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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  June 17, 2019 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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well. >> god tolde it was okay. >> a teetnager is safe from an app. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron iilchrist. >> eun yang. we start with a weather alert and we start with chuck bell and what we need to know about being weather alert. heat and humidity are waiting for you. asstsoon as you out you'll notice how sticky it is. muggy start and plenty of clouds around and not much rain first thing but storm team 4 weather alert a possibly for severe storms this afternoon. the timing on tha a little bit earlier than normal and could be as early as 1:00. this is the beginning of unsettled weather pattern last most of the week.
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it includes all of the d.c. metro area. storms will around the following times. not severe just yet so you don't have to worry about severe weather until after lunch time. low to mid-70s. today's high steamy 89 degrees. the wipers later on the in the day. northbound 95 after quantico. right side blocked because of an incident. a little slow headingou northb but nothing major so good news there. right side will be blocked a little while as they try to get that out of the way. 66 looking fineice and clear. brand-new proble on the beltway. outer loop before riverroad. single vehicle crash on the
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right side. rest of the beltwayrooks pty good. no major complaints there. 270 north and south looking okay. northbound approaching 370 slow because earlier road work. prince george's county faly is heart broken after ka she'd was struck by a car. he was an honor student and just graduated from the eighth gradea she'd was struck by a car. he was an honor student and just graduated from the eighth graka. he was an honor student and just graduated from the eighth grade. justin finch is in the newsroom with more. sorry. we are havg trouble with justin's motive but a report on that teen who was struck and illed a car in buoy over the
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weekend. sy with us. we will try to bring you that report lato we are tracking a devel ing story in philadelphia this morning. a graduation pay there took a w tragic tuen gunman opened fire, killing one person and injuring five others. the gunfire started around 10:00 last night in the southwestern part of the city along dead-end street. investitors say 60 people at a upebration and someone drove and fired four rounds. one adult died and the others are expected to survive. accident happened yesterday on snowden farm parkway. police say 43-year-old mario sanchez crossed the yellow line and collided with 20-year-old ian mckenna.d mckenna diet the seen. sanchez was taken to the hospital but expected to be okay. we are also hing to learn more about a weekend drowning in
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mcclain, virginia. a man was dead in a backyard pool. they don't suspect foul play. the home is called oxford house that helps people recovering from drugs and alcohol. virginia's attorney general is calling for the ste to decriminalized marijuana. mar herring wrote an op-ed in the daily press newspaper. he laid out the reasons he believes the state should ze decriminalimall amounts of marijna. he says state prosecution cost the state tens of thousands of dollars and disproportionately wfect african-americans. we asked people togh in. >> the criminal justice system has been overbearing on the use of drugs and possession of cannabis, so by all means, i think it's definitel bthat shoulde definitely looked a. >> people should have the right to use cannabiresponsibly. >> small amounts, i'm totally behind it. >> herring, a democrat, hopes to
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n ke marijuana use legal i virginia. in maryland, medical marijuana is legal and reeational pot is illegal but you can't be arrested for having ten grams or anss. in d.c., marijua is legal for medicinal ud recreation but it's illegal to sell pot. there is a bit of calm in hong kong after this massive demonstration yesterday. oaotesters packed major r and shut down businesses. the protest is over a controversial extradition bill with china. the hong kong government has decided to suspend the bill, but pro democracy groups want the bill withdrawnltogether and they'realling people to mpycott classes and work today. president trus making headlines for his cabinet interview with abc george stephanopoulos. >> the russia investigation came up several times. or >> rer: no collusion, no obstruction because the attorney general, who is a great
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gentleman and highly respected man, based on the evidence given, said there is no obstruction here. >> you're -- >> rod rosenstein, which is a big thing, he agreed with him. >> the 2020 election was also a big part of the conversation. the president refused to acknowledge he is behind in a head-to-head matchup with democratic candidate and former vice president joe biden. >> well, i don't believe that. no way he beats me in texas. >> even your own polls show you're behind right now, don't they? >> no. my polls show i'm winning everywhere. i had a meeting with somebodls who is a por and i'm winning everywhere. s >> thiek, the president will officially kick off his re-election bid with a campaign event in florida this week. justin hickman was arrested last week and previously accused of sexual contact with a 13-year-old girl atmoapitol hill ntessori school in logan.
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he was employed by the springboard education before they fired him. d.c. has cancelled the after-school activities for springboard. over the weekend a teenager was accidentally shot and wounded while playing with a loaded gun in virginia. this happened on saturday afternoon. eae norfolk police department said the 14-yold boy and a friend were playing with a gun inside the h the gun fired hitting the teen. he is expected to be okay. happening today, two round table talks about how to stop mass shootings and gun violence. virginia senator tim kaine will etings in richmond and fredericksburg. he is pushing for congress and virginia's general assembly tos paun safety regulation in the wake of the virginia beach massacre. >> a man convicted will learn today how much time he'll spend behind bars. daniel beckwith was found guilty for the murder of irfra.
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he h kofra. overloaded power strip started th t killed kofra. beckwith faces 30 years in pr ison. this is the first week on on the new job -- first weekday on the new job for the head it themithsonian. f he is theirst african-american to hold this position which oversees 19 museums and the national zoo. big job but he can handle it. this weekenthere was a special mass at d.c.'s basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. >> they recognized hundreds of couples were recognized who are celebrating wedding anniversaries and it ranged from 25 to 75 years. it was part of a mass. of those in attendance more thab 300 couples han married for 50 years or more. one wife offered her secret to a long marriage. >> try to understand each other and love. and love.
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and being always togethewhen you go to mass. >> she said pray together, that's right. during the mass, there were ten couples that were recognized for having been married for 70 years or more. it wa s an emotionalunday morning in paris. around 30 worships attended the first mass of the notre dame cathedral exactly two months after the catastropfire there. the fire caused the spire and part of the roof to collapse. french president macron will promise to restore the landmark within five years but experts estimate the reconruction to last about two decades. >> it took so long to build. not surpris it will take a while to reconstruct. a raging fire caught on
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camera at a popular vacation spot. savingoumoney when y send your kids to summer camp. who can take advantage of a certain tax break. st don't time getting new tires on your car. we will tell you how to get the mechanic to come to you. good morning. storm team 4 alert. possibility of severe weather later on in the afternoon. if you're heading to the nats ballpark for a 7:00 game against the dreaded phillies and some guy who used to play here! watch out. rain delays should be before the rain gets going but they should be able to complete that game
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we want to go back to justin fin finch in the newsom about a taernl hit a teenager hit and killed over the weekend. >> they hope the diver of a pickup truck can help. they want to know what that driver said because they were there as the second r struck kashied who was struck and almost home. here is a look at him. a ninth grader at georgown day school. police satisfy he ran into a
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sidewalk during this area on ay saturd afternoon and in that crossing before a southbound vehicle began to move in. authorities tell us he made it by t red pickup but the driver of a second car hit the teen. the pickup driver kept going. kamalwas died at the hospital. >> my heart broke for her. it was so tragic. so horrible to find out, you know, that that happened to your child in your neighborhood and youhink your child can go down the street or go for a run or visit a friend and come back home. >> a very sad story. the investigation remains activity this morning. police say the driver of that striking vehicle is cooperatine and to l how you can help, open r app. >> justin finch, thank you. we have new video to showu yo this morning before new jersey. a vacation spot is popular with
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people from this area. f are on sunday and waterfront shed spread to a fuel tank and shing boat. take a look at the black smoke there. a nearby house was damaged and two people were also hurt. carolina coast is also popular summer destination for people living in our area. ov over the weekend a year-old boy was bit by a shark in bald head, north carolina. he had punk wounds on his leg and expected to be okay. he is the third person to be bitten by a shark off the coast of carolina this month. >> really that is enough to keep me away from the beaches. you can visit them an it's beautiful but three shark bites? >> sometimes the boardwalk is really nice. >> there you go. we are helpi you save money this morning when you send your child to summer camp. >> the irs is reminding parents they can save about a thousand dollars per child throu the child and dependent care tax credit. there are some conditions
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in order to receive that credit you have to be working or actively seeking a job. if one spouse stayshome, your family does not qualify. overnig camps don't count but day camps do and children have to be younger than 13. a teenager li north ca says her faith and a location a on her phone helped save her life. last week, macy's smith car careened over an embankment and pinning her inside. she couldn't reach her phone but able to put her hand on her bible for comfort. family members tracked her down using the find my friends app. >> if you have been through what i have been through, you would never say that youan didn't wt that app. >> smith has a fractured neck and a long road to recovery. her mom says she is grateful for her daughter's faith and her grit. and very fortunate. they had the presence of mine to use that app to figure out where she was. >> absolutely right.
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>> sometimesechnology can help. >> right. >> for all of the other intasets it brings. >> we are pushing already 80.s mer in full effect. >> sticky. >> a nice full moon outside this morning. if you have a chance, take a peek. full strawberry moon is about ready to set on a monday morning. just in time for the sun to rise. 5:43 is sunrise so only a half an hour from now predawn color there already in our sky. things are brightening up a bit. plenty of clouds outside this morning and grab your umbrella. a 70% chance you're going to get rained on today. 76 in washington so extremely stuffy and sticky outside. 77 in quantico. 78 in manassas. temperatures in the mid and upper 80s by early this afternoon.
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today's high probably won't get to 90. most of us in the upper 80s. watch ut. thunderstorms likely a little earlier than normal today and some of them, especially inhi ts lighted area, could be severe. we will be watching this carefully. a little area of low pressure that you can see it swirlingity way into southwestern pennsylvania. it's gotnenough ey with it to have thunder and lightning before the sun is up across parts of west virginia. these are not severe torms at this time and i don't expect severe weather during the morning. some rumbles. thunder here this morning i arrivinn the winchester area at 8:00 and rain across parts of the shenandoah valley. springs here uppa acrossrts of warren county and heading into frerick county. let me walk you through future weather. chances for stronger and maybe severe storms start to develop as early0 as 1:0 across part of the blue ridge.
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2:30 moving into fairfax ounty. right along i-95, plan on storms between 2:30 and 500 today. 70% rain of chance today and tomorrow and high rain chances linger through thursday. inner loop before new hampshire avenue a brand-new problem. a friend who drove by there and said a truck fire so we are getting very slow very quickly and keep an eye on this and let you about the backups. you can see the response there in the distance. outer loop is moving through th area okay but people are looking across the median to see what is going on. beltway is being crazy today.
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car rent companies are pushinging back against this idea. 34 states are considering legislation tat would require car sharing companies to play by the same rules as rental car companies. >> i don't know. letting somebody you have no idea what kind of person o what kind of cleanliness or driving record. do you know what i mean? you got to have a plan for that to have the car clean answer serviced. >> especially if you love your car. we ll lead busyives and little time to spare. the last thing we want to do is waiting for our car at the repair shop. >> consumer reporter susan hogan is working for you with new details a new concept being rolled out in our region to hel
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you get that pme back. >> reporter: we spend a lot of time on the road and all of that wear and tear on our cars means a lot of upkeep, but the next time you need tires, don't take your car to the shop. let the tires come to you instead. >> roll is a whole new way of buying tires that gives you t. e bac >> reporter: the new concept offers three options. >> one of our installation service is a mobile van service lly come to you or the valet service where we can inck up your car and take it to the shop and brg it back to you. >> reporter: or you can drop it off yourself. mia gardner chose to have the mobile van come to her workplace. >> just walked to the store and did it real quick and set up an appointment and i did that yesterday which meant dacan do it and super easy. >> reporter: mia was able to watch from her oice window as her tech took the tires off her car and put news ones on her
5:25 am
rims and put them ban her car. a quick call to her. >> i want to le you know i finished your mobile installation. >> reporter: she ducked out of the office to get her keys back and thankful to take back the hours she would have spent sitting at the shop. >> probably half a day, at east. yes, definitely. >> reporter: so there is no extra charge for any of the installation options, incl the mobile van. you'll pay the same price for the tires and also for the labor that you'd p if you went to the shop. back to you. und arrest. a local man taken into custody after allegedly trespassing near the offices of congresswoman cortez. >> what police say he did inside that building. watch out. upa bear is popping in a local neighborhood. we are looking at the effort to have the animal removed. storm team 4 weather alert day. get your dog walking in early.
5:26 am
speaking of which. this is lady, a jack russell mix and she will stay amall girl her whole life and already full grown. go to to the rescue llianalliang to adopt her. chances of storms today and new information oa flood watch as well. stay with us.
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ocasio-cortez..running wild and trouble. oa black bear up in a local neighborhood much to the surprise of everyone whos live there. i'd be pretty scared. now they are talking to news four. frightening moments. a chemical smell forces the evacuation of a d.c. apartment building. this morning we know the cause. plus, the economy is booming but it is making t ngsrder for the fbi. we will tell you why and how the reau is spending big mon change.
5:30 am
we start this half hour with a live look outside. if you're a fanf hot, humid summer days and maybe a little rain, you might be in luck today if that is your thing. is there of severe weather rolling through. looks nice now. but it will get you. >> right. >> they being the meteorologist. >> "they" being chuck bell. >> let's look at a look at your traffic and weather. we begin with storm team 4 meteorologst chuck bell and details on this weather alert. calm before the storm, chuck. >> aaron, i haven't been back 90 minutes and, pow, blame it on the weather! >> that means i missed you. >> plenty of clouds around. suns upn 15 minutes or so. there will be an opportunity for sere weather today, tu unfornately. this highlighted area includes the d.c. metro area through baltimore and south side of
5:31 am
philly but not seve weather before noon but a likelihood of showers and rumble. thunder first thing this morning across partof easternest virginia and northern shenandoah valley. these showers and thunderstorms this morning will not be severe but grab your umbrella today and is also just in. a flash flood watch issued by the national weather service at includes all of the d.c. metro area prince george's county and fairfax county and loudoun county. temperatures it is steamy this morning. mid-70s now. near 90or a high today. this won't are our last day to face a rain chance either. more coming up in a few. inner loop mr. new hampsavre ue slow here. 1.5-mile backup because of a truck fire. up in the distance. only the left lane is getting
5:32 am
by. we think this will get out of the way quickly and everything will be released but we are still keeping an eye on it to let you know how that develops. single vehle crash on the right side not causing any impact. outer loop at bp parkway is causing delays as well. this crash was cleared out of the way. delays on the orange line because of a signal problem at cheverley. one person in philadelphia was killed and eight others wounded during a shooting at graduation party last ght. it happened after 10:00. 60 people are gathered to celebrate when one person opened fire. no arrests have been made and no motive has y en determined. closer to home. a sunday morning homicide in southeast washington remains under investigation. police say arkeen jacks was
5:33 am
found dead and he had been shot. a woman was also hit multiple times but is still alive. aeo prince ge's countyge teenar life was cut shortby tragedy. >> kamal nashid died over the weekend. justin finch is in the newsroom with more on this heart breaking story. very sad, justin. >> reporter: very sad, indeed. you can imagine the grief this family is now going through. the answers are likelyow looking for the driver of a red pickup, someone they believe may have been a witness of the fatal collision. here is aok l at kammal nashid. out for a jog on saturday afternoon, police say he ran into this crsswalk arriving there before southbound vehicle
5:34 am
traffic on church finished passing. ee are told he cleared that red pickup but thriver of a second car did strike kamal and that driver stayed on shecene and kamal died from his injuries and people in area that say the crosswalk has long been aem probl >> it's been a tragic accident, like, i think it was a head-on collision a couple of months , ago, like head-on, somebody was making a turn and there was a head-on. i think two head-ons collision ndd like a t-bone and it's always tragic at shuts down the neighborhood. >> reporter: neighbors say it's a dangerous crossing and the driver of thatstriking vehicle is cooperating with the investigation. back inside to you. >> just finch, thank you. . this morning a prince george's county commute is abuzz fter a weekend sighting of bear. >> the bear was spotted several times in a residential area. the most recent was last night
5:35 am
in ft. washington in the area of jackson drive and adams drive. the bear was also seen on saturday. surveillance cames caught him rummages near trash cans and knocking over bird baths and running across backyards. you see this car driving by? that would you k if you saw this black bear cross your path? a lot of people say this is the first time they have ever seen it has m pt someple on edge. darcy spencer spoke to a neighbor last night. >> what would you do? >> i don't know. maybe run away. i don't know. >> reporter: go back in the house? >> yeah. >> most people don't want the bea a hurt, just relocated to new place. black bears have in marylan
5:36 am
since precolonial tim and according the department of natural resources bear numbeas have incrd in western maryland due to habitat conditions and conservation efforts. s>> frightening moment for some people in downtown.c. a hazmat crew hado go door-to-door after evacuating an apartment on tenth street after the smell of ammonia was reported last night. investigators quickly figured out there was a water leak and that water mixed with a chemical that caused the smell. the situation was corrected and most residents were allowed back in. the people who are still impacted are those who live in the apartments directly affected by the leak. new this morning. a d.c. man is now accused of setting off a fire extinguisher in the office of congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez. they say he didn't ma it into
5:37 am
her office but he was on the same floor. she was not there at the time. hanks to a strong economy, this year, college graduates are expected to face the best job markets indecades. many career choices are available and most with pretty higispay. >> whi good news but poses a problem for the fbi which cannot compete with the big salaries. the bureau i trying to recruit 16,000 applications a year. . typically 900 are expected to go the bure is spending 1.2 million dollars on a campaign i as called unexpected age trying to change the image who is a potential agent. many people believe you need military or law enforcement ie expere to apply while those are good traits to have, the f h says it hased four engineers and power plant workers and even scientists and hong to hire more women and minorities as wl. the things wkeep at noin o
5:38 am
home is pose ago risk for children. children. then take a looat the we
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> you probably have to put away things you may not realize your child can get into. a 14-year-old utah teen is e being cted with a new invention. >> a cap designed for premature babies to wear and it protects their hearing. elizabeth washburn had the idea a aar ago and it started as science product. it's to reduce harmful noises to protect their ear drums and can be adjusted for a snug fit over the baby's head.
5:42 am
>> premature babies, their ry audito system is not fully developed since they are born early. >> olivia has won several awards for this design, including a 7,000 dollar grant. she has two patents pending and hopes to have the cap on the market in less thatwo years. i bet we willkeee this ta off and she will be very successful anderhaps make mor inventions to help others. now let's check in with s crm team 4 meteorologistck bell with more on the weather alert. >> storms possible this afternoon. if you're doing any yard work, e get it donearly, not late. a few showers in the shenandoah valley before lunch time but severe weather chances comeea y and middle part of the afternoon. near 90 degrees today. your gardening tip for the today here.
5:43 am
don't let knows deer eat your roses! f ten-dayorecast with rain chances in abundance this week is coming up. right now, we got a pretty big slow down on beltway. inner loop before new hampshire and take a look at this and other problems strait ahead. plus, president trump no prepares to ace his bid for re-election this week. but could aweekend intervi take the spotlight off his accomplishments and put it on his controversies? his controversies? stay th us.wi
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a chance for severe weather today and it will be hot and humid. this afternoon a potential for storms. we are in weather alert mode and chuck bell will join us in a few moments. president trump will head to orlando today where he will officially announce his bid for re-election. it's expected he'll tout his record on the economy and say he
5:47 am
was cleared of collusionth russia in the mueller report. >> the president raised eyebrows when he talkedbout robert mueller this weekend with abc news. tracie potts is joining us live from capitol hill with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the president was defiant on th facthe had the absolute right under article ii of the institution to fire the man in the russia administration but said he looked at the nixon administration and said it eidn't work out too well for him. th president described own ng internal pol showing he is trailing joe biden in 11 key states but he said the polls he looks at shows he is winning everywhere. >> tracie potts, thank you. comments t during that abc interview are picked apart by the democrats running for president in 2020.
5:48 am
overhe weekend, south bend, indiana, mayor and presidential hope pete buttigieg appeared on "meet the press" and told chuck todd what he would do. >> you call the fbi. the moment you look at it, you have implicated yourself and i don't think you would want to do that. things are complicated in politics and ethics. this is not. and this is not theoretical either. a hostile foreign power successfully attacked our democracy the last election and there's no indication they are backing off from tryi to do it ine next election. >> buttigieg spoke to chuck from richmond, virginia, where he was appeared at a campaign event. tensions between u.s. and iran and stems from last week's attack onwo oil tankers. the u.s. blameiranian forces for the att wk. over thekend, secretary of state mike pomo said the u.s.
5:49 am
was not looking for aar with iran, but all necessary action to keep shipping routes open and safe will be taken. u.s. intelligence says iranr foces boarded the tanker to remove evidence before international investi were able to look into it. 5:49. phoenix police under scrutiny an arizona family plans to file a 10 million doll lawsuit against the department. >> this centers around how officers handled a suspected shoplifting incident. a witness recorded this last month. police say the couple's ar4-year-old child took ae doll from a dollar store. officers can be heard cursing with the couple from complying with the woman who was pregnant was holding her daughter and did not put her down bec se she said the concrete was hot. >> they automatically came straight toward with force. t they are terrorizing my family and i juslt hopeless and defenseless. >> according to the police report, one of the officers feared the woman was reaching
5:50 am
for a weapon. pthe hoenix police chief weighed in on what happened. >> i, like you, am disturbed about the language and actions of our officer. i assure you this incident not representative of the majority of phoenix police officers who serve this city. >> the mayor of phoenix said, in part, quote, i am deeply sorry for what this family went through and i apologize to our comunity. this is not who we are and i refuse to low this type of behavior go unchallenged. closer to home. protests erupted during the mayor muriel bowser's speech at. >> there is no affordable housing! >> one protester called the mayor a liar about the district's efforts to ensure affordable housing. police escortedhe protesters out of the area.
5:51 am
this weekend proved to be destructive one weather >>wise. across the country, people are cleaning up. we begin in indna. national weather service says five tornadoes touched down in various parts of that state over the weekend. everyone in the affected areas c has been unted for and no injuries have been reported. in arizona, take a look at this wildfire. this is happening in the superstiti superstitionde wilderness outsi of phoenix. many people are asked to stay inside. check out this funnel cloud thatnt formed over ceral oklahoma over the weekend. not confirmed whether a touched down. the entire state was hit with heavy rain and hail and wind. let's check our forecast wiel meteorologist chuck bl what is a steamy y.da >> deed. e mugginess has arrived and en here for the tirety of the week.
5:52 am
honestly this time of the year, you know they are not going anywhere probably until september. n right 76 in washington. still a lot of clouds around this morning from some overnight rain showers thatfe afed primary northern maryland. most of that has come to an end for no emperatures have fallen into the upper 60s for northern montgomery county to loudoun county and cler to the city temperatures are in the low to mid-70s. very steamy today. your commute will be primary dry beteen now and lunch 70% ances 30% at noon b chance for rain and thnderstorms later on in the day. this is not the last day we will be dealing with it. high rain chances today, tomorrow, wednesday, and thursday. i think our next best chance for a dry day doesn't arrive until friday. today the highlighted area here where severe storms chances are the highest. showers in i-81 and western maryland and eastern west virginia. these showers, maybe a rumble of thunder but not severe this morning.
5:53 am
that is likely to change later on in the day today. because of the possibility of some heavy rain, the weather service has recently issued a flash flooched watch t includes this area and north towards the pennsylvania border. stay away from high or fast ving water. turn around. downton. don't dr never drive on a road you can't see. near 90 today and 87 degrees for tomorrow with 70% chances for rain both today and tomorrow. nd in, high rain chances thunderstorm chances last well into wednesday and thursday. i think today is the day most likely if we arey having an severe weather, the week will end dry. good morning.
5:54 am
inner loo near new hampshire. a truck fire and right side is getting by. fivers out t here o scene and could be a while before this is cleared out of way. chopper zooms out. you can see the a whi cleared out of way. chopper zooms out. you can see the bacp. people are kind of looking across the roadway. another vantage point back here inner loop before new hampshire avenue will almost looked stopped. wesinrn beltway look okay. here are a couple of things. and delays on the orange line. travel looking okay on 270. remember to look for 103.5 fm
5:55 am
when you hop in your car today. good morning, i'm frank holnd. jets offer access to 12 free channee of l tv that you can stream for your personal device. american also has plans to install power outlts inevery seat for its main and regional fleets, as well as rolling out tablet holders to most aircrafts. i'm franco holland. >> thank you, frank. welcome back. we may not be able to drive yet but they can run a business. >> we are working for you. introducing you to pint-sized ceos. we are live in gainesville now ahead of the young entrepreneur business fair. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm sunded by these young
5:56 am
kids, ready to launch their own business and do that on sunday. we have a preview here. at are you selling? >> doing treats. >> desserts. >> dog toys. >> [ inaudible ]. >> pin cushions and earrings and cat ears. >> candy. >> candy. >> reporter: so much more. what are you selling? >> candles. >> [ inaudible ] kits. >> reporter: we have so many things to talk about in the 6:00 hour of "news4 today" with the ceos all around me here. are you ready, gu? >> woo! >> reporter: we will see you in a bit and we talk to some of them. up next on "news4 today" we are working for you today to help you find a way to get back your precious time. >> sitting in a repr shop is an
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. now on "news4 today," a tragedy for a local school community. a teenager out on a jogs killed. how the honor student and athlete is being remembered.
6:00 am
marijuana is legal in d.c. and available for medicinal purposes in maryland. this morning, pressure is p mounting toass laws making it okay f peoplen virginia to have pot. that was god telling me it was all in his hands and it was happening for a reason and that i would be okay. phone en stayed by her and now she wants everyone to know about the app that led to her rescue. it's 6:00 on the dot. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. monday morning starts with a weather alert. and melissa mollet is here with your first 4 traffic. >> a chance for severe storms er lunch time today and nothing before then but i can't rule out a few showers especially in the shenandoah valley. sun already up and mostly cloudy skies in the wasgt


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