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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  June 18, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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could a stiff fine stop school burd ying? good morning, everybody. it' it'sics 6:00 a.m. right now. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. lissa mollet is standing by your first 4 traffic. >> but we start with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell who is telling u n what wed to know for the day ahead.u what do yohave? >> i have another chance for yod to neyour umbrella today. take it with you. a lot of clouds outside after several rounds of thunderstorms ll through the area late afternoon and well into the evening hours. starting out on a tuesday on tho cy side. four things you need to know. it's muggy. not as hot today. storms are likely again, ther probably won't be the number or in teensity of yesterday afternoon. that is good news. any individual storm could still produce locally heavy rain. most of the rain for the morning hours isom away fr us.
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so we are likely to be dry between now and lunch time. by mid to late afternoon our in be chances go up once again and because of that chance for some slow moving summer soakers, a flash flood wch could be issued for the metro area. 69 prince george's county and 70 montgomery county. high today 87. yesterday was 91. today, 87. a little bit cooler but be on the lookout. rain chance still stands at 70%. closer look at the rest of the week and talking about the weekend is coming up. good morning. beltvilleowsouthbound pr mill road is on the shoulder so we are seeing delays southbound and northbound on bw parkway because of that accident. inner loop and outer lono problems. a vehicle into a building there
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and a closure because of the response. inbod 66 at 28 in centerville slow. southbound 95 approaching tte loop for a fatal crash spencer tion and dar has more on that. >> reporter: good morning. that crash scene did clear a short time o. if you were coming through that area of 95 south in prince george's county this morning, chances you got stuck in the delay. 495 is behind me headed toward silver spring moving okay now. up. of that is wrapped we want to show you video when that scene was active. this happened around 1:00 this morning. 95 south at the area of the plit but for people heading to the outer loop of the beltway w fromat we understand, this was a tractor-trailercku.p.s. tru involved in a fatal pedestrian incident.
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we are working with maryland statrypolice to t to get additional information on the victim of this fatal pedestrian incident. we don't know what that person was doing out there on the highway early this morning but, again, that crash scene is cleared and we are looking at your normalelays here this morning. back to you. >> darcy, thank you. three teenagers have been charged with hate crimes for cklegedly attag a gay couple. >> the men were walking between bars in the district's popular u street corridorearly on sunday. carl cravbr and aden brech were on the street when they heard racist comments. they were attacked and robbed. they describe thettack to our jackie bensen. >> a vivid image. ten guys were beating him. i jumped on topf them and them and like -- screaming help, help, help.
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>> brech was seriously hurt.un a go fme page has been set up to help with his medical expenses. today we find out who will lead the prince ge's county school system this fall. >> dr. monica goldson has been serving as the interim since last year. goldson s a candidate to take over the roll permanently but she has coetition. a search firm established by larrgan submitted multiple candidates for the job. former ceo kevin maxwell tenure ended amid series of scandals. county executive will announce her choice for ceo this morning. today, the d.c. counciltaill at to move the washington redskins back to rfk stadium. the mayor wants the team to return to d.c. and return to a new stadium on the old rfk site. it says the city's sports and convention authorities should fund other projects. the council will vote on
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emergency legislation to protect city workers from being fired for legally using marijuana. the commonwealth's attorney general mark herring is push to decriminalize small amounts of he says pring marijuana cases costs millions of dollars and disproportionately affect people of color. >> i've seen the lives of so many people, especially young people, who had their future opportunities limited by an nv arrest or a cotion for a small amount -- possession of a small amount of marijuana. it can limit future education opportunities, housing, student id so many different ways, and we can do bettervirginia. >> herring says he hopes public support for decriminalization will force lawmakers to act. the republican-led general s assembly hahut down similar efforts in the past. residents in a prince
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george's county community are heart broken and angry about the death of a 14-year-old honor student. >> kamal nashid was hit by acar as he ran into a crosswalk on church road on saturday in bowie. residents say the road, they have complained about t road for sometime but their complaints have gone unanswered by community leader. >> it's bad. would say put a traffic light here but i don't know if that would help or not. >> at first, this church road used to be like a dirt winding road so people are probably notf used to the ent developments that are popping up. >> the driver who hit nashid stayed on the scene but police are still looking for a truckdriver who may have witnessed the clem. nine years in prison is the sentenced handed down to millionaire daniel beckwith for the death of a man at hishouse. he feared nuclear war and he
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played khafra to dig a tunnel under his home in bethesda. khafra was trapped in that tunnel when a fire broke out in that tunnel. that happened in 2017. be kwith plans to appeal h conviction. terrence massey and a 1asyear-old who is charged a minor are accused in a burglary at fox fire alarms lock last week in laurel. they say they drove a stolen van through a store front and took s 18 gu toni will officially begin his quest to keep his job after 2020. he'll kick off his re-election campaign in orlando, florida, where held his first rally for president in 2017. the president's supporters began lining up outside of that venue yesterday. the president is expected to be joined by first lady melania
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trump and vice president mike pence and his wife karen. the pentagon has aized an additional 1,000 u.s. troops to go to the middle east citingh hostile beior from iran. u.s. officials believe iran was behind the attacks. the u.s. pulled out of that deal under president trump. the supreme court has tossed out a lawsuit in virginia over politil boundaries. trfederal court previously ordered virginiaict lines redrawn finding the map done by the republican-controlled legislature was invalid and unconstitutionally separated by race. the gop-controlled house tried to chaenge it. the high court found a single body in the legislature did not have the authority to sue. the attorney general mark
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herring called the decision a g win for de ocracy. ware learning more details around jack evans. ethics investigates found l mutiple violations by evans who is accused by conflict of interest. m the boardber sent letter to the governors of virginia and maryland outing the violation. the board stated that evans' decision to not seek another term as board chairman was due to these findings. the governors of maryland and virginia have asked for the e public rele the results of the ethics investigation. happening today, if you're around the national harbor, you may see some commotion. n't worry, though. the coast guard will be holding an emergency drill starting at 9:00 a.m. it is mock rescues of people in the water. if you see a large emergency response, keep in mind it is dr likely just a l. a man who rescued a young mom from a potentially deadly doing attack is sharing his story.
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>> the attack took place last week in the stonewall estate division? spotssylvania county. the dog was on the woman's leg. listen as that man described the terrible scene. >> it lood like she had been attacked by sharks. the device was so brutal, so bad. it's good to be called a hero but i don't feel like i'm a hero. i just feel like i did the right thing. what was supposed to be done. hich . >> here is a look at what the doged look like. police shot both dogs. neighbors say they have been living in fear of those dogs for >> they are baggage big dogs. mastiff dog can be 120, 130 dogs. >> we have mastiffs in our neighborhoodugthat are h but sweet to the kixt. n on "news4 today," jon stewart won't bacafdown.
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>> r a passionate plea on capitol hill he is callg on lawmakers to step up. what he wants the senate majority leader to do today. with bullying spirali out of control. one school district thinks fining parents will help convince kids to behave. >> let's start with the weekend. friday and saturday and sunday nice weather at the cbestline. may friday shower but saturday and sunday look dry. if you're planning on staying here at home i think you'll like the weekend around here this weekend too. stay tuned for that forecast. t's coming up. with this one little
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we are learning more details about that active shooter incident in downtown dallas. this is video from that scene yesterday morning just outside the federal courthouse. >> the suspected gunman has beed identifi as 22-year-old brian isaac clyde, an army veteran. he was killed after an change of gunfire with federal officers. now take a look at the chilling image. this photo was taken by a photographer who appened to be several feet away from clyde. >> just to give you another perspective, take a look at this angle. he photographer can be sce hiding behind a wall in the highlighted area of this photo. >> he was literally just around the corner. i was just praying he couldn't see me. like i said if he would have saw me, he would have shot me, no doubt. >> the fbi says clydeas armed with a high-powered rifle and ammunition. it's not clear why he targeted the courthouse. no one else was injured. bullying is a major problem and sometimes leavin lasting effects on the victim.
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but one wisconsin town thinks one way may be to punish the parents of the bullies. today the rapid city city i council w vote on a new bill that would fine parents hundreds of dollars if their kids are caught bullying. officials claim it's hard for schools to punish bullies because suspension would keep them from getting an education. >> i think the parents should e hav pay a fine because you're the one raising the kid. >> lot of times, we found parents had no idea what their kids were doing or what their kids were doinat school on the ayground and they were shocked. >> a nearby town already has a similar law but fines are rarely issued. a warning letter to parents have been enough. bullying affted 1 in 5 middle and high school students. a war of words between jon stewart and congress fu1 ing the 9/1victims funds is intensifying. last week he appeared before ancongress and delivered
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emotional speech and demanded that lawmakers fund the bill that pays for million expenses for those who responded of the sep mber 11th attacks. mitch mcconnell appeared on fox news yesterday saying stewart was getting bent out of shape for nothing. last night, the comedian responded to that statement. >> we spent a year sponsoring advocates for this bill in the hopes it gets to the great mitch mcconnell's jack you won't jack us around like you've asne in the p so if you want to know why the 9/11 community is bent out of shape over these past, let's call it 18 years, meet with them. >> mcconnell said the senate will make sure the bill is funded. current compensation for 9/11 first responders will likely run out this year without new legislation. we have new video to show you this morning ofhahe storms tt blew through many people's backyards last night. check out this lightning show in manassas. wow. other pictures sent us pictures of hailnd powerful downpours.
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>> this is from randy barkley's deck in howard county. maybe more of that today? >> thattais fic video! exactly! you know he is digging for gold. >> of course he. cool to have the rain down that low level. >> the vieo was clearup you could see it. >> maybe a pot of gold in his yard and his neighbor's yard. people will be digging all over that place. a chance for rain this afternoon. i don't think as high of risk as severe weather today but, you know, one lightning bolt here or there could shakep your afternoon. when you hearthunder, thatis your signal to get indoors and call your neighbors who are at pools and golf courses across the area, never t cke ahance with mother nature. not expecting as much cover or intensity with the storms today but any summer thunderstorm can put down a quick half an inch of rain. temperature wise off to a comfortable but muggy start.
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68 now in frederick 71 fredericksburg. plenty of sunshine late morning into the afternoon. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s and lead to a chance of thunderstorms later today. right now, the closestde thtorms that we may need to watch are out near charleston, west virginia. we are dry across the region this morni even with the clouds around. let me show you future weather. also a flashd flootch from 2:00 to 11:00 p.m. peaks of sunshine into the early parts of the afternoon. then we will start to see showers and some individual thunderstorms developing as well later today. they are dotted across the landscape starting around 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon and possibly as late as 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 this evening. the game between the nats and
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phillies which was postponed yesterday because ofrain, will sort of be a dicey situation again later today. should be able to get the game in but far from a guarantee. ten day outlook afo the beach cast is coming up in a little while. for now, let's go to melissa. >> a backup building here. right side blocked by this accident and southbound and northbound delays because of that crash. new issue. disabled vehicle is blocking a center lane at cab bin john. beltway looks okay otherwise. vehicle into a building in branicwine. the v is out of the road with a vehicle blocking part of
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the roadnd now it's cleared and have normal delays. err remember to listen to 103.5 fm when you're in your car. up next driver's licenses rie going digital. >> a group t out the new app lld seemed to like it. >> you have kinds of tools on your phone and having your driver's license on your phone is really cool. >> a sneak peek how the technology works d what the state is doing to make sure your digital details don't fall into the wrong hands. the wrong hands. this afternoon, catch
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when you get the diagnosis of cancer you don't know how you're going to handle it. you really don't know what's coming down the road for you. was diagnosed with stage 4 oral cancer
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♪ "america's got tal t" returns with a new episode tonightand we will watch to see fountain long time washington capitals national anthem singer caleb green and his musical quartet will advance. the group has active dty members and caleb is on the far left in the glasses. it's always a treat. he is part of the capitals family. >> be looking out for him tonight. >>good luck! more of the things we carry in our wallets are showing up on our phones. >> you use your app to pay for coffee and hail rides. o make yland is likely
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driver's licenses digital. >> consumer reporting susan hogan is wor ng for you with a sneak peek at how the licenses will work and how they look. or >> repr: a digital license looks just like the physical card we carry now bat is different is not everyone will see all of your details. the app will only provide pertinent information to the person requesting it. need provof age? this is all they will see. >> thais where the safety and privacy comes in, because you're only presenting the information that someone needs to make a decision. >> reporter: get stopped by police? you'l be handed a card to scan which automatically sends a digital version of your license to the patrolcar. the digital license won't replace plastic licenses entirely. they will be an option until all of the states adapt to the technology. >> i think there really is a desire out there, you know? everything is more convenient on our phones now, so this is kind of that next logical step in that regard. >> reporter: maryland tells us it plans tooll out digital driver's licenses by sometime next year.
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whc. has not told us yet en they plan to do the same. back tyou. still ahead on "news4 atoday," harvard rescinds letter of acceptance to a survivor of the parkland, floridawhshooting. >> the teen wrote that caught the eyes of the admissions office. a changing region. s yet to move in but crystal city is making way for the new company. we will show you how. good morning. car wash forecast for today. you can take your chances. it's not raining now. a dryorning and dry couple of mornings but storm afternoons. good news if you can wait, friday might be the day to get that car scrubbed nice and can! closer look at today's we
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good morning, everybody. i'm eunang. i'm aaron gilchrist. melissa mollet is standing by with a look at first 4 traffic. the forecast,ho you know w has
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that? chuck bell. >> why do i feel we are already off the rails? >> no. making sure we are on the same page. >> absolutely. a cloudy start and mild and humid. the clouds will thin out and bring temperatures into the 80s today but rain chances, 70%. most of the rain is outside of our area for now but get the general sense more than eugh moisture and daytime heating on this mix and we will lead to a chance for rain and thunderstorms today. i don't think there is as much of a risk for severe weather today as we saw yesterday. n temperature 73 in washington. 70 montgomery county. 70 also in prince george's county. 70 in fredericksburg. this is wiggle. remember that song? wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle! >> do it, chuck! >> he did it. he did it. >> i managed to sneak that in.
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you can rescue this dog and add him into your family. get the miles done this morning because itat raining ler on in the afternoon today. let's go over to melissa. good morning. >> good morning, chuck. this isur slowest spot around town here. three mile backup southbound right now. ow asead northbound it's s well because people are looking across the median and seeing that response. take a look at the inner loop. not too much of a slow down because of that. northbound wisconsin at brandywine street a vehicle into a bonlding and re still on the scene there. 66 inbound and 95 northbound, no big complaints. we are followi a developing story in maryland this morning. a person was hit and killed by a tractor-trailer in the es southbound lan of i-95 and
6:32 am
happened after midnight just before the beltway. the r was closed for a time ov rnight but it has reopene darcy spencer will have a report from the scene for us in a few >minutes. >>appening today, the prince george's county public school system will announce its new ceo. >> the district has been without permanent leader for more than a year now. news4 justin finch joins us live with details on the search. good morning. >> reporter: good appently, state law requires an outside search, one that scans the country for the best and brightest in education. that list is down to three finalists and todaythey will announce their choice and likely on her short list the current interim ceo, could it be who we are looking at here now? dr. monica goldson who has been on the job here since may. she has spent nearly 30 years with the public schools working in varus roles. most recently a the deputy
6:33 am
superintendent for teaching and learning. stepping into that interi seat as ceo after dr. kevin maxwell stepped down. you might recall he left the post after five years a ceo in prince george's county for the schools here amid scandal and controversy that surrounded the school system here including allegations -- the school board signed off on a $790,000 settlement for maxwell to leave early. the announcement is scheduled for today at 11:00 a.m. at the curry administration building. anela brooks will announc her choice. we understand now the list is down it three and that dr. monica goldson remains a candidate. back inside to you. >> justin finch, thank you. we are learning more about a double shooting at an apartment ommplex in capitol hill area. a w and her fiance were shot by a man they thought was a friend.
6:34 am
early saturday morning, the police were called to the jenkins row apartments and when they arrived, they found n-year-old change dead and his fiancee was foundrby and she had been shot several times. they said they were hanging out when they saw a man who had a gun and they asked him to leave the apartment and they say that is when opened fire. neighbors are surprised this happened in this area. hereto are the p stories this morning. beckw beckwitt has been found guilty. ethics investigation found evidence of multiple violations by evans who is accused of conflicts of interest and attempts to u publicffice for his own financial gain. the board member sent a lerl to the governors of virginia and
6:35 am
maryland outing those violations. pentagon has authorized an additional 1,000 u.s. troops to the middle east citing hostile behavior from iran. he troops would be used for, quote, defensive purposes. the u.s. is working to convince the world that iran was behind the attacks on oiler tankers last week. the iran president released a statement just this morning sayingran will not wage war against any nation. this morning, federal investigators are looking into the background of this 22-year-old brian clyde who was killed yesterday after opening fire on a federal courthouse in a llas, texas. llas news photographer captured this photo. agents say clyde was armed with a high-powered rifland ammunition and still it's not clear why he targeted the courthouse. one else was injured. th a tenth suspect in e shooting of baseball great david ortiz has been
6:36 am
the latestct is accused of participating in the attack which left ortiz hospitalized and near death. in a hearing, closed to the public, a judge ordered one of the suspects to spend one year behind bars. he joins nine other suspects in the attack on ortiz wh authorities say appears to have been coordinated. we have learned family a iends will play their respects next week to this woman who died in the dominican republic. memorial services for cynthia day will be held on moon at the first baptisthurch in upper marlbo marlboro. she and her fiance died in the last month public and officials say they died of respiratory failure. sports fan, get ready. topgolf is opening this friday near national harbor, an activity that is gauling in popity across the whole country and features a combination of high tech golf games as well as food and beverage. this is the third pgolf location in the area. they are in loudon and alexandria and a fourth is set toen op in german town. they say the location created 500 full and part-time jobs.
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sll ead, president trump prepares to launch his campaign for re-election. >> why he may be facing an uphill battle to secure a second term. we will be right back. . breathing is almost all of us take for granted, but for some people, just walking across the room can be a challenge. working for your health today at 5:00, we will show you what is giving people struggling with emphysema a new lease on life without major surgery. >> wlln i breathe now, i get a of the air. >> reporter: i hope you'll join us today at news4 at 5:00 to see what could be a life changing prcedure. not all water is created eal.
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only 1 billionth of 1% is filtered naturally. and emerges crisp and refreshing enough to be called deer park 100% natural spring water.
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boetter® three local children who lost their lives in a suspected drunk driving cash were honored lls church this week. the elementary school dedicated this little library in the honor
6:40 am
of the children. the children who attended the school died after astrash late laear on indian head highway. heir parents attended yesterday's ceremony and thanked the school and community for its support. >> we are standing iont of the school that they would come to every day. this was their daily life, their daily routine. they loved coming toool.ut it's so beaiful that there is something here that in memory of them gives out to the community. >> thomas hawks, the man charged in context -- connection with that crash is expected to face trial next month.-- connection h is expected to face trial next month.connection with that crass expected to face trial next month. alexandria is planning a makeover for city hall.e officials arking four thoughts before the work begins. the building was constructed in 1871 and has had several renovations since then. it's not big enough for the future needs of the departments located there. a meeting is planned plans will be on display and feedback will be taken.
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>>t. here is your cnbc repor >> i'm frank holland. >> domino is teaming up wis a roboticmpany to use unmanned vehicle and the pilot program rolled out in houston area later on this year. when you place an order online, track r2 and get your pizza that unlocks a compartment with your pizza inside with a code. minos says r2 could be an option delivery during busy times. it's tuesday and is time to think about the weekend. the weather honestly is going to improve dramatically starting on friday and heading into the weekend. so if you're going to the beach it looks like worth theip tr. i'll talk about our weekend here at home with the ten-day forecast coming up. big backups causin problems pa bw rkway. we will take a look at that and your other travel times straigh
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ahead. president trump is hours away fm kicking off his re-election campaign with the polls indicate ago tough road ahe, what will his pitchad t
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welcome back. big day for the presidency of donald trump. hours from now, he will officially launch his bid r re-election in cur polls show he'll have a rough path forward to securing that second term. >> his own internal polling shows he trails joe biden by 11 points. campaign staffers who leaked that information were promptly fire and the president is denying that pollingr happened and he is winning everywhere. >> peterson. >> peter alexanderni is joi us from orlando now. >> reporter: the lines are forming early this morning well in advance of the the president's event tonight. he is actively involved in the preparation for this launch this evening. the president will be joined on stage by the fit lady and the
6:46 am
vice president in this sort of formal occasion as some of his aides have described it. it will be inside the amway center that host the orlando magic and the president trying to have magicof his own. expecting a sold-out crowd. heading into the evening the presid and said it would hpen afterwards but he never followed through so it remains to be seen. we will have the latest when we tee you today on "today."
6:47 am
>> peter alexander, thank you. you n see his full report next on "today." democrats who are vying for the white house made appearance. in dc. joe biden, elizabeth warren,nd kamala harris spoke about how to lift people who are living in poverty. now next week, we will see them all in the first democrac debate. here is a look at the moderators here. it will be split betweetwo nights to fit 20 contenders who qualified. watch next wednesday and thursday nights here at 9:00 and followed by news4 at 11:00. wll be in miami for the debates and providing youh reports on news4. backups continue this morning along the beltway after a deadly crash. >> a pedestrian was hit and killed in prince george's county. news4 darcy spencer has more. al reporter: this fat incident happened in the 1:00 hour. it wasn't clear until about 5:00 this there heen some pretty
6:48 am
significant delays but you can see behind me,4 west is mneing just fi now. there was video from the crash scene taken v early this morning. this involved a u.p.s. truck and a pedestrian tality. we do not know why the pedestrian was out there on the roadway this morning. but police are -- maryland state policare confirming there w a fatality. this happened on the i-95 south in prince george's county right as you head on to the ramp. so to the outer loop of the be tway. things are moving just fine now. stay tuned to news4 for your traffic updates. atm theft a at northwest d.c. gas station didn't go as planned for a pair of chiefs. thieves.
6:49 am
>> surveillance video shows the men dressed in black at the sunoco gas station. they tried to pick up thzeatm and reait was too heavy and secured to the wall. they realized they couldn't take the atm, police say they grabbed more than $500 worth of 0ñ new this morning. a survivor of the shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high parkland, florida, has had his acceptance to harvard revoked. kyle kashuv announced that ivy league school rescinded the offer because of racist comments the student made online and in text messages two years ago. kashuv claims he doesn't remember making those comments until they recently e rfaced on thinternet. he has since apologized. harvard's dean thanked kashuv for the apology but said the school's decision is final. let's see wha is on tap for your weather today, mr. bell? >> warm a soupy outside here early this morning. enough sunshine beten here and
6:50 am
lunch time fors temperature to climb well up into the 80s don't think as many places above ay90. yesterd came with a full inchn n at national airport. dulles airportot even a tenth of an inch of rain. typically for these slow moving summer soakers. 73 now with a lot of clouds in the washington area. the oare starting to thin a bit. you can see that brightening in our city camera picture. 70 now in montgomery county and 70 dulles airport and kwquantic. muggy and breaks of sunshine first half of the day and mperatures into th 80s. 70% chance of more reain high expected to reach 87 degrees. but do be ready for another round of thunderstorms this afternoon. i don't think they will pack quite as much of a punch as yesterday's did but any storm when you hear thunder, that means lightning is present andu yoeed to stay inside where it is safe. most of the rain for now is to our west and north but it is, ig
6:51 am
eral, coming our direction. here is a look at our future weather. starting at 2:00 this afternoon, hazy skies and lots of humidity huound. at 3:00 tnderstorms bubbling up around i-81. blue ridge around 4:00 towards leesburg at 4:00 and 4:00 and 7e0, that is th bull's-eye timing here for thunderstorms. some of those could be very heavy rain eproduc. keep that in mind. that is between 4:00 and 7:00. then the heavy ra teat moves down toward fredericksburg and southern maryland 6:00 or 7:00 thmas evening. be a few late evening rumbles. thunderstorms tonight. more rain chances tomorrow and another day with maybe a setre weather eat on thursday. melissa, we can get most of our
6:52 am
weekend stuff done without a rain threat. >> i le that. thank you. first 4 traffic this morning. an issue in beltville. right side blocked by a crash. take a look at the backup. four-mile delay. northbound seeing slowdowns as well through that section. beltway overall looking very good. i like seeing this as we head into the 7:00 hour. northwest, northbound wisconsin at brandywine a vehicle into a building. darcy spencer will have a live report on that coming up in a second. 66 an 95 in virginia no big complaints. travel times. darcy spenceris out there on the scene of that situation there alongisconsin avenue. darcy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
6:53 am
we are here in the 4500 block of wisconsin avenue in .northwe police just reopened the road just minutes ago. we can see that the fht rig lane is still blocked right here with this accident investigation and the cleanup. take a look here. this is where it happened. it looks like there was an suv that came through the cvs area here. we could see a tree was knocked over. you see what appears to be some sort of utility pole that was knocked down and then over here the parking lot, the a white suv with some pretty significant damage and the truck area,heack of the suv, the trunk is popped open. we don't know what happened here. we are working with d.c. police and montgomery county police to dfigure out what happehere. our understanding is that there eare two people inside that suv at least and at those two people are still at large and police apparently are looking for them at this houro th has reopened. the crash investigation is continuing here on scene.
6:54 am
back to you. >> darcy, thank you. a lot of people are bracing for the amazon impact in northern virginia. >> but you don't have to look hard to find visible signs of change, especially whens it come to transportation in places such as crystal city. >> take a look as the south clark andtell set bridge is demolished. the car is not the main focus in crystal city and good news for some commuters. a new entrance t tohe station and plans to build a new pedestrian bridge to reagan national airport. you know the old saying father knows best? >> a florida man decided to show his daughter he meant business when he told her he wanted er to stop wearing shorts that were too short. the lesson has gone viral. thatrs jason orlando, florida.
6:55 am
he decided he did not want his daughter wearing the tight daisy dukes shorts. he posted this caption you wear yours out in public, i will wear mine. parenting 101! >> good one. >> those are short shorts! >> which ones? >> they are both short! >> but dad?o! >> the message is loud and clear, do you know what i mean? >> shave your legs! >> four things to know. prince george's county executive is set to announce the new school's ceo. dr. monica godson has been serving as interim ceo since last year. keep your eye on the alert when the announcement is made our app. bill was abruptly pulled from a vote earlier this month to make some changes. we have more on the bill in our
6:56 am
app. two hours the coast guard will begin an emergency drill in the harbor that includes mock rescues of people in the water and we will let you know ho it goes at 11:00. president trump will kick off his re-election campaign tonight in orlando, florida, anr making oth stops in florida as well. that big rally at 8:00 tonight and people are already lined u to get in and peter alexander will have more on this story next on "today." thunderstorms this afternoon. peak timing between 4:00 and 7:00. no, sir as big severe weather threat as yesterday but if you hear thunder, get inside and call your friends and neighbors at the pools and off the golf courses. high rain chances tomorrow through thursday less humidity moves in. southbound on bw paray a four mile backup in beltsville.
6:57 am
slow. lonorthbound is s as well there on bw parkway. everything else is looking pretty goo at this int. southbound 95 ramp to the outer loop cleared from the earlier fatal pedestrian crash. >> tt is the news for today. we appreciate you starting your day with us. >> "today" is next. see you in 25 minutes for your weather, traffic, local news. until then, enjoy your day. >> make it a great tuesday, everybody.
6:58 am
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call today at 1-800-501-6000. comcast business. t. beyond fas good morning. breaking news. show of force. overnight, the u.s. deploying 1,000 troops to the persi gulf. the trump administration turning the heat on iran. the iran yun leader this morning reacting with a shrug. the latest back and forth straight ahead. >> trump 2020. the president officially launches his re- ection campaign today with a massive primetime rally in battleground florida, and a new threat overnight. the president announcing mass deportation starting next week, saying millions of undocumented immigranill be sent home. is this part of his re-election tegy? >> chaos in dallas. search for clues behind that deadly shootout between police


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