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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  June 20, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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> good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. a lot to catch you up including breaking news. outer loop of the beltway is shut down and melissa mollet is standing by wdates in your first 4 traffic. let's start with chuck bell with the forecast. the pump is primed for severe weather by mother naturep right now, muggy outside. kind of a cloudy and gray start to the day. temperatures are in the mid-70s. severe weather most likely late this afternoon into the eveningy hours todaefore the storms get here, it will be hot and humid and breezy but better weather returns tomorrow and for the weekend. double bonus there. 7 right now6 in arlington. 72 in frederick, maryland.
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a likelihood of strong to severe storms. the storms arnd 6:00 this evening. we will keep you posted here and download our app. by 6:00 tonight, there is that likelihood of strong to severe storms. be weather ready today, you guys. let's get to our traffic alert now. fiery crash has shut down the outer loop of 66. >> megan mcgrath is live on the scene with the what oing on now? >> reporter: we have seen a stttle bit of an improvement here within la few minutes. they have been able to reopen the express lanes. you can see the traffic going by here. they are traveling in the express lane. that is all that has reopened at this particular time. the l outerop is completely shut down at westbound 66.
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they have maneuvered cones and moved all of the response crews off to the right-hand side of the road. so they are o trying ton those two left lanes and we are expecting that to happen any time now. but it just hasn't happened yet. for the time being, all of the lanes on the outer loop still shut down because of this tractor-trailer accident. take a look at the video. tracr-trailer went over on its side on the right-hand side of the road there. it then burstnto flames. what they are waiting on rightis now ne of those big wreckers to come to right that truck so they can haul it out of the way. they still have work to do. hope here is that at least minimally they will get two left hand lanes open for the rush hour. unfortunately, the right hand lanes will remain closed for a while. so we are going to see this traffic tie-up continue through rush hour but they arking on the situation and we are seeing a little bit of
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improvement and let you know when the other two lanes open up. wit more we send i over to melissa for more traffic. >> a lot of slow downs through this area because of this csh. if you're coming from maryland take the outer loop to the beltway and work your way aund this. outer loop shut a down heret 66 because of this overturned tractor-trailer and fire. all traffic being pushed on to westbound 66. looks like some folks are making their way around that this morning. travel times not so bad. take a look at that coming up in a couple of minutes.
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we have been folwing developments in the persian gulf region. a u.s. drone was shot down that was flying in international airspace and according to two mo anony u.s. officials. here is a look at the drone we are talking about here. we are told the drone was shot down above the straitof hormuz. a gateway critical to the oil industry. one of the oil officials consider this an unprovoked attack. according to the associated president they say it isar cle message to america they say the drone entered iran air space. now, thereof also been recent attacks on two oil tankers in that region. the u.s. has blamed iran, while hean denies any involvement. there have beeghtened tensions between the two countries over its collapsing nuclear deal. more on this coming up on "today" show. back here at home at 6:05. a former teacher in fairfax
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county is being charged. >> police are still working to identify his victims. justin finch is live at the >> reporter:nnirg. fairfax county investigators telling us mostly girls a the victims here intermediate while changing clothes using hidden cameras here in herndon high school intermediate without thank you knowledge and some learning this week that their ust and privatery were violated. police this man here rafael, former drma teacher here at herndon high school is the man responsible. he has been in police custody since apri after he was accused of using hidden cameras in his home to -- in a home he shared with his fmily and one coming to police believe she was intermediate without her
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permission. furth review of the evidence talking about in thatas c showed students in various stages of undress captured various students here at herndon high school. >> these cameras are small. like we see in this case and other cases, they are hard to e. se we do ask community members when they are in a location, you know, maybe where ty are getting changed is be observant. look around for things that looi susous or out of the ordinary. >> reporter: a warning for the rest of us after this case. it turns out rafael has been linked to other hidden cameras cases in other states. they were able to identify ten students so have been able to reach out to nine. they are thinking it may soon they have to reach out to more as well. for a time reference here, this will impact students at herndon high between may of 2017 to june
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of 2018. he is facing more than 20 felonies. police say many more charges are to come with this new development. you. inside t >> justin finch for us in herndon, thank you. happening today, supreme court will hand down more decisions bere this spring's docket. we are still waiting for rulings on two local cases. one centers around this. the merial is dedicated to local soldiers who died in world war i. challengers sued to have it removed claing it violates the executi constitution's ban on favoring one religion over another. dramatic moments played out on capitol hill during a hearing about reparations. a committee in the house is considering a bill to study the damage done by slavery and a reparations proposal to address slavery's legacy such as gaps between black and white americans in wealth and opportunity.
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yesterday, the writer of a 2014 article that reignited the debate spoke during the hearing. me noted by the time of the emancipation, the n, women, and children who have been enslaved comprised the largest single asset in america worth $3 billion in 1860. >> the method of cultivating this asset was neier gentle nor persuasion, but torture, rape, and child trafficking. >> the national reparations policy is moral democratic and economic imperative. >> i don't think reparat tns for somett happened 150 years ago for whom of us currently living or responsible is a good idea. >> yesterday's hearing also included testimony from new jersey senator cory booker. he and se presidential candidates support some form of reparations. a vital line of communications between d.c. officials and lgbtq support
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groups have been br. now some advocates say they are kept in the dark about recent violence against their community. irlean budd is response team and regularly received emails from d.c. police and officials when there was a need to help a transgender victim or create ness between a crime pattern. until she says the emails stopped months ago. >> it allows me, first and foremost, to make the rest of the community awareimhat these cr that happen, not just the murder, but the assaults or whatever the case were. >> since march 2, two transgender women were murdered on the eastern side of eastern avenue. and on sunday a gay couple was robbed and beaten on u street in d.c. news4 spoke to the dictor of the mayor spoke to the office of the lgbtq affairs and saying it was only supposed to be halted temporarily but now will be back
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online. happening today. if you need a free coffee will help pick you up? wawa is opening up a new location. the first 200 people in the dore receive a f t-shirt and any sized coffee is free through sunday. the fourth wawa open in the district and a fifth will open later this year. ople get excited about these wawas. i think i need to check it out. >> get a sandwich. go for it. 6:10. a consumer alert for anody who shops at farmers markets. the hero pilot who landed a plane on the hudson river has some things to sayout those grounded boeing airplanes. what captain sully sullenbergero says needs happen before those jets are back in the air. his facebook post went viral. the wanted criminal vowed to turn himself in if he received enough likes. now the guy is making headlines again. we will tell you why.
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four things to know about the weather the next couple of days. today is focused on severe weather between 3:00 and 9:00 today. thereafter, thepreather imes dramatically in time for the weekend. if you're going to beach wnre feathert aot ther he coastline and good weather at home. your forecast is coming up.
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6:14 this morning. boeing 737 max is gaining new reaction. >> we are hearing from a man who is possibly the most trusted pilot in america. retired airline captain sully sullenberger appeared on capitol hill yesterday.
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he was the hero on the miracle on the hudson landing ten years ago. now captain sully just flew tsi max in thlator said pilots must have simulator training on x jets before they can flight those plains again. >> our current system of aircrace design and ification has failed us. these accidents should never have happened. we must experience it firsthand in a simulator before we can face a crisis in flight with an airplane full of passengers and crew. >> boeing has opposed mandatory simulator ore last october's crash, boeing never told pilots of an anti-stall system and that system is blamed for the two crashes that kille a total of 346 people overseas. boeing says it is still s dressing faa concerns and hat yet scheduled a test flight with the faa. a connecticut man wanted by the police promised to turn phimself in if his wantedter on facebook gathered enough likes. turns out he stayed true to his word.l e were searching for jose sims who failed to appear in court on a variety of charges. he agreed to surrender if his
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wanted poster received 15,000 likes on facebook. the page surpassed that number, but there was no sign of sims for weeks. he finally turns himself into police yesterday. you think he was tinngh about if he had to stay true to his promises? >> probably not. >> really? helping families in need is the number one goal for one;)lt community in our area. >> thec fauquier nty food drive started a few minutes ago. here is molette green with more. >> they want the shelves stocked and overflowing with food and folks are come coming in here to stock the shelves here in fauquier county. i want to bring in the food bank director sharon ames to talk about the need in the community and put a face on the folks who
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come here, sharon. >> i think they come from all walks of life. it could be an older generation or a person beside you in church or a person in a grocery store with only two items or a mother and father working and they need help also. >> reporr: you were telling me we get big donations around the holiday. >> you them 365 a days year. they are very hungry. 365 days and that is very important. >> so many people from the community are donating n prepared to come throughout the day here as this food drive continues from warrenton and surrounding areas. one of the big donors tim crop is here with all of the folks surrounding him. i want you to taut why it's important for everybody to suppoortab a plklace like this >> it's a great organization.
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we are proud to be aart of it to give back to the community. i highly encourage as many people as possible to come down here and bring yoon dions and we could use everything we can so come on dore. >> rter: coming up later on in the hour,ot we have g a big surprise for thefauquier county food bank and how people get a grocery store exrience in this community. we are here until 2:00 p.m. to take your donations for fauquier county. >> good reminde people tend to forget during the summer months. >> a lot of times during the holidays the donations increase but an important reminder for this part of the season. >> a year-long reminder. a s stickyart today and hot and humid and breezy and then we
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are going to have concern ourselves with severe weather chances later parts of the afternoon and the evening. a storm team 4 weather alert. best tdong you can is prepare now. if you're spending the afternoon at the pool or kids re at sumcamp or playing golf later on this afternoon, keep an eye to the sky. our app will send youpush alerts should any watches or warnings should be issuednd i if you fully expect that the case later in the day. hot and humid and thunderstorms bubbling up in all of that humidity. very unsettled today. peak timing for severe weather in and around the city as early as and goes up at 9:00 this evening. we are not alone today. up re weather threat goes and down the i-95 corridor from
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philly to richmond. even higher severe weather chances across n parts ofth carolina. if you're traveling or flying toward charlotte be on the lookout. wave in the atmosphere. severehunderstorms near chattanooga, tennessee. isthe ripple in t atmosphere pointed at us and 12 hours away 6:00 ts it here between and 7:00 therng. we could s haverms before or later than that. future weather has a pretty good handle on this. it could have late night rumbles of thunder as well. all of this is gone tomorrow morning when we get up. a breeze brings in fresher air for your friday. perfect weather for the wekend.
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saturday morning 63 downtown but the suburbs will be in the 50s on saturday and sunday morning. that will feel good, melissa. >> absolutely. first 4 traffic. ertraffic al outer loop at 66, we have lanes just reopened. we are still slow through this section so the outer loop near 66 two lanes and all express lanes have reopened this orning. elsewhere, taking a look. travel times here >> some shoppers go to farmers
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markets assuming fresh and local means safe. >> but there are risks you need to know about so we arerk wg for you to make sure the food you feed your family does not make them sick. make them sick. we will be righ
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some shoppers go to farmers markets assuming the fresh local food. >> there are risks you need know about. we are working for you to make thre the food you feed your family won't make sick. susan hogan is working for you to help you shop safely at the farmers market. >> farmers market are a favorite
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for good reason. they can offer fresh local foods but that doesn't always mean s ey are safe to eat. >> food at farmrket could present food bourn dangers likd e. coli anlmonella. and listeria. >> reporter: by milk and cheese that is pasteurized. >> pasteurization is a process that heats products like milk to a specific temperature for a certain amount of time. this kills dangerous bacteria and also extends the shelf life of food. ter: bring multiple bags keeping ready to eat items separate from raw meat and video look to make sure vendors are using gloves to help handle unwrapped food and that cold items like eggs and meats are being kept co. >> a typical refrigerator should be at 40 degrees. if cold food set at tempetures warmer than that, then bacteria can grow pretty quickly. >> reporter: also make sure you pack yourself a cooler with lots of ice so you can put all of the things that you just boughsi in to keep them cold and safe for your trip back yome. safe for your trip back yome. back to not all water is created equal.
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a h and humid start to the day but come this vternoon, seere storms have the potential to pop up and impact your commute home. >> i'm eun yan good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. 6:30 is your time. overnight on the beltway first responder had to dole with ryaftermath of a fierash on the outer loop of i-66. you are looking at live pictures from the scene. megan mcgrath is there and join us with a full report in a few minutes. bell 's begin with chuck and a look at this forecast. hot and steamy. >> if you're a summe nner, i suggest taking the morning off. we have a couple of morning tomorrow and over the weekend which will befar more pleasant to spend quality time getting your heart rate upid ou cloudy and humid and muggy and
6:31 am
unpleasant start to your thursday morning. orm team 4 weather alert. likelihood of thunderstorms later on into the afternoon and evening. out the door weather is steamy. dog walking forecast for today, best weather for walking will b here in the morning because later in the day thunderstorm chances are up. aif you miss shadow here is one you can add to your family. there has to be some black lab in his familytree. a good looking dog there. forecast today 70s now. near 90 lunch time. 90-degree plus weather forof mo us this afternoon. future weather is coming up and we will time out the chance of day e weather late in the coming up. right now, first 4 traffic alert. beltway was shut down outer loop at 66 but now a couple of lanes are getting by this overturned
6:32 am
tractor-trailer an cash frorash overnight and megan mcgrath will have a live report coming up. expressway lanes have reopened. eastbound 66 after the manassas rest area crash on the left side. other problems. that one only getting one lane by. aaron? 6:32. lyirfaxounty are looking at students secr videoed at scherndon high ol. >> justin finch is live at the high school with more. >> reporter: so far police have been identify ten of the victims and mostly girls and nine they have reached and one still does
6:33 am
not know. they have not been able to identify dozens more whon't know for sure their privacy has been violated, ashe this is t man police say is behind this, a former drama teacher here at herndon high. they say he installed hidden cameras in the school and used those to report these students. he alreadys accused of secretly recording an pair livingn the home he shares with his wife and two children. it was the evidence gathered in that case in april that led them to this turn of the on investigati parsing through 32 devices, some 3500 videos and images they found evidence of r these gils at herndon high school changing clothes, many oa them cught without their knowledge in various stat of xpdress. >> not what we eted. frankly, not what we thought this case was about. but the evidence clearly tells i
6:34 am
us other and the offender will be facing those charges as soon as those warrants are approved and executed and he is served with even more charges than he currently has. >> reporter: more charges to come for him. they are working from may of 2017 until june of last year and asking any studentsho feel they were recorded without their knowledge to reach out to them in this case. jusin finch, news4, live in herndon. a significant update in the investigation of the shooting of david ortiz. >> the former red sox star was shot in the dominican republic earli this month. this morning, we are learning he was not the intended target. this was apparently a case of mistaken identity. they say the bullet weant for david fernandez who was sitting with ortiz at the table where he was shot. the his is suspected to be
6:35 am
orchestrated by a mexican drug eleven people have been arrested, incding the suspected gunman but more people are still wanted by police. ortiz is still recovering in a boston hospital and he is conscious and has been able to walk. the man u.s. marals say barricaded himself inside a home in loudoun county is dead. we are told he apparently killed himself. investigators say a wanted man barricaded himself on a home airport yesterday afternoon. marshals and deputies, when they eventually went in, they found him dead. no one else was with him. we are still waiting to hear what he was wanted for in d.c. new this morning. amtrak says better wi-fi customer isoming for those traveling along the tracks. it is reported that amtrak is testing this and making canges as ridership in virginia increases.
6:36 am
it will benefit riders who take the trains north of union statewn from maryland toward n york and boston. >> here is look at other top stories this morning. at 10:00 a.m. two decisions from the supreme ourt. one deals with gerrymanderg. the other is a peace cross and challengers want it removed claiming it violates the constitution's ban on favoring one religion over another nbc news has learned that a iran missile shot down a u.swa drone which flying in international air space, not iran air space as previously thought. this is according to one u.s. official. they say this happened above the strait of hormuz. that is anon internati shipping gateway critical to the oil industry. the officials say they considered this to be an unproved attackepublican montgomery county police have murested deleon and he is
6:37 am
charged with er of his girlfriend. 33-year-old sylvia fernandez was found dead tuesday night. she had been shot. police say neighbors heard arguing at the apartment before the gunfire. some have dubbed him the bearded bandit. police are asking with anyone with inform to come man who wears a fake beard is robbing banks in virginia and maryland. he robbed a safeway grocery ore in herndon last week. he has held up other banks in the area. disturbing new trend maybe putting moreives atisk while driving. and molette green is live in the community. what are you working for us, molette? >> we are struck in the s and we want them overflowing, don't we, guys? we got s many here. the former mayor. we have got girl scouts helping to stock the shelves.
6:38 am
so many people from the community. the child wear center is here from fauquier county. we want to make the shelves fall off with food. coming up, we have a bigpr surise for the folks who work the food banks here so stay with us. when it comes to home le.liances we want them to be me about appliances that break down. ntday at 5:00 we will show you a the top rated brands from washer to dryers and ovens and refrigerators. we are working for you to save you money today at
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wel back. new study shows millions of people are hitting the road after getting high. >> an5 estimated million drivers admitted getting behind the wheel after using marijuana.
6:41 am
the aaa foundation for traffic safety says drivers seem to have a disconnect when it comes to marijuana's effect on driving ability. the study found as many as 70% of drivers don't think they will get caught driving whi stoned. ere is no breathalyzer for marijuana like there is for alcohol. so several states go with a zero tolerance policy when it comes it to marijuana behind the wheel. studies have found driving while stoned hts the driver's hurts judgment and also it hurts reaction times and doelling the liood of being in a crash. rn good moing. i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. an investigation into youtube and how it handles videos for kids. ftc has received complaints as far back as 2015 that youtube violated federal law byll ting data on kids under 13. it could result in a fine, settlement or possibly both. reports say it's prompted a company to consider changing how youtube algorithm recommends and
6:42 am
cues up its content for kids. i'm franco holland with your cnbc business report. onouthursday here need to be weather alert today. download yourc nb washington app and be prepared for watches and warnings later today. the f you're heading to eastern shore for the weekend, perfect weather there. perfect weather here at home as well. your forecast is minutes away. first 4 traffic. a fatal crash on the beltway gh overnit. we still have closures and ful
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we're the slowskys.
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15 before the hours. we are in weather alert mode this morning. storm team 4 chuck bell is keeping a close eye on the radar for us today. he is monitoringhe chance for severe afternoon storms. chuck will join us in a few minutes with a look at what you ctan expe we are also following breaking news this morning. we have just learned that the overnight crash on the beltway
6:46 am
near i-66 left someone dead. >> news4 megan mcgrath is joining us live from the scene with a look at what happened. what is the latest? >> reporter: just a short time ago, virginia state police did h confirm driver of the tractor-trailer involved in this accident died as a result of his injuries. ow in terms of the traffic situation here on the outer loop of the beltway i'll step out so you can looel for yours you can see they have reopened the two left hand lanes, so they are going. they are getting by theccident t you can see how slowly they are creeping by. still tie-ups in the area. the right lane, two right lanes here on the outer loop still closed at 66, i-66. the express lanes are open and tually they are moving speed so if you travel through this area and you can take the express lanes, that will be your best bet becauset's slow going through here. take a look at the video shot overnight of this accident and
6:47 am
the tractor-trailer involved here. you can see how it went on its side. it then burst into flames. as we said, the driver of that tractor-trailer died of his injuries. nowms in ter of i.d.'ing the driver, we don't have that informion as of yet and not sure exactly why the le tractor-trair went off the roadway but police say that is e hapned. it went off the right-hand side of the road and the road hit a concrete barrier and burst into flames. we are seeing improvement through the area in terms of thi trafbut we are still not there yet. whenever you have the outer loop shut do l for thisgth of time, you are going to see those residual w delays and stickh us a while. traffic is moving but still a crawl so think about the alternative routes. back to you. >> thank you. happening today.
6:48 am
we are following the latest white 2020 race for t house. >> former vice president joeis morning. this started when he recalled a civil working relatnship with two southern senators who were opposed to desegregation when he first entered the senate. peter alexander has more from the white house. >> reporter: good morning to you. joe biden this morning isg fac fierce criticism including from his 2020 rivals. naming two segregationist , senatorsbiden recalled the
6:49 am
civility saying they didn't agree on much but they got things done. still cory booker and kamala harris among other things called biden's comments wrong and harris said she wouldn't be a member ofhe senate ifhose men had their way. we will have the latest on all of this coming up on the "today" show. next week is the first democratic presidential debate of the 2020 campaign season. i'll be reporting live from miami covering the two-night event. can see my reports next wednesday and watch the debate on news4 wednesday night and thursday night at 9:00. this morning new information released by the white house about a fourth of july celebration on the national mall. >> white house released details about how the president plans will fit in. day begins with the national ind.endence day parade it runs down constitution ag nue beginninat 11:45. president trump's salute to america at 6:30. it will include military tribute
6:50 am
and flyover, along with a speece from the prdent at the lincoln memorial. the capital concert kicks off at 8:00 p.m. on the capitale w is to west potomac park and starts after 9:00 or later, depending when it gets dark. chuck bell is standing by with a weather art for your thursday. >> a very steamy start to your thursday morning. winds turn back around so the south so hot and humid and breezy tod ay ahead of severe weather threat later on this afternoon. 76 right now in washington. veryuncomfortable already this morning. upper 60s in loudoun county and upper 60s the shenandoah valley but mid-70s chesapeake bay. humidity weather already in place. southwest winds increasing throughout the day. not everybody is going to get rained on today, our severe weather chances are high for those who see the storms. today's high 91 degrees. rain chances 60%.
6:51 am
this is all ahead of a cold front which will pleasant weather for tomorrow and the weekend. see severe weather here in southern tennessee and northern georgia this morning? a littlepp ri in the atmosphere that will ride the jet stream in our direction. it should be arriving in northern virginia about ten to 12 hours from now. that puts h ite after the peak of daytime heating so severe weatherachances are high lter on in the day. w futureeather keeps us dry and hazy a hot and humid for the morning and deep into the afternoon as well. could be early afternoon thunderstorms here in the pennsylvania border but i think the main concern for severe weather between 3:00 and 4:00 across parts of central and northern virginia. watch the progression of that little wave of energy coming into the d.c. metro area righti ins the capital beltway between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. more storms along i-66. those alsoould graze through the inner parts of the city now. between 6:00 and 7:00 this
6:52 am
evening. moves out about 8:00 or 9:00 but late night rumbles as well likely and cold front gets here later this evening. thunder and lightning as late as midnight buter severe weath between 4:00 and 9:00. melissa mollet is having a busy morning in first 4 traffic. >> i have. first 4 raffic traffic alert sticking around because the problem on the beltway. i-66 fatal crash investigation involving a tractor-tiler and large fire overnight. only a couple of lanes getting by. two main lanes and expressn la are open. that is quite an improvement from earlier when the beltway was closed. manassas eastbound 66 after prince william parkway right side blocked by that accident.
6:53 am
travel times. remember to listen to 103.5 fm in your car today. is helping families in need the number one goal for one community in our area. >> the fauquier county community food bank is helping esfamili molette green is there live. >> this food drive until 2:00 p.m. so come onut o 60 families come here a day and get a real grocery store
6:54 am
experience. but some of these shelves are empty. what do we want to do? >> stock the sh>>lves! we want to stock these shelves. sharon ames is the community food director at this wonderful extraordinary place that serves so many in need. you've got a fatr and son story that you want to share really quick. >> absolutely. father came in and had a 4-year-old son and told me they had not eaten for two days. i got them food and crackers and thelittle point was so hungry he started to choke when he put the food in his mouth. they had nothing to open the cans so i had to learn about can openers >> you need all kinds of donations to support families. >> absolutely we do. >> reporter: we have so many community groups here. girl scouts and are child service is also here. they want to donateppnd sut.
6:55 am
i would love to bring in another surprise for the food bank. tim crop, what do you want to share today?ou i know have something big that you want to give. what is that? >> i have a check here that i would like to donate to you, sharon, in the amount of $2,000 on behalf of the employees. >> what do you think, sharon? >> thank you very, very much! first, for every dollar we get, $4 worth of food is donated. thank you very much. >> that stretches. when do we want to do? >> stock the shelves! >> the food drive continues until 2:00 p.m. so come on out here and donate. thank you for joining us. >> thanks. here are fourhings t
6:56 am
know. canadian foreign minister justin trudeau will meet with press trump at the white house toot. discussing global trade. last time they met was a year ago during -7e g summit. follow usor updates on today's meeting. at 10:00 a.m., we are pecting two decisions from the supreme court. one deals with gerrymanderi north carolina and later for a peace crop. challengers sued to hav aross removed claiming it violates the constitution's ban on favoring one religion over another. fairfa county say this drama teacher made secret recordings of herndon high school students while changing clothes and he's in jail charged with making other secret all of e details on the nbc washington. app. > one person is o deadn the fiery crash on i-66 that happened this two lanes open. follow first 4 traffic on twitter for the latest.
6:57 am
because we still have a partial closure there it's slow through this area. outer loop at 66 throughout the mng but two main lanes and express lanes have reopened after that fatal crash overnight. >> that is the news for today. we appreciate you waking up for us. >> "today" show is next. see you inu25 ms for local weather and news and traffic. until then, enjoy your>> day. make it a great thursday, everybody.
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good morning. breaking news. shot down. iran takes aim at a u.s. drone overnight. a surface and air missile downing the navy aircraft off the coast of iran in a major escalation. the u.s. cling that attack unprovoked. iran saying the drone was in its air space, and this morning, the leader of the revolutionary guard says his country is completelyr.eady for >> no apolog >> racist bone in my body. >> joe biden not backing down.n his rival ihe 2020 race unload. >> i think it's misinformed and it's wrong.


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