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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  June 13, 2019 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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alert day. >> good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. there is a lot going on this rainy thursday morning. let's beginth a check on your forecast and commute. melissa mollet is standing by with your first 4 traffic. ea>> storm t 4 meteorologist amelia draper is keeping an eye on the radar. amelia? >> well, dealing with widespread rain right now. the entire d.c. metro area through southern maryland. up into parts onorthern maryland, dealing with showers and moderate rain. look at the yellows on storm team 4 radar. aroundhe i-81 corridor, i am tracking dry conditions. if you're dealing with rain, you're going to continue to deal with rain over the next f hours. and then we're going to see storms later today. that's why we're in weather alert mode. epping out brellas s your door. some of this moderate rain falling out around sterling in ashburn, through gainesville, along 15 and 66. the manassas area, fairfax and tyson's dealing with some moderate, even heavy rain out tre now. the temperature of 66. we'll see rain for the next few hours. then we start to more
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scattered showers as we move toward about 8:10 a.m. by 10:00, 11:00 a.m., i think most of us arein gog to be good health a break from the -- going to be getting a break from the rain. thunderstorms later today. some stormscould be strong, even severe. mi'm going to havere that coming up in about ten minutes. for now, melissa, another issue, this one new hampshenue? >> that's right. we have a lot of different problems around town this morning. this is new hampshire avenue just outside the beltway. so we have some northbound and ome southbound lanes of new hampshire right now closed because of that crash. in rockville, northbound 270 at rock ledge, down eed tree block the right lane. you might encounter it if you're headed out ville shut down at putnam where megan mcgrath is for you. before franconia road, that's on the left shoulder. was a crash with injuries, multiple vehicles involved in that. that's pretty much cleared out
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of the way. 66 and 95 overall looking good. as you look at the beltway, no work zones because of the heavy rain, the green and will yellow on the radar, showing where the rain is falling. uter loop after gallows, right side blocked with a car that's spun out. aaron? >> thank you. now to the breaking news in montgomery county. police investigating a deadly gun store robbery. >> they need you to stay away fromhe area of randolph road and parklawn drive in rockville. megan mcgrath is there live for us now with the latest. what have you learned? >> reporter: we've moved to the seconwe's location here. i'm -- second location here. i'm going to step out of the way. you see the white khatchb with the trunk up, that is the suspect vehiclth we're told one of the suspects was found dead inside the car. that four others suspects bailed, fled the scene, and are still at large now. police are in the area searching the neighborhoods, they're using
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dogs, looking for th four suspects who they say quite possibly could be armed in the wake of this robbery t gun store. let's go back to how this begant was a little after 2:30 this morning. that's when pleats got the call that there was a robbery in progress at the united gun shop on randolph ad. minutes later, a police officer arrived in a cruiser there at the scene at the shop. as the officer was arriving on thescene, the suspects in the vehicle were on the way out. they were fleeing, they struck the police officer's cruiser. the officer fired shots. now the suspect vehicle apparently was damaged in that collision with the cruiser. it continued down randolph road but only got about, i would say, three o,ocks or and then it broke down essentially here in the roadway and came to rest where we areat seeing t vehicle. four of the suspects fled the scene, as i mentioned. a fifth person in the car, a u fifth sect was found dead in
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the car when police caught up with the -- with the car. at this point, we are not sure what was taken from the gun shop. they used theirle vehic apparently to ram through the front of the shop. that's how they gained entry. they were on their way t, fleeing in the wake of that robbery, when this began -- when theyncntered the police officer. so the assumption is that the men may well have gotten some weapons. they don't knowhewhat. t don't have an inventory at this point. they say it's very possible that they could be armed. important for people in the neighborhood to be very careful. if you see any suspicious activity, someone in your yard, perhaps you ha a motion sensor, your motion sensor goes on. something that doesn't quite feel right to you, you are asked to call 911. stay away. don't gon outside and istigate yourself. call 911.
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thck to you. >> megan mcgran rockville, thank you. this morning, a contract employee is accused of sexually abusing a young girl at a d.c. school. >> d.c. police say that this abuse happened from january at l may of this year capitol hillmont sory at logan d in northeast.c. 21-year-old justin ihickman accused of having sexual contact with a 13-year-old girl. hickman was a contract employee working for springboard education in america which runs after-school programs at several d.c. schools. our news partners at wtop report capitol hill was t only school he worked with while employed by the company. now dcps is suspending its relationship during the investigation. hickman is charged with ch second-degree ld abuse. police are searching for a man who allegedly exposed himself at a taet store in irfax. this is photo from new guinea road last month. employees found the man outside the store with his pants down. he quickly left seeing staff members. the man was spotted at the same
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target last week when a customer reportedeeing someone acting suspiciously. it's 5:06.of one he last havens for smokers is disappearing. >> today it is officially illegal to spoke at patios and bars. have more on the new ban. justin? >> reporter: when it stops raining, a patio like this here in montgomery county here, wn downtobethesda, will be a great place to have lunch, a sandwich, maybe even a drink. but it will not be a pla where you can smoke or even vape beginning today. enforcement starts today it will be montgomery county health officials who will scene history the law in the county. b restaurants ans get two waurning here. third -- third warning here. you might recall that here already it waso illegal t smoke inside of aestaurant orbar.
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and that was passed back in 2003. now back out live as you might imagine, all the bar and restaurant owners on edge about this. not sure how this will pan out. but in rockville and gaithersburg, similar laws already on the books here. they don't report any major problems having this in place already. but some people may have to be coaxed into this. a spot likethis outside where you used to smoke or vape, today you no longer can. and that is now the law, guys. >> all right. justin finch, thank you. >> now that the patio is off limits, where can people smoke? >> reporter: well, actually in this new law here, they've made amendments. so patios are where you can't smoke. ut a rooftop, a balcony, those are spots in these restaurants and bars where you can have a smoking area for patrons. very limited space to smoke or vape.mi but as you ght imagine, not too many spots have those
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options. eep that in mind, too. back to you. >> thank you. it's 5:07. now to a developing story. president trump tells abc news that he would likely takema infortion about a political rival from a foreign governme in the upcoming election. the president was asked whether country like russiaor china offers his campaign information should it accept the formation or call the fbi. here's his response -- >> i think maybe you do both. i think you might want to listen. there's flnothing wrong with listening. if someone calls from a country, norway, we have information on your opponent. , i think'd want to hear it. >> during the exchange, the president was told the fbi director says you must notify the agency if this happens. the president said the fbi director is wrong. coming up in the next half hour, news4's tracie potts will have more on thepresident's en . this morning the mayor of rupper marlboro, mayland, in prince george's county, is
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setting the record straight about why she'sig rng. mayor tonga turner says her decision doesn't have anything to do with racism or bigotry. she says she wants to spendore me with her two young en childr. however, at a town hall meeting on monday, turner said she had been the victim of multiple incidents of racism includi threatening emails and slashed >> it was nemy intention to give the public the empression that i am being pushed out ofmy leavinrole, a role that i desperately love. that is simply not true. >> turner acknowledges that rate glimpse upper marlboro needs to be- racism in upper marlboro needs to be addressed. an interim mayor will be appointed untile a spal election can be held. virginia's lieutenant governor is fighting to clear his name of sexual assault allegations. back in april, two women accused justin fairfax of sexually assaulting them nearly 20 years iso. now h legal team is challenging prosecutors to charge him if they believe he is guilty of sex assault.
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fairfax's lawyer sent letters to d.a.s in massachusetts and north carolina saying, quote, if an nnvestigation were to determine that the allegatiois true, it should be criminally prosecuted. they go on to say, just as no e serious crimhould go unprosecuted, no innocent person shtauld have his repution tarnished by a false allegation. fairfax's attorneys say if he is innocent, the matter should be clod and the public informed. his accusers have called for the state general assembly to hold bipartisan hearings on the allegations instead. the lieutenant governor says law enforcement is better equipped to deal with these aims. fairfax says the encounters were consensual. 5:10. new, u.s. catholic bishops are taking steps to confront the sex abuse crisis plaguing the catholic church. sg at the annual conference in baltimore, the bishops voted to neat a n sexi abuse hotline. field allegations against bishops who admitted
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abuse or covered it up. the operators willrelay all of the allegations to regional bishops. >> reporting system that goes to members to two of he lay members of our review board, three judges, to law enforcement. >> the national hotline is expected to be operating within a year. d.c., maryland, and virginia have some sort of hotline already operational. 5:11. prince george's county native kevin durant is recoverias after a seon-ending surgery. he tore his achilles tendon during game five against the raptors. he says the roads to recovery is now. the team is still on the road to the championship. the warriore need two morins to lock up the third straight title. if the raptors amelia drapone w it will be the f st title for the team. game six kicks off at 9:00 tonight. the half-century wait is
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over for some hockey fans. >> the blue dominated the last game against boston to bring home the first champ nship in franchise history. look at that lebration. [ cheers ] the blues stunned the bruins and had a3-0 lead in the final pe liod. sightske this pretty familiar to caps fans. this was us last year -- except wearing red. these are blues fans watching back this st. louis last night. they filled them. stadiu theyes sold two gor game seven. congratulations. >> good for them. >> sad that our reign ith k. next, food allergies are becoming more common. >> half of food allergy patients are adults. we'll explain why doctors think that's happening. how about thee weath this morning, rain is winding down between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m., theis hit and m
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anecyou find that perfspring dress ce at that "oh, yeah" pri yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, ery day. at ross. yes for less. right now first 4 traffic alert. rthbound 95 before quantico,
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brand-new problem. an overturned vehicle here on the leftside. doesn't look like a major issue, t we are seeing backups building pretty quickly, about three miles wort full. details coming up >> thank you. 5:16. chances are you or someone you kno food allergy. food allergies have more than years.d in the past ten doctors say about half of people with a food allergy will develop it as an adult. researchers say a big part of that is genetic. medical experts say it's important to get your kids even as young as 4 or 6 months old exposed to foods we often associate with food allergies. some of thosefoods include peanuts, dairy, and fish. >> the idea that you can raise a child in stereo sterile of an environment -- in too sterile of an environment. even if you raise a baby or toddler in the presence of a dog, it's good for them and decreases the likelihood that they'll develop allergies later in life. >> doctors say instead of introducing foods one by 'sone, it best toar regul expose your child to those foods. take a look at this video.
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there we some scary moments for visitors on the sky deck ledge at chicago's willis look at that. they heard a cracking notice, looked down, and saw cracks forming on the glass below their feet. can you imagine? this happened at the former sears tower that is 103 stories and more than 1,300 feet in the air.a officials s the glass did not crack, but the protective film about. similar to maybe thone you put on your smartphone to protect the cover. no one was in danger. and the protective film has been replaced. but that sight, that sigh up in the air, it would cause me to panic, yeah. absolutely. >> yeah. amelia draper is here with more on our rainy day forecast. >> i mean we're waking up to rain and we're going to see s thunderrms in the afternoon. not a great day especially nice e we have had such weather this week for the most part. great weather returns tomorrow to close out the workweek. for the kidows heading off -- kiddos hooding off to school,
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second to last schoolday of the year, prince george's county, montgomery county among districts. i pe you have a great day. unfortunately, you're dosing with rain. here's a look at storm team 4 dar right now. some of the heaviest rain falling in parts of northern virginia and montgomery county, along 270. around the spur, back along 66, sighna this in maas. all of fairfax counties dealing with rain. most of charles counties dealing with moderate rain. rain this mor wng willnd down between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. we get a break around the midday hours and then see scattered en showers betwe 2:00 and 7:00 p.m. tomorrow, it's breezy, it's sunny, it's fray. it's fabulous. as you look toweekend, it's looking mainly t dryhe overall. more in a but dealing wet roads for your commute. some wet roads coming home from work. tomorrow, absolutely no issues weather related on our area roads. here's future ather. 8:00 a.m., this is when we'll see the rain lessen, lightnent activity out there.
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10:00 a.m., future weather wants to keep rain in. remember this is just one model. i think most of us will be dry between10:00 and 2:00 p.m. depending on how much sunshine we see is going to help fuel storsu. the more n, the more fuel for these storms la r in theday. check out 4:00 p.m. the bright colors here on future weather. this is that chance for hail, some damaging winds, and very heavy rainfall. reducing visibilities. the threat for storms is over pie about 7:00. we see skies clearing overnight. a breeze de lops overnight. it's breezy throughout the day tomorrow. quite breezy, in fact, with plenty of sunshine. high temperatures in the upper 70s, 86 on saturday. 90 on sunday. the humidity makes its way into the area on sunday. 40% chance for late-day ehowers and thunderstorms. melissa, we hav a new issue on 95 in prince william county now? >> reporter: >> that's right. headed northbound here before qntico on 95, this is what you'll encounser. this i a vehicle on its roof.w obviouhave response here
5:20 am
on the scene. not sure of injuries yet. it's moving, but it is a backup that's going very slow. all of the green showing the ra in. a mess out there. southound 395 at washington boulevard, left side blocked bide a crash. to maryland, new haavpshire ue outside the beltway northbound and southbound, having an impact becausef that accident. rockville, ran tofl road shut down -- randolph road shut down putnam. inner loop, outer loop, everything is clear right now. we're ing to cope an eye on things -- keep an eye on things including 95 to the north. airplane? >> thank you. 5:20. next, don't pay more for medication that's aren't as effective. the best treatments chosen by pharmacists. and later, auction radio plaza gets -- aubrey plaza gets a scare from chucky. >> family -- oh -- family --
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family -- [ scream ] >> did you just jump? >> i would seriously. that's too much. that's too much. "ellen"
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but dosing here is really if you're going to give it to a child under 2, please consult a doctor first. bug bites are an unfortunate reality for all of us over the tommer. before the mosqui get really bad, pharmacists say to stock up on this product, after bite. it contains baking soda and ammonia. while it won't prevent bites, it can relieve irritation. and it's small enough to throw in your beach bag or your purse. solarcaine, old-school remedy, came in as the number-one choice to soothe sunburns. it includes lidocainand aloe vera. if you keep it chilled, it feels even better when you apply it. it's been around forever. remember, just because it's sold over the coter doesn't mean it's safe for everyone. so pleasealk to your doctor before you try any new medicatio >> we posted the complete list he top pharmacist picks on line. just search "over-counter products." still ahead on "news4 today," we take vacations to relax -- at least we try to.
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now, word of a con that can make your worries worse. >> working 4 you with the things to keep an eye out for before your next trip. a new development into the o investigatof a local couple in the dominican republic. what federal investigators are now involved. and we're in storm team 4 weather alert node as the steady -- mode as the steady rain nt coues. a break midday will lead to scattered thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening hours. the high temperature today of ng78. i'm goito have more on the timing of the storms and the timing of the storms and the pote
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welcome back at 5. -- 5:29. rain may stick around for some time. >> and we're following breaking s ws in montgomery county t morning. a group of would-be burglars rammed into a police cruiser. when ofcers arrived on the scene of a gun shopr obbery, one officer opened fire, killing onh of m. four others are still on the r at this hour. news4's megan mcgrath will join us live from the scene in a few
5:30 am
minutes. . first at 5:, good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchris >> i'm eun yang. let's begin with a check on your forecast and melollet is standing by with your first 4 traffic. first, storm team 4 meteorologist amelia draper has an update on our weather alert. good morning. good morning, eun. most of the area seeing rain now. the general intensity is light to moderate out there. however, i am starting to track areas to the south dying out. we can see the drying trend moving throughout the area from south to north over the next few hours. the d.c. metro area drying out from the first wave of rain between about 7:00 and 8 a.m. speaking of the metro area, moderate rain around the beltway, a district,xandria. around reston and fairfax also dealing with moderate rain right now. again, we're going to dry out b0 8:0.m. a break around the midday hours. a lull in the action. wild get in on -- wll get in on some sunshine, fueling thunderstorms later today. those storms, hit and miss in
5:31 am
nature, moving through the area between about 2:00 and 7:00 p.m. they could have some hail, damaging winds, with the high today of 78. gorgeous tomorrow, but i'm going to have much more on the storms coming uright around 5:45.i mela, a lot of issues around 95 this morning including one in prince william couriy. >> that't. we've had multiple problems, this is northbound 95 before quantico. that is an overturned vehicle on the left side. you're getting byon the right. it doesn't look so bad when you look at this vantage point. northbound, a three-mile back up. xpress lanes might be worth it depending when you're leaving. we'll let you know how it devels. arlington, southbound 395 at washington boulevard. left side blocked by the accident. outer loop at clara barton parkway, an accident there. this is showing how slow things are with a of the rain. north of the beltway, crash blocking both ways in some directions.
5:32 am
randolphdooad shut between parklawn and putna lanes blocked for the police investigation. aaron? >> thank you. we want to get to that police investigation. breaking in montgomery county right now, police are looking into a deadly gun story burglary. >> take a look at this map. police want you to stay away from the area of randolph road and parklawn drive in rockville. they're searching for four suspects. one other suspect is ded. news4's megan mcgrath is live now at the scene with the latest. good morning. >> reponger: well, good morni i am standing in the lohman plaza parking lot. i'll step out of the way here. that is t randolph roadt you see behind me there. and the white car there, the up, hback with the trunk that is the suspect vehicle that the sed in the robbery of gun store here in rockville. now you can see police still on the ene. we are told that one of the suspects was found dead inside the vehicle.
5:33 am
four other suspects bailed, ran from the scene, and they are still on the loose.o thece using k-9 units, other patrol officers on foot searching the neighborhood around the location where, parklawn, dolph and the area looking for the four suspects who re still on the loose. this began at around 2:30 this morning. look at the video here. it began to unfold with robbery at the united gun store on randolph road. that'sabout i'd say 2.5, 3 blocks from thisec sdary location here. around 2:30, that's when police became aware that there was some sort of a robbery in progress there at that location. officers responded to the scene. listeto the public information officer describing how the suspects gained access to the gun shop. >> they rammed a vehicle through the front of the gun shop in order to gain entry. we'retill ascertaining what was etakn. we do believe thme weapons
5:34 am
may have been taken, but we're trying to confirm that with the owners now. >> reporter: now, this gun shop waso robbed back in 2017. it's not the first time that this has happened.n now, terms of this investigation, officers arrived on the scene within minutes of becoming aware of the barbara in progress. the suspects were fleeing when one of the cruisers pulled up into the parking lot. the suspect rammed the uiser. the police officer fired shots. then the suspect vehiclein contd down randolph road. apparently the car was damaged and couldn't go far. it got go 2.5 blocks down the road. that's where it broke down. the suspects bailed. when police officers caught up with the vehicle, they found one of the suspects deadside. we do not know how that person died. whether theyer wstruck by the officer's gunfire or whether they were fatally injured in the
5:35 am
ramming of the cruer, all of that is under investigation. they were actually leaving the scene of that robbery when the enceounter with the poli happened. so the assumption here is that it is very possible that those suspects did get some guns, they may be armed. they don't know yet. they're working with the gun shop owner to take an inventory. but that's the assumption here. so the word to people who will are in this general area is to be ry, very careful. there are four suspects still on the loose. if you see anything suspicious, if your motion sensor light goes off, if you see someone or movement in a shed or something like that in your back yards, you are to call 911. don't investigate on your own until theyd locate thetional suspects that are out there. back to you. >> thanks. we're following new developments on the investigation into the deaths of a local couple who died while on vacation in the dominican republic. >> the fbi is now getting involved. the bodies of nathaniel holmes and cynthia day were returned to the u.s. earlier this week.
5:36 am
adominican authorities hve asked t for help doing the toxicologist analysis. it could take up to 30 years. officials said the couple died of respiratory failure in their hotel last month. the families want new autopsies done here in the u.s. it's 5:36. we're also lrning more abou the attempted murder of former boston red sox star david who was shot inic the domin republic. investigators say the shooting was not random. six men have been arrested. police say they were paid nearly $8,000to kill the former baseball player. a seventh suspect is still wanted. ortiz was shot at pointblank range while sitting outside of a bar earlier this week. no wrd who wanted ortiz dead or why. ortiz was flown back to the united states and is stilin icu at boston hospital. d.c. police ar looking for the shooter who killed a father who was on his way to his son's elementary school graduation. 27-year-old darrell johnson was walking to his car on 62nd street northeast when he was hit
5:37 am
wednesday morning. the gunmanre fi several shots, t all hit johnson. several bullets went into a minivan, another into an apartment. no one was inside at the time. ahead, those electric sc ters are popping everywhere. >> if you're thinking about taking a spin, there's something to keep in mind before you hop on. good morning, everyone, today at 5:00, you'll meet a young woman who's battling cancer after doctors found a tumor the size of a baseball in her brain. >> it was pushing like in to my. brain >> because the location of the consumer in jessica's brain made itoo difficult for surgery, doctors decided to use a revolutionary therapy that uses less radiation and potentially gives her years, not months to live. you can see the rest of
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mon they're becoming a c sight around the d.c. region -- people of all ages riding around on those electric it's a t that has caught on around the country. now a rutgers university studyn that the number of people jured while riding these electric scooters has tripled since 2008. it's important to note that many people who were hurt weren't wearing helmets. that makes sense, but i will stell you in d.c. i don'tee helmets on people riding
5:41 am
electric scooters. i see them everywhere. >> a few people own their own scooters. i've seen thoseith helmets. ese not so much. >> you're not carrying a helmet with this morng, video of a wild car crash in nashville. and a driver very lucky to be able to walk away from all. >> the series of events you're about to see started with a sneeze. this ppened pretty quickly, too. you'll want to watch carefully here. the driver behind the wheel of the suv said heso sneezed violently he lost control -- >> yikes. >> the suv rolled, flipped several tim before the stop at an intersection. a nearby group of golfers and construction workers saw what happened and ran to help. you see t m workingtogether, trying to upright the suv here. they helped the driver out, too. he was okay. if that wasn't enough, moments after he stepped out of the suv it burst into flames. everyone backed away. first responders came in and put the fire out. >> if something like this is going to happen, the timing was good. he was able to make it out, and
5:42 am
he's safe. sneeze? one >> scary. a california college student is making news for taking down a suspected pedophile. baits.used himself as ethan lives in the san francisco bay area. after a friend told him that she had been molested as a child, ethan went on line to create an undercover profile to identify possible pedophiles. he used snapct's gender-switching affiliater to takend picture of himself a used that altered photo and said he was 16 years old. a man reached out, andthe two soon began exchanging messages. ethan took screen shots of the a conversation sent to police who quickly identified the suspect as a police officer himself. he was arrested. 5:42. it is a weather alert day. storm team 4 meteorologist we amelia draper is here. >> phelpsing out the door stepping out the door, you'll want the umbrella. light to moderate rain will be moving ut between7:00 and 8:00
5:43 am
a.m. then thunderstorms around later today. to help you get out the door this morning, here's a look at forecast.end dry on saturday, some late-day thunderstorms on sunday, and warming up. lissa, issues on thead with the rain? a lot of problems here. one of them on 95. an overturnedvehicle, 95 northbound in rginia. and on the beltway, some majo sldowns. fulowl
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
if you haven't made it to l the windows ok outside yet, let me spare you the trouble. it's raining. a rainy morning out there. make sure to pack the umbrella as you head out today. we are in weather alert mode he re. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia draper will join us in a few minutes to check on the forecast. we're continue to follow a developingtory involving the trump administration. the president is no stranger to controversy, and in an interviey yesterda with abc news, he stirred up a bit more. take a listen.n >> the campaighis time around, if foreigners, if russia, if china, someone offers information on opponents, should shea accept it or call the fbi? >> i think maybe you do both. w think maybe yout to listen. there's nothing wrong with
5:47 am
listening. >> yesterday the president's son appeared before a senate intelligence committee to answer questions about the 2016 trump tower meeting with russians who were then promising information on hillary clinton. >> news4's tracie pottsoins us live now from capitol hill. how are these comments the president made yesterd being received? >> reporter: critics, former prosecutors, democrats, are calling then un-amerin, a treasono treasonous, and one prosecutor said it's the very definition oo colluswhich, of course, the president has repeatedly said was not found in the mueller investigation. so president trump saying he'd be open to listening to what a foreign government has to say about his opponent as his son was telling lawmakers what did not happen wh he alleges -- what he alleges did not happen in a meeting with a russian lawyer. we've learned that hope hicks, the former communications directd longtime aide of president trump, before that candidate trump, is going to be in the hot seat. she'll speaking to lawmakers
5:48 am
here on cnepitol hill ay. >> tracie potts on theor hill f us this morning. thanks. and check this out -- did you happen to see this rare ght over d.c. yesterday? two f-35 fighter jets benja a flyover above downtown d.c. and the white house. many of you reached out to news4 easking whether theras an emergency. there wasn't. this was a demonstration for the polish president who was visiting with president trump. poland is set torc puse 32 of those jets. so the president the to show them off. flyovers have been extremely limited since the terror attacks of september 11th. 5:48. this morning, leader of a northern vironinia congregati say someone stole their rainbow pride flag. >> had their is not the first time -- this is not the first time it ippened. flew in front of the unitarian universalist church for two years now. someone stole the flag on wheelie avenue. there is the third time it's en been stol in three months.
5:49 am
reverend debra had beener in want the -- haffner wants the thieves to know it will not stop the church from supporting the lgbtq community. >> want to sit down and look those people in the eye and talk to them about how every person g hasty and worth. >> dr. haffner says the church will continue to fly the pride flag, and they will rplace it as many times as they need to. a new ban goes int effect llday in montgomery county. >> smoking wio longer be allowed on patios at bars and restaurants. justinre finch with n why the county thought the law was necessary. justin? it turns out that last year the coty got dozens of complaints about outdoor smoking. they've decided to do something about it. so smokers and vapors beware. patios like this are no longer a place to go out and light up. and enforcement of that is going to begin today. the county health officials will go out and enforce this new law.
5:50 am
restaurants and bars are the ones who could face fines here. they get two warnings, and on the third strike is when they could face a fine. the fine is not hooked to the r.oker it goes to the restaurants or ba this kind of picks up where thr 2003 legislation led off in montgomery county in which smoking was banned inside of buildings here. now it extends to the outdoor s paces, as well. and you think about this as being a, perhaps a divisive issue here for some. some who think it's okay to smoke in public, others who think it's maybe not so okay. but as you might ma'imagine it stirring up debate. >> the idea because the smoking going to help. >> honest opinion, i'm not a smoker, but i think it's-- somewhat of discrimination against smokers. >> reporter: it turns out this bill had a lot of support passing unanimously with montgomery county council, guys.
5:51 am
>> and justis how many state have enacted an outdoor smong ban like this one? >> reporter: well it turns out that it's kinds of a growing trend across the country here. it turns out more than half of the country including territories have some kinds of smoking ban on thebooks. typically it's more like an indoor ban with a decision to extend it outside left up to counties and cities much like the case here in montgomery county. c., as well you in as maryland, there are these statewide bans. in virginia, it's a bit more flexible. left more up to the county and local jurisdictions, guys. back to you. >> all right. justin finch. thank you. 5:51 on a weather alert day. let's turn to meteorologist weelia draper. e in weather alert as i track widespread rain now and thunderstorms between 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. some storms later today could be strong to severe. tomorrow, it's brey, it's sunny, we warm up on saturday.
5:52 am
mid 80s. on sunday, some late-day thunderstorms for father's day. ohere's the latest che storm team 4 radar. the entire area still seeing rain. the heaviest rain off to the east into parts of prince george's, anne arundel county, northern calvert county. noauce fier county starting to dry out. we're going to see a drying trend coming from the south and west over the next few hours. the metro area drying out between about 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. we see a lull in the action then around the late morning, midday, and early afternoon hours. any sunshine we see is going to help to fuel those afternoon and evening thunderstorms. 71 around lunchtime. if you have an errand to it's looking dry for the lunchtime hours. recess for the kiddos should be outdoors. then 4:00 p.m., tracking forms, 78 for the high. i want show the timing for the thunderstorms. here's the lull around the midday hours. then we see those storms moving through.
5:53 am
frederick and loudoun counties, fauquier county at about 4:00 p.m. moving through the metro area between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. the storm threat is over by 7:00 tonight. tomorrow it's breezy, sunny, it's l.beautifu high of 78. 86 on saturday. still plenty of dity in check. on sunday, highs around 90. it's hot. with late day showers and thunderstorms possible, and then very unsettled next week. melissa, big issues with all the rain thon morning the roads. >> reporter: we hav a lot of different problems. let's go through i re. northbound 95 before quantico, overturned vehicle on the left side. you're only getting by on the right. we have a three-mile back up. inner loop before the georgetown, crash on the left side causing delays. outer loop at clara barton parkway, looks like that has gotten out of the way. we still have some slowdowns. big look at the beltway. no other major problems along the beltway quite yet at least. just got a kbacall about this. shady grove road, a crash where
5:54 am
muncaster mill merges. and all lanes outdown at parklawn and put unanimously. good morning, at cnbc headquarters, travel stams areri on th just as you look to make summer vacation plans. consumers are being rned to take extra precautions when booking on line. one in five americans has been scammed or nearlyd. scamme bargain hunters are most at risk with nearly one-third of victims being efrauded after spoking deals too good to be true. popular destinations to mexico and canada and europe should be booked on verified websites and options cted payme u.r paying for trips. >> thank yo 5:54.u to experiencing the sights, tastes, and soun of pacific islander cultures in the district? the chinatown community festival is where you need to be this molette g is working for the community with details on the
5:55 am
event kicking off in a few days. molette, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, you know, the rain had to move us inside the chinese community church here. the fan dancers behind me affectionately known as the aunties in chinese culture. they are wonderful. and energetic, and all of this part of the chinatown community's festival. we've got a spread of food from two restaurants that will be showing off theus delicio tastes. and maybe we'll get a tast in the 6:00 hour. i want to talk to the d.c. maor's office on pacific islander and asian affairs for an overview of what this is about. >> yes. so this saturday we're having our chinatown community festival. and we're bringing together performances like this, food over here, city agencies to talk about resources for the community. and just an opportunity to celebrate and showcase the different asian and pacific islander cultures here in the
5:56 am
district. >> reporter: we'll talk about that more in the 6:00 hour. i want to thank the pastor for letting us inside his church and out of the rain today. we were supposed to be at the park across the street. more coming up in the:00 hour including those indonesian dancers using plates as parts of their entertainment. that's coming up. stay with us. >> i loveveo say the dirsity -- love to see the diversityth wiin the asian community, as ucll. thank you so mfor sharing. next up on "news4 tday," a the pharmacy can drain your bank account. >> we're helping you get the most out of every from relieving headaches to calming bug bites, t over-the-counter treatments pharmacists s work best. (vo) morning, noon, night;
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5:59 am
breakingews as we approach 6:00 a.m. montgomery county police need folks to stay away from randolph road and parklawn rive. there's been aeadly gun storeburg ranger. >> one suspect -- store burglary. >> oneuruspect is dead, fo others on the m mcgrath will have new information in moments. >> first, good moneing,
6:00 am
everyo. i'm amelia draper. >> -- i'm aaron gilchst. i'm yang. we want to begin with a check on the forecast and commute. melissa mollet is standing by with first 4 .traffic >> first 4 meteorologist amelia draper is in for chuck this morning. that radar is lit up. yeah. stepping out, you want to grab the umbrella. tracking rain still ngimpangti most of -- impacting most of the area. good news, seeing drying in most of fauquier county now. however, the d.c. metro area continues to deal with rain and then asf to the e into anne arundel, northern prince george's county, areas of moderate rain. this first wave will continue to impact the area until about 7:00, 8:00 a.m. this morning. it's cooled down. notice the rain back into west virginia. this moved through during the afternoon and early evening hours touching off showers and thunderstoron. some cube he strong to severe side. we're at 65. continuing to track showers for most of us until 7:00, 8:00 a.m. just a chanc for isolated showers at 9:00 a.m. by00


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