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tv   Today  NBC  June 27, 2019 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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♪ good morning. miamheat. ten presidentialop huls face off in the first democratic debate, clashing over thee isss in man one language. just ahead, who were the night's breakouts and a look ahead to tonight as ten more candidates take the stage, including the front-runners. joe biden and bernie sanders. >> breaking overnight, the president arrives in japan for a major summit with fellow worldre leaders whe tensions with china, iran, and north korea front and center, and ace fa-to-face between the president and vladimir putin. >> what i said to him is none of
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your business. >> we're live with the very latest. >> shark attack. an american tourist killed byl seve sharks while snorkeling in theam with her family. this morning, her grieving father on what happened. sdploo plus, behind the doord a first-hanook inside that tension center at the heart of the imitation >>crisis. reak in the case. a massive search at a utah home ected to the mysterious lege pearance of a c student. >> and love for baby india. the newborn girl rescued in georgia receiving messages of hope and adoption offers today thursday, june 27th, 2019. >> from nbcnews, this is "today" with savanh guthrie, live from miami, and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> morning, everweody. ome to "today" on this thursday morning from miami and new york.
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craig, good night one is done, but we're really just getting started. round two is tonight. >> good to see you. a lot of folks more bleary-eyed than usual after staying up late to watch the first batch of democratic contders. >> yeah, no question about it. you're truly included. top ory, the first group of democratic hopefuls sharing the tage for the first time, introducing themselves and their ideas to voters. we'll break things down with chuck todd, and first, we're here with peter alexander. good momoing. >> good ing to you. a fight for time as much as anything else for these democrats. eelizabeth warren and cory booker among these setting the tone. julian castro having a good night, introducing himself to millions of americans. for the democrats, it was coming up with the best formula to beat
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donald trump and face the challeng facing all americans. the ten democrats looking to win the white house saving their sharpest jabs f the man they want to defeat. >> the biggest threat to the security of the united states is donald trump. >> i don't think s wehould conduct foreign poly in our bathrobe at 5:00 in themo ing. >> on january 20th. 2021, we'll say adios to donald trump. >> substantive on progressive plans to overwahl the economy. >> when you have an economy that does great for those who have money and i't great for everyone else, that' corruption pure and simple. we need to call it out and attack it head on. >> it's time we have an economy that works for everybody, not just the wealthiest on the national. on health care, elizabeth warren and bill de blasio coming out in favor of eliminating private insurance in favor of a medicare-for-allre system.
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ting to the searing photo of a father and his daughter lying dead as they try to enter the u.s. >> watching tt image, it's heartbreaking. it should also piss us all off. >> the sharpest exchange between two texans. julian castro and beto o'rourke, over whether to decriminalize illegal border crossings. >> i helped to introduce legislation to make sure we don' criminalize those seeking asylum and refuge. if you're fleeing desperation -- >> i'm stillal tng about everybody else. >> o'rourke and senator cory booker at times speaking spanish to emphasize tof importance latino voters. [ speaking spanish ] >> the debate also marking the first in history withn more tha one woman on the presidential stage. >> i just want to say there's three women up here who have fought pretty hard for a woman's
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right to choose. >> the candidates arguing for strict n gun ws. >> we can't treat this as an across the board problem. we have to treat it like a public health emergency. p>> andhing for an aggressive approach to combat climate >> donald trump is simply wrong. he said wind turbine cause cancer. we know they cause jobs. all the contenders asked what they vuz as the greatest geopolitical threat to the u.s. >> our existential threat isim cle change. >> climate change. >> nuclear proliferation and chiement change. >> russia, bause they're trying to undermine our democracy, and they have done a good job of it. >> heavy on policy wit some technical interinterruptions, a least one viewer was unimpressed. president trump aboard air force one tweeted boring. >> tonight, joe biden, his name was not mentioned once by t
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ten democrats last night, but this evening, there will be four of the top six democrats on stage. biden will be flanked by kamala harris, bernie sanders, and pett buieg. >> chuck todd is with me, nbc's political director, host of "meet the press." it was lively. the gloves weren't totally off, but they were ready to mix it up with eacheter. >> they were. and one of the wild cards i thought going into the debate was the dichotomy between those who thought they had a second or thirdebe to go to and those who thought this was their only opportunity. i saw, and i want to be careful how we single out, but i saw some of the 1 percenters who think i better do something now if i want to get on the stage again. i don't want to say it was desperation, but there was a little janis joplin in them, freedom is nothi less to lose. >> the pressure is on because it is potentially a me or break for some of these candidates. >> the other thing i was
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reminded of just watching the debate and participating in it is those that have been familiar in politics and have done this before, you could see particularly the mayor of new york city, who is somebody who bill de blas for better or worse, when you're the mayor of new york city, you dl with pressure. you can banter, and his comfort of just being a little interruptive, it rattled a couple of other candidates who have never really done tha before. >> if you were watching last night, the ten candidates, is nat a snapshot of where thecr demoic party is right now? >> i think if you looked at last night in isolation, i would say no. ask megain after tonight, but last night, it leaned farther to the left i totality than maybe the party is. we'll find out tonight, but if you look at cory booker who i would have saio tried t straddle the two wings,rte sounded far to the left than he has in some issues. amy klobuchar, what was the one
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moderate ort of staking out that sort of mainstream centrist lane here, tonight,oe biden, even kamala harris, i'll be curious to see, is she going t to to straddle the two lanes? pete buttigieg has the same problem, but sam thing. this party, there's a wider idealogical spectrum than was on stage. >> and joe biden comes in leading substantially in every poll. do you think the candidates are going to come out and be swinging because they think they have tatake a him down notch? >> you have to be careful if you swing too hard. nobody likes, especially right now in a fifrb debate, you don't want to be overly negative, but yiven what we saw last night and the comfort the had in mixing it up, i think you are going to see -- i think you're going to see somek candidates loo at what particularly some on the wings did and try to emulate that strategy. >> chuck, thank you so much.
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get a nap. i'll see you down there in 1 hours, my friend. >> we're doing this again. >> we are. >> tonight. >> we'll have a lot mor from miami throughout the night. les will have complete coverage on nightly news and you can watch round two, you seehem l, so many candidates, we can't read them all off. on nbc, msnbc, telemundo. >> a lot of those issues being debated are ao on president trump's agenda as he arrives in japan for the g-20 summit. it will mark the president's mrstting with vladimir putin since the release of the mueller report. keir simmons is inosaka, japan. good morning. >> hey, craig. good morning. the president arriving here in osaka in the past few hrs and going straight to a dinner with the australian prime minister. his schedule really gets started tomorrow morning. y evening for guys there.
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inevitably, the agenda revolves around the president hi president trump arriving in osaka in a rain storm this arrning, as dk clouds loom around the world. including the iran crisis. before heading overseas, the president if. talking stuf >> we'll be meeting with a lot of different countries, many of whom have been taking advantage of the united states, but not so much anymore. >> president trump bristling alt questions about whether he would sirn r president vladimir putin about interfering in u.s. elections. osaka marks the first time mr. trump and mr.putin will be face-to-face since special counsel robert mueller concluded his investigation into russian meddling, and days after it was revealed mueller will testifyef publicly be congress next month. en route, president trump picking a fight with india for setting high import riffs. unacceptable, he tweeted. e'll meet india's prime minister this weekend. the president'sed packed sche begins with japan's prime
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minister abe, perhaps his closest ally on the world stage. north koreae expected to b a key talking point. the presint later sits down with president trump. iran, north korea, venezuela, all likely to come up. hish meeting wit president xi of china wul be crucial, but will it helphe ease t u.s./china trade dispute? iran will be central to conversation with leaders from saudi arabia to turkey to the pdent promising no end rerope. to the tough sanctions on iran. >> iran can do whatever they want. it's just ene. i hav plenty of time, but they have a country that's ecicst. ister right now. >> this promises to be another tough few days for international diplomacy. and already, a flurry of diplomacy, the leader of south korea and leader of china meeting here in osaka and afterwards, the leader of south wrea saying they believe north korea does stillt to negotiate atd and is committedo
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reports, too, craig, that president trump and president xi of china are set to announce some kind ofl a dea on trade that would delay those tariffs. but of course, this is the g-20 and this is president trump. anything can happen. >> sear sikeir simmons, thank y. >> back to a major topic in last night's debate, immigration. this morning, we're getting a first-hand look at the border patrolcctation aused of keeping children irn, quote, appalling conditions. gabe gutierrez is there. >> immigration advocates who came here last week described unsanitary conditions, but now the border patrol isushing back. during our highly controlled tour, we did notice some apparent improvements, but we also learned overcrowding at this facility was much worse than we first thought. also, we want to warn you some of the images in the story are disturbing. this morning, immigrant advocates are asking a federal judge to issue an emergency order requiring immediate nspections at border detention
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facilities. it comes just days afterof repos filthy and oefr crowded conditions at this border patrol station in clint, texas. >> cpb officials are letting us inside for the turs time, now cameras allowed,ust pen and paper. this facility is supposed t hold up to 106 migrants, but a month 1/2 ago, there were almost 700 children there. agents showed us it was stocked with food. and children aeared to be clean. meanwhile, the house approved $4.5 billion, the senate passed a different version of the bill, now law makes can't agree on specifics. the president wan changes to asylum laws. >> if we had the right laws that the democrats are not letting us have, the peoe wouldn't be coming up, they wouldn't be trying. >> the president continues to blame demoats, but the real problem is the president.
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>> fueling the raging immigration debate, this heartbreaking image of oscar ramirez and his 23-month-old daughter veleria drowning as they tried to swim across the rio grande in south texas. >> i hope that picture alone will catalyze this congress, this senate, this committee to do something. >> this is home video of the family. mother tanya watches in horror as the water swept her husband and daughter away. oscar's mother in el salvador is devastated. e this is actually where found -- >> captain chris menendez with the el paso fire department's water rescue team said they have seen seven drownings in the last month. why do you think that is? in seems to be an influx of people try to come across. >> now, during our tour, we were
7:15 am
not allowed to speak to any of the children here at thede bor patrol station. we saw children in nine cells in a central processing area. they were allowed to come out one at a time to use a phone or the restrooms. i did notice one older girl crying as she returned to her cell. but other than that, i didn't see signs of the children in clear ssdistre what struck me is how in the world they were able to cram almost 700 people at oneoint into this border patrol station. >> i read your report when you came out of there and when you said 700 people in a place that was supposed to hold about 100, if i have that right, i was shocked myself. thank you very much. appreciate your reporting. and breaking overnight, police in utah may have a lead in the case of that missing college student who has b notn seen since she took a lyft ride from the salt lake city airport. miguel almaguer has the latest on this one. what do we know? >> good morning. police say they have beeng workinround the clock to develop new leads. and overnight, officers served a
7:16 am
search warrant on a home in salt lake city. authorities still searching for clues as to why mackenzie has gone off the grid. overnight, a possible break in the case of missing utah college student mackenzie lueck. >> wave searched a search warrant on this plac o >>utside the house, police setting up a mobile command center. crime scene techniciansecouring thouse for hours. detectives appearing to pay close attention to an unattached garage near the back of the property. a vehicle was also reportedly towed from the scene. neighbors surprised. >> there was all the detective cars, and then later, six or seven marked cars came in. that's when we knew something was wrong. de the 23-year-old university of utah s has now been missing ten days. she returned to salt lake city from her grandmother's funeral in california. her last communication, a text
7:17 am
to her mother telling her she landed safely. police releasing the last known photos of lueck from the airport urwhereillance cameras caught her exiting the plane, waiting for her luggage, and leaving the terminal. according to police lueck took a lyft tokhis pareveral miles from her home where she was dropped off just before 3:00 in the morning. investigators believe another ca waiting. >> we searched the search warrant. >> the home a seven-minute drive from the park where lewis was dropped off. >> i a said hiouple times but he never responds. >> neighbors say the man who lives there keeps to smself. >> thi is a friendly block and everybody generally knowsefe other, but we didn't know him. very recluse and not super neighborly. >> police have not named any suspects butaid over night -- >> we're part of the investigation because we're
7:18 am
searching a search warrant on their house. >> a tip line has been set up in the case. this case continues to bafrl investigators. >> keep us posted, miguel. thank you. let us turn to mr. roker for our first check of the weather. hey, there, al. >> gracias, craig. buenos dias. we have a lot of moisture coming in here. we're looking at the tropical moisture funneling around high pressure. the worst humidity is from the gulf end of the plains. muggy in the southeast, oppressive in the south. very dry out west. between very high temperatures and high hut a humidity, we're talking about it feeling like 99 in little rock. ow0 in mobile. 99 d in alabama. new york city today, 88 degrees. we'lllirt with 90. washington, 92. 92 in charlotte as well. and then into next week,ur temperat really warm up from the mid-atlantic all the way to
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the northeast. chicago, we're looking at a temperature today, 90 degrees. their average first day, june 8th. so they're a little behind. detroit, 91 today. their average, june 12, they're behind. in new york city, we should get to 90. the average first day is may 27th. we're a little hind, but the hottest is yet to come into the middle of july. we'll get to youec local forast coming up in the next 30 seco whoa. travis in it made it. it's amazing. oh is that travis's app? it's pretty cool, isn't it? there's two of them. they're multiplying. no, guys, its me. see, i'm real. i'm real! he thinks he's real. geico. over 75 years of savings and service.
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hazy skies p andr air quality in the washington area today. code orange air qhelity for t d.c. metro area and northbound from 95 to the baltimore area. already plenty warm. 79 in arlington right now. 77 for leesburg. 74, quantico. 72 in prince george's county. today, temperatures around 90 degrees by lunch time. highs around 93 degrees. and eventh hotter wea with more humidity returning for torrow and s >> thank you. coming up, overnight, details on the deadly shark attack in the bahamas. a young american tourist killed while snorkeling with her family. >> then a heartwarming update on theittle girl and the onreicate rescue in georgia. the adopti offers for her are pouring in and so are the me of love and support. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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and i ppose this baker sells insurance, too? progressive protects your pets like you do. you can see "theecret life of pets 2" only in theaters. this is a news 4 "today" news break. >> 7:26 is your time now on thij thursdaye 27th, 2019. good morning,everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm molette green. they're going to investigate the ethics scandal surrounding jack evans for the first time. he hasesned as metro board chairman, look for more on this in the nbc washington app. >> tonight is the sec d round of the first democratic debate of the 2020 race. aaron gilchrist is in miami covering the debate. you canat w the debate live right here starting at 9:00 p.m. let's check on the commute with jack taylor and your first 4 traffic. o>> slower traffic t deal with
7:27 am
in virginia, 95 northbound trying to move into stanford. the crash before the centreport parkway has the right lane going by. reportedly at this point, it moves over to the shoulder. thankfuly, without big dela now, the icc headed westbound, that accidentct aity has been nuved to the sholder. back t you. >> thank you. we'll check your f
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activities outside. 96 one saturday befor some afternoon storm chances finally return >> chuck, thank you. another local news update coming your way ins.5 minute >> for now, back to the "today" show after this shor
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it is 7:30 on this thursday morning, june 27th, 2019. a shot of the plaza there where it is already nearly 80 degrees. we could reach 90 today here in new york city. sure, that's warm, but that is nothing compared to the historic heat wave in europe right now. we're going to head to paris for a live report in just a sdploo also, pretty hot there in miami as well, i hear, huh? >> oh, yeah. hot outside. it was pretty hot s on thege as well. we'll tell you how voters are reacting to roundne of thetimentic debate. that's the top of our headlines this morning. all ten candidates arrived last night, and they agreed on one thing, saying the economy under president trump is benefting the rich. but theyay didn't alw see eye
7:31 am
to eye on issues like immigration, feign policy, and health care. they spent most of their time introducing themselves to voters and their ideas. ten more hopefulshe will take t stage tonight for the second part of this two-ght event. y of former univers southern california gynecologist was arrested on tuesday accus of sexual misconduct involving students. geor tindal is charged with assaulting 16 young women under the guise of medical examines. it a comeser an 18-month-long investigation. hundreds of others haved come forwar accuse him, saying they were also abused. he mntains his innocence and according to his lawyers, remained adamant he will be exonerated. >> a new tential risk ihe boeing 737 max software update that the company must address before the grounded jet can return to service. the problem with the automatedt flight conol was discovered in
7:32 am
a simulated test last week. the jets were grounded in march in the wake of the two deadly crashes within five months. also this morning, we're learning more about the young american who was kled in a terrifying shark attack in the bahamas. it's an incident raising red flags for rsbeachgoeere in the united states as well as we head into his fourth of july. kerry sanders has more on that rnthis g. kerry, good morning. >> we now know the woman who died here was a1-year-old from torrence, california, vacationing with her family. authorities say she was just offshore snorkeling when she was attacked by multiple sharks. a day of fun in paradise quickly turning to terror for a california family. 21-year-old jordan lindsey was snorkeling withhe her m when police say she was attac d by up to three sharks. her right arm was torn off, and
7:33 am
she was bitten multiple times by the sharks. she was rushed to the local hospital where she diedrom her wounds. overnight, jordan's father telling nbc news the attack happened so fast. my wife tried her best to get her up to the shore but unfortunately, jordan lost too much blood. we are still all in shock. officials say the family had been swimming at a popular snorkeling spot near rose island, a tiny stretch of land just miles northeast of nassau, when the attack occurred. thisattack, similar to another incident in the bahamas two years ago. tiffany johnson of north carolina lost her arm in that attack. >> head my whole arm in his mouth, and fear just gripped me. >> she talked to me last year on her fkst visit bac to the bahamas. to be back where your life changed so dramatically, what's it like? >> i got really emotional just thinking about thiss where it
7:34 am
was supposed to end for me. >> there's been a surge in tacks along the east coast in recent weeks. >> we're on the ocean islbe h. we have a shark right here. >>here's been a shark attack. there's somebody inhe water bleeding. >> including three along the north carolina shore this month alone. >> it was like a lot of pressure on my ot, and it kind of like tugged me down. >> all of it as more swimmers are heading to the beach, as summer kicks in. >>rr ke what more do we know about the victim here, jordan lindsey? >> well, she was a student at loyolaym marnt university. much loved. d not only somebody who was much loved but somebody who extended her love to animals. so there is a page set up to help raise money for her funeral and to bring hery bod back to the united states. but also to support something cared about so much, called the gentle barn.
7:35 am
her father saying about that support, that rescue center, that she was so caring. she lov all animals. it's ironic she would die getting attacked by a shark. >> kerry sanders for us there. kerry, thank you. you were just down in the bahamas shooting ast y. >> earlier this week, we were working on something, and we went diving with sharks. t was under a controlled situation. but it just reminds you that these are wild animals, and unfortunately, they can akmist us for food. still, it's a tra dy they didn't see coming. >> what are we looking at on the map? >> strong storms firing up in p theins today. a severe thunderstorm watch right now for the eastern dakotas on into much of central minnesota. that risk across six states today. storm hazards, tornadoes possible for up to 10 million peopmo, and for toow, the northern plains really under the gun. tornado risk low, but still damaging winds and hail as well.
7:36 am
the system will be meandering across the plains today, this orning storms in the upper midwest. afternoon storms into montana. tomorrow, the storms will move across the great lakes, maybe some airport delays. hot and humid in the southeast. look for showers in southern florida. fire danger firing up out west, and some severe storms in the northern plains and again in the upper that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. skies are mostly clear, but there's a lot of gunky haze outside. code orange air quality today, so that'sunhealthy for folks who are sensitive with their heart or respiratory issues. take it easy outside today. current temperatures already pushing 80 degrees in the washington area. afternoon highs today will be abov 90 yet again. about 93 for a high today in washington. and even hotter weather arrives tomorrow with highs jumping into the mid 90s. >> all right, thank you. still ahead this morning, as the
7:37 am
world marks pride month, how the experience of coming out has changed over the last 50 years. we'll hear from three generations with ver different stories to tell about that. also, the summer blockbuster season is hereor movies. we have a sneak peek at this year's crop of must-see films. also ahead, what did voters dke away from the first night of theocratic debate? we'll talk about that with jacob soboroff. >> before all of that, an update this morning on baba india, the newborn found alive in the the offers to adopt her pouring on from all over the world now. as the her behind the miracle rescue speaks out right after . ♪ we're k12. and we're giving families an online option for public education. with the personalized attention they deserve. students can thrive,
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with three extrairst absorb channels.r they stay up to three times drier so babies can sleep soundly all night pampers we're back on a thursday monning with in-depth tood. an update on a story resonated with so many peo e around the world and touched our hearts, too. the scue of the newborn girl in georgia. >> stephanie gosk is here with the latest. >> good morning, guys. authorities tell us recent attention on the case has led to an overwhelming number of tips. we're also hearing from the sheriff's deputy who found baby india. as messages ofove and offers to adopt her pour in. >> oh, i'm so sorry. i'm so sorry. >> innocent cries now heard around the
7:43 am
authories in forscythe county, georgia, say tips and welles wish are pouring in. people eager to help investigators find out who abandod this niewborn baby inside a plastic bag. >> she's a tough little girl and doing well. >> the baby girl unofficially named india was discovered june 6th in thisooded area. >> we have a live baby found in a bag. breathing, crying. >> the umbilical cord sti attached. authorities released video of her dramatic rescue earlier this week in hopes of getting new leads. >> in the last two days, my detectivesan't keep up, but they are. are.ook how precious you >> deputy terry roper led the dramatic rescue. >> i just knew we had a job to do. take care of her. >> a father himself, he quickly switched into parent mode. >> she never experienced love before. i was honored to be the first to
7:44 am
do that. >> baba india is saido be thriving in a foster home. messages of support comin from as far away as ireland. thousands of people eager to become herfa ly. >> it's amazing the amont of people looking to take afe new lin in their families and we got somebody who tried to throw one away. >> the local community already adopting her asne of their own. >> the baby is alive and going to have a good life. >> god intervened. he takes care of our bayies. he but that baby in the right place at the right time. >> authorities say they'rect expeg forensic evidence to come back in the next week or two and hope that information and the tips will work together to help them solve the case. stephanie, i mean, every time i see those images, i get a tear in my eye. i think so many people wanted to wrap their arms around this little baby. i know that there have been these adoption offers. how might this play out? >> you know, it has affected so many people.
7:45 am
they do have some options, but adoption is not possible right away. forscythe county can take this to family court and try to strip the parents' right even without the parentseing there. if they do that, it then opens up the doors for adoption which i think everyone would be happy about. >> if nothing else, maybe there's a silver lining that mayr people don't get india look at adoption in their own community. >> good point. >> thanks, steph. >> coming up next, the historic heat wave that's popping records all over europe. what you need to know, whether you're travelings there thi summer or busy watching the women's world cup. that's right you got this.go yothis. you got this. you got this.
7:46 am
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7:50 am
we're back at 7:49 now. dylan joins us. i'm flanked by the weatherhe people . it's something we have been talking about all week, that storic heat wave in europe. temperatures soaring into the triple digits. putting residents, travelers, even the women in the world cup at riv. kelly cobiella is sweating through all o i it pair. kelly, good morning. >> yeah, wigging i was back in there right now, androbably will be shortly. look, p paris is already sweltering. i can confirm that. it's going to get up into the mid 90s today. germany, poland, the czech republic have already set all-time records withurope trapped under a bubble of hot air. thisnc morning, f is waking up to a second day of dangerous heat, with temperatures expected to soar into the triple digits in many places. the fountains have turned into dipping pools for people looking for a little relief.
7:51 am
>> i just perched myself on one of these sprinklers and got a little cold water everywhere. it felt amazing. >> the record-setting heat wave is spreading across europe. rome is oned alert today along with 16 other itali cities. american tourists trying not to let it ruin their vacations. >> a couple changes required, a couple showers. we're managing. >> parts of gerny and spain are literally on fire. one spanish meteorologist warning hell is coming. a massive hot african air, the saharan pushing temperatures to the s ibu,leext. parts of france could hit 114 tomorrow. with no air conditioning in many european homes, they're opening cooling centers and handing out water, hoping to oid a repeat of the heat wave in 2003 when tens of thousands died across europe. no one is used to the warmer weather. soccer fields, it could feel even hotter, as i found out
7:52 am
while trying to learn skills with the wake forest players in paris last week for the women's world cup. the u.s. team wil have to beat france and the heat tomorrow to stay in the hunt. >> it's going to have an impact. players will cramp, they'll get dehydrated, but it's also something they're preparing for. >> theyon't face the brutal midday sun. kickoff isn't until 9:00 tomorrow night. the temperatures will come down a little bit, probably in the high 80s. in case you're wondering, it's okay to do thisn a fountain in paris. jump into one in rome and you could get a $500 fine. so stick the fan. >> nice fan. kelly, you go jump in. i have seen your producer is going out there. >> going to italy. >> yeah, leah is in paris. >> how is she holding up? >> she's all right. she finally got a fan. >> no a.c.? >> no.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
this is a news 4 today new break. >> 7:56 is your time now on this thursday, june 27, 2019. tonight is the second round of the first democratic debate of 2020's race. aaron gilchrist is in miami vering the debates for us. you can watch the debate live right here on nbc 4 at 9:00 p.m. now let's check on your commute with jack taylor and your first 4 traffic. busy morning, jack. >> all right, we don't have jack taylor. he might be doing radio, but we'll take a break and bring you the forecast when we come .
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. we're already above 80de ees in washington. 81 at national airport. 80 in prince george's
7:59 am
the wp well under way. afternoon temperatures will go back above 90 degreestoday. high temperature around washington, around 93 in downtown for today. for tomorrow, another hot one. highs, 95 tomorrow. not much of a rain chance today. only a slight chance for a rain shower later in the day tomorrow. slightly higher rain chances into the weekend. a 30% chance on saturday and a 40% chance on sunday. that's a weather front that will lower our humidity for next week. >> thanks so much. get the latest news and weather any time on the nbc washington app. we'll see you in 25 minutes for another .
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on" "today. coming up, front and center. ten democratic candidates facing off in the first debate, focus on health care,immigration, and going after the president. ithe biggest threat to the security of the >> on january 20th, 2021, we'll say adi d toald trump. >> so, who stole the show? and what can we expect to see during round two tonight?we e live in miami. >> also, coming of age. as we loo back at stonewall riots in 50 yearspr of the gay e movement, a new look at ming out and h times have changed. >> you're starting to see things on television and in movies that
8:01 am
make you say okay, i'm not alone, and there are other people out there. >> and scared stiff. jimmy fallon teaming up with the cast of "stranger things" for a special surprise no one saw coming. >> today, thursday, june 27th, 2019. >> teachers on smer break. >> from greenville, south carolina. >> sisters from tennessee. >> hey, my nbc 5 family. >> in dallas. >> hi to our family and friends in tennessee. >> girls trip from colorado. >> celebrati five years of being cancer free. >> how about that? and welcome back toy" "toda on this thursday morning. that's pretty cool. down in miami, sheinelle joining usith savannah guthrie down
8:02 am
there, covering the debate in miami. >> good morning to you, va sannah. >> you like my ride home? might take me a few days. a little post-debate r & r on the barge. >> that's so cool. while we're all f talking, people at home, remember to send us your shout outs. esrecord a short mge and post it on twitter or instagram with the hashtag, #mytodayplaza. >> tomorrow, dan and shay dominatinggountry musin right now. they're going to be live on our citi concert stage. hours from round two? >> but who's counting, right? ten more candidates will line up tonight. that's what we're talking about, the countdown is on to the second roul of the president debates. the first group of candidates last night let voters know where they stand on issues that havel zed a lot of the country. peter alexander joins us with the key moments. good morning again. >> hey, saornnah. goodng to you again. last night, the democrats didn't
8:03 am
ention donald trump's name nearly as often as many people expected. instead, they revealed sharp divisions on the direction of their party, specifically how far to the left they should go on issues such as health care, immigratio t andhe economy. and they're off. the first ten democrats looking to win the white house, saving some of their sharpest jabs for the man they want to defeat. >> the biggest threat to the he security of tnited states is donald trump. >> i don't think we should urnduct foreign policy in bathrobe at 5:00 in the morningn we'll nuary 20th, 2021, say adios to donald trump. >> the debate strikgly substantive, on progressive plans to overhaul the economy. >> when youave an economy that does great for those with money and isn't doing great for everyone else, that is rruption pure and simple. we need to call it out. we need to attack it head-on. >> it's time we have an economy that works for everybody, not
8:04 am
just thewealthiest in our nation. >> on health care, two candidates, elizabeth warren any new york cit mayor bill de blasio coming out in favor of eliminating private insurance in favor of a medicare for-all system. reaction to a father and his daughter lying dead as they try to enterhe u.s. >> watching that video is heartbreaking. it should also piss us all off. >> the sharpest exchange between two texans, forme hsing secretary julian castro and former congressman beto o'rourke. over whether to decriminkrideim illegal border crossings. >> we don't criminalize those seeking asylum and refuge in the country. if you're fleeing desperation, i want to make sure -- >> i'm still talking about everybody else. >> o'rourke and senator cory booker at times speaki spanish to emphasize the importance of latino voters.
8:05 am
[ speaking spanish ] >> the debate also marking the first in history with more than one womanhe on t presidential stage. >> itust wan to say there's three women up here who have fought pretty hard for a woman's right to choose. >> during a nig heavy on policy with some technical interrup, at least one viewer was unimpressed. president trump aboard air force one tweeting, boring. they head into night two for these democrats. taking center stage, the front-runner, former vice presidt joe biden. he'll be flanked by bernie sanders, pete buttigieg, and kamala harrhe. four of top six democrats according to recent polls will share the stage. >> t.nk you very much while the first group of democrats had their initial faceoff, jacob soboroff was meeting with voters, having a watch party. >> we were at the book store across the street. you street off this exchange on the topic of the day amongst the voters, immigration.
8:06 am
you talked to julian casabo t decriminalation. everybody was fired up about that. particularly because of t t picture o father and daughter that we were talking about yesterday. also, minimum wage and affordability. elizabetharren talked lot about it. there was a young woman at the book store who really -- it really resonated with her. i want to show you a little bit of that. take a look. who's breaking through? >> ms. warren is the one guess g through to me because she's speaking directly clearest. i feel like she's talking to us. >> i think there's nothing a candidate wants to hear more than i feel like she's to some of the other young people at the book store across the street, climate change, especially here in miami, we're almost at sevel in miami. when people hear about climate change, they say that matters to me here because it's literally our future. >> it got lively with theca idates on the issue of health care. diz that resonate with them? did they understand what that debate was snuabout? it got kind of complex. >> tenuous, you could because bill de blasio jumped in
8:07 am
several times and i think that did not help him with the people i was sitting with. they felt like it was a little overly aggressive and they wanted to hear everybody play it out. >> it's so tricky for these candidates, when to jump in, when not to jump in. >> you guys are the only ones allowed to jump . >> we'll see. jacob, thank you so much. lester holt, of course, will have a lotore on the race for the white house tonight on nbc nightly news, and you can watch debate,nd half of the ten candidates on the stage, tonight, 9:00 eastern, on nbc, msnbc, and telemundo. craig, giving it back to you. >> hopefully you can catch aqu k nap, although knowing you, there will be no napping. we'll see you tonight, thank you. president trump arriving in japan this morning for crucial meetings with world leaders at the cg-20 econo summit. his face-to-face with china's president xi jinping coming during a costly trade war between the two countries that kept wall street on edge.
8:08 am
mr. trump will also meet vladimir putin for the first time since the mueller report cused russia of campaign meddling, but the president refused to say if he would warn putin about meddlingn the elections. >> now to a life-saving catch caught on camera. a teenage boy looks up and sees a toddler getting too close to the open window of an apartment building. the 17-year-old gets into position right under t window. when the child falls, he's able to catch her before shes hit the ground. this all hpened in istanbul, turkey. the 2-year-old girl wasn't hurt at all. she wandered to the window while er mother was in the kitchen cooking. he saw it happening. phenomenal. ng 8:08, the time of the morni er wite'se hard to top the joy of surprising a child with a new pet, right? this mom, she took it up a notch by making it seem like a magic trick. >> you want to see a magic trick? >> yeah. >> okay.
8:09 am
you're going to say abracadabra. >> abracadabra. >> what do you want to be here? >> oh, i love it so much. >> thank you, mommy! >> isn't that cute? >> how adorable is that little girl's reaction. she had been hoping for a puppy for a long time. she was ready with a name. you know what she named it in. >> what? >> bingo. >> when was the last time you were so happy you shrieked. > i hope my kids weren't watching. >> there's a lot more ahead, including a very special guest joinin us for popstart. >> first, in celebration of pride month, a closer look at the experience of coming out. three veryta personal s on how things have changed through the years. that's right after this. it is . what is that? that's a blazer? that's a chevy blazer? aww, this is dope. this thing is i love the ligs. oh man, it's got a mean face on it. it looks like a piece of candy.
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8:14 am
we're back with our special series, pride 50. jenna is joining us as well. >>ye erday, we took that closer look at the stonewall riots. this morning, we're focusing on how the experience of coming out has changed over the last half century. joe fryer is here with that. it's changed dramatically. >> it really has. as we were interviewing folks for thee story, w asked how old were you when you came out? on the surface, it may sound like an easyquestion. but it's not that simple. you may come out to your parents and friends, and then later more friends. you're always ct,ing ou but in many ways and manyplaces, things are easier now. from the stonewall riots in 1969, to the pop hits of 2019.ha ♪ sde never made anybody let
8:15 am
gay ♪ >> the btlgq community has never bele less v and that's empowering more and more people at younger ages. >> i came out when i was 18 years old. >> i o came when i was 16 years old. >> i came out when i was 14 years old. >> this morning, we discuss how things changed by sharing stories from three different generations. >> coming out was a gradual proces for me. >> today, he runs equality california, one of the trcouny's largest organizations for lgbtq rights, something he could have never imagined growing up in the rural southwest. >> the view was lgbtq people were abnormal, they didn't have families. lgbtq people were lonely and pathetic. >> heaid fear from the aids crisis kept him closeted through much of the 0s. it wasn't until the '90s that rick came out to frien, colleagues and his mom. >> at first, she thought it was
8:16 am
a phase and my boyfriend converted me. there were challenges, but ultimately, there result was positive because you're not hiding parts of yourself. you're living in a way that's authentic. >> still, at that time, positive gay role models were in short supply, makorg it hard f many to come out, including me. >> when i was young and i tried to picture what my life would be as an adult, i sort of assumed i would marry a woman and have kids. and i think pt of that made me feel sad, because i felt like i wouldn't be living my real true lin. >> but whe went to college, there were shows like "will and grace." >> ladies first, sorry grace. >> and trailblazers like ellen degeneres. >> i'm gay. >> you're starting to see things on television and in movies that make you say, okay, i'm not alone and there are other people out ere. i don't even remember the first time i actually said the words
8:17 am
"i'm gay" soe the first tim i can think of saying those words was with my mom, and thankfully, that was an incredibly positive experience. >> new research finds many parents still struggle with the news two years after their kids come out. michael says that was the case initially for his mom. >> i think it was difficult to have her only child come out and the fear of, like, what does thatow mean for his success and his future? >> how hard was it coming out at 14? >> credibly difficult. >> for anna, the problems came from peers. >> i got slurs thrown around. i remember someone told me i was the reason why the hiv and aids it was very, very, very, very lonely for a very, very long time. >> se had immedia support, including zach, who is transgender. >> my mom said i love you no matter what. for a week, my mom was like, let me do my own researat. after th she was like, this is what we need to get don >> itps hel that today's culture
8:18 am
embraces lgbtq people more tn ever, including the legalization of gay marriage that inspired taylor, a "today" show intern. >> it made me feel good inside because i didn' feel as scared to come out to people because knew, i'm able to get married if i love somebody. >> for this group, the future is just as bright as that symbolic rainbow. >> my dream? i hope to be married. >> my life today is absolutely incredible. partnerbeen with my peter for more than 11 years now. >> even if i can beope sxn out, and even one person can see it and feel better about who they are, it will have made every hardship i ever suffered so worth it. models are lgbtq role now, people elected to office. folks can see themselves now, and i think that is what is making the world better. >> that was fantastic. fantastic. thank you so much for sharing that story. here's the thing, though, and
8:19 am
after the stonewall riot story yesterday, we talked a little bit about this. there have been a lot of s, advansdmente but there's still a great deal of work to be done. >> one thi we have to remember, lesbian, gay, bisexual youth, stats show they're five times more liky to attempt suicide than their peers.e what wear over and over again is the per of visibility. everyone we talked to refer to someone on tv, someone in the movies, a youtube influencer or someone in their community. that visibility gives them the strength to come out themselves. >> even you sharing your own story, you can only imagine maybe someone is watching you. >> i grew a up in small town. populationed around 1,000. coming out in the late '90s, it wasn't an option. i went to tllege, andhat's when where started to see people my age who were out and proud. >> it made a difference. >> it made it easier then for me to tell my family. >> you're making adifference. thank you, joe. >> thank you, joe fryer.
8:20 am
mr. roker, by the way, i want to let folks know you wrote an essay that folks should check out on, a very personal essay. we would y encourage to read it. >> thank you, joe. >> mr. roker, how about a check of the weather? >>et l take a quick look, show you what's going on. we have fire danger out re storms firing up from the plains to the upper midwest. sunshine in the northeast, and mid-mississippi river valley. that's what's going on around c. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> i'm chuck bell. it's alrdy plenty warm outside, and hazy sunshine. code orange air quality today. it's unhealthy for those with respiratory issues to spend a lot of time outside. highs today in the low 90s. not terribly humid today. the humidityoes increase ghmorrow. tomorrow's hi up close to 95 degrees with only an outside chance at a shower. at the beach, great weather. in chance on sunday. same story right here at home. most likely rain day is sunday.
8:21 am
>> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. carson is off once again, so dylan, you're handling pop start. >> have pop start under control. sop first, yesterday, we showed you a preview of jimmy fallon and the cast o "stranger things" scaring some unsuspected fans. last night, the full sketch aired showing the gang posin as wax figures at madame tussauds in new york, and the reaction did not disappoint. >> smile i e,thwo, one > >> that's what i'm talking about. justice for ba. >> three, two, one. >> hey, guys. >> are you guys a fan of barb? f >> i'm jimmyallon. nice to meet you.
8:22 am
act like you're scared. look back at dustin. >> i love it. >> totally terrified and so excited. >> exactly. >> we probably had to clean up somef the language. >> yes, in that moment. the tonight show will be live again tonight following the debates right her on nbc. >> up next, if you're still not over the epic "game of thrones" finale that airs ipmay, you're in love. the cast hasni reud for a two-part special that will be in the blu-ray box set hbo is reasing later this year. in the reunion c special,onan o'brien sat down with two featured cast members from the final season to take a look back at the last ten years. here's a peek. >> "game of thrones" has become such an educatio i have become an adult on the show. the friends i made on the show i will have for life. >> oh, my gosh.
8:23 am
i am inedieval times. i'm not in 2009 anymore. >> i have never done anything like this before. >> my first ever film. >> getting in costume, walking about with a massive cloak and sword has beet the mos fun thing, pretending to be in this world. >> man, they look so young. fans can also expect to see se of their favorites that didn't make it to the final season. hbo is set to release the box set o december 3rd. >> and finally, tonight marks a big anniversary. watch what happens live is tueaing ten y old. since it premiered, the show has aired more tha 1,000episodes, welcomed hundreds of guests, all led by one unforgettable host. here he is joining >> congralations. does it feel like nine years? >> it kind of does. and it doesn't. >> do you remember it all?
8:24 am
are there moments that stick out to you? >> there's such an alcohol haze. i remember it all. yes, i do. it's the mt fun. i can't believe they let me do it. i love when all the divas me. j. lo, mariah, cher, oprah. we have had so much fun. and tonight, we're going to blow it out. >> what are you going to do? >> we have -- how is this for a lineup? we have chrissy teigen, john mayer, and countess luann. tat is a watch what happens live. k about your life in the ten years that's happened, all that has happened to you. how crazy is it? >> it is crazy. > but wonderful. >> andwonderful, absolutely. it took mehis long to become a father. it took me this long to keep this show going. >> look at that picture. >> it's really exciting.
8:25 am
there he is. a big, happy baby. like the new thing right now? >> just a lot of smiles and a lot of grabbing. and sitting up. you know, paying atteanion. i cead books to him and he's actually looking at the pictures. bbing my nose a lot. >> so cute. >> what's cool, one day he's be able to go and walk on the hollywood walk ofnd fame see your name. isn't that cool? >> super cool. >> can you believe it? >> no, i can't. i'm starting a campaign. i want my star to be in front of a dispensary. yeah. >> maybe a watch what happens live junior edition. happy anniversary. >> thank you, man. anniversary. >> so nice to see you. >> by the way, andy is sticking around for the fourth hour. we're going to have some fun. >>wryes, we are. >> we're going to keep it pg-13. >> tenth anniversary edition of watch what happens live airs tonight at 10:00 p.m. on bravo.
8:26 am
>> just ahead, a fitting farewell celebration for our pal sunny as he moves on to his next chapter. first, your local news. this is a news 4 today news break. >> good morning. it's 8:26 on this thsday, june 27th. i'm molette greele t's start with a look at the roads with jack taylor. and your first 4 traffic. hey,>> ood morning, we'll start in virginia on 66 coming eastbound before 123. we had an earliin crash block the left lane. it's an off and on delay from manassas. ple troubles in maryland. 50 westbound buoy after west 57, brockel vehicle in theenter lane. new trouble north near powder mill, a reported crash, and fouthbound after 197, the bw parkway not out the woods. >> still dealing with a heat wave. we'll check the forecast in
8:27 am
8:28 am
thursdayff morning o to a hazy start over the area. code orange air quality today. be careful, limit your senuous outdoor activities to the very early or very late parts of the day. already starting to get above 80 degrees in many spots. 81 now in washin 7on. already at dulles airport. afternoon high today expected to reach 93 degrees. even hotter weather for tomorrow with the return of some
8:29 am
humidity. next best chance for r later on in the day sunday. >> you can get theew latest and weather in the nbc washington app. have a great. we are sisters. ved in together. y alissa and aleah chose fios. ved iwe stream sooo much. a lot of times alissa is watching tv on her laptop, using her phone, also using her tablet. i am really good at multitasking using cause i'm awesome. ng her tablet. a little. the best internet isven better at our best price. switch now and get our fastest speeds availle. plus, a free samsung chromebook on us. that's fios.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:31 am
beautiful voices are the gay men's chorus of was12ngton, d.c. voices joining us. they're in town for the world pride celebrations. thank you, thank you souch for that. and good thursday morning from the plaza. >> that's right, a a bit of bittersweet moment for us. we're going to be celebrating our buddy sunny because it's our final moment with him with us, and you and sunny have been such a rain of sunshine, literally, here. >> thank you so much. i do think he's knows. he's a little dasubdued to >> it's a new chapter. it's a good thing. >> i can't wait for you to see what he's going to do. >> you haveur crowd moment for us. >> i do. i spotted some children. sunny's favorite is kids of all shapes and sizes. are you ready? hime up here. you want to say
8:32 am
>> and they all have their sunny dolls too. this is amazing. you guys love dogs? >> yeah. >>uc thank you so m to both of you. sunnynd olivia. thank you. e'll have that coming up in a bit. we'll say our good-byes. >> also ahead, though, we have busted out the movie chairs and popcorn as well for a sneakat pk the summer's must-seeie mov from action to comedy, cartoons. surely sometonng for every this summer. dave karger in the house. we'll head inside and hang out. >> another hot summer topic. this morning, tti esss you need to travel safe. >> in the third hour of "today," craig is giving us a look at his digital series. >> because this morning, we're going to introduce folks to a group called dragon dads. they're a group of religious fathers who started this new community to support each other and their lgbtq children as
8:33 am
well. really cool group of dads. looking forward to introducing youo them, third hour of "today." also as well. >> how about a check of the weather. --all right, first >> today's weather is brought to you by the alzheimer's association. une is alzheimer's and brain awareness month. learn how you can join the fight at >> let's take a look and see what your weekend is shaping up for. we start off withtomorrow, strong storms in the upper midwest. fire danger continues out west. look for saturday, some strong storms in the northeast and new su heat, midsection of the country, wet weather through the gulf, then sunday, sunday, wet and cooler in the northeast. a heat wav in the midplains. mild and dry out west with wet weather along the gulf coast. that's what's going on around thco try. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> sunny, hot, and hazy outside this morning. already 81 degree81in leesburg. in arlington. 78 in warrenten.
8:34 am
afternoon high today a sizzling 93 degrees. no real threat for rain today. tomorrow, hotter, more humid. the add humidity will mean at least a chance for a shower coming up tomorrow. if you're beach bound forhe weekend, toasty hot all the athrough saturday, and if you're staying right here at home this weekend, hot. >> that is your latest weather. also, some o of crowd sporting purple thanks to our sponsor, the alzheimer's association. june isnd alzheimer's a brain awareness month. more than 5 million americans currently living with this disease. u can learn more about it at craig. >> all right, mr. roker, thank you. up next, look who's in the house. dave karger is here. we're going to break down the box office blockbusters that are about to dominate your summer. also a little popcornll as first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:35 am
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8:37 am
summer is officially under way, and if you're looking for entertainment, youave come to s imbd, dave karger is here. first, bhank you fornging the popcorn. >> no problem. it's good. >> nice and fresh. >> spider-man, that is probably going to be the bigge blockbuster or one of the biggest. >> of the movies lhat aret this summer, this is the onere people a excited about. this is the big fourth of july movie. tom holland, i love him as spider-man. they did something so clever by inserting him into the avgers rld. because of that, this movie, "far from home" plays like a continuation of the avengers l endgame plote that was so big. and what i like about this, you have jake gyllenhaal as a new villain character. you have the kind of the end of world stuff action scenes but
8:38 am
it's also a sweet high school romance between peter a parkernd his crush, mj, played by zendaya. you go back and forth between action scenes and more personal enes. good and expectations are higus be the budget is i believe $160 million. >> i believe it's going to make it back. yeah. >> the next one is from our parent company, universal. "yesterday." >> you don't want to wait until next week to see a great movie, there's one coming out tomorrow. it's called "yesterday." written by thit great screen writer, richard curtis, who did love actually and four weddings and a funeral, about this struggling nger/song writer where finds himself in an alt alrnate universe where he is the only one who has heard of the beatles so he decides to run with this and claim all these beatles songs are ones he wrote. and you know who is else in the movie in a great kind of extended cameo road?
8:39 am
ed sheeran. >> really? >> playing himself. you think he's going to be in it for a couple minutes, but he's in it for a lg time. a great supporter role and he's a really natural actor. a very sweetfilm. what's cool about it is it forces you to listen to the befles songs as i you're hearing them for the first time. >> let's talk about one of the biggest disney stories of all time, "lion king" released 25 yearsago this year. >> does that make you feel old? >> it does. whatbout the remake? >> i'm intrigued about this one. people asked me, is it animated, is it live action? it's called photo realistic. it's basically scgi that' made to look completely real. and the jungle book movie a couple years ago which had the same director, jon favreau, had the same technology. what's exciting about this besides how amazing it looks is the cast because they had donald glover and beyonce along with billy iegner and seth rogen. there's a new elton john song called never too late that he
8:40 am
wrote with the original lyricist from the lion king. >> the sound track for sure will be the sound track of the summer. >> beyonce, donald glover, and elton john. can't go wrong. >> quentin tarantino,inth n exp are high. a-list cast. >> there notmany directors where every film hees or she m is an event. this is call an interesting throwbackollywood story. leonardo decap reo, so great. plays an aging tv star, and in the movie, margot robbie plays sharon tate, soohe film a touches on, let's say. that interesting story. the ending of this movie has to be seen to be believed. >> wow. that's a tease. >> definitely one you want to seeefore your friends start talking about it too much. it's really entertaining. >> here's another one from our parent company, universal. fast and furious, this is a spin
8:41 am
off. >> the fast and furiousch frane is gargantuan. it's been very successful. now they decided to spin off haubs and shaw. you can see idris elba here as the villain of the itlm. muscles on screen. it's shocking you can even fit these guys on the screen.nk and i t what's going to be great about this is this is going to be the movie for the hard core action fans. the trailer looks really fun, like dwayne johnson and jason statham are trying to outdo each other with the action stunts. it's little less car driven, but a lot of action. >> dave karger, always good to have you. a lot of good films to see this summer. let's send it outside to sheinelle. e have good stuff coming up. up next, jen's travel essentials to keep yourself and your stuff safe when you travel first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
8:42 am
♪ ♪ protect your pet with the #1 me in flea and tick protection. frontline plus. trusted by vets for nearly 20 years.
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8:44 am
we're back with better ba c basics to. this morning, you're going to love it. we're focusing on summer travel safety, thgear to protect your family and personal possessions on the road. we have jen here with us. good morning to you. everything we have this morning, it's trendy, stylish, it's ac prcal. >> it's things you want to pack, that you want to use, you want to wear we'll start with these shirts. these are not just your basic shirts. these are pick pocket proof shirts. so the trick here is that in the pocket, there's actually -- excuse me,here's a zipper. you put things in there, nobody can get ie and m a run for it. they're business shirts for business travel, or sporty active wear, and -- >> and it's a good looking shirt. >> great buy. >> speaking of good looking, talk to me about these bags?
8:45 am
>> these are genius. they made anti-the ckpacks. they have locks on them, so the hardware is great looking. you can lock. their zippers together. they have slash proof strang. everythis made to deter a theft, and also the idea with pick pocketing is quickness. they can't get to anything quickly. >> it's also good because you can keep it right there on your chest. i love these. >> i am obsessed with these. these are$70. i thought they were like $700.e they'reautiful faux leather, faux fur, and it's a travel wallet., inside you can put your passport, different currencies. you can wea a it as clutch, a fanny pack, as a crossbody. >> it's stylish, not bulky. >> it's stylish and it's labeled so you know if something is missing. >> speaking about not bei bulky, can you tell us your name? >> macy. >> we found macy on the plaza. >> she's so cute and this is so
8:46 am
cute. this is a way to keep yourgs belonginn you when you travel, when you're working out. it's really thin to the body, and it's sweat wicking. she's going to europe in a couple weeks. it's hot there. you can put your phone in there, your passport, and you can't even see it. >> you can even do this if you're running or exercising. >> i love it has a fold over so nothing falls out. >> how much is that one? >> around $23. >> not bad at what's? >> i think this is so smart. instead of the basic techniques where you go swimming when you have your valuables on vacation and you hide things under the towel, these are safes that you can attach to a beach chair. ey're really wonderful for traveling and going to the beach or going swimming. you lock them, you can do a code or affix right to the chair. >> you're usually trying to ing up.very >> then someone gets stuck having to watch the stuff.
8:47 am
this way, you can put it onour chair and go. >> what about this? >> a personal alarm. this is thee one found that was highestated on amazon. and it's got ear piercing sound. i can give it a test. >> let's do it. >> pullhe pin like this. if you were out by yourself for a stroll, out for a wa , take this with you. put it on your purse or bag or wallet. >> it's like 40 minutes of continuous sound if you need it. pu it on your bag. whatever you want to do with it. >> i like that. okay.e >> now we hav a fingerprint lock. this is tsa approved. you don'tave to worry about codes, passwords. you can put up to ten people on one lock. you can open i and closet with a finger. if you're traveling with a lot of luggage and you want to know if everything is where you put it. >> if you can do for your phone, why can't you d a it for lock? i love it. then i don't have to remember a code. >> one less code to remember. ow>> tell me h we go from summer
8:48 am
to this. >> this is a lighted beanie cap. if youe out atight running. year round, safety comes first. this is an l.e.d light. it's rechargeable. you can snap it out to wash the hat. if you're r goingunning at night, walking around. whatever it is, it's dark, this well help keep you safe. >> we have about 30 seconds left. i want to get it in all. >> you take p yourse or whatever bag you have, attach it to a car, so if you're in a taxi, no one can take something anif run. you're out eating with friends, attach it to your chair. >> perfect. >> if a thief wants to take your bag, you have to take the whole chair. >> it's cute. >> cute and substantial. even if you carry lot of bags, i love it to eep it all together. good if you're eating with your friends, you're right, no one is going to take off with the chair. for more on these products, head to up next, he's grown up before our eyes, but now it's time to wish a fd farewell to our
8:49 am
friend sunny because he'sot a special new job lined up. more on that, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
8:51 am
good lucun s is created by "today" with our sponsor, pedigree. pedigree, feed the good. >> we're bac with a bittersweet farewell. our last morning with our puppy with a purpose, sunny. >> w heas just two months old, believet or not, when he bounded into studio 1a and joined our happy family. we all remember at, right? now, sunny is ready to begin an exciting new chapter. we'll have more on that in a mome, but rst, a look back at all the memories we shared with sunny. >> okay, let'sdopen the . let's see our new puppy. >> sunny came into our studio, cst two months old.
8:52 am
>> i't handle the love. >> the name vote, a ndslide. >> and our puppy's name is -- drum roll please. >> sunny. >> and the puppy love ensued. >> will it be sunny? >> it will always now. >> say bye-bye, sunny. >> sunny quickly adjusted to life in the spotlight and made friends with everyone he met. >> man's best friend. >> we had a lot of laughs. >> sunny is eating my script. i'm sorry. >> look at that. >> there you go. >> they'll continue with this make-out bssion. >>ut make no mistake, sunny was hard at work. >> sit. look at you. >> we followed eveis step of h journey with his guide dog foundation trainer olivia. >> he's doing amazing.
8:53 am
>> from his basic skills. to some truly remarkable feats. >> good. >> beautiful. >> sunny is our shining star. so how many memories did we make? 0sunny spent 24 mornings with us, earned 7,000 treats,nd traveled 25,000 miles. from visiting the set of "the voice" in los angeles. >> this is sunny. who is an unofficial coach today. >> to following the nhl playoffs all over the country as theta unofficial snley cup en sunny invited his friend sully to our studio. president george h.w. bush's service dog. >> but the real puppy party is when sunny's entire lite reunited to celebrate their first birthday. >> everyone isaving their cake. happy birthday. >> now we'reeb celting the
8:54 am
greatest milestone of them all. >> sunny's going to be a facility dog at the henny vis cardy school. he's gng to use all of his service dog tasks to help over 170 students on a daily basis. >> as the school's first ever facility dog, our puppy with the purpose will be supporting studentsith physical disabilities. sunny will be an important member of thee team, h even has his own securitybadge. >> he gets to serve as a teacher, as a mentor, as a model eor great behavior. he gets to their helper, and most of all, he gets to be their friend. >> by helping children who need it most, sunny is off to a bright future. >> oh, and sunny'sere with us, and so is his trainer, olivia. we know sunny is a little down. how about you? how are you holding up? >> it is bittersweet. it's always tough to explain in wurbz exactly what this moment is like, but the love is deep, the pride is overwhelming, and no matter how many friends he
8:55 am
chkes, i'll always be here ee hmsri oim l aiken the schoola perfect match for sunny. >> it absolutely is. so when given the choice between greeting a new adult or a newki sunny will choose the kid 100% of the time. and he is so patient and adaptable to the varying abilities at the school, and he is the only tetng br than his wagging tail is seeing these kids' electric smiles. they absolutely briten -- he absolutely brightens their day. and they renamed all his service dog skills magic. and they go around the halls saying he's their best ibuddy. an't wait for him to have his official start. they're finding out now, they're watching live. >> oh, that's cool. finding how they're out. they must be so excited. >> i hope they're cheering as much as we are supporting him. >> they are, for sure. >> that makes it easier to say good-bye to m, but in honor of
8:56 am
sunny's ntaccomplishme, we want you to present you with this. our sponsor pedigree is dating $25,000 and a year's supply of dog food to the guide dog foundation toaise the next generation of service dogs. >> yay, sunny. >> good for you, sunny. >> before we wrap up, we want to mention that you ave an instagram live this morning? >> i sure do, with the author of searching for sophie lee. tune in. you can take part at 9:00 a.m. eastern. or follow along on our instagram later in the. this is a news 4 "tay" news bre >> 8:56 is your time now on this thursday, june 27th. good morning to you. i'm u.eun yang. let's start with a check of the roads with jack taylor. all right, looks like we don't have jack. >> in thela left , also slow
8:57 am
on theoo outer before vandoren. the accident active has been moved to the left shoulder. back to you. >> thank yo'l take a break and check your forecast next. ay with this one little nexgard chew comes the confiden, you're doing what's right, to protect your dog from fleas and ticks for a full month. and it's the only chew, en fda approved to prt infections
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that cause lyme disease. nexgard. what one little chew can do.
8:59 am
hazy and sunny skies this morning. temperatures already inowhe l 80s across most of the metro area. 85 in iannapolis, 83 washington. headed for a high today near 93 degrees. even higher temperatures coming our way for friday and saturday. finally, a little better chance of afternoon storms on >> k, thank you. get the latest news and weather
9:00 am
♪ live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today."ni good mor to you and welcome to the third hour of "today," i'm sheinelle here with al, craig and dylan, the gal's alere for you this morning. did you stay up late last night? >> for what? i did. >> i stayed up until 10:00 eastern, still late. how late did it go >> 11:00. >> it started so late though. >> it's hard to start watching something at 9:00. >> it was a primetime event. >> we forgetor normal people. >> i forget prime time exists. >> now the 2020 countdown, high ygear, the v first democratic debate is in the books. ten candidates, if you m sed


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