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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 24, 2019 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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massive size hail along with torrential rains hittingus numero states. flash flooding and tornadoestr alsoing overnight. >>re sectary of state pompeo is meetg arab partners to build a coalition against iran while the president is speaking out, and today will slap strict new sanctions on the nation. >> presidential candidate and south bend mayor peter buttiegieg confronts an angry crowd at home after police shooting leads to heated protests >> an out of control air balloon smasins a crowd during a weekend festival we have the latest on the terrifying moment. >> another fan is hit in the head and injured by a foul ball at a major league baseball game. >> and the pick four jacot
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that was all zeroes for over 2000 lucky winners "early today" starts right now good morning i'm marlie hall. >> good to be with you i'm frances rivera it is an all too familiar sight. wild weather hammering much of the country. in kansas, hail that measured over 2 inches across from rained video shows the intense moments ellsworth.unded the town of s of kansas are reportedly seeing wind gusts over 100 miles per hour in south bend, indiana, there were multiple sightings of a massive powerful tornado rolling thwnugh to, leaving behind a path of destruction. >> severe weather also wreaking havoc in texas according to the faa, communications have been restoredt two dallas airports after a lightning strike damaged transmission equipment causing hundreds of canceled and delayed flights. these storms have hit states with severe flooding for more on this, we gto nbc's morgan chesky. >> reporter: the flash flood emergency in southwestern
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missouri, following days of pounding rain, the water is rising, covering roads and threatening homes. >> the's theridge, main street >> reporter: in hard hit anderson, missouri, a flash flood washed out this bridge >> we're seeing some of the worst flooding i've ever seen in anderson >> reporter: trees are down. there are also reports of drinking water being contaminated, with officials urging residents to boil water before drinking. >> oh, no. >> reporter: overall in southwesternso misuri, 5 inches of rain fell ijust three hours. 2019 has been especially wet for the midwest region, with arkansas and missouri receiving average year's worth of rain in less an six months. and the severe weather isn over yet more severe rain is expected >> oh, my gosh >> reporter: residents on alert, enough rain may fall to send parts of the arkansas and missouri rivers back out over their banks. morgan chesky, nbc news. >> striking images let's check in with bill karins tracking all of that severe weather for us >> good monday morning we're not done yet
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severe warnings across louisiana and mississippi. we are very concerned with flasl ding this morning in areas around greenville, mississippi you're getting poured on right now. severe thunderstorm watch continues from waco to college station, flash flood watches still cover much of the southern half of arkansas, and we have a flash floods warning in effect for monroe, louisiana. as far a radditionalnfall goes, over the next 12 hours, the heaviest rain, centralth texas, nn louisiana and areas of northern mississippi. we're not done yet >> thanks so much, bill. >> the trump administration is ramping up pressure on iran this morning with fresh sanctions on teheran. the move comes just days after the country shot down a u.s. spy drone over the strait of hormuz. and there are reports the u.s. has already launched a cyberattack on iran targeting its command and control systems. nbc' js tracie pottsoins us with the latest froc.m d. tracie, good morning >> reporter: hi, frances, good morning. this morning tough talk coming from both the white house and the president after that drone was struck down, and the
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president called off an air-strike that he says would have killed 150 innocent iranians in retaliation. notthe us u.s., he says, cking off. the new round of sanctions, economic sanctions against iran's already crippled economy expected to be announced today president trump says there is still time to talk >> i'm not looking for war and if there is, it will bobe teration like you've never seen before. but i'm not looking to do thatc but you n't have a nuclear weapon you want to odtalk, go otherwise, you can have a bad economy -- >> no precondition >> not as far as i'm concerned no preconditions >> reporter: so accopring to the ident there, the door is wide open for iran to talk about scaling back its nuclear program. experts say they are within days of enriching more uranium thanlo alwed in that nuclear deal that the u.s. pulled out of. now, secretary of state mikt pompeo is he region as we
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speak. he'll be there this week trying to drum up support for this economic pressure campaign and the united nations security council is talking about those escalating tensions today. frances? >> all right, tracie potts for us trie, thank you. >> later president trump will come face to face with vladimir putin since the first time the mueller report showed the extent of russia's election meddling in 2016 he w'shat president trump told "meet the press" abo the upcoming talks about the two leaders in japan >> you're going to see vladimir putin in a week. >> yes >> are you going to talk to him directly about interference in 2020 >> i >> not to do it? >> if you'd like me to do it, i'll do that >> your answer last we invit him to do it again >> that'trnot >> are you going to tell him not to >> last week was both, i said both, i'd do both. >> the president heads to the g20 summit on thursday >> president trump meanwhile is putting his immigration crackdown on hold giving
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democrats two weeks to negotiate a deal or federal agenbe will n rounding up and deporting thousands of undocumented my grants the you wiultimatum comes amid g separation policy.ailed in the exclusive interview with "meet the press," the president blamed democrats saying me can't improve thute facilities witho more funding from congress >> democratic presidential candidate pete buttiegieg under fire in his hometown he left the campaign trail to deal with a deadly officer-inlved shootg last weekend. garrett haake has the details. >> reporter: an angry and emotional town hall for south bend mayor and presidential candidate pete buttiegieg. >> get the people that are racist offhe street. >> reporter: some residents furious over the father's day shooting of a black main named eric logan killed by a white
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police officer whose body camera was turned off >> if anyone who is on patrol is shown to be a racist -- >> theare. >> -- or to do something racist that is their last day on the street >> reporter: buttigieg has spent most of the last week off the campaign trail attempting to manage the fallout from the shooting, the mayor has agreed to support anst outside inveation and faces demands to fire officers involved. >> are you from black lives matter of course blacttk lives ma >> then fire the cop >> reporter: they campaigned here in south carolina with front runner joe biepd enattempting taro y controversial comments he made last week about working with segregationalist senators. >> i do understand the consequence of the word "boy but it wasn't said in any of that context at all. >> reporter: fellow candidate cory booker reacting >> i heardrom many, many african americans who found the comments hurtful
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>> reporter: matters of race taking center stage in the presidential contest entering its biggest week yet garrett haake, nbc news, columbia, south carolina >> a bicentennial celebration turned into a scary rescue mission after an outf ontrol hot air balloon crashed into a crowd of spectators at a festival in missouri several people were knocked to the ground by the basket as the pilot tried to gain control. the event's organizer said weathecor d be to blame. nbc's blayne alexander has the latest >> reporter: it didn't take long for an excited crowd to realize this hot air balloon was ctoing in too close, o fast at saturday's bicentennial celebration in hanibal, missouri, it was the last balloon of the day the pilot was almost thrown from the basket it was airborne again, cutting through this crowd of ople as they dived to get ouwat of the y, including one woman who appears to be holding a child.
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finally a group of bystander are able to chase the balloon down and pull it to the ground >> it went flying in between two other ctrees, and yould see people kind of scattering and you could hear gasps from the crowd. >> reporter: amazingly, erofficials say e were only a few minor injuries the evenzet organisays high wind is likely to blame. telling nbc news, the pilot isa facertified. but in the past other hot air balloon incidents have proven more serious, even deadly, including this 2014 crash killing three people near richmond, virginia and this one three years ago in austin, texas, killing all 16 on board. but experty sacause hot air balloon travel is faa regulated, the industry is generally quite safe >> pilots for hot air balloons, like every other airmen, anyone utilizing the national air space system, they have to be licensed >> reporter: back in missouri, datwo of the festival canceled high winds keeping balloons
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grounded after a landing that came much too close. blayne alexander, nbc news >> in texas, two people were killed in a boat collision offials say a fishing boat and a ski boat crashed into one another in chambers county bay two people were killed and two others had to be air lifted tosp hoals, and six people suffered minor injuries. texas game wardens are now investigating the boat wreck >> all right starting t week off pretty roc rocky weather wise let's check in with bill >> we'll have additional storms forming. we have two areas oflooncern texas had a of storms lately we had 15 states that have a slight risk. 53 million people are included in not evne is going to get hit by these storms. they will be hit and miss, but the greatest concentration will be areas of the ohioe valley a thdwest from chicago to indianapolis to columbus, into areas of kentucky and then late so a lot of big airportsnta. included in that could have some delays and cancellations that's a look at the big weather story of the day now here's a closer look at your
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day ahead. so this afternoon we'll watch the storms firing up temperatur aren't all that hot in the midwest, but we'll have chances of showers and storms. we are very warm and humid we're watching the storm in areas north of san antonio and houston. they'll move your way later this morning. we'll taat a look that forecast as we go throughout the week temperatures are going to be on the rise >> all right here we go thanks, bill >> thanks, bill. the flng wallendas tootheir flight acrosa s 00 foot wire strung between skyscrapersor 25 s up this death-defying stunt featured nik stepping over his sister both made it across successfully thank goodness that was anxious >> two years since that near fatal fall pretty amazing >>why zero is the magic number in nt th carolina and danger a the dodgers game with a foul ball here hitting a fawn
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leading the linews, a po officer is dead and one person is in custody after a shooting in missouri. officials say 40-year-old michael langsdorf who served in the area 17 years was shot when reported to a food market about a fraudulent check he leaves behind two children and fee san jose >> as they face mounting pressure to improve fan safety, another person was hit by a foul ball cody bellinger lined a ball that struck a woman right in the face there she is she was taken from dodger stadium to the hospital for precautionary tests. a similar incident happened a month ago. a yog astros fan was hit by a foul ball. they plan to extend nettinutg fm the dugo all the way to the foul paul. >> a heroic fire rescue in missouri caught on encampment ra police responded to reports of a house fire and rushed to the scene. after hearing cries for help coming from the basementof,
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ficer rodriguez was able to pull a 3-year-old toddler and her grandmother free through the window the entire rescue recorded on his body camera. no severe injuries were reported >> zero was the lucky number in north carolina the state lottery set a record pay out to over 2000pl peoon saturday after the winning numbers in a pick 4 game came back 0, 0, 0, 0. ckets sold for $1 will pay out $5,000 and tickets sold for 50 cents will pay out $2,500. the total pay out of 7.8 million is a record for the lottery, surpassing the previous when the numbers were 1, 1, 1, 1. >> gives me an idea for next time around. welljusthead we'll hear democratic hopeful steve's big ido bring transparn si to politics plus satisfaction for rolling ckones fans. mi jgererns to the stage for the first time since heart surgery. that's next. n'
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♪ ♪ talk about a fast corery the rolling stones kicked off their north american no filter tour in chicago over the weekend. mick jagger did not skip a beat. it was his first concert sinceoi unde surgery in april to replace a faulty heart valve the tour was originallapslated to start in l but was
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reschedulethafter jagger's heal scare >> now to decision 2020, one candidate who won't on the debate stage this weekend is montana governor steve bullock he eered the race late and didn't make thfoe threshold r this debate. but nbc's harry smith caughtp with the governor for the series, my big idea. >> what's your big idea? >> my big idea is ending dark money spending andio elect >> if there was one thing montana governor steve bullock wants democrats to know, it's that he is the only candidate in the field who n office in a trump state. >> steve bullock >> nice to see you >> he tells voters that as he introduces himself we met the governor in chicago >> i want a combo. >> taking time to grab lunch at the landmark manny's deli. >> you know, i've been ten years in poflic fice i've been traveling as candidate for president. no one has ever come up to me in a place like this or anywhere else and said, you know what, i
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don't think there's enough money in our elections or i don't think there's enough spending >> as president bullock would requiring corporations to disclose money spent toward elections. and he wants a censtitutional amendmoverturning citizens united the supreme court ruling that allows for nearly unlimited spending in politics is thiats differen enough for you >> most folks, if you walked around manny's, they don't care about campaign spending. but they care aboufat the ct like last year's tax cuts. whoever cleans up this place tonight paid more in taxes last tyearn 60 of the fortunate 500 companies did. they care about that themy econo is not working for them. they see it rigged and then they look at the political system for relief and it's overwrought wit undisclosed money and corporate spending >> getng rid of dark money, that's steve bullock's big ideat
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harry sm nbc news, chicago >> don't miss tht e firs democratic debate in miami on june 26 and 27 right here on nbc, msnbc and telemundo a lot cdidates had a chance to introduce themselves to south carolina voters over the weekend. kind of a pre-game for the debate coming up >> love those diner chats. a lot of information, but not much eating. >> really important stuff, t though, theyk about. >> definitely. up next bill will have your forecast for the week ahead, plus in week marks one year since the rescue that captured the attention of the world the thai cave boys celebrated the anniversary you're watching "early today." now, i take metamucil every da it naturally traps and removesh the wast weighs me down, so i feel lighter. try metamucil and begin to feel what lighter feels like. introducing new metamucil premium blend. sweetened with steviait and made wall natural flavors and colors. it's a delicious way to get your daily dose of fiber.
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enbrel fda approved for over 16 years. welcome back very humid air is going to come off the gulf this week it's moving its way up the east coast. we are going to see heat indices rather high. new orleans 107 today. it will feel like 106 in tas ahassee. the heat i throughout the deep south it is summer it's supposed to be here it's typical look at charleston tomorrow, 102 for you. panama city will feel like 102 also as i mention, it expands by the end of this week we'll see some of the warmth sneaking up the east coast charlotte could be 90 thursday new york waiting for its high later. >> turn on the sprinklers and poacs and bes. tragedy in paradise, what investators learned about the deadlyirplane crash at the runway in hawaii from an infection, human papillomavirus
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>> i'm eun yang. workers are planning a protest today at a popular grocery store. chuck is tracking hot temperatures. >> tsit is a fairly hot start t the week and if you like
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now on "news4 today," disturbing video show officers tasering man at a stop. they say the man was only trying to help children.
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a product only sold at walmart stores. what you need to know about a nationwide recall. i want to go back to working out and working and making dinners and being a mom. >> and a young mo survives a stroke and now she is on a mission to make sure other people recognize the gns sooner than she did. it is 4:00 good mg, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. the start of a new week and it's monday morning. melissa mollet is standing by with your first 4 traffic. >> but let's start with chief meteorologist chuck bell. >> i hope you enjoyed the weekend. that is about as nice weather we can expect between june 15th and ptember.rts of unfortunately the humidity and heat are about ready to start iging up this week. already some b thunderstorms way to our south


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