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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  June 18, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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can you get by on the left. h butre is the full situation. ramp to the outer loop part of that is shut down because of this investigation. traffic can access the ramp after the csh scene. you can get to the lamp but you have to get around the scene first. no problems on the beltway. 66' 95 looking good as well. you look at prince george's countyno major problems. darcy spencer is out there live on the sne of the fatal pedestrian accident. what are you seeing at this poin this morning, darcy? >> reporter: good morning, melissa. yeahrewe just got he to the scene. let me show you what is happening here right now. this is 95 southbound. you can see that some of the side lanes hre have been shut down so that maryland state investigation.k this this is happening southbound5 here in prince george's couthy right at split. if your travels are taking you
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here to the southbound side through prince george's county to the split area, particularly if you're sgoing to go toilver spring, you want to be prepared for the delays this morning. as we understand,at this pedestrian crash happened right aound 1:00 this morning and it did involve u.p.s. truck. te police have been out here for the last s hours with this investigation. we don't have any additnal details beyond that this was, in fact, a fatality. right around 95 south where it meets the ramp to go to the outer loop of the beltway. if your travels take you tohis area, be prepared for delays. i can tell they are building as the morning goes on. back to you. darcy spencer on i-95, thanks. let's check on our foreca with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. could we get more storms today?
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>> we can. t probably not level of severe weather we saw yesterday. had a does severe thunderstorms warnings yesterday. our severe weather parameters are lower than yesterday. that being said it's anotr muggy morning. another very warm afternoon. we made 91 yesterday. i think most areas will stay in the mid to upper 80s today and that little bit of a slightly cooler afternoon should help keep the storms from being quite as strong but could leave a quick half an inch to an inch of rain so a flash flood watch is in place for the d.c. metro area. radar shows not much going on around the area at this point. maybe a few sprinkles down near charlottesville and richmond. they won't beothering us. bring a drop or two early this morning. future weather keeps us dry through the morning. re is 3:00 in the afternoon. thunderstorms bubbling up wean warrenton and charlottesville and at 4:00 in the afternoon thh nce runs through the d.c. metro area. plan for rain and thunder around
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4:00 or 5:00 and continuing into the evening hours today. it will be plenty warm. we are roughly 60s to around 70s. today's high 87. rain chances 70% once again. prince george's county public school systen has be without a permanent leader for more than a year now. >> today officials are set to announce who the new ceo will be. "news4 today" justin finch is live with details on one of the contenders. good morning. >> reporter: good rning. the county has long been looking for a new school's leader for the permanent side. one to lead them our their scandal plagued past into the future and this morning the person will be named. a lot of eyes we know on dr. monica goldson. we know she's in the running along with o severalther names. the governor called possibd vette for in his search firm
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here. you might call dr. goldson took over at interim school ceo from dr. kevin maxwell in may. he, of course, left that job early amid a cloud of controversies and scandals, including that gray changing scandal, as well as graduation now, the sool board did sign off near $800,000 for maxwell to terminate his contract early. he had only been on the job for five years. back out live. that decision will be announced here at the curry building at 11:00 am. in prince george's county. a lot of attention on this new post. up in the air, though, as to who it's going to be. >> justin hafinch, tnk you. today, the d.c. councilill tackle two important issues. first, an effort to move the washington redskins ba to rfk stadium. the mayor wants the team to return to d.c. and play in a
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knew stadium on the old rfk site but the county wants to block that site to attract the team. it says the city's sports convention authority should fund other projects. th council will also vote on emergency legislation to protect city workers from being fired for legally usingmedical marijuana. marijuana laws are at the forefront in georgia politics right now. the commonwealth's attorney general mark herring is pushing to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana. he told news4 prosecuting cases cost millions of dollars and disproportionately affects young people. >> we have see young people's who have their opportunities limited by an arrest for possession of a small amount of. marijua it can limit future occasionally opportunities, housing, student aid so many different ways. we can do better in virginia. >> herring says he hopes public support for decriminalization will force lawmakers to act. the republican-led general
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assembly has ot down similar efforts in the past. updateo a story we have been following you about you about the death of a 14-year-old honorst dent. >> kamal nashid was killed saturday night as he ran into a crosswalk. residents are upset saying the ro is dangerous and they have complained about it sometime but their complaints have gone unanswered by community leaders. >> it's bad. >> i would say pl a traffic ight here but i don't know if that would help or not. ir at first, this church road used to be like awinding road, so people are probably noi used to therent developments and stuff that are popping up. >> the driver who hit nashid said on the scene but police are still lookingor a truckdriver
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who may have witnessed the collision. nine years in prison is the sentenced handed down to millionaire daniel beckwitt for digging a secret tunnel beneath his home. they say he was afraid of a nuclear disaster. heid a man to dig tunnels under his home. a fire broke out and d khafra in 2017. beckwith plans to appeal his convictn. terrence massey and a ld who is charged as a minor are accused in a burglary at fox fire alarms lock last week in laurel. they say they drove a stolen van through the store frontd made off with 18 guns. we are learning more details obout the active shooter incident in downt dallas. this is video from the scene yesterday outside of the federas courtho >> the suspected gunman has been
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div identified at 22-year-old isaac clyde. he was an army veteran. he was killed after an exchange of gunfire with federal officers. take a look at this chilling image. this imagine was taken by a photograph who happened to be et feway from klein. this morning, we are hearing from that photographer who described theseenhilling mom. >> he was literally just around the corner. i was just praying that he couldn't see me. like i said, if he would have saw me, he would have shot me, no doubt. >> agents say clyde was armed with a high-powered rifle and ammunition. it's still not clear why he targed the courthouse. no one else was injured. tonightpresident trump will officially begin his quest to keep his job after 2020. he'll kick off his re-election campaign in orlando, florida, where held his first rally for president in 2017. the president's supporters began lining up outside of that venue yesterday. the president will be joined by
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first ladymelania trouble and vice president mike pence and his wife karen. we willthave more on coming up later in the hour. the pentagon has authorized an ads tional 1,000 u.s. troop to go to the middle east citing hostile behavior fromran. u.s. officials believe iran was behind attacks on were on tankers last week. iran has denied that. the u.s. pulledat out of deal under president trump. house speaker nancy pelosi special out saying iran must be held accountable for dangerous activity, but the united states has to acti strateglly, not recklessly. happening today. if you're around national harbor you may see commotion there. don't worry. the coast guard will be holding an emergency drill startingmo ts
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ing at 9:00. the drill includes mock rescues of people in the water so if you see a large emergency response, keep in mind it's likely just a drill. a man who rescued a young mom from a potentially deadly dog attack is sharing his dramatic story. >> that atta took place last week in stonewall estate subdivision. inspotsylvania county. listen to him. listen as that man described the terrible scene. >> it looked like she had been attacked by sharks. , the device was so brutal bad. it's good to be called a hero but i feel i did the right thing. >> this is a look of a family of six dogs. neighbors say they have been living in fear of those dogs for a whe. next on "news4 today," jon stewart will not back down. >> after a passionate plea on
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capitol hill, he is again calling on lawmakers to step up. what he wants the senate majority lear leader to do today. one school district thinks bening parents will help convince kids to ve. chuck? ow good morning. maybe a few shrs on friday but both saturday and sunday look amazing. temperatures near 80. even the ocean now back over the 70-degree mark. you can finally get in! i'll give you a closer look at our workweek forecast d tween now ane weend coming up. ek
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bullying is a major problem in schools around the country. sometimes leaving lasting effects on the victims. the problem is di ticulto combat but one wconsin town thinks one way may be to punish the parents of the bullies. today they will vote a new billu that wold fine parents hundreds of dollars if their kids are caught bullying. officials claim it's hard for schools to punish bullies because suspension would keep them from getting an education.
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>> i think the parents should have to pay a fine because you're he one raising the kid. >> a lot of the we found parents kid no idea what their kids were doing or what th were doing at school on the playground and they were shneked. >> a arby town already has a similar law but fines are rarely issued. a wavning letter to parents he been enough. bullying averages 1 in 5 middle and high school students. this morning, two foodsare being recalled. this pillsbury flour could contain salmonella. they say some of the wheat in the flour is linked to e. coli illnesses and other products made at the same plant. ragu pasta sauces are being recalled because they may be contaminated with bits of s astic. here ilist of them.
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it is in our washington app. search recall. a war of words between jon stewart and congs funding the1 9ctims funds is intensifying. last week he appeared before congrs and delivered an emotional speech and d that lawmakers fund the bill that pays for million expenses for those who responded o the september 11th attacks. mitch mcconnell appeared on fox news yesterday saying stewart was bent out of shape for nothing. last nightly, the comedian responded to that statement. >> we spent a year asking advocates for this bill in the hopes it gets to the great mitch mcconnell's jack you won't jack us around like you've done in the past. so if you want to know why the 9/11 community is bent out of shape over these past, let's call it 18 years, meet with them. >> mcconnell said the senate will make sure the bill is funded.
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current compensation for 9/11 first responders will lily run out this year without new legislation. w have new video to show you this morning of the storms that blew through many people's backyards lecst night. chout this lightning show in manassas. wow. other pictures sent you pictures of hail and powerful downpours. >> after the storm comes the rainbow. >> so pretty! >> this is from randy barkley's deck in howardty coun. sounds like we will have a chance to shoot more of these weather videos today? >> i never have my phone ready and then when i do, the rainbow disappears. >> he had both ends of the rainbows. >> he is out there digging for gold today! >> where is that randy? >> yeah, really. another chance for rain today. another chance for rain tomorrow and another
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i am optimtic the end of the week and the start of the weekend will be veryc ni but between now and then, we have high rain chances each and every day. here is your radar review over the last couple of hours. the heaviest of the rain first thing this morning is up on the north sides of pittsburgh. there are also scattered rain showers through western parts of west virginia and eastern nn coticut. a couple of drops of rain near charlottesville as well. nothing heavy around our tarea firstng this morning. a lot of cloud cover and puddles around from the showers of yesterday. another high chance of scattered storms today. like yesterday, they will be relatively slow moving. theylfould leave a quick ha an inch to an inch of rain, so there is a flash flood watch that goes from 2:00 until 11:00 p.m. today. periods of heavy rain are possible with any individual storms. here is future weather to help you plan out when that is going to happen. i don't think any chance of rain
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lubetween now and ch time but past 2:00 and 3:00, the heating of the day could bubble up and isolated thunderstorm two and maybe the storms will last longer past sunset. here is 10:00 in the evening. much like yesterday, first round about 3:00 or 4:00rnn the afn and it didn't settle down until after 10:00 or 11:00 and we repeat the story tomorrow. cloud skies around but tomorrow afternoon another likelihood of rain and thunderstorms coming on through. temperatures in the 60s to around 70 right now. today's height not quite as high as yesterday. leafs hope first 4 trfic is filled with good news about the
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community. >> breaking news here on first 4 traffic. we still have a situation where a tiny bit of a slow down southbound 95 cherry hill road but looks like it's loosening up. we had a fatal crash investigation on the right side. things have reopened but you can see a tiny bit of delay southbound. we are getting this report of a week in a building at brandywine. and m street has an accident there as well. coming up next, driver's licenses are going digital. >>up gro of people tried out the new app and seemed to like
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it. >> when we come back, a sneak peak at how the new technology works and what the state is doing to make sure your digital app doesn't get into the wrong hands.
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♪ "america's got talent" returns tonht. we will learn in caleb green and his musical quartet will advance. the group consists of veterans and active service dutymembers. caleb is on the left with the glasses. "the tonight show"ar stts at 8:00. they dr such a gt job. he and bob mcdonald sing the national anthem as caps game ane they part of the team. i think he has a ring. don't quote me but i'll so find out on that. more thirnngs we are used t carrying in our wallet is showing up on your line. >> now they are working on trying to put your driver's license on your phone. >> consumer reporting susan
5:25 am
hogan is wking for you with a sneak peek at how the licenses w they look. >> reporter: a digital license looks just like the physical card we carry now but what is different is not everyone will see all of your details. the app will only provide pertinent information to the person requesting it. need prove of age? this is all they will see. >> that is really where the safety and privacy comes in, because you're only presenting the information thao someone neeke a decision. >> reporter: get stopped by police? y u'll be handed a card to scan which automaticands a digital version of your license to the patrol car. n'the digital license wo replace plastic licenses entirely. they will be an option until all of the states adapt to the technology. >> i think there really is a he desire out t, you know? everything is more convenient on our phones now, so this is kind of that next logical step in >> reporter: maryland tells us it plans to roll out digital driver's licenses by sometime next year. d.c. has not told us yet when they plan to do the same.
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back to you. still ahead on "news4 stoday," harvard rescind letter of acceptance to a rv suivor of the parkland, florida shooting. >> what the teen wrote that caught the eyes of the admissions office. a changing region. amazon is yet to move in but already crystal city is making way for t new company. we will show how. the nationals game had to be postponed tomorrow and they will have to make that game up later on. hit and miss thunderstorms so i can't guarantee t will be able to play ball tonight but i think they will be but like last night, any individual storms may bhang over thellpark just long enough. have your poncho ready to
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this is wells fargo. . breaking news. cporti of southbound i-95 in maryland that waslosed after a pedestrian was hit and killed by a tractor-trailer has just reopened. thgh happened after midni before the beltway. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang.
5:30 am
storm team 4 chuck bell is standing by with your forecast but let's begin withll melissa and first 4 traffic. >> everything is cleared out of the way is the good news. take a look at the traffic laer alert. cherry hill and i-95. earlier issue southbound a ramp to the outer loop with the fatal pedestrian crash. an investigation that shut the road down for a couple of hours. now everything is flowing just fine. not the situation on bw parkway slow southbound at powder mill road. right lane is blocked by an accident. one mile backup there. beltway looks okay but northwest northbound wisconsin at brandywine a vehicle into a building. let's go out live to darcy spencer who is follow t sory on 95. >> reporter: good morning. like you said the accident cleared right after l oure shot at the top of the hour. so we were able to drive through that area and i can tell you
5:31 am
that everything is mov fine now. you can see that 495 there off in the dance so trafficooks like it is moving. definitely that was not the case rr the last se hours. here is video fromcr the ash scene from early this we undend it happened right around 1:00 tmorning. this did involve a fatality. police are lling it a fatal pedestrian incident. we don't know why that person was out there on the highway. this happened around the split ar so if you wereriving through prince george's county south on 95 itwas there at split as you were going to the ter loop of the beltway to ad into montgomery county is where this accident happened. thepolice cleared the investigation. it did involv a u.p.s.truck. i called them to get an update. hour w details rat th but we will continue to follow the story. is the weather looking today? >> all right. we are in the zone for another chance for some rain and
5:32 am
thunderstorms, darcy. don't have to worry about using the umbrella this morning. keep it with you. our chances forrain remains high. a cloudy and murky star you can see here on the regional radar, much of the steadier rain drops pennsylvania and across central virginia and not a high rain chance between now and lunch time. after lunch and dinnertime that is when our rain cances start to climax once again. there could also be a period of heavy rain underneath any of these slow moving storms. flash flood watch from 2:00 until 11:00 today. yesterday, dulles airport wicked up only .600ths of rain. a chance for hit and miss thunderstorms coming on through the area later g sob your umbrella. in the 60s to 70s this morning. a warm and humid one.
5:33 am
afternoon highs up around 86, 87 degrees. ten-day forecast is coming up later on in the half hour. for no the news continues. atm theft at a northwest washingtongas station did not go as planned for a pair of chiefs. >> surveillanc video shows the men dressed in black at the sunoco gas station. they tried to ck up the atm and realized it was too heavy and secured to the wall. they realized they couldn't take the atm, police say they grabbed more than $500 worth of cigarettes and walked o >> not very well planned. yeah. it's just a bit silly, in m opinion! ha ha! i mean, seriously? they are strapped to the wall! >> d.c. police are looking for a 1996 ford econoline van with the
5:34 am
tag fa 1-932. we are learning more about a double shooting at an apartment complex in the capitol hill area. a woman and her fiance were shot by a man they thought was a friend. early saturday morning, the police were called to the jenkins row apartments and when they arrived, they found 37-year-old change dead and his fiancee was found nearby anbeshe had en shot several times. they said they were hanging out when they saw a man who had a gun and theysked him to leave the apartment and they say thati when opened fire. neighbors are surprised this happened in this area. >> you have all of that security and you don't know what is coming out of that. you assume it will keep people out, but you never know. >> scary to think abou happening in your neighborhood. >> according to police sources, juinvestigators found mariana and $100,000 cash in the apartment. new this morning. investigators are still trying
5:35 am
tfigure out what sparked flames inside an ng apartment builn pennsylvania avenue. trouble started after 10:00. first responders found the fire around a doorway. no one was hurt and the situation was quickly brought under control. a person was rescued from his car when it flipped and crashed on huntington parkway in bethesda. montgomery county firefighters pulled someone out of the flipped car and we are awaiting word on that person's condition. he is a look at our other top stories. daniel beckwtt has been sentenced to prison. he hired khafra to build ann tuel under his house and khafra died when a fire broke out.
5:36 am
the pentagon has authorized an additional 1,000 u.s. troops to go to the middle east citing ldstile behavior from iran. the troops woue used for, quote, defensive purposes. u.s. officials are trying to convince the world that iran was behind attacks on oil tankers last week. iran has denied that. >> the suspected gunman is identified by the fbi as brian isaac clyde an army veteran. he was killed after an exchange of gunfire with federal officers. it is unclear why he targeted the courthouse. no one else was injured. new this morning. a survivor of the shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida, has had his acceptance to harvard
5:37 am
revoked. ivy league school rescinded the offer because of racist comment the student made online and in text messages two years ago. casha claims he doesn't remember making those comments until they recently surfaced on the internet. he has since apologized. harvard's dean thanked casha for the apolo but said the school's decision is final. a tenth suspect in the shooting of red sox baseball great david ortiz has been arraigned. the latest suspect is accused oa particing in the attack which left ortiz hospitalized and near death. in a hearing, closed to the public, a judge ordered one of the suspects to spend one year behind bars. he joins nine other suspects in the attack on ortiz wch authorities say appears to have been coordinated. ill ahead, president trumpo prepares t launch his campaign for re-election but he is facing uphill battle to secure a second term. >> changes are under way in
5:38 am
crystal city. we are giving awe look when we return. breatng is almost all of us take for granted, but for some people, just walking across the room can be a challenge. working for your health today at 5:00, we will show you what is giving people struggling with emphysema a new leasen life without major surgery. >> when i breathe nowi get all of the air. >> reporter: i hope you'll join
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welcome back. 5:40, a lot of people are bracir fo the amazon impact on northern virginia. >> you don't have to look too hard to find visible changes when you take a look.e taklook at the south clark and bell street bridge next to route 1 that is being demolished. the car is not the focus in crystal city and good news for some commuters. news4 spoke with a man who communities from the district on metro. he will see the benefit of a second metro entrance to the crystal city station and says it's needed. >> coming out of here in the morning is terrible. everybody trying to stampede over each other to get to work on time. >> the are plans to build a new pedestrian bridge to reagan national airport time to check the forecast. chuck bell? >> all right. dog walking forecast time. this is wiggle. six months old.
5:42 am
he is available for adoption. go to humane rescue if you'd like wiggle. get miles walked early this morning. eratures near 70. no rain now but showers and thunderstorms are likely later on in the day today with high temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. ten-day forecast and two days in the near future without rain chances. stay tuned for that. fatal pedestrian crash riation has cleared off 95 in maryland near the beltway but another problem on bw parkway. we will take a look at your travel times coming up. t presidentmp is hours away from kicking offis h re-eletion campaign, bu with the polling indicating a tough road ahead, what will hisit pch of savings and service.
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welcome back. a big day for presidency of donald trump. hours from now, he will l officiallyunch his bid for re-election in orlando. current polls show he'll have a
5:46 am
rough path forward to securing that serkcond term. >> his own internal polling shows he trails joe biden by 11 points. wempaign staffers who leaked that information promptly fire and the president is denying that polling ever happened and he is winning everywhere. >> tracie potts is joining us om capitol hill with more. what will the president's pitch tonight look like? >> reporter: we will hear him likely talking about the economy and jobs and tout what he says is the success nce he has been in office. he is also going to talk about immigration tweeting overnight is ordering ice raids on ing into the country illegally coming into the country next week and they are camping out in orlando. t arena is sold out tonight. authorities are preparing for large crowds as predent trump and hisamily and vice
5:47 am
president and mrs. pence go wn to officially announce the beginning of trump 2020 >> tracie potts live for us on capitol hill, thank you. democrats who are vying for the ones who made appearans in d.c. joe biden and elizabeth warren and kamala harris spoke about how to lift people who are living in poverty. now next week, we will see them all in the first democratic debate. it will be split between two nights to fit 20 contenders who qualied. four did not qualify. watch next wednesday and thursday nights here at 9:00 and followed by news4 at 11:00. i'll be in miami for the debates and providing you with reports on news4. prince george's county public school system has been without a permanent leader for more than a year now. justin finch is live on the scene for us. >> the decision will be made by
5:48 am
county executive who will choose from a list of three names called from a longer list of names from acro the country. the question being asked this morning could it be interim ceo dr. monica goldson. she has been on theob sin may an senbeen assistant princil and principal and most recently fdeputy superintendentor teaching and learning and took over as interim school ceo in may as the county waseeling from scandals in its schools with allegations of grade changing and graduation being pulled off falsely. at the top at the time was dr. kevin maxwell. the school board did work out an early teination deal for him worth $790,000 in a settlement. he left the post as school ceo
5:49 am
after five years on the job. back out live. goldt gold on is on the short list the finalists running here. we can tell you an announcement will be made after 11:00 a.m. today here at the curry buiing and have that announcement to you when i comes and have it for you live. >>n justfinch, thank you. today, the mayor of phoenix will hold a committdi meeting to uss the shoplifting charge with an african-american couple. ere upset the officers handled the situation. officers later said they feared the woman who was holding her daughter was reaching for a weapon. the police chief andwihe mayor be present at both the meeting and issue apologies. the police chief and myor
5:50 am
issued public jeez. the couple say it's not enough. they have sent the city a 10on milli claim of notice as a precursor to a lawsuit. the couple spoke out yesterday. >> it feels like it's a hof of an apgy. >> it shouldn't happen over a barbie doll. whatever the case might be, they want to stay, it still doesn't justify their actions. >> as for the officers involved, they will all been reassigned to desk duty until an investigation can be completed. three local children who losedtheir lives in a suspect drunk driving cash were honoredh in falls ch this week. rae elementary school dedicated this little lib in the honor of the children. the children who attended the school died after a crash late last year on indian head highway. their parents attended yesterday's ceremony and thanked
5:51 am
the school for its support. >> we are standing in front of the school that they would come to every day. this was their daily life, their daily routine. they loved coming to school. it's so beautiful tt there is something here that in memory of them gives out to the community. >> thomas hawks, the man charged in this crash, is experied to face t next month. alexandria is planning a maover for city hall. officials are asking four thoughts before the work begins. the building was constructed in 1871 and has had several n.renovations since the it's not big enough for the future needs of the departments located there. some have to be relocated. a community meeting is planned at i city hall where they will discuss this. a lot of history there to be bo learned right there in alexandria not far from d.c. >> that will complicate ts effort immensely, i'm sure. >> very rare to have a building that old still be your city hall.
5:52 am
>> very cool. >> absolutely right. chuck bell, we had rain and thunder and lightning yesterday. >> a little. >> more today? >> probably a little less today. that is the good news. plenty of clouds we start off. as a result i don't think we will be quite asy. warm to yesterday's high 91 at national airport and a nearly full inch of rain. 0.99 inches of rain at national airport yesterday. will be just a little bit cooler today and that will take some of one punch out of these after storms. nonetheless when you hear thunder roar, that is your sign it go indoors and stay put. 73 now. a lot of clouds and light south wind just like yesterday,he t slow moving summer soakers could leave a quick half an inch to an inch so flash flood watch is in pl again for this afternoon and this evening. localized periods of heavy rain with any of these isolated
5:53 am
storm 68 in winchester and leesburg. 73 in arlington and commuter forecasfor today, near 70 this morning. mid-80s by noon. we will get off this morning cloud cover out of here and wnd will e up with enough sunshinay highs todack up in the mid to upper 80s and not as many places above 90 today. a little less coverage, less intensity. any individual storm could be bring frequent lightning and brief periods of heavy rain. here is future weather. a likelihood of showers scattered across the area this afternoon and well into the evening hours as well. tomorrow morning starting off cloudy. maybe a few showers early tomorrow. i think a cooler day tomorrow with a high chance of hit and miss rain chances. not as severe weather threat tomorrow either. thuray we are likely to start out dry and then have a line of thunderstorms which could be rather strong on thursdayoo afternonce again. but that leaves us sitting pretty with sunshine.
5:54 am
lower humidity and comfortable weather for friday and satday. it is time to go over to first 4 traffic. >> good morning. that earlier problem 95 southbound has cle out of the way. fatal pedestrian crash investigation. let's take a look at bp parkway. delaysouthbound after powder mill road, right side blocked by an accident. northbound starting to see some slowdowns as folks are lookingr oveo the left. beltw beltway inner loop and outer loop nopr lems. eastbound 66 at 28 one lane blocked in centerville and sterling westbound 7, potomac view is blocked by an accident.
5:55 am
listen to 103.5 fm in your car. sports fan, get ready. topgolf is opening this friday n ar national harbor, a activity that is gaining in popularity across the whole country and features a combination of high tech golf games as well as food and beverage. they are in loudon and alexandria and a fourth is set to hope in german t they say the location created 500 full and part-time jobs. here is your cnbc business report. >> i'm frank holland.o dominis teaming up with a robotics company to use unmanned vehicle and the pilot program rolled out in houston area later
5:56 am
on this year. when you place an order online, track r2 and get your peas that unlocks a compartment with your pizza side. dominos says r2 could be an option delivery during busy times. we will hear from the men involved in a hate crime. we are back in a moment. hey babe, what's the password for the cable bill?
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. re> now on "news4 today," developing story orking to learn the name of the person hit by a tractor-trailer and killed on 95. and it's a new day for one local school district after a f series o scandals. prince george's county public schools will to announce who will be tasked with turning things around. >> a child who is normally happy and when she comes home from school and had he she is bawling her eyes out, it's a hard thing to watch. >> targeting bullies by going after parents' pocketbooks.
6:00 am
could a stiff fine stop school burd ying? good morning, everybody. it' it'sics 6:00 a.m. right now. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. lissa mollet is standing by your first 4 traffic. >> but we start with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell who is telling u n what wed to know for the day ahead.u what do yohave? >> i have another chance for yod to neyour umbrella today. take it with you. a lot of clouds outside after several rounds of thunderstorms ll through the area late afternoon and well into the evening hours. starting out on a tuesday on tho cy side. four things you need to know. it's muggy. not as hot today. storms are likely again, ther probably won't be the number or in teensity of yesterday afternoon. that is good news. any individual storm could still produce locally heavy rain. most of the rain for the morning hours isom away fr


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