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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  June 20, 2019 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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military drone shot out of the sky by a missile. wre it happened and who the military says launched the attack. shoppers love farmers market for the fresh local foods but there are dangers lurking at these stands.or we are wking with you for tips o protect your family from .becoming sick it's 4:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. a loto catch you up including that weather alert. breaking news on the beltway. a multicar cra o on theuter loop and i-66. >> fire crews are on the scene and melissa mollet is hereith delays. >> but let's begin with chuck bell on the weather. what should weexpect? >> all is quiet this morning. afternoon and evening commutes could take it on the chin for
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ther nature. we have severe weather in progress across parts of the deep south so a very energized storm system will bring increasing chance for strong storms later on in the day. lightning and thunder up near ghe philadelphia area and mov away but developing showers in southwestern virginia. severe weather chances will go up with time today andigh irrisk for severe weather from richmond southbound to the raleigh area. muggy outside. highs todayve back abo 90 degrees and the te on the severe weather is between 2:00 and 8:00today. i'll show wou futureather to plan that out and talk about the weekend coming up. first 4 traffic alert. don loring outer loop shutdown
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at i-66 and traffic wushpushed o southbound. it's not having a huge impact because it's still early but if it sticks around, major backup. prince george's county more backups. more issues on the beltway is comurp. police are working to identify the students who were secretly recorded by a forhor high teacher. >> the fauquier county man is facing charges while watching the students undress. he is facing charges for unlawfully filming a pair in dapril an in may child with possession of chi pornography. now more charges will be filed
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after police found several cameras inside herndon high school. >> major crimes bureau detectives have en diligently attempting to identify and make direct contact with what appears to be as many as ten identifiable victims. >> fauquier county police want to hear from anyone who may have seen something suspicioust the school between may of 2017 and june of 2018. parents who believe a have been impacted should also call police. people in one neighborhood remain on edge after a woman was murdered. >> i don't know whats to . you know? it's shocking. >> 33-year-old sylvia hernandez was killedn an apartment on thursday night. her boyfriend perez deleon were arrested. h neighborsard the couple arguing and police had been to that apartment before. if you or someone you know are
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dealing with domestic violence we have a complete list of resources on the washington app. search safe at home. we are learn a iranian missile was shot down. one military spokesman spoke on the issue. the official said they consider there to be an unprovoked attack. according to the associated press, iran's revolutionary guard commander says the shooting down ofthat drone sends a clear message to america. the commander said iran has non ition of war, it is ready for war after recent attack on the two oil tankers. the u.s. has blamed irail w iran has denied any involvement. supreme court will hand more oncisions down.
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we are waiting rulings on two local cases. one centers aroundeace cross. the memorl is dedicated to worldsoldiers who died in war i. the other case deals with political gerrymandering in north carolina. a u.s. house committee plans they are n them a doing it because of the multiyear investigation by i-team. the next hour, scott macfarlane will tell us more about the questions that will be asked duri this hearing. dramatic moments pled out on capitol hill during a hearing about reparations. a house building d ising a study to develop a proposal to address slavery's legacy such as
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gaps between black and white americans in wealth and opportunity. the writer of an article that reignited the debate spoke during the hearing. he noted by the time of the emancipation the men, women, and children who have been enslaved compromised the largest single asset in america worth $3 billion in 1860. >> the method of cultivating this asset w not conjoeling nor persuasion but torture, rape, and child trafficking. >> the national policy is a moral democratic and economic imperative. >> i don't think reparations for something that happened 1150s yeo for whom of us currently living or responsible is a good idea. >> sterday's hearing also included testimony from new jersey senator and presidential candidate cory booker. he and sle other democratic presidential candidates support some form of reparations. > a vital line of
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communications between d.c. officials and lgbtq support groups have been broken. now some feel they are kept in the dark about recent violence against their community. irlean regularly received e from officials when there was a need to help a transgender victim or create awareness between a crime pattern. >> i'll be first and foremost to make the rest of the community aware that these crimes th happen, not just the murder or assaults or whatever the case were. >> since march 2, two transgender women were murdered and onun sy a gay couple was robbed and beaten in the northwest. the mayor spoke to the office of the lgbtq a affairsnd sayi was only supposed to be halted
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temporarily but now reopened. oof talk about metro and automation and pretty soon the doors on will open up on the red line. some will return to automatic mode, adam tuesdass tells us th trans will not. >> reporter: let's clear up some here. confusion the doors on the red line to automation operation in july 7th in a couple of weeks. just the doors will be automated when you pull in and out of the station. that is far different than the entire system becoming automatic. if you remember right now, the train orators are actually controlling the movement of the trains manually and since the 2009e rline crash. the general manager said all
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lines would go back to uf control mode but not the case now. they don't have time to return to an automatic operation. the doors, that is good ne they are will be closing automatically along the red line but the entire stem back to an automatic control moe,there is no time freezing rain for when that might happen. back out. a bandit in a fake beard is targeting banks in virginia maryland. the fbi sent out these photos of the guy they are looking for. he sent four suntrust locations since october. last month he robbed the branch inside a safeway grocery store in hehedon. there is a 5,000 reward for
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anyone who has information that leads to an arrest. up next, a consumer alert for anyone who shops at farmers markets. theero pilot who landed a plane on the hudson river has a thing to say about those grounded boeing airplanes. what captain sully sullenberger says needs happen before the jets are back in the air. a wanted criminal vowed to turn himself i if received enough likes. now this guy is making headlines again. a storm team 4 weather alert. few showers in southwestern virginia but by thehe time get here later this afternoon, they could s beevere weather. i'll time
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some drivers were rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. incredible to see at. this morning boeing 737 max is gaining new reaction. >> we are hearing from the man who is possibly the most trusted pil in america. retired airline captain sully sullenberger appeared on capitol hill yesterday. he was the hero on the miracle on the hudson landing ten years inago. now cap sully just flew the max in the simulator said pilots must have simulator training on the boeing max jets before they fly again. >> our current system of aircraft design and certification has failed us. hese accidents should never have happened. we must experience it firsthand in a simulator before you can face a crisis in flight with an
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airplane full of passengers and crew. >> boeing has opposed mandatory simulator tile. before thesh cra last year boeing never told pilots of an anti-stall system and that system is blamee for th two crashes overseas. boeing is still addressing faa oncerns and has not yet scheduled a test flight with the faa. a connecticut man wanted by the police promised to turn himselfn if his wanted poster on facebook gathered enough likes. turns out he stayed true to his word. police were searching for him who failed to appear in court on a variety of charges. he greed to surrender if his wastted p received 15,000 likes on facebook. the page surpassed that number but there was noign of sims for weeks. he finally turnsimself into police yesterday. orning a montgome county family is pleading for help to find their 4-year-old
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son's emotional support dog. they say their dog max helps keep her son matisse calm. now matisse has a rare genetic disordr. max went missing last week after he ran out of their home without his collar. >> he is a havi tremendous impact and he is, obviously, upset and he is definitely feeling the absence. >> neighbors saw three men in a pickup truck take max in their area. if you see the dog, you asked to call the montgomery county police. this summer you and your kids can experience what a family home would be le in the future. >> the high tech space is on display near a campus in alexandria. we took a sneak peek. inside is 100% solar powered. it's filled with high tech surprises. there are projecti screens and internet enabled mirrors.
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why do you need that? and a voice to tell you how tired you are and your outfit oesn't go or something in the doors slide automatically too. >> i call it the concept cars. this o showing every piece technology, every piece of new material that could be in a home. we have done something like this for 100,000 and $1 million. >> it opens this saturday. news4 is experimenting how climate change affects your family and your commute. it affects all aspects of our lives when you t about it. >> especially in new home construction. that is your golden opportunity to make real ngcha. thicker insulation, solar panels when you put it all in the first time, much cheaper and easier and efficient from the t-go. >> there you go. all right. now about later today.
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not everyone will get rain but those who do will get a blast o severe weathon. the severe weather chances are higher today than the last few days. similar to monday that were heavy aroundhe area. part of a cold front i promise you will bring way better weathern here for tomorrow and the weekend but we havay to p up front today with a severe weather risk. heavy rain, thunder, lightning moving through metro that is headed to new york city. if you're having early morning flight or train to new york or boston, that could have an impact on your plan there. south and west is where the severe weather will begin out across the shenandoah valley. all of the i-95 corridor under the gun and higher chances for severe weather the farther south you live or travel today. aore severe weatheross
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southern marylanthan soruthern pennsylvania. steamy outside this morning. the latest computer guide says it might be a lateafternoon or evening event. not everybody will gett but the storms come through 6:00 and 8:00 is the bull's-eye here. it only looks like it's one storm butikelyto be several storms along the line there. we quieted down 10:00. it's nice and quiet by this morning. morrow a gusty northwest wind means a spot shower chance but not a big rain threat on your friday. there won't be thunder and lightning so that is good news so most of your friday will be just fine. after we get t through storm chances today, gusty northwest winds tomorrow but way cooler
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and less humid and temperatures for both saturday morning and sunday morning, downtown temperatures low to-6 mids. our friends and neighbors in the shenandoah valley, be ready for open window weather and 50-degree weather saturday and sunday morning in the shenandoah valley. that will feel nice. the heat and humidity returns next week. outer loop seltwayhut down at unfortunate. a truck fire crash inveppigation haening through thisa rea. megan mcgrath is on her way and live pictures coming up. right now at the accident scene ll traffic pushed to westbound i-unfortuna66. one express lane by the truck fire so your solution at this pointhis morning. westbound 66, the ramp to the outer loop is shut down because of tv intigation.
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only 1 billionth of 1% is filtered naturally. red emerges crisp and eshing enough to be called deer park 100% natural spring water. born better® an fresh fruits vegetables around our area and with food recalls topping the news lately, you may be thinking about buying local and that is a better way
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to go. >> but i risk-free is the question. consumer reporter susan hogan ig workior you with how to shop safely at the farmers market. >> reporter: farmers market are a favor favorite for good rson. they can offer fresh local foods but doesn't mean they have safe to eat. >> they can still prevent food bourn dangers like salmonella, e. coli. pasteurization is a process that heats products lke milk to a specific temperature for a certain amount of time. this kills dangerous bacteria and also extends the shelf life of food. >> reporter: bring multiple bags keepingeady to eat items separate from raw meat and videos cross contamination. look to make sure vendors are using gloves to help handle unwapped food and that eggs and
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meats are being kept cold. >> a typical refrigerator should at 40degrees. if cold food set at temperatures warmer than that, then bacteria canrow pretty quickly. >> reporter: also make sure you sack yourself a cooler with l of ice so you can put all of the things you just bought inside to keephem cold and safe for your trip back home. back to you. still ahead on "news4 toy," after weeks of confusion, thehite house released official plans detailing washington's july fourth celebration. a new twist into the shooting death of david ortiz. . it turns out he might not have been the target after all and we will tell you who was and what may have been behind it. the nationals try to play again tonight. theyot both games in yesterday. a 7:00 game tonight but a high chance for a rain delay or postponeme because storm chances are high just in time for game time. more about this and the impact
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more about this and the impact of the weher onat ♪
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a familiar forecast this thursday mning. hot and humid but this afternoon severe storms have the potential to pop up and impact your commute home. >> a brokenrecord. >> good morning. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. we are following breg news on the beltway. first responders dealing with a fiery crash on the outer loop at 66. traffic cameras caught a portion of the fight toput out that fire here melissa mollet is standing by with more for you. >> but let's get to chuck bell with the hewe >> good morning. thursday is off for a quiet start. no rain to worry about here for the morning commute, but the afternoon and especially the evening commute could rlly get a little rough around here. so four things to know about the next four days. severe storms likely to develop across parts of northern
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virginia during the middle and later part ofhe afternoon and come through the heart of the d.c. metro area 7:00 or 8:00 this evening. be weatherlert today. we will send out push alerts for any watches or warnings through our washington app and website and on air as well. what about tomorrow in nice and breezy and perft weather for saturday and sunday and good news. we have to get through today firstav heweather this morning moving through parts of philadelphia and those storms in southern virginia is coming our way for later on in they. da everyone in the i-95 corridor is under the gun to severe weather today. for tly lower chances severe weather across the mountains of west virginia. temperatures wise get ready for another day in the summer steame w dogking forecast look at this good looking dog here. has to be a lot of black labrador


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