of medical contributor dr. natalie azar. >> good morning again. >> how did this list come ? together >> this is a sur vaif that pharmacists do every year. and they're basically ranking their favorite products based on their experience, how efficacious, how safe these all are. and really, they look at -- they
8:27 am
survey over 800 different products. >> and these are brand names this morning. >> not store. and there's value for store, but for the pharmacists there's a consistency, there's an identity wibr these ds. and, you know, patients feel confident in them. >> let's get too the list here. this fst one was surprising because i thought that advil was not great for your stomach. >> hers the thing. i think that from the outside just because it's over the counter doesn't mean it's automatically safe. for fever reducing, anti-inflammatory effects, tchir oice is advil. it'she brand for ibuprofen. it can be associated with stomach issues and also cardiovascular risk. aka heart attack and stroke for people who use it for extended periods of time. i always say this with any nsaid. the shortestd perio time with the lowest dose possible. >> all right. tyleren's >> your baby or child has as
8:28 am
fever or achy, what do you give them? their choice is children's tylenol. children's tylenol is definitely a favorite of pediatricians. something i like about tylenol is kids under age 6 months can use it. it's also available as a suppository. but using too much or extended periods of time never a good idea. can cause liver issues if used in excess. >> so many cold products out the market how did they settle on dayquil? >> it h three main ingredients. acetamihe acetaminophen. if you're taking other containing things, you don't want to exceed too much. it also contains a cought suppressans well as a nasal decongestant. so it relieves a lot of those daytime cold and flu symptomske lieadache and achiness and sore throat without making you
8:29 am
drowsy. >> this of course is the time of year where we're slhering on sunscreen. >> yes.d an neutrogena is their choice. dermatologists le ittoo. you always want broad spectrum. you want to make sure you're reapplying it every two hours. more frequently if you're swimming or sweating. if you don't do a good job of applying your sunscre and do get a burn, this is their favorite to relieve of the sunburn.of a this contains liadacane. if you stick it in the refrigerator, it's rea rely, re soothing to an. sunbur >> so i get a bug bite. this is what i should be using? >> i didn't know this existed. so afterbite, the active ingredient here is baking soda. and it also contains a little bit of ammonia. the great thing about it is it
8:30 am
comes in ts pin ll. you can keep it in your bag. if you get a bit andou've got itching, just apply it straight to the skin. >> safe for kids >> s. you can use it for children as well. >> this is actually what i use for my allergies. zyrtec. >> the adults,he choice over the counter is zyrtec. for children the choice in claritin. why the difference? here claritin is considered completely non-sedating. zyrtec is mildly sedating. so keep that in mind. i find and i think allergists will tell you, what works for you. for children claritin and adults zyrtec. >> band-aids. >> finally, you have boo boo. band-aid. this is one of the things where it's the brand name. it's the most consistent. we all love baf-aids. and iou do have a cut a/or a wound, neosporin is what you
8:31 am
use. i use it that also contained lidacane. it's like putting the band on sheeltds for everything >> all right. thank you so much. that was wonderful. for the full list, by the way, grab me some of that bug bite stuff. just ahead, the remarkable young here.behind the skim are they've got a new book. travel, packing hacks, networking trips. it's all in the skim. can we skim this ?book good. perfect. first this is "today" on nbc. f nbc. >> i am a skimme r. - yokre heading to moose cree
8:32 am
for aunt trudy's 97th birthday party. - yeah, it's definitely a flat. - [man in safety vest] they said you'll never ma a it. the kids too wild, and the car's seen too many miles. (tire iron clanging) - (woman sighing) hang on.
8:33 am
- but you know you'll get there because you have aaa. - okay, thanks so much. we'll see you soon. - and when your tire goes flat, we change it, and when you need a jump, we jump to it. so you can rest asred that the country's most highly-recommended roadside assistance won't let anything come between you and the fap.s., happy birthd, trudy. sorry about the cake. aaa, go ahead. we are back now with a we're back now with a few questions. do you know how to tip without traveling abroad? if you went to your boss now,ul wod you know how to negotiate a higher salary? these are a few of the topics tackl tackled.
8:34 am
carly and daniell are the cofounders of the skimm. it's about time the skimm became a book. this is sort of a bible for everythi we need to know but we're afraid to ask? >> basically. we overhe past seven years have had an awesome thing every day but there are a lot of things twt happen as you gro up. >> is there a target audience for this? >> this is really a reference being an our audience is largely millennial women, but this is the perfect gift for recent college graduates. we can all use this. it's meant to beef a rence guide for everything how to order a bottle of wine to how to fill out yourax torms. >> there were a few things that i wanted read. you have a couple of hacks with travel. >> this one was big for us. so we are hitting the road for three weeks on our book tour that starts today. and packing for a week can be daunting. and you really need, we have a good method. five, four,three, two, one is
8:35 am
what you need to rb. five unrgarments, four tops, three aibottoms, two p of shoes, and one hat to protect yourself from the sun. that's it. >> or maybe do a little laundry. >> there's a military roll method that saves say in your suitcase. you just roll it up and put it in like that. we all have our shoes. we don't want the shoes touching the ground to dirty the ground. put them in a shower cap. >> don't use the after that. >> this is our favorite hack. ladies, we all travel withwe jelry and it all gets tangled. you put it through a straw, it will not get tangled. >> then to make surehe that you open the itcase, it smells good. just throw a dryer sheet in there. >> that's a great idea. have a pleasant smell. now, networking is another big thing. al roker needs to introduction. but this up and c startson
8:36 am
daly. >> i'm a huge fan. i was wondering if i could have an internship with the "today" show. >> wow, look at the time. >> maybe give me your number. >> oh,t's haley's comet. >> can i shadow you? anything? >> it doest seem to boric with young cson and al. what's he doing wrong. >> everything. >> you are coming on way too strong. >> i'm going to do the meryl streep scream. >> there are two things i want you to remember. research and restrain. al roker is a busy he's a vip. is there a recent segment or story he's done. >> i love your weather. >> yeah. people love talking about themselves. get them talking about themselves. and rest nint. he's having lunch with you tomorrow. he's finding -- >> a restrainer order. >> you want to make sure thatyo are being appropriately aggressive but also keeping your distance so that you're not coming on too strong. that you're following up, you know, if you said sure reach out. reach out tomorrow. >> this is my shot.
8:37 am
>> you can reach out to him tomorrow, but don't harass him right now to commit to a plan. all right. sorry. >> ask what the best way to reach him is. he will probably hand you off to somebody else which is fine. >> a lot of people are told be aggressive. and they should be, but not so much so that it's offputting. >> there's an art to following up. one of the things we love we call our stalker spread sheet. now you met al. fill this out. who is al, what's his c information, what was the last time you spoke. and then maybe you're going to follow up with him tomoow. he probably won't respond. >> i think parents at don't gdse kiboundaries. >> then follow up quarterly. >> what about social media? what if i dm hiha >> ts weird. don't do that. don't send youresume via dm. a little bit of contact, but not too much. >> follow up quarterly when you see something has been going on with al. >> all right. >> finally, we have a lot of advice that's jam packed.
8:38 am
good luck, carson, with your career. you have some pep talks. everybody needs inspiration. what are your favorite quotes from the book. >> i'm going to swipe over here. this is one of our favorites. sara blakely actually a derator on our book tour in atlanta. her quote is those moments you sh yourself to do something you may not be great at. have so many hidden gifts in them that to not do them would be a shame. this means go for it. >> all right. doing a gre job. >> so taraji p. henson who is an amazing person and actor says you can w be afraid toalk away. which is a negotiating tool you have to have in your mind. >> then last, hoda. >> yes. >> you have to want to fol ww someone tells you no. you don't want the yes person who doesn't wanturo h anyone's feelings. you wanthe person who tells you no. >> it meant surrounding yourself with people that challenge you. and that push you further than you would p yourself. don't just have the yes people around you. >> and hoda, we credit her so much with the skimm success.
8:39 am
we did a blind outreach when we first started the company and she was the exact example of how we followed up. she really became a fan. and here we are. >> she's a real fan. i know that for a fact. carly, danielle, thank you so much. a lot of wisdom with these two. how to skimm your lifes out today. check it out on our website coming up, nfl player by day, teaching ivy leaguers about life 101 on nbc. n nbc. s 1,2,3,4 ♪ thising, it's out with the old and in with the awesome. as in, in with the fastest, most reliablfiinternet from xfini so you can be in with brilliany connected devices in every room. and in with finding all your favorites on live tv
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when you get the diagnosis of cancer you don't know how you're going to handle it. you really don't know what's coming down the road for you. i was anagnosed with stage 4 orr the doctors at g w hospital were fantastic. they were willing to advocate for an alternative treatment that had better outcomes for me. a better life over a longer term with fewer side effects. i want to say thank you for getting me through cancer treaent and back to living my life. for life's defining moments the george washington university hospital defining medicine. 8:51 now. the story of a professional football player whose unusual off-season gig is changing the game in a big way. a little -- i say savannah sandwich. savannah sellers is here wh that one. >> brandon copelandas been playing football his entire life but now the nfl player is
8:42 am
pursuing a different kind of passion. during the off-season he heads from the stadium to the t classroomching students why money matters along the way. >> reporter: on the field, brandon copela is new york jet number 51. on campus at the university of pennsylvania, he's professor cope. you graduated from here six years ago. could you have thoug on graduation day you'd be a professor here. >> not at all. i pictured myself as a kid that barely got in here.'m and now coming back teaching a class. right? >> reporter: the recently resignedlinebacker returned to his alma mater this year with a lesson. and he says it's one everyone need to learn. how to handle your money. >> i've sat in a classroom for 16 years of my life. i've learned the tangent of a 45 degree angle, but i have no idea where to start with what's going into my credit. >> reporter: it's being called life 101. why is that? >> yeah. i love that nickname. when i thought of it, i thought
8:43 am
let's have a course on everything that you deal with in life. we just don't talk abt in school. >> reporter: copeland, a graduate of the chwharton busins school said the nfl prepared him. >> it's crucial to keeping a job in the nfl. one week our playbook is dedicated to beating tom brady. or the next week,ea bng baker mayfield or joe flacco. so literally,nghis class bei able to adjust and learn on the fly is crucial to you being an effective teacher. >> reporter: but being an effective teacher didn't come without some nerve. everyone for a professional athlete. >> i think that first day i literally had my headphones in 30 minutes before class started. literall like i was in a pregame. and definitely had some armpit sweat going. >> reporter: in some ways, it seems like copeland was destined
8:44 am
for this. e football andducation run in the his grandfathoy hilton played in the nfl for 11 years before retiring and becoming a teacher. could you talk about how that shaped you? >> i remember being in high school and people were like, cope, the only reason you get good grades isou because try hard. that's what you're supposed to do. but my grandfatherng that mentor, that role model i my life, he just made it cool to be smart. >> reporter: and he' passing that message onto his students. >> it's really life changing. i feel a lot more confident and prepared as a college gr ruate. >>orter: copeland says u-pen is just the beginning and that only for the halls of an ivy be league. whenever you retire from football, could you see this continuing? >> never say never. i'll never say never. my goal for this is to make this accessible to everyone. there shouldn't be a barrier to information based a you have of what you're making. i have access to certain things
8:45 am
that my mother doesn't have access to or my brother or wife or whomever. it's just not right. >> brandon is already starting to reach people outsidef u-pen's campus. t opened his class the public so anyone could attend. speaking of life 101, he and his wife are child in a few weeks. so those financial skills will come in handy. >> so wise. what a great idea. >> i know. and his students just were so receptive to it and talked about how they just feel totally prepared in a different way tn they anticipated to graduate now. >> good to see. thank you, savannah sellers. thank you. >> by the way, always find more great stories at including how to reduce yourre st and improve your mood in just ten minutes. plus weight loss inspiration from a mom. ae lost0nd 8ou psf. the television light is not on iner bedroom. that on
8:46 am
and just ahead on the third hour, we're catching up with kate gosselin talking about her return to tv. and on the fourth hour, alyssa milano. but first savannah. but first your local news. >> wch out, world. . 8:56 is your time now on this tuesday, june 11th, 2019. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. right now let's check on your morning commute with melissa mollet. >> brunswick line issue near rockville. we still have delays on the brunswick line up to an hour behind. utinner loop, o loop of the beltway finally looking a bit more normal. rockville southbound
8:47 am
en down tractor-trailer in those main lanes. >> thank you. we'll take a break now. we'll check your forecast when we come back. stay with us.
8:48 am
8:49 am
. those temperatures are in the 60s rht now. we are on our way to right around 80 degrees today. low humidity. just a good looking day out there. main story today are going to be the breez northwest winds guesting up to 25, 30 miles an hour. tomorrow most of the daylight hours dry. scattered rain showers hot and humid on thursday. but friday, saturday, more rain coming back for your father's day into monday and tuesday. >> lauryn, thank you. get the latest news any time in the nbc washington app. have a great day. me. lt for i have very sensitive skin, and i get ingrowing hairs. oh i love it. it's a great razor. it has that 'fence' in the middle. it gives a nice smooth shave. ♪ protect your pet with the #1 name in flea and tick protection. frontline plus. trusted by vets for nearly 20 years.
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live fromn studio 1a rockefeller plaza this is the third hour of "today." >> good morning,. everybody welcome to the third hour of "today." i'm al along with sheinelle, craig, dylan and our good buddy jacob soboroff. boy, we were all witness to a lot of what was going on with the news yesterday here in midtown. just a coueplf o 30 blocksrocka helicopter crashing on to the top of a skyscraperere in the middle of the city. just kind of crazy. >> at first we didn't know what happened. i was heading home i think around that time. unfortunately, a lot of people saw it and we -- like a lot of people at first -- >> you are almost un


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