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tv   Today  NBC  June 14, 2019 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. on the brink? the neweo vid just in overnight. the pentagon says it's proof po attacks on tankers in the middle east. is the u.s. on a collision course with the iranians tensions reach a breaking point in one of the most dangerous places in the world. stepping wn. >> this has been the honor of a lifetime. >> sarah huckabee sanders says she's leaving the white house. >> we've been through a lot together. she's tough, but she's sgood. >> who is in line to replace her? >> canada. >> we the north are now the champions. to>> the raprs win their first nba title with dramatic game
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six victory over golden state. and back home in canada, the crowd go wild. we have those stories plus under arrest. cuba gooding jr. charged with groping a woman in a new york city bar. >> i am completely confident he ll be totally exonerated. >> this morning t new allegation thatussurfaced. the west wing. the important cause behind ki kardashian west's return to the white house. >> the goal is everyone wants the community to be and sharpening their skills. craig, al, and carson get together for what they're calling an ax-ellent adventure. >> this is more f than fortnite. >> as we celebrate dad ahead of father's day. "today," june 14th, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with savannah guthrie
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and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller feefeller pl. nice to have you with us on a fri morning. did you hear my dad pun? that was for dads. >> i enjoyed that. thank you so much. coming up later, we head over to brooklyn. me and al and carson. threw some axes and drank some beers. >> look forwardero the convsation. let's get to our top story. these nternight developme on the attacks on oil tankers in the middle east. we're now seeing video just as rele by the pentagon and the military saying this shows iran was involved. we'll start with richard engel in the reach. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. we've seen dangerous escalations in one of the most volatile o plac earth. and now it seems the administration is trying to prove its case against iran.
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first publicly blaming iran for these attacks. then the military releasing this could dinary video which be the most damning eviden yet. the u.s. military released this footage which shows iranian sailors removing an unexploded main from the side of one of tankers after it was attacked. th images taken by air seem to show the iranians recovering some sort of device and then leaving.e it could b proof that iran ywas trying to hide its tracks. the japanese owner of one of the tankers says he crew also a spottedn iranian naval vessel in the are before the attacks began although he says the kind of weapons used remains unclear. the crew is saying the tanker was hit by a flying object, the owner said. secretary of state pompeo didn't parse his words when blaming iran for unprovoked attacks.
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>> it is the assessment of the united states governmant that ir is responsible for the attacks that occurred in the gulf ofma i today. >> reporter: the tankers crewed had to abandonship. about half were take and board the navy's uss bainbridge. the others were taken to iran. iran denies any the attacks.n the iranian foreign minister in a tweets thirning suggesting iran's enemies including saudi arabia, the uae, and israel are trying to frame iran. it's the same line iran took after four tankers were attacked not far ay last month. apparently byti magnecally attached mines. u.s. officials said iran was almost certainly responsible for those attacks too. the question remaining, of course, is why. why would iran attack unarmed ships in the persian the trump administration has increased sanctions on iran to
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the point that iran's economy is truly suffering. na oil ast we spoke to said theio sanctns may have been too harsh backing iran into a corner. but iran says it has nothing to do with these attacks. >> all right. thank you. let's turn to national security analyst jeremy bash who was chief of staff both at the defense department and cia. goodorning to you. >> hey, savannah. zblex pla >> explain to our viewers why this could be a big deal. these aren't american flag ships. why a is this big deal? >> this is a combustible mix. we have commercial vessels transiting a narrow area. the same area where american ships operate and our own navy operates. this, in fact, is a second front war that iran has opened against their gulf adversaries. this is an effort at knave terrorism. their effort to really choke off the commercial lifeline between
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those gulf arab countreies and thest of the world. it's dangerous because if any of those mines or attacks get aimed at american ships and an american ship ets hit, we could see the situation totally escalate and we could be at war. >> jeremy, the evidence here, the video that was jus put out, those images they just put out as well. open and shut case here or do you want to see and hear more? >> i think it's pretty compevling. i've ner seen video like that of a state coverin up attack. but in some ways this administration doesn't have strong credibility in the region in the eyes of the world. and they will do well to lay bare all of the evidence they have that iran was behind ts attack as well as the recent attacks in the gulf. >> real quickly, first of all, why would the iranians or whomever in those boats be so obvious about it? andsecondly, how in any way do you think the u.s. should
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respond? >> first, they're not as good as they think they are. they probably didn't realize we had a camera trained on that ship. and second, how we should respond. we need to send a forceful message if iran attacks other vessels, there should be consequences. there should be a emergency session and the entire world needs to condemn this activity immediately. >> jeremy bash, nbc news security analyst. thank you. also this morning, the president is searching for his next white house press secretary after the surprise announcement that sarah huckabee sanders will be stepping down at the end of the month. peter alexander has more on that. >> reporter: good morning to you. president trump today celebrating his 73rd birthdath while at same time saying good-bye to sarah sanders. one of his most trusted, most loyalid confts. she's moving back to arkansas and the president is urging her to run for governor there that out.snts ruling here as press secretary bb sanders oversaw a disappear iin
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tradition. sara sarndeh sanders stepping am the mic. >> i'll try not to get emotional ecause i know that crying can rke us look weak sometimes, right? orter: the president announcing sanders' departure later this month after nearly two years as white house press secretary. >> she's done an incredible job. we've been through a lot together and she's tough. odbut she's go you know, you also have tough and bad, right? >> reporter: sanders, the face of an admintration known for clashing with the press. >> the media cants to ratchet up the verbal assault againstpr th ident and everyone in this administration. >> reporter: notably coming under fire after she made this statement about the president firing former fbi director james comey. >> i've heard from countless members of the fbi that are grateful and thankful for the president's decision. >> reporter: askedbout tha statement by robert mueller'sam te she said tafs slip of the tongue and she had no evidence.
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what's next for sanders? >> i'm a mom. i have thr amazing kids and i'm going to spend a little more time with them. in the meantime, i'm going to continue to be one of the most outspoken and loyal supporters of the president and his agenda. >> reporter: meanwhile this morning, democrats zeroingn on president trump. ing russia m of givie in and other foreign governments the green light to interfere in next year's election. >> the president gave us once again evidence that he ds not know right from wrong. >> that's just dangerous, appalling, unethical, unpatriotic, you name it. >> reporter: that after this stunning statement from the w presidentn asked by abc news whether he'd accept information from foreign powers about his 2020 opponent or call the fbi. >> i think maybe you do both. i think youight want to listen. there's nothing wrong with listening. it's not an interference. they have information. i think i'd take .
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i thought there was something wrong, i'd go maybe to the fbi. >> reporter: the head of the federal election commission whicor is responsible campaign finance laws tweeting out a statement writing, let me make something 100% clear to the american public and anyone running for public office. it is illegal forer any pn to solicit, accept, or receive anything of value from a foreign national in connection wh a u.s. election. adding, this is not a novel concept. would of that, she said i not have thought i needed to say this. a top democratic senator mark warner attempted to pass a bill that would make it illegal for campaigns not to report offers of foreign assistance to the bi. but thatl failed to pass yesterday when a single republican senator marsha blackburn objected claiming the proposal would be too much of a burden on campaigns. >> all right. peter exander, thank you. meanwhile, the democratic national committee has now named the 20 candidates who will take part in the first primary debats
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later thi month in miami. >> there they are. the candidates qualify based on polling and fund raising targets set by the democratic party. right now joe biden and bernie sanders and elizabeth warren polling the highest. tyou can see full list of participants at >> that debate is taking place over two nights live from miami florida here on nbc as well as nbc and telemundo. savannah will be one of the moderators. now let's turn to an nbc news a one-on-one with anita hill. it has been nearly 30 years now since she was thrust into the spotlight with sexual harassment accusations against then-supreme court nominee clarence thomas. well, n hill ispeaking out about the man who led that infamous hearing and l noweads the democratic presidential field, joe biden. here's andrea mitchell.
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>> reporter: anita hill in her first television interview since joe biden entered the race. raising uncomfortable questions out the way he chaired the clarence thomas hearing nearly three decades ago. you've said that the me too movement was dayed for decades probably by the thomas hearings in 1991. y do think joe biden changed the course of history? >> i think that in totality, the hearing changed the course of history. and in some ways, it brought the issue forward. but in owaer , the way the hearings were conducted set us back. because it became the model other people followed. >> reporter: biden apologized last spring before announcing his candidacy and she does not think the thomas confirmation should rule him out. >> i don't think it has disqualified him. he's a perfectly capable candidate for president. >> reporter:sor doe she equate
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it with donald trump. >> absolutely not. i never intended to say that. i'm not even sure anything i'v said has actually hurt joe biden's campaign. he is still leading in the polls. >> reporter: could you conceive of voting for joe biden if he turns out to be the democratic nominee ag nst donald trump? >> of course i could. ecently hill more ruz frustrated by the brett kavanaugh hearings. women now on the panel but some things have not changed. did you identify with christine blasey ford? >> i did identify with her. because it was still that intense pressure from this group miof panelists on the comee who really didn't seem to understand the issue of sexual harassment at all. >> reporter: have you had any contact with her? >> i have, actually. >> reporter: her message for other women -- >> i can say i really am a survivor. what i would like is for more people who experience it to be the same kind of survivor. >> reporter: andrea mitchell,
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nbc news. >> when reached for comment, biden's campaign said the have nothing to add. biden closed that hearing without allowing hl toall two witnesses. meanwhile, clarence thomas is now the longest serving justice on the cous and say he has no plans to retire soon. we turn now to charges against cubar. gooding he's accused of groping a woman at a new york city bar. blaine ander has more on that.g >> good morn to you. the longtime hollywood star is used to walking in front of cameras. but on thursday he did ithile wearing handcuffs after turning himself in. and this morning the actor is insisting that he is innocent and he plans to pre it. this morningoscar-winning actor cuba gooding jr. is fighting to clear his name. gooding turned himself into police after an unidentified woman accus him of groping her in this new york city bar on sunday. >> what do you say to your fans?
7:15 am
>> love >> reporter: the 51-year-old actor surrounded by officers and led away in handcuffs. later in court pleading not guilty to charges of sexual abuse and forcible touches, a mir.emeanor. >> gooding has not acted inappropriately in any shape or form. tmz says thi cell phone video shows gooding at the bar that night mingling with guests and taking selfies. but his attorney says surveillance video will clear his client's name. >> nothing in the video could even be considered ambiguous. and i frankly am shocked and horrified that this case is being prosecuted. >> reporter: earlier this week before boarding a flight from l.a. to new york, gooding insisted he did nothing wrong. >> flat out, are you guilty of -- >> oh, absolutely not. >> reporter: but soon after the first allegation, another one. a second woman coming forward
7:16 am
saying gooding groped her, too, back in 2008 >> s ike to him. he has no knowledge of it. >> show me the money! >> reporter: gooding earnedn oscar for his performance alongside tom cruise is 'jerry maguire." his breakout roll landed him on the hollywood a-list. but this morning it's gooding's lawyer who is doing the talking. urging prosecutors to drop the charges. >> we're confident that they'll see that her statement is not accurate and that the case will certainly be dismisse y >> reporter:terday gooding let his lawyer do most of the talking. after his court appearance when they asked if he had anything to say, he said get well big papi referring to david ortiz who is recovering from a gunshot wound. he was released without bail and on june court date is 267th. >> all right.
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thank you very much. we'll tur g no a first check of the weather. >> good morning, guys. thank you for getting your first national weather fromus. we're looking at showers moving ofor tashef et severe weather getting ready to fire in the mid-plains. in fact, as we look into today and this evening, from texas all e've got nto kansas, hail possible, damaging winds. not really much tornado activity. et as we mov into tomorrow afternoon, we continue with a wide swath of weather possible. that moves in through sunday. the trnt threat very low, but we're looking at some severe weather. the way we look today. storms stret iing froma into new york. as we move into sunday, more showers and thunderstorms. a dam day for dads in new england on sunday. here's what we're expecting. heavier showers making their way all the way into the northeast. but in the ohio river valley, we could see upwards of 4 inches of
7:18 am
grain. we'll to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. i'm meteorologist lauren richts. we are looking at a cool and breezy morning. temperatures in the 50s and60 l . so you may need to light jacket especially if you're taking that dog for a walk or dropping kids off for what could be the last day of school. 78 the hightoday. low humidity out there. once the kids get out of school or if they're out of school already, a poo day.
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temperatures below normal in mid to upper 70s. and that's your latest weather. did you stay up last night? >> i did. i missed a heck of a game and so did you if you didn't catch it. new cions in the nba this morning. the raptors dethroning the warriors last night in dramatic fariion. a histo victory for the raptors pulling out a 113 110 win over the golden state warriors. game six to win the series 4-2. clin clinching their first-ever nba championship inshe franchise' history. and the first-ever nba title for a canadian team. >> there's a new nba champion ron t's a team from kor toe, canada. >> reporter: the raptors got ahead fast. knocking down six ofen
7:20 am
warriors, refusing to go down without a fight. he team lost one of its stars kevin durant who ruptured his achilles. last night they also lost klay thompson. >> and a >> reporter: a dropping 30 points, thompson goes up for a dunk, then comes down with a knee injury. a torn acl. but that didn't stop him from limping back onto the court and making two free throws before heading back to the locker room and eventually leaving the ana on crutches. the moment instantly going viral. espn's rachel nichols tweeting, i cannot explain the volume of that building when klay out on his own power. lowry getting a clutch fadeaway over steph curry. with no time-outs left, the raptors taking the championship. raptors fans taking to the streets in celebration singing their national anthem "o canada"
7:21 am
while drake theor tto superfan not only celebrating the team's victory but also getting a congratulatory phone call from steph curry. the warriors' two-time mvp. that call caught on camera. >> congrats, bro. tough one. >> i know. i know. i know. >> enjoy it, man. it's big time for you, the whole city. y'all deserve it, man. congrats. >> the that's the kind oac clas curry is. >> also he's got drake on his cell phone. no one is happier than your 5-year-old boy, right. >> he loves the dinosaur. >> the latest he ever stayed up last night. he watched his raptors win it. so congrats, raptors. coming up, actress jessica biel caught up in a heated conversation over vaccines in
7:22 am
this country. the personal reason she now lobbied against a new bill in california. then on nbc news exclusive. lester holt sitting down with the war vete n who pulled out of the mayor's race with his message on ptsd. first this is "today" on nbc. - you're hear ng to moose creek
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7:26ou is yr time now on this friday, je 14th, 2019. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. today is the last day of sool for students in d.c. go to the nbc washington app and things tmmer to find do in the region with the kids. on new informati concerning the ndi-270 a beltway expansion. pl our partners say the tolles are intended for i-270 between hee beltway and i-370. now let's your commute. >> outer loop of the beltway at leiversity boulevard, earlier crash has ced out of the way. you can see some delays there on the outer loop. westbound constitutionve ae at
7:27 am
3rd street northwest, some lanes blocked by a crash. there are some injuries here. could be a little while before that completely gets out of the way. and manassas, follow police direction around tcrash. we did have 29 shut down for some time. >> all right. thank you. ater on news4, many local families live paycheck to paycheck. tonight harris' heroes, we'll tell you about an organization that helps those family. >> they do itll without taking any credit. that story tonight on news4 at 5:00. we'll take a break. your forecast is next.
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not going to be too bad out there today. a little on the breezy side but gorgeous out there. ew, dry and nic tomorrow. we do have some rain as we get into our sunday of course for father's day. increasing chances of rain after lunchtime. but better chance of some storms later on in the day.
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daily chances of rain all next and it's going to be h humid sunday through thursday. >> thanks. another local news update in another 25 minutes. >> for now back to the "today" show after this short break. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ 7:30 now on a friday morning. june 14th, 2019. andnt ladies and men, it is flag day, in case you didn't know. rockefeller plaza decked out for the occasion. >> nice to have a crowd out on our plaza as well. let's get to the headlines of the morning. new details on the tankers hit in the middle americ officials tell nbc thisho video sws iranian sailors removing an unexplode mine from the side of one of the tankers after it was attacked. they feel this was proof they wase traying to hid their tracks. one of the crews also saw it
7:31 am
after the attack began. iran denies any involvement in the attacks. cu prors investigating the water contamination crisis in flint, michigan, have dropped all charges against eightme gove officials including the former head of the state health department. officials say a more thorough investigation was needed before they could proceed we the case. flint switched the drinking water supply to flint river in a move to save money. that resulted to a spike in lead levels for the city of 100,000 residents. days of record rainfall led to terfying moments in southeast china yesterday. take a look as the deluge of mud and tre comes cascadining down the hillside. look at that. one man still unaccounted for this morning. rescue crews and heavy equipment were called in to search for possible survivors. also this morning, actress jessica biel defending herself following an appearance to lobby
7:32 am
ainst a bill that would limit exemptions to mandatory evacuations. stephanie gosk is here with more. >> good morning. this bill comes amid the country's largest measles outbreak. 52 of the cases in california. according to the cdc, the majority of them were unvaccated. actress jessica biel is adding her voiceo t the story. now the actress is clarifying her position on vaccinations and explaining her personal .onnection to that controversial it all started with this post. robert f. kennedy jr., an anti-vaccination activist seen here with jessica biel at the state capitol in vesacramento o tuesday. thanking biel for a busy and productive day. the unlikely lairbied members of the state alembly to reconsider bill276.
7:33 am
if passed, the bill would make it more difficult for doctors to grant exemptions to california's immunization requirements giving thetate greater oversight. online, near instant backlash against 37-year-old biel. the actress is mom to 4-year-o son silas with husband pop superstar justin timberlake. >> what you have to do for your kid, it's an amazing responsibility and the biggest joy ever. >> reporter: biel now responding to those calling her an anti-vaxer on her social media account writing, i'm not against vaccinations. i support children getting vaccinations and i also support fami having the right to make educated medical decisions for their children alongside their my dearest friends have a child with a medical condition that warrants an exemption from vaccinations. should this bill pass, it would greatly affect their family's t ability care for their child in this state. i believe in giving doctors and the families they treat the ability to decide what'sirest pr t patients and the
7:34 am
ability torovide that treatment. california currently required childhood immunizations in order to attendva public and pri schools. but recent questions about whether doctors are doing so too frequently and for profit is the driving force behind the bill. >> we know that there unfortunately are physicians who are basically selling inappropriate medical ns exemptio >> reporter: under the new law, the department of health would decide whether underlying conditions meet cdc guidelines before allowing those exemptions. >> we need to be sure medical exemptions are there for kids who really need them. >> reporter: it's a pubc alth debate with consequences stretching from sacramento to hollywood.nd beyo >> i mean, here's the biel is just one of several celebrities here recently who has really drawn a fair amount of criticism over their stances on vaccinations, right? >> yeah. they got into the fight. jenny mccarthy comes to mind. she has suggested manyer times h
7:35 am
son's autism was the result of a vaccination. robert de niroub pshed a documentary about risks with vaccinations. and the cdc very clearly states that vaccinations do not cause autism. >> thank you very much. let's go over to al and get a check of the weather. >> all right. well, we've got temperatures that are still a little on the chilly sideere in the east. but they will start to regulate over the next several days. albany, 68 degreesor a high today. nashville only 82. 4 degrees cooler than usual. st. louis at 80. then ant we move i tomorrow, look how chilly it's going to be in chicago. only 77. 75 in minneapolis. buffalo, 71. as we get into the beginning of next week, we'reoong at temperatures back to normal. upper 70s in cleveland. richmond in the low 90s. dallas int the low to mid-80s. and then as we look at the rest of the country today, drying out in the eastve storms in the mid-plains.
7:36 am
and the heat continues in the southwest. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's hapning in your neck of the woods. >> there's temperatures out there in the low 60s and 50s. plus we've g a little bit of a breeze. so it's pretty cool out there to start. maybe need a light jacket but you can shed it by this afternoon. temperatures in the mid to u 70s by this afternoon. average temrature this time of year in the low to mid-80s. besides the blue 'sskies, there going to be wind gusting up toho 30 miles an . chances of rain return on fathy.'s da we'll have them around for mondaynd tuesday as well. >> that's your latest weathe all right. still ahead here, what had kim kardashian west taking center stage at the white house yet again? plus al, craig, and carson throw caution to the wind and axes at a target for their annual father's day adventure. ao ahead, madonna opening up to harry smith in an clusive about mother hood, music, that eye patch, and more.
7:37 am
and come up next, a war veteran speaking candidly about putting his political career on hold to seek treatme forptsd. his emotional conversation with lester holt. it's an exclusive ri.lester hol. it's an exclusive right after it's an exclusive right after this.
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7:42 am
star and veteran took people by surprise when he dropped out of syor racefering from ptsd. nowe's opening up more in his first interview since that announcement with lester holt. >> reporter: jason candor's mayoral campaign didn't end with a win or a loss but a breakdown in thekitchen. was there a moment saying i got to get out of this race? >> yeah. it was in the kitchen and me crying pretty uncontrollably. i wasn't crying because i had to get out of the mayor's race. it was just the realization, oh, i got wounded over there. >> reporter: over tre was afghanistan 12 years ago where he served as an army intelligence officer. those wounds psychological. >> i went almost 12ears without a good night's sleep. violent nightmares. i'd get up in the middl of the night and patrol my house because i was convinced someone was trying to get in. >> reporter: though he often
7:43 am
traveled off base into unpredictable situations, he didn't see action. >> it was a big part of why i wod explain that that can't possibly be what it is. i never wanted to claim something that wasn't mine. i never wanted to act like i had done more than i d. >> reporter: last fall candor was poised to become kansas city's next mayor when he put li over bition. dropping out of the race and getting help. at was going on with you? i mean, were you having suicidal thoughts? >> yeah, i was. and a big part of why i made the announcement ise made was they'd gotten worse than ever. i know the statistics of how many go, and i didn't want to leave my and kids alone. >> reporter: he sought treatment at his local va. it's been eight months since you shocked people with your announcement. how are you doing? >> i get that a t.lo
7:44 am
appreciate it. i'm doing a lot better. >> reporter: like many veterans candor signed up after 9/11 supported by his wife who would eventually realize ptsd can be contagio contagious. we think of ptsd is one person suffers, his issue. really your issue as well. >> if you live with somebody with ptsd, you cannot help but be affected by it. >> reporter: together they made the decision t speak out. >> the real, you know, big moment for me was when i would find out about how manyore folks started going to the va for mental health treatment, for instance. that felt like the most important thing i'd ever done. still does. >> reporter: for candor, politics remains on hold. he has exaly what hwants. >> i'm getting to make up for lost time being a dad. trying to be a superdad. we have a t-ball game on saturday. i'm the coach. it was just something i never though i was going to have the chance to do.
7:45 am
that's the stuff that i'm really excited about.o >> good t hear from him. i mean, it was a shock a person a lotho of people tht was going to be this political star made this big decision. i think it will help a lot of people who suffered in silence. can you imagine 12 years of nightmares and finally saying at the moment it seems least convenient to do so, i've got to do something for myself. >> he also wanted to encourage folks out there not to ignore the feeling. go get help. oming up, new music overnight from two of the biggest names in music. taylor swift and the boss himsf. carson's going to give us a taste in pop start. but first, these messages. i have heart disease, watch what i eat,ke statins, but still struggle to lower my ldl bad cholesterol. which means a heart attack or stroke. rncould strike without waing, pulling me away from everything that matters most. (siren) because with high bad cholesterol,
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7:51 am
well. >> plus harry smith going nna.on-one with ma getting honest about her music, how it's changed. and her role as a mother. but first a check of your local news and weather. every day, visionaries are creating the future. ♪ so, every day, we put our latest technology d unrivaled network to wk. ♪ the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliries to homes than anyone else in the country. ♪ because the future only happens with people who really know how to deliver it. who used expedia to book the vacation rental
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7:56 is your time now on this friday, june 14th, 2019. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. today is the last day of school for students at gc, prince georges, and montgomery county schools. many districts will offer free school lunch programs for qualifying families. now let's check on your commute. >> good morning. chevy chase blocked by an accident there. constitution ou between 1st and 3rd. follow police direction at that crash. we have an accident with some injuriesnd a fairfax between blake lane and fairfax circle, all lanes blocked at that new problem. >> thank you. we'll take break n and check your forecast when we come back. stay with us.
7:57 am
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i'm storm team 4t meteorologis lauryn ricketts. we're looking at a beautiful day out there today. sunshine and low humidity. next chance of rain not until
7:59 am
sunday. then we're unsettled all the way through next week with daily chances of rain. also it's going to be warm and humid next week. current temperatures out there on the cool side. and we've got a little bit of a breeze. that's going to be our main day.y for this flag also below normal temperatures. agt n, plenty of sunshine. gusts u to 30 miles an hour. tomorrow a little warmer and then near 90 on father's day. again with increasing chances of rain, likely have some storms on sunday night. then we'll have daily chances oy rain mainl in the afternoon hours. monday all the way through next saturday. and it's humid next week as well. >> tnk you. another local news update in 25 minutes. "today" showto the after this short break. have a great day.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, rising tensions. the u.s. military releasing new video overnight. they say proves iran was involved in the attack on the two tankers in t middle east. iran denying any involvement. what happens next? plus right on target. craig, al, and carson let off some steam. their honest conversation about therhood coming up. >> think about what world -- what their world's going to be like when they're in college or when they're young adults. and i get a lot more worried. plus, madam x marks the spot. harry smith catching up with
8:01 am
madonna ahead of her albu a >> how you? >> i'm good. yeah. i'm anxiously awaiting the release of my record. yeah. i've got butterflies in my stomach. >> the pop icon talking about music, motherhood, and a"t," ju. ♪ >> teachers on summer break from northwest iowa! >> celebrating her birthday! >> we miss you! ♪ >> here from newmexico. >> celebrating 12 years of marriage. >> sending love to my dad in afghanistan. ♪ >> great messages o support heading out today from our plaza and beyond. thank you so much for being with us on a nice sunny day out here. >> good crowd. you don't have to stand there though.
8:02 am
we'd love for you to, but you can be part of our virtual group. just share a video on twitter, instagram, and use #m fodayplaza. weind it, pluck it, and put you on tv. get to this the pentagon has released what they say is evidence iran attacked the tankers in the middle east. they already boosted forces to keep iran in check and things are escalating now. we get the latest from richard engel who is in the region. hey, richard. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. these are dangerous escalations in one of the most volatile waterways in the world. first mike pompeo accused iran publicly of attacking two oil tankers in the persian gulf. iran, of course,enies this. and then overnigh the military releasing this extraordinary video which it says shows iranian sailors in a vessel going up to one of those attacked oil tankers and
8:03 am
removing an unexploded mine. and then t trying get away. apparently according to military officials, it shows iran trying to cover up its involvement ina the attk on the two tankers. iran says it wasn't involved a l and accuses its enemies in particular saudi arabia, the uae, and israel ofto trying frame iran and set it up and inflame tensions in the region. all right. richard engel, thank you. white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders is stepping down after two years in that role. she became known for her frequent attacks on the news media and her fierce deference of her boss. >> i've loved every minute even the hard minutes. i have loved it. i love the president. going ers says she is home to arkansas the end of the month to spend more time with her three children. president trump urged her to run for governor of that state. a job hernc father o had.
8:04 am
kim kardashian has been using her fame to call attention to injustices in t criminal justice system. she returned to the white house yesterday to unveil her latest initiative. joe fryer is in los angeles with this story for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. kim kardashian is no stranger to cameras and high profile anno tcements. thise she's talking about a new program to help prisoners get jobs once released. it's the latest project for a celebrity who m hase prison reform her cause. >> kim kardashian west. >> reporter:hese days it can be hard keeping up with this kardashian. >> it really is such an honor to be rhere. >>orter: kim kardashian west at the white house promoting her latest passion project. a ride share program to help former prisoners get to job interviews. >> these people want to work. they want thet bes outcome. and i'm so hpy to be here today amongst people that want the same thing. >> reporter: it's part of the reality star's promise last year
8:05 am
to help get justiceor the wrongly accused and to help reform our nation's prisons. >> to get the president's report and to see it come to fruitn was magic. >> reporter: in april, kardashian revealed she's studying to be a wyla. last year she helped a woman in prison for more than two decades on a non-violent drug charde. the presint commuted her sentence. kim delivered the news. >> oh, my gosh, alice. you're out. >> reporter: hoda spoke with the pair o d the they met face-to-face for the first >> it became this mission that i just didn't want to giv up. >> how do you even begin to say thank you? >> i was thinking. like, how? thank you is not big enough. >> reporter: since then kardashian has beenking with the buried alive project helping to release 17 prisoners in the
8:06 am
last 13 months. cooper was convicted in 1983 of murdering four people including two children. kardashian tweeting, i believe he is innocent. >> guys, i amdi hea to the white house. >> repter: her latest prison reform push juxtaposed with beauty product demos on her social media. the reality star turned entrepreneur turned law student. the ride share program will provide lyft cards, gift cards to form eerne priso so they can get to job interviews, work, and family visits. it's a simple way of keeping communities se while giving form eer felons an opportunity improvheir lives. >> all right. joe fryer, thanks. southwest airlines is extending its boeing 737 max flight cancellations through labor day. that's a month longer than originally planned. it followsim a sar move by american airlines. the jets were grounded worldwide in march after two deadly crashes overseas.
8:07 am
sohwest says 34 of those anes, more than any other carrier. boeingas yet to submit thewa sore fix to the faa for approval. let's get the boost of the morning. this kindergarten maestro no doubt once waving her baton. ♪ i mean, that's just wamazing. wholdn't be inspired by that? >> also,hat baton is like three times as long as the average. much more ahead on this friday morning including tom hanks having some fun with what she and is not allowed to reveal about toy story >> and then the dads of "today" sharing an annual father's day adventure. this time axes, huh? >> there it .
8:08 am
>> i'm done now. i'm done. i'm done. >> that was great. >> didn't see that. >> it's impressive. >> and they have a good conversati about being dads too. but first these messages. ne a lot will happen in your life. wrinkles just won't. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair'sno derm-proven reti works so fast, it takes only one week to reveal younger looking skin.
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if you have an allergic reaction, a lump or swelling in your neck, or severe stomach pain. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. taking trulicity with a sulfonylurea or insulin increases low blood sugar risk. side effects inc, de nausea, diarrhmiting, belly pain and decreased appetite, which lead to dehydration and may worsen kidney problems. i have it within me to lower my a1c. ask your doctor about trulicity. we're we're back this morning with "today's" dads. father's days on nday. it just so happens we have a great group of fathers right here. al, craig, and carson got togeser. you guy headed over to brooklyn. you had, like, a daddy bonding ax activity. i've beenou meaning to ax about it. >> that's like roker. >> dad humor. >> good pun. >> thank you. >> for puny. >> aside from chopping down christmas trees, none of us
8:12 am
really know our way around an ax. we figure if lumber jacks can do it, why not us? so we travel t the land of hipsters to test our medal against i guess ourselves really. >> all right. >> niceay for a drive. >> beautiful. >> over the years our annual father's day outing has become a tradition. >> welcome to the roker express, boys. >> you got gas? >> well, we've got fuel. >> and this year's adventure is about to kick some serious ax. we decided t o tryne of the hottest trend sweeping the country. ax throwing. >> who comes up with this? >> roker. >> people trying to kill us. >> and we're off in our best plaid down theighway and over the bridge to brooklyn's kick ax throwing. ♪ >> it's so nice to meet you.
8:13 am
>> hi. >> ginger, though owner o kick ax assigned us axpert tony for safety reasons. >> you're going t bring that ax back and right there. >> no way i'm going to be able to do that. >> i'm frightened now. >> then ait was o to the ranges. >> what the hell are you doing? >> i found a bar. you want some beers? >> don't stop a guy in the middle -- >> there you go, buddy. >> attaboy! >> let's go! this is more fun than fortnite. >> oh. oh. >> edit that out. >> oh. >> dude, you started so strong. >> this is embarrassing. >> oh, fantastic! you got a bullseye. oh, it didn't stay. can you stop the hecklers in the back? >> yeah. that's almost on the target! >> there it is. >> oh!
8:14 am
>> i'm going to stop. i'm done. i'm done. >> for lindsey. >> i'm going to retire >> wow. >> that was great. >> that's probably the most masculine thing i've done this year. >> hey! >> that is a bullseye! >> he's been practicing. >> al roker. >> who knew? >> i'll ax you again. >> nothing he can't do. >> after the exciting was time for some real talk over beers and barbecue. >> what's theest thing about fatherhood? >> i always say god gave me two wonderful fathers. i got so muc love. i want to live up to m dad's reputation. >> for me right now, it's like watching their evolution. from a year or two ago, what my son and my daughter, whathey were abl to do, what they weren't ae to do. and then now. >> i've got one adult daughter.
8:15 am
i've got another daughter in college and a son who's in high school now. you're relating to them in a different way. i'm talking to courtney about housing situations. and work. leila about what she's going to do for internships. nick about swim teams and all this. they're their own peopleeyet the still your kids. >> one of the hardest things right now and this just started to happen, you know, 5, 2 1/2. even now you get the occasional kid who, like, pushes them or says something that mak them sad. and they come up to you, and they're like such and such hurt me or did this. and you want go over to the kid. that's hard -- >> i don't know. >> you come at mydaughter. >> i hear you. i look at my daughters. they're 4 and 6 right now. i think about what w wld --t their world's going to be like when they're in college, when they're young adults. worried. a lot more
8:16 am
>> you worry about your daughter getting her heartbroken. you're worried about people mistreating them. >> what about when boys come around? >> you do see -- yte immed start thinking, these guys are losers. they're not good enough. >> all of them. >> all of them. they're all i'm v fortunate. both of my daughters right now are with really terrific guys. but they're going to go through some not so great guys. you know? and they have to go through that. tough kind of just be the. et me ask one more question and we'll stop. we yave ang man where it's time for the talk. do you remember your father or parents giving you the? talk >> the talk, literally this is not anag exgeration. don't go get a girl pregnant and don't do any drugs. thatda it. >> my d had an analogy about a conveyor belt. we were listening to dodgers in the garage. he tried to make a whole -- you know when the -- you know, that kind of thing. he lost me.
8:17 am
i already knew anyway. >> i remember my dad -- >> did they have a talk back then. >> yeah, they did. >> i didn't know. >> back then. yeah back then, yes. >> hieroglyphicshieroglyphics? >> my dad took and showed me cave drawings that were really fantastic. he took me fishing. we were out in jamaica bay and he starts, you know, you're old enough now to talk about relationships with women. you're mature enough. i'm thinking, you know, we leave now we can still catch the flintstones. >> here's to fatherhood. >> happy father's day. >> that was a good time. >> it was eat. and the fact you wore that fantastic shirt. >> i knew you weren going to let that go. >> we were in casual. hi, muffy, this is what we wear in connecticut on the weekend. so good to see you. >> it was an afternoon of that. >> yeah. >> look at me.
8:18 am
i'm wearing jeans. >> it was not a plaid shirt. it was monogrammed with your initials. >> and they match my chinos. >> okay. okay. >> axes, i thought we were going to talk taxes. >> that is the 16th time i've heard that joke. >> webe rib him the whole time. by the way, thanks to the producer. she did a great job. >> she had to cut around a lot of inappropriate stuff. >> but it was fun. >> it was good. i loved listening to that conversation. >> edited >> but we talked more almost an hour. >> right. maybe they can but the ax-rated version. get it? >> on >> another big thanks, by the way, to kick ax throwg in brooklyn. why don't you get your ax upma d e do the -- ki say that. >> whoa! >> do the forecast. >> i knew ifou gave y enough time, you'd do that. craig's last show, it was
8:19 am
fantastic. we're going to miss him. oh, my gosh. anyway. i'll show you what's going on for today. we've got a little bit of moisture left over through ak canadag its way through the northeast. goronger storms will be firing o t he bnriupnging more tmi showers and thunderstorms. the heat continues through the southwest into texas. 90s and 100s. cooler across the great lakes and into new england. the southwest heat continues. severe storms in the mid-plains. strong storms in the northern plains. temperatures drying in the northeast. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> well, we've got some breezy conditions in our neck of the woods. also temperatures in the 50s and 60s may need the light jacket out there this morning. westerly winds at about 10 to 20 les an hour. we'll have potential gusts up to low humidity. 50s and 60s across the board right now. we are headed into the mid and upper 70s today. again, the winds will be our
8:20 am
main story. next chance ofain unfortunately comes on father's day. chance of rain into next week. es>> that's your lweather. oh, you're still here? >> for the segment. >> forcontinuity. exactly. >> i enjoyed working with you. >> the lawyers are workin give them a minute. first on pop start, taylor swift nreleasing a single "you need to calwn do" overnight. ♪ ain't trying to mess with your self-expression but i've got a lesso in stressing about obsessesut abo something else is no fun ♪ ♪ snakes and stones never broke my bones ♪ ♪ oh oh oh ♪ you need to calm down ♪ you're being too loud ♪ and i'm just oh oh oh ♪ you need to just stop ♪ like can you just not
8:21 am
♪ step on my gdn you n to calm down ♪ >> make it or break it? pump it or dump it? no? pump it? poppy, that's for sure. ift saying the official music video is going to be released shortly and it's worth the wait. the title of her new album is going to be called "lover." it comes out august 23rd. to go with that album, she's going to release a clothing line in connection with stella mccartney. she says it's going to be inspy the new album. >> craig was wearing the shirt from that. >> thiss going to go on all morning? all morning? >> no, no. it's done. >> it's a four-hour show too. >> up ewnext, music from bruce springsteen. releasing a new album today. "western stars." it his first new album in five years. he released a video for the title track. ♪ the western stars are shining bright again ♪
8:22 am
♪ the western stars are shing bright again ♪ ♪ them western stars are shining bright again ♪ >> yeah. >> so good. >> his music, it's almost like it's getting better somehow. so cinematee in fl too. that's "western stars." springsteen's 19o studi album. his first was 1973. ago.t 46 years my favorite will always be "dancing in the dark." it is. >> courteney cox's favorite song. >> never get tired of seeing that. >> my goal is to get on the motorcycle somehow.fu that's up next, kumail will be on ellen. he recalls meeting oprah at an
8:23 am
apple event. >> i come backstage. there's oprah. and when you see oprah, you're like -- you're not like, is that oep? ra? you're like, that's oprah. you know? you feel it.o andhe looked at me and she waved. and she walked over andhe was giving me a high ten. it's called the oprah. but as she's giving me the oprah. i go, hi, i'm kumail. she goes, i kn, honey. dhe touched my face and said i'm oprah. my wife has not been allow m to touch face since that. because i'm like, oprah touched this. i don't think you've earned it ct. >> y catch that full interview on ellen today. just check your local finally, tom hanks, he's been out promoting "toy story 4." he gives us an inside look on jimmy kimmel. you have to pay attention to
8:24 am
oigulations to avoid sprs. >> i don't want to ruin anything by talking about it. i feel maybe you've revealed things you shouldn't have. >> well,okay. okay. it's funny you mention that because i think i did. >> all right. >> i have these talking points that disney gives you at the beginning of the press junket thing. here's one thing we're not supposed to say. spoilers. here it is. spoilers/what to avoid. don't discuss woody -- >> okay. >> please don't share that --. >> that makes it worse. what happened to woody?>> hat's a good tease. >> i know. hanks went on to say that "toy story 4" is one of the best movies he's ever seen. >> that's high praise. >>e you got tim for a click? >> we do. let's take you to a scene in brentwood, califoia.or neighbopen their doors and saw anec unexpd scene there.
8:25 am
dozens of goats. this is two miles from where i grew up. goats in a loose in the streets. look at them all. >> where'd they come from? >> why, carson? >> goats were rented out to eat excessive vegetation. it helps protect against some of the california wildfires. it's like an alternate to putting down pesticides. acnk. re goats in toughaiur e ha>> jtoust a little bit. >> workers were able to gather the goats, bring them back to thede inten area to graze. >> it's crazy. >> do you have a pun? >> i have none all done. >> done encourage it. >> it's a bad neighborhood. >> okay. >> you are on fire today. >> you are officially a dad. >>okay. i might have cheated on that one. straight ahead, madam harry smith's conversation with music legend madonna. >> we're also going to head outside for the ultimate fath's day grilloff. carson versus roker. after your local news and weather.
8:26 am
8:26 is your time now on this friday, june 14th, 2019. good morning, everyone. i'm eun syang. let'srt with a check on the roads with melissa mollet and your first 4 traffic. >> good morning. we do have a lane blocked by a crash in rockville this morning. fairfa westbound 50, all lanes blocked because of an accident. as we look at the beltway, overall volumey looks prett good. outer loop as you're approaching georgia avenue,iny bitlow inbound on 395. and gw parkway outbound >> thank you. we'll take a break now and check your forecast next. stay with us.
8:27 am
8:28 am
♪ protect your pet with the #1 name in flea and tick protection. frontline plus. trusted by vets for ne. temperatures are in the 50s and 60s right now. we are looking at very nice conditions. a little cool out there. we also have that breeze out there coming out of the northwest at about 3 miles an hour. up to gusts up to 30ur miles an ho. 78 is going to be our daytime high today. low to mid-80s the norm this year. just a little below that normal high. plenty of sunshine out there today. enjoy the day. few more clouds for your father's day. definitely hot and humid on
8:29 am
father's day. temperatures are going to ound 90 degrees on father's day. after lunchtime, that's when chances of rain will increase. few showers and thunderstms late atnight. >> all right. thank you. for now back to th."today" show
8:30 am
>8:e are back. friday morning. the 14th of june. we've got a huge and happy crowd.xt ne friday, chainsmokers. live concert from them on the plaza next friday. we should a come back then. all come back.
8:31 am
>> i got lost. i got lost because we gathered this awesome crowd of dads on the plaza. they're with some of their kids too. we want to wish all of you a happy father's day. >> what's your name? >> rilan. >> and what's your dad's name? >> dny. >> yourign says i love my dad he takes me to gymnastics. >> yes. >> that's cool. would you like to sho us some moves? he said yes. >> be careful. >> wow. very nice. this is megan and this is your father jay. happy father's day. thank you, good morning. >> you said your dad tells the best dad jokes. >> he does. >> do you laugh out loud at them or laugh at him? >> no, i like his jokes. my mom doesn't. >> you want a sample? >> a bear walks in a restaurant and the waiter says what will you have and the bear says, i'll have a grilled cheese.
8:32 am
the waiter says why the pause. she says what do you think i'm a bear. >> i got it. >> that was a dad joke. >> you're speaking my language. i like it. >> i love it. >> megan -- >> that's bad joke paws. >> i'm team memon's thank you, jay. happy father's day. all the fathers out here, happy father's day. speaking of father's day, coming we've got a great grilling activity going on over there. we've got the grill dads in the house. they're going to turn one of my favorite meals, one of uncle al's favorite meals into a reality. >> i'm still laughing at that joke. that is plawesome. harry smith's exclusive interview with madame x otherwise known as maddonnmadon. >> first though, want to take a moment and share some excitneg on this friday before father's day. i'm going to join the fun with
8:33 am
our digital series team. we're calling itdad's got this. it's a new digital series. launches today. foses on dads who go the extra mile to be involved with their kids. the first episode, all about dance dads. >> i b amnt clark. my daughter mia has danced at southern strut for four years and i am fortunate to do the props for her and thestudio. >> so how many props would you estimate you've probably created? >> 20, 25 props? >> i am annio williams, lincoln's she h beenfo here four years. i'm in transportation, hair stylist, makeup ceartist. on this sets in, you spray it for the finishing touch and it >> you're like a makeup master. >> spoiler alert, it didn't go well when i tried dad's got this. we're going to have more on the third hour. >> perfect addition to that. let's get a checheof the weat >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by taet.
8:34 am
expect more, pay less. >> and let's show you what we've got as far as your weekend isnc coned. looking at father's day weekend. for tomorrow, it's going to stay hot out west. some severe storms aking their way through the central plains. wet weather through the great lakes. warm and dry along the east coast. and then for father's day we're expecting plenty of sunshine out west. you can see there, beautiful grandfather north carolina 73. bald head island, north carolina, it's going to be 87. trinidad, california, 60 degrees. dad's creek, oregon, 85. and carpenter, wyoming, it's aing to be some showers and a temperature ofut 70 degrees. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happenick in your ne of the woods. >> i'm meteorologist lauren ric ricketts and we e looking at a crisp morning but it's going to be a nice afternoon.
8:35 am
next chance of rain and humnoity coming back until sunday. then with that front, ri's going to b us rain for father's day. in fact, we've got an unseled ttern next week. wis will be the main story today gusting up to 30 miles an hour. mid to upper 70s. plenty of sunshine. little breezy out there but low humidity. that's your latest weather. >> thank you so much. coming up ne, harry smith tching up with madonna. why the legend says even she still gets butterflies over her music. but first this is "to on nbc. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
8:36 am
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8:38 am
"madame x." there was an "x." in case anyone just doesn't understand -- >> we didn't yesterday, to be honest. >> okay. here's more. how are you? >> i'm good. yeah. i'm anxiously awaiting the relee of my record. so i've got butterflies in my stomach. >> madonna, butterflies? madonna? so ifou actually have butterflies -- >> iteans i care. >> i understand. but what is the measure of success for this record for you? >> t messages that are in the songs, tha to a certain extent people understand them. and a inspired by them. ♪ >> her new albumpe ons with a joyful dance collaboration with ma lieu ma a colrbian sta with who madonna is smitten. >> we make beautiful music
8:39 am
together. >> can i make an observation? you have a patch on your eye. >> okay. yes, i do. >> and there's anx" on it. >> yes. >> madame x. s> t t'>> well,'m a reporter. i've done this for a long time. >> madame x is the title of her new recording. >> she's a spy. she's a secret agent. e travels the world. she changes her identity. >> from the moment the material girl first captured our attention, madonna has awed and shocked us, daring us not to pay attention. feels like to me you're on kind of a high wire. you're fierce and simultaneously vulnerab vulnerable. >> yes. of course. can both be in balance? >> i have my days where i feel
8:40 am
like a warrior and invincible and i have my day where is i feel like an open wound. because if you don't make yourselfln able, you can't channel creativity. right? ♪ >> as i was listening to some of the lyrics of the songs, i kept thinking to myself there's just this amazing defiance in you. that's been there from -- >> day one. >> ri >> yes. >> do you know where that comes from? >> i really don't know. it started when i was a child. yeah. came from the water in bay city, michigan. i don't know. it came from not wanting to be provincial and pedestrian. ♪ my nature was to question everything. why. why do the boys have no rules
8:41 am
and the girls have a curfew. ou know, just everything was a big why. >> is there m aoment when your creative juices aren't urning? >> no. because even being a mother requires creativity. yeah. even making the bed requires creativity. >> how has having six children formed your life? >> it's reminded me how precious time is. and how each child requires attention and vigilance and guidance in a different way. and the more kids you have, the better you get at being a parent. >>ally? >> definitely. of course. it's like with everything. the more songs i write, the
8:42 am
better i get as a song writer. >> does that mean you need to haveome more kids? >> n right this second. but never say never. >> do you know how much you mean to people? >> no. that part i don't know. and i'm sure people are conflicted about the way they feel about me. because i think i push a lot of buttons. i mean, everything --ytbsolutely evng is a paradox. i hope that comes through in my record also. i mean, t pt'stty much a theme in a lot of the songs. especially extreme oxidants. when i say i guessing i'm lost. the thing that hurt me most was that i wasn't lost. i mean, that says it gall. at to see you. madame.
8:43 am
>> mr. x. >> to her madame. >> what is your history with madonna? >> we lived in the same building for a long time. we have whatever that is. >> nghbor thing. ui we have a neighbor thing. and actually q frankly, at one point i said i regret never asking you over for a cup of coffee. and she says, yeah, what's wrong with you. and i say, well, you didn't ask me ove either. >> there's that. >> she says, well, we must get together and have a glass of rose and a licorice cigarette on the balcony. >> was that her talking or madame x? >> that's a good question. h i maye been tricked. yeah. because she's a spy. >> was she a wild neighbor? parties? >> this goes all the way backyso sean penn wake up every morning and there are 30 camera guys across theet stre it was that time. that was a time. >> you wer the wild one. >> that was for you, harry. you and andrea.
8:44 am
>> butn the other hahi, song -- listen to this song. this song is -- right? ♪ like, i've heard this. this is one of the songs from the album. and it just --ik >> you le it? >> she's done anng amazi job being able to stay relevant as music trends change throughout the decades. saw an image of her with quavo who is a very now artist. >> and this is maluma from colombia. they're in harmonies in sections. it's a terrific song. >> world music. >> i would say. >> perfect for a licorice ciga >> exactly right. >> fascinating conversation. >> it's really cool. this is such a friday segment. you know? >> just another day at the office for me. >> yeah. harry, thank you so much. >> very trl. very nice. >> you can see the full interviewt up next, we're going to grill with the grill dads. and they've put together al and carson's dream menu for this
8:45 am
father's day weekend. but first, this is "today." r's weekend. first, this is "today" on nbc. first, this is "today" on nbc. do let's do it. when you get the diagnosis of cancer you don't know how you're going to handle it. you really don't know what's coming down the road for you. i was diagnosed with stage 4 oral cancer the doctors at g w hospital were fantastic. they were willing to advocate for an alternative treatment that had better oues for me. a better life over a longer term with fewer side effects. i want to y thank you for getting me through cancer treatment and back to living my life. for life's defining moments the george washington university hospital defining medicine.
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8:47 am
. >> and we are back with more of a special look ahead to father's day.fa joined by our rite pair of grill masters. the grill dads. mark and shay. carsonnd al pitched their favorite meals to these guys. we've got al with mark. we'v got carson over here. i'll be one of the taste testers. you guys ready over there? >> ready. >> we're going to do some taste testing. >> all right. let's start with the pork chops. everyone's had a dry pork chop. >> oh,ah ye >> no good. we're going to do a couple things to fix that. the first is the brine. the brine is going to give you three things. it's going to infuse flavor, help with tenderness and keep it moist while cooking. so we've got ter.
8:48 am
salt. brown sugar. here comes the flavor. pepper, garlic,, sage and bay leaf. you bring that up until the water is warm enough tss ve the sugar. now, you want to use a pan to get these fully submerged. eight hours overnigh in the fridge. now is the second part. revers sere. we cook them low and slow. until they're almost done. then you sere them. we're going to start by putting these in the pellet smoker over here. 250 degrees. >> if you've got a regular grill, just indirect zone. >> get it down to 250 degrees. these don't want to come off. i'm just going put them onow >> just thr them in there. then those are the ones there. >> so you're going to want those to come up to 130 degrees. these here are smoked but they're not quite finished. we have butter in here.oi we're g to get a little more
8:49 am
flavor.o we're going tdo garlic and sage. >> the sag and rosemary and thyme. >> speaking of time. >> you deserve each other. >> eventually you're going to serve them up. >> you want a little bit of color. >> that is not my mother's pork chop. that isgreat. >> thank you. >> all right. let's go to town. >> here's what we're going to do. we're going to do a southwestern hanger steak salad. your father's day treat. super simple. what we're going to dos make this dry rub. lime zest, san chancho is chilit a flavors. g you'reng to put it on a hot grill. so we're going to dry rub this. >> how do you like the hanger cut. >> the butcher's cut. mark, come here, i can show you exactly where -- sorry. anyway, we love this cut of meat. it's actually a lot of times a
8:50 am
harder cut to find. stop it. but it's great. we're going to put this right on our hole grill just like that. and we're going to bruj -- >> you just rub it and grill it. >> just needs to be room temperature. let it come up a little bit. we're going to brush some ve tables. less is more in this case. olive oil, sea salt. throw them on the grill just like that. >> all tse veggies cook at the same time. >> at the same time. you want the steak to get to 130 degrees. cu it against the grain. then what you're going to get is this kind of finished product.go we're g to make a southwestern vinaigrette. and champagne vinaigrett because we're fancy. >> yes. how does it taste? >> did all right? >> so good. >> you like the pork chop? >> is this healthy salad? i like a salad with a little protein in it. >> ye absolutely. build this real quick. you take some of these vej jees. just put them around.
8:51 am
it's pretty easy. that's the great thing about grilling. you can innovate all you want, but the basics are amazing. >> you put all those veggies on whole? ever put a tinfoil basket medley d >> we alwaysmedleys. and that's its then t -- >> not on mymenu. >> i came up with this. debra was expecting and wanted something sweed. i had leftover doughnuts. the grill was dying down. i put them on the grill. >> my mom used tory glazed doughnuts. i think it was a southern thing. >> i add a little vanilla ice m. crea >> that is decadent. >> add some huckleberry sauce. i'll be your huckleberry. >> these are great recipes. >> how are you guys going to spend father's day? >> relaxing at home with the kids hoping to catch a game. >> will someone cook for you
8:52 am
guys? or youhe always do t grilling? >> cooking for us is the fun part. we'll do it. >> thumbs up from the tastete ers? >> awesome. >> thank you. happy father's day, guys. bi thanks to the grill dads. happy father's day to you at home as well. by the way, you can find all of these recipess always, we're back in a moment. but first this is "today." >> where's the beer? moment. first, this is "today." >> where's the beer? compare comcast business to your current provider. provider my current servi does not provide half of what you provide. and to know that i could save money? i'd be thrilled. s this soundlike a whole business package, which would be incredible. so what are you guys waiting for? let's do it. (laughs) comcast business gives you more. switch now and it fast, reliableernet for a new low price of $39.95 a month. plus, get free installation. better, faster? mean sign me up. call today at 1-800-501-6000. comcast business. beyond fast.
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8:54 am
thanks again to our grill dads. >> yes. we le u, grill dads. okay. we've got a lot more great stories at includ a reunion 75 years in the making. a d-day vet and his lost love.ou raiseind tolerant kids. >> m cog up we're putting our dignity on the line. we're going to give rock climbing a try. >> putting dignity on the line.
8:55 am
>> what about on sunday "today"? >> samuel l. jackson talking about pulp fiction and die hard that came out within six months of've other and changed his life. >> i was in rehab. and s he was telling me, yeah. i want you to play like the marvin gaye character. >> i was going to say. >> dprrug addict. and i was like, okay. i'd done the research. i'm ready. by the time i came out of rehab d they were starting to shoot and the drug counselors were telling me i shouldn't do movies. and i was like if for no other reason, i willot relapse because i never want to see any of you ever again. >> talking about spike lee and his life before. >> on the they should hour of "today," "strangerthings" the whole cast joining us. >> and craig melvin crushing hid grille doughnut. >> i can't believe i just discovered this. >> i've never seen you eat that
8:56 am
much sweets. >> this is amazing. >> happy father's day. >> father's day thank you so much. >> happy father's day to everybody out there 8:56 is your o time nown this friday, june 14th, 2019. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. let's checkor on yourng commute with melissa mollet and your first 4 traffic. >> good morning. inner loop after the springfield inner change. we have part of the road blocked. the beltway overall looks nice and light. you have to look at that and kind of enjoy it here on this
8:57 am
friday. still have this problem on 6th street and i street. both blocked at the crash there. >> thank you. we'll take a break now. we'll check your forecast when we come back. stay with us. honey, this gig-speed internet is ridiculously fast. we are seriously keeping up with the joneses. keeping up with the ford's. keeping up with the garcia' the meros. -patels. the wahh-the-wahh... -wolanske's. -right. no one is going to have internet like this. xfinity makes keeping upthe joneses. simple. easy. awesome. want gig-speed internet?ou we've gotovered. or check out our other amazing speed options
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8:59 am
well, today' going to be an excellent pool day. it's going to be beautiful but it's going to be breezy out ther again, northwest winds gusting up to 30 miles per hour. saturday nice and warmer. sundaye do haveome rain around for father's day. it's going to be hot and muggy with those temperatures near 9 chances of rain for monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, and saturday. likely in the afternoon. but again, rain chances increase on father's day after lunchtime. >> all right. thank you. get the latest newth and wea any time in the nbc washington app. have a great day.
9:00 am
rockefeller plaza this is the third hour of "today." >> and a good friday morning. friday-yay. >> yes. >> seems like a long week. >> i agree. >> slow week. >> by the way, our neighbors to the north are still celebrating. the entire country of canada probably still in the streets because the raptors, the toronto raptors making nba history last night. the firstia canad team to win the championship, defeating the gold state warriors in six 114-110. ti


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