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tv   Today  NBC  June 12, 2019 7:00am-8:50am EDT

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good morning. warningig s? the new polling this srning thatws the president's re-election could be in trouble as he and joe biden duke it out in iowa. >> ielieve that trump poses a fundamental threat toamerica. >> i like running again people that are weak mentally. >> just ahead, what the numbers show for the president in a head-to-head with democratic front runners. taking a stand. >> i'm sorry if i sound angry and undiplomat ic, but i'm an >> jon stewart tears into congress overli dwi 9/11 funds for responders. >> it is a stain on this >> will his plea make the
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difference?ve breaking ornight. new arrest. a second suspect taken into custody in the shootingf david ortiz. just ahead, what big papi's family is saying aveut his recory. plus troubling twist. the pilo killed in that helicopter crash. why officials say he shouldn't have been flying that day. bad sports? the usa beat thailand 13-0 in their world cup opener. >> morgan, shot. goal! >> but did their celebrations cross the line? >> for me it's it's disgraceful. and show stopper. ali stroker became the first peon in a wheelchair to win a tony. e you. we did it. >> and she's joining us exclusively to celebrate. "today," wednesday, june 12th 2019.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, annah s "today" with s guthrie and hodaiv kotb l from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hi, everybody. nice to have you with us on a wednesday morning. those of us still on a high from ali stroker's win on sunday, she's going to be right here. we cannot waito to talk t her. >> her story has inspired s many over the last few days weal we'll talk to her. n national polls that may serve as a warning sign for president trump heading intohe 2020 race. they're coming on the same d tay that hend he leading democrat in the race joe biden unloadedac on other. duelling events in the battground of iowa. peter alexander u joins from the white house. >> reporter: some of the president's aides and allies are
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showing concern about these new imlls that show h behind six of the top democrats. it's still more than seven months before the first votes are counted in the democratic primaries. but president trump is already seemingly laser focused on joe biden and biden is saving ll of his best swipes for the president. the two men trading insults across a crucial early voting sta state. in iowa, a possible presidential preview. >> sleepy joe. >> i believe that trump poses a fundamental threat t america. >> reporter: that escalating feud between president trump anm fo vice president joe biden. >> people don't respect enhim, he people he's running against. ey're saying where is he, what happened? >> reporter: biden casting the 2020 race as a referendum on president trump. >> we have to clearly and fully reject for safety's sakeis view of the presidency. >> reporter: the former vice
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president taking aim at some of the president's most striking nts as the democratic crowd roared. >> quote, i have complete power. no, you don't, donald trump. or only i can fix it. fix yourself first, dona trump. when has a president ever used thepe phrases? >>ter: president trump so far ignoring the advice of aides who warned him against bashing biden in personal terms. >> i heard biden who's a loser. look. joe never gotore than 1% expect obama took him off the trashheap. joe biden is a dumbny. he's the weakest mentally. i think joe is the weakest up here. >> reporter: while president trump is publicly dismissive of biden, privately his allies say they are concerned about the prospects.
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maintaining an advantage over the sprawling democratic field and in a head-to-head matchup with theen presid biden displaying a different campaign style. >> that's okay. be nice. this is not a trump rally. >> youol talked about those pl numbers. what do they show when you do that head-to-head matchup? >> reporter: n specifically a national poll is a warning sign for the president. this comes from quinnipiac university. it shows president trump is gging far behind biden, but also behind five other top democrats in a general election matchup. d of the day, it's the states that will matter. not the national numbers. but what you see on your screen, this gives a good sense ofodhe mo of americans right now. biden leading trump right now. you see bernie sanders is ahead of trump too. but so is kamala buttigieg,nd cory booker as well. with the president failing to
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get above 42% against any of them. >> all right. we'll see what happens. thanyou very much. now to that emotional moment on capitol hill that is getting a lot of reaction this morning. jon stewart taking members of congress to task for failing to protect 9/11 responders. kristen dahlgren is at the memorial near in new york this morning. good morning. eporter: good morning, craig. well, later today a house judiciary committee will vote on a bill to permantly fundhe 9/11 victims compensation fund. a fund that is currently in danger of running out.00 some 20,0 people have now gotten sick here from breathing the air here on 9/11. jon stewart was joined by some of them and he did not hold back. shameful. it's an embarrassment to the country and it is a stain on this institution. >> reporter: a powerful tear-filled tirade by comedian jon stewart calling out an
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absent congress. testifying at a subcommittee meeting to reauthize funding for sick 9/11 first responders, stewart berated the mostly empty chamber. >> sick and dying, theytd braou themselves down here to speak. to no one. >> reporter: a federalca health re fund for 9/11 victims was esblished in 2010. but only authorized in five-year increments. stewart and dozens of first responders were in d.c. to lobby for permanent funding and an end to consistent congressional delays. >> yourff indience cost these men and women their most valuable commodity. time. >> reporter: the subcommittee only has 14 members in a room designed for three times that. and only two members, democrat eric swalwell and guy rushenthalor missed it entirely
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buteral more skipped out on large portions of it. stewart and the first responders with him were quick to note after the hearing. >> mr. president of the united states of america, you say you support law enforcement, firefighters, and military. tell the gop, their cronies in the senate to support it and refund it. tweet heat. and t talk to us. >> reporter: this has been a central cause for a decade for the native new yorker speaking about it numerous times on "the daily ow" and here ontoday" last september where he appeared with some of the heroes he's trying to help. >> what these guys were exposed to is stunning. >> i've been to 18 funerals. so many were my friends who i t walked halls of congress with. >> reporter: stewart received a standing ovation but is looking for congressional action.
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>> they did their jobs. 18 years later, do yours. >> so kristen, what has been the reaction to what we saw and heard yesterday from jon stewart? what's been reaction from members of congress? >> reporter: right, craig. well, those moments went viral. they've all seen them by now. many as you nan imagine are saying they support the bill. some predicting it is going to pass in a landslide. >> kristen dahlgren/1 at the memorial. thank you. breaking overnight. a massive protestd tur violent. riot police usild shies, batons, and tear gas p toh back demonstrators outside government headquarters there. officials say the crowd had been warned force would be used if people didn't stop throwingro s and bottles. this comes a dayser hundreds of thousands of people took part in mostly peaceful rallies. the prests are aimed at stopping a bill of eraditing
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china. sifting through evidence and debris from monday's hicopter crash on a high-rise here in new york. and new questions are being raised about t pilot. tom costello is our aviation specialist. what are we learning? >> reporter: w learned mccormack was only allowed to fly under visual flight conditions. and on monday, the weatherere in new york was awful. low visibility, low cloud ceilings. so why did he choose to fly? this morning, new questions lrrounding that deadly helicopter crashanding on a manhattan rooftop. investigators sifting through wreckage on top of this 7th trying to craper are determine why such an experiheced pilot took to t skies in bad weather when the faa sayst he wasn' certified to do so. investigators say after waiting two hours foreather to clear up on a dreary monday in new york, tim mccormack took off
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from his hhelipad. >>e started flying ca erratilly. >> reporter: minutes after he asairborne, wendy slater captured this video. >> flying in circles and flying sideinys. just divg down. >> reporter: the chopper's flight path showing irregular turns and loops as t ntsb canvases f clues. can you characterize what, if any conversations he had with controllers? >> we think thelight did not go as planned. and heent into air space requiring he contact air traffic control. don't have oment we any records of him doing so.ep >> rter: investigators now reveal mccormack may have radioed thehe lipad, not air traffic control that he was heading back as visibility and flight conditions deteriorated. meanwhile, some 80 miles north of the scene, a close knit community is mourning. where mccormack volunteers isdr ed in black as friends and
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loved ones honor and remember a beloved neighbor. >> you hear aut it and you find out it's a local person and it becomes more reale and mor heart wrenching. >> there's still so many questions. what's the next step for investigators? >> like most helicopters, this h chopper did noe a black box. investigators are interviewing witnesses, loong at the tapes. hoping the flight chip in the vicontrol system might p clues. but did they t survive crash and the fire? >> we don't know that yet. okay. keep us posted. new this morning, another suspect has reportedly been arrested in the shooting of david ortiz. the former red sox star is recovering in a boston hospital this morning. anne thompson joins us n with the latest on this story. >> it's incredible and so much happened overnight. prosecutors now say a second man is in custody but the big question remains why was david ortiz shot? authorities in the dominican republic are still tight lipped about motive.
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of in his adoptive city boston, the focus is on his recovery. >> reporter: overnight, a new arrest in t ambush-style tack on former red sox star david ortiz. the associated press, a spokeswoman for the national prosecutors office in the dominican republic, a second man has been arrested in the case. another suspect beaten by a crowd after the shooting is identified as eddie vdimir feliz garcia. authorities bringing him to courtast night under heavy guard calling himpl an accomice to the crime and charging him withed attempt murder. his attorney says at this point he's presumed innocent. meanwhile this morning, boston's sloved big papi i on the mend. a spokesperson said david ortiz took his first steps tuesday at massachusetts general hospital. family speaking out for the first time since the shooting. wife tiffany saying ortiz
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underwent a successful second surgery and is stable, awake, and restingco ortably. 14-year-old son deangelo encouraging his dad on social media posting, i love you pops endlessly and evebody is praying for you right now. optimism after sunday's shooting at a dominican republic bar captured on surveillance video. a gunman am bubushing ortiz. shooting him in the back. the red sox flew ortiz back to boston monday night. bringing hall of fame pitcher pedro martinez to tears. >> but i'm so dappointed to know that someone like david who saved so many lives can have someone after his life. and i'm sorr i get -- i'm sorry. but it hurts me. it hurts me. >> gives you an idea of just
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what david ortiz means to baseball and the city of boston. later today the first man arrested in connection with the caseiz garcia is expected to be arraigned later today. >> the outpouring of support over the past few days, it has been quite a s little kids he's met along the way and given ments to, they're posting videos. >> bigger than the game. former stanford university sailing coach will be the first person sentenced in the admissionsan scl. he pled guilty to funneling bribes to the school sailingpr ram. he listed two applicants as sailing recruits even though they had no sailing experience. neither student completed the in adtions process. recommended a sentence of 13 months. meantime, a new stanley cup champion will be crowned tonight. the boston bruins and st. louis blues are in a winner take all
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in boston. you can catch it right here 8:00 eastern on nbc. >> and by the way, the stanley cup going to be here in the next hour. one of the most arguably the most historic trophy in all of major >> then it's getting on amtrak to get to boston. because somebody's getting it tonight. mr. roker is standing by with a check of the forecast. >> what's amazing is it does it onts own. fantastic. heavy rain up the atlantic coast. those two systems going to be converging into the east as we move on toward the end of the week. soaking rains in the southeast. some places picking up 2 to 3 inches. tomorrow that low pressure system moves up the coast,gs brinn rainy and windy weather. if you think the last 60 days have been wet, you're right. infall amounts 3 to 10 inches above average. and in fact, chicago, detroit, pittsburgh, new york, and louisville have all seen above
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average rainfall. and really over the last 60 days, everydy all these cities have seen at least 50% of theas time it h been raining. we're going to getr to y local forecast coming up in the next 30 secds. and who doesn't love bacon. from bacon-bacon, to tury bacon, to jill who brings home the bacon. looking sharp jill! in fact, we erpport all you out the bringing home the bacon. that's why a-a-r-p is here to help you find work, stayompetitive where you are, cheese! or switch careers we're even turning dream jobs into like, real-life awake jobs. so go get your slice and let a-a-r-p help. take on today and every day with a-a-r-p. another great day. we'll have partly to mostly cloudy skies. we're at 65 degrees warming to 78. low humidity and lighter winds than yesterday. we'll have rain moving in as early as 11:00 p.m., midnight.
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then rain looking likely for the utmorning comm it could be heavy in spots. heads up there for your thursday morning. then some scattered thunderstorms later in the day.r especially n and west of washss. storms tomorrow could have strong winds and hail. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you. just ahead, the u.s. women c open the worldup with a record 13-0 route. but somo. controversy to did they celebrate all those goals on the field a little too much? was it bad orspmanship? also summer just starting. growing concerns about shark attacks up and down the east coast. we're going to hear from the latest victi as he recovers in the hospital. but first this is "today" on nbc. ." o." n ."
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. just ahead, jennifer aniston and adam sandler sitti down with natalie to refct onheir friendship and their new movie. and a true inspiration.
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our best ever fit is n f pampers cruisers 360it. ♪ 7:26 is your time now on this wednesday, june 12th, 20rn. good mog, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. daere were some major uptsn eth irin arlington tafti beat stamo. morough lost to tescano. and jeff mckay won the board of supervisors chairman. >> saslaw survived a close he won the democratic primary with about 500 votes. check the nbc washington app and search for vir pniarimary for more results. now let's check on your commute.
7:27 am
a busy morning for melissa mollet and your first 4 traffic. >> true. we have cleared out eastbound 66. still slow again but i think you're okay if you have to leave in the next half hour or so. it's just going to have that normal delay to it. inner loop, outer loop of the beltway looking typical. >> all right. thank you. we'll take a break now. we'll check your forecast next. stay with us.
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and welcome back on this wednesday morning. another nice day overall. it's going to be comfortable but we have more cloudiness out there day compared to yesterday. we trade that off for lighter winds. we're into a high of 78 today with partly to mostly cloudy skies. the day completely dry, but rain does move in around midnight
7:29 am
tonight. then we'll have oasional rain tomorrow. then some storms later. >> all right. ewank you, amelia. another local ns update in 25 minutes. >> back to the "today" show.
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we are back now at 7:30. a little beach view to brighten your day. this is daytona beach, florida. shar aacks there have people thinking twice aboutetng in the water this summer. we'll hear from the latest north carolina beach. >> it's a postcard vie as the sun is coming up. let's get a check of the s headli this morning. jon stewart is pushing hard on congress to extend the 9/11 victims compensation fund. stewar is a long-time advocate for first responders who developed cancer afterng worki at ground zero. he scolded lawmakers at that hearing. >> i'm awfully tired of hearing
7:31 am
that it's a 9/11 new york issue. al qaeda didn't shout death to tribeca. >> more than 10,000 9/11 responders have been dgnosed with cancer. the 2020 race picks up steam. the p quinnipiac universityl shows the president behind joe biden and five other democrats. biden traded jabs wh trump yesterday. the president said he thinks biden is, w quote,k mentally and people don't respecthim. biden called the president a threat to our core values. don't beurprised if you see a bumper crop of lemonade stands in teits. s now legal for kids to operate stands in that state without a license or health department permit. support for this measure grew after police in east texas shut down a stand by two young
7:32 am
sisters. .>> meanwhile, we heard from members of the u.s women's national team on tuesday who told us that they would stop at nothing to win theirecond straight world cup. and tiny certaly proved that in their openingma h. shattering several records with that 13-0 victory. kelly cobiella joins us now from france where that tournament is being held. that win did not come without controversy. >> reporter: that's right, craig. yeah, the u.s. team said t y wanted to really make a statement in their world cup opener. and boy, did they ever with those 13 unanswered goals against thailand. but with that new world cup record, all of those goals scored came plenty of criticism. it's lucky 13 for team usa. crushing thailand and beating s germany'l-time record for most goals in a women's world cup.
7:33 am
it was the largest margin of victory in any worldcup. alex mohr gone scored five times. fans followed them to france, but there was a massive backlash from the public and former players including canadian claire russtaat. >> celebrating goals eight, nine, ten the way they were doing is really unnecessary. >> reporter: ab biwoman bbabbyw tweeting. they're the favoriteso win again. number one in the world. hat they'veexciting
7:34 am
done for women's sports. this was women emakwerment. they it cool to be a soccer player. >> the thailand team is 34th. the coach saying it's a victory simply i gettingo the tournament. somef the players tried to comfort rli lloyd hugging the thai goalkeeper. but the team and their coach not making excuses ores apologi for their record-breaking win. >> so kelly, for folks who don't follow soccer closely, they're defending that massive score by citing the tie break for rule. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: yeah. fraig, goals matter. the number goals scored really matters in this tournament. because, say, if the u.s. and sweden comes firsthe in tir group in this opening stage, they'll use the number of goals scored as the tie breaker to decide which team plays which in the next round. it's really important. and then, of course, there's the
7:35 am
psychological effect of showing the other big contenders like france, the uk, germany, sweden exactly what the u.s. team can do. and by the way, craig, the next u.s. match is against chile coming up this weekend, sunday in paris. and then that big match against sweden next week. remember, sweden's the team that surprised the u.s. and the olympics kicking them out of tha tournt in the quarter finals. >> all right. kelly cobiella ior us france. thank you. >> seemed like people were objecting more to the sell braying of theoal opposed to the goal themselves. >> makes a lot of sense. al, what you got? >> ready to play a little game who's hotter? i know you like this. it's wes versu east. who do you think is hotter today? seattle or atlanta? >> seattle. >> atlanta. >> let's take a look. seattle a high today 88 degrees. that's 20 degrees above avere. atlanta only 73. >> wow. >> 13 degrees below normal. okay. portland, miami.
7:36 am
>> portland. >> i'm going to say portland. >> ay. u would be correct. 96. that's 25 degrees above normal. whereas miami is going to be 90. only 1 degree above normal. >> but it's a wet heat. >> this is the tie breaker. sacramento and charleston. >> sacramento. >> charleston. >> 100 today. that's 12 degrees above noal. while charles ton will only be 82. 5 degrees below normal. and we've got record highs out west. seattle, portland, medford. 102 degrees. that's 12 degrees above average. for today we're looking at a sizzling 112 in phoenix. fresno,103. las vegas 107. by the end of the week, temperatures do getack to normal. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> while we track extreme heat in the west, below normal h temperaturese for us. we're running about 5 degrees below normal on your wednesday with a high of 78.
7:37 am
increasing cloue ining cloud co to keep the temperatures cool today. rain moves in overnight tonight. we'll then likely be dealing with two wavesai of tomorrow. some showers and potentially heavy pockets of rain tomorrow morning. and then scattered late day thunderstorms. breezy and beautiful on friday. >> and that's your latest weather. >> i like that you call it a cooloff in phoenix when it's gown to 104. >> people are breaking out parkas. >> thank you, al. still ahead, the central park five prosecur firing back against the new netflix series that p her at the center of the controversy once again. plus ali stroker will be here fre her inspiring win at the tony awards. then selena gomez opening up about her first new album in four years. but first, yet another shark attack here on the coast. and it's raising concerns for beachgoers this summer. after these messages. this is the ocean.
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capital one is anything but typical. that's why we designed savings and checking accous with no fees or minimums. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? we're we're back with in depth today. there's newha concerns over srk atacks we mention the top of this half hour. >> a teenager has been bitten off the coast of nor carolina. and this morning he is telling his story from his hospital bed. kerry sanders has the latest on all of it. hi, kerry. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. life guards are urging swimmers this morning get in the water, especially if they're getting on a surf board or a boogie board like this to stay out of the watert dawn and dusk. because that's when sharks most likely feed. wh you're on a boogie board like this, from down below to a shark, you look like a seal which is a shark's favorite prey.
7:42 am
this morning a young mans recovering from a terrifying at ack. >> with the blood in the water, it was a frenzy. >> reporter: austin reed seen here enterg the water at north carolina's ocean isle beach. just 30 minutes before the vicious predator presume to be a shark bit into his right foot. >> it was a lot pressure on my foot and it tugged me down. >> reporter: the grip released and austin's fend helped him switch to shore. >> we got a shark bite here. my mom's a nurse, t she'sing to help him. >> reporter: austin's mother kim made a tourniquet out of a beach towel as paramedics rushed to the scene. >> my er brain went, oh, it's just his foot. an arteries, any -- you know, he's going to be okay. >> reporter: herethn nor carolina, austin's doctors say that those bite marks are consistent with a bite from a very lar shark. that would make this the second shark attack here in just over a
7:43 am
weir. the f one was just up the coast in ft. macon state park eight days ago. >> there has been ashark attack. there's somebody in the water bleeding. >> reporter: 17-year-old paige winter suffered devastating injuries to her leg, pelvis, and nds. the severity of the attack ultimately forcing doctors to amputate her leg. and just over tee wks ago, 65-year-old thomas smiley was attackednd killed off the beach in maui. in 2018 there were 32 shark attacks recorded in the u.s. a decline from 53 the ye before. for austin reed,either injury nor fear will keep him from the ocean. >> i got bit bnd a shark a it got me pretty go, but i'm still going to go out in the water because i love to do it. >> reporter: so experts say aside from staying out of the water at dawn and dusk, also if you're going in the water, go in ecwith a group bse a group
7:44 am
will likely cause a shark to look elsewhere for something to eat. and finally just remember that when you're in the water and you're potentially going t become a prey, if a shark attacks, punch it in either the snout or in e gills which is what happened in paige winter's case. her father was there. andhat action likely saved her life, guys. >> i can't even imagine having the presence of mind to punch s therk in the nose. >> that's a special kind of bravery. >> it's good to know. goodtip. thank you so much. >> you know the foolproof way to avoid? i do. see you on the beach chair. >> exactly. up next, the former prosecutor in the central park fivease hitting back in the wake of that new netflix series. why she's calling itn outright fabrication. that's right after this. outright fabrica the pink? let's go mets! go time daddy! [ giggling ] ohhhh man. took my hat off.od [ "to love someb by bee gees playing ]
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7:49 am
carson joins our table and there's renewed interest in the central park five >> a new netflix seerssth depic case that led to the wrongful convictions. this morning the former prosecutor in that case is pushing back. morgan radford has that story. >> reporter: she's firing off, she's sounding off in this "wall street journal" op-e linda fairstein says she did nothing whang adding tt the central park fe still may not be entirely innocent. she still believes it does not speak the truth. lynn si fairstein firing back this morning. doubling down onwn her o innocence. calling the new netflix mini series so full o distortions and falsehoods to be a fabrication. >> we are not in control. c and we be. >> reporter: in a fiery op-ed in
7:50 am
"the wall street journal," the former district attorney played by felicy huffman. >> they discarded her like a piece of garbage. >> reporter: takes aim at duvernay who said she tries to portray me as a bigot. the pice as incompetent or worse. none of this is true. >> these kids were on a rampage. >> reporter: the netflix sho focuses on the central park five. five black and latino teenagers falsely accused of raping a white woman in central park back in 1989. the actor who plays fairstein is shown holding the teens in ustody without food, water, or parental supervision to get a conviction. fairstein writing it never happened. >>ou left that child unaccompanied by a guardian or a lawyer. with these men in this room.
7:51 am
for hours. shame on you. >> reporter: fairstein said she not only handled the interviews by the book but still casts doubt on the men. in the op-ed, fairstein writes,o she suped vacating the rape arges. but adds that eight others were attacked and beaten so savagely in the park that night. and those chargesor crimes against other victims should not have been vacated. backlash to the of et going viral online. some calling fairstein pathetic and sooefl. duvernay saying expected and tape kal. onward. in the last tw weeks, fairstein has been dropped by her book publisher and forced to resign from at least two nonprofit boards. in a conversation with oprah set
7:52 am
to air this week, the exonerated men spoke about the film's impact. >>atching is, it's painful. but it's nedsssary. it nee to be watched. >> we should mention that oprah's full conversation with duvernay and the men is tonight on netflix and own. >> so she's okay with the other dna on the victim but that terre are oth allegations they're ast innocent of? >> bically she said tre's ar evidence to say this group was a pt of the 30 boys in the park that night who are accused of beating up other joggers. she said they should be convicted for armed robbery and assault. but what's interesting is that their defense says that's alld basen testimony that asve you' seen was already proven problematic. which is whyhese hollywood executives are saying they're not the central park five. they're the exonerated five.
7:53 am
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7:56 is your time now on this wednesday, june 12th20, 19. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. this morning at 10:00, nasa will unveil hidden figures way in d.c. to honor kathryn johnson, dorothy vonn. the three were instrumenta in advancing nasa's space program. now let's check on your commute with melissa molletrsnd 4 traffic. >> 66 inbound still delayed because of an earlier crash at 123. lorton southbound blocked by a crash there. inner loop, outer loop looking typical. 395 is jammed. going about 40 miles per hour in those southbound lanes. >> we'll take a break now. your forecast is next. stay with us.
7:57 am
7:58 am
more clouds out there today but we are going to keep it dry throughout your wednesday. however, tomorrow morning i think we'reo going have widespread rainfall out there
7:59 am
for that morning commute. heavier rain are possible as well. then tomorrow later in the day scattered showers and thunderstorms could lead to some wet roads as you're traveling home from tork. y a high temperature of 78 degrees, low humidity, and lighter winds. a high tomondow of 77 a an 80% chance of rain tomorrow. plenty of dry time as well. breezy and sunny oitfriday w highs around for 80. mid-80s on saturday. low 90s on sunday with some late ay thunderstorms possible for father's day, eun. >> amelia, thank you. another local news upte for you in 25 minutes. now back to the "today" show after this short break. have a great day. shaving has been difficult for me. i have very sensitive skin, and i get ingrowing hairs. oh i love it. it's a great razor.ha it has t'fence' in the middle. th it gives a nice smoohave.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, mr. stewart goes to sshington. >>meful. it's an embarrassment to the country and it is a stain on thisstinution. >> comedian jon stewart calling out lawmakers during a hearing to provide health cand funding for 9/11 first responders. >> they did their jobs. 18 years d later, yours. >> this morning new fallout from his emotional call for change. plus, show stopper. >> and the tony award goes to ali stroker! >> the badway star who made history at the tonys will beiv here le for her first interview sincehat big moment. >> this award is for every kid
8:01 am
tyo is wching tonight who has a disabili who has a limitation or a challenge. >> just ahead, her incredible journey to theater's biggest stage. and killing . natalie sits down with jennifer sans tto anisn and adam sandler to talk about their new movie as they talk about their relationship on and off screen. >> 30 years ago at breakfast. i said you got to keep a little to it. >>sd "today," weday june 12th, 2019. ♪ >> we're starting today with a trip to the plaza. >> best friends since high school from south dakota. celebrate my o birthday. ♪ >> girlsrip from sioux city,
8:02 am
iowa. >> good morning from montreal. sitting in the kitchen welcoming "today." >> tod is my 65th birthday. >> well, good morning, sunshine. happy birthday. great to have you on ourthlaza morning or watching at home wednesday morning. a bright sunny one here. >> we also love seeing those shoutouts that youd to us via those smartphones. we've got that little hello from the woman in canada. yocan join in the fun. just post those messages on instagram and twitter. >> love to see those videos. let's get right to your news at 8:00. a poll for president trump's re-election campaign. quinnipiac poll shows president trump behind joe biden and five other democrats. it comes as they both made appearances in iowa. president trump saying he thinks biden is,e, quoteak mentally. biden calling the president an
8:03 am
exteisntial threat to the nation. >> j stewart is putting new pressure on congresss thi morning to protect 9/11 first responders. kristen dahlgren is at the 9/11 memorial in lower manhattan with the story. go>> morning. eporter: good morning, savannah. in just short time, the house judiciary committee will be voting on a bill to permanently fund the 9/11 victims compensation fund. a fund now in danger of rning out. some 20,000 people have now gotten sick from breathing the air here on 9/11. many of them were first and many of them joined jon stewart on capitol hill where he blasted congress not just for not funding their assistance but for not showing up. >> there is not an empty chair on that stage that didn't tweet outever forget the heroes of 9/11. never forget their bravery.
8:04 am
never forget what they did, what they gave to this country. well, here they are. and where are they? it would be o thing if their callus indifference and hypocris were benaigbenign, but not. >> reporter: now, stewart received a standing ovation in that comttee aring. some in congress defended themselves. they said it's a small mm tee, so there were empty chairs. the room is bigger than the amount of people they had there. they said if they didave, they were following along. but of course these moments have gone viral so many in congress saying they support that bill and some predicting it's p goin toass by a landslide, guys. >> chrykristen, thank you. now to a stunning ea. a mother is now asking the jury to spare his life.
8:05 am
>> if i could personally rip his face off, i would. >> reporter: amber kaiser mayve ha been the most conflicted huess imaginable a she faced her ex-sband in a south carolina courtrm. jones was convicted last week of murdering their five young children in 2014. >> he did not show my children mercy by any means.y but kids loved him. i'm speaking on behalf of my ki and not myself. that's what i'd say. >> reporter: during the trial, prosecutors said he killed the children because he didn't want her to get custody. during the emotional sentencing hearing, kaiser asked jurors to spare his life despite whathe alleges was years of abuse. >> the mom in me was like, fry him. fry him. absolutely.
8:06 am
but from the beginning i have maintains that i just -- i'm not a death penalty -- i don't -- i'm a strong believer in no death penalty. >> reporter: at one point, she staired directly at her husband. >> i'm not here for me. but the mom in me just wants him to feel everything tha i el. that my kids felt. nothing justifies -- nothing justifies what you've done. >> reporter: the defense is expected to call more witnesses as the murderer faceshe death penalty and a mother faces an agonizing choice. for "today," gabe gutierrez, nbc news >> kaiser does not support the death penalty. but she said that she wouldt
8:07 am
respec that jury's decision. prosecutors in the dominican republic says a second man is in custody in the shooting of david ortiz. the second was brought to court la night after heavy guard. he had been beaten by the crowd after the shooting. meantime, ortiz is said to be making progress. he had a second surgery after arriving a spokesperson said ortiz took his first steps yesterday and his wife added that he is stable, awake, and resting comfortsbly. >> our thoughts with bigpa pi. but let's get a little boost. >> a high school teacher had been trying for years to see "hamilton." keeps entering the ticket lottery buto luck. so his class found out and pooled money together, coordinated things with his wifeed and surprisim with tickets to the show. >> you're kidding me >> woe talked to your wife. the day is cleared. >> oh, my god.
8:08 am
group hug. thank you. thanks, all of you. >> how about that? the show's creator saw that video scene said making your teacher cry happy tears is so many bonus points for the good place. great job. that is so cute. >> yeah, it d, a sneak peeka chelsea handler. the six minute marayeon. >> and we are so exced tcas morning bee ali stroker, she's on top of the world but she's also here after her historic win at the tonys. we're thrilled to have her. but first these messages. unpredictable crohn's symptoms following you? for adults with moderately to severely active crohn's disease, studies showed relief and remission, ek with dosing every 8 we stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and may increaseonour risk of infectiand cancer. some serious infections require.
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[zara larsson - "wow"] ♪ ♪ make you're jro drop drop say oh my drdrop ♪ ♪ make u say oh mgod my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god we are back with we are back withtoday's talk. we are talking to willie geist's long-time friend. >> ali stroker. you know her name by now. e took home the tony becoming the first actorng usi wheelchair to take the honor. first how she made it to broadway's biggeststage. >> and the tony award goes to ali stroker! >> ali stroker making history at
8:13 am
the tony awards. >> this award is for every kid atching tonight who has disability, who has a limitation or a challenge, who has been waiting to see themselves represented in this arena. you are. >> reporter: the 31-year-old ootress home the coveted award for best actress in a musical. ♪ i'm just a girl who can't say no ♪ >> reporter: making her the first performer ever in a wheelchair to get the honor. theignificance was not lost on those in her hometown. soal media exploding with messages of support. thank you for shouting out disabled kids who want to perform onbroadway. the stage is for everyone. stroker first fell in love with the stage as a young girl but at only 2 years old a kark left her
8:14 am
par liessed from the chest down. but nothing would stop ali from pursuing her dream. she continued on starring in vemerous high school productions and entually getting roles on television appearing in "gle" and then on the broadway stage in "spring awakening." our own willie geist is a long-time childhood friend and was cheering her on. >> i think having a disability is an interesting mind game because the world can tell you no. but my parents didn't do that. >> well, hello, ali stroker. congratulations. >> thank you. >> willie's beenng telli us about you for years. take us back to that moment sunday night. what went through your mind? >> it was wild. you know, you hear your name and
8:15 am
you never know hoi it's g to feel. i immediately felt so emotional and to go out on the stage at radio city and t0re's 6,00 people standing for you. it was just a dream come ue. >> well, for those of us who have known you, ali's father was my high school basketball coach. he's been a role s model to many of us in our town for so long. there's our high school basketball picture. that's ali there on the right and me with ali's brother jakel on the. a lot of people just met you sunday night. wow, who's that impressive young woman. but for those of us who have known you since you were ze w, it overwhelming. it was hard to write that tweet. it's hard to talk tobo you aut it because of the story. what did you want to say to all those kids? boy, did you just look down the barrel of that camera and desaver a mesge to so many peopleho saw you on that stage, ali, and now say, oh. i'm allowed to do that. i can do that. i can be a star. >> that's right. i think about myself watching
8:16 am
the tonys for years and years. it was always one of my favorite nights of the year. i always wondered if i could ever do that. because i didn't see mysel in any of the performers. and that goes across the board, you know? on screen or in movies. you just -- you're looking for yourself. ofsort of give you some kind hope and confidence that you can do it too. so that was for all those young people who d have aam and want se see that, oh, it is possible. >> repation matters. >> it's huge. >> you said to willie in that interview from 2015 and sunday night as well, something about your parents. you thankedhem for their support and the sacrifices i'm years.ey made over the what did they say to you after you won? what was their message to you? o we're so proud of you. we're so proud you. you belonghe re.
8:17 am
you know, it's been --t's beenh amazing witthem for them to watch, you know, me really fm the beginning, you know, we went through this accident and it was sodifficult. and to come out on the other side in such a i powerful pla think for them, you know, i have been their life's their entire life. so tohi see happen i think is just beyond what they could have ever dreamt. >> job well done, mom and dad. >> ali's dad and i were exchanging weepy emailshe the ot night. one of the things he said w love that miracles are real. he said this is a miracle. and he knew that i knewxact wexactly what he was talking about. to all the people in our town and the people in the who get to share this, it's an amazing thing. we love you and we're just so proud of you. i don't even have a queson. >> forget how much hard work went into it and how many hours you spent practicing and
8:18 am
becoming the best. because you aren't just giventh is position because you're in a wheelchair. it's because you were the best actress for the role. >> thank you. thank you. i really believe that a lot of th is love. that when you get out on stage and you can giveut love b so much of that has to do with receiving so much support.u know, i think about every day. i live with my partner, my boyfriend, m howh love he gives me. how much love i'm given on stage every night. it's a huge part of getting to this level. about the amount of energy and love that you canive to the world. >> ali, i want you to know and i think you know this, but that love has been received. and there was one little boy in particular whose mom sent a video. i nt to play it. because it's so dear. me.hat's >> that is you, buddy. >> i almost e can'tn watch that without -- he said that me. >> i know. >> his name is henry henson and
8:19 am
he has beenollowing you for years. and in fact, he's here. we brought him here. >> oh, my god. >> he and his mom erin are here. >> oh, my gosh. hi. >> henry had no idea he was going to meetyou. and you had no yed. and henry is a great world class hugger. >> oh, thank you. henry, so great to meet you, man. thanks for coming. hi, mom. >> that's mom. >> so great to meet you. >> hey,henry. >> what do you think, henry? are you surprised you got to meet ali here? >> i saw you watching the tonys. what'd you think? pretty cool. >> erin, you speak so eloquently about this. i mean, henry's had 18 surgeries. you are an incredible mom. it's true. you've provided so many b opportunitie for him to say, that's me and his vision to explode and to start thinking
8:20 am
about anything's possible. >> yeah, you knowol i some of my friends that i have the privilege of seeing myself represented every day on the big screen, small screen, stage. i can't say that's the same for henry. but for the first time on sunday night, it was.- and his - i wish i had recorded sooner. because as you -- when they called your name, he was like, she did it! and then i was like, where's my phone? you know, he -- andhen he said what you said and he was just overcome. like, that's . i think for the first time he -- sorry. he realized that anything is possible. then if i win a tony, want to be a chef or a doctor or whatever, like, i can do that. and this -- you know, a iays l him that limits are for credit cards, not people. and this chair represents freedom. it's not a burden. it's freedom. and we'velways just tried to
8:21 am
take that opinion with him. and so he's a 6-year-old boy with wheels strapped to his nd behi o he wasost impressed during your performance that he popped a e.wheeli >> are you a wheelie man? >> are you going to pop one? >> there you go. >> yeah, buddy. >> what do you want to be when you grow up? >> a chef. >> a chef, cool. >> you should hang out with us. >> well, as we know, henry's a big fan of ali. and henry, what do you think about gog to go see ali in bre "oklahoma" on dway? would you like to do that? i think that's a yes. says it's okay? >> yes. that would be so cool. you going to come see it? all right. can't wait. >> ali, this is what you've done. this is what you've done.
8:22 am
you brought a smile to the face e boy.arling lit >> so glad i got to meet you. s thank you much for watching the tonys and thanks for coming to see my show. >> erin and henry, thank you. >> thank you. thank you so much for coming. >> ali, you're awesome. >> thank u. >> congratulations on everything. >> thank you, guys, for having me >> love you, ali. >> thank you, guys. let's send it over to al for another check of the weather. >> let's look at what's going on ffght now. g'vot the southeast atlantic coast. all the way down towards dallas causing some airport delays. a lot of heat in the western third of the country. 90s and 100s all the way up from the southwest end to the pacific northwest. and then for today we are tr looking at sg storms firing up in the mississippi river valley. flood watches along the southeastern atlantic coast with
8:23 am
highs in the pacific northwest. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> right now our temperatures coming in in the 50s and 60s. 67 degrees in washington. more clouds out there today rtly to mostly cloudy skies with a high of 78 but low humidity. e other realight nly outdaic ofy ten with the cloud cover. rain at times tomorrow. heavy rain is possible during the morning hours. generally widespread for that commute. then hit and miss showers and thunderstorms on thursday. >> that's your latest weather. guys? >> henry, we're goingo cook with a chef here coming up, you chen to hang out in the k with us? amazing.ou're you had a show last night. >> yes. and two today. >> two today. okay, my dear. we are proud of you. happy to have you here. >> go see "oklahoma." it's incredible. >> thank you. coming up, natalie is going
8:24 am
to catch up with two of the biggest stars in hollywood. they he longtime friends. jennifer aniston and adam sandler. >> also that chef i just mentioned, a f.superche he's going to share recipes for the ultimate father's day breakfast. get ready. you especially, henry. t ready. pancakes, bacon and other goodness as well. but first your local news and a little as well. as well
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning, everybody. 8:26 now on this wednesday, june 12th . i'm aaron gilchrist. let's get a check of the commute with melissa mollet. >> right now beltway is loookng . here is a problem that we're having that's pretty new. inbound 11th street bridge before m street, left side is blocked bay crash. look 95 both actuall pretty good. 27 slothrough rockville, but no too crazy. w thank you. we 'll check on the forecast when we come back. stay with us. g
8:27 am
the bicarriers are talking about their current 5g roll outs, but their efforts are limited to a few pockets in select cities orerrying to convince consum that 4g is actually 5g. they're neglecting small towns and rural communities, leaving them on the wrong side of the digital divide. if approved, only the combined availableresources of mobile and sprint can deliver on all the spectrum bands needed to quickly bring unprecedented 5g connectivity across the nation.
8:28 am
>> i said you got to keep your mouth a little shut when you chew. >> reporter: this is what i love. youuys have this natural chemistry. i could see you as husband and wife in that way. >> sure. absolutely. >> that's why we do it on film. real life, not so much. >> reporter: and murder mysteries, are you guys fans? >> i love agathach stie. all those. they're so good. they're just fun whodunits. that's w at we lovebout this. >> reporter: another perk? incredible mediterranean locations that sandler had to be sold on. >> we were going to portifino. i don't want to idleave.
8:29 am
i saust go. you'll love it. this plass is amazing. every place he fell in love with that he didn't want to leave. >> i just love anyere i can be in a bathing suit. i wear very small bathing suits. even shorter than a speedo. i wash the speedon the wash, get it as small as it can get, throw it on and walk out to the pool or every beach. jennifer does this when i walk by. >> it is entertaining to watch him walk out to a pool. >> reporter: i like watching the two of you. you complete each other's sentences. make >> that's right. we finish each other's sandwiches. >> i don't eat sandwiches. >> reporter: sandler's real life lsfe jackie a appears in the movie. anis on has a steady stream film projects in the works too. but she hasn't been on a tv series since" friends" ended in 2011. that will change this fall with orning show" costarring with "reese witherspoon" for
8:30 am
apple tv. are you watching morning tv nowf diently? >> i've always had my morning tv shows, you know, dvr'd. very strange to now watch the morning shows now with what i know. >> reporter: what do you know? >> well, that' for youo find out. >> reporter: it's like a murder mystery. >> we'll find out who kills. kw eporter: and about that "friends" reunion, she recently told ellen she'd be up for it. if rachel green o wereut and about today, where would they be? is she with ross? >> yes. absolutely. >> reporter: emma's all grown up. >> high school. >> yeah. she's in high school. let's say jior high. >> she's vaping in high school and you're looking the other way. way to go. >> reporter: well, talking to them gether, you see how comfortable they are together. off screen as you saw it's a affair.
8:31 am
his wife jackie is also friends th her. comes through in this. it's available to stream on netflix this friday. it's a good time. an old school whodunit. >> we like that. nat, thank you so much. appreciate it. carson. >> yes? i'm here with one and only mark ronson. he's got a brand new album coming out. he's got incredible people on this we're going to get a professor, a livene o had here in studio 1a. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:32 am
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>> announcer: >> announcer: the citioncert series on "today" is brought to you by citi. >> mark ronson's collaborations have earned him grammy awards and now an oscar. you're an oscar winner? >> apparently. >> that is amazing. hisew album "late night
8:34 am
feelings," the title track has theocals of likili who is here as well. obviously you're known as the guy that can get any artist you want in the studio. you dool cborations going back to the days of amy winehouse and uno mars. how do you decide who you work with? >> we were making this like you see the broken heart, the heart break but f the dance floor record. anybody who had their heartbroken has come in. and she was like, yeah, cool. so that was kind of the thing. anyone who wanted to go to that place and do it. >> a heart break banger, is that igt? >> sad banger. >> the miley track is the first one off the track. >> that was the first single. >> that was a monster record.ur i'm s you were happy. >> i love that. and i love miley' w voicen she sings with that dolly parton thing. to t was so great to get work with her finally. >> let's toub that oscar. you co-wte "shallow" for lady
8:35 am
gaga. how'd that come about? >> it's so surreal. lady gaga and ior wked together on joann. it was so wild to write that song. we wrote it in a day and then the movie was so great. all this stuff happened pen it was cr'sy. >> where the oscar? >> it's where everyone can s it in my house. i'm kidding. it's on a shelf. >> and likile is here. who was on my show many years ago. great artist all the way around. great to have you. one of the great artists on the record. let's get to it. ♪ i weigh the water ♪ i feel it all ♪ i ask myself a milli i questions the dark ♪ ♪i lay in silence ♪ but silence talks ♪ it tells me heaven is no closer than it was ♪ ♪ my heart keepsulling in the
8:36 am
wrong direction ♪ ♪ i'm about to cross that line ♪ looking for the wrong affection night after night ♪ ♪ trying to find a new distraction ♪ ♪ant to make it last all night ♪ ♪ everything that i've been mixing all mixed u inside ♪ ♪ want to get to know ya ♪ i'm going to call ya ♪ with late night feelings ♪ want to get to know ya ♪ i'm going to call ya lings ♪late night f ♪ on and on and on ♪ feeling on and on ♪ on andon, on and on ♪ with late night feelings ♪ make me psychotic ♪ you've pulled away ♪ you take the sane in me and tear it like a page ♪ ♪ i write you erotic and i know
8:37 am
you wait ♪ ♪ before you answer just to make me go insane ♪ ♪ my heart keeps pullingn the wrong direction ♪ ♪ i'm about to cross that line ♪ looking for the wrong affection night after night ♪ ♪ trying to find a new distraction ♪ ♪ want to make it last all night ♪ ♪ everything that i've been mixing all mixed up inside ♪ ♪ want to get to know ya ♪ i going to call ya ♪ with late night feelings ♪ want to get to know ya ♪ and i'm going to call you ♪ with late night feelings ♪ on and on and on ♪ feeling on and on ♪ on and on, on and on ♪ with late night feelings ♪ on and on and on ♪ feeling on and on ♪ on and on, on and on ♪ with late night feelings
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♪ my heart keeps pulling in the wrong direction ♪ ♪ i'm about to cross that line ♪ lookinghe for t wrong affection night after night ♪ ♪ trying to find a newdi straction. want to make it last all night ♪ ♪ all that i've been mixing all mixed upid ins ♪ ♪ want to get to know ya ♪ and i'm going to call ya ♪ with late night feelings ♪ and i want to call ya ♪ with late night feeli s ♪ ♪ on and on nd on ♪ feeling on and on ♪ on and on, on and on ♪ ♪ with late night feelings ♪ on and on and on ♪ feeling on and on ♪ on and on, on and on
8:39 am
♪ with late night feelings that is mark ronson, ladies and gentlemen. thank you so much. ladiesthank you. appreciate it. be sure to pick up the album "late night feelings" out on june 21st. good to see you. congrats, buddy. let'so out to craig. >> thank you, sir. up next, this guy. super chef darnell ferguson. some recipes for the ultimate father's day breakfast lfeast. andk who's going to join us. henry exercising the most restraint i've ever seen a 6-year-old exerc e around sprinkles. you can dig in. i won't tell your mother. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:40 am
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>> > we are back with "today" food. father's day coming up on tunday. if you wan to make it special,
8:42 am
we've got the perfect recipe. we've got pancakes, bacon, eggs. ndcuse me darnell ferguson. chef a owner of superstar restaurants including a new a location inbama opening in two weeks is here to show us how it's done. thanks, brother. >> glad to be here. >> henry is with us. he's been to your louisville restaurant. favorite said i'm his chef. >> did you say that? >> he's an aspiring chef. so he's going to get some tips. >> let's start with the pancakes and bacon. let's show fks what goes into them. >> the cool thing about this, this is everything you have in your house. sprinkles are the common ingredient. no, i'm messing with you. you don't have to shop for a whole lot because you've got eggs, powdered sugar. you've got milk, baking powder and baking soda.o the key this is the bacon inside of >> bacon inside the pancake? wpancake. >>t we do first is candy the
8:43 am
bacon. so you want to put some brown gar on top of it. and if you feel yourids have been good or haven't, if you want to saven dis thhe me bottom of this. sohe brown sugar doesn't burn to the bottom. if they haven't been good, let it burn and make them clean it. you got choices t. make let it cook 400 degrees until it comes out crispy. simple to do at home. th we go t our wet mix. normally it comes with buttermilk. this is poor man's buttermilk. >> this blew my mind. you said add white vinegar to milk and you get the samefe efs a buttermilk. >> and not the hacost. lf the cost. you put it on in here. you put vinegar, let it sit for three to five minutes. simple. it's going to thicken up and you'll add that right to the beaten eggs. >> you don't to have stir it or
8:44 am
anything? >> no. you want it to sit so it'll get thick. so you want to add this to the eggs. >> this has been sitting. oh, yeah. itthicker. >> all right. >> so this is our wet mix. a little bit of vanilla. is is something easy to do for father's day. all the kids can get in the kitchen and do this. t then dry mix. sift the flower. make it a fluffy pancake. we've g sugar, baking powder, baking soda. >> and you keep it separate. >> that way you can incorporate the dry first. it's a small deta that makes this pancake special. the tiny things that w l make it rise. >> henry, what's the verdict over there? pretty good? yeah. thumbs up from henry. >> you mix it up just like that. simple, simple, simple. >> so you've got the finished batter here. >> do you want to put this inside the mold? >> yes, sir. >> first you want to spray the first.e then you want to put a heaping
8:45 am
scoop. >> all right. heaping. >> get ine. ther >> there we go. more. all right. how long on each side? >> until they rise. you see all the bubbles here, that's how you know they're ready. >> that's the candied bacon? >> you're going to put it on top of it too? >> like a pancake sandwich? >> keit's, li the best thing. >> that's great. i could eat the bacon by myself. carson, what's the word? >> it's delicious. >> and t o eggn topth of ? >> cheese a egg on that. >> pancake is delicious. >> delicious, henry? >> best critic i've everhad. so we flip the pancake over. > and it cooks inside the pancake. did you great this yourself? >> creat itmyself. one night in college, i dreamt it up. then i went and got it fiver years later. >> here's the thing i love about your story. you also hire kids that have had some of the same struggles you've had, right? >> yeah.
8:46 am
for sure. i show them how to be great. it's easy but takes a lot of effort. >> darnell knows a thing or two about father's day. he's got seven kids. >> that was a good plug. having seven kids, it doesn't mean any of the seven are going to remember it's father's day. >> i don't know your odds are good at least with one of them. al, get in here. we> 8:56 is your time now on this esday, june 12th, 2019. i'm eun yang. let's get a check with melissa molletnd the first 4 traffic. >> inner loop, outer loop of the beltway looking good. the ramp to mlk jr. is causing problems. you can see a bit of a slowdown looking better than it was headed to rockville going 30 miles per hour. allyoright. thank we'll take a break now, check your forecast when we come back. stay with us.
8:47 am
8:48 am
partly to mostly cloudy skies on your wednesday with a high temperature today of 78 degrees. 77 tomorrow with some rain during the morning hours.
8:49 am
that could be heavy in spots. nd then scattered showers and thunderstorms between 3:00 and 8:00 p.m orms later in the day tomorrow could have strong winds and some hail as well especiallyack i-81. >> all right. thank you. get the latest news and weather any time in the nbc washingapn have a great day.
8:50 am
rockefeller plaza this is the third hour of "today." >> good morning everyone. welcome to the third hour of "today." i'm sheinelle with e alng's, all here. a lot to talk about over the next 6 minutes. ew spou see j s otertwa n niner new york city of course. he traveled to washington some of the first responders who became sick after the 9/11 attacks. for years h stewart fought for funding to pay for their health care. and yesterday a lack of action, and frankly a lack of attendance by some members of congress, set him off. we're going to discuss


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