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tv   Today  NBC  June 18, 2019 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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call today at 1-800-501-6000. comcast business. t. beyond fas good morning. breaking news. show of force. overnight, the u.s. deploying 1,000 troops to the persi gulf. the trump administration turning the heat on iran. the iran yun leader this morning reacting with a shrug. the latest back and forth straight ahead. >> trump 2020. the president officially launches his re- ection campaign today with a massive primetime rally in battleground florida, and a new threat overnight. the president announcing mass deportation starting next week, saying millions of undocumented immigranill be sent home. is this part of his re-election tegy? >> chaos in dallas. search for clues behind that deadly shootout between police
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and a a busy courthouse and the photographer who took this dramatic photois tells h story. >> i crouched in the corner and tried to make myself as small as possible. >> what we're learning about the suspect's military backound. >> that, plus on alert. severe storms racing east today, bringing a new flood risk to tens of millions. >> war of wards, jon stewart taking on mitch mcconnell over 9/11 first responders. >> don't know why he's bent out of shape. >> i didn't mea i tonterrupt them with their jobs. >> and reunited.s she i the remarkable young woman whom inspired the biggest win in gary woodland's gol career, and the two will come face-to-face here in a spraz for the ages. today june 18th, 2019. from nbc news, this is "today." with savnah guthrie and hoda
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ko kotb. live from studio 1-a in rockefell rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." niceav to h you with us on a tuesday morning. amy has no idea her hero, the newest.s. open golf champ is in the studio to surprise her. >> that 20-year-old who inspired gary woodland, perhaps h biggest fan. should be fun. >> let's get to our top story. tensions escalating between the u.s. and iran. the pentagon announced 1,000 more u.s. troops sent to the persian gulf. bill neely is in the capital of qatar for us once again this morning. g bill,d morning. >> good morning, savannah. yes, yet another show of force. more u.s. troops on their way here soon. more tension in the persian gulf. almostay by day. iran vowing this morning it won't wage war, but of course, threatening to ramp up its nuclear production. and the u.s. releasing new
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evidence of iranian troops at work. another boost for american firepower in the gulf. the u.s. will send another 1,000 troops to the middle east, citing hostile behavior by iran. that's onop of an extra 1500 annound just weeks ago. the u.s. is building its case that iran attacked twohips in the gulf last week, with new photographs. the u.s. says these iranian troops are removing an unexploded mine from the side of a japanese tanker. pieces of the mine still attached by magnets.ia iran fingerprints apparently all over an attack that iran denies carrying out. iran's president saying this morning, we will not wage war against what he called a group of politicians with little experience. iran raising the stakes wh its own pressure. announcing that it's producing so much uranium, it will soon
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reach and possibly breach the limit it's allowed under the nuclear deal. >> we are not removing -t >> says it's not yet breaking the deal president trump walked away from, but it's threatening to tincreasehe quantity and quality of the nuclear fuel it makes. >> we a unfortunately not surprised by the iranian announcement. >> president trump tweeting a single apparent headline. iran to defy uranium stockpile limits. secretary of state mikpompeo will meet the u.s. military commander for the middle east today. some shipping companies in the gulf now calling for milary escorts. he fear of a flashpoint here growing. >> 1 thon troops to the persian gulf. what will their mission be? what wil they be doing, do you know? >> yeah, the pentagon says they will be used for surveillance and intelligenceri gat on iran, and on its proxy forces in the middle east, and to protect
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u.s. troops and interests from what it calls credible threats from iran. will be used not just in the persian gulf, but likely in iraq, possibly even in syria. within days we had a military buildup, a tax on tankers in the middle east, a nuclear warning from iran, and it doesn't look like there's any sign of a way out. no talks likely, and no back down from the u.s. or iran. >> very intense indeed. thank you very much. meanwhile, all eyes are on florida and the 2020 presidential race. president trump holdi his re-election campaign's kickoffr y in orlando tonight. and the crowdf democratic field is hitting the trail ahead of their first debate in miami orxt week. nbc white house cspondent peter alexander is in orlando for us. good morning to you. >> hey, craig. good morning to you. y as can see behind me, the lines are already forming to see ump tonight.
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he'll be joined on stage this evening by the first lady and the vice president, mike pence. the president'sides say he's been personally engaged in the process of planning for this kickoff. on the eve of tonight's rally, the president was already eyeing rallying support among his base, vowing mass immigration arrests. >> the 2020 presidential race is on, with president trumpctolding a re-en kickoff rally in orlando and releasing this atd debuting on fox news. >> we love this country. we lovum donald tr >> promises made, promises kept. >> while democratic arein sharpeng their attacks, gettingdy rea for a long haul. >> i'm not spending my time behind closed doors with corporate lobbyists. i'm spending my time building a grassroots organization that looks like the rest of america.s >> thousan of die-hard trump supporters are expected here tonight. >> i love it that he's getting things done.os >> almt four years to the day
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from kicking off his campaign -- >> when mexico sends its people, they're not ending theirbest. they're bringing drugs,y' t bringing crime. they're rapists. >> this time around, the president is once again poised to makeen immigration a cal issue, tweeting monday night, next week, i.c.e. will begin the process of removing the millions ofillegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the united states. they will be removed as fast as they come in. campaign aides say it's part of a larger message. along with his touting the administration's record on jobst and trade, b it comes amid new polling records showing trump behindhe top six democratic candidates and the campaign purging six of theiraf pollster r it showed the president trailing joe biden in several races. biden in washington vowing to take the fight to some of those key states. >> first of all, i plan on
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campaigning in the south.el i bve we can win texas and florida if you look at the polling now. it's a marathon, a long way off. >> so peter, you mentioned the president's tweet. promising mass immigration arrests. what more do we know about tho plans, and do we know whether that tweet or the plans themselves are tied to his re-election campaign? >> yeah, craig, a good the president appears to be referring to a plan that has been in the works for monthso t round up undocumented migrant parents andomhildren in form of a nationwide blitz. i spoke to immigration officials last night who say normally theseypes of operations are kept secret so as not to tip anybody off. right before the midterms, the president vowed tre would be the end of birthright citizenship. the midterms came and went and dmg happened. again, this time around it's unclear if this is a scare tactic or an actual plan. >> remains to be seen. peter alexander for us in orlando. thank you.
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a reminder here that the first ddemocraticate is next wednesday and thursday night in miami. airing here on nbc, msnbc, and telemundo. savannah one of the moderators. >> investigators in dallas are trying to figure out why an army veterann a mask and combat gear opened fire on a federal building there, and we're also took g from the man who this close-up photo of he suspect just before the gunman was killed in a shootout. gabe gutierrez has the latest on that. >> good morning. what's most incredible is that despite all t shots fired and the fact there were about 300 people inside the building, the gunman was the only person wounhed. he left t army in 2017 and investigators are now speaking tovvis rel as they try to pin down a motive. the cell phone video is chilling. a masked gunman with an assault style rifle and body armor opening fire outside a federal office building in dallas
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monday. >> unknown male. tactical vest a with automatic weapon shooting at the building. >> this morning, authorities are trying to find out why. >> weha have more 200 fbi agents and partners aggressively pursuing every lead in this investigation. >> the fbi identied him as 22-year-old brian clyde of dallas, who was discharged from the army in 2017. his social media profile mentioned right wing conspiracy theories but it's not clearld w he wouant to attack a federal office building. a photographer for the dallas morning news happened to be nearby. he snapped this dramatic photo showing the gunman wearing a mask, a tactical vest, and a belt carrying more ammunition >> i just crouched in the corner and trying to make myself as small as possible. st prayed he didn't walk past me because i'm in plain sight. if he saw me sitting there with a camera, i had n h doubte would have shot me. >> as first responders rushed in, officers from the federal protectiveervice shot back. the gunman kept firing as hero n
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acss the street to a parking lot. then he fell and was later pronounced dead. a bomb squad used a robot to blow up a suspicious item in his car, but authorities say no explosives we found. the shootout happened blocks from an ambush three years ago where fiveer police officers w shot and killed. this time, authorities say quick action prevented more deaths. >> these guys are our heroe today. we owe them a debt of gratitude. >> i'm sure investigators are looking into the suspect. the military service record. what do we know this morning? >> brian clyde was a private first class and served as an nt infaryman in the army. he left two years later. on his facebook page, he sred images of ammunition magazines and a sword or a dagger. neighborsef his hav said he just moved in a couplehaonths ago, t he kept to himself, and the gunman's father declined to comment. >> thank you very much. >> let's turn to that severe weather threat facing tens of
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millions today. severe storms flooding rain expected from the midwest to the mid-atlantic. mr. roker, here we go again. >> yes, r, unfortunately. thank you for getting you first national weather from us. this is chagrin falls, ohio. s you c why the falls are named just that. heavy rain, water burstin the banks of the chagrin river, causing massive flooding. we have more on the way. as we go to the radar, we'll see we're looking at 44 million people under a flash flood watch, and we're going to see, it now 46 llion, stretching all the way into the mid-atlantic. we also have a risk of sever t weathers afternoon into the evening. texas, into 5 million people, ten states at risk foromorrow into the evening hours for isolated tornadoes. even as we move into thursday, we have a risk in thenortheast. four states, damaging wind. the tornado threat low but still there. we watch the systemts meander i way, it's a stalled front from texas all the way to new jersey. multiple storms, heavy
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downpours, wednesday, thursday, right on into friy as the system continues to push to the east. at 's what we're looking today as far as travel problems. kansas city, cincinnati, atlanta, washington, new york city, all those airports will w seether impacts. i-95 from boston to jacksonvi e jacksonville. mobileo indianapolis along i-65 and houston to jacksonville on i-10. heavy rain, anywhere from 3 to 5 inches from the midwest allwa t to the northeast. savannah. >> all right, al. thank you. much more to get to, including ltheest on jon stewart's fight on behalf of 9/11 first responders. fired back after senate republican leader mitch mcconnell appeared to shrug off the comedian'sall t action. kristen welker has the back and forth on this. kristen, good morning. >> good mornin ito you. thisa story that has captured the attention of washington and the rest of the country. it was just last week jon stewart testified on capitol hill, making that emotional plea to congress to permanently pay for the 9/11 victims
7:14 am
ndmpensation fund, overnight, he appears on stephen colbert's show to hammer homepo that t. a war of words tt's no laughing matter. escalating between comedian jon stewart and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. t the men trading jabs over funding for the september 11th victims compensation fund, aftec publ shaming congress last week, the former daily show host called out mcconnell bname. >> this has never been dealt with compassionately by senator mcconnell. he hasd always h out until the very last minute. and only then, under intense lobbying and public shaming, has he even deied to move on it. >> mcconnell pushing back, arguing many things in congress happen at the last minute. ev>> we have n failed to address this issue, and we will address it again. don't know why he's all bent out of shape. >> in response, stewart joined his old pal stephen colbert last night. >> i'm not bent out of shape.
7:15 am
i'm fine. i'm bent of shape for th. these arehe first heroes and veterans and victims and they're in ering and dying and terrible need. you would think that would be enough to get congress' attention, buty apparentl it's not. >> the feud sparked last week after stewart gave a powerful speech that quickly went viral, mrating congressbers who failed to show up for a subcommittee meeting to reauthorize the funds. dying.k and they brought themselves down here to speak. and no one- >> mcconnell offering this explanation about why the hearings are often empty. >> well,hat frequently happens because members have a lot of things going on at the same time, and it sounds to me like he's looking for somebody to take offense. >> stewart snapping back. >>ow i feel stupid. this is a huge misunderstanding. i didn't know hat they were busy. i'm -- oh, noboy. i don't even know what to say. i didn't mean to interrupt them
7:16 am
with their jobs. later, imploring the senate leader. >> so, if youwant to kno why the 9/11 community is bent out of shape over these past let's call it 18 years, meet with them. tomorrow, as soon as possible, and don't make them beg for it. you could pass this thing as a stand-alone bill tomorrow. meet with them. i beg of you. >> now, when asked for comment, an aide to leader mcconnell highlighted his comments that there's no way senate won't address the funding but it has to go through the house where it is expected to pass. the fund is currently set to stop taking claims in december of 2020. savannah and craig. >> kristen welker, thank you. we turn now to mr. roker once again for aheck of the forecast. >> that's right, lookt the st of the country and show you we're talking about flood risk in the east. severe storms in the out west, we have gorgeous weather with the exception of
7:17 am
the extreme pacific northwest and the coastal heavy r stretching all the way down to florida as well. we're getting to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. yup, using the app. i've been quite vigilant. sharon says step on it. the meeting's started. ok, write her back 'dear sharon, don't mess with my discount!' faster mommy, i gotta go to the bathroom. i do too honey, but we're gonna hold it for mommy's discount. easy, easy! but you're in labor? n't mess with my discount! uh hem. 3 get a discount up to0% with driveafe & save from state farm. >> good morning. i'm storm team 4eteorologist chuck bell. sunshine getting through a hazy sky this morning. there will be another high chance for rain today, a 70% chance. now is out west of thevirginia/west virginia line, but it will have all afternoon to get here. rain chances will peak between 4:00 and 7:00no this afteron
7:18 am
into this evening. temperatures right now in the low 70s. today's highmp ature, 87 degrees. more high rain chances tomorrow, and more strong thunderstorms likely on thursday. >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al, thank you so much. still to come, a ninth american tourist u dyinger mysterious circumstances in the dominican republic. what we're learning about the latest case and the search for answers. >> also ahead, would you trust facebook withour money? the social network's ambitios plan t create its own currency for its billions of users wo tdwide. first,his is "today" on nbc.
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just ahead, we will remember the life o the life of american fashion icon and harris, gloria vanderbilt. >> also, the remarkable young woman who served as inspiration for gy woodland gets a surprise unreion with her live, but first, your local news.
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from the you're born we never stop this isda a news 4 tonews break. >> 7:26 is your time now on this tuesday, june 18th, 2019. good morning, i'everyone. eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. today, the d.c. council will bill to n emergency protect workers from being fir for using marijuana. we have me on the bill on our app. >> also todall we' find out who will lead the prince george's county public school t systemhis fall. dr. monica gold strm has been seing as the interim leader sis last year. >>ow let's check on your commute with melissa mollet and your first 4 traffic. relissa. >> the pictu you're looking at
7:27 am
a second ago was a situation there, northbound wisconsin aenue at brandywine street. vehicle into building. you could see that cleanup. we still have a lane blocked there at the cvs on wisconsin avenue between brandywine and river road. inner loop, outer loop of the beltway not looking bad. morton, northbound 95, lane blocked. fredericksburg northbound 95, vehicle fire on the right side of the road. aaron. >> thank you. latersoday on n 4, we'll show you a procedure that's giving people struggling with emphysema a new lease on life without major surgery. >> that story today on news 4 at 5:00. wel check your forecast next. stay with us
7:28 am
good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist uck bell. temperatures currently in the low 70s. flash flood watch from 2:00 to 11:00 this afternoon intohis
7:29 am
evening. it will be hot and humid. there's a likelihood of thunderstorms, especially between about 4:00 and 7:00 today. be ready. >> thank you, chuck. another local news update in 25 minutes. >> for "w, back to tday" show after this short break.
7:30 am
backk now, 7:30. a live look fromak island, north carolina, on this tuesday morning. all looks calm. all looks peaceful. postcard perfect, in fact. but there's growing concern there on oakft island a three shark attacks in less than three weeks in north carolina. we'll get a live report just ahead. >> know. we have been telling that story a lot lately. >> the u.s. deploying 1,000 additional troops to the middle east amid rising tensions with iran. defense officials say this increasedorce isent to address growing threats in the region. but they say the u.s. does not seek conflict with iran. that's aquote. the troops will be used for surveillance and intelligence gathering. in the meantime, the u.s. is
7:31 am
buildit its case that i was iran behind the attack of two oil tankers in the gulf last week. new photographs out today. official say these iranian troops are removing an unexploded mine from the side of a japanese tanker. iran continues to deny carrying out those attacks. >> an off-duty police ofcer in new jersey is being hailed a hero for rescuing a neighbor after a massive house explosion. residents say the blast was so intense, it shook the entire neighborhood and leveled that house. an f-duty officer who lived a block away put his own life at risk to run in to search for survivors. just goes on where you get into this mode where you have to help. and even though your home might be at risk. >> and help he did. officers found that victim under a pile o. wood they pulled him to safety. he was t takeno the hospital in stable condition. as for the cause of the explosion, officials suspect it was a gas leak, buthe investigation is still ongoing. >> terrifying moments onboard a
7:32 am
flight fro kosovo to an switzerld. the plane was hit by severe tuulence. that picture tells the story. a cell phone camera capturing the moment the flight attendant slammed into the ceiling along with a drink cart. several passengers said the were burned by hot water thrown by the cart. at least ten people suffered minor injuries. they were taken to the hospital after the plane landed. >> surprising there weren't more injuries based on the video. >>ow to the latest in the growing string of deaths of american tourists in the dominican republic. a new jersey man found unresponsive in his hotel room is now the ninth to die while siting the caribbean nation. morgan continues to follow the story for us. morgan, good morning. >> yeah, craig, good morning. the family of joseph allen says by all account, he really was a healthy guy and spent a lot of time inside the dominican
7:33 am
republic. now they're scrambling to get his body back to the united states in hopes of figuring out what led to his death. another tropical vacation ending in tragedy for an american toist. >> man openathize door, screamed, slams the door. my brother is on the floor >> the body of 55-year-old new jersey found last thursday. >> he taught me so many things about being a man. he was selfless. >> his brother said he skipped dinner that night aer telling friends he was traveling with he wasn't feeling well. allen was staying at the tara enda result, where h had stayed many times before. they reached out to the resort for comment but has yet to hear any response. allen is the ninth american to have died under mysterious circumstance t while visitinghe island in the past 18 months so far, the deaths have not been connected, but the popular uristdestination's food and beverage safety now under a microscoug. >> i thoht something's not right. my father is a healthy
7:34 am
78-year-old. >> jerry curran died in januaryi fallingll after dinner and drinks at the dreams resort. that resort stressed their standards, saying in a statement, guest room minibars are only stocked with sealed bottles of lixer which are purchased by a single licensed and bonded vendor.n less thawo years ago, dominican authorities shut down five labs manufacturing alcohol, seizing product unsuitable for human consumption. the u.s. state department has declined to comment on reports thatolainted alc could be responsible for any of the american deaths. >> i want to know what happened to my sister. >> somethi isn't right in the dominican for all these people to be dying. >> the dominican republicsp is resible for my mother's death. >> now joseph allen's family joins a growing list of heartbroken people seeking answers. >> i do feel like there's something that's off with himdy g so suddenly. >> i mean, that's the sentiment expressed by a lot of folks back here. with the sheer number of deaths
7:35 am
over the past year and a half, morgan are u.s. authorities helping the investigation in any way? >> yeah, craig, they are. important to note t dominican police have investigations open into each of these cases, but the fbi says they're assisting specifically with toxicology exams. when you ask tourism officials in the dr what they say, they're calling the incidents tragic but isolated. .aig, >> we'll continue to follow it. thank you. a jury selection is under way in san diego, the trial of e rated navy s.e.a.l. who is accused of murdering a wounded prisoner in iraq and also shooting unarmed civilians. nbc's molly hunter is following the case for us. molly, good morning. >> good morning. this is o of the navy's most prominent war crimes trials in years. special operations chief eddy gallagher has served for nearly two decades. in 2017, while deployed in iraq, officers in his platoon said he became frightening. navy chief eddy gallagher is getting his day in court. >> finally at the point that
7:36 am
he's beenwa looking for to, which is to get into court and actually let somebody judge this evidence. >> during jury selection for his court-martial on monday, gallagher woreis dress whi uniform and a chest full of ribbons. he's charged with murdering a wounded prisoner ininosul, iraq, 017, and with the attempted murder of two civilians, shooting a school girl and an elderly man who posed no threat. gallagher has denied all charges and his defense team says they plan to fight. >> the defense plan for the next days and week is to annihilate the case, to show the witness are lying, to show the charges should never have been brought. and to show that eddy gallagher is notguilty. >> prosecutors could present evidence including photos of gallagher posing with a dead body, and according to "the new york times," a text message in which he admits killing a
7:37 am
captive. the times reportedembers of his platoon told investigators he had become obsessed with eilling, bragging about shooting scores of peopl in iraq. in recent months, the court-martial has been thrown into turmoil, first by the removal of the lead prosecutor by tracking the defense team's emails and then by suggestions by president trump that he might pardon the defendant. >> we teach them how to be great fighters and then when thet somd really unfairly. >> back in march, heordered military officials to move gallagher to a less ivrestricte confinement. republicans in congress have lobbied for him saying he's being unfairly prosecuted. rellagher's wife andrea leading the charge to her husband. >> our children know the truth, just like i know the truth, like he knows the truth. good ings happen to people. >> one of the biggest issues facing prosecutors is it took so long for officers from his unit s.e.a.l. team seven to report the alleged war crimes that
7:38 am
investigators have little physical evidence to go on. later today, the strongest witnesses are expected to testify off the bat, including the prosution's star witness, navy s.e.a.l. craig miller. the navy times reports citing a recording ofis interview with investigators that he's supposed to testify he saw gallagher plunge a nife into the isison pris. >> interesting case, and a lot of people will be watching closely. molly, thank you very much. >> mr. roker is back because if it seems like it's raining more around the country, perhaps it's because it it >> i has been and we can point to a change in climate for this. we have seen an increase in heaviest rainfall events since 1958. three inches or more, we have seen it especially in the northeast and on into the midwest and southeast as well. m not soh out west. but take a look at this. so far this year, 58 cities have seen theirop ten wettest years on record since january 1st. for example,ve s. they have had 224% of their average rainfall. kansas city, 155%
7:39 am
chicago, over 150%. fifth wettest year to date for vegas. third wettest, kansas city. for today, a flood risk in the midmississippi and ohio river valleys. severe storms firing up in the plains. out west, pretty decent weather. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the wood. >> i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. not raining in the city jut yest, but a lot of rain to the west. ur s generally moving in direction. so lots of humidity in the air. a flash flood watch is in place starting at 2:00 this afternoon. for the potential for some heavy rain. temperature now, 73 in arlington and fredericksburg. 70 i gaithersburg. today's high, 87 degrees. and a 70%hance of thunderstorms. highest chanc come between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. weather.hat's your latest >> how many of those glasses are you going to get? idea.have no >> you wear them well. you should get as many as they
7:40 am
have, in every color. thank you, al. coming up, talking about shion icon. she was a pioneering entrepreneur and so much more. natalie looks back at the remarkable life of gloria vanderbilt. >> also ahead, faith and ouforgiveness. uplifting conversation with a pastor and rabbi linked by tragedy, now helping each other and their communities move forward. >> and then sandra bullock revealing the heartwarminghe reason s made that netflix hit "bird box." >> w first,hat facebook is about to do that could very well change the way we all shop, right after this. woman 1: this... woman 2: ...thin .. ma1: ...this is my body of proof. man 2: proof less joint pain... woman 3: ...and clearer skin. man 3: proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis... woman 4: ...with humira. woman 5: humira targets and blocks a specific source of inflammation that contributes both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further irreversible joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the number one prescribed biologic
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schedule your donation at we are backith carson daly, and also some big news from facebook this morning. >> this is really interesting. a move aimed at shaking up the world financial system and the way we all shop. facebook says it's going to soon roll out a new digital currency. nbc's tom costello with the details. tom, this is something, no more dollars. we're talking about face bucks or something? >> pretty close. this is huge. facebook is already the dominant social media company, 2.4 billion monthly users every single month, and now they want to create a global currency that all of us will use. iven s the question, facebook's issues with privacy and security, would you trust it to manage your money? the facebook plan, replace the world's dollars, euros, franks, yen, and pesosh w a new
7:45 am
cryptocurrency called the like raw, used by people all over two d. cutting fees and exchange rates. similar to payment apps venmo and zell, you can use your phone tora tnsfer libra to friends, shop online, or pay at your local store. it's got the experts on cnbc buzzing. >> this is going to be the biggest thing that's happened to faceok in ars. this is their attempt to give away something that everybody in the world will love. >> 28 companies have already signed up to launch and govern the use of the libra, including visa, mastercard, uber, lyft, ebay, spotify, and yppa. as facebook now tries to take a bite out of amazon's dominance in e-coerce. but analysts say years of hacks, privacy violations, and russian olls have undermined the public's trust in facebook. >> on the hedollar, t's in god we trust. this is in cryptocurrency, do we face facebook? that's really the question. s >> facebookd it won't manage the new financial system. instead, it's launching a
7:46 am
subsidiary called kalib raw to do that. they will not share account information or financial data with facebook or any third party without customer consent, and promising strong protections in place to keep you money and your information safe. but wait, you ask, what about bitcoin? >> trading in the cryptocurrency was temporarily halted as the value of bitcoin fell about 20%. >> super volatile and popular with cyber crooks. but without gulators, it's been slow to catch on for e-commerce. facebook says the libra will be pegged tl currencies with a regulatory system. still, some cybersecurity pros are rommending a golow approach. >> my advice is if you get an fer to use libra, proceed with caution. let other users be the guinea pigs. >> i'm going tos. conf every time you talk about cryptocurrency, my eyes glaze over. i don't get it.t how would work? >> so let's say i owe you some
7:47 am
money. i can take smoe y, some cash, some dollars, out of my bank account. i put it into a libra account, and then i can access that libra wallet through facebook on either messenger or whatsapp, much like you do already if you ha apple y. you just put your thumb on it and click, and suddenly, the money is transferred. same concept. the difference is this is a whole new currency. so you could use that same app, the same currency, the world over. and you could also use your phone to scan a bar code, for example, and immediately transfer money onto, for example, the metro or maybe you're going to buy a starbucks or something of that nature. the whole idea is it's not physical cash, not coins. it's all on your one. tom, this is also unlike bitcoin, this is backed up by a hard currency, right? >> absolutely. ll it's backed up by the euro and do, and even the swiss frank. it's pegged to those currencies. as opposed to bitcoin, which trades wildly. it's up dramatically and earlier in the year, it was dow
7:48 am
dramatically. this should be, because it's pegged to real currency, it should be more stable. >> why can't we just stick with ke a venmo or zell? >> why can't you stick with dollars and euros? a lot of peoske are ag that. doesn't my apple pay work well, doesn't my credit card work well? that's the issue. they wouldor say f people in countries that don't have access to banks, and there are apparently who don't have easy access to banks, this would become something they could use and they wouldn't be paying transaction fees. >> tom, thank you. you think there is going to be that momt they play in 20 years where they're like, what is that internet. >> this is katie and brian, 2019. >> thank you, tom. coming up, wre live in north carolina with some new details on the third shark attack there in less than three weeks. but first, these messages. fx: bottle opening] [sfx: roller coaster sounds]
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still ahead, you don't want to missur next hour. the touching bond between this year's yoois open champ and his number one fan. we're about to see it right amy is going to be here. gary woodland is going to be here. she doesn't know he's going to be here and we're going to do a surprise right here in our studio. >> after your local news. points toward things like complimentary maintenance. or for vehicle accessories. and with fordpass, a tap can also get youe 24/7 roadsidassistance. and lock your vehicle. only fordpass puts all this in the palm of your hand. fordpass. built to keep you moving.
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7:56 am
this is a news 4 today news break. >> 7:56 is your time now on this tuesday, june 8th,2019. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. if you're around national harbor today, you may seeome commotion. the coast guard will hold an emergency drill starting at 9:00. it will include mock water rescues. let's check on your commute. melissa, good morning. >> in northwest, northbound wisconsin and brandywine impacted by river road. as we zoom out a little bit, pretty typical look for the orltway. no majelays there. southbound 365, all lanes were blocked, and lower i-95, a broken down ractortrailer. >> we'll take a break and check your forecast next. stay with us.
7:57 am
compare comcast business to your current provider. my current service provider does notharovide half of wt you provide. and to know that i could save money? i'd be thrilled. this sounds like a whole business package, which would be incredible. so what are you guys waiting for? la let's do it. (hs) comcast business gives you more.
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switch now and get fast, reliable internet for a new low price of $39.95 a month. plus, get free installation. better, faster? i mean sign me up. call today at 1-800-501-6000. comcast business. beyond fast. good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. we're getting s breaks ofshine across the area for now.
7:59 am
it will turn into a mostly cloudy afternoon, and rain chances are going to continue to incr ase into theernoon as well. right now, most of the rain is still in the mountains of west virginia. a flash flood watch00rom 2: to 11:00 this afternoon into this evening. temperature wise, mostly in the low 70s. now it's going to be a steamy day before the thunderstorms get going. a 70% chance of rain and thunderstorms, especially between about 4:00nd 7:00. another day tomorrow with a high rain chance. another day with some potentially severe weather coming up on thursday. friday and saturday cooler and less humid with more sunshine. >> chuck, thank you. another news update for you in 25 minutes. orr now, back to the "today" show after this shbreak. have a great day.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, campaign kick-off. the s president to hold his firsti re-el campaign in florida tonight. thousands expected as democrats gear up to take on the president in key states. >> first of all, i plan on campaigningn the south. it's a mar thong, a long way off. >> we're live with the latest. plus, dangerous waters. the new emergency calls just released after an 8-year-old boy was attacked by a shark in north carolina. >>'m on bald head island, and someone got bit by a shark. >> the third a attackng that coast this month. an update on his condition just ahead. and she's got this. >> want to hit it out? >> yeah. >> youdo? >> yes, i do. >> let's do it.
8:01 am
>> i got this. >> she stole our hearts cheerinf on herriend gary woodland at his win at the u.s. open. now, amy bockerstette isivoining us in studio 1-a, and we have a special surprise in store for her today, tuesday, june 18th, 2019. >> future "today" show anchor. >> from granger, indiana. >> fromla aster, pennsylvania, celebrating my 60th. >> celrating my retirement. >> my birthday. >> and our graduation. >> hi, my name isnd melissa a i'm from michigan. toda is my 40th birthday. >> after 33ac years of ng -- >> i'm retired. >> good morning, erybody. welcome back to "today." tuesday morning. nice to have you with us. we love our crowd eve day, but a crowd willing to stand in tn
8:02 am
rain o a not so hot morning, that's a crowd we love even more. >> we're going to get outside in just a bit. by the way, we a have something really special tomorrow here on "today." did you hear abouthis 10-year-old girl who just became the youngest person to climb the te national park's iconic el capitan? now she's going to join us and show us how she did it. she's going to join us for an exclusive live interview. savannah guthrie going to climb a rock tomorrow on the plaza with this little girl. am i? i hope she shows me how. i'm not known for my athletic here's the news at 8:00. reporters are already lining up for the president's official kick-off campaign rally. peter alexander is in position in orlando. peter, good morning. >> hey, savannah, good morning to you. president trump knows well without the state of florida, he could easily be a one-term president. that's why he's kicking off his 2020 re-election bid here in
8:03 am
orlando tonight. over my shoulder, you can see the thousandsdyho are alrea lining up, gathering to enter the amway center, home of t orlando magic, for that rally tonight. the president hoping to deliver more magic of his own. he will be joined onstage by the first lady melania trump, the vice president mike pence as well. his aides say he's been personally engagedn the process of planning forni tot's rally. and even on the eve of this kick-off event, president trump was already looking to rally hia se, vowing mass immigration arrests. he said it in the form of a tweet, saying it would take place next heek. appears to be referring to a plan that has been in the works for months to round up un cumented migrant parents and children in a nationwide blitz. law enforcement officia say normally operations like this are not discussed so as not to tip anybody off. that's the latest from here. >> peter alexander in orlando, thank you. a reminder, the first democratic debate next wedhusday andday night in miami.
8:04 am
it airs on nbc as well as nbms and telemundo. i'll be onef the moderators. >> president trump has ordered0 another 0 troops to the middle east as friction with iran intensifies. the pentagon says the deployment is a defensive measure. it comes after iran threatened to violate aninternational agreement to limit its nuclear program. president trump pulled out of that deal last year. washington has also stepped up its campan to convince allies iran was behind attacks on two oil tankers inhe region. iran's president sayin overnight his country will not wage war against any nation. >> the supreme court has sent back to the lower court the casg havio deal with the owners of an oregon baker who refused to make ae for a same-sex wedding because of religious beliefs. the owners were fined $135,000. on monday, the supreme court said state court should take a fresh look at this dispute int lighf last year's ruling by
8:05 am
the supreme court in a similar colorado case in which the court ruled in favor of the baker. >> an 8-year-old boy has become the third person to survive a shark attack off the north carolina coast in the last two weeks. nbc's kerry sanders has new details on what happened in the latest case. kerry, good morning. >> well, good morning, craig. marine experts believe the shark that bit the 8-year-old boy in the waters here off north carolina was likely a black tip shark. fortunatel the littleboy's injuries are not life-threatenithis morning for , we're hearing the frantic 911 call after an 8-year-old boy playing in the north carolina surf was attacked. >> i'm on bald head island, and someone got bit b a shark. >> the boy suffering puncture wounds to his leg. >> all right, i need you to continue with his father, to hold firm, steady pressure on both wounds, okay? >> rushed to the hospital, he's expected to make a full
8:06 am
recovery. some tourists now keeping a wary eyen theater after the third attack this month along the north carolina coast. >> it definitely makes you nervous. >> shark attacks, you can die. you can die from that. >> at one state aquarium, shark experts say it's more of a coincidence than a trend. >> we're not a natural prey item in their world. o when we do get these encounters, as unfortunate as they are, it is most likely a case of mistakenid tity. >> he says sharks don't hun humans, but might mistake them for a fish or marine mammal. last week, 40 mil away, 19-year-oldusurfer an reed was attacked. >> i instantly new it was a shark. this has to be a shark. >> and tks wee ago, 17-year-old paige winter was attacked at atlantic beach. her paramedic firefighter fher punching the shark until it let go. > i hit it with everything i
8:07 am
could. and it let go. >> paige's spirit undaunted despite losing a leg and two fingers. >> i think with thisat sin, i can transform it into something not like, oh, how tragic. 17-year-old lost her leg. no, 17-year-old lost her leg, and wre popping. >> here on oak island, out on bald head island where the little boy was bitten, ande alog thcoast, lifeguards and park rangers say that they have not seen a decrease in the number of people coming to the beach,ut they have noticed that at least in recent days, fewer people have been going into the water, craig. c >> ian believe it. kerry sanders on oak island for us. >> thank you. t let's get the morning boost. this is a cute one. an alabama girl was excited when she found out her favorite band bts would be playing a handful of concerts in the u w. here'shat happened when her parents surprised her with tickets to a show in chicago. >> this thing sold out so fast. i guess it's a good thing that
8:08 am
we already bought your tickets. >> oh, my god. >> those are happy tears. shes so happy, she's been begging her par ts for tickets to the show. rm's actually es600 mil away. but supe and dad are taking her there. i'm impressed. my mom didn't even like driving me to the that's pretty awesome. 600 miles away. >> who would have been that for you? >> duran defini >> much more ahead on a tuesday morning including sandra bullock's touching speech at the mtv movie awards that will make you both laugh and cry. >> first, we're so excited to have this young lady in our studio. this is amyck bostette. she's a huge golf fan, a great player herself, and inspiration to millions including one in ouparticular. newest u.s. open champ, gary woodland. we'll tell you her story. she's there with her dad. right after this. good morning. the pink?
8:09 am
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and it can help lower cholesterol. e.well now, now i'm in l milk, fresh cream anrmonly sustainably faed vanilla.. it's made with fresh cream, sugar and milk. breyers the good vanilla. we proudly partner with american farmers for grade a milk and cream. mmm! this morning on today's talker, a remarkable young woman who's captured the hearts of millions all over the world. >> especially our hearts, amy bockerstette and you got this mantra helped inspire golfer gary woodland, andig he won b at the weekend. over we aencan't wait to talk with a but first, her touching bond with golf's newest champion. gary woodland stunning the golf world sunday. >> got it. ajor champion gary woodland.
8:13 am
>> goodluck, gary. >> gary's biggest supporter, amy bockerstette, cheering him on from florida. >> how are you? are you amy? >> yes. >> give me a hug. i'm gary. >> the two became close in january with amy teeing off with the pro in arizona. >> want to hitt? it >> yes. >> you do? >> yes, i do. >> i got it wris yorb co this. >> it became theat mostched video in pga history with more than 20 million views. >> tt is awesome. you're an inspirationtuse, all right. >> okay. >> you're our hero. >> amy's parents say as her g friendy advanced in the tournament, she wouldn't leave the tv, and before the final round on sunday, amy told her ot friend, you gthis, on twitter. >> look at this shot. >> how are you? >> good. >> afterwards, the duo chatted
8:14 am
over facetime, while gary ngutched the winni trophy. >> i used your positive energy. you were awesome. thank you. you having fun? >> yes. >> you're amazing. >> and amy bockerstette and her dad joe are with us right now. good morning to both of you. so happy to meet you, amy and joe. amy, how excited were you when you saw gary win? >> it was awesome. and we're good friends. >> he is your friend, isn't >> yes. >> were you nervous for him? >> no. ad this?new he >> yeah. >> yeah. >> joe, you're sitting there, you're glued tv the t on what's through your mind? oinday. >> oh, it was c arazy weekend for us because we woke up on saturday morning, saw gary in the lead. and that's all amy wanted to talk about for two days. she kept asking me saturday morning, we played golf saturdan mo she kept asking me, what time
8:15 am
gary was teeing off, and was she going to get to the tv in time. and so she waslued to the tv and saw every shot both saturday led sunday. cheering the who way, right? >> yeah. >> pretty amazing, this video was shot in penix that went ral in january of you playing. and amy, gary won the tournament th ks toyou. >> yeah. it was amazing. >> he was amazing, right. >> that became the story, this relationship and watching amy, and the way w garyas with amy, and the hole she played is the toughest par 3 out there, and you made a par on the hole. iryou insped gary. and of course, for him to e leading the u.s.opeb with brooks epka, this whole story took on a life of its own, and you're probab feeling thatnow. >> so those two and a half minutes have changed our lives. right? >> yes. >> and amy has continued to play lf around the country. participated in many charity events and opportunities. so many folks have reached out
8:16 am
to us to talk about how the video has touched their lives. it's been a terrific blessing. >> amy, what do your friends think about all this? >> so, my friends are gideon, we're good friends. >>al tng about it. >> yeah, we have a bond. >> everyone saw you on tv. i told amy, you'remo fa. she said thank you. you are. everybody knows you now. >> how is your golf game, amy? >> it's great. >> is it g>>d? it's good. >> are you better at chipping ot pug? >> both. >> you got this. >> the whole picture. >> gary loved meeting you, and feels so close to you that he was hoping to see you again. and so we decided that he should come here, and so gary is actually here right now, and he wanted to give you a hug. so looright over there.
8:17 am
>> how are you, sweetie? >> good to see you. >> good to see you too. >> can come sit with you? >> yeah. >> come right here. >> how are you doing, champ? >> good to see you, brother. congratulations. that was a lot of fun. >> congratulations. you brought your trophy. have you ever seen one of these close up? >> i think you should hold it, amy. >> we won that together, huh? >> yeah. >> come on. >> gary, you are .incredible what a heart. first of all, congratulations on a humongous accomplishment. you must be on cloud nine. >> the hasn't sunk in yet. >> you have so much in your life, u.s. open champ, a little e, twins on the way. >> life's about to get really real. >> you find it in your heart and lihi to share t championship with this wonderful young lady. >> we had a special day inx phoenind it blossomed from there, but the world needs a lot more amy in it, her attitude,
8:18 am
her energy was contagious. i thought about you a lot on sunday, but i think about you a lot every day. >> what do you think it is aboy nd her story that have compelled so many people around the world, not just in this country? >> it's a love for life. life is not always bells and whistles, it's not always great, but your energy is contagious. that's the only thing you can control, your attitude. i learned a lot from her that day. i was more nervous for her on that day than i was this week. she executed under the gun, under pressure, people all around her. it was a special day. >> the voice of your caddie is a huge asset. going into 17, you had a two-shot lead. how muchf y's voice did you hear in your heart, in your mind, that you got this. >> i hear i got this a lot. a lot of people have seen that video. people yell at me from the crowd, you got this, you got this. not only if i'm not thinking about it myself, i hear it from everybody else. it's prael cool. >> amy, whato you think of the trophy? >> it looks great. >> feels good?
8:19 am
gary, you and amy have stayed in touch all this time. you met a few months ago. >> absolutely. >> but you facetime and exchae messages. >> she sent me an awesome birthday video singing me happy birthday. >> that's right. >> yes. >> she told me she sings and dances too. >> you're a big dancer? >> ye>>. he told me you like music. you like the jonas brothers. >> yes. >> the jonas brothers are going to be coming to phoenix in october. we're going to make sure youo when you're home. we'll get you tickets for the jonas brothers because they're huge fans of you, too. >> how cool is that? >> howth fun is at? >> guys, we're so happy to meet you. so happy you'reogether agai thank you. amy, thank you for coming to see us. >> thank you. >> we loved havingyou, andjoe, you're amazing. >> gary, keep crushing it out there. >> father of the year, by the way. >> thank you. another testament to the 2 1/2-minute video. bigger impact than you realize. >> a testament to you and this
8:20 am
beautiful young lady y raised with your wife. >> a keeper, aren't you? >> yeah. >> great story. >> thank you, amy. thank you, gary. you're awesome. >> al, you have a check of the weather? >> let's head to the map and show you what we got going on here. a lot of wet weather making itsc way, esplly in the east from new york all the way down to the gulf. we also have heavier showers anb thunderstormsk through the west. we have five states today looking add severe storms into the afternoon. 5 million people at risk tomorrow. ten states looking at 24 million people at risk from indiana all the way down to texas,nd then on thursday afternoon, in the northeast, we're looking at a risk of 14 million people. heavy rain. we have flood risk stretching from new york all the way to the l plains. out there, we're going to be seeing a possibility of flooding because of the heavy rain and already saturated grounds. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. still a fairly cloudy sky over
8:21 am
washington. we're getting a littlsunshine, though. most of the rain is still back to our west, but it is trending in our direction, so our rain chances will increase as we gol r on into the afternoon. the rain could be briefly heavy at times. there's a flash flood watch up for thiaf rnoon. low 70s temperature wise. for now, a high today of 87 degrees. 84 tomorrow. and again, some storm weather expected all the way through thursday. >> and that's the latest weather. guys? >> all right, mr. haroker, you. now the party can start. jenna bush hager is in the house. >> a million golf questions. i watched every minute of his round. what did you hit on 14, the par 5, smashed a 3 wood. the chip on17. draino an 18. incredible. oh, the hu30-foot putt on 18. i'm geeking out. >> another fan over here, gary. >> apecial guest, and we're going to start with last night, actor kevin bacon sitting down
8:22 am
withur own seth meyers. he wrapped up his show, city on the hill, in which he had to role. mustache for his he decided to take the opportunity last night on seth's show to shave theff mustache o in the interview chair. ifn'hat was bizarre enough, seth also revealed to kevin bacon they might be related. have a look. >> i was on finding your roots, the great show, and one of the things they do is show you at the very end someone who is a genetic cousin of i'm one degree from kevin bacon. >> isn't that awesome? i heard about that.>> eah. >> and everyone kept saying to me, hey, have you met cousin seth? >> we have cousin seth himself, seth meyers. >> look who's up early. >> not that early for me. hi, everybody. how are you? what's up, buddy? there we go. >> have a se . >> what'sup? >> good to seeou guys. how's it going? >> how did you like learning about your ancestor
8:23 am
>> it's a lot of fun. i don't think iearned anything crazy about myself, but i think that's probably a good thing a this d age. >> a little nervous what you wouldhe find? i t bummer is now because my genetic dna is the system, if someonil in my fam is a serial killer, that will eventually lead to their arrest. so i apologize. >> one of those >> that's a big deal. >> five years of doing anything deal.ig >> my favorite segment on the show has been a closer look. you d it a few times a week and take a deep dive into an issue that a lot of comedians might stay away from. >> we can't believe we have an audience that has an attention span for a 10 to 12-minute piece. when we started doing it, we thought maybe it was a little long, but we got great feedback on it, and for us, it's ourri fa thing to do, so we're really lucky. >> it's clicked online, didn'te even m to say that, but peopleeally do, that's one of the things that's been really popular online. i know that was a littl
8:24 am
unexpected. you thought it would be the opposite. >> when we started doing the show in 2014, the more conventional wisdom is shortin thgs are really good online. that what people wanto watch. again, it's been a delight for us that there's an audience that wantso sit down and spend, maybe on their phone, watch something that takes 10 or 12 pnutes. >> aoint of view late at night, they're looking for? >> i don't think enough to know that going into , but we also didn't quite no the other way to do things, but it has beenice that think this day and age, people have a sense for authenticity. they want to hear what you believe. so ultimately, you know, we say what wethink, and it's nice eat we have an audienchat comes to hear what that is. >> five years in, what's your favorite part of the whole thing? >> you know, i feel like we did a good job and we hired the people we ded to do the show with. there's nobody i'm bummed out to see. you guys know, that makes work easier when you don't have to avoid people in the hallway. they're narro hallways.
8:25 am
>> although not in your neighborhood. you have some of the nicer hallways. >> that's true, ie seen your hallways. >> happy belated father's day. >> it was a good one. >> in five years, you have become a father. >> two times over. >> did you get married in the last five years too? >> right before the show started. i wanted to get married knfr the show started so i didn't have to invite everybody from this show. i hadteo in all the snl people. >> sometimes i'm in the fitness nter and i see seth come through. >> we're rightthere. >> i see seth on the treadmill. i'm n in the gym very often, but i have seen you on the treadmill. seems like the right thing to do is just let seth have his workout, b instead, i'm like, hey, hi. he's like, taking off his headphones, hi. >> some shows opted to shy away from the political commentary on late night. you, much to your success, dive dght in. theemocratic debates are next
8:26 am
week. you're going to be live. >> we're going to be live after them.f the nice thing about a live show is there's not much you can do on the prep because we' to comment on the debate. >> this is a news 4 today news break. >> good morning, everyone. 8:26 nown this tuesday, june 18th. i'm aaron gilchrist. right now, let's get a check on the morning commute with your first 4 traffic. >> in northwest northbound wisconsin at brandywine has reopened. had a car into the cvs there. beltway looksy o but an nepgz, the left lane is blocked nearl capitoheights. northbound 395, the hov lanes are open, but delays are still hanging around. >> thank you. we'll get aheck on your forecast when we come back.
8:27 am
8:28 am
good morning. still a cloudy sky overhead thi. mornin not a lot of rain out there just yet, but i'll show you our futuel weather m indicates a high chance for rain laterda could be heavy at times so there's a flash flood watch in place. thunderstorm s blossoming betwen 3:00 and 4:00, and rollingit through the between 4:00 and 7:00 this evening. any individual storm could put down a half inch to an inch of rain. be the lookout, stay away water.igher fast moving 70% chance for rain and storms today and tomorrow, and another
8:29 am
severe weather threat on thursday. >> all right, thank you. of course, you can get the latest newsnd weather anytime on the nbc washington app. another update in 25 minutes. for now, back to the "today" show. we are sisters. and we just moved in together. why alissa and aleah chose fios. we seam sooo much. a lot of times alissa is watching tv on her laptop, using her phone, also using her tablet. i ki really good at multitas cause i'm awesome. a little.
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the best internet is even better at our best price. switch now and get our fastest speeds available. plus, a free samsung chromebook on us. that's fios. it is 8:30 now. it's a tuesday morning. june 1h, 2019. it was raining, but the sheer power and the will of our crowd stopped the rain. it's raining across a lot of the country this morning. we like to give extra time to the crowd when the rain comes down. >> you didn't like how that wrapped up. >> i felt like it was unfair of you to ask me that question.
8:31 am
>> i was preparing for your live shows afterhe debate. >> thank you. >> crowd moment, this is seth. this is where we go and recognize outstanding members of the crowd. >> excellent. >> stand by. tim, taylor, where are we? tim and taylor. there we are. okay. tim and taylor, you're from the hawkeye state, right? >> yeah, from iowa. >> what part? >> des moines. >> what brings you to the city? >> we're traveling because we're trying to fit all t states on our map in our living room. we started in iowa and came up to new yorkoind we're gng to loop around to head back. >> i love it. a couple that travels together stays together. how long have you been married? >> just about a >> newlyweds. we want you to do something else in new york. for that, i want to bring in our friend seth. >> nice to meet you, tim, nice to meet you taylor. >> want to come see my show tonight?ou yeah, there go excellent. it also counts as a visit o montana.
8:32 am
it's really exciting. >> tim and taylor, enjoy the show. have you seen it before? this is where you say every night. >> well done. good cover. yoanu,k ws that could aveone answer. >> thank you. >> taylor whispered we have hamilton tickets. >> you should check out his show. late night with seth meyers. it airs weeknights here on nbc. >> and le next week after the debates. see you in miami, seth. >> you could have savannah on. >> i have to study. no, not a good idea. >>eahen the wther cooperates, no doubt you're planning to throw a few summer parties. if you don't want it to be all work and no fun, we have keys. the menu as well for thought-free summer entertning. >> also, natalie joins us to remember and honor an american icon, gloria vanderbilt. >> craig will have a special storyrom his home state of south carolina just ahead thisr
8:33 am
moing. >> coming up in the third hour of "today," we're kicking off our series, modern marriage, looking at the ways couples are brking from adition. this morning, how the search for the perfect ring and gown could be changing. you don't even need to leave your home. >> so much good stuff coming out. >> yet i'm going to get out of here as soon as this is over. >> let'sweet a check of the her from al. check of the weather from al. >> first -- >> announcer: brought to you by breyersatural vanilla. partnering >> let's take a look at what's going on, including your first look at the first day o summer. we start off with today, a flood risk in the ohio river slley. strongrms in the central plains. sunshine out west. for tomorrow, we're looking for hot and dry weather out west. lots ofevere storms in the midplains. wet weather up and down the east coast, the first day of summer begins 11:40 a.m. east coast.
8:34 am
heavy rain along the eastern seaboard. not good news. hot and humid in the central plains. look for sunshine through thees southw severe storms in the northern plains. where are you guys from? diego. s >> what's your name? >> keva. >>noah. nicole. >> your weather is really nice out west. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your ck of the woods. >> it is a mostly cloudy start to your tuesday. and rain chances are very high for later on in the day today. so take your umbrella with you. current temperatures are in the steamy 70s. 74 now in washington. 72 in manassas. 75 in fredericksburg. highsoday expected to reach 87. it will be hot and humid. do expect those afternoon thunderstorms. the rain chance today stands at 70%. rain tomorrow, and rain and possibly severe thunderstorms on thursday. >> that is your latest weather. craig. >> all right, mr. roker, thank you. up next, with new tributes pouring in, we'll celebrate the
8:35 am
life, the legacy of gloria vanderbilt. >> but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
we're back. 8:37. we want to send our coisolences th morning to our good friend anderson cooper. da lost his mom, gloria vanderbilt yester we all know her, a legendary actress, painter, signer, and philanthropist, and natalie has been looking back at this incredible story. >> gloria vanderbilt was born into a family whose name was synonymous with wealth and privilege in new york, and her life, while extraordinary, was also one fille with hardship and tragedy. >> fame, beauty, and incredible wealth. dploer yeah vanderbilt had all of those things. but what she wanted most,g accordino her son anderson cooper, was the love and stability she never had as a
8:38 am
child. >> here's the first movie of little gloria herself. >> born in 1924, she was hars to the vast railroad and shipping fortune built by her great great whgrandfather. e still a baby, she lost her father and was largely abandoned by hermo er. at wa10, she s at the center of a custodyen battle betweer mother and paternal aunt. newspapers covered every moment of what was then called the trial of the century and dubbed he the poor little rich girl, but that girl would grow up to be an accomplished womanho w wrote, painted, acndd, built a hugely successful fashion empire in the late '70s and early '80s. putting her name on the designer jean back sides ofillions of mmen. >> gloria vanderbilt bottoms on. >> she married for the first time at 17 to a mob affiliated hollywood agenthe whom said physically abused her.ea four y later, she left him for 65-year-old conductor leopold st mhowski.
8:39 am
ariage that resulted in the birth of two sons but ended in bitter divorce. >> i think to be in love is the secret of erything. if i know anything in life, that's what itis >> gloria vanderbilt married twice more to ar directond then a writer, wyattcooper, a love that gave her two more sons. a period she called the happiest in her life. she also dated errol flynn, frank sinatra, and howard hughes. her most devastating loss, witnessing the suicide of her son carter in 1998. speaking to her son anderson in the y,documentar nothing left unsaid. >> all i did was cry, and i haven't cri since. it's like there's not a tear left. >> however, tragedy would not define her. eulogizing his mother f cnn, anderson spoke movingly of her resilien and capacity for love. >> the last few weeks, every time i kissed her good-bye, i
8:40 am
ewould say i lov you, mom. she would look at me and say, i love u, too. you know that. i knew it from the moment i was born, and f'll know it the rest of my life. and in the end, what greater gift can a mother give to her son? >> in her final hours, surrounded by anderson and her loved ones, there was this touching moment shared. >> iever knew that we had the exact same giggle. it makes me giggle every time i watch it. >> a moment no doubt that he certainly will never forget. and vanderbilt was the queen of reinvention. choosing to make her own way and become her own woman. and savannah, as women of a certain age, i'm guessing you and i both had the gloria vanderbilt jeans in our closet. >> oh, wedid. i knew that name, but then when you learn more about her and what she has gone through her whole life, and then of course, we know anderson a little bit and see her extraordinary son, which is a great life accomplishment. >> absolutely. great legacy to her.
8:41 am
>> thank you very much. >> thank you. just ahead here on a tuesday morning, a reverend and a rabbi who share an unusual bond. our conversation with them about something they never could hav imagined and what it taught them both about forgiveness. first, this is today today on nbc.
8:42 am
8:43 am
welcome back. it was four years agohis week yesterday, in fact, that a gunman opened fire at ahi orically black church in charleston, south carolina, and just eight months ago, another shooter stormed into a ittsburgh synagogue killing 11 people. >> the two crimes will forever link those leaders of houses of aworship in friendship healing. i got to sit down with the two men to talk about their baupd and what they call the ministry of presence. >> tell me about this ministry of presence.
8:44 am
what is it? >> ministry of presence is just being there in support and eosolidarity, letting pe know that they're not alone. >> reverend eric manning took over as pastor at enuel ame in charleston after a shooting that le nineorshiper dead. >> when i came to mother emanuel, i was looking for somebody to talk to, to share with, to possibly understand what m itns to lead a congregation. >> so when a gunman targeted tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh last october, leaving 11 dead, reverend manning did nothesitate. >> something was just saying to me, you need to bethere. remember how you were. remember the questions you >> within days, reverend manning was at rabbi jeffrey meyers' side. >> his support and counsel in the days and weeks after the attack on tree of w life,t did
8:45 am
that mean? >> to know i couldo speak someone who has been the, who understands it intimately, that's the best person to speak to when it comes to any sort of shared incidence. so it continues to be for me a place to go for a source of guidance and inspiration. >> how is charleston? >> there's more than 500 members that speak on the roll at mother emanuel, and i can honestly say every member is in a different space. i have learned how to give people the time to validate that whatever space they're in, it's okay. >> there's no handbook, no guide. >> for us intt piurgh, we're writing one. we hope it gets dusty and is never used. but we all know too well, this is going to happen again somewhere. and if our experiences can help wherever the next community is.
8:46 am
>> what makes you so confident it's going to happen again? >> we're not done seeing massacres in houses of worship. i just know that one day again, it's going to happen. i'm hopeful it's not in my lifetime, but if it is, i will be there. >> how has all of this changed both of your perspectives on forgiveness? >> in the ministry of forgiveness, we're able to release that dominion or the power that the person may have over us and say i'm not going to allow you to contrhe rest of my life. i'm not going to have animosity towards you. i'm releasing it.m >> fro our point of view, as a jewish community, you have to seek it from those who you have wronged. the hard part is you can't get forgiveness rom those you killed. they can't give it. god is always open to giving forgiveness. you have to seek it. even on one's death bed. you can seek forgiveness from god for the sins you committed over a lifetime, and god will rg
8:47 am
foe. >> one of the things that really strikes me about this story, about this friendship, fmed out of tragedy, is you have two men from different faiths, from different backgrounds. i cannot help but thinking this is ecisely the opposite outcome of what both of the gunmen would have wanted. >> there are always unintended consequences. in a case like this, between both perpetrators, what they haven't caught is that it strengthens communities in ways that they could have not anticipated. whatever that percent is of people who are evil in thought and in deed, that part of the scale can't outweigh the remaining phat of society t are basically just really good, decent people. in the end, evil will not win. s it willr us, but it will never win. >> we got the pastor and rabbi together over the wkend at the charleston forum founded after
8:48 am
the shooting to promoteta undeing and conversation. you spent some time with the rabbi. >> in the days after the shooting. good to see him again. i think the ministry of presence is so powe'rul. they aexample of it, sometimes there's just no words. but to just sit next to saneone be with them, and abide with them. that's the ministry of presence. they're really demonstrating it. yeah. four years later, how the charleston community is still grappling with the memories of the soting is something a lot of us covered and i'm glad you sat down and had that conversation. >> thank you. reverend manning said something and it didn't dawn on me until he said it. mother emanuel has become sort of a tourist attraction in a lot of ways. andpa ssers-by stop in, sometimes on suays, and they'll stock in and take pictureshi during worsservice. he said that has actually made it more difficult for some of the families to heal. >> well, stop and stay a while. >> yes, stop and sit a while. >> we're back with a lot more on
8:49 am
a tuesday morning. first, this is "today" on c. nin. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
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plus, a free samsung chromebook on us. that's fios. >> announcer: today food is brought to you by hon nut cheerios. good goes this morning on "today" food, we're getting you ready for summer. what better way to celebrate warmer weather than a backyard party. elizabeth is here with quick and easy ideas to help us entertain. ng stress, no mess, just yum. >> the t is about summer entertaining that makes it easy and fun is that you don't have to do it inside. you're going to go outside. mother nature has decorated everything for you. you don't have to about dust bunnies under the couch. >> i likery theor paper plates,. >> amazing paper plates. we're going to start with burgers. these aren't just your average burgers. honey, we're going to dust these with pimento cheese. >> they want the pimento.
8:52 am
she wants the pickles. >> one of the best days of my life. >> now, the thing you need to remember is that you don't want to overstuff this. you want to, because we love it so much, but if you do too much, it's going to goohe everyw. >> it's ground beef. >> should have started there. i got excited about the cheese. >> konions,chup, a it allal egg to bond it, salt and pepper. we add that in there. why don't you do that? and i'm getting to my part i'm excited about. we take our other party. we p i on top. you want to pressal and press and seal. make sure you get that really, sealedcause otherwise, when we get over to this pan, it's going to turn into a mess. >> a melon scooper is the right amount. >> it really is. okay, ww, wet to make sure, we have tohi get t pan as hot ll.the hinges of it's got to be so hot, because otherwise, it's not going to get that beautiful crust. >> all right. got it. >> let it sit, don't start
8:53 am
bothering it with the spatula. eve it alone. i always see people around there. >> i like to do a nice press down. >> no. >> the juices stay in. >> now we have our gorgeous burger. an i stop doing that? >> yes. >> okay. >> the hot pan, isn't it going to get burned on the outside? >> you want that caramelized crust. that's what the burger -- that's part of it. t it's perfectly fine. we're going go about seven minutes on each side. that will be done and ready to go. now we're just going to add bacon. we have bread and butter ck piles. you don't need to go mucking this up with a bunch of stuff. >> what about -- >> if you want that, you can have that. a little mayonnaise is fine, ketchup, but you have all that good pimento inside. >> let's get a verdict from the taste testers? >> delicious. >> there's never enough pimento. >> this is our cornbread salad. it will make potato salad look ke a fool. it's the finest thing. i know it sounds strange.
8:54 am
>> it looks so pretty. >> think croutons, think cornbread croutons is where i'm going with this, and then yo layer the good stuff. cheese, bacon, ranch dressing. there ain'tnything tter. >> amen. >> seriously, fresh corn, layer, layer, layer, and let it sit. let the goodness soak i. there a trick to making it pretty like that. >> simple simple. you start with your cornbrd and add all the other things. now we're getting to my favorite part, that's the cocktail. we have watermelon mojitos. but look what we're going to do. you have your watermelon. we have to cut it out anyway, so why don't just save it? let's leave this. we're going to pull this out, and then we're going to make this fabulous cooler. is that not adorable? >> we'll show that in a minute. >> you can even get a bigger watermelon if you want. you want to keep scooping? >> sure. >> all we do is a simple syrup with sugar, mint, and water.'r we going to cook that down,
8:55 am
let it cool. >> what do you mean, cook? we're going to heat this up? >> no,'m sorry. we'll make a simple syrup first. i'm going to go back to talking about the drink. we have ourwater, our sugar, and a little bit of mint. let th , cookit, let it melt, l it.hen we c hen we add that to our frozen watermelon chunks. once we take this out of here, we put this in the freezer, let all inze, then we put it the blender and blend it up. it's a frozen cocktail, we top it with club>>soda. his is so cute. you scooped it out and made an ice bucket. >> the thing is, i lov this is a gift to bring to your hostess. you want to know how to be a good guest and get invited back? if you were raised right, you know to bring something. this is one of my favorite adorable paper plates and the tag says, oh, let me do the dishes. you have the paper plates. isn't that adorable? look at the ones they've got.
8:56 am
they've gotde these wonul bamboo plates. you can throw it away, nobody is going to be in the kitsching cussing because they were left to do the dishes. >> i didn't know you were doing the paper plate thing. if you're outside, paper plates. >> you've got to. it really does make it so much more simple. that's what smer is about. summer is easy, laid back, and fun. >> dou all taste that drink? >> even the mocktail is good. i don't know how you did it. >> we're back after your local news and weather this is a news 4 today news break. >> 8:56 is your time now on this tuesday, june 18th, 2019. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> the ramp from the outer loop, right side blocked by an accident there. beltway overall looks okay. 270 southbound, 34 miles per
8:57 am
hour as you're redded into rockville, and herndon, stbound toll road right lane is getting by an accident. >> thank you. we'll take a break and check your forecast when we come back. stayith us.
8:58 am
8:59 am
still awfully cloudy and humid outside in the washington area. there are raindrops along the virginia/west virginia boarder, tracking along i-81. temperature wise in the mid-sfejts already. it is going to be a warm and humid afternoon today. afternoon high near 87 eedegr and a 70% chance for rain today. and some occasional thunderstorms not completely out of the question. another day for rain chances tomorrow, and another severe weather chance coming up on thursday. drier weather for friday.
9:00 am
>> they say ascot, so i say ascot. when in rome. it is like when i worked in massachusetts, it was worcester. >> okay.


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