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tv   Today  NBC  June 17, 2019 7:00am-8:39am EDT

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breakingng ov new threats. what iran just seraid tsgh morng about its nuclear program. l theest fallout from that aggressive attack on two oil tankers. the region with where this showdown could be headed. >> on the record, president trump's new comments overnight denying he ever triedo t fire the special counsel. >> i watch richard nixon going aroubo firing every and that didn't work out too jwell. >>ust ahead with his re-election cpaign about to kick off, why the president just got rid of several of his pollst is. >> dangern the water. the third shark attacth in carolina in less than three weeks. this time,ye b sh t hon we'll have the latest on his n. conditio all that, plus wild weather
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damaging tornadoes and new flooding fears in the south and midwest, ind the threats moving eas today. online outrage. >> i got a little getting even to do. >> o.j. simpson joins twitter and sets off a >>firestorm. nd cinderella story. >> got it. >> gary woodland stunned the golf world, winning the.s. open, his first major championship. the inspirational words from a remarkable young fan who helped cay him to victory. today, 2 monday, june 17th,9. >> from nbc news, this is," "todith savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studioi 1-a rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today."
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nice to have you with us on a monday morning. wait, lester holt in the morning? you did not oversleep. it's nice to have you here. >> it's great to be here like e old days. people forget, i did this weekends for like 12 years. i come her today, where do you go for makeup? >> there are all these hours before noon, and you have to be awake for all of them. >> there i was setting two alarms last night. >> we're happy to have you here. a lot to get to. amid already escalatingwi tensis th the u.s., iran put the world on notice with new threats about its nuclear program. bill neely is sin the capital of qatar for us this morning. what is this about? >> from a very nervous persian gulf, the u.s. is insisting there's lots more evidence tying iran to those ilexplosions on o tankers last week. japan and germany are asking for more proof. just this morning, iran is threatening to ramp up its
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nuclear stockpile ,production putting pressure on the west and deepening the crisis with the u.s. after the crimes at sea, the detective work on land. the damage from explosives now forensically examinedor clues. boardi one tanker before international investigators. the ship's crews are safepi sh in the gulf is not. six tankers targeted now in five weeks. america's top diplomat in no doubt. >> it's unmistakable what happened here. these were attacks by the islamic republi of iran with a clear intent to deny transit strait. the >> the u.s. says this video is proof. apparently showing iranian revolutionary guards at thesc ene of the crime. removing a min that didn't explode. pompeo says there's, quote, lots of evidence, though he gave no
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details and he warned iran. anwer. cn't want e wa w o deter this. the iranians should understand clearly we will take action.>> the u.s. military says iran's u.s. ried to shoot down a drone, to try to stop it filming the tanker. it is a dangerous moment with some ship owners now suggesting military escorts for tankers. russia's president putin is suggesting america is making baseless allegations. and he met a defiant president of iran. he's now threatening to ramp u iran's nuclear fuel production. the speaker of iran's parliament even suggested the u.s. washi be the attacks to provoke conflict. for president trump, big decisions loom. troops or talks? he said the iranians aren't ready to make a deal and neither are we. so the u.s. campaign of maxim pressure will intensify. but so too will iran's maximum
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resistance. >> and bill, the bulletin this morning is about this threat from iran to increase their nuclear production. what does that mean? nuclear fuel or nuclear power? >>o yeah, just within the last few hours, iran says it will have enriched so much uranium that by the end of the month, within ten days, it says, it will have reached the limit of the nuclear deal. that's the deal that the u.s. pulled out of. but it's now saying w itl increase production drastically. its president saying time is short to save this al. so yes, it's piling pressure on europe, which remember, still abides by this deal, but it's also flexing its muscle toward the u.s., saying to the u.s., look, you can pressure us with your you can strangle us economically, but we also have levers to pull, and one of them is a nuclear one. >> all right, bill neely for us ow the middle east, thank you.
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>> to that wide ranger interview with president trump, sounding off on everying from the mueller report to north korea, even ufos. and it comes as he gets ready to launch his re-election campaign. we have two reports starting with halle jackson. good morning. >> , lester. good morning to you. president trump seems at times eflective, at times testy in the new interview in which he pushed back on the mueller report and talked about a domestic policy priority, promising to roll out a new health care plany this summer. in an interview with abc news, the president pushing back on the special counsel's report which says h tried to have fired.mueller >> very simply, article ii would allow me to do it. >> insisting it's not true, but suggesting he could have if he wanted to. >> your position is you can hire or fire anybody, stop or start. >> that's the position of a g l at lawyers, the position of some of the most talented lawyers. you have to have a position like that because you're theen presid
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>> the president can't obstruct justice. >> a president can run the un coy, and that's what happened, george. i run the country and run it well. go if you answer these questions to me now, why not answer them to robtueller under oath? >> because they were looking to get usor lies for slight misstatements. i looked at what happened to people, and it was very mbunfai. nu one, i was never going to fire mueller. i never suggested firing mueller. allowed mewould have to fire him. but i wasn't going to fire him. you know why? because i watched richard nixon going aroundy, firing and that didn't work out too well. >> ahead of a kickoff rally tomorrow, the president is ramping up his re-election push. promising to repeal obamacare again. >> we're going to produce phenomenal health care, and we already have the concept of the plan, and it will be much better.
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we'll be announcing that in about two months, maybe less. >> the wide-ranging interv w hitting on headlines both international andre extraterstrial, as president trump responds to the reported rise in the number of navy pilots seeing unidentified aircraft in the sky. i think it's probably -- i want them to think wtever they think. ave seensay, i mean, i and i have read and i have heard, and i did have one very brief meeting on it, but people are saying they're seeing ufos. do i believe itno particularly. >> another moment getting attention. a cough going viral. >> it's a fantastic financial statement. let's do that over. he's coughing in the middle of my answer. ion't like that. >> the president calling out his chief of staff. the cameras still rolling. >> if you're going to cough, please leave the room. you just can. >> sorry.ok >> ay. you wanto do that? >> yeah, we just changed the
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angle. >> so at some point, i look forward to -- frankly, i would like to see people see my financial statement. h> you mentioned tomorrow's big re-election pusor the president. it comes as we're hearing about a shakeup in his campaign. >> that's meright. so pollsters going to be fired according to a person familiar with this. some of those pollsterslile b internal numbers leaked showing president trump trailingpr former vicident joe biden in 11 key battleground states. aprent, ntherhe presen nor tamignas too happy about that. the campaign has officially dismissed those numbers as old news, if youwill, and the president himself insists his internal polling is great. he'll be in orlando, florida, ftomorrow tomally launch his 2020 push. >> thanks. >> we move to the democratic side of the 2020 race. and those new poll numbers out just this morning. former vice president joeen bid meantime is coming under
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increased scrutiny from fellow candidates. andrea mitchell has more on this. g,od morning to you. >> good mornin with their first debate in miami just over a week away, today, are ramping up the pressure on their party's front-runner, joe den. >> you holthe key to the gate >> joe biden still leading the democrats this morning. the former vice president is ahead of the pack at 32%, with bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, pete buttigieg, and kamala harris rounding out the topfive. the youngest candidate was not holding back with chuck todd. >> what can joe biden do y to to convince you he's future oriented? >> i think a candidate of any age could speak about the future, but i think not every candidate is doing that. >> beto o'rourke alsouggesting biden represents the past. >> it's incredibly important that we meet the challenges we face with the urgency that they demand, with new ideas, new vying for votes and donors, the race for financiali
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is also heating up. "the new york times" reporting buttigieg, biden, and harris among the top democratic favorites of wall street. with millions ofol drs on the line. this as a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows growing support among democrats to begin impeachments heari against president trump. 48% of democrats now favor it, up from 30% last month. but the country remains divided over impeachment, with 27% of there's cans saying enough evidence to begin hearings now. 24% saying congress should keep investigating to see if there's enough evidence to hold hearings. and 48% saying congress should not hold hearings and wants theo president tinish his term. as to whether the president should be prosecuted once he leaves office, btigieg said he uld leave that decision to his attorney general. >> the unless of the doj is not somethinghis president respects. he's treated itug as it o to be his own persol law rmfinbcws
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journal" poll. the enthusiasm for elizabeth warren isp seven points among democratic primary voters since just march. while enthusiasm for biden is shrinking by that same amount. both of them will be appearing at an event in washington today. savannah and lester. >> andrea, thank you. you mentioned the first democratic debate. it's in miami over two nights. june 26th and 27th airing here as well as nbc and telemundo. we'll b monitors along with jose diaz bulaur and rachel maddow. >> now to a hng spot bei watched by washington. hong kong protesters taking to the streets in historicumbers are demanding the rignation of its embattled leader. janis mackey frayer joins us from hong kong. good morning. >> good morning, guys. serious groundswell against chinese rule here. people are worried this proposed extradition law will target political critics who could then be sent to the mainland and be pulled into china's judicial
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system. yesterday, that sea of people in the streets, most of them wearing black, a few hundred of them still here today. it's putting a lot of pressure on hong kong's leader, carrie lam, who said she would delay passing that law. she even apologized. but pgtesters say it's all too little too late, and they added her resignation to their list of demands. thismorning, an ironic twist. the leader of pro-democracy protests here i w 2014 released from prison today and he's come outwinging saying people will be out in force. >> janice, thank you. now to yet another shark attack in the waters off north carolina. this morning, an 8-year-old boy isecovering after he became the thirdti vuserrymt j sanders story for us. good morning. >> well,ood morning, savannah. yeah, the 8-year-old little boy was splashing in the waters of north carolina when a shark bit his leg. fortunately, it appears that his injuries are not as bad as those
7:14 am
to two others who have been attacked in the long stretch of the north carolina coast by sharks this month. vacationers bloc to balkhead island for summer fun. but for any, 8-year-old bo the pristine waters turned terrifying sunday afternoon when a shark aacked him near the shore. >> responding to a shark bite. >> the shark grabbed him by the leg but lt him with only puncture wounds. he was treatedt a local hospital and is expected to make a full rovery. it's the third shark attack this month alone. 19-year-old surfer austin reed suffered a bite to his foot last week, leaving him with a 10-inc> wound. told my friend, i think i just got bit by a shark. i glanced at it and saw glood in the water. >> two weeks ago, 17-year-old paige winter lost her left leg
7:15 am
and two fingers fighting off a shark. >> she was underwater. when i pulled her up, a shark came up with her. it was a big shark. >> a one-timemarine, her father, now an emt, repeatedly punching the predator. likely saving her life. >> i was hitting it, and i hit it with everything i could. and it let go. >> surprisingly, paige defending sharks, even after her attack >> i thing i could transform this into something good for me and good for sharks and good for hee environment too. >> her fat just grateful she survived. >> a shark took her leg. but it did not take her spirit. >> the experts say the chances of being attacked by a shark are still very slim. 1 in 4 million. th chances of getting attacked by a shark along the north carolina coast may seem like they're increased, and typically, there are only two to three shark attacks along the coast of north carolina in an entire year, so the fact we had three, guys, is certainly eyeg,
7:16 am
poppinnd a lot of attention for what is now really the beginning of the swimming season. >> good to put it all in perspective. kerry sanders, thank you very much. an unforgettable father's day for golfer gary woodland. take a look. got it. >> a major champion, gary woodland. >> wood ln winning the u.s. open oot birdie th a 30 putt on the 18th green at pebble beach. he held off late charge from brooks koepka, attempting to win his third straight u.s. open. thisas his fir ever win at a major. we'll have much more on his story. i think he has onechild. >> and one on the way. good father's day. one to remember, for sure. let's say good morning to al. s? >> good morning, and thank you for getting your national weather from us. take a look yesterday in
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colorado. so much hail, it looks like snow. plus, theyasad msive flooding going on as well. texas, they had massive winds.av he downpours. a lot of big problems. and we have more of the same happening today. power lines down. you can s heavy showers and thunderstorms. flash flood watches down along the coast of texas. as we move to the northeast, we have flash flood watches also. heavy rain going on just south of akron. they have high water rescues going on even as we speak. we're watching that very closely. we have days of rain now, trains of storms. thre systems stacked up. there will be a fourth moving up later as we get into tomorrow, the first -- the second system moves off the coast. third system through the ohio river valley. a fouh syste developing in the plains. it continues to push through during the week. wednesday through thursday, rainy weather continuing along this meandering front. finally friday moves through. look at this wide area that will see four daysai of from huntsville, nashville,
7:18 am
charleston, albany. rainfall amounts anywhere from 2 to 3 inches of rain, but locally, we could see 5 to 6 inches. andt has been a wet year so far. anywhere, as you take a look at these areas, look at th. wichita, 23 inches of rain so far. 35 in little rock. 35 in knoxville. new york, almost 25es inch how much rain above normal is that? almost a foot in little rock. more than a foot in knoxville. 2 1/2nches in new york. dallas, almost five inches of rain above normal, and it ain't over yet. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. that's a blazer? that's a chevy blazer? aww, this is dope. i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it. it looks le a piece of candy. look at the interior. this is nice. this is my sexy mom car. i would feel like a cool dad. tit's just really chic.. i love this thing. it's gorgeous. i would pull up in this in waheartbeat. i one of these. that is arp. the all-new chevy blazer. speaks for itself. i don't know who they got to design this
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but give them a cookie and a star. good monday morning. i'm chuck bell. hazy sunshine outside this morning. no rain around town. a few showerscross parts of northern maryland. that rain chance comes a herende later y.t. daal flash flood watch from 2:00 p.m. to 100 p.m. today. and high rain chances continue all the way through tuesday, wednesday, andthursday. friday and saturday do look drier. >> that's your latest weather. i feel like i'm in the upside down. >> i'm thinking we're almost done, but there's 90 minutes left. >> exactly. >> so much no 22 minutes. >> i'm a sprinter. all right. coming up, backlash and intrigue as o.j. simon joins twitter. his vow to set the record straight. and what he'saying about kris jenner in a new tweet overnight. >> then, opioids and the
7:20 am
election. what role will the addictiy crisis pla inhe 2020 race for president? we'll hear from first-time voters directly impacted by it in a key battleground. first, this is "today" on nbc. eren to mom.
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7:26 is your time now on this nday, june 17th, 2019. good morning, everyone. i'm united steun yang. >> it looks nice now, but strong to severe storms are possible this afternoon. the storms could produce strong wind gusts and heavy rain that could lead to flash flooding. let's get to meteorologist chuck bell. good morning. chuck? all right. >> seems like we had trouble getting to chuck there. we'll take a break here and come back with a look at traffic.
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it is a storm team 4 weather een your ten-day forecast. no rain right now. we're under a flash flood watch p.m. :00 p.m. to 10:00 today. keep a weather eye to the sky. an opportunity for some heavy rain and even some strong to damaging wind gustslso possible today. temperatures right now are in most.ow to mid 70s for today's high temperature will be 89 degrees. morning. good >> good morning to you. right ronow, pem here, inner loop before new hampshire avenue. looks a little better than it did. southbound 9 before powder mill, left lane blocked by a disabled vehicle. southbound 270 at 24, crash on the right side. , 95, no major delays. >> thank you, melissa. >> we'll have another local news update for you in about 25 minutes. >> for now, back to the "today" show after this short break.
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goal for the u.s. what a night. a record goal. >> lots of smiles, hugs, and cheers. another dominant performance by team usa at the women's world cup. we'll have a lot more on the game and what'sext in their path. we'll try t to havehat repeat of world cup happiness. >> i love watching the grin. >> let's g to a chick of the morning's ut the world on notice last night. iran says it will pacts stockpile of uranium in ten days. it'sn likely to strai tensions
7:31 am
with the u.s., but iran said european nations still have time to save that landmark nuclearde al. the comments come in the wake of attacks on oil tankers in the region which washington had blamed on iran. >> the police chief of phoenix is apologizing for a confrontation caught on camera. it happened after an alleged shoplifting incident involving a 4-year-old girl, her parents, and phoenix police officers. >> put your hands up. hands up.'m >> iregnant. >> this happened last month after the couple said their daughter had taken a doll from a dollar store. the fa, including two young girls, were held at gunpoint. police chief jerry williams said she's outraged and called thede inci unacceptable. the officers in the video have been moved to dk duty for now. the family is planning on suing the police department for $10 million. >> we go back to the world cup. the u.s. has sured its spot in the knockout round after a big win over chile.
7:32 am
>>da dson with another corner. driv. across. goal u.s. >> carli lloyd scored two goals as the u.s. went on to win 3-0. thatuts them at the top of group f. their next game is thursday. they need a tie or better to win that group. >> also this morning, there is a lot of reaction to one of the newest members of twitter. o.j. simpson joining the social media site for the first time juster days a the 25th anniversary of the murders of his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and ron goldman. gadi schwartz is here to tell us more about it. >> good morning, guys. when o.j. simpson was thrust into the national spotlight, twitter was not anywhere close to being created. now he's found a way to speak to millions directly, right from his phone. what he's saying is sparking both outrage and intrigue this morning. tter world. this is yours truly. >> o.j. simpson sending shock ves across theinternet, launching his offial twitter account. >> i got a ltle getting even to do.
7:33 am
>> wasting no time to address rumors. on sunday, he posted a video denying he ever hadn affair with kris jenner, the wife of s close friend robert kardashian. also that khloe kardashian was not his daughter. >> never had i had interest in kris. khloe, like all of the girls i'm proud of, like bob would be if he was here, but the simple fact of the matter is she's not mine. >> jenner also reportedly dismissing the rumors years ago as an absolute lie. the first o.j. tweets coming 25 years to the week after the murder of simpson'sex-wife nicole brown and her friend ron goldman. at the time before social media, a worldwide skeptical of the so-called trial of the century taking over the airwaves. >> we the jury find the defendant n guilty of the crime of murder. >> the jury ultimately acquitting o.j. spson of the murders. he later spent nine years in prison for trying to steal his
7:34 am
old sports a memorabilia gunpoint. >> for years, people have been able to say whatever they want to say about me with no accoun nbility. butow i get to challenge a lot of that bs and set the record straight. >> simpson's twitter debut comes after members of the goldman family recently opened up about the gruesome murders and days after ron's sister kim goldman released confronting o.j. simpson. >> this podcasts an opportunity for me to go back and ask questions and confront thin that have bothered me. >> after j simpsonned twitter, kim goldman telling abc news in part, sel bves simpson is compelled to lash out, adding if my first two episodes have upset him, wait until he hears the remaining episodes. fred goldman also speaking out, sitting down with lester holt last week. >> do you think we have heard the last of o.j. simpson? >> i think . he and his kids don't ever think about it anymore. isn't that interesting? he doesn't ever think aboutis
7:35 am
wife that he claims he doesn't murder. >> today, 71-year-old simpson is living in las vegas, telling the associated press he and his family have moved on. simpson now saying he'll use his new platform in a variety of ways. >> i'll be able to talk about everything. especially sports fantasy football. and even politics. a so i'm going to go out on limb and suggest there was probably some backlash online. >> as you can imagine, that backlash has been swift, many mocking simps and filling his replies with many hateful messages. many saying they don't want to hear from simpson, they don't care about his opinions, but his follower count has shot up to about 600,000 people on twitter. >> thanks. >> thank you, gadi.l we'let a check of the weather now.7: . oh, my goodness, bermuda high. that sounds ominous. >> it is, not the bermuda triangle, but a bermuda high. if you think, let's head to florida and avoid the rain, that's not going to happen because we have all this moisture being pumped in by the
7:36 am
bermuda high. it's a deep tropical moisture plume that's going to continue to cause heavy showers and storms. this seeing it devel morning and we'll continue through the next several days, through friday. we're talking about rainfall amount from 3 to 5 inches. could be even more as you get into southern florida. a i cooling trend out the plains in the midsection of the country. temperatures today anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees below werage. thatl start to push it way down into the east on tuesday. detroit, nashvill st. louis, minneapolis, and dodge city. by the late week, we start to see temperatures warming up. richmond, asheville, new orleans, and memphis. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> i'm chuckbell. it's a storm team 4 weather alert day today. there's an opporenity for som severe weather later on in the afternoon. the weather alerts, download our nbc washington app. not much of a rain chance in the next couple t hours butre is a flash flood watch from 2:00 p.m.
7:37 am
to 10:00 p.m. os think the m likely timing for any severe storms in and around the city will come between 3:00 and 5:00. we're in the m to upper 70s now. we'll be close to 90 for a high today. lots more rain to come this week. >> that's your latesthe weatr. >> thank you. coming up, yankee legend ccn sabathia, aarooone are stopping by to shine a light on a good cause. >> and the cost cutting secrets to save you a lot of money on your summer vacation. >> steven spielberg taking on west side story. we have your first look. >> firss the voi of a generation left behind by the opioid crisis. teens share their family's stories and what they want lawmakers to understand about their struggles. right after this. ouo wants something delicis?
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we're back now with in-district today. and our special decider series. site of the 2020 race. >> we're going to be crossing the country focusing on the issues that matter most. this morning, we turn to the opioid crisis. morgan radford went to ohio to hear from the children of opioid addicts. so sad to hear. >> good morning. we have seen the presidential candidates talk about the opioid beidemic on the campaign trail. it's ming a major talking point in the race for the white house. now a first look at a whole new generation of children growing up with par who abuse opioids. many of them eligible to vote in 2020. the teens i spoke to say they have bee overlooked first by their parents and now by their government. >> two overdosed. >> parents passed out in cars. on the floor of department stores. their toddlers looking on. >> oh, my god. >> nearly 2 million americans
7:43 am
addicted to opioids. these are the stories you see. but these are the ones you don't. >> is there kind of a memory you have when you said this is rock bottom? >> you know, like waking up in the morning when you go to get a bowl of cereal and the son is b. >> here in ohio, they have the second highest overdose rate in the country. shea howard's father struggled with heroin addiction. >> how old are you? >> 19. >> jocelyn. >> 15. >> 17. >> each wit a casualty of addiction. the faces of a generation left to fend for themselves. and now approaching voting age. >> you watched your mom use. >> yes. >> leila's mom is currently in rehab. just a month ago, she was using. >> what doest that mean tha you have to do for yourself? >> grow up. the money wasn't going towards food or anything. itar was going tow drugs. i remember going a week without >> a week without eating.
7:44 am
>> mm-hmm. >> an abunimaginle struggle, too, for jocelyn cooper. her father died of an overdose. her mother is still addicted. >> i called and got her beds at many rehabs >> how does it make you feel when you call and set up a bed for your mom at rehab, and she doesn't go? >> that's the drugs taking over her. you tell me you love me more than anything. that was the truth, then you would get off drugs. >> which is why their high school offers free lunch to each and every student. >> honestly, 70% of the kids that i deal with, sociall and emotionally in my office, are touched in some way by diction. >> leila's mom nickys recognize she can't provide for her daughter. >> leila said she went once a week without food. what does that make you think of or feel as a mother? >> it's sickening. sickening. >> she said between addicted parents and government officials, the children don't
7:45 am
stand a chance. >> t i don'tnk that they have a voice in this. >> but they do have a vote. two of them casting their ballots in 2020 for the first time, and these teens are paying attention. >> we want them to get help they need. >> we still too often treat addiction like it's a moral weakness. >> we he got to call drug addiction what it is, a national public health emergency. >> we have seen these politicians hting the campaign trail saying this is what i'm going to do to help solve this problem. are they getting it right? >> they're not. >> i think they can speak on something they really don't know about. >> but they should also learn aboutit. and they should take the time to actually see what it does to families. >> because these girls want eir voices heard. by their government and their parents. >> i keep holding on to hope that she will become that mom again. it's hard to give up on your
7:46 am
pain parents because they don't gyoe up on >> those young girls are really brave to be talking about this and what they have gone through. so many communities across this country have had to confront this. there are lawsuits, there are settlements. is there any talk of some kind of compensation for these communities? >> there's actually a ng groundbreaki proposal right now sitting in an ohio federal nd basically, it means every single city in the united states could receive a payout from the big drug companies as part of a national settlement. they took a map and looked at where the highest distributions were and where the highest overdoses were and that's how they would determine how much each city gets. this is all in the hands of a federal judge. >> presumably the cities could use it for treatment programs. >> important to hear the voices of these kids. >> morgan, thank you so much. for more on this and other issues on the minds o voters in ohio, tune in for the deciders town hall, that's a special event from dayton tonight at 10:00 eastern on msn bbc. >> more on gary woodland's
7:47 am
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7:51 am
>> awesome. b we'reack with more on gary woodland's historic win yesterday a the golf's.s. open. >> you know what carson did for his father's day all day. watch it again today. you know how it ends. >> if that name sounds familiar, you may remember him from a viral video.d he joine amy, a special olympics player with downs syndrome to play a practice round, and amy did not fail to improks. take a lo. >> nice to meet you. i hear gou're aood golfer. >> yes. >> you want to come hit a hole with us? >> yes. >> you want to hit it>>out? yeah. >> you do? >> yes, i do. >> let's do it. >> i got this. >> i love it. >> you can do this. you can do this. >> nice. >> y! >> hamy, it was awesome to meet
7:52 am
you. you're an inspiration to us. all right? >> okay. >> you're our >> they're bonded for life. on saturday, amy offered woodland some words of encouragement in a tweet before hisround. she said you got this. and it seems to have done the trick. he's been on the tour a long time, but this is his fst major. >> he won four times on the tour, i believe, now his first major under hisbelt, but to survive brooks koepka who had won two years in a row, and justin rose who has been playing great. he sunk that put on 18 to seal the deal. he had h nerves tested. >> if he could just whisper that now, that would be t whole experience. >> exactly. we're going to have gary and amy here tomorrow. they're going to join us live in studio. sotou can watch again and then meet him tomorrow. >> can't wait. >> still to come, how some of your favorite stars celebrated father's day. >> then actress gina rodriguez revealing to kate snow the er extent of h battle with mental health. what gave her courage to speak out about it, after your local news. f.
7:53 am
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this is a news 4 today news break. >> 7:56 is your time now on this monday, june 17th, 2019. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. we want to check on your commute with melissa mollet and your first 4 traffic. >> a look at new hampshire slow., still a littl from an earlier crash in that area. alt, andrea outer loop near van dorn street, have the inner loop as you're headed across the bottom of the beltway,id woodrow wilson is slow as well. >> all right, thank you,me ssa. we'll take a break now and check your forecast next. stay with us. duke's is far and away my favorite mayonnaise
7:57 am
and it has been for as long as i can remember. it tastes homemade but it's better than i could make. for any potato salad, you have to have mayo and you might as well start with the best. and it's duke's. and it's duke's (laughs). really good. the fact that they use real egg yolks andde there is no add sugar, you can actually taste that. oh yeah, there's more duke's on there than there is bologna (laughs).
7:58 am
good morninm i' storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. there is a chance for severe weather today.ig the hst chances inside this yellowone here between about 1:00 this afternoon and 7:00 this aevening. little area of low pressure
7:59 am
going in pennsylvania. lots of daytime h oting aheadf it. temperatures mostly in the mid to upper 70s. any rain chances in the next couple hours will be near the pennsylvania line. also a flash flood watch from 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. today. have your app. it's a steamy start. we're in the mid to upper 70sno right today's high temperature, 89. but a 70% chance of storms both today and tomorrow. and relatively high rainhances hang around through wednesday and thursday. next chance for some drier weather is friday and saturday. >> all right, chuc thank you. another local news update for you in 25 minutes. for now, back to the "today" show after this short break. have a great day.
8:00 am
it's 8:00"t on oday." coming up, breaking overnight, iran making new threats about its nuclear program as the u.s. doubles down, accusing iran in the tanker attacks. >> unmistakable what happened here. >> what's happening now? we're live with the latest. >> plus, most mystery illnesses. we'll hear from a group of jimmy buffettai fans who they became sick while visiting the dominican republ. >>t was miserable. il>> new detas in the investigation amid a string of recent incidents across the island. >> and the rock and a heart place. dwayne johnson shares a message of support for a superfan. >> grammy, grammy, grammy. >> the emotiol way he's
8:01 am
honoring grammy and her response to thatod message t monday, june 17th, 2019. >> celebrating our 50th anniversary. >> from lovingten. >> from lancaster, pennsylvania. >> good morning to our kids. >> the mancini family vacation. >> from florida. >> than, naomi, and naraya, in orlando. >> we're celebrating june's tofirst birthday day. >> celebrating five years of marriage. with today., >> hi everybody. good morning. it's monday morning. nice have you with us on the plaza. back at home, or right here with me and lester. so nice to have you up early with us. >> i was so happy to be asked. >> we had to get you waking up early more often. >> well, okay. >> maybe not. >> we start at 7:00 every day. craig is tually on assignment.
8:02 am
he traveled to charleston, sat down with the pastor of the emanuel ame church and the rabbi from pittsburgh's tree of life synagogue. both experiencing devastating shootings. >> looking forward to hearing that. >> let'sou get to y news at 8:00. iran is making new threats about its nuclear program, and it comesays after president trump blamed the country for provocative attacks on oil tankers in the gulf. rell neely joins us from the persian gulf whe tensions are running high this morning. bill, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. iran is warning this morning that wshin ten day it will have enriched so much uranium that it will reach the limit of the nuclear 'sdeal. thathe deal the u.s. pulled out of, and after that, it says it may breach that limit.w, no it is already saying that it will increase production drastically. its president is saying that time is running out on the nuclear deal.
8:03 am
it's saying this because it wants to pressure the europeans who are still in this al. but it'so flexing its musclesls a at the u.s., saying sanctions, e us with but we can also hit back. we have levers to pull, and one of them is a nuclear on meanwhile, the u.s. is insisting it has lots more evidence that iran is behind those attacks on two tankers here in the persian gulf last week. some alliesike japan and germany were asking for more proof. clearly, this crisis is not going away, and the tension here in the gulf, a very nervous gulf, continues. back to you. >> bill neely, thank you very much. >> a shooting at a graduation party in philadelphia last night dft one mand and at least five people wounded. most of them teenagers. police say a gunman fired indiscriminately into a crowd of about 60 people. he got away, and police said they were worried about possible retaliation. patrols in the area were beefed
8:04 am
up. the shooting came at the end of a long weekend of gun violence in philadelphia that saw at least 27 people shot. >> now to a stunning arrest tied to the killing of a former arkansas state senator who was found dead nearly two weeks ago. the suspect is her friend and a former camign staff member. morgan is in pocahontas, arkansas, for us, where the suspect faces a judgetoday. morgan, good morning. >> savannah, good morning. when rebecca o'donnell walks into the courtroom,e're hoping to find out why she was arrested late friday by police. since then, investigators have stayed incredibly tight lipped, and the family of collins said they're sickened someone so close could have committed this crime. this morning, after her surprising arrest, a one-time campaign staffer is expected in court in connection wit homicide of former arkansas lawmaker linda collins. >> kind of shocking that a good friend would be involved in this. >> ken yang speaking on behalf of the collins family, says rebecca o'donnell was a friend
8:05 am
who worked on collins' 2018 re-election campaign for collins lost in the primary. >> i'm just as shocked and bewildered as how ms. o'donnell fits into this horrendous crime. >> a judge has issued a gag order in thecase. authorities not sharing any details about a possible motive. >> the investigation is presently at a critical juncture. and no further information will be released at this time until i we are connt that it will not compromise the integrity of the criminal investigation. g tendonnell's arrest com days after a grim discovery gripped the tight-knit town of >> the residence of linda collins smith. >> collins was elected to the arkansas state house as a democrat in 2010, switching parties the following year. >> i'm hereoday to announce that i have joined the republican party of arkansas.
8:06 am
>> yang sd she was a committed conservative and very vocal but never engaged in dirty politics. >> she may diyogree with but she would love you while she cis disagreeing with you. >> a hutchinson writing i'm both stunned and saddened. collins served in the publi arena with passion and conviction. the 57-year-old collins was laid to rest over the weekend. her family now anxious for answers in the mysterious death. >> just shocking that anyone would do such a thing to such a wonderful person. >> and this morning, authorities o'donnell's are still attorney, but they have not responded back. savannah. >> morgan in arkansas for us, thank you. >> we have an important consumer alert to tell you about. ragu is recalling jars of pasta sauce because they could contain small pieces of plastic. it covers mostly 66-ounce jars of three different styles. ragu says it has no reports of
8:07 am
any injuries. the sauce was sold nationwide and has june 2020 expiration 06 s. da that's the news. time for our morning boost. actor dwayne johnson has super fan. her name isra nancy benzanuto. she's been sick and isow in hospice care. the family reached out to johnson to record an inspirational message fornancy. >> hi, nancy. dwayne johnson here. and i want you to know just how honored i was when i found out you were a fan. and what i want to do, what we wanted to do, is send you all kinds of love and all kinds of energy, all kinds of mana, oririt. one me surprise for you. tifrom the uncondial love ensemble. ♪ ♪ now i seeinates
8:08 am
>> grammy, grammy, grammy, grammy! >> she was obviously touched by the story of nancy's life and the husband she's been devoted to for 42 years. she's watched that video a few times and it has given her an extra spark o energy. >> what a really cool thing to do. we're all sending love. coming up, another health care for americaou trists in the dominican republic. we'll hear from a group of jimmy buffett fans who fell vacation there. >> and take a look at who's on the plaza. a few legendary members of the new york yankees.l they'lell us about the special way they're giving back fans right after this.
8:09 am
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8:13 am
w back with today's talker. >> we have f beenlowing the investigations into the mysterious deaths of at least six american tourists in the dominican republic. now we're learning about dozens of jimmy buffett fans who traveled there in april and came down with an illness. >> it was supposed to be a vacation in paradise for jimmy buffett fans known as parrotheads, but dozens of people staying inhe dominican republic in aprilen they all got reallyamsick. g them, dana flowers, who said he was ill for nearly three weeks. losing 14 pounds. >> by midweek, people began to get sier. and w missing events. we began to wonder what was going on. most pele, i think initially poisoning.was food >> then it got worse. flowers said most of them had similar symptoms. >> it was crippling diarrhea.h >> along wit fever, chills, and dizziness. ricky and jan carr also got sick.
8:14 am
>> using the bed or going to the bathroom. it was miserable. >> the guests say the resort was dismissive of their complaints. writing in heart, we follow strict procedures in the cleaning of rooms and food products to prevent and avoid any health sks. reached out to the hotel and have not received any comment. for the carrs, a little compassion would have gone a long way. >> it's so unfortunate because it puts a black eye on not only that facility, but for the dominican. >> following a string of unrelated deaths of tourists in the dominican republic this asd the fbi hel wit toxilo f exams. the country's tourist minister calling the recent spate of illnesses and deaths completely isolsnentsz. the jimmy buffett fans who were siened aren't so sure. >> we won't be going back. >> for today, molly hunter, nbc news, los angeles. >> a lot of folks scratching their heads over this. >> they're looking into it to
8:15 am
seet any of this is possibly connected. let's turn toet al and another check of weather. >> a lot of wet weather, especially in texas and all the way to the northeast. this is goi o to be of those systems that kind of meanders along. storms form along it. we'll look at a lot of wet weather. it's already saturated, the grounds, so we have a risk of flooding setching from memphis all the way to new york today. and that really goes right on into tomorrow, including parts of the plains, as another system develops and brings heavy rain. we're talking anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain, but locally, there could be heavier amounts. we'll be watchingha t pushes ielts way out,he rain. but out west, a gorgeous day today. and we'll continue that way into the middle part of the week. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. we also have a weatherle a day. flash flood watch in effect from
8:16 am
2:00 to 10:00 this afternoon into this evening. rain could be very heavy at times. with some of these individual strong thunderstorms. so stay weather alert for today with our nbc washington app. it's going to be hot and humid, too. in the midpp to 70s now. a 70% chance ofto srms today with a high near 89 degrees, and we're going to do ir all o again tomorrow. stay weather alert. >> that's your latest weather. >> thank you. ms. jenna joins us. carson, your moment. >> 20op pounds of p star today bag. 5-pound first up, father's day. t many took te to honor dad even though he was across the pond. the duke and duchess of sussex showed a new picture of archie as he's cradled there by prince harry. they captioned it, whing a very special first father's day to the duke of sussex. andy cohen also celebrating his first father's day. he shared his sweet photof his son ben and thanked his surrogate.
8:17 am
>> carrie underwood posted sweet post to her dad mike fisher. your boys sure do love you and are lucky to have you. lso, catherine skatherine schwe celebrating with chris pratt. happy father's day to my wonderfulhiusband. watc you be such a hands on father is one of the many reasons i fell in love with you. up next and breaking this morning, our first look at the upcoming remake of "west side story" starring ansel elgort as stony. you see the actor in the middle with the jets and sharks. it's being directed by steven a spielberg adapted from the 1957 broadway musical. we have toait to seeit. it's set to be released in theaters december >> in oth news on friday night, taylor swift a made surprise appearance at new york's stonewall inn in honor os the 50th anniversary of the
8:18 am
stonewall uprising. jesse tyler ferguson hosted and he couldn't resist jumping on stage and performing with swift take a look. ♪ >> swift's performance came hours after sheasrele her new single, you need to calm down. the song is set to be an anther foay rights and equality, the music video which willeature appearances from big names like ryan reynolds and ellen degeneres is set to be released this morning. >> and finally, over the weekend, courtney cox celebrated her birthday with friends. yes friends, lisa kudrow and jennifer aniston. we want to wish her a happy belated birthday. >> they're talking >> seeing more and more of them. >> yeah.
8:19 am
>> remember, carson, anything i possible. >> anything is possible. building groundswell of potential somethinren,tartg g. >>he dsen. >> do you have a click? >> i do. we have a good one. when performing in front org audiences, you want to get a beyonce look. see the hair? youave the windy look. jennifer lopez i known for that, mariah kcarey, all the wl known petormers. whename to taking his daughter's picture for prom, this nifty dad found a way to make that moment happen too. e withn see him on the s the leaf blower. that's all it takes. the leaf blower gives you the same beyonce effect. >> that's father of the year. >> oneat dediced dad. >> my dad did that to me but it was with a weed whacker. >> thank you. gina e now to actress rooesz, the popular star of "jane the virgin." she has a huge social media opening and she's about her mental health
8:20 am
struggles in a candid conversation with kate snow. it's a remarkable conversation. >> it is remarkable. i ha the pleasure of hosting an event for the kennedy forum. my husband and i spoke abo losing his father to suicide, thenri gina rodez came on stage. she's talked in the past about anxiety. at this event,dhe wante to contribute to the conversation around mental health, and she surprised everyone with her cand. jane the virgin made gina rodriguez a star. but her quick rise to fame was a lot. shooting the final season, she had panic attacks. >> there was a point where i couldn't, um, i couldn't pushve through e single time anymore. and i'm one of those human beings, i know either you're it or you know who they are,'ll andle it later, deal with it later, figure it outnow. all tent little dragon in your head.
8:21 am
and it came to a point, and the aslast season w the first season that it actually -- i had stop production. i had to really tumultuous season, and i was unafraid for the first time to be le, i can't. >> two years ago, gina posted this video on instagram and wrote that she suffers from heanxiety. at t kennedy forum, after h hearing myusband chris talk about his father's struggle with depression, gina opened up. >> i think i started dealing with depression around 16. i started dealing with this idea of that same concept that i think your husband was talking h about was eveg will be better when i'm gone, life will be easier. all the woes will be away. all theproblems. then i wouldn't have to fail or succeed, right? then all this rmounting pressure would go away. >> gina, did i just understand
8:22 am
what you just said a minute ago? about that you were thinking that maybe people would be better off? >> oh, yeah. >> without you here? >> oh, yeah. and iai have sthat before, not too long ago. and it's a very real feeling. and i likead that you h spoken with your husband about not being afraid to ask somebody if they feel that way. because it's very -- it's just new territory. and for me it was very new territory. it's the reason i took this talk. >> gina saysn her puerto rican family, no one spoke about mental health. now she wants young women to know it's okay to acknowledge struggles. >> it has to be a part of the conversations we have with thes. young i can't just tell them to geout and make their dreams come true and then to ignore everything else. you know? [ plause ] >>an i give you a hug?
8:23 am
>> yeah. bring it in. >> it's really brave. i mean, i don't know, brave isn't the right word, but it feels brave now. >> thank you. i feel like i'm on the top of mt. everest. but it feels good. >> s opened up. >> but it feels good is what she said at the end. guys, she wants to be a part of this conversation. she wants people to know it's okay to talk about your mental health. that w o really brave her. >> it sure was. >> unexpected, right? >> jenn you wer saying during the piece, she is this bubbly, vivacious actress and s talented and so smart. we all think of her one way. she said to me at one point that evening, she said i am really good at covering. really goodt looking like everything is fine on the outside on instagram. >> we never know the private pain people are suffering. >> she mentioned that silent dragon. that conversation is important. i know from experience and talking about my own issues with
8:24 am
panic attacks and pushing through and stopping production. those are real things. just talkingit about , there are millions of people watching that, watching this now, who are going to feel better. >> tell me about the kennedy forum. >> fpatrick kennedy does the kennedy forum every that n was not just gina rodriguez, but also elle king, the singer, she spoke about her struggles. heather artrong, a blogger and author spoke, and judy collins, the singer, spoke also about her substance abuse and losing her son. it wasn emotional, powerful night. i should mention putting the whole gina rodrigu conversation with me, a link to that, on, and most importantly, if anybody out there nds help, i want to mention the national suicide prevention life line. the number is 1-800-273-8255. >> don't forget the last thing gina says. it feels good. it feels good to talk and tell somebody. >> it's okay to call that number even ifbo it's a a friend or
8:25 am
family member. >> thanks for sharing her story. incredibly important. thanks. >> we have an exciting half hout ju ahead. including some yankee legends here to tell us about the team's inspiring hope week. first, a check of your local news and weather.
8:26 am
this is a news 4 today news break. >> good morning. 8:26 on this aaron gilchrist. let's geto melissa with a check on your first 4 traffic. >> ting a look at lanham, inner loop. a crash there, and alexandria, outer loopvandoren, accident as we, . merrifieldbris on the right side causing a little delay. right near 197, a little slow. >> thank you. we'll have a look at your forecast when we come back. stay with us.
8:27 am
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>> t "today," travel super saver vacation deals. if you haven't planned your summer g still time and lots of bargains to beawet jt had. our friend mark elwood is hereo with s cost-cutting secrets. mark, good morning. great to see you. >> good morning. >> i want to get to your ticks and tripsn a moment. but i have to ask about the dominican republic. a lot of bad news out of there. a number of unexplained deaths involving americans. an investigation going ifon. you're holding reservations right now, should you cancel? can you cancel easily? >> i thinktehe sta department has a level two for its advisory, which means you can visit, but exercise caution.
8:30 am
it's been like that for 18 months. i would be reassured by the fact the government is telling us it's okay to go but be becarefu. use of that advisory, you're not legally entitled to just cancel. i always say call your airline, call your hotel. explain you're concerned and see if they'll work with you. people are very understanding. >> that's a good comment about the state department. you can check any country. let's move along to your money saving tips. three things you should do before you book anything. >> absolutely, first of all, think about regional airports. historally, smaller airports are more expensive than bigger hubs. not now. if you're in philadelphia, for example, checktlantic city. those airports don't charge the same fees for the airlines so often the flights will be cheaper.ou >> yay drive a bit but get a cheaper flight. >> also in terms of getting a bargain, offer if they're offering prepaid discounts. you can save 10% to 25% if you say i'll pay up frout. if really want to save,
8:31 am
think about the travel equipment, planes where someo has booked a room that they can't use and can't cancel, they can sell it to you at a discount. >> and check rm resellers. >> they're a new system where effectively if someone has a ro they can't use, you can nab it for a >> let's talk about great deals on cool places to go. you're suggesting north carolina. what do you like there? >> what we love is wilmington, caro there's a beautiful new hotel, barely a month old, inn old convent. a lot of historic buildings downtown. great place because wilmington has beaches but i also has culture this summer. you have free concerts every weekend. there's free shakespeare all june. fireworks. a lovely wayinf takg your family for a restful vacation but maybe a little self improvement. >> decent rates? >> everything we're about is under $250. so are under $150 a night. >> let's talk about las vegas. we're not talking about a casino
8:32 am
hotel, but on the stp. >> weove the casino hotels as well, but the waldorf astore yeah is famil hotel. >> it used to be t mandarin. >> it's been changed over, given a refresh. you have nongaling, nonsmoking, lovely afternoon tea. g it's aat place to take a family if you don't feel like having some of the late night vegas stuff. >> and good deals. >>verything we're talking about under $250, mt und $2. >> your next pick, i had to double take. a ski tresort in middle of summer. >> the reason i love ski resorts off season is they basically become adventure playgrounds. you can go horseback, ridi hiking, biking. all of that terrain which in the is greaten it's snowy to ski on, when it's not snowy, you can go crazy. if you're an active family, this keystone resort -- >> in colorado. >> just outside denver, you have three mountain t peakst it
8:33 am
straddles, and there isn't an outdoor activity you can think of that you can't find. and cheaper rates. >> you're hacking the system where they're still open, but they're going to giv more of a deal because they arear primily a ski destination. >> finally, take me on a good beach vacation. >> okay, did you pack the speedo? >> well. > we're going to go to the bahamas. what we love about going to the caribbean in the summer, just like hacking that cystwoman the ski resorts, the prices are much more affordable. the flights also much cheape and the bahamas has connections to almost any major city in america. nice direct flights. this wonderful luxuryre rt with gorgeous beaches, and you have -- the temperatures there will be consistently in the 8s. yeah, you might get a shower in the afternoon, but that's the perfect time for a nap. >> this is good for families >> i would say all of the things we're talking about, if you have a family to take with you, any of these are a slam >> great deals, great
8:34 am
information. lreat seeing you. for more trave deals, head to now outside to savannah and carson. >> all right, lester. coming up next, something else you'll beeeding for summer. protection from the sun. >> we're going to walk through all the latest and greatest lotions, potions, and products. tht first, this is "today" on nbc. we'll come back. -- well, first, this well, first, this is
8:35 am
we are sisters. and we just moved in together. why alissa and aleah chose fios. we strm sooo much. a lot of times alissa is watching tv on her laptop, using her phone, also using her tablet. i ki really good at multitas cause m awesome. a little.
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the best internet is even better at ur best price. switch now and get our fastest speeds available. plus, a free samsung chromebook on us. that's fios. basics today. our series showcasing innovative ngeas for everyday products. >> this mor it's all about summertime protection. it goes well beyond sunscreen. jen is here with some great products and a few good mo>> good morning, jen. >> what do we have? >>het's start wit this. this is a way to take your basic sunscreen or moisturizer and make it better. these are drops. they have spf 30.
8:37 am
ou take your foundation, your moisturizer, whatever you use, you add in a couple little drops. mix it up, and there you go. all of a sudden -- >> any product you're using you can turn to spf. >> then this is an industry first. this is from super goop. it's spf eye shadow. shimmery shades. they'rell flattering on a skin tones and they're long lasting and have spf 30 on them. your eyes and lids which a sensitive to the sun, are protected. you can see the colors are gorgeous. i was wearing them all weekend. it's a really great sheen. >> i like that. >> and three ey colors. >> nice neutral colors. >> protect your eyes. another sunscreen innovation. better than your basic typical sunscreen. this is new from coppertone. it has shimmer in it. it gives you a glow, but not like glitter shimmer. >> carson can wearit? >> i will glow. i n to glow. i could use aee litdtle aftergl. >> works on all skin tones.
8:38 am
it gives you a nice finish onsk your . if you're wearing yspf, get a nice glow. >> thank you. you know who's in the sun all pssleb pls.thnke egen wmeit usti. >> perfect timingecause we have an after sun soother. this is the best thing for after a d in the sun. this is from ouai. give me a hand. this is a foam. >> oh. >> cooling. you can put itl on, c down. if you have a sunburn, put it on your cheeks, your neck. r> you won't hear about this in the locke room tonight. >> you wear it well. >> it's got cucumber extract, rose hips oil. it will make you feel better >> what about sun for the head? >> i'm feeling like this wouldg be t. put a little bit of that on there. put a little on your hands, rub it on, and gpr sun ection. >> and a nice shine. >> and shimmer. >> it's water resistant as well. >> great. thanks, guys. >> looking good. >> good models.
8:39 am
>> hanging out right there. >> you're glowing. good.ks what are these? >> okay, so kids and sunscreen. it's a nightm these are called solar buddies. they're soar sm you take whatever sunscreen your kids use, pour it in the top, and it comes out in this roller and they can put it on themselves. and this way, they learn how to put it on. and you pour it in the top, and you take thelue off the bottom. >> i see. >> and they roll it on. >> it' easy. can you do it on their faces too? >> yeah, and it feels good for them because it has the padding. i love these. >> i'm taking these home. >> these are genius. >> ok, so i feel like my life is spent buying and returning stuff from f amazon tod the e li from studio 1a in
8:40 am
rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> good morning and welcome to the third hour of "today" on this monday. i'm dylan here with al, sheinelle. craig is off. al managed to nab lester. >> i w trying to leave. >> you're never allowed to leave. >> i told her him we have two kevins, kevin costner and kevin bacon. a mentalist story coming up. >> blows me away. >> a lot to talk about. happy day after father's day. >> to the both of you. >> did you have good celebrations? >> yeah. >> let's start with you. >> yesterday, we went to a friend of thehow's, matt abdu, who has this


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