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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  July 4, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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. e > weather could cause trou for tonight's fourth of july fireworks celebration. >> ware working for you to helping you get started on the right foot. it is 4:30 right now. ood morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun handependence day. we are working for you this morning to get ready for a busy holiday. somara theodore is inr fo chuck dell for this day. o you think fireworks could be delayed by storm tonight? >> i think a few of us will definitely see delays. if yn' do you'll luck out because the storms will be everywhere but where they hit, they will be packing a punch. anperature is 79 degrees and awfully warm start to our thursday. we are headed to the low 90s anr tempures around 92 degrees this afternoon, heating up very quickly and add fuel to these storms we are expecting. lots of lightning with these and
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very heavy rain and downpour. what you need to know heading to the fireworks. bring a tarp. where umbrellas are allowed, i would do that. download the nbc washington app ecause there will be alerted if we wilhave severe thunderstorms in the area and have a place ready to o. soon as you hear that thunder, head indoors. while you're setting up your chair, getting ready to pull out the food, go ahead and keep eyes out for a building you can run to or close to your car. i'll have a breakdown when we expect the storms coming up. today we celebrate o nation's independen fourth of july is a big deal here in the nation's tcapital. >>he rehearsal are over and now it's time for the big show. ♪ >> that i the sound "the voice"
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winner rfpeorming. she sounds great. at than annual event in hits 39th year. people come from all over the country to see this show. >> it's our nation's capital and among other things, it's a piece of hi. >> it's an emotional event to be here on the fourth of jul the beginnings of our freedom, to choose to do what we want. >> the holiday is usually free from politics but a little bit different some sway this year. the president's salute to america is taking place tonight. he'll have a speech at the lincoln memorial. critics are skeptical and plan to protest. >> if people are not out protesting this, the people of the trrld, our couny and
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around the world will say iue gss this is how the american people feel. >> salute to america includes a tank display. it's meant to showcase america's military power but some people are concerned the heavy tanks will damage the roads in the district. tanks were part of the 1991 celebration marking the end of the first gulf war. they left a trail of destruction that cost millions of dollars to repair. >> we have to wait to see if there is any damage to he d.c. streets but for now many of the road closed around the mall are closed already for today's celebration. >> melissa mollet is working for you to get around the shut down streets. >> i'm element with the first 4 traffic. let's go over the roads shut down. here is a list.
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as far as the tunnels go, here is that list. now if you're heading in to town to seefi the works downtown, you want to take the 95 express lanes. they are staying openu northboud il 7:00 p.m. lane reopen in the southbound direction to get everybody home . so that will be helpful. there is plenty to do today outside of the beltway too. we are working with you for a list of parade and concerts and fireworks show across the d.c. area. open your nbc washington a and
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search firewks. police found a body believed to be be a missing 2-year-o rginia boy. searchers have been looking for him for more than a week. the medical examiner is working identify the remains found yesterday at a steam plant in hampton, virginia. the boy's mother julia tomlin reported him missing on june 24th and police arrested her on friday. one man is dead after a crash on river road in montgomery county. chopper 4 flew over the scene wednesdaafternoon. police say a car collided with a truck carrying sod. t driver was killed. he has not been identified yet. the truckdriver was treated for minor injuries. here is a look at our other top stories. authorities say the victims of a deadly jet ski accident were a married couple from reston. elizabeth howell and jeffrey sessions crashed into a marker on the sou river in edgewater
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on in the morning and neither were wearing a life vest. new video show a man throwing a lit firework at a prince george's county patrol car in forestville and a accomplice recorded the whole thing on video saturday night.a police h a person of interest in this case. charlottesville, vir nia, is replacing a holiday celebrating thomas jefferson birth to end the slavery. april 13th has bee meferemoved a paid holiday. next on "news4 today," we are helping you get ready for your fourth of july celebrations. >> from sunburns to dehigh radiati dehydration and bug bites, we are working for you.
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♪ it may not be christmas but you may expect some me to light up on fourth of july. the lights on robin lynn court are holding their own salute to ameri show in manassas. if you have plans tonight you can see them. the show is running through sunday night. the organizers here say all proceeds will be donated to the honor flight network. between swimming and cookout an fireworks, you'll probably spend sometime outside on the fourth of july weekend. >> before you head out the door, we have somellack that wi make your life eaer. first, don't forget the sunscreen. we remind you all the time. experts say your best bet is sunscreen with at least 30. yu should ap about two tablespoons to the entire body
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before stepping outside and reapply every 90 minute. that is an hour and a half so don't wait l day. >> second. stay hydrated. drink as much water as you can r and rememb thatlcohol and caffeinated drink can add to eh dydration and if you're outside take beak from the sun. >> keeping your distance from breeding ground such as ponds. if you're in a heavily wooded ea, check for ticks in your s lp, neck, and he believes and knees. they like to hide in there. driver are expected to pay ten cents less per gallon than last year. experts say the cost of gas likely peaked in may and e continu fall in the coming months. 40 is our time. let's check on the forecast with
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let's check on the forecast with storm tea4m
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tanks, but no tanks. we don't want tankson the streets of d.c. >> the protests are on the streets of d.c. the critics say the presidt is politicizing the holiday. >> president trump's version will come in a speech tonight on the lincoln memorial and calling it salute to america.
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>> craigin boswell jos us live from capitol hill with the latest on this con >> reporter: good morning. rippy fourth of july. you're ht. people are divided. look. itopoke a number of people on m thel late yesterday as tanks were moving in to place right there at the lincolnmemorial. i said people are divided. a number of people saying it's great to remember those hero that won and fought for our freedom. others saying that the military hardware has no place in this traditional venue for fireworks and that it's nowin becom a political event with the president's speech. the president is speaking tonight around 6:30. the president is also divided oo ts. he tweet that doesn't cost a as mu it is worth but according to the pentagon the flyover for cost 35,000 an hour and00 air force one 120,0 per hour and the national parkse ice diverting 2.5 million
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for this celebration and money intended for parks across the nation. we heard from mayor t bowseray saying the increased cost of security for the president adding to the final price tag. d.c. also warning the federal government that it would send a bill if any of this heavy machinery, these tanks, these up to 70-ton tanks cause any damage to roadways. al g of thists under way this afternoon. more to .come back to you. >> craig boswell, thank you. a 9/11 f stsponder who spent his final days fighting for funding for his colleagues has been laid to rest. hundreds of people gathered to pay their last respects to luis alz in new york city yesterday. the former new york city police detective died on saturday after cancer.battle with skaer
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s illness is connected to his time at ground zero. he spend his last moments tonv coce members of congress to add to the 9/11 victim fund. forward gallagher was sentenced to four months confinement but because of time served he was released and two months of reduced pay. he was accused of kilng iraqi in 2017. maryland confirmed its first heat reason heal heat-related death. a wman died. authority have not yet identified the vicm. a disturbing discovery for virginia fisherman who caught a human leg bone in a creek oth chesapeake bay on tuesday. virginia beach police are investigating now. that bone has been sent to the medical examiner's office.
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a> we are working with your health for warning anybody heading to the beach this holiday >>ekend. a boy contracted a flesh eating bacteria near ocean city as many parents are worried about the safety of t water. darcy spencer spoke to health experts what you need to do to keep your fame safe this holiday. >> reporter: thfacebook post shows the disturbing images. a mom says her son contracted a form ofhe flesh eating bacteria after swimming in a ba jusoutside ocean city. researchers say these nsks are infections are on the rise because of our thriving climate. they live in warm water. >> it's something that you'll see in the chesapeake bay or other areas around here when the water is lukewarm. >> reporter: they say you need to cover your ts. >> infections happen a lot out in the water and people just
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need to be aware of that and make sure that they -- if they have a cut or a sore, especially have a waterproof bandage on it. >> reporter: here is the name of the bacteria. the cdc says up to 1 in three peopleswith this fascitis di even with treatment. the mom of the boy in maryland affected with the bacteria is happy with how his wound are healing. >> although rare case of the deadly infection are on the water because of the changing climate as we mentioned and that it thrives in warm water. >> this is one example of the potential impact of climate change can hve on human diseaba. >> the eria enters the body through an open wound or a cut
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or a scrape. early symptom include unusal skin and painful irritations and later could cause nausea and diarrhea. chopper 4 blew over the stadium with a sound check and massive stage with multiple screen. they were concerned about the weather last night but we hear it was an amazing show. they had a great time. >> there you go. somara theodore is joining us this morning. happy forurth to you. >> it looks like the instability is a little bit higher than yesterday and we are setting the stage already with these temperature for some major storm.y not everybodill get hit but if you do get hit, you'll get
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hit/hit! 79 degrees. 74 manassas. we are off to a warm start already and we are just going to get warmer. highs today in the low 90s. let's talk abouthis rain timing. after lunch time, it's fair game for mother nature but think the storm will pop between 2:00 and 3:00 and impacting the d.c. metro areas and areas for the south and 6:00, 7:00 p.m., southern maryland east of 95 could be seeing that back west along i-81. as we hit nset, we will start to things diminish drastically. the storc nce. between about 2:00 p.m. and 8:45 this evening, we are sing to seeowers and storms pops so it's important you have a plan in place if you're going to see fireworks. tomorrow rain chances the same. we should be seeing a few scattered showers and storm for your friday evening. your fireworks forecast goes like this.
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chances of seeing rain will significantly go down after sunset. if there is any late, late night fireworks, you should be fine but around 8:00, 9:00 is when we will seeesthe bigg impact of showers and storms in our region. as far as your holiday weekend go, highs in the low 90s, upper 80s on sunday. still pretty hot out there. another chance for showers and storm. not a complete washout so i'd say that is good new. shower and storm chances primaly in the afternoon and see a lot of cloud tomorrow. if you're wondering when should i wash the car? probably hd off until monday. temperatures still in the upper 80s and low 90s. it's summer after all. we are in that summer weather time patter sunny start and we have shower
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and storms expected in the afternoon. for many people, fourth of july celebrations will center around water. there is a lot of fun to bead but you can't let your guard down. >> nws4 amy cho has important safety reminders that seem common sense butre worth repeating. >> imaginere lights a on. >> reporter: two minutes, that's how long it takes for first respond to get on the water when someone calls for help and in a water rescue, every second counts. >> we all run out to the dock, we jump on the boat and everyone has a job that they will do. >> reporter: patrick evans with the alexandria fire department says they train year-round to stay ready. >> while we are here, we are looking for debris. >> reporter: they would rather their service not be needed to some tips for safety. make sure you ha a working radio in case you need c tol for help. cell service can be otty on a boat and, obviously, you want to wear a life vest every time you're near the water but
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firefighters say you should make sure you're wearing light clothing so iigdoesn't we you down if you fall in early this morning a husband and wife killed in edgewater, fire official say they were jet skiing at night and weren't wearing life jackets. if you find yourself in water without a life jacket, you have another option. >> a shirt like this if you had everything tied up you can duck down and blow it up and blow your shirt up. >> reporter: when i comeso avoiding accidents, a little common sense can go a long way. first respond say don't take y unnecessarrisks. >> we don't want you to drink and drive, so we sure don't want aou to boat drive. >> reporter: if something does happen, they do want you to stay calm. >> a lot of people tend to droau becse they panic and they are going off. if you stay calm, take a breath, take a breath, that breath actually make you stay up. >> good advice there from the experts. you have to keeph all of t in
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mind when you're in the water. >> exactly. it is the perfect fourth of july story. aco marine s veteran and purple heart recipient will soon call virginia home, thank to a special surprise from a national nonprofit. >> operation finally home works with construction companies around the nation to provide mortgage-free homes to wounded veterans. this week, they helped sergeant brennan and their family breakd groun their new home in culpeper. he served and suffered a brain injury during combat. >> deep down, on behalf of my whole family, this is incredible and we great deal appreciate it. >> operation finally home is planning to complete 25 homes in more than 30 states. what an incredible way to honor the men and women who have drved our country and especially on a like today, to remember why we are free. >> you have to support organizationsikthat who are
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doing such great work everywhere. >> we are get fng ready independence day celebrations tonight. >> even if you're not at the national mall, a lot going on. coming up oay "news4 tod," an easy way to make sure everyone gets home safely from tonight's parties. ng up, we will show you how to land a free ride home. p s, we are learning more about a deadly river accident in maryland. the latest on this case and more on what has turned into a deadly week on the water in virginia.
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♪ "sesametreet" fun on one side of the mall and a show of military strength on the other. we haveverything you need to know for tonight's fourth of july celebration. >> we are finding out the latest of two people found dead in a river. more than a year after a d.c. police officer shot a man near a rec center, a judge lets him go witha no es. ♪
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you're hour away from more celebration on the natial mall. undreds of folk will be gathering for the annual fireworks and concerts. this is the part of the rehearsal you're watching here fr happened last night. >> family packed the lawn to see john stamos and "sesame street" gang. it's a star-studded show tonight. ohe other side of the mall, the president salute to america hu military tanks are on display as part of a program that includes flyoversand a speech by the president. >> there will be protesters ready to go for the event. good morning, everybody. it's a holiday. it's five in the morning. >> you never know. this could be tough. >> i'm eun yang.
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oh, thas right. you're aaron gilchrist. we might have heavy rain ghat might roll throu the area later today. the rain chances making today 4 storm teameather alert day. >> somara theodore is here with a look at a that. >> don't forget the umbrellaf you can bring it where you're going because rain is going to pour. i'd probably wear a poncho. the good new it's a dry start to the morning. if you're an early ryer, you're going out for a runnd you're looking good. the storm we do see today will be on the widespre side of thing. any storm could easily -- why can't i talk -- on the strong to severe side. currently, temperatures are in the upper seven70s. it will be a humid and muggy start to the day. nenel, we cou not only that, we could see fog out on there the


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