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tv   Today  NBC  June 15, 2019 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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are we on the brink of war? we're live in the middleast and in the white house. >> presidential backtrack. president trump now saying he would alert authorities if a foreign governmen tried to give him dirt on his 2020 opponents. >> but of course you give ith t fbi or report it to the attorney general or somebody like that. >> this after the president received heavyci cri from both sides of the aisle for ridiculing the idea of going to the feds. >> donald trump doesn't think it
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matters if candidates foren pres accept damage and information from foreign governments. urbelieve he's dead wrong. >> emotional retn. >> amanda knox just moments ago speaking out at a criminal justice conference in ital the woman that was convicted and en cleared of killing her roommate saying she still lives in fear of being unjustly llcused. >> a of that plus courage under fire. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> police released this dramatic body cam video of aio confrontat that left the suspects and the firefighters dead. >> danger in the dominican republic. authorities there scrambling after word of two more american deaths bringing the total to at least 8 over the past year. and brave survivor, the teenager that lost her leg in a shark attack says she is going to triumph. >> oh, how tragic. 17-year-old lost her leg.
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no, 17-year-old lost her leg and we'rin poppg, you know? >> her inspiring words of wisdom today, saturday jun 15th, 2019. welcome to today. thank you for joining us on this saturday morning. she is popping, that's right. impressive. >> this teenager that pulls herself from the jaws of a shark and kus to her father on this father'say that punched it and helped her cape. >> unbelievable. >> we'll share their story in a littit but right to our top story now. it's the president now pointing the finger squarely at iran after two tanke were attacked in the gulf of oman. ord this morning that two u.s. drones were targeted as well.
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good morning. >> hi, peter. so iran continueso deny attacking these two tankers in the gulf of oman this week but that comes even as the u.s. now says two u.s. military drones were also targeted by iranian forces. >> this morning, new eviponce inting the finger at iran. u.s. officials report that two u.s. drones were targeted by iranian backed forces recently. one u.s. drone narrowly missed by a iraniano surface t air missile. the other shot down over the red sea. all this happening as two tanker werettacked in the gulf of oman this week. >> all stations. all stations. motor tanker front altair in fire most probably attack. >> iairan boats blocked
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commercial tugs from towing it away. e u.s. says iran targeted the tankers. explosives attached to the side of the ships just below t waterne. the u.s. military releasing this video they claim shows an iranian revolutionary guard core patrol boat removing an unexploded mine from one of the tankers after the attack. president trump blaming >> well, iran did do it and you know they did it because you saw the ueboat. i g one of the mines didn'tpl e and it's probably got essentially iran written all over it. >> iran denies being involved. last month, the u.s. militar sent the aircraft carrier uss abraham lincoln, b-52 bombers and other u.s. militaryto asset he region to counter what they called credible and imminent threats to u.s. and allies here. >> we travelled to the lincolnt wi general frank mckenzie.
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the head of u.s. central command that requested the additional forces. he says the lincoln'sresence is impacting iranian behavior. >> the fact that a carrier is here has caused tm to recalculate. it's very concerning to them that a big chunk of american will is sitting he. >> but u.s. defense officials say the lincoln, the most visible u.s. deturrent was in oman at the time of the attack. >> how close are we to a military conflict with iran right now? >> that's exactly right peter. that's the bigger concern here in the region. is the risk of a miscalculation. so some sign of iranian backed proxy group. some miscalculation that escalates into a military conflict, peter.
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>> courtney, thank you very muas. now to wngton and a rare backtrack p forsident trump. the president now saying he would contact authorities if a foreign government tried to get him damaging information about a opponent. this after he ridiculed that earlier in the week. mike good morning. >> good morning, you're right. admit week the president said he would accept dirt on political opponents even if it came from a foreign rting it to the fbi he said was not how life works but after a day of intense criticism and t controversy, nhe president is saying something very different. now saying he would tell the fbi. >> you're not going to know if it's bad. how are you going to know that 's bad? but of course you give it to the
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fbir reportt to the attorney general or somebody like that. >> the about face comes after the president ridiculed the idea of telling the feds. >> it's not an interference, they have information. i think i'd take it. if i thought there was something wrong i'd go maybe to the fbi if i thought there was something wrong. >> democrats iluding joe biden seized on mr. trump's remarks. >> donald trump doesn't think it matters if candidates for the presidency accept damage and information from other opponents from foreign governments. i believe he's dead awrong. >> the capital, senate democrats tried to bring up a measure thare would requi campaigns to notify federal authorities if contacted by a foreign power. republicans blocked themove. >> the case is closed. why don't we move on. in an interview with morning joe, shessued a fresh warning. >> anyone in the united states is not allowed to accept anything of value from a foreign national,eiarticularly a f government in connection with an
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election. >> this as the president takes aim at testimony from his forme white housecounsel, don mcgahn that testified to robert mueller that the president instructed him multiple times to have the acting attorney general remove the special counsel. >> the story on that very simply, number e, i was never going to fire mueller. i never suggested firing mueller. >> a person tellsnbc news the president's comments are fantasy land. >> also on friday the white house released thet lates financial disclosures for ivanka trump and jared kushner. what did we find out? >> that's right. they took in as much as $135 million in revenue last year accordingcio the finan disclosures released yesterday. that includes almost $4 million leanka trump pul in from her stake in the family hotel here near the white house wherend diplomats aoreign dignitaries spend big money. the ownership of that hotel is a subject of lawsuits as many
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believe the arrangement violates the clause of the constution. red kushner took in hundreds of thousands of dollars from his holding in new york city artments and a stan a real estate firm. both do not take a salary in their official roles as white use advisers. >> thank you. >> let's bring in phillip. he is the white house bureau chief for the washington post a well as nbc news political analyst. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start on iran if we can. we heard from the president. he said basically that iran's enme is writt all over these explosions. these attacks on the oil tankers now.e gulf region right we also heard the president say that he would be willing to reengage with the biraniansut there's an urgent debate going on behind the scenes about the appropriate next steps. what are you hearing? right.'s there's a lot of concern within the administration and also within the cop guess here in washington about a possible conflict here.
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and about a president that h doesn'tave a plan about what to do. but there's concerns among republican senators including lindsey graham, a close ally of the president that his authority needs to be reigned in here. that there's a lot of worry that we could be heading toward wa m >> let go back to the president taking heat within his own party when he talked about the fact that he wouldcct foreign dirt on an opponent in an upcoming election. >> this is not a president that ever really apologizes but he felt the political heat and potential legal peril to do a partial backtrack. he said he meets regularly with foreign leaders as with queen elizabeth in london last week held to he shouldn't be
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the same standard because he's the president. that somehow he is above the law but he did recognize if he were to get some dirt, any damaging information he would need to take that to the fbi. >> let's tal 2020. this is the draw for the difirs debates to take place. theirst night includes senators and beto o'rourke as well and then on the second night you'll see the frontru er joe biden will be paired with bernie sanders among others. kamala harris and pete iebuttigg will be on the podium as what aour take aways from the draw on the democrats? >> they'll both be interesting nights but all eyes will be on joe biden. polls he leader in th right now. this is a make or break moment for them to break through. to reallypeak to national audience and it's not t going be enough i don't think for them to just attack donald trump. tart re going to have to
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to draw some clear contrast within their field. we're already starting to see that bernie sanders making an issue out ofn' bide record and the generational argument against biden as well. >> americans will be watching. phil we thank you very much. of course you can catch the democratic debate on wednesday, june 26th and thursday june 27th. >> new questions are being raised about the safety of going to theom dinican republic after word of two more deaths including an american woman that was there to cebrate her birthday. this morning her son is speaking out and demanding answers. >> what has caused 8 americans to die on the island getaway over the past year. the most recent, she celrated her 59 birthday on june 9th only
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to be dead the next day. >> i want some answers. i want some clarity. i want to know how my mom ed. of the 8 americans that died over the past year at least half of them fell violently ill after drinking fromoo the rm's mini bar. he died injanuary. his family is saying he began sick aft a night of dinner and drinks. >> i thought something is not right. my father is ahy healt 78-year-old. >> the mysterious deaths now raising questions about the alcohol inside the country. in 2017, five locals died after cocouming bad l. authorities tre conducting raids that shutdown five illegal labsol producing alcoh not safe for human consumption. a year later in mexico, thorities seized 10,000 gallons of tainted alcohol from more than 30 popular tourists spots. right now the fbi is assisting with toxicology examines for the
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american victims. their deaths have not been connected and they're calling the incidents tragic but isolated. for will cox when it comes to his mother's loss. >> if she would have went anywhere else in the world she would be altoed day. >> lives lost leaving families in search of truth. for today, nbc news. >> now to an incredible story of survival. a 17-year-old was attacked by a shark off the waters of north carolina earlier this month. she lost her lef leg and suffered severe injuries to her hand as well and she's sharing her story. you'll be amazed by how upbeat . she is kerry sanders is in atlantic beach, north carolina with the latest on this attack. >> good morning. this morning the remarkabley storf a brave young girl and her heroic father that saved her when a shark attacked h here in the waters behind me. >> less thanwo weeks after
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losing her leg in a terrifying shark attack, the 17-year-old talking on camera. >> i can transform it and oh, how tragic, 17-year-old lost a leg. no 17-year-oldt a leg and we're popping, you know? >> page's doctor and nurse. >> the hero is her father. >> transfixed as her father recounted his fight with the loark in the by waters. >> i pulled her up and a shark came up with her. it was a big shark. i know i was hitting it and i hit it with everything that i could. and it let go. i don't think i've ever told any of my children i love them so much so many times. i wanted h to know that i love her. >> someone on the beach had a
7:16 am
belt they used as a tourniquet. >> two elements, dad, tourniquet. >> page's nur p says herient has put on a brave front. only once tempering h o joyf life with the reality of her loss. >> right after she was done crying, she taught me something spectacular. s shed okay we are going to get better. we're going to get out of this bed tomorrow. we're going to get in this chair. t >> she los two fingers and her hands were badly mangled. when she was pulled up she ached into the shark's jaws and tried to pry herself free. what an incredible amount of courage and really the will to live here >> yeah, kerry, thank you. >> phenomenal story. >> just the presence of mind in that moment. not just by the dad but h by as well. >> to try to get out. phenomenal. let's turn to dylan for a first weather. the >> good morning. we do have some rain to talk about. especially back through the midwest and a areas that still
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dealing with the river flooding. we have more heavy rain moving through missouri into illinois now. we have the chance of flash flooding today but mostly across the upper midwest and into the great lakes. 50 million people are under the flash flood wat for today. so heavier downpours and ground being saturated could lead to flooding. we also have a risk of stronger storms in a pretty expansive bea from western parts of ohio all the wayk down into texas. we could see hail up to 2 inches in diameter. we could also seeind gusts over 60 miles per hour but really a low risk of tornadoes for today. tomorrow we'll see storms extendg into the northeast and mid-atlantic but the best chance of severe weather with the large hail and damaging winds. we'll be back to oebklahoma and parts of texas tomorrow. it's all the frontal system moving east srd. we'll the showers move through indiana and into illinois and ohio andin eventuay the interior northeast. it's nice and then tomorrow we'll see some of the showers lingering across boston and
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they'll stret down into new york and most of central pennsylvania as well. some areas could end up with a lot of rain. especially back through indiana and into ohio where we could see some areas picking up close to 5 inches of rain. that's the weather across the country. now here's peek out your window. >> look how beautiful it is out our window. oorgeous conditions right now. we're going t continue to see sunshine heading through the day today. it is cool out there depending on where you temperatures in the 50s. we're warming up in the low to mid 80s today. yesterday the upper 70s. a breeze b still the humidity is going to be low. still dry. great pool day. isolated showers for your th er's day. >> that's your latest forecast. o all right. thank you, still tme, amanda knox speaking out this morni as she returns to italy for the first time since she was released from prison seven years ago for a murder she says sdn di commit. >> plus our look back at some of the other top stories from the last week including jon
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we are back on saturday morning with a weekly download. >> the headlines were dominated by escalating tensions with iran. that was one of the major stories we cover is that started with aus big scare jt blocks away from our s fdio. aal helicopter crash on the roof of a high-rise in the heart of new york city. >> we have what appears to be a helipter that crashednto the roof. the helicopters is on >> f wir gote. to the roof, wha saw was a debris field that was on fire.
7:22 am
>> pilot timothy mccormick died inhe crash but ntsb investigators are still looking at how he crashed and why he was flying theret aall. shameful. it is ane embarrassment to th country and a stain on the institution. >> comedianon stewart slamming lawmakers for not immediately funding the 9/11 victim compensationel fund that hps first responders now sick after months after ground zero. >> they responded in five seconds, they did their jobs with courage, grace,ac teny, humility. 18 years later, do yours. >> the next day, the bill green light fund through 2090 passed unanimously. in a house subcommittee, the full house and senate could voth late year. massive protests in hong kong over a proposed law to
7:23 am
allow extradition to mainland china, peaceful rallies. >> police firing tear gas, pepper spray, even rubber bullets into the crowd. protesters hurled bottles a bricks and toppled barricades. >> oh, my god,she crane i falling over. >> severe thunderstorms and high winds knocked down a crane in downtown dallas, slicinghrough a five story apartment complex and crushing a concrete parking garage.d a 29-year-ol woman was >> a 29-year-old wan was killed and five others injured. a pair of cities celebrating a pair of firsts. hoisting the stanley cup for the first time and the toronto raptors snapp the golden state warriors championship streak. some of the wildest moments caught on camera. a giant landslide wiped out a
7:24 am
road. a sneezing fit caused a driver in tennessee to lose control of his car. ckily a group of nearby golferselped him escape >> police let me see your hands. >> bambi the burglar. policen i texas responded a to break in and the intruder was a panicked deer. >> and one florida couple using their pet alligator t make the announcement of their 10th child. >> i don't even know what to say. >> a pet alligator and their tenth child. >> that's the thing. i'm not sure that's a good idea. that's problematic. >> then a gender reveal. all right. still to comen today, former combat vets using the specialized skills to fight a different battle. saving turtles in the waters off the florida keys. plus why some of the best classical musicians are training a group of young students from the bronx. we'll take you there.
7:25 am
and why dads ever where have a woman to thank for their big day. but first these messages. a woman to tnk for their big day. that's coming up after these messages.
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good morning, everybody. on this saturday, june 15th, 7:26 is your time right now. here are a couple of stories that we're working on for you this morning. we're on top of breaking news in prince george's county first. a crash that shutdown route 50 highway.tin luther king jr. this happened in the westbound lanes heading into d.c. right now traffic is being diverted on to maryland 197. you could see theaward winning broadway hit hamilton for just $10. it's seto run in baltimore and ach night4$4,014 40 tickets fo
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will be setaside. you can enter to ayn. stith us, lauren will have a look at our weekend forecast when we come back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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welcome back. it's it's 53 degrees here right now. >> it's not looking too bad out there. this is the view. beautiful out there. a mix of sun and clouds out there today but current temperatures on the cool s depending on where you are. temperatures in the 50s and 60s right w. we'll be warmer than yesterday. yesterday 79 degrees and it was windy. 85nd we'll have breezy conditions but gusts up to 15 0. father's day forecast, showers western suburbs tomorrow morning. only isolated chance ofomhowers by trow afternoon. hot and humid conditions monday,
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tuesday, wednesday, thursday with daily chances of storms mainly in the afternoon. >> thank you. we'll see you back here in about 25 minutes for more news and ather. the "today" show continues from new york in just a moment. easy peasy. >> best strategy is not looking down. >> yeah. >> do you trust us? peter, we'll nev letou fall. >> peter, you're so high. >> i haven't seen this video. we're back on this saturday morning, june 15th, 2019. what will they tnk of next? dylan and i thought we'd welcome you tokend tay byoing a little rock climbing. >> the best part is they're like we're going to get a bite real quick. we'll see you in a couple of hours. >> we'll have that coming up in a little bit. but first let's begin with aec ch of your head lines and rising tensions with iran. dramatic confrontations between
7:31 am
iran and theu. s. now. anian backed forces shot down a u.s. drone over theed sea and narrowly missed another. irans denie responsibility for the attack but president trump says it probably has iran written all over it. >> a big reversal today in hong kong. the government there announcing a odelayf the proposal that set mf thesive protests this last week. it would have let the government extradite people from hong kong to mainland china. suspending the bills does n go far enough. more demonstnntions are ped for this weekend. >> a rash of suicides is rocking the new york city police department. a 29-year-old officer shot himself friday. he's the third to kill himself tendays. the commissioner issued an urgent msagealling this a
7:32 am
mental health crisis and asking officers tof take care o each other. >> a vicious coyote attack on a young family in new jersey. the yote attacked that mom from behind. the stroller toppled over the fight. the coyote got ahold of her 4-year-old soniting him on the leg. police tracked the animal down and killed it. the family was giveniv protect rabies shots. >> amanda knox is in italy and speaking out h about murder conviction and ainquiquittal tht off an international up roar. she still lives in fear of being unjustly accused. >> good morning. amanda knox knows that many people think she is crazy to go back to italy. she said she was warned she could be falsely accused or even attacked in thes, street but she is determined to tell her side of the story.
7:33 am
amanda knox center stage today visiblys emotional she addressed a criminal justice event, speaking in italian, knox told the audiee through tears she is still scared now today of beingck attaed, villified of net accusations jecause she is come here to tell her version of the story. she spe four years behind bars after she was convicted of murdering her roommate. she was later acquitted. the inquest was contaminated, the jury was corrupted. it was impossible for me to have a fair trial. an attorney from the familyer callingeturn to italy inappropriate and very painful. knox has been in the spotlight ever since she arrivedar elier this week. cameras awaiting her at the airport in milan following her ery move. prompting her to leave a panel early. at times clearly emotional. earlier this week, she reflected
7:34 am
on her experience writing the italian prosecutor painted me as a sexra czed fem fatal and the media profited for years. she alsoed criticized the mia hat she says does not distinguish between a person's life and click worthy content saying here on today last year. >> they decided i was guilty and retrospectively decided to view me through the lensesf guilt. if i wasn't crying it was wrong. if i was crying, it was wrong. >> another man was also convicted of her murder. he is currently serving a r- 16-yead sentence. amanda and herie boyfrnd at the time, no ting to reclaim their lives after they were both cleared on appeal. >> amanda knox said today she knows she is still aco roversial figure in the court of public opinion, especially in italy, but rather
7:35 am
than hiding from the public eye she wants to use her platform to try to help others. >> you see tha vid and it all comes back. thank you. >> dylan is back now with another check of weather. what is it looking like? >> looks like a warm up for parts of the northeast and great lakes. a big pattern change as the jet stream lifts to the north and brings the cool air with it allowing warmer air toet se in a bit. it will pump in the south westerly winds and right now it's not a bad start in detroit. 63 degrees. louisville 70 degrees. de monies 68. but high temperatures will be close to lverage for a of places. boston 81 degrees. that's above average. raleigh84. still in the 70s in pittsburgh and chicago. as we go into tomorrow, we will se more warmer air settle in across roanoke. 89 degrees for a high. still chilly in minneapolis
7:36 am
running about 12 degrees below average. it's not going to warm up as much in those areas right away. that was beautiful and memphis gets up to 87 by the time we get into monday. that's a look at the weather across theno country. here's a peek out your . hinkinoue aboutwi washing that car early this saturday mor yng onr honey do list, we do have an isolated chance of showers and thunderstorms on father's day but lots of rain cnces almost every day this week until thursday. we have daily rain chances. temperatures out there cool. d a light jacket if you're headed out to walk that dog. mid to lower 80s with low muy m -- humidity. ill to come,ock climbing. we're a competitive group. to c rock climbing, we're a pretty competitiveroup so our producers set up a race. t who won? >> i was going to say, you're
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so clothes look newer, longer. downy and it's done. we are back now on this saturday morning with an in-depth look at a likely liance happening in florida a. group of marine t scientistshat have teamed up with combat veterans to help save sea turtles. >> meant to provide critical inside to a decide affecting the animals. the benefits go far beyond the research. morg morg morgan which morgan has this story. >> reporter: the specialized skills used for battle usually p in florida, it's the perfect background for a one of a kind underater mission. in the waters off the florida
7:41 am
keys, combat veteran roger sparks has a new mission. >> did you know anything about turtles? >> reporter: a former air force para, won a silver star in afghanistan. he's part of a team collecting and studying green turtles,o hopi learn valuable information about the overall population and a disease nicknamed fp that causes tumors and for turtles can have a did you ever think you'd bee doing this you were in afghanistan? >> no way, no way. >> but that's what mes life interesting, right? >> roger is with a non-profit uniting marine scientists and former combat divers. bringing their highly specialized skills. the goal, preserving and restoring the marine environment and the serviceme mbers. >> that mission is very important. we need something to drive us forward.
7:42 am
>> once the collected their data, it's time to release. veterans get a new sense of purpose. >> we don'tdv atise this as a therapy program but the process of it is very profound to the people involved. >> it gives you a mission. >> it gives us meaning. we're all hurting and i hope in some ways we find healing from this. it's like mission therapy for them and to see them, you know, feeding their soul, their spirit just as much as it's feeding ours. >> they're brought to the turtle hospital for treatment andho ful release. project is of this to look at the turtle populateyn in the ks to see if they'real l really sick. >> on this research trip the data is promising. the impact, life changing. >> we want to serve things beyond ourselves. >> what a great story. powerful mission there.
7:43 am
when they aren't saving turtles, what kind of wk does force ue do? >> they're up for pretty much anything. in fact, this week they're going to be diving right here in flida to help restore coral reefs up and along the entire coastline and they welcome any combat diver with passion for planet earth. >> i love that. >> that is a great story. thanks very much. >> up next, some young music students in the bronx getting trained by some of new york's finest classical musicians, but first, these messages. ♪ experience the delicious intensity of lindt excellence ♪ the finest dark chocolate, crafted to perfection by the lindt master chocolier cellence from lindt.
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as we have covered before, it's no secret that music education is facing budget cuts, leaving students who can >> we recently heard of a successful music program in the bronx hern new york city. it takes patce on surday mornings at a community college campus where highly traed musicians work with kids from the neighborhood for a low cost teaching them classical music. i decided to check it out and i was blown away by their talent. >> it mayot be your typical saturday morning activity but for this 11-year-old this is exacy where he wants to be. >> are you >> he has been playing piano for seven years. he says word has gotten around even with his friends in school lly good. r
7:47 am
>> what's your favorite thing about plang the piano? >> my favorite thing is like you're using your fingers to create so many dferent sounds. >> almost calming. >> yeah. they fill the classroom every saturday. they get one-on-one lessons with 15 of newyork's classical musicians thanks to a non-profit organizati organization. >> when you have an outlet and you can start putting this into children's lives it will improve theired ation. improve their critical u'inking. yoll see a difference in the way they're working in school and that's the most impactful
7:48 am
thing. just thinking about his son in the program moves his father to tears. >> it's about access and opportunity. every child hashe same opportunity but how much access do w. have >> what is it about this whole thing that gets you emotional? whats it? >> for me, being a father and seeing my son have the opportunity to find something within himself ttets him -- i want to say sets him apart but i don't en think it's that. i think justdi f elhimsf. >> it gives me that sense of a future. i'm getting the opportunity and it's really giving me a chance to be who i want to be.t >> wha is it like for you as an instructor to have the impact that it's having. >> it's humbli. all the students in our program
7:49 am
are grateful for everything that we're doing. >> maybe if i'm having not like the best day before i come into my lesson, when i walk up the stairs, it's the atmosphere and it feels like lighter. >> when you leave work at the end of the day you're leaving with a smile. it's happiness. and that's better than anything else. i walked on to theampus and it's so peaceful. and these kids can be doing anything with their saturday morning are taking classical music lessons and they're a so good from singing to piano and they're also doing theory. >> all it takes is access and opportunity. the pride i his dad's eyes. >> right. >> to hear him say he feels better when he leaves.
7:50 am
>> yeah. >> iish we could do it around the country>>really. still to come, dylan has the story of father's day and how it started in the orange room. plus dad jokes that are now trending on twitter. >> do you have a dad joke? >> i got you. so, jardiance asks... when it comes to type 2 diabetes, are you thinking about your heart? well, i'm managing my a1c, so i should be all set right. actually, you're still at risk for a fatal heart attack or stroke. even if i'm taking heart medicine,
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7:52 am
you hear that music, you get all sort of memories. peter is speaking at aur alma mater. >> my first memory was rodney dangerfieldndack to school. back to northwestern, delivering convocation address as the graduates wrap things upit been 21 years since i gradua graduated, they were born the year i left school there. you did this lastar, what worked because i'm still tweaking. >> it's one of those things where you walk into the
7:53 am
auditorium, it all comes back, and you see one of the professors i >> it's such aen powerful mom and they look at you with eyes of wonder. they almost want to soaky up evord you have to say. >> i was like pop-tarts every day to all the things i learned and all the cities i lived in here around the country. >> one of my best pieces of advice is mak mentors and write thank you notes by hand. that's the difference amaker. >> across the board. >> i can't wait to hear your speech. >> i'll let you know. >> still to come on today, exciting news r fans of the cult hit veronica mars. >> plus, is it too g tv? >> but first these messages. bo♪ (avo) moves like these need pampers cruisers 360 fit. an ultra stretchy waistband s and 360 fit that adapt every wild move. plus, up to 12 hours of pampers protection. so anything your wild child does,
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7:56 am
good morning, everybody, 's 7:56 this morning. in your headlines, an update on the big sinkhole on the george washington parkway. the national park service has a plan to fix i now. the hole opened up there last month. now officials need to replace a 60-year-old drainage structure and readd the pipes around it. we don't know when that work will start exactly but once it does it's expected to take about ten weeks. this weekend you can see president trump's many tweets up close. the daily show is in town wit a gift of sos.
7:57 am
separateds have been into groups by insults or ones calledsa couple of blocks away from the white house. >> we have a look at your weekend forecast right after a quick break. stay with us. hewobabe, what's the passrd for the cable bill?
7:58 am
rollerbladeking22. capital "k". ok... what about the phone bill? it's the entire alphabet backwards. z y x w .. i got it. i got it... what about electric? shrimp. uh uh. it didn't work. try all seafood. the words "all seafood" or like different seafoods?
7:59 am
no, just like work your way through the ocean. what? forget all your passwords. bill pay on the td bank mobile app keeps all your bills in one place. welcome back. saturday is off to a beautiful start. a littl cool out there to begin your day but it's going to warm up nicely today. >> it is going to be warmer than rdsterday. temperatures yeste in the upper 70s today. low to mid 80s. breeze in the air as temperes in the 50s and 60s right now. it's so pretty. mid 80s today. a little bit of a breeze. not quite as windy as yesterday but southwest winds up to about or 25 miles per hour. and every day hotnd humid with
8:00 am
a chance of rain. looks like we dry out by fday d saturday but we'rery today with the humidity. >> we're back in another 25 minutes with more news and weather. ba to the today show.d >> goomorning. iran in the cross hairs. u.s. officials reporting that two u.s. drones were targeted by iranian backed forces in the hours before those two tankers were attacked in the gulf of oman. president trump talking tough saying it has iran written all over it. are we on the brink of war? we're live in the middle east. g dirt on an opponent, after mr. trump received heavy criticism from both sides of the aisle for saying he might not go to the fbi. and rock stars, peter, dylan, and i put our lives and our digni l on theine giving rock climbing a y, even racing
8:01 am
each other. we'll show you our race to the top today, saturday, june 15th, 2019. happy fr's day, dad. >> hello, from apple grove, wesn virg. >> you know 'mme, i mike rocket and i'm all that. >> celebrating my dadod. >> we are the big street high school band playing at carnegie hall in 2019. >> celebrating 20 years of wedding anniversary on "today" show >> go tigers. >> i'm celebrating my 13th birthday athe "today" show. >> oh, i love that. good morning, welcome backayo "tod on a saturday morning. i feel like i say this every saturday, i genuinely mean t. this isne of my favorite parts in from all across the country. when you go across the plaza, you're happy.
8:02 am
>> all the dads outthere, we wish you a happy early father's day to brian, happy father's day to those guys >> and to you too. >> big weekend ahead. we're excited. >> let's r getht to today's p news,resident trump pointing a finger squarely at iran afteran twors were attacked in the gulf of oman, warning this morning that two u.s. drones werete tar as well. courtney kube covers the pentagon. she has been with themilitary, and this morning she's in doha, qatar. good morning to you. >> reporter: iran continues to deny involvement but the trump administration is not backing down from their claim that iran was behind the attack on two tankers in the gulf of oman this we, and the u.s. says that two u.s. military drones were also targeted by iranian forces. this morning, new evidence pointing the finge at iran. two ficials report that
8:03 am
u.s. reaper drones were targeted by iranian backed forces recently. one u.s. dronese narrowly m byra an inian surface-to-air il miss the other shot down but houthis over the red sea. all of this happening as two tankers were attacked in the gulf of oman this week. >> all stations, motor nker front altair. >> late friday, iranian fast boats blocked ommercial tugs from towing away from the crippled front altair. e u.s. says iran targeted the tankers with mines,xplosives attached to the side of the ship justelow the water line. the u.s. military releasing this video they claim shows an iranian revolutionary guard patrol boat removing an unexploded mine after the attack. president trump blaming iran. >> iran did do it, and you know
8:04 am
they did it because you saw the boat. i guess one of the mines didn't riplode and it's probably got essentially iraen all over it. >> iran denies being involved. last month, the u.s. military sent the aircraft carrier uss abraham lincoln b 52 bombers and other u.s. military assets to the region to counter what they called credible and imminent threats to u.s. and allies here. wed traveo the lincoln with general frank mckenzie, the head of u.s. central command who requested additional forces. he said the lincoln's presence is impacng iranian behavior. >> the fact that a carrier has been here caused the iranian's to recalculate. it's concerning to them that this big chunk of american will is sting here. >> reporter: the lincoln, theib most visle u.s. deterrent here at sea was in port in iran when the tankers were attacked. now, president trump has said repeatedly tt he's not looking for a war with iran, and u.s.
8:05 am
military officials here in the region are echoing that same en sentim but the concern continues to be the risk of a miscalculation, a rogue iranian elementr some kind o iranian backed proxy force that escalates tensions even further. sheinelle, peter. nk you. ney kube, t it has been one month since a deadly shooting in appleton, wisconsin, and we're getting a look at a dramatic body cam footage, a suspect who had been revived opening fire on the first responders who saved life. blayne alexander has the details and a warning some of the video is graphic. >> reporter: as the body camera rolling, first responders boarded the bus to find 47-year-old reuben houston unconscious. officer christopher bees wore the camera that captured this video, showing emts reviving houston with a dose of narcan for a drug overdose.
8:06 am
.ks houston wal off the bus as officers and paramedics tries to convince him to go to the hospital. >> this doesn't need to be a big deal. >> i don't need any medical treatment. >> one officer noticed a bulge on houston's right hip and asked to pat him down. things escalated quickly when houston revealed that bulge was a gun and took aim at the officers. >> shotsfired. shots fired. >> two officers rurned fire. s a total of 24ts exchanged. annd officer a bystander truck houston was ki houston was shot. because of the body camera footage, theirer off avoided what the department calls
8:07 am
wrongful accusation. local law enforcement has w deployed bodn cameras to improve officer safety and increase evidence quality and reduce liability. they call this one example of how a seemingly insignificant call can turn deadly. for today, blaine alexander nbc news. the toronto raptors team president is under investigation stemming from hisor enc celebration after winning the nba championship. scording to a spokesperson the deputypped him asking to see a credential before they allegedly pushed the officer and stck himn ithe face. >> history is being made and the class feeling shatt-- ceiling
8:08 am
shattered. a woman will head th institution. she is a helicopter pilot that commanded forces in afghanistan and guam and holds ara docto in education from thenirsity of san diego. i >> this a good one. rodney smith junior has seen the unitedtates one lawn at time. he wanted to do something for american veterans so he decided to mow their lawns in every single state. he got the idea four years ago and on friday he celebrated his final lawn it was in hawaii. ee is now heading back home to alabama where h has offered to keep cutting grass for the elderly, disabled, singled mothers and veterans. >> isn't that phenomenal. >> the way they looked at him when he tried t check a mower on hawaiian air. >> still to come, a new team
8:09 am
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it takes only one week to reveal younger looking skin. neutrogena® it takes only one week will take its wildest turn yet. spelinding journey prepare to face the forbidden forest and join hagrid to encounterre the rast of magical creatures, in the epinew addition to the wizarding world of harry potter. sa only at univerl orlando resort. stay at a universal hotel with three epic theme parks tside your door. packages start from just $89 per person, per night. we're back with a look at a new drama aimed at teenagers. >> it's called euphoria but it's bringing anything but happiness en some parts that say it sets a bad example for teenagers. >> good morning. that's right. so a lot of buzz about this new show and not allt of i positive.
8:12 am
the show's producer has said this is real life drawing on his own teenage years in and o of rehab but critics and a lot of parents now wondering who hbo is targeting and should this be on tv. >> zendaya is breaking awayth fm pr in the much hypedie o's euphoria. the series follows aroup of high school friends. >> it's to make people feel that they're not alone and they'rehe not t only ones going through what i t is ty're going through. >> i'm an addict. >> their lives are filledgr wit hic drug use, violence and nudity. the show's creator tells the hollywood reporter there are going to be parents that are going to be totally freaked out. >> it's an admission on his part that this show is being targeted to children. otherwise, why would parents be freaked out. >> i just a ate bug. >> zendaya that starred on shows like sdisney'ske it up brings
8:13 am
with her a built in fan base. zendaya jumps fromisney to drug businesses. it's a teens in crisis horror show as the hollywood reporter asks how much teen sex and drugs is too much. >> for you, this show normalizes that teenage behavior. >> that's what television does. when children are told one thing and they watch tv shows that have something different. here's a blueprint that i cannel to. >> but just as mtv did with skins and netflix did with 13 reasons why, hbo says it's pushing thend bouies and euphoria isn't for anyone. >> who watches shows school children other than high school kids. it's creepy assau wdults thatlde watching >>it. if you're 13 that's what you'll be doing. >> you're looking for role a modelswhere you can. >> and critics say these aren't the role models kids neha.
8:14 am
>> t won't stop younger audiences from seeking it out on the hbo app and elsewhere and guys we know when teenagers are told they're not allowed to do something that only makes it more tempting. absolutely. i have seen billboards everywhere and those are top actors. >> thank you very much. we're going to g another check of the weather right now from dylan. she is outside. >> good morning. we have father's day thisut weekend b we also have some birthdays tocelebrate. what's your name? >> tyler smith. >> where are you from? >> indianapolis indiana. >> so you get to celebrate 13 ik new yocity. how cool is that? >> it's mind blowing. >> that's the description i like to see. >> where are you from? >> atlanta georgia. >> very fun. i don't think i did any of that on my birthday. never really travelled much.
8:15 am
we do have wet weather back through missouri and moving into illinois and downpours are in the forecast today. the ground is wet and you get the heavier downpours and that could lead to flooding. also severe storms not so much tornadoes but we could see hail. egg sized hail possible. also wind gusts up to about 60 miles per hour and then tomorrow the threat of thunderstorms will but nue into the northeast not a whole lot of severe weather. the reason why we could see flash flooding is that areasci ssly across ohio, fyffe inches of rain i possible. that's a look at the weather across the country. now here's a peek out your window. >> we're talking about birthdays. happy 244th birthday to the u.s. army yesterday. forgot to mention that sterday. but the current temperatures right now, 50s and 60s.
8:16 am
mild but on the cool side. we'll have that wind gust up to 20 25 miles per hour. we havero isolated storms tomorw but don't cancel those plans for father's day. >> still to come,j.lo drops a behind the scenesro video her summer tour where she opens up about her three failed marriages as she prepares to walk down the aisle with a. rod. >> but first it's a mom we can thank for father's day. on that in just a moment. we'll be right b
8:17 am
8:18 am
country will be celebrated on father's day, yet few probably know it was a woman that made it possible. dylan has the story of the mother of father's day over in the orange room. what's the deal? >> it is true. we have a woman to thank for
8:19 am
father's day, senora smart dodd, her father raised her and her five brothers after h mom passed away. in 1999 she was listening to a mother's day sermon and was bothered that there wast a day to honor her dad. she drew up a petition for the first ever father's day, initially wanting it to beed celebratn her dad's birthday, which is june 5th. the date got pushed to the third sunday in june. senora spent 62 years campaigning and in 19me, it beca national holiday with president nixon making it official. for comparison purposes, that's 60ears afterother's day became a national holiday. back to present day, ifou y haven't gotten dad anything, sometimes the best gifts don't cost a thing. just ask people on twitter who senthe hashal dad's commandments trending with their hyster hysterical suggestions.
8:20 am
thou will laugh at all my dad jokes and this is a good one. waketh not tn father while he slumbers in her recliner or change the channel. i'mieure it's eas to read in your mind. that last commandment is true, my husband will beou knocd watching a game, and i sneak in to change it, and he always wakes up when i change it. a little pop start. >> let's get t pop start. first up, we're starting with veronica mars. 12 years and one kick started movie later, the hit that put kristen bell on the map is coming back to tv. a trailer for the season four revival has been released and has fans freaking out. ten years after the private eye left her hometown of california, an s back and so is
8:21 am
explosive new threat. >> you're home. t is i, your king o spring break. >> that's all i want, mr. mars. find out who planted that bomb. >> veronica, logan, meet my iend and associate clyde, we go back t when i was on the inside. >> oeryes that was jk simmons, joing the cast with patn oswald. >> good cast. moving on to jenniferlo pez, the actress is getting her 50th birthday in fashion, releasing a behind the scenes video from that tour, and it's her candor past marriages andupcoming one to a-rod that has everyone ilking to. >> like a big wedding. i have been married three times, and once was nine months and
8:22 am
once was eleven months but i was married to mark for ten years with the kids. >> i think you still have to count them. >> thank ou ♪ limu emu & doug what do all these people have in common, limu? paper rustling ] exactly, nothing. they're completely different people,th at's why they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual. they'll only pay for what they need! [ gargling ] [ coins hitting the desk ] yes, and they could save a ton. you've done it again, limu. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ (crunch! crunch!) (cwhoosh!m) (sniff sniff) no way sister! try listerine ready! tabs. they turn into liquid you chew, so you can swish and clean your whole mouth on the go. try listerine ready! tabs and see men in black international in theaters. jimmy's gotten used to his whole room smelling like sweaty odors. yup, he's go noseblind.
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8:26 am
good morning, everybody. 8:26 now on this saturday june 15th. in the news this morning we're tracking breakg news in prince gewnge's route 50 near martinuther king jr. highway is back open now. this is after being shutdown because of an early morning crash. it happened just before 4:00 this morning in the westbound lanes heading into d.c. authorities now confirming that one person died in this crash. v anotherictim is listed in seous condition in the hospital. >> you could see the award winning broadway hit hamilton for just $10. the musical starts it'se baltimorrun later this month. each night 40 tickets for $10 will be set aside. you can enter the online lotly
8:27 am
for your chance to score the discounted seats. if that's too far for you, it's co back to the kennedy center next summer. if you have a dog at home, here's something that you can enjoy today. fairfax's fido-fest kicks off this morning.el it will be h at the city dog park. the official opening of the first dog park coincides with the annual festival. it runs from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.. it's a free event. itbe going to a nice day to enjoy some time with the dog maybe. your forecast is coming up right after th [music playing] (v this is matt and rachel.
8:28 am
and this is the few minutes they have until naptime is over. th(rachel) [whispers]ting a chhave you seen my debit card?e. (matt) [whispers] babe.selis]o) (v o) an(vd badeck on again. this is your rightisere, right now bank. s wells fargo. for aunt trudy's 9 - you'rebirthday cree7t - yeah, it's definitely a flat. - [man in safety vest] they said you'll never make it. the kids are too wild, and the car's seen too many miles. (tire iron clanging) - (woman sighing) hang on. - but you know you'll get there because you have aaa. - okay, thanks so much. we'll see you soon. - and when your tire goes flat, we change it, and when you need a jump, we jump to it. so you can rest assured throadside assistancwon't le highly-recommendede between you and the family event of the year.
8:29 am
p.s., happy birthday, trudy. sorry about the cake. aaa, go ahead. live look at the capital wheel there on the maryland side. a few clouds ithe air there. nothing serious. no storm clouds out there. >> no storm clouds out there and that's the way it's going to be today. t car ifead and wash t you want to. listen, isolated chances of storms as we hd throughhe day tomorrow but lots of rain chances this week. temperatures today, it's a little cool out there tot, star especially with that sts of up to 20 ores 25 mil per hour today as temperatures top out in the mid 80s. nats taking on the diamoatbacks 4:05. perfect day for a game. as we head through your father's
8:30 am
day, a few chances west. hot and human tomorrow and hot and humid all week with daily chances of rain. >> thank you. we're back with an hour of news and weather coming up in about 25 minutes. the "today" show continues from new york. we are back on this saturday morning, june 15th, 2019, father's day weekend. beautiful morning. a lot of dads in the crowd. let's hear it for theads real quick, huh? thank you very much. >> it's a big father's day, a beautiful weekend we have ahead. still to come in this half hour of today, does your online da makeover. then you might need to hire love doctor. we're going to show you how a coach can make you some good connecti is. thes not too late to start your summer garden. what time -- i was going to say what time. what am i trying to say? >> poor sheinel is tired. >> what does it say, look.
8:31 am
>> what to plant this time of yes. >> that wa beautiful. if i could do that in my yard. are we still on? >> magnificent and the champion of f"top che junior" is here, with yummy breakfast treats to make foretour dad. >> l get to the focus, we decided to a little bit of team building recently to sort of, i think, welcome me to the team. >> welcome you to weekend today, so dylan and i picked an activity tha none of us have ever done before. rock climbing, so tooe a lk at ut. it all turned >> so dylan and i have done a number of things thtoge, we have done golfing, tandem biking, dancing, so to welcome you to the weekend "today" show, we want to do something o none us have done before. >> this is my initiation. volume.up the
8:32 am
okay. matt, so we want to learn how to rock climb. what are your three biggest tips? >> use your feet first and foremost. keep the arms above the head. arms straight and have a good time. it's all about the fun. >> there you go. >> yeah, you win. legs.k at the size of his >> now what? >> safe. >> now where do i reach. >> see if you can swing your right foot to here, dyl? >> in what world do you want me to swing my right foot to i don't really know what to do right now. >> now you can reach. >> god it. >> look at me, i got >>you. oh, yeah. >> oh my god. >> now what?
8:33 am
>>ush with your left foot. >> there you go. >> just don't look down. >> oh, gosh. >> if you can bring yr foot u a little bit you should be able to reach the very top. >> oh, right. >> oh my gosh. >> 1, 2, 3. >> okay, i'm going to jump, but not on ree. >> 1, 2 -- can't -- >> 1, 2, 3 -- >> bring on the 50r. foote >> you up first. easypeasy. >> best strategy is not looking down. >> yeah. >> peter, we'll never let you fall. >> this is awesome peter. >> i'm going all the way up.
8:34 am
>> i'm tired of looking at you. >> any heart breaks now because i i'm high. >> you're doing great. >> i'm hungry. i'm going to a grab bite real quick. >> that's cool. >> okay. >> you did it. >>wow. >> great job. >> okay. >> your kids are going to be impressed. >> do you know you're doing awesome? oh my gosh. >> you'r almost there. fi oh my gosh. high ve. >> now that we're warmed up ik th we're ready to race each other. >> so peter, i think since you're six inches taller than us, i thinkou should hold back. >> 3, 2, 1 go. >> one mississippi, two mississippi -- >> don count outloud.
8:35 am
>> oh, goodness. this is legit. >> this is t third time in three weeks you have beaten me. >> i'm here. >> i got hyou. >> jusd on to your rope. >> got it. >> you can let go. >> coming down. >> oh. yes. >> you won. yes. how do you feel? >> feel good. >> here's to many more adventures. >> proud to be apart of the team. >> oh, this is fun guys. >> spider woman right here. >> i had the best coach when i was at them bottond he was like you're not using your legs, just go, just push. i will say, the path was very straight. >> oh my gosh. >> do you see this. >> you guys witnessed this, right? this is what i deal with. >> she's 4'11" with an 8 foot wingspan. >> now i'm going to do weather.
8:36 am
ke it away. >> are you sure you don't want to do it? >> i'm positive. >> let's take a look at what's going on if you're headed to the beaches for this weekend. this father's day weekend. we'l see a lot of sunshine across the north east. cape cod will be in the lower 70s. and we have t peratures into the low 80s. perfect for the outer banks of myrtle beach, hilton head, lots and lots of sunshine and we'll afternoon thunderstorms pop up. a little bit more humid that way too. much much warmer and temperatures in the upper 80s and lower 90s. it looks a little damp although much of the rain will move through the day. it's mainly the interior northeast that will see the rain and scattered thunderstorms all the way down toward the rockies. that's a look at the weather across thecountry. now here's a peek out your
8:37 am
window. >> out our window, beautiful. a mix of sun and clouds. a few more clouds later on this afternoon but you'll have plenty of time with sunshine. it's cool out there. temperatures in the 60s and 50s now. we're on our way to low to mid 80s today. now breeze is up t o 20 25 miles per hour. but we're dry with low humidity. our next weather maker still up here, rain chances isolated for tomorrow and the rest of the work week. >> that's your latest recast. >> thank you. >> okay. your turn. >> all right. you're supposed to say yes. >> he's been trying so hard to get on tv. >> we had to get him on tv at some point. coming up next the love doctor is in. to boost es are doing their chances of making a match esonline but first these msages. (woman) when you take align daily, you have the support of a probiotic and the gastroenterologists who developed it. wherever youal go. (vo)n naturally helps to soothe your occasional digestive upsets 24/7 with a unique strain of bacteria you can't get anywhere else.
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side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, belly pain and decreased appetite, which lead to dehydration and may worsen kidney proble. i have it within me to lower my a1c. ulask your doctor about tricity. there are at least 40 million americans looking for online love. tinder claims to get 1 billion swipes e ah day. >>nd the growing number of dating apps prompting many to atturn to dg stylists for help. morgan radford is here with more. you learn something every day. >> i h no idea that dating
8:40 am
stylists existed but for all of you who are online dating, have you ever wondered why you may not have been getting as many matches as you hoped. there's e anire industry here to help you find out. we talked to love doctors who say that business is booming for a service some local daters didn't know existed. the love doctors are here to help. >> when it comes to dating, there are just too many apps to coun >> i have heard of tinder. >> >> snapchat is theho best metd fo talk to girls. >> with all o these dating options are we more connected or more confused. >> it is overwhelming, you canot spend a l of time taking a lot of pictures, sending a lot of d messages,oing a lot of swiping. >> greg, a single dad of hwo says whe reentered the world of dating after his divoe, he felt st. >> there's a lot of competition for folks in terms of finding
8:41 am
somebody they can conct with. >> greg decided to find a professional dating coach, in an industry worth $3 billion, with a ollion swipes wrapped up twitter daily. love doctors like these work to give their dating profiles a complete makeover. >> part of my job is to helpre them ce a profile that sort of snaps a woman outf her swiping hypnosis and say, oh, wow, look at thisuy. >> his top tip,ose the selfies and talk about who you really are, not who you think you're supposed to be. >> most men write their dating bio, i like long walks on the beach or here's my resume. don't just list your resume. show personality. >> alyssa founder of style my profile is a dating coach. >> what's the most common mistake you see. >> people having sunglasses in every picture, obscured, blurry
8:42 am
pictures. >> the bathroom selfie. t >>he bathroom selfie is huge. especially for men. >> why do they do that? >> so wed tag along as alyssa worked with one of her clients, tony to snap new dating profile pictures. >> have you been on better dates since having dating advice help? >> a little bit because my profile now reflects more of who i am. i'm also attracting more guys that are -- tt can see the real me. >> and for singles, looking for guidance about what to say once an initial match has been found, there's amy noble, founder of love amy, she writes notes to potential matches, actually pretending to be h clients. >> yes i am speaking for them but it's really innocuous stuff, where did you go to school, have pets, i'll never say anything that's not true to them. >> amy helped client dalton ite to a wom who caught his eye. >> the result
8:43 am
>> i'm dating the girl that i was initially ierested in, honestly. i had a lot of success with it. >> i think dating in this day and age is liketa full con sport. it is so tough. >> for all of my clients, they want to feel validated, they wanto feel like what they're experiencing is not abnormal. >> now, with new and improved profiles, greg says he's hopeful that true love is within swiping distance. >> i'm optimistic i feel that sooner or later i'll find somebody that i really connect with. >> so what'ses interng is that all of the daters we spoke to have seen better results since hiring their dating stylists, it's not just in terms of they felt more confident because they felt like they were bringing their authentic selves. >> that's good. here's the one thing that i'm note sur about. what happens when they have to write their own words? >> i guess we'll just see.
8:44 am
i'd be a little m low y. >> that's a good story. thank you, morgan. >> coming up, summer gardening for people that don't he a green thumb. george to the rescue is here. we'll be back after this. ♪ 1,2,3,4
8:45 am
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8:46 am
it is thatime of year when you walk or drive-thru your neighborhood and see so many beautiful flowers in bloom and if you're like me youe might b behind getting your garden ready for spring or putting something in a pot to i maket look nice. our next guest says it's not too late for any of us. one of my favorite people is here. heere with great tips and tricks for all of us. >> no matter where you live in the country. >> yes. >> so it's not too late to do something amazing. >> no, actually all of this just camef out o my friend's farm yesterday. >> really? >> and will go into people's yards this weekend. so we have annuals and
8:47 am
perennials. it's not too late. you can get that for the whole summer and repeat shows year in and yea out. it really depends on what you're looking for but all of this, if you're going to bring the bees to your yard which is a good thing or the high draydrangeas. >> i bought something the other day for mother's day and they're all about am i supposed to be watering them every day or every other day? i don't know what to do. >> whether you do it in a pot or your garden bed, you don want to put your glovesn because you dot want to get too dirty. >> we can all do this. >> even if it's a light green and not the darkest green s you canll do this. you want to make sure that you have room in your oil and then
8:48 am
take the plant. >> i have never done this. >> you put it in like so.ok >> . >> all right. and now what we're doing, these been in think about this. now we're putting them in their forever hos. wake up these roots and give it a tilittle tickle. >> tickle the roots. wake them up and let themnow they're in for bigger and better things. and add a little oil around there. >> you can do this in your pots and your garden. it's tha easy. start with plants that can stand up to it. >> how much would i have to water. >> you want to water. right now.
8:49 am
water in the morning and evening. people always think want you ant to water, it's really hot out i better water the plants. in the middle of the day you're going to get water drops on your leaves. it's going to burn the leaves. so it's not good. >> what happens if you don't have a yard? a little back patio or window. >> ore people in th city are busy. i had an aloe plant in college. brought some life into the room andf any o these they bring life into your house and they're hard to kill. they are plants but ah. >> she wanted an herb garden. >> yes. >> rets throw a little thyme in there. >> nice. >> and can you do it right
8:50 am
outside. >> how about you peter? how about a little mint for you. >>hank you so much. >> and i have to tell everybody you can catch season 10. >> season 10 s. can you believe it >> starting on september 21st right here on nbc. >> cheers. >> thank you. >> cheers. >> up next, peter is making some father's daybreak fast treats with the most recent top chef junior champ. nice but first these messages. t? for adults wveh moderately to sely active crohn's disease, stelara® works differely. studies showed relief and remission, with dosing every 8 weeks. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization. bestre treatment, get for tb. tell your doctor if you have an infection or flu-like symptoms or sores, have had cancer, or develop new skin growths, if anyone in your houseneed. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems, uding headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems. these may be signsf a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. some serious allergic reactions and lung inflammation can occur.
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this morning on oday "today" food, we are showing love to dads this father's day, kid chef, and top chef junior winner is here with easy breakfast, treats, for today, i'm the dad so i'm giving other kids ideas to help their dad out. congratulations, we're going to start with breakfast pizza. give a sense of how you do the sauce. >> we have cumin, cayenne, paprika, and garlic, and the spices add a nice flavor to the whole dish. >> you can sme that already. >> then tomato sauce goes in. >> yeah, wre going to add our grape tomatoes and crushed tomatoes, i like the grape tomatoes because they add texture. you do do the mixing, the talking. you get this all mixed in, tomatoes in there as well. >> we'll simmer for 10 minutes
8:53 am
until it turns into a sauce that you can put on to a pizza right here. >> looks delicious. >> and for the dow, what's the best strategy for going about that? >> i like to brush on olive oil. just so it sticks on. it's like this onion based curry. it's obviously optional. if you don't like it, trade it for something like cumin. >> who taught you to cook this well? >> my darents. they love to cook. >> nice. >> you're hired, my friend. >> can we talk about shack, putting eggs together with your tomato. what exactly is it? >>t's aomato based dish, it's north african, a little bi israeli, and is primarily, eggs, spices and tomatoes, and i decided to turn it into a pizza becausehought it would be great for father's day, a brunch tor to pick it up with your finger. >> tell me how you work the eggs in. >> sprinkle sauce over here.
8:54 am
and we'll make wells into the pizza. lready eating. >> mine is almost finished. it's so good! we're going to have to work ons t at the end of this. the eggs, keep going. >> make a well right here, perfect. dip the eggs in, we havegs four eg you can make a smaller pizza, do two eggs. this is a ctomizable recipe. >> how long do you want this to cook for. >> 15 minutes. >> at about what temperature. >> about 350 >> that looks delicious. save me some, ladies, i want to try that. it looks fantastic. swiss ll, can we talk about the swiss roll. >> it's basically a sponge with jelly and whipped cream. egg, vanilla, flowur. this is a quick sponge. takes about 12 minutes in the oven. >> do you feel like the families, tomorrow we're making eggs and bacon, we're teaching you >> here's the problem, i don't
8:55 am
see any of this dessert on the plat >> i'm goi to deliver dessert. >> can you bring us a especially treat? >> have a little help overhe . >> we should be giving you dessert. we should be giving you something. what can we give you peter, can give you desser >> daddy, we have a little help. >> what? how did you guys get here? >> what a surprise j i wast talking to you guys. >> thank you, mom. >> what a treat. >> sprise. >> good work. >> we had a lot of work to doo surprise you, to get here from d.c. >> oh, my gosh. nicky, this is my family, thank you so much for being with us. i'm so excited. >> bring over that dessert. they wt to help you cook. >> fine, do we have a moment. keep making dessert. >> okay. so y what do put in there? >> we rolled our swiss roll into
8:56 am
a damp towel. >> and now we're out of time. >> go to good morning. the latest on a deadly overnight shooting. >> murder on the hill, poli nvestigate a double shooting
8:57 am
along pennsylvania avenue. tell you what we know comg up on news 4. >> a mix of sun and clouds today but still fairlybl comforta we have your full forecast including rain for father's day. we'll time it yut forou coming up. >> plus the pro basketball player is keying her word when it comes to speaking out against the violence in southeast d.c. hear her message for they. cit >> the big project sunday way that could keep your lights on during the nextm. big st it will cost you though. more on the plans to bury power lines how long it would take. those stories we're the slowskys. we like drip coffee, layovers- -and waiting on hold. what we don't like is relying on fancy technology for help. snail mail! we were invited to a y2k party... uh, didn't that happen, like, 20 years ago? oh, look, karolyn, we've got a mathematician onur hands! check it out! now you can schedule a callback or reschedule an appointment,w even on nikends. today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome.
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no problem, come on in. ♪ a.m. now, good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gillchrist. the air is a little crisp for a june morning. going to be a nice afternoon as we roll into father's day. at first i need to establish for people, no, you did not miss the weekend. t is not monday. people on twitter are all out of sorts early in the morning when i show up on a saturday. >> it's so funny because i was
9:00 am
telling you somebody wrote on my facebook page they kept the tv on overnight and ey hear your voice and they're like wait is it still friday. >> i wanted to spend extra time with you. here i am. >> you didn't get enough this week did you? i'm glad you're here and i'm glad everybody else is with us as well. if you're out and about you're getting an early start. i guess it's not too early. so not t much of an early start but still the rest of day is ahead of you and it's going l to be a beautay out there. temperatures are going to be moving right into the 80s today which is about normal for this te of the year. a few clouds out there but listen a mix of sun and clouds out there. we'll see sunshine.h make sure you put on sunscreen even though we have that cloud deck over us right now. a little bit more cloud cover than yesterday but still nice. winds are picking up so that's making it coolerou


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