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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 16, 2019 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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news4 todaytarts now.
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>> 10 on this sunday morning. an honors student lost to a tragic accident. people in a prince george's county neighborhood say speeeng cars hav been a problem for a while. one of d.c.'s most notorious drug kingpin is serving life, but that could soon change. hear tromhose trying to keep rayful edmonds behind chaos he counter. a nationwide computer outage stores stir at target across the area. how people in our area dealt with the problems a day before father's day. shut down momentarily. welcome in on this father's day. a happy father's day to all the dads out there. thanks for being with us. i am adam tuss. >> you think there was conspiracy in this target shutdown? >> you think kmart is trying to get back in business? >> se kind of war. i'm molette green in for meagan fitzgerald this morning. thank you for joining us. to y father's day out ther
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all of you and to our father right here, adam tuss. happy father's day. >> appreciate that. >> a beautiful day for fathers to get out and do sething. >> why is she laughing ? you a laughing at me? >> i am always laughing at you. >> i appreciate that, lauryn. come on. >> you make me giggle. this morning you were talking about walmart was behind it. so that's funny that you were talking about that target thing. >> i could see a commercial inoff, the ad campaigns are coming. >> that's great. >> they are going to make money. >> i am gla't i wa at target yesterday. all right, guys. hey, listen, spend a little time indoors whether it's shopping or just inside your house just hanging out, especially for a those dads out there, because we have a few storms that are possible ater on this afternoon. i want to stress not everybody is going to seeee them. an eye to the sky. ght now it's blue. it's beautiful in the d.c. area. we are seeing a few showers just to the west mainly through the shenandoah valley. you can see they are comingth
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ugh. weakening as they move to the east, but frederick county is n tting ready to see a few sprinkles, loudounty, creeping over the blue ridge mountains. a few showers possible from now to noon. they will be showers. storms possib after 2:00 p.m. let's time them out for you. again not everybody going to see them. those that see them could be strong. that's why we're weather aler today. let's talk about the heat that's aoming up in little bit. guys. >> thach you very mu. t>> meantime, we are following breaking news ouf the district this morning. one person is dead, another in the hospital after yet another double shooting in southeast this weekend. police found two victims in the middle of fourth street not far from southern avenue and the maryland line there. soficers say a man was shot efrl times in the tornd died. a woman was shot in the leg. rse is expected to survive. now, investigaay they are on the lookout for a silver four-door nissan car innn cotion with this case. no word what may have l to the shooting. a prince george'mi county faly is heartbroken after aag teboy was struck and
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killed by a car. it happened yesterday afternoon on church road and fairview vista drive in bowie. family and friend gath aerered remember him. prince george's county police say the honors student wasn't far from home en that person hit him and that person stayed on the scene. llying around thee dstated family and they say that trestretch of road is we need some type of control to get the cars to stop because the cars don't even allow me to cross when i'm running out there in the str myself. >> imagine the little kids. >> the teenager just graduated from eighth grade at georgetown day schoold. in meantime, this morningn police i arlington county are investigating a second pedestrian fatal accident in a week. the latest happened before 11:00 friday night on george mason drive. early investigations here from police reveal that robert bramwell was in the roadway outside the crosswalk though and did not have the right of way.
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authorities say he was hit a later died at the hospital. the driver is cooperating with the investigation. meantime, on wednesday morning a woman struck on columbia pike and four mile run. she was taken to the hospital but sheied the next day. c> an update on a deadly crash in prince george'sounty. state police tell us the person who died was drivg the wrong way. we brought youthis as breaking news yesterday morning. poli say a driver was headed east on the westbound lanes of route 50 near martin luther king jr. highway. the driver also caused ara sepa crash before colliding with a car and tractor-trailer. one person flown to the hospital. the driver who died was going in onthe wrg direction. the fate of aus notorio drug kingpin is being discussed in an openforum. rayful edmonds is currentlyrv seing a life sentence. w he once ran one of the mostdr proli rings in the district. now decades later the public is getting a chance to weigh in on whether or not he should get out of prison early.
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people gathered for a public hearing at martha's table in southeast yesterday. edmond was convicted in 1990 and he spent the0 pastars cooperating with the government. now a judge dciding whether that help entitles him to a shorter sentence. >> if i could speak upon the change and hling from all of us. >> cooperation with the government is certainly a factor. i think another factor is one conducts themselves even while they are incarcerated. >> prosecutors say that edmond continued to run his drug ring whilhe was in prison. they are arguing against any sort of early release. there is one more public forum.h after that office of the attorney general will file a brief with the judge based on >he information from all of the forums. no evidence of foul play. that is what fairfax county police are saying about a drowning in mclean. they found a man dead in a pool on pine hill road yesterday afternoon. the place for where this
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happened is an oxford house. it's a home that helps people recover from drugs and alcohol. protests erupt during d.c. mayor muriel bowser's speech during a housing expo. take a look. >> there is affordable housing! there is no affordable housing! >> w, the protesters held a sign here that said fix public housing. one person yellingtop gentrification. police quickly escorted them out. the scene playing outhe at convention center yesterday. here is how the mayor reacted. >> the one thing i am not, i would never allow anybody to say, is to call muriel bowser a liar. >> well, mayor wser recently announced a new initiative to make it easier for people to a afford new home. it provides discounted rates tos employe. so far we have not heard back
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for commenmo this ing target is apologizing for a technical glitch that shut down registers for hurs. hours, people. that's what happened, too, as a result. people turned to their social media to vent. this shopper at a store in tennessee posted video of long lines on her instagram account yesterday. similar scenes played out in stores across the country. in our area there was a custome in rocksville that posted this picture. target says the registers were down for twors painful hou i don't know if they used the word pain. . i'm sure it was painful to them. preventing cashiers from scanning the merchandise. >> we were just shopping around and there was an overhead page that said the systemsere down in target and nobody could buy anything so they were going to close t store. >> target says the registers are back online. they are assuring customers that it was not a data breach and no informs compromiod.
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you get t save money though if you t walked out of store because i ways buy way too much. >> nobody walked they kept shopping. that conflict between the unite states and irancontinues toal escate in the middle east. iran denies attacking to tankers in the gulf of u.s. officials are debunking that claim with the release of this video. they say it shows iran's islamic revolutionary guard removing an unexploded min from the side of one of the tankers. president trump says there is no doubt in his mind. >> iran did it. you know they d it because you saw the boat. one of the mines didn't explode and it probably has iran written all over it. >> the u.s. says they fired last week. they are countering what
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officials call imminent threats from iran. >> the iran conflict will be one of the topics on "meet the press" with chuck todd. he will also speak with presidential candate mayor pete buttigieg and mice house minority whip steve scalise. that's after news4 today. >> today lonnie bunch will become the first african-american to oversee all of the smithsonian's museums and parks. bunch founded the smithsonian's national museum of african-americ african-american history and culture. he will become the institution's 14th secretary while overeing 19 museums and the national zoo. bunch spoke with "nbc nightly news" last night. he admits he is not on making history, he is paving the way for others. >> i am stunned by how some of the maintenance people, the security guards are suddenly stopping me and saying, if you could be secretary, i could be anything, too.
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>> nch says as a kid his family would come from new jersey to see mtheeums here in d.c. and he says everything he's ever done has been touched by the smithsonian. you know, theam african-erican museum, i mean, that thing so popular still. >> yeah. >> two years later? >> yeah. >> you need to go back two or three times to take it all in. congratulations to him? it would it could be the biggest nbao dealf the year. we will break down the trade that could reshapethe >>
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>we need more answers about this bizarre moment caught on camera in portland. it shows this group of people climbing out of a sewer on to the street here. i want you to take a look at this ridiculousness that was caught on surveillance video from ursday. you see this manhole cover start
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to movede around and then sy a person pops out. >> not just one, molette. there is more. they allstart to come out. and they are holding flashlights. they seem to be okay. eventually, everyone walks away. officials say doing this is dangerous due to ureated sewage and low oxygen levels. if you are looking for fun, don't climb this the sewer. it's a bad ea. >> maybe they were looking for ninja turtles. >> i think they are escaping from>rison. >> this week history in st. louis. the blues won their first stanley cup in fnchise history. congratulations to them. took it from us here in d.c. the rain did not stop fans fromg attendinhe team's parade yesterday. thousands came out to honor the nhl's newest champs. meantime, on to the nba. n it's thes that has been
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morning.he nba this it looks like anthony davis is heading to l.a. the lakersc sour say the pelicans are trading davis to the lakers. this means that the six-time all-star will play side by side with who else? lebron james. in return, the new orleans pelicans get several draft picks and lonzo ball, brandonaningram josh hart who played high school ball in our area. the deal cannot be finalized until july 1st. we will see how that shakes out. >> your take? >> the pelicans made out. theyaalso the first pick and they are getting zion. they are setting themselves up for the future. and i don't think afrmts d. is that good. i thinlebron is on the down. to be honest. >> nobody is going to count lebron out just yet. especially my husband. 10:15 on this father's day morning. we are moving it on up here. >> okay. >> a hot day. later today,might get interesting in spots. interesting in spots. we will have
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welcome back. president trump says that he would accept dirt on an election opponent from a foreign government during the 2020 >>election. rt of another very eventful week at the white rause. we have moder of "meet the press" chuck todd here to help us sort through all of it. and also about thera dem and republicans, house they are responding to the president'snt
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commes. yeah. >> well, what's interesting is to watch the republicans walk the line of not criticizing the president and say i'd call the fbi, i'd never do this, this is stillllegal. democrats tried to bring more attention to the fact that they have been calling for, they have a few bills, mark warner here in virginia, house democrats haveo s elections security measures they have not be able to get the senate to take up. so democrats tried to get n attentior that. they have had an awful time trying to create political urgency around this election security issue. they thought that the president's comments would do that. he backtracked quickly. i think one of the reasons he om made the cnt is because his son was simultaneously testifying on capil hill that day about the infamous trump tower meeting. that's when he is asked the question i don't want to make it look like i think son did something wrong. then he backtracked. there is a possibility that was the version ofhy trump.
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wis he sitting down whil stephanop towering over him? >> i met with the president in the oval a few times. >> he likes to sit? >> he sithe at t desk. you come to the desk. everybody that comes in, whether it's staff, whether it's officer holders, memb of the press. that is something i noticed i have never seen him get -- he gets up to walk out of the room, obviously. he receives people in the office behind the desk. >> interesting. buttigieg is in the building today? > not in the building. >> he will be on the show? >> he will be on thehe show. has been basicallyto barnsing every fundraising city you can. find he has been doing pretty well there. starting to edge up again in the poll. we have an interestingsa convertion first about his foreign policy ndphilosophy, a about his struggles to win over rican-american voters. at the end of theay he will not be the democratif nominee
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he doesn't do that. ofll the top tier candidates he is struggling the most there. first ously, we have t debate in a couple of weeks. >> we do. we even have a little scoop. our friend kristen welker and i, we got all those bites from polls that evybody had been talking about. a, we ha the polls, anthb, she got e scoop that the campaign is going to cut ties with some of those pollsters. >> all right. can't wait to hear more. >> coming up in about ten minutes. >> and have a wonderful father's day afternoon. >> i will. >> all right. you, too, man. >> there it is. >> and ae rnder, you can see "meet the press" every sunday at 10:30 right here af today. >> he wants to know what the weather is going to be like. what time do they play today? >> we'll check the schedule. some of us are not happy that they are not doing so well. i guess it's 1:00. >> i know. listen, i think it's going to be
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all right. a few showers and thunderstorms. >> there is always a hunderstorm in the eighth inning. >> yeah. >> you're right about that. hey, let's go to our maps and show you what's gng on. listen, we have got most of the morning going to be dry. we are seeing a few showers west of.c. but again through the middle part of the day i think everybody will be dry. and then some storms popping up after 2:00. not everybody seeing them. if you do see them. we will start to see strong nd wis, also some hail, and even some havy rain. temperatures warm. humidity building. temperatures are in the 70s right now.ea if you are hded out to the pool, those temperatures are going to be in the 80s. storm chances after two or three. don't cancel your plans outside. we wi have a fewshowers and thunderstorms out there. like i rysaid, not evedy going to see them. a few showers right now weakening movi to the east at this moment. but a frontal system stalled across the area and it's going to continue to keep chances of rain almost each day this week. storm prediction center has us in a slight ri for storms.
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that's level two out of five. could see showers and thunderstorms across the area. again we could have a chance out there. as far as what we are looking at for your sunday, again middle ay part of the d not looking too shabby. here comes some storms after about 2:00. they roll right through. they are out of here throughout the dinner hour. i am going to kp an isolated chance through this evening and into tonight. then more lingering showers as t we head i the overnight. could have a shower or two tomorrow morning and then tomorrow afternoon do it all over again. attered showers and thunderstorms. i think they will be a little more widespread tomorrow. we will have to worry about wooring. shos and thunderstorms on tuesday. wednesday temperatures drop, still some storms. thursday a chance of storms.
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4 things you need to one per is dead, another in the hospital after a double shooting in southeast. police found two victims in the midd of fourth street. officers say a man was shot several times in the torso and tied. a woman was hi in the leg. she is eected to be okay. police telling us a man was killed after a shooting in riverdale. they found him shot several etimes nar patterson street last night. no word on suspects or a motive. a family heartbroken after a teenage boy is struck and killed by a car yesterday in bowie. that person did stay on the scene.
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today lonnie bunch will officially take over as the new secretary of thes smiiniz institution. you can read more about his accomplishments in our nbc washington app. it's father's day! >> yay! happy father's day. >> thank you very much. >> have fun on the golf course today. temperatures around 90 degrees. have fun at the brewery. >> i will. >> beautiful. scattered showers and thunderstorms. that's it for news4 today.
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this sunday, election interference. president trump says yes, he would accept information on an opponent from a foreign country. >> let me call the fbi. give me a break. >> he insists everyone does it. >> i think i would take it. >> then gets slammed by democrats. >> that's just dangerous, appalling, unethical, unpatriotic. you name it. >> he does not know right from wrong. >> by some republicans. >> i'm calling the fbi. i think most people would. frankly, i think the president would. >> beforeking off. >> of course, you give it to the fbi. >> how serious is president trump about protecting our election? the democrats debate stage is set, both of


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