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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  June 18, 2019 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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beatenen and robbed during a night on the town. why d.c. police call it hate rhyme. a series ofor scandals f one school district.e princgeorge's county public who ls about to announ will be tasked to turn things around. a child who is not normally happy and coming home from school and bawling her eyes is a hard thing to watge. >> tard by bullies by going after parents' pocketbooks. could a stiff fine stop school yard bullying?mo good ning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist and i'm eun yang. o's tuesday, thursday morning -- it'snly tuesday. one day at a time. >> let's start with chuck bell with what we need to know about today. >>'m on your side. i want it to be thursday already.
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unfortunately, your tuesday wila be very similar day to your monday. probably be a couple of degrees cooler. as a result the won't be quite as much of a severe weather threat today. any individual thunderstorm are likely later today. any individual storm could pack punch but not too much in the way of organized severe weather. any individual storm could put down a big bunch of rain in a short period of time so national weather service has issued a flash flood watch that includes all of the d.c. metro area. any individual storms could put down a hah an inc to an inch of rain. one inch of rain at national airport and dulles under a tenth of an inch of rain son depends o where you live how much rain you get.on 60s to 70s tuesday morning. today's high 87. 70% chance you'll need the umbrella today, >>melissa.
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ou've warned us. thank you, college. in college park right now. 95 south tund. the rathe outer loop of the beltway part of the ramp is blhked because of a cras investigation. you can access the ramp after the crash scene because it is a large ramp there. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway everything looking fine. 566 and 9 no big compaints at this particular time at least. >> developing this morning, three teenagers have been charged with hate crimes for allegedly attacking a gay couple. >> the men were walking between bars in the district's possible corridor early sunday. the two say they were on u w streetn they heard an anti-gay comment and both men were robbed and they describe
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the terrifying attack to our jackie bensen >> i saw ten guys beating him. i jumped on top of them and screaming help, help, help. >> brett was seriously hurt. a go fund me page has been set up to help with his medical expenses. s is a candidate to take over the role permanently but has competition. a search firm established b larry hogan submitted caltiple idates for the job. former ceo kevin maxwell tenure ended amid series of scandals. angela will announce her c ice this morning. the new ceo will take on a big sponsibility.
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prince george's county's school district is the s ond largest in maryland with more than 128,000 enrolled students and about 19,000 employees. today, the d.c. council will attack to move the washington redskins back to rfk stadium. the mayor wants the team to return to d.c. and return to a new stadium on the old rfk site. it says the city's sports and convention authorities should fund other projects. the council will vote on emergency legislation to protect city workers being fired for illegally using marijuana. the commonwealth's attorney general mark herring spoke yesterday about his call to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana. he says prosecuting marijuana cases costs millions of dollars and nadisproportiotely affect people of color. >> i've seen the lives of so many people,specially young people, who had their future
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opportunities limited by an arrest or a conviction r a small amount -- possession of a small amount of marijuana. it can limit ture occasionally opportunities, housing, student aido many different ways, and o we can d better in virginia. >> herring says he hopes public support for decriminalization will force lawmakers to act. the repralican-led gene ssembly has shut down similar efforts in the past. update now to a story we have been following and it's one that caused outrage and pain for prce george's county community. >> a 14-year-old was hit and killed. he had just graduated from georgetown day school. a car hit him as he ran into the crosswalk on church road. neighbors say the road is dangerous. residents say they have been complaining a long time without any action from community leaders. >> it's bad s
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>> i wou put a traffic light here but i don't know if that would help or not. >> at first,ur this chch road used to be like a dirt wipeding road so people are probably not used to the different developments that are popping. >> the driver who hit nashid said on the scene but police are still looking for ave truckdrir who may have witnessed the clem. nine years in prison is the sentenced hased down to millionaire daniel beckwith for dig ago secret tunnel beneath beckwith's house. he paid a man to dig tunnels under his home. a fire broke out and kid kofra in 2017. beckwith plans to appeal his conviction. he'll be eligible for parole afterin sehalf of his sentence this morni
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y ntence. terrence masand a 15-year-old who is charged as a minor are accused in a burglary at fox fire alarms lock last week in laurel. they smashed a stolen van through a storendfront a took 18 guns. is a officers look into the rockvillcase, they did recoverse some of thoguns recovered from laurel. e we are learning m detail about the active shooting incident in downtown dallas. ths is video from the scene outside the federal courthouse. >> the suspected gunman is identified by the fbi as brian isaac clyde an army veteran. he was killed after an exchange gunfire with federal officers. take a look at this chilling image. this imagine was taken by aph ograph who happened to be feet away from klein. tht anoth this morning, we are hearing from that photographer who
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described these chilling moments. >> he as literally just arou the corner. i was just praying that he couldn't see me. like i said, if he would have saw me, he would have shot me, no doubt. >> agents say clyde was armedth wi high-powered rifle and ammunition. it's still not clear why he targeted the. courtho no one else was injured. tonight, president trump will officially begin his quest to keep his job in 2020. he'll kick off his rel-election campaign in orlando, florida where held his firor rally president in 2017. the president's supporters began lining up outside of that venue yesterdayct he is expeed to be joined by first lady melania trump and vice president mike pence. late yesterday, thea pentgon
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authorized saying it was for defensive purposes. they cited the escalating tensions between the u.s. and iran. u.s. officials believe iran was behind attacks on oil tankers last week but iran hasenied that. also yesterday, the country announced it was speeding up nuclear activitythat would violate the international deal made during the obama administration. the u.s. pulled out of that deal under president trump. house speaker kency pelosi spo out saying irano(:d must be hel accountable for dangerousiv actity but the u.s. has to act strategically, not recklessly. the supreto court has ssed out a lawsuit in virginia over political boundaries. >> a federal court previously ordered virginia's district lines redrawn finding the map done by the republican-controlled valid and e unconstitutionally separated by race. the gop-rolled house tried to challenge it. the high court fnd a single body in the legislature did aot have ththority to sue.
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the attorney general mark herringcalled it a b win. ethicss ingates found multiple violations by evans who is accused by conflict of interest. letter to ember sent the governors of virginia and maryland outing the violation. thte board stad that evans' decision to not seek another term as board chairman was due to these findings. the governors of maryland and virginia have asked for the public release of thesu relts of this ethics investigation. happening today, if you're around the nationaluarbor, yo may see some commotion. a drill will be started at 9:00 a.m. it is mock rescues of pethle in water. if you see a large emergency response, keep in mind it is likely just a drill. a man who rescued a young
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mother from a dog attack is sharing his dramatic story. >> the attack took place last week in the stonewall estate subdivision. listen as that man described the terrible scene. >> it looked like she had been attacked by sharks. the device was so brutal, so bad. it's good to be called a hero but i feel i did the right thing. >> this is a a look of family of six dogs. neighbors say they have been living in fear of those dogs for a while. >next on "news4 today," jon stewart not backing down. >> after a passionate plea on he capitol hill is calling on lawmakers to step up. what he wants the senate majority leader today today.
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one school district thinks fining parents will help convince kids to behave. there are showers all over the region andmaking their way into the d.c. area before the day is done. your five day recast i
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bullying is a major problem in schools. sometimes leavingasting effects on victims. now to combat the problem a wisconsin town is looking to punish the parents of the e bullis. today, wisconsin rapids city council will vote on controversial new bill that would fine parents hundreds of dollars if their kidsare caught bullying. officials claim it's hard for schools to punish bullies because suspension would keep them from getting an education. >> i think the parents should have to pay a fine because you're the one raising the kid. >> a lot of the we foundarents had no idea what their kids were doing or what their kids werein dog at school on the playground and they were shocked. >> a nearby town already has a similar law but fines rarely issued. a warning letter to parents have been enough.
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bullying averages 1 5 middle and high school students. the standoff between jon stewart and congress over funding the 9/11 victims compensation memorial fund is intensifying. last week, stewart appeared bere congress and delivered an emotional demanding speech, demanding lawmakers fund the bill that pay for the bills for those who responded to the september 11th attacks. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell spend time on tox. >> we spent year responsing advocates for this bill in the hopes it gets to the great mitch mcconnell's jack you won't jack us around like you've done in the past. so if you want to know why the 9/11 community i bent out of shape over these past, let's call it 18 years,eet with them. >> mcconnell said the senate will make sure the bill is
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atnded. current compensn for 9/11 first responders will lkely run out this year without new le islation. we have new video to show tou this morning of the srms that blew allow many people's backyards last night. check t this lightning show in manassas. goodness. that is pretty bad. >> i saw a little bit of lighing last night myself outside around here. >> did you? >> yeah. just a little. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is joining us with more what we can expect today. are we getting that? >> probably less intensity than yesterday. that being said, summer thunderstorms are generic in that sense of the word. when you hear thunder roar, that is your sense to go in doors. little rhymes. turn around, don't drown is anoth one. we don't have a super high threat for severe weather tod but it doesn't take much for
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akeoueratre to m re golf course,nd vedyry heavy rain. keep that in mind. 73 here in the washington area this morning. not much of a wind blowing just yet so that is good. temperatures 68n leesburg and martinsburg but mostre aly touhir andmornin g.the to sneeze.r for today excuse i just don't want t eenze o camera. that is the only thing i don't want to do. i'll do my very best. i ought a coldck from san diego, if you can believe that. 70% for rain andst thunderms this afternoon. andb aundance of moisture, warm air and humidy around here. there pattern will hang aroundto for y, tomorrow, and again on thursday. so basic sly what you yesterday is about what you should expect for today. although i think yesterday was going to be one of our busier
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day for severe weather. a flash flood watch from 2:00 until 11:00 this afternoon into this evening. periods of heavy rain with any individual thunderstorms. here is the way future weather handles it. not much of a rain chance early in the morning. towards the peak of daytime heating here, here is 3:00, thunderstorms bubbling up here east of the blue ridge from leesburg down to the warrenton area and much like yesterday, though should be riding io the d.c. metro area. we have seen about 3:00 and 5:0n this aften and that chance goes then later than 5:00 down towards 6:00 or 7:00 into southern maryland. w stormsl be dotting the landscape again this afternoon. keep your umbrella handy. lower the temperatures and lower
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the humidity for friday and saturday. >> that will be nice. cherry hill road and southbound i-95 a pedestrian is involved in crash and we have a crew on their way. southbound 95 themp ra to the outer loop part of that ramp is blocked for the investigation but you can access the ramp beyond the crash scene so you still can get on the outer loop after the crash. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway looking just fine. ldriver'senses are going digital. >> we have all kind of tools your phone so having your driver license on the phone is really cool. >> when we cme back a sneak
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peeke how the tnology works and what the state is doing to make sure your digital details don't fall inte wrong hands.
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welcome back. the things we used to carry in our wallets are showing up on
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our phone. >> now maryland is about to make driver's licenses digital. >> consumer reporting susan hogan is working for you with a sneak peek at how the licenses will work and how they look. >> reporter: a digital license looksust like the physical card we carry now but what is different is not eryone will see all of your tails. the app will only provide pertinent information to the person requesting it. need prove of age? this is all they will see. >> that is where the safety and privacy comes in, because you're onlyresenting the information that someone needs to make a decision. >> reporter: get stopped by police? you'll be handed a card to scan which automatically sends a digital version of your license to p theatrol car. the digital license won't replace plastic licenses entirely. they will be an option until all of the states adapt to the technology. >> i think there really is desire out there, you know? everything is more convenient on our pho now so this is kind
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of that next logical step in that regard. >> reporter: maryland tells us it plans t roll out digital driver's licenses by sometime next year. d.c. has not told us yet when they plan to do the same. back to you. still ahead on "news4 today," harvard rescinds a letter of acceptance to a survivor of the parkland schooli sho. >> what the teen wrote that caught the eyes of the admissions office. a changing region. amazon is yet to move in but crystal city is making way for the new company. good morning. mother nature postponed the baseball game last night between the nats and the phillies and other nature plans on doing the same today, however, a lower ance a complete wash-out the game but if you are going to gam, you may want tehe
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i'm eun >>yang. i'm aaron gilchrist. sometime after midnight, a pedestrian was hit a killed by a u.p.s.ractor-trailer on i-95 south before the beltway. >> "news4 today" has a crew heading to the scene and we will bring you more infmation as it becomes available. right now, let's get to melissa mollet. >> this is at cher a hilld i-95. the road is blocked because of e this fatalstrian accident that happened at 1:15 this morning. southbound 95, the ramp to the ter loopmp part of that ra is shut down because of the in connection but you can get to e ramp beyond the crash scone. right now, no major traffic impact. we will have a live report a little bit for you. beltway looks okay. 66 fairway county parkway gets you there in 9 minutes.
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good morning, chuck bell. >> good morning, melissa. it's quiet outside this morning and on the muggy side. it won'ting as hot as today as yesterday. about three or four degrees cooler than that tod the little bit of difference in the afternoon high temperatures -- our rain chances remain high but i don't think we will have as many severe thunderstorms warnings as yesterday. that being said a high chance for rain and the occasionally rumble of thunder later on in the day and rain chances at 70%. for now all is dry on the radar. the potential for any slow movinger thundstorm could drop a quick half an inch to an inch of rain. temperature 71 fairfax and your planner today, plan on a lot of warmth and


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