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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  June 21, 2019 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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66 a 95 overall looking okay right now. nothing terrible but is the 5 north before 123. right lane is getting by thatrk zone. loince george's county, everything is oking pretty good into and out of town. 270 southbound looks good northbound as you're approaching month rose road. >> a woman was shot in her bad on benning road northeast.
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police were called around the scene at 11:30 last night and so far little information is being released. it appears the shooting happene outsidhe building on the street. no arrests yet and investigators are still working to put together suspect information. the woman is expected to be okay. we will continue to track this story through the morning. happening today, a prince george's county community is honoring teen killed last week. >> 14-year-old kammanashid wasng joggi and hit near a sw crosk. he had just graduated from eighth grade at georgetown day school. he was an honor student, a chess champ, a jazz player, and a cross country player. >> not to see that big bright smile every day hurts and to see ly family hurt, hurts even more. >> a vigi is being held tonight in bowey.
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kammal's family will lead a march to wheree h died and the march starts at 7:30 and all are invited. this man has been in jail since april when a woman working at his home called p lice after finding a hidden camera. police then found 32 recording devices with more than 3,500 videos. most of the videos were of teens changing clothes. now the drama teacher is facing charges. 30 felony >> you hear about stories like this and you don't think it will happen in your community but it can happen anywhere and it's horn. >> herndon high principal sent letter to the parents on thursday letting them know the school is cooperating the with the police. crisis counselors are available between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 this
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afternoon. a community works is to be started and suld be starting soon. escalating tensions in the persian gulf region. "the new york times" is reporting that president trump approved a military strike against iran but then abruptly called it off. >> that strike would have been in retaltion for the downing after than unmanned u.s. surveillance drone yesterday. the times is citing sa inistration officialsbased in on the washiton did say the drone was flying over international waters and while speaking in the on the floor office yesterday, the president said he bieves the situation would have been far more serious if someone had been insiden a aircraft. >> i would imagine it was a general orth somebody at made a tiistake in shoong that drone down but we didn't have a man or the we had nobody in the drone.
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it would have made a big t difference, tell, would have made a big, big difference. >> the white house and pentagon have not commentedos we will pt any updates to this story in the nbc washington app. planned parenthood and attorneys for the state will appear for a status hearing on a license renewal. in may the department refused to renew the license because of a series of diciencies but judge kept it open temporarily.y tods the deadline to renew the license. if it closes, missouri will become the first state without a legal abortion clinic. authorities are expected to release the autopesults today on the nine american tourists whoied recently in the dominican republic. all of the deaths are considered suspicious but so far no evidence linking them. officials sms the victi died
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after suddenly becoming ill. a couple from maryland is among those victims. more fallout this morning from an ethics investigation into d.c. councilman jack evans who is stepping down from the metro board. there was intense political pressure for him to leave. he aitted to "the washington post" that an ethics investigation found violated metro code of ethics.r earlieis week, he said the probe found no wrongdoing. this letter praising his tenure as metro board chair. his last day as hair isxt thursday. in response to his resignation, the mayor muriel bowser say they can focus on the needs of metro riders. peace cross stays thanks to a land markis decn from the u.s. supreme court. >> yesterday in a 7-2 decision, the nation's highest court ruled thathe monument does not symbolize a state endorsement of religion. opponents argued the nearly
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100-year-old cross violated separation of church and state because it sits on public land but ari ma of justices disagreed, deciding the monument's primary purpose was to honor sacrifice and note orse religion. in prince george's county, there was mixed reaction to the decisi decision. a restoration plan is now under way for the peace cross. new this morning, we now know the trial date of 11 people charged in connection wh the murder of makai wilson. she was killed in a shoot-out in her neighborhood. ten men and a woman were indicted last month. most of the defendants go on trial in august of 2020. the trial for the second group of people will begin in january of 2021. one person's obstruction of justice trial will be in february of 2010. chelsea manning sa she can't pay her growing legal bills. the former army sergeant wants
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elieve for refusing to testify before a grand jury investigation in wikileaks. yesterday,n court, manning's attorneys saidin the f are unprecedented and she can't afford them. prosecutorsaid she must prove she can't pay the leg fees before getting any relief. the district g takin a new hard line stance against landlord with hopes it will hely the problem with gun violence. the d.c. attorney general is ee suing tproperty owners in northeast and southeast. one property is a shopping center wher a teen was killed and three women injured in a shooting. the lawsuit is asking a court to compel the owners to stop neglecting safety and start baying orders. the attorney general gave to them in april to repair broken i ghts, maintain security cameras, and hire a security
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staff. > we have had so much crime in that area. homicide. it seems like the owners of that property are enabling some of the individuals that linger on their property and loiter on their property. >> this would not be the first time the city has used businesst owners help fight violence. back in 2006, a member of thean ia council. you may start to notice changes on the roads in the district. veficial are making sure intersections habright, easy to see crosswalks to keep thes streetsafe. the mayor helped paint one of those crosswalks yesterday.w the ne crosswalks look like splatters to help stopsp ding that happens in the area. you should expect your phone
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to pushut an emergency alert. d.c. homeland security is doing neart on cell phones on or the national malls. if you're around that area at 11:00 a.m. your phone could buzz loudl and receive a message. they say it's only a test and people who get that alert are not to do anything. a new sports entertainmento ns today. the third topgolf location in the area. theres one in loudoun county and alexandria and a fourth is set to open in german town. they say the new location created 400 full-time and part-time jobs. 30s eople in their 20s and are developing a condition usually seen in muchde ol people. why doctors think this is happening. plus, a local football
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player who made it all the way to the super bowl takes us on a trip down memory lane. >> you know, thi is where everything started for me. the culture made me who i am. >> when we come back, rodney leod talks about growing up here and how he is giving back ths summer. >> most of the kids are out of school but you should still have to go to work. how your summer child care expenses stack up to other house ho holds. weather wise we are sitting pretty later on in your friday e and the ekend, we are talking about almost chilly
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what is the weather. >> researchers say a new tool could save you from a cardiac arrest. they are having echo and amazon devices to listen to a specific type of breatng that people experience when they experience a heart attack. before the device called 1, it would issue a warning with a chance to cancel. no word when the appis available to the public.
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that could be useful for a lot of folks. school is out and summer vacation is just starting. > parents know thisme of the year can take a toll on the bank account. research shows manb y american parents will go in debt this summer to go to pay for day care and babysitters. >> the average costof summer child care is about $1,000 p child. twice are expected to spend twice that amount and especially in aas like the d.c. area that is expensive to live. susan hogan is helping you. open the nbc washington app and search summer child care. this story will have you reaching to touch the back of your head. a weird story. >> x-rays show that cell phone
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addiction may be causing a bizarre horn-like growth on people's necks. researchers in australia x- examined ys and found people from 18 to 30 who use their phones more than 4 1/2 hours day developed a growth near the base of the skull. scientists say thee are bone spurs and common inde elrly people after decades of poor posture. the solution prop up tabts on a pillow, hold your screens higher or put the phone down altogether. >> it's the whole idea you're putting your head down the entire time. i don't want any bone spurs! >> you have to do this the whole time. >> now we know! a new survey ranks the best mobile carriers in the district nd where you live would make all the difference. p.c. magazine ranked the top four carriers for speed and reliability. verizon received the best marks and at&t secondnd t-mobile
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third and had speed with capitol hill and columbia heights and sprint came in fourth. people say people in georgetown and tinnily town had the best p overall sd no matter which carrier you have. >> my cell phone, i can't get a phone signal in my apar hent. ie to be in the right spot, by a window. >>. a prince george's county native is reaching back to share somef his super bowl success. >>od rney mcleod prepares for a g football camp in the community. >> reporter: super bowl champioun prince george's coy own rodney mcleod back to his alma mater. you have a youth football camp and we will talk about that in a second. you are back in your high schooo and oking at these memories. what comes tour mind rght now? >> champion. everything started for me. the culture made me who i am.
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this is what i identify with and it's a brotherhood here. >> reporter: why was it so important for you to host this at your alma mater? >> it was important for me to host it here. this is growing up for me, i don't really remember or recall too many camps that i was fortunate enough to go to, sonow, myself, as well as a lot ofvemy other p now taken upon ourselves to provide this opportunities for these kids. long.ame is not for you know? that is what the nfl stands for a lot of us players. i did not solely plan on making it to the nfl but it also does take a lot of hardork and you should also believe in yourself and you should also chase your dreams, but if it doesn't happen, that shouldn't be thed enor you. there is more to life and that is really my message to these s. kid >> coming up in our next hour o "news4 today," we will visit live with some of the kids and
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coaches attending the ftball clinic. >> what a very important message. he said it's hard enough to get to the nfl but if you rely on yr sports skills you have a lot more to offer. nfl not for long. >> the average career is only three or four years. >> really smart. >> scary stuff. >> we are behind hedule. get to the weather sunny and nice. back to you! >> i'll take it! thsolutely. >> a little on e blustery side this afteheoon. it's t good kind of windy. later today, it will be a northwestwind. right now winds out of the southwestth as a wea front is trying it's darnedness to make n it our earohere. the winds will go fromouthwest to northwest and nice later on he day. not much showing up on the
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radar. eye 84. rather windy at times. i couldn't rule out a five-minute rain shower but rain chances are low, low, low. car washing forecast? go for it! most of us will aot see drop and stay dry all weekend. going to the nats game? the braves are in town tonight. perfect weather for baseball. game time temperatures in the 70s and big area of tropical storminess is movingway from us. high spots in west virginia and most 90% of those dry up east of the blue ridge t i couldn't give the completely dry forecast. there is a few lingering showers there in northern baltimore county. most of us unimpeded by the rain. >> wood bridge northbound 95
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before 123 right is getting by the work zone. 66 into and out of town no problems. top of the beltway in and out of town no major worries. 270 southbound is looking good. 27 minutes
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>>you can take the kids to get down and dirty tomorrow in montgomery county or on a food run literally. >> i like we working for you running down family and friends this weekend. >> mud slinging and barbecue and snacking while you run. i'm tommy mcfly for what is up for your weekend. first of all pennsylva a avenue will smell like barbecue this weekend and maybe have more traffic than usual, because the giant barbecue battle is taking over from third to seventh street we are talki0 bands, more than three stages. and actually national champions will be crowned in different grilling activity. in montgomery county, it is mud fest. the second annual #moco mud fest. check these photos out from last
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year. they are basically filling up puddles full of mud in the park from saturday from 11:00 to 4:00 and 15 bucks for your entire carload of people and you can see they are already filling up the puddles. g they atting ready for mud .st! enjoy it wants you to get back to nature and sling some mud and make mud pies and have good old dirty fun wh the family this weekend. normally a run in our area. you do the run and get a granola bar, right? not at this 5k festival. it's happening at old town square in fairfax. along the 5k route you n snack on healthy food. yeah. when you're doing the run. check out these photos from last year. yey want to make sure balance a healthy lifestyle and you have a good balance of calories earned versus calories burned by i recommend make sure
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you're done chewing before you start running again. look on the scene page. e have your look ahead to fourth of july activity for the family and 100 awesome things to do this summer around the beltway and beyond. with 4 your weekend, i'm tommy mcfly,s4 ne >> a lot of options. >> 47. we will :2be
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i don't reodmber when i was intruced to duke's. i feel like it's just always been there.ho it feels l to me. duke's mayonnaise has been in our family ever since i was small. i love the way that the duke's mayonnaise toasts on the outside of the bread. it's nice and smooth and tangy, and youdo t have to worry about any sugars. it's good, right? oh, yes. we cure our meats in-house, we make all of our pickles in-house, and we buy duke's mayonnaise. we can't make it any better. can't beat it (laughs).
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breakingnews. a local woman is recovering this morning after being hit by a stray bullet while lying in bed. she was hit last night around 11:30 at the port chaplain apartments on benning road. it appears the shooting happeneu tside of her building. news4 has a crew headed to the scene to learn what happened and its reported she is expected to be okay. good morning. i'm eun yang. >> i'maron gilchrist. let's get you srted with your weather and a look at the traffic. we start wth meteorologist


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