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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  July 5, 2019 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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tonight the moment of impact in california, the strongest earthquake in 20 years leaves communities badly damaged and still shaking om hundreds of after shocks. the new concern is an even bigger quake on the way. president trump, joe biden, and their new war of words. >> the idea that i'm being intimidated by donald trump, he's the bully i knew my whole life. >> the president's response and what he now says about including a question about citizenship on the census. rf>> severe weather, powe storms, excessive heat, and mi hudity in large parts of the community, and it's far from over. what travellers will li face this hoy weekend. >>a 13-year-old girl fights off a man trying to kidnap her
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on the way home from summer school, the confrontation caught on video, the suspect under arrest. and the thrilling battle on the court. as 15-year-old coco gauff does it again coming back from near ancing and a in her remarkable wimbledorun. >> annouer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. peter >> good evening i'm peter alexander. this evening new fears another major earthquake could be on the horizon and new warnings that after shocks will last for days after the strongest quake to hit southern cnia in 20 years. eo this new vid capturing the intensity of thesh aking, interrupting the community playing sterrifying student and their families. hundreds ofter shocks already rattling that region including a 5.4 magnitude tremor today t as residentshere assess the damage from thursday's powerful quake.
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mi we begin witel almaguer near the epicenter tonight. >> reporter: tonight new images show the panic when the quake struck in the middle of a performance with s 65 children ontage. d shaking r back and forth and up and down. it felt like it was going to rip off of the roof. >> reporter: 24 hours after the 6.4 ma itude earthquake rattled the epicenter near ridgecrest, today hundreds of smaller shockwaves shook the earth in southern california. >> can you feel it? >> reporter: the largest so far, a 5.4 jolting many out of bed this morning. >> this one just bad. it made a nois r orter: striking 150 miles northeast of los angeles.d ha the epicenter been closer to the nation's second largest city, more than nerves would have been rattled. the police chief says his city was inundated. >> the on-duty staff
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was overwhmed right from the get go. it was 9 call after 911 call. >> repor after 20 seconds of violent shaking, some businesses lost up rds of $20,000. at theast ridge mark, they're still cleaning up today. >> we got a video from our employee who was shifting at 10:00 a.m. of j everything in shambles, bottles everywhere, glass. >> reporter: multiple fault lines and are ripping the desert apart. geologists are surveying the area where they say the ground is still clearly shifting. with buildings cracking, homes have ftlso buckled. >> a checking things out this morning, we're just going to just get rid of it. >> reporter: tonight the clean up after the shake up as new tremors rattle already frayed nerves. >> with some 1,400 after shocks reported since sterday, we are told by seismologists there's roughly a 6% chance that we could have a 6.0 earthquake or larger in the days
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ahead. that is what pushed that home right behind me off os foundation. it's that kind of damage that they're concerned about all across this area. peter. >> miguel almaguer fnear the epicenteror us tonight. miguel, thank you. in washington, president trump engaged in a new war of words tonight with biormer vice president joe n and refusing to back down in his battle to get a question about citizenship on the census. han ns nichols has more. >> reporter: tonight fresh off his military-themed salute to america -- uture belongs to us. >> reporter: -- the ident blaming this flub about george washington's army -- er >> it did evything it had to do. >> reporter: on a teleprompter snafu. >> the teleprompter went out. and that's not a good feeling. >> reporter: and the president announcing he find a way to get the question about citizenship on the census after the administration stopped the efforts. mr. trump's comments
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me as government lawyers scramble to find a legal way to carry out his orders despite their conclusion earlier in the week that no such pathway exists. meanwhile in the race to take on the president, joe biden telling cnn he was not ready for those debate attacks from senator kamala harris on race and bussing in the 1970s. >> i expected her to come after me, but i wasn't prepared for the person coming at me the way she came at me. knows beau, she knows me. i don't -- anyway. >> reporter: but insisting he wouldn't be caught with his guard down against the man he wants to replace. >> the idea i would be intimidated by donald trump, he's the bully i knew my whole life. he's the bully i always stood up too. >> i don't think i'm the bully at all. i don't like being taken advantage of by other countries. if you look at wha we've straightened it out, i call the me obama/biden ss. we're straightening it out. >> reporter: as for that citizenship question, adminiration lawyers told a federal judge
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in maryland today that they would be pursuing all options, but the government has already started printing census forms without it. >> hans nichs with the president in new jersey today. thank you. good news about the economy this evening. the labor department says 224,000 jobs were created last month. that's for mar than expected though the unemployment rate rose slightly to 3.7% because more people were looking for jobs. but the economic picture isn't so bright for everyone. tom costello reports on who is working and who's stilru ling. >> reporter: a long holiday weekend in chicago today where gabrielle stewart says times are good. >> whave a wedding coming up in october. so, this booming economy has allowed us have the opportunity to have a good wedding. >> reporter: today's jobs numbers suggest good times for millions of americans. the unemployment rate remains at 50-year lows. june saw robust hiring in health care, government,
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transportation, manufacturing, and construction. though retailers continue to cut jobs. hourly wages up 3.1% over a year ago though less than what many economists expected. >> our country continues to do really well, really, really well. so, we're very happy epbout it. >> rter: however, 40% of americans still struggled to pay the bills. with more than half of u.s. jobpaying less than $18.58 an hour. >> thank you. have a great day. >> repor at the farmer's market in georgia today, vdor te maxwell says a lot of folks are just makingt month to month. >> they've got low income jobs. they work several jobs just to make ends meet. they've got no benefits. >> reporter: having a job does not always mean good pay or benefits. with more and more americans freelancing and workltiple jobs. peter. tonight we are tracking the dangerous weather threat on the long holiday weekend, severe storms and sc orching heat stretching as far north as alaska.c'
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ron allen has more. >> reporter: no holiday break for firefighters battling more than 100 wild fires across alaska, some caused by lightning. >> use your e,xperience, your knoweep your awareness up. >> reporter: historic heat too. >> the hottest day of all time. >> reporte anchorage, the temperature soaring above the previous record to 90 degrees, expected to stay 10 to 20 degrees above the average through the weekend. >> i like the sun because it's better an the snow. >> reporter: in the lower 48, four million people at risk from damaging wind, hail, and possibly tornados like thiindependence day twister hitting wying. sewhere on the plains, outdoor celebrations a wash out in denver. strong storms threatening the midwest. iowa, roofs peeled away with what the nation national weather
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rvice says was a microburst, an intense blast of wind from a thunderstorm. and with thunder, warnings about heightning. julyost active month. 7 deaths so far thisye . mother nature setting off her own fireworks. ron allen, nbc news. >> and for moron how these storms could impact your travel this holiday weekend, we turn to our meteorologist. dylan, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, the summertime weather continues, the heat, humidity, pop up showers and storms. on saturday the storms become more numerous, especially through the northeast. on sunday a cold front should slide to the southeast and pushes most of the thunderstorms into the southeast down to the to south and inlorida too. it will also cool off hesignificantly in t northeast with much lower humidity as well. if you're traveling sunday, watch out for hydroplaning in the southeast. if you get stuck in heavier downpours on the road. could also cause minor delays at the airports as those thunderstorms are scattered across that region. just something to keep mind, peter. >> thank you very much. a veloping story
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in reno, nevada. po ce and firefighters ainvestigati an explosion that caused major damage to a dormitory at the reno campus of the university of nevadait ppears a utilities accident was the cause there. minor injuries have been reported. now to a tragedy in the bahamas after a helicopter trash killed seven people including a billionaire executive and his daughter. >> reporter: tonight investigators in the bahamas are trying to find out what caused a deadly helicopter crash that killed all seven people on board. these images show the grim discovery. among the dead, 60-year-old coal ty on chris cline and his daughter cameron and her close friend brittney. >> the legacy is you work hard and you can achieve many, many evergs, but don forget where you came from. >> reporter: the police force says a
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chopper like this one took off from grand kay, a tourist hot orspot, heading to ft lauderdale early thursday morning. the group took off at 2:00 a.m. and ran to a hostile inouth florida because one of the passengers wassi . cline who once dated tiger woods' ex-wife was well known as a he donated millions to charity including to mar that wi marshall university. the school named the state of the art athletic complex in his honor. the governor of west virginia called him a super star and awo erful, loving, and giving man. today would have been cline's 61st birthday. what exactly caused crash remains a mystery. peter. >> such a terrible loss. gabe, thank you. in new jersey now an appeaourt has reversed a decision by a judge in a rape case involving a teenage suspect. that ruling causing outrage because of the judge's controversial comments. here's joe fryer. >> eporter: inside a new jersey courthouse, prosecutors are pushing to have a
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16-year-old boy tried as an adult. he was accused of raping a girl, filming the assault, and sending the video to friends with a text "when the first time having sex is rape." >> being a minor one, she couldn't consent. and second even if she was able to do so legally, she was barely conscious if conscious at all and extremely intoxicated. >> reporter: the court judge ruled the boy could not be tried as an adult. part of reasoning, this young man comes from a good family and destined to a good college. >> it's not right whetr he's a good student or bad student, it's a horrible, violent crime. >> repor the judge still distinguish between a sexual assault and a rain adding a traditional case of rape is where there are two or more males involved either at gun point or with a weapon. now appeals court has oneversed the judge's decisi
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the problem is the judge made a lot of references to things that shouldn't matter. prosecutor indictment and say they're seeking their next steps. the judge declined to comment. he's now retired but still serves periodically. authorities in a houston area say a fourth of july road rage incident caused someone to shoot into a pick up truck carrying a man, his wife, and two young children the gun ignited fireworks, engulfing the truck in flames. the two toddlers are in critical condition. police are now searching for the shooter. now what had many of us glued to tvs this afternoon. 15-year-old american tennis sensation coco gauff pulling off g another thrillinn at wimbledon. blaine alexander reports on the girl who's got game. al >> reporter: cl it a coco come back. after more than three gruels hours of a
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dramatic point for point match, coco gauff has done it again. the 15-year-old fighting her way back from what seemed in defeat.r >> she doesn't quite epave the control. >> rorter: but then -- and she kept fighting. her first time on the center cou playing before her biggest crowd ever,oco suddenly seemed right at home. >> were you holding your breath? >> reporteans with her every step of the around the world from her hometown in florida to every corner of social media, her name trending number one in the u.s. and great britain. millions watching her go from near defeat to domination. >> i always knew that i can come back no matter what the scoris . >> reporter: and nthat's exactly what her pa cory and candy taught her. >> what do you tell her before the etatches? >> lour opponent know that nothing you do is going to phase me because i'm going to keecoming back.
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i'm fwog going to keep coming back. >> rorter: and if coco has her way, keep the world hanging on her every winning move. t >> she plays nexon monday. just ahead the 13-year-old girl fighting off a would be kidnapper. her dramatic struggle caught on camera. then can you imagine a world without the beatles? this is giving a good idea. hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when yogo too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? ♪ still fresh...
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and all over the house. for an amazing clean, try mr. clean magic eraser, and now, new mr. clean magic eraser sheets. now to that dramatic surveillance video showing a 13-year-old girl fighting off a would be attacker. >> reporter: the shocking struggle caught on home ameras, lance a young girl fighting for her freedom, fending off the would be abductor, getting her brother who runs after the suspect as she clutches her neck. police say it all unfolded on long island. the 13-year-old girl was walking home from summer school when someone followed and grab her. >> this 13-year-old girl was very brave.
7:18 pm
she fought off this individual. she fought off her attacker and did exactly she had to do. >> reporter: police used the video to arrest 24-year-old jarrod james, now charge with endangered the welfare of a child, assault, and kidnapping. it's not the first time home surveillance has helped catch alleged kidnappers. this doorbell cam in ft. worth capturing the moment a young girl is snatched from her mother who screams for help. after police release the video, gd maritans track down the suspect's car and he was arrested. >> we got her, we got her, we got her. he's in custody. >> reporter: experts y surveillance videos are proving to be a powerful tool for police. tonight a new york girl is safe thanks to quick thinking and the camera that caught it all. nbc news new york. up next here inside the movie with a whole new twist on the legacy of the beatles. a whole new twist
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if you were the only one who knew about the beatles? inside the a whole new twist on the legacy of the beatles. what if you were the only one who knew debout the beatles? insi the new movie making a lot of fans think about the fab four in an entirely new way. >> reporter: who could forget those incredible days when the beatles and their music conquered the world. what if everyone forgot except for one toothless struggling musician? >> why did you write that? >> i didn't write it. paul mccartney wrote it, the beatles. >> who? >> reporter: that's the movie "yesterday." >>re you both beatles fans? >> i am now. i'm definitely a fan. not that i didn't like them. i just didn't know enough. no>> reporter: he's t the only one. >> i want to hold your hand. do you know that one? >> reporter: it's been more than 50 years since the beatles first rocked this basement club in
7:23 pm
liverpool. le> they're the crucibver which everything in pop culture has erged. even if people acknowledge their ot influence or people are influenced by them. >> let me give you this advice, song title. >> hey dude. >> hey dude. are you sure? >> he's right. >> the movie imagineco uld the fab four make it today? and celebrates what their music was all about. >> all that's good about people, all that's good about the world and about art. just the le you hold dear to you that will keep you true. will you still need me? will you still feed me when i'm 64? >> why 64? reporter: nbc news, liverpool england. that's what i want to see. up next, our visit inside one of america's secret treasures. a ♪ "shaving has been difficult for me i have very sensitive skin, a" i get ingrowing hairs"
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finally tonight they are an american treasure, those giant redwoods, some more than a thousand years old. but few of us have r ever explored thei secret awe-inspiring home. gadi schwartz has our rare peak inside. >> reporter: for years hi there were wers of a hidden grove in the hills of california's sanoma coast, a mythical place where you could walk among giants, the stuff of legends until now. >> it's like stumbling on some ancient civilization in e ngle. >> sam hotter brought us to the magical place where hundreds of acres of old growth redwoods remain untoucd. how are some of these trees consider
7:28 pm
this, some of the redwoods have been around since before california was a state, before christopher columbus came to america, before the fall of the roman empi, and they're still growing. >> redwoods once de ned the coastline but over the past 150 years, most have been cut down. >> this is a sacred place for us to come. >> this grove has been part of danny leland's family for more than 0 years. >> you could walk inside this tree. >> reporter: for generations th their living working the land and protecting it. >> dan and i were raised where you took care of thland and the land would take care of you. >> reporter: now in a land mark deal, the richardton family has so to the league that will study the trees and protect them with plans to open it to the public. >> to find a place like this, it gives a sense of hope. this is something that's truly worth saving. >> reporter: the legend now a reality for generations to come. gadi schwartz, nbc
7:29 pm
news, sanoma, california. >> that's "nightly news" for this friday. we hope you have a nice holiday weekend. ll'm peter alexander. from a of us here at nbc news, thanks for watching and have a good night.
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lights, camera, "access." >> whoa! >> why is amanda knox back in italy after the nightmare that nearly put her


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