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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  June 14, 2019 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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now that a school worker is accused of rape. how the company that hired the man says it's working to protect children. on this father's day weekend, a group ofng distiished dads explains the lessons learneduring their 70-year friendship. 4:00 on the dot. good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. it is a -- >> friday? >> friday, we made it here. it's going to be a beautiful day ahead. i'm looking forward to the rest of the day. we'll begin with the check of the forecast and the commute. melissa mollet has storm team traffic. >> and lauryn ricketts is in for chuck today with a look outside. good morni, lauren. >> good morning. we've got aoeautiful l outside. it is cool, so grab the jacket on the way out the door.ra tempetures in the 50s right now. its a little on the chilly side out there after a frontal system passed through the area. we are dry out there early on this friday morning. a few showers just to the wt ght now stopping in west
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virginia. we think that we'll be dry for the remainder o the morn and the remainder of the day for us. so currently that t perature here in d.c. is in the mid t0s upper 5. 58 right now. going to be breezy at times today. we'll drop a little bit as we go through about the 7:00our and then start moving the temperature right back up. in fact, temperatures once again in the 70se to n 80 today. let's talk about the weekend in detail. we'll go hour by hour specifically for that father's day foleecast. you know if you can expect any rain, that's coming up in about 15 minutes. first, let's talk traffic with good morning. good morning. right now in the district, west virginia avenue northeast between florida and m olivet, all lanes blocked because of police activity from overnight. outer loop between annapolis road 450 and kenilworth, we have the left lanei g by the work zone. inner loop between eisenhower avenue and van dorn street.a right l is getting by. doesn't seem to be slowing things at all right now. arlington, eastbound 66 between the rosslyn tunnel and roosevelt
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bridge, left lane is g ting by therk zone. and bethesda, northbound 270 between democracy there, kind of at montrose road really, the right lane is getting by. they have a lot of roadwork happening in the left lanes. eun? >> thank you. developing this morning, four armed and dangerous suspects are still on the loose. they've been on the run f hours since robbing a gun store in rockville. >> we brought you the story as it was breaking yesterday mornsg. the chao started around 2:00 a.m. when the suspects crashed an suv into united gun shop on randolph road near lohman's plast. thee several guns. the suspect used a second stolen vehicle to ram into regoonding montmery county police officer. that's when the officer .fired one suspect was found dead in the car. the other four were able to drive a few blocks before their car broke down. the men ran off into the neiborhood and ditched several guns behind a house during their getawa >> anybody in the neighborhood sees anything, your back light comes on, something with your
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shed, whatever, don't check it . ou call us, and we'll check it out for you. >> police are investigating whether this crime is connected to a similargunshot burglary about 30 minutes away in fulton, maryland. in that cas as many as 20 guns were stolen. >> new this morning, we are learning more about a woman killed at a waste transfer county. in montgomery police say 35-year-old gladys lauren melendez fuentes died yesterday after she became buried under huge piles of tree branches, brush, and stumhes. sas a contract worker at the shady grove station. other workers found her when radio, ard her two-way but it was too late. officials say there will be grief counselors for station staff. now ta story you'll onews4. justin fairfax sat down to address the sxual assault legations against him. >> it's been four months since two women went public saying fafax sexually assaulted them more than a decade ago. vanessa tyson and meredith
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watson detailed their alleged experiences in nashville media interviews. fairfax is asking for a criminal investigation in both cases he sent letters to the district attorneys in both massachusetts and north carolina where the alleged assaultshappened. fairfax insists both encounters were consensual. >> i bee fraed daready from day talk to law enforcement under penalty of perjury. i would hope the accusers would be willing to do the same. that's how we're able to get to the truth. >> attorneys for accuseranessa tyson call the letters a political stunt because the potential target of an investigation doesn't get to initiate a crinal probe. she says as a former prosecutor, fairfax knows that. >> sending a six-page letter as opposed to picking up the phone if he wanted to make a request, it's political. he's trying to put himself out there in a more positive light. >> this -- none of this should
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be the way iton if someone wants to make a serious criminal allegation, they should do so by going to law enforcement. >> legal teams for both accusers say a bipartisan hearing in the virginia general assembly is the best way to uncover the truth. fairfax and llow democrats reject that idea. som say the hearings would be a political circus. it's now 4:05. a former university of marylans baball player is looking forward to continuing his professional basketball career after a jury acquitted him of rape charges. damonte dodd was accused of raping a woman in 2017. she admitted to being drunk and leaving a bar with him. dodd said they had consensual x, but prosecutorssaid she was too impaireto give consent. he told us the accusations have hurt his career. >> you look up my name, and it's the accusations. they always ask, well, what's going on with that? what's going that? so it's always been rough.
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>> the prince george's county state's attorney said sex assault cases are the most challenging, but her offce will continue to seek justice on because of all victims. 4:06. police are iestigating pearce then who allegedly assaulted a woman during a treatment. it happened at roche's spa. he was t off duty time. he's been on the force for seven years. his powers have been revoked.b he's n assigned to duties where he has no public content. the police chief says "officer then's actions are a disgrace to this morning, the fallout after a school contract employee was accused of sexually abusing a young grl at a schooln the district. >> nearly two dozen schools in maryland and the district have suspended a private company in charge of operating after-school programs. 2 1-year-olck justinn is
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accused of having sexual contact with a 13-year-old girl not far from union station. hickman was an after-school employee for sprinuoard edtion in america before he was fired. during the investigation, springboard wasnot able to provide the required criminal background check information for many of its employees. that promped schools in maryland and the district to suspend the company. parents say they're upset. >> w need to know that every time our kids step foot in a school they are safe. ffd we don't know that now. >> the school oials say they will conduct a complete review of the oversight process. and springboard executives say the company is in the process of cond iting annternal investigation into this matter. an update this morning on the shooting inside a virginia beach citybuilding. authorities say they plan to interview 240 people as they try to find out whyay dew craddock opened fire last month in the municipal building. 12 people were killed, four
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others injured. craddock resigned just before the shooting. police say allegations that he was confrtational and argumentative have not been corroborated. an update on a bizarre story from montgomery county. a judge has refused to order a new tri for danielbeckwith. dhe was convicte of murder in april in the fiery death of a woman. he was hired to dig underground tunnels for a nuclear bunker at s bethesda home in 2017. authorities say overloaded power strips started the fire. defense attorneys said jurors did not have enough evidence to convict him. j ge tossed out the deal. we hib sentenced monday and rsfaces up to 30 yea in prison. we have an idea where maryland plans to widen i-270 and the beltway. our news prtners at wtop report the state intends to start with toll lanes on the southern portion of i-270.
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this will be between the beltway and i-370. some county leaders argue traffic relief is the most needed un theer section of the highway. maryland says toll profits from the first phase of the project will bring in money to he fund the project. meanwhile,ct new proje on a popular roadth in norern virginia could bring relief for pedestrians and cyclists.o says a seven-mile section of route 7 in the tyson's area will be widened with a new lane in each direction. but this isn't just about cars. officials say 14 miles of newra ls will also be created along with new sidewalk and bike connections. construction is expected to takb t five years along that ad.etch of the it looks like the second phase of metro's silver line will be pushed back again. that is according to a new report from the airport's the contrr responsible for building the newail yard near dulles airport realed it's behind schedule b more than 60 days. the project is now expected to be complete by late july of next
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year. developing this morning, some bowie skaters and ice hockey players are fiting for money to build a new ice rink. hundreds signed a petition calling on the bowie city council tre nsider its decision not to appve a contract for a new two-sheet ice facility. ule two sides were sch to meet last night to push the issue to a referendum. supporters say a new rink is important for the community m. >> went to summer camp here beforactually joining the team. and i started to make it friends. and it was just really fun. >> it's awful. the adults who are making these decisions need to think aboutco theunity and the kids and stop thinking about the money. >> but for the bowie city sscouncil, the is a numbers game. the project would cost more than $21 million. and can you hearthe cheers? [ cheers ] today is the last day of school for students in d.c., prince george's county, and montgomery >> they could be sleeping for a
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while. cheers might come later. students in arlington have one more week to go. fairfax county and loudoun wrapped up last week. many of the schools will offer free lunch during the ummer. 4:11 now. also today school leaders and community members will gather to break ground on a neweorge mason high school in falls church. the new school will be directly behind the. current one voters in falls church approved the $120 million referendum more than a year ag the groundbreaking ceremony will happens afternoon. nchlt now the champ yonts, t raptors -- champio, the raptors, the 2019 nba champs. >> where's drake? the toronto raptors became the first canadianeam to win the nba finals. they needed only six games to knock off the two-time defending champion golden ss.te warrior they pulled off a four-point win in a back and forth shoot-out in
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oakland. fans back in toronto went wild, as can imagine. kawai leonard was named mvp. this was his first season with the team. this is the first time a canadian team has won a n ampionship in a major professional ameleague since 1993. congratulations. >> yeah. >> big deal. 4:12. coming up, we've been reminding you all week, but in case you f forgoher's day is sunday. >> we'll share last-minute gift ideas for thetech-savvy dads. plus, from boys to men. they've known each other for seven decades. >> this morning, we're talking to an accomplished group of guys psabout lifelong friendshi and temratures a little on the cool sight out there. 50s and low 60s. plenty of sunshine as you make your start on your we'll talk about the beaches and abtht e father's day foreca
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this weekend dads will be cel.rated for all they do >> and if you are still searching for the perfect fatr's day gift,e have some ideas. if your dad is a techie, try this -- the base station hub from in a moment ad will keep all of its gadts charged and
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cost $100. how about that? >> if dadtrikes to vel, a smart wallet might be the trick. it makes sure his money stays safe with himon the road, and it can be tracked through a smartphonea pp. >> he loves music, the ipjbl cl is a hot gift. look at that. it's a popular bluetoo speaker, and it's pretty budget friendly at $40. >> youan have there by the pool, in the back yard, in the den. it's reasonably loud for what it is. >> many of these gadgets are available at stores including best buy. and if you areor stretched time, you can order off amazon prime with the free one-day shipping. it always gets you. i'm telling you, a false sense of security. for more ideas, check out nbc washington's app. remember, sometimes -- most of the time it's reliable. every once in a ile it' not coming on time and then in trouble. they've been best friends since kindergarten. and after 70-plus years, they've gone from boysou to men thr a lot of good times and bad.
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tay say anacosti was fertile ground for the group. >>eporter: garfield elementary school is where seven decades of friendship started. they're affectionately known as the kindergarten crew. back to class where so much has changed since 1945. >> surprised we were ever this small. >> reporter: all bt friends today. >> we didn't have guns or access to guns. we protected each other. >> reporter: ten in all, several have now passed on. when they were boys living in anacostia bond them. >> our community was really more a village. anacostia, we were across the river, separated from the rest . of the cit there was a very tight sense of presence for the community and pride in our community. > reporter: what did they love most about kindergarten? >> the girls. [ laughter ]
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>> i think my favorite memories was just the relationship that we brought fr the community to school. >> a person i never lost contact with was huey because we lived directly across the street there each other. >> reporter: when they grew up, they married, became fathers, and spread their wings in the sky as champion swimmers with decorated militaryre caers. and they became teachers and business owners. lives well lived. >> seems like we kept meeting at funerals, and ind -- so that's one of the things that led us to start doing joyous, joyful thing together. >> blessed to be part of the poroup. >> rerter: and get together every month. >> when we have our drinks in hand, we salute. >> reporte garfield's only boys to men. in southeast, molette green, news4. >> what a wonderful story. one of success is lasting in deep
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relati lships. i justove that. thank you for sharing, >>molett. nice to see. let's turn to the weather. lauryn ricketts is here to tell us wha to expect going intothe weekend. >> we are looking at some nice conditions out there right now. and we are going to continue to see some clearing skies throughout the .day low humidity out there right now. and some very col temperatures, as well. now as we head over the weather headlines, a gorgeous day out there now. and a gorgeous day out there today. the next chance of rain coming on sunday. that is father's day. but we still pretty unsettledhe all t way through next week. we're going to have a frontal system that approaches the area on fr's day. and it's going to stick around and kind of hang out, stationary h next week. nothing coming up on the radar here in our area. we are seeing a few showers just to the west right now. all of the moisture stopping at the e.untains right ther again, we are looking at some nice conditions throughout the region. and we're not going to see any rain this morning. temperatures in the 50s and low les. 61 in esburg. 58 in bashington.
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altimore coming in at 62 right now. over the next couple of hours, we'll dip a little bit as we end to do in the 7:00 hour. then we'll head back up into the 70s for daytime highs. big story about today besides the low humidity and no rain, it's going to be the win. gusting up to about 30 miles per hour out of the northwest. that is suppressing that humidity. temperatures are going toppe tog out in the mid to upper 70s for daytime highs today. again, northwest winds gusting up to about 30 miles per hour.l we'ltart this at saturday, 9:30. i think we'll have more sunshine tomorrow when this plays out. we have rain as we get into your sunday. again, some scattered showers mainly in theno afteron. and coming through the eveni hours. it is going to be hot and humid. not only for your sunday but also for monday. monday we valuce another chan for some rain coming our way. look at these temperatures as we go through this weekend. we're going to jump ite a bit tomorrow. and then we'll definitely jump as we head into your sunday, monday, and tuesday. we slip a little on wednesday . and thursday but it's still fairly muggy as
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we go all the way into th not going to be rain the whole time, but we will have chances of storms each day next week. let's talk about your brech fost in a minute. let's talk about the roads in case you are headed to the beach. good morning, melissa. good morning. if you are aded to the beach soon, don't worry, nothing in the way on the bay bridge. d.c., wesvirginia avenue between florida avenue and mt. olivet road in northeast, lanes blocked for the police activity from overnight. as we zoom out a little bit, the ltway doesn't look bad. we have some roadwork. outer loop between annapolis road and kenilworth, left lane gets by on eisenhower and van dorn. right lane is getting by. zooming in for a second, eastbound 66 between the rosslyn tunnel and roosevelt bridge, left lane is getting by that work zone. aking a look elsewhere, bethesda northbound 270 near democracy, right lane gets by.
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ok, i got your eggs. here♪ ou go. i mean i don't want it too high obviously. ♪ ♪
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free range eggs for free range living. nellie's free range eggs. welcome back. 4:24. if you plan to stay here in the dmv this weekend, we are working for you. >> maybe you want to do something special with your dad or spend time with your four-legged best friend. tommy mcfly highlights some of the fun things going onhi weekend. >> reporter: puppies, bark? and aircraft. i'm tommy mcfly with what's up for your weekend. first, another l.a. and new york thing making its way to d.c. smorgasburg is popping up on the
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waterfront. they offer more than 30do out dining eventors to enjoy food and fun outside, maybe something to bring dad to this father's day. in virginia at the steven. if hazi center, the smithsonian air and space near dulles, they are doing 50 years of flights with their day of flight n innovatio bring the family out and talk to pilots and crew who have piloted over 5 years of aircraft from tiques to current-day models. fairfax has got their fido fest. they promise it to be the, quote, wholesomest experience for your bet lovers. this is happening in the me to dog park at 11000 berrystreet. activities, vendors, demonstrations, and a caninsp ash zone for you to enjoy. >> the festivities start at 11:00 and go to 2:00 p.m. e have vendors, and we have rescue groups coming in to the park. and they will be here ith information, with adoptable dogs and all sorts of dog products.
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it's a fun time to come with your doing, enjoy the doing pork, this is the first year for fido fes that we actually have a dog park. >> reporter: did you know that sunday is the fifth annual international day of yoga? you learned something.ey th're doing a free yoga at the base of the washington monument put on by the embassy of india. 8:30 it starts, free t-shirts on a first come, first served basis. and you can center yourself, ohm. getting ready for father's day. namaste. tommy mcfly with what's up for your weekend right here on news4. >> namaste. still ahead, georgetown university now under investigation by the u.s. department of education. we'll tell you why > plus, he was once one of our area's most notorious drug kingpins, but rayful medds' sentence may be reduced. the public is getting to weigh in. we're taking a lookat temperatures out there. starting on a crisp note.
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temperatures in the 50s and low 60s right now.ur we are on o way into the 70s today. we've got the breeze that follows. we also have rain that follows that. we'llalk about maybe a wet father's day. that's comg
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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4:30 right good rning, everyone. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. let's begin with a check on your forecast and commute. our melissa mollet is standing by witir your fst 4 traffic. >> lauryn ricketts is inor chuck bell this morning with a look at theeather first, though. ouuryn? >> not that bad there right now. it is a little on the cooler side out there. ut again, all in all, not bad. we've got clearskies. we're going to have a beautiful sunrise that comes up just over an hour from now. 5:42, the official sunrise in d.c. temperatures as you wakeup in the 50s and 60s. cool, you might need to grab the jacket on the way out the door. definitely the sunglasses. you can ave the umbrella at home. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s by 9:00. it's going to be breezy, as well. after that front thatpassed through the area yesterday, which you can see offshore, there it is right there, we're


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