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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 5, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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tried to arrest him he resisted and ultimately he moved him outside where the struggle continued. this is the second high-profile incident and we asked chief jones whether this impacted their rlationship with communities of color. >> but the one thing i want to ensure the community of is the fact that we are transparent. we are accountable to them and we'll conti de to that and we'll take these matters very seriously. >> officer morris has had his police power suspended and has been placed on paid dministrative duty. the suspect has bonded out of jail and is facing other charges including drug possession, assault and resisting arrest. all this comes as montgomery county police department searches for answers and no doubt they will have to address issues like this going on. >> a lot going on there.h corey smit montgomery county. turning now to the forecast, and some of us could be in store
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for another rainy, stormy night. amelia draper is in the storm centeth a look at what to expect. amelia? >> and, pat, ikehink the word is some. most of us are going to stay dry out there tonight, but tomorrow i'm tracking widespread showers and thunderstorms looking likely later in the day, but where it is raining, it's raining heavily a this is back toour west right now. this rain is slowly trying to move into parts of frederick county and virginia. successfully now moving into shenandoah county where it's producing very, very heavy rainfall right alongi-81. starting to see a little bit of rain as well. based on the latest track it's going to be moving into luray. we'll see that pop up there and the steady rain at 5:30 and 5:40 d winchester at 6:15 and perryville at 6:50. closer to home in the metro area, i'm seeing isolated showers popping up in montgomern and right on the border of frederick and loudoun county and up around theus damasc area.
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most of us stay try tonight and everybody dealing with the heat and humidity. 89 degrees right now. it's feeling like 98 across the area, and that heat i index going up as well as with storm chances. more on the storm chances and timing coming up around 5:20. it's hot out there. amelia, thank you very much. let's turn to politics. president trump says he may turn to an a executive order to get l controversiaitizenship question on to next year's census. those comments as a federal judge in maryland who is overseeing a lsuit on t issue is now seeking new information from the white house. leon harris joins us from the newsroom with mre on this. hey, leon. >> adam today president trump's justice department said it is not giving up here. they are looking for legal t grounds include the question on the 2020 census but it's ow unclear h they will proceed with that. the doj announcement comes hours after president trump told reporters that the administrangon is explori
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several options, including taking executive action. >> we're thinking about doing that. that's one of the ways -- we have four or fi ways to do it. it's one. ways that we're thinking with doing it very seriously. we're working on a lot of things, including an executive order. >> if president trump makes it an exutive order it would not override last week's supreme court ruling. however, it may prompt another round of lawsuits by people who initially sued to block the questions which means it could end up back in federal court. meantime, the 2020 census is being credited right now without the question. ays officials might be able to add an addendum to the questionnaire. we'll keep following the story. pat, back to you. >> thanks, leon. last night's salute to america threw a whole lot of people to the mall. that means a whole lot of trash left behind but they are quickly working to clean it all up. we went by the thingsnu out, and there's still someg fencin
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sitting out waiting to be picked up. crews have definitely beeng workinard to make sure that everything is cleaned up heading into the weekend. d.c. police confiscated thousands of illegal fireworks last night. take a look at this. they took 58,000 pieces of illegal feworks off the street, and they found all of this in just one of d.c.'s seven police districts. >> illegal fireworks sparked the flames. can you see here that rippedou thrgh this d.c. home overnight. neighbors are telling us that fireworks have been a growing problem there for a while. news 4's derrick ward joins us live in northwest d.c. where everyone was thankfully able too get out that house. derrick? >> indeed they, and when you look at this you know how thankful they must be.e ta look. you see the fireworks and see the house that's burned out and then y see the fireworks on the curb. people come by and look at the house and the fireworks and kind of surmise whatthappened. 's essentially what investigators did, but with a lot more deliberations. in any case it's clear that
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someone's fourth of july revelry went out the whack. >> there's usually these types of viacti. >> reporter: now this home is uninhabitable. four people and pets were able to get o ahead of the flames with no injuries. >> could have been far worse implications if the people had been asleep. >> reporter: residents in the neighborhood get worried around this time of year when displays like there are common. they are usually just followed or flames. t embers >> we're concerned every year. we find bits of the stuff on the front porch and ro b andk porch everywhere. >> fireworks that you've seen over here on the street directly in front the home. these are all illegal items. many of them are aerial type of
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devices prohibited in the district. >> these are covered with washing labels and instructions of how to properly spdi sosoaki whe the allure of an aerial display is strong,fi fire ghters hope that this will serve as a cautionary tale and how easily things can go wrong when you're dealing with fire and howie is veer the consequences can be. d.c. fire and ems say they responded to 711 calls last night. that's a little bit higher than it usually is on the four of july. we're also told that they have taken care of two serious injuries from exploding reworks and firecrackers. this happened before the fourth. we're live in northwest. back to you. >> openfully everybody can learn a lesson from that. >> more on yesterday's flag-burning scuffle near the white house. two people has been arrested.t other is charged with
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obstructing a police investigation and resisti arrest. aer protest set fire to the american people and had a permit to burn the flag but not in that area. well, it's no doubt been a political speech and while president trump's speech went offostly with a peaceful process, police are warning there chop clashes between opposing sides tomorrow. two groupsthssociated the anti-fascist and alt right groups will be gathering just a block apart. th >> reporter: is what the police chief is hoping to avoid, violent confrontatio in portland, oregon, when members of the known white very many sifts plowed with anti-fascist demonstrators. tomorrow's demand free speech rally will feature speeches from
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dozens of r altht activists and the proud boys will be providing security. >> those are good guys and they will be here to protect us. >> they will be here to pro. >> >> it's the counterprotesters who have a pert togather across the street who can ther evidence. >> this is a peaceful event. did this inan francisco and had a peteful event. >> 100 people attended and because of thela st number of seches and it the counterpresters yes. >> we have every intention of keeping the opposing opposition separate. at the end of the day we need to keep it different. >> they help to shed light on
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it, i-antslim mctists. >> and others are making their platform a safe place ad they prohibit extreme behavior. in the district. >> while there are nole schedu skeet closeures drivers should be preparedor f random road closures along pennsylvania avenue. of couree we'll have you cove here. look for updates tomorrow morning on news 4. >> seven people including a billionaire cool executive from west virginia are dead in a hospital crash. authorities say a chopper like this one crosd into the ocean between the bahamas and florida. chris klein is among the death along with his daughter, friends and the pilot. "forbes" magazine says he's worth $1.8 billion. he was also a well-known
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philanthropist donating millions of dollars to marshall and west virginia university. >> mean phil, washington wizards owner is tweeting his condolences to families of two people killed in a jetski crash in maryland. jeffrey sessions was the ceo of a company called red river which is a partner of monumental sports. he says sessions was a season ticket holder and traveled with the team to london last year for a game. sessions and his wife elizabeth howell died wednesday when their jetski crashed into a marker in the south river which was in edgewater. a hiker is recalling a close call. he was hiking in the state park when the lightning struck nearby tree. the blast threw him down a hill and into a ravine making the rescue effort a bit challenging. the hiker has not been yet his injuries were only described as serious. >> coming up an news 4, a wild scene on a prince william county treet where that road has just buckled. look at, that and a car was
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actually swallowedup by this whole thing. >> still to coverage the reaction from the neiasborhood residents learn it's going to be some timeha before tt thing gets fixed. plus, we'll tell you about the massive changes along i-66 and why some drivers say use the road right now just scares them. neighbors helping neighbors. come local community has together to help a family bounce back from a devastating fire. >> and have you seen this? the future is now. coco goff continues anismazing hric run at wimbledon.
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welcome back. an entire sghway under construction. several drivers are scared to go on that road right now. >> i-66, been called many things, most not nice. >> not long ago that i-66 was
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teamed, and i qu the worst damn highway in america. >> reporter: andor people like ivan 66 is downright frightening. >> ivan likes to ride his motorcycle and if the trfic wasn't bad enough here, all the constructionlong 66 right now is a whole other problem. pavement is rough and changing things and the motorcycle pulls and i'm not that good. >> 66 is going through a masse change, from the d.c. line all the way to gainesville. outside the beltway new toll lanes are being added and that's dramatically reshaping the look and the feel of the road. >> this whole area is changing. you've heard of snow piles, of course. how about mulch piles. take a look as rows and rows of trees are reduced to these huge piles along i-66. remember, theis road pushing out and two new lanes in each direction. wh i usually drive 66 early in the morning en there's hardly any traffic and i usually avoid
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it right now. inside the beltway a new lane under construction between the dulles connector especially during rush hour. keep in mind during maryland ivers, the toll lane proposal would look very similar to this work in virginia. the new toll lanes outside the beltway scheduled to open in 2022. by the way, the meeting next week by i-66 isch suled for wednesday at yorktown high school. >> turning now to theea wer. what's the late on the storms out there, amelia? >> most of us are getting a breakout there. it's ha nice ce of pace from rsterday. >> that wasough yesterday. >> that was rough yesterday. >> and adam is eheerywhere. 's on the side of the road. >> wns. >> he's t the metro, in the studio today. >> too much. >> nice and >>dry. yes. >> nice to be in here.
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that's true. >> as we check out your rain outlook on into the weekend 's what nd tuesday, he you can expect. again, most of us tonight going be dry. isolated range. you take ten people and two of them are saying she said it was going to be dry. what's goinge?on her eight of them god it for like one day. as we look to move of us can anticipate rain. sunday i think half of us will see rain and maybe had a little bit morhe and then other 40% of the area does remain dry and finally keeping it completely dry monday on into tuesday. here's storm team 4 radar and if you're in montgomery county, rederick county and maryland and up into howard county you're dealing with some of the rain right now. up aund clarksburg and up into the city of frederick potentially starting to see some sprinkles as well with rain now following in rokhamn county and starting to move into page county and seeing veryvy hea rainfall in shenandoah county following along i-81. we're going to continue to see
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areas of rain.tu look at fu weather. here we are at 7:00 p.m. and still tracking rain north of washington and especially up into howard county and back around i-81 and back around the mountains. winchester and luray and potentially eing rain as that line out west tries to move towards the east. it's probably going to fizzle out in a big way.s especially a we made towards 9:00 p.m. and we make that daytime heating. maybe seeing showers in rappahannock county and parts of p.m.ier county at 9:00 beltway areas south and into parts of northern virginia, fairfax, prince william and most of fauquier county are staying dry out there tonight and maybe a few lingering showers at 11:00 p.m. and overnight we get some clearing and sunshine tomorrow morning and then we have showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. here's where they really start to fire. there's the chance f pop-up popcorn showers and thunderstorms just about everywhere. 5:00 p.m. still tracking some
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rain and some heavy rain isin the forecast tomorrow and this activity, again, winds down around 9:00 p.m. because all of this is driven byofhe heat the day with the help of the sunshine. so your impacts tomorrow, biggest concern is going to bem soeally heavy rainfall and strong gusty winds as well. maybe some hail out there, but if ything you're dealing with downpours like adam was noticing yesterday down at the metro as folks were heading to the mall to see the frth of july fireworks. that 92, it's going to feel hot. more on the heat indices coming up and our shower and hunderstorm areas drop off on tuesday. one more quick thing. sunday we could see some rain in the morning as well. not just the afternoon, guys. >> thanks, amelia. >> d.c. in july. >> hey, the journey continues for cori "coco" gauff. she pulled off another upset. she was the headline act at the all england tennis club.
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he 15-year-old was play cg on centerourt for her third round match against hercog of slovenia. >> she would rally to take the second in the tiebreheer. check oreaction to her huge set-winni point there. gauff ceainly fired up and her parents also enjoying the moments here. >> and almost three hours after first taking the court the moment of victory, game, set and match for gauff. she now advances to the round of 16, the youngestwan to reach that round since anna kournikova back in >>1996. three hours in the heat, that has to be tiring. >> domineering, a phenom, plain and simple. >> st of luck to her. well, still to come,'s going to be anything but a quick fix, we've learned. still ahead, we' t live in neighborhood where this mavisnk sihole swallowed a car. >> plus, the swarm of aftershocks expected to last several days in the area hitby the magnitude 6.4 earthqua.
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we'reke g
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>> it was a n restlessht for many in southern california. that's because dozens of t afshocks, including a 5.4 early this morning. this comes after yesterday's 6.4 magnitude quake, the strongest in that region a year. there wasn't a lot of severe
5:23 pm
nedamage. home say they appear have been spared. store owners report more damage with faing ceiling tiles and items thrown off the shelves. closer to the epicenter severale people we hurt and two hours fires were reported likely tied to damaged gas lines. geologists say theha area s seen at least 200 aftershocks with a magnitude of 2.5 or greater. that's a higher than normal number but it's not u> recedented. soon as today i.c.e. agents could launch a massive deportation of undocumented immigrants. president trump order that had c ckdown so immigrant rights activists have been ra lltside agency headquarters in yisouthwest d.c. carla flores from our sister station telemundo 44 has our question >> >> immigrants are hard working people that just want to live our lives just as everybod elsees.
5:24 pm
live our lives without fear. > our brothers and sisters, we are here to represent them and to fight for the human rights. >> they first gathered at park and then took to the shift. obstructing traffic until they reached immigration and customs enforcement headquarters in southwest d.c. they chanted and lifted signs. president trumpaid the deportations of thousands of undocumented immigrants in tent cities across the country, whicn lude washington, d.c. and baltimore, would begin after the fourth of july celebrations. protesters say their fights don't end today. for all the immigrants who have lost their lives under the custody of ice and cvp.
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>> president trumpte wanto t.a.r.p. are carry out the raids last month but wanted to give democrats a couple of weeks to reach an immigration deal. >> storms moving our way. amelia is back with the latest timeline. >> a devastating fire in bowie has displaced a family of nine. i'm tracey wilkins. coming up on news 4, what thism comnity is trying to do helps them. >> reporter: a sinkhole swallows up a street. i'm aimeety at haver we know a mattress is more than something you sleep on. it's something you live on. (giggling) and we want it to be perfect.
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and right now we're at 89 degrees, and by 7:00 p.m. we'll still be hot and humid. 86 at that point and then down into the low s. by 9:00, 10:00, 11:00. isolated thunderstorms out therr gh 8:00 mainly well west of washington and back around the shenandoah valley and then some isolated showers ha on. especially until 9:00 p.m. tonight. most of us wil stay dry out there. good news for your friday night. a break from the rain and storminess that many of us dealt with yesterday. yes, most of us are dry tonight, but i do have more storms in the forecast tomorrow. a much better chance that you'rn dealwith some rain tomorrow and some of those could be severe. storms tomorrow confined to the afternoon and evening hours.
5:29 pm
pat, i'll have much more on the saturday and sunday forecast coming up at 5:50. >> thanks,melia. >> montgomery county's acting olice tree of is promising transparency after one of his overs is seen on video kneeing a man's head during a arrest. that officer kevin more sis now off the streets while they investigate whether he usedc sive force. police say the man under arrest was seen selling haucinogenic mushrooms just before he was taken into cuff custody. his family sent out a statement saying they will be seeki justice. >> investigators meantime say this house fire illustrates the dangers of fireworks, flames ripping through the home on barnum stret northwest overnight. d.c. fire telling us that improperly used illeg fireworks sparked the whole thing. neighbors say that they have growing concerns about the use of fireworks there and the people who are insi the home, they were able to get out safely. >> security concerns ahead of
5:30 pm
tomorrow's alt-right rally at freedom rally. known white supremacist groups could be among those attending the rally and counterprotesters are at another rally just blocks away. the number one pority is to keep the opposing groups away from each other. >> and check this out. an incredible site from chopper 4. a car literally swallowed by a sinkhole in the woodbridge area. >> last night's heavy rains caused this. luckily no one was in that car at the time. >> news 4's aimee cho is at ad rere the vehicle has now been pulled from that sinkhole. aimee what, a scene. . >> pat, absolutely. this entire stet right here behind me was spal owed up by that sink home. i want to give you a closer look right there. take a look. that thing is 20 feet deep. there was a van parked right there when the sinkhole opened up last night and i want to show
5:31 pm
you some video from earlier as well when crews pulled the van out from the ground. thankfully no one was in the car when it fell innend no o got hurt and crews tell me they think the cause of the psych hole was heavy rain and water rushed into a pipnd undergrou and the pressure was so great it washed the pipe away and caused the ground on top to collapsei nhbors tell me they feel terrible for the owner of a car and they are trying to help that person and neighbors say this ia an imp wake-up call, that they need to take flash floating alerts seriously. >> tells me that they need to get off the roadways and make sure that we nee to use these. >> obviously a lot of roadsne to be fixed. gl nobody got hurt. >> crews say it will take at
5:32 pm
least six weeks to fix the rd a ey are looking at more long-term solutions to prevent this from happening again. live in woodbridge, aimee cho, neots 4. >> a lf work and cleanup there. thank you so >> d. water is in the process of fixing a water main on a very busy stretch near d.c. that's near trader joe's and room and board. 15 buildings nearby are impacted. the work is expected to last through the sglenk a crash in prince george's county sent seven people to the hospital. just after 2:00 this morhrng tee vehicles collided at powder mill road and beltville drive in beltsville. can you see the blue vehicle's front end was mostly to off and two people had to be extracted from the car. we're working to get an update on their conditions this afternoon. stillo word on what caused the crash. >> a big family in bowie is out
5:33 pm
of their home, and many of their belongings are locked after a fire tore through their place this week. an entire community now is trying to make life a little better for him andis seven children. prince george's county bureau chief tracey wilkins has the story. >> ho came out of the e, and i saw flames coming out of the garage. >> michael vaughn called 911 on wednesday when he saw his neighbor's house on fire. the next spot thl famy of nine inside make it out? >> started to run over and they were all running out of house. the smith and their seven kids were saved and their home so damaged they can't live there now and for a family this large with kids 4 to 17 it's devastating. >> the smi family are just good people, theupeople yo want your kids to play with and people you want to live next door. >> reporter: an online fund-rai r has been organized for the family to help get them back on their feet and as a
5:34 pm
thank you for all the smiths have done for their hometown of bowie. >> lanse has coached everyone's kids and they both grew up in bowie which is a testament for them wanting to raise their kids here. >> lance smith is considered a mentor to many. >> if my kids would onl play certain sports because coach lanse would drive them to practice or the games and thereby to help when i couldn't. b >> reporter: now the community would like to return the favor. >> i'll miss seeing him. >> reporter: had this fire actually started in the garage and when that happened it destroyed a lot of the athleti equipment that the dad who was a coach and students used. insurae won't cover it. if you're interesting in helping, goto nbc news 4 washington and search smith family. on the first day $10,000 was raed for the family and the
5:35 pm
goal is 50,000 so there's a little bit of a ways to go. >> news 4 wants toish good luck this week to the only buccaneers. 12 families andac cohes left from the fields and the kids will compete with 104 other teams from across the country. >> i hope they do well. >> all right. coming up next,ae mich scott, three runs of "the office" are the three most popular showsn netflix and nowha one cnnel wants you to experience it in a way. >> thinking about cutting ties with your cable company with tho cut the
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wel back. while most of us will be dry tonight, i'm tracking a thuerstorms in the ballsville-year and heavy thunderstorms back in the shenandoah county. everyone dealing with a gross .eat index out the feeling close to 100 just about everywhere across the area. i'm going to be talking about the heat index over the weekend and when thiy hum finally gives us a break. that's in my forecast at 5:50. >> gross is a good word for sure. >> hey, the newest british royal is set to be christened tomorrow
5:39 pm
at windsor castle. it's a private ceremony unlike the christians of archie's royal cousins, prince george, princess charlotte and prins luce. the royal family always gets more. we've learned that again queen elizabeth won't bettending as she will be on vic tour. the couple will post the pictures on the social royal s. media page >> expect to have ask of if you're-- nbc's j furlong is on the coast. >> reporter: the sand is hot and the water is cool. >> i like the beach but i won't get in the water. >> reporter: that guy likes the water and when is that -- a lot of people have come out here for different reasons. >> i want ice cream so bad.
5:40 pm
>> reporter: get a touch of peach, latte or magical europe con. lots of businesses happy to see folks on the board and lots of people spending lots of money this. laneeds shorts asap. way too hot for jeans. >> bad idea. >> i'm going to geto shorts. >> hermit crabs, chairs, umbrellas, and sweat shirts. >> reporter: those are the top sellers here at this store. the summer started off slow and real picked up with lots of nice sunny weekends. to you beach-goers, your menner says. >> the folksoming off the beach or staying in the hotel pc ues. besses is meg for thanp -- if you're going to the sell bear breeches, the baltimore area back a bull.
5:41 pm
is area down here is extra crowded this. weekend bring your patience. tim rehobby yet. news 4. >> next, nbc 4po resnds. our susan hogan getting a response for our
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
>> consumer reporter susan hogan is here with a gift card story. >> imagine having a gift card and not being able to use th what happened to ter wagner from sterling, virginia. she used the dulles 28 car wash and had about $150 in gift cards from there, but she says every time she went to the car wash she was told the system that processes the gift cards was
5:44 pm
down. this went on for months so she contacted nbc responds and we left several messages for the owner and while they never got back to us, the nextet diamry went to the car wash they told her they would honor the gift cards by wright down the amountg she was usin so they can subtract it once the system was back up and running. voila. the problem ian solved her car is now clean. we've helped our viewers save or recover nearly $2 million so far and if you have a consumer issue send us your issue to our tip line. >> you woer why they wouldn't take time to do that before. >> honestly just be -- follow through. kind of makes you wonder if ther people had cards tha wouldn't work. >> that's why we covered $2 million. honestly, you guys are having issues. >> thank you. >> all righty.
5:45 pm
>> well, are you thinking about cutting ties with your cable company? this sunday it's cut the cord day and makitng the sw may not be the step to takeveo sa as much money as you think. last quarter 1 million people dropped out of satellite nd cable tv, but most aren't cutting ties completely. dler stillellin they are still shelling out for streaming services. >> when you add them upthey may be more expensive than the cabl. bill >> you can get free over-the-air channels with an antenna or with a service like suwcast and scription services come with the convenience of easy ti cancellas which often isn't the case for pay tv. >> it's auably onef the best episodes of "the office." the dinner party episode.
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if you haven't seen it might want to way uil it airs on cozi tv. they are giving you a way scratch-and-sniff cards. the omas including the main course and the perfume marked the. request them on cozi's website or facebook page and "the office" continues to live on as one of the best shows out there. >> that's one of my favorite episodes, watching jan and michael, his little tv o the wall and he sleeps at the foot of the bed. >> so uncomfortableun >> that so like a lot of fun. >> i was going to say am ia mentioned the word gross before. >> we want to ask the same thing. mi> we'll see the huty finally breakon monday into tuesday, but, yeah, stays sticky out there over the weekend.
5:47 pm
storms driven by the heat and humidity and i'm tracking somewhat of a line coming together now in montgomery and frederick counties. these storms are really not moving. they are nrly stationary or slowly movingz up north. thunderstorm activity around the laurel area and some hav very heavy rainfall as well. than line for the most part will stay in the similar location. slowmo er up to the north away from the beltway and then i'm tracking this line which i have been all afternoon. verylowly moving eve. only 10 to 15 miles per hour. now mainly bringing the heaviest rain to shenandoah and page s countied right around luray we're seeing a lot of lightning out that way. here's some timing for you. moving into the bentonville area. boyd's mill about 6:15. washington rappahannock county about 6:35.
5:48 pm
amosville around 7:15 and we have more storms out there tomorrow. a better cnce that you're actually dealing with severe weather. some will be severe. i'm talking about heavy rainfall and strong gusty winds. ore storms out there on sunday but that threat for severe weather goes back down a little bit, and it's not a washout saturday or sunday. plenty of dry time out there. just like what we've been dealing with the past few days. we start off tomorrow at 75 muggy degrees. by 5:00 p.m. we're at about 92 degrees, and as we look to nday, 76 and we finish the day at 89. there's a 70% chance for rain out there tomorrow between 3:00 and 9:00 p.m. for the most part. here's the thing on sunday. i c't real out a morning shower or two. and then scattered showers and
5:49 pm
thunderstorms. storms will have some really heavy rainfall out there, and as we talk about the heat index, tomorrow it's certainly like 100 degrees out there during the afternoon hours and if you are going to be outdoors, drink lots water. light-colored and loose-fitted clothing. on monday we see the heat index come down a little bit. weekend outlook, heading to the po t, the earlier better and especially tomorrow. nats fames, have them at home both saturday and sunday. both games could be impacted by the weather and outdoor exercise. it's heating up and the earlier you're out there it's better.if ou're getting out in your garden this weekend. the experts tell to us eck the weather, i love that before spring to control crab grass or japanese still grass. the temperature mt be below 9 a 0 degrees with no rain or watering for at least one hour following that .amgation guys, i'm going to live with the ten-day forecast. i'm going have much more on your
5:50 pm
storm team 4 ten-day forecast. not calling it really nice out there until tuesday. >> all right. >> thanks amea. >> thanks, amelia. >> many disabled vets struggle to reconnect with their civilian life. it's a struggle th no easy answers but there's a lot of people who want to help. harris is here to introduce to one program thatlp he wounded warriors in the of golf. >> pat and adam, not all injuries sustained in war are e physical oren obvious. likes to freedom was created to support veterans and their families who are dealing with issues that hastoss do with ptsd orimmissing l. they build a new skill and build hat w community and find they can even save their own lives. link to freedom. is week's harris' heros. >> this may look like just a couple of guys warming up for a day on the greens and likes to freedom is so much more than golf. just askry tired first sergeant tony henrik. >> because we're there to just
5:51 pm
help any injured service member. gol star family members. >> this combat veteran served in both operation ses earth storm and enduring freedom and when he came home he learned that being tough couldn't erase what he saw. n soldiers in his battal died. >> emotional-wise. i was in a d place because i lost a lot of soldiers. >> links toreedom helps wounded warriors and their family. the wounded warrior golf program was started in 2008. ai and then i spt a lot of time trning those teachers so they could learn to deal with someone who has balance issues because of traumatic brain injury is. >> professional golf instructors work with doctors and therapists to learn how to treat players who suffer from ptsd. >> post-traumatic stress is not the same thing, you know, just being upset that you're not playing well that was the biggest challenge. >> through learning the game
5:52 pm
these brave men and women begin to heal.mi es are also welcome. gold star spouse yourself l.a. palmer started playing after her husband was killed in iraq. >> i wasn't able to meet others who gone through the same thing as me. >> she said this program is so much more than just hitting 18 holes. >> i've been told many times this program has saved many people's lives. and if you have it in yur power, why wouldn't you do it? >> that'ss what t program really comes down to. >>als retired sergeant hen el ows all too well, physical ones are worse than other ones. >> the ones that are contemnating suide and the 11,000 that people, the attempt on suicide, it's like hey, man,
5:53 pm
out government something better to have you. >> savings lives is a little white rnd ball is a thing that's happening out there. if you would like to learn more about links to freedom or would like to donate, check out the nb washington app and search for harris' heroes. >> some can actually hit a golf ball like youwould not believe. >> amazing. >> and good for them to all be able to come together and share their stories. >> exactly. >> and pull each other through it. >> yeah. >> because they know what each other is going through. >> exactly. >> thanks, leon. >> you got it. >> when our product continues. >> we were talking about 15-coar-old gauff continuing her magical run at wimbledon. we
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
coco gauff just is a years old and taking the world of tennis by storm. >> if you don't know her you will. seems like the american teen sub stopple. she blew the wimbledon crowd away after winning another match. >> let's go live to wimbledon. >> reporter: this is a moment wimbledon dreams are made of.
5:57 pm
and one this teen fromid flora never thought would happen. 15-year-old tennis phenom cori "coco" xwauf faced down polonia hecog nearly double goff's age at 28 but hercog with powerful retns advanced to an early lead. goff's parents in the stands looki worried offer hercog's first set lead and win in the second 5-2, and then the rally. goff answering back. >> tiebreak. >> pulling back several match and break points to her favor nd snatching back the second set. the crowd's energy surging. >> third set, both women tradine ves and tiebreakers. thousands of spectators holding their breath. in the end, goff refused to give away the win, taking the third set 7-5 and the match and advancing to the fourth round againstsromania' simona halep
5:58 pm
and shariensuring coco mania wi continue at least through wednesday. >> amazing. >> awesome. >> leon was yelling at his d tk. >> ist right? >> he was so excited about it. you can't help but cheer her on. >> leoha you coco mania. >> at my house we're cuckoo for >> we all are. >> "news 4 at 6:00" starting right now. >> montgomery county's acting video chief responds to of an officer kneeing a suspect. i'm susan hogan. >> and i'm leon harris. different reactions from the chief andounty executives as the department fights a new battle for publicrust. >> plus, preparing for anything. the barriers already in d.c. for what could be a clash of protesters this weekend. >> and a virginia road completely washed out. a muddy car gets out of that
5:59 pm
messtoday and how long before you're driving on that road again. and we start tonight with the forecast. storms that are starting to move closer and closer to the district now. >> and most of us are seeing sunshine right now, but if you do see rain tonight it could bet heavy, a heat and humidity out there are oppressive. >> that's right. so let's get right toro meteogist amelia draper standing by in the storm center. give us the ugly word here. >> that 89 degrees is feeling more like 98 and even 100 out there riisht now and th heat and humidity helping to fire showers hand thunderstorms up across the area. i'm going to be taking you from south to north here with a broken line bringing rain to advanceville and the laurel area out around savage maryland and by the way, all of these pockets of rain are barely moving, and w they are they are inching
6:00 pm
northh their very heavy rainfall is affecting parts of page county and shennit cou as well as -- the good news is most of us look to stay mainly dry out there tonight. not the case tomorrow. i'm tracking widespread rain and ndunderstorms at times during the afternoon avening hours. a good chance that some of us will be dealing with severehe weat tomorrow. i'll have more on saturday's outlook and sunday as well. that is coming up at 6:15. a montgomery police officer the streets ton the department is investigating whether he used excessive force curing an arrest. >> that's right. >> and video of the incident is now sparking outrage on social media. the officer is seen right there kneeing a man in e head while that man was pinned down, and now we know


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